Export-Import Bank

Let Us Now Praise Alan Grayson For Standing Against Cronyism

Florida representative the only House Dem to vote against reauthorizing Export-Import Bank.


I'm not a big fan of Rep. Alan Grayson, the Florida Democrat whose ideology is as far left as his everyday behavior is headline-making.

Yet he was the only Democrat to vote against reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank, one of the purest excresences of the crony capitalism that everybody seems to be against these days. For more on why the bank, created during the Depression by FDR, is awful, go here.

I've likened Grayson to the #FloridaMan of Internet fame and once catalogued some of his political low-blows for The Daily Beast:

As the self-styled "Congressman With Guts," Grayson has yet to reach bottom when it comes to throwing low blows. In 2009, for instance, while appearing on Jones' show and talking about the Federal Reserve, he called Linda Robertson, an adviser to Ben Bernanke, "a K Street whore."

In a tough 2010 re-election campaign, Grayson ran ads calling his Republican opponent, Daniel Webster, a draft dodger and, more improbably, "Taliban Dan," in a nod to Webster's social conservatism. Factually incorrect and overflowing with duplicitous editing, the commercials are pitch-perfect parodies of negative ads and are widely believed to have helped cost Grayson the election. Florida voters, accustomed as they are to reading about "Florida Man," don't always want his spiritual cousin representing them in Congress (Grayson would return to Washington in 2013, representing a newly redrawn 9th district).

At the same time, Grayson is good on demilitarizing the police, ending unwarranted state surveillance, and using the military for defense rather than whatever it is we're using it for these days. When it comes to voting no on Ex-Im, he was the sole Democrat to join 117 Republicans in voting nay. Unfortunately, 127 Republicans and 186 Democrats voted for the bank, which may ultimately get back to using tax dollars to subsidize corporate behemoths such as Boeing, General Electric, John Deere, and Caterpillar.

Find out how your reps voted here.

The drama now goes to the Senate, where Ex-Im scourge and Reason columnist Veronique de Rugy says opponents have a stronger hand. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is an ardent opponent and

[he has] said he won't allow of standalone Ex-Im bill to the Senate floor. The next tactic for Ex-Im supporters would be to attach the zombie bank to the transportation bill. That move failed in July. But it is more likely to succeed this time around if (and only if) the person in charge of scheduling votes in the House allows an Ex-Im bill to come to the floor at all. On the House side, that's [Majority Leader Kevin] McCarthy's call. He is against Ex-Im and could be our greatest ally. This is an easy move, too, since all it means is doing nothing. Happily, in this case, doing nothing means doing the right thing at the same time. Win-win.

More here.

Return now to a thrilling time when even Barack Obama called out the Export-Import Bank as cronyism that needed to be killed forever:

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  1. Return now to a thrilling time when even Barack Obama called out the Export-Import Bank as cronyism that needed to be killed forever

    It is a shame that young man never made it to the Presidency.

    1. It surely is. Candidate Obama mouthed far more and better platitudes than any mainstream candidate I can remember. Then President Obama flipped on so many of them so fast that it is easy to forget candidate Obama ever existed.

      1. Very true.

      2. And Mitt Romney’s resolute refusal to point any of this out is a big reason why Obama got re-elected.

        The Romney campaign had its head so far up the establishment and DemOp media’s ass that they actually believed that running clips of Obama making promises that he didn’t keep was a racist attack on Obama.

        1. I can remember seeing a news report on Huckabee and some people from Iowa getting ready for the Republican Iowa caucuses back in 2006-7 or whatever. They talked with an undecided old couple at the end, and they said the old man was considering someone else for his vote rather than Hukcabee. And he was considering… Obama. I knew at that moment we were truly fucked. Empty and vague promises are all the dimwits need.

          1. The magnitude of Obama’s flips, in depth, breadth, and speed, is far beyond any other politician I can remember. Everyone expects politicians to lie, but I think a lot of people were caught off guard by the sheer extent of Obama’s flips.

            1. You might want to go back and re-read Candidate Obama’s “Blueprint For America”. It’s astounding to see the number of things he said he was going to do (far more than Trump has said he’s going to do) that seem to suggest Obama really thought he was running for emperor. He talks about the new taxes he’s going have, the new programs he’s going to start, the new reforms he’s going to enact. As if the President can just decree new taxes, new programs, new laws as he pleases. Looking back at it, it seems pretty clear he had no fucking idea whatsoever what the job was he was running for. No wonder it seems like he was lying about a lot of things, he was just talking shit the whole time.

              Just as Donald Trump seems to think that since the President is literally the CEO of the US he can just do whatever he wants without regard to that 535-member board of directors called Congress who will oppose his every decision and are unlike any hand-picked rubber-stamp board of directors he’s ever had to deal with. Sorry, Donald, you ain’t gonna run the US government the way you run Trump Enterprises because there are plenty of people in the US government who not only don’t give a rat’s ass about what you want, they don’t have to give a rat’s ass. So, no, Trump is not going to do all those things he says he’s going to do, because he simply doesn’t have the power or the authority to do them.

  2. one of the purest excresences of the crony capitalism that everybody seems to be against these days.

    Everybody except those in power. Weird how that works!

  3. this is pretty damn near the equivalent of “but he loved dogs and was kind to children.” Sorry, but Alan Grayson’s picture should alongside “execrable” in the dictionary. That he may be right on one thing is meaningless; the same could be said of any other politician.

    1. It was maybe fitting for a story since he voted against all other 186 Democrats in the House. And no, it doesn’t exonerate him from all the other shit he’s done and certainly doesn’t make him anywhere near vote-worthy.

    2. Broken clock, blind squirrel.

      Greyson is the shittiest piece of shit that ever sat in the House, next to Schumer.

      /Thankfully not in, but unfortunately next to District 9 (FL)

      Please proceed with the Prawn references as they are most appropriate.

  4. More Republicans voted for ExIm than against it, unfortunately. At least it was fairly close unlike the landslide-awful Dems.

  5. It was a mistake, OK?

  6. Let Us Now Praise Alan Grayson For Standing Against Cronyism

    Finally, someone at this damned magazine picked up a dictionary and realized that the word cronyism actually exists!

  7. Florida: Shaped Like That for a Reason

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  9. In Grayson’s case, even a stopped clock is right twice per day. Maybe he can celebrate by going home and beating his wife’s ass.

  10. Doing the right thing for probably all the wrong reasons…..after all, it is Alan “Bat-shit Crazy” Grayson.

    1. Yep. Gillespie didn’t go into Grayson’s reasons.
      My guess is: he was against it because it didn’t go far enough.
      Proggies gotta prog.

  11. Told y’all Grayson was good about half the time. He’d be my ally if I were in the House.

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