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Rand Paul's Filibuster Over the Debt Deal Will Be More Interesting Than the #GOPDebate

It won't stop a terrible budget deal, but it will send a message about spending that will eventually be heeded.


Forget about yesterday's GOP debate in Colorado, which was at best cold, condensed soup for the libertarian soul.

Later today, Sen. Rand Paul. the libertarianish presidential candidate from Kentucky, will filibuster the truly awful debt-limit deal currently wending its way through Congress like cancer through a large intestine.

"I will filibuster it, I'll delay it, I'll shout about it. I'm going to talk about it until I'm tired of talking about it and until people wake up and say this is wrong for the country," [Paul said]….

The House is poised Wednesday to approve a two-year government funding bill that raises the spending caps set in 2011 while avoiding a potential default on U.S. loans.

The Senate must approve the legislation before it heads to President Obama's desk. 

The legislation's discretionary spending increase — by $112 billion over the 2016 and 2017 fiscal years — is drawing criticism from many Republican advocacy groups. 

"I think raising the debt ceiling with no limit is absurd, wrong, a recipe for unlimited spending," Paul told The Hill following a campaign rally in Denver, a day before the third GOP presidential debate Wednesday night.

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Over at Hot Air, Ed Morrissey does a quick count of Senate Republicans and counsels, "don't expect much from a filibuster, except one last opportunity to explain how this deal is a full retreat from one of the few victories won by Republicans during Barack Obama's presidency."

That much is true. Indeed, according to Politico, Paul may not even get a shot at a real, honest-to-Jimmy-Stewart-style filibuster due to Mitch McConnell's machinations.

Paul's speechifying, whether truncated or not, will almost certainly not keep the debt deal and busted budget from reaching President Obama's desk. But it's not simply an empty gesture to call attention to the inability of both parties from sticking to sequestration. Eventually, the message will get out that flattening or even reducing government spending year over year doesn't cause the catastrophes that foes of spending cuts routinely trot out like failed Irwin Allen productions.

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  1. “Gillespie announces plan to push old ladies off of cliff.” -ThinkProgress

  2. It won’t stop a terrible budget deal, but it will send a message about spending that will eventually be heeded.

    Stop you’re killing me.

  3. it will send a message about spending that will eventually be heeded.

    So all five fiscally conservative Republicans?

    1. who are the other four?

  4. For anything Paul says in the filibuster to get any play from journalists, he will have to pepper his remarks with specific attacks on those colleagues voting for the debt, particularly his fellow GOP’ers.

    1. For anything Paul says in the filibuster to get any play from journalists, it has to be something they can quote out of context so that it sounds sexist, homophobic, racist, or callous


  5. Well, Republican primary voters obviously only care about immigration, so why should Republicans in congress stick to the spending cuts? It’s not like Trump is promising lower spending. Nobody actually wants lower spending except a tiny number of libertarians who have somehow managed to convincingly trick people into thinking that more than 3% of Republican voters really give a shit about this issue. Reality is, all you need to do is promise to deport 11 million mexicans and your gold, nobody cares about the debt.

    1. You are right, only 3% really care about spending levels. But much more than that care about their taxes. Most people aren’t smart enough to know that eventually higher spending gets converted into you paying higher taxes.


  7. I’m always amazed how bad the Republicans are at framing these debt showdowns. Somehow through some combination of marketing, media bias and citizen stupidity, every time it becomes “the showdown between people who want to hold your grandma’s benefits hostage and people who just want to keep the government running.” We’ve overspent so much that the law says we can’t spend more! How did “let’s vote to allow ourselves even more spending without cutting a damn thing” become the default, ‘intellectual’ position?

  8. Agreed.

    Yesterday my mother called me. During the conversation she said that there is only one sane person in the presidential race. I said “Yes, Rand Paul.”. Her answer? “Rand Paul? I didn’t know he was running. Is he in the race? I meant Ben Carson.”

    1. Yes mom, because nothing says freedom like mandatory vaccinations and gun ownership laws that depend on population density. Where did we go wrong in raising our parents anyway?

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  10. Instead of gun control; our, government crooks now call it, gun safety. What a load of crap.

  11. I’m gone for 3 months and all hell has broken loose! Wait… no… everything’s exactly the same.

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