Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Willing to Look Into a Second Amendment-Less America, Like Australia

These anti-gun positions haven't traditionally done the Democratic Party much good.


As Nick Gillespie noted earlier this month, the anti-gun pundit class, in the face of the legal ability to carry weapons increasing along with gun violence hugely decreasing, is for whatever reason more and more willing to boldly suggest a nation without guns.

Today, Hillary Clinton switched from "common sense gun safety" to an apparent call for some sort of mass government forced buyback of at least certain weapons.

Here's the video:

The questioner mistakenly believes there are no more handguns in Australia. And Hillary seems to think there are no legal issues involved in government efforts to restrict gun rights or institute forced buybacks; no mention of the Second Amendment and I suppose in her mind if she gets four years of picked Supreme Court justices, in effect we won't have a Second Amendment. Some sort of mandatory government buyback of weapons is, she said, "worth considering on the national level if that could be arranged."

Now, the actual situation vis a vis guns in Australia isn't as simple as the apparent media image of a nation where the government rose up in anger at gun violence and ensured that no guns exist and then everything got better because of that. (Here's a lot of the legal nitty-gritty.)

Australia is not a country without guns, by any means, and its vaunted gun homicide reductions were on pretty much the same downward trend before its beloved post-buyback new gun law regime in 1996.

But it seems to be true that personal defense is not considered a legitimate reason to be licensed in Australia, whereas the U.S. Supreme Court in Heller declared that self-defense in the home via common weapons is an inviolable constitutional right.   

While it's hard to say what Hillary thought she meant by saying what she said, we see in the minds of her questioner and her fans that Australia has certainly come to mean "land where the government took all the guns."

That might not prove to be an electoral winner for Hillary. (It has been conventional wisdom in her party for the past 15 years that seeming insufficiently respectful of gun rights likely lost Gore the presidency in 2000.) Still, nice of her to make the issue so vivid for voters who care. (Erick Erickson's website has some links to Obama also seeming open to some Australia-style rights violations.)

Voters who do care might want to consider what striving for a gunless America would likely mean, via this Reason TV video:

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  1. Its like the Dems are having a contest to see how badly they can fuck up an election, and still beat the idiot Republicans.

    1. Sort of like Adam Sandler movies…

    2. haha that is a great way of putting it. It still baffles me that Hillary fricken Clinton is their top choice now. But some are showing that Mr. Bernie’s numbers are quite well http://newsdailynow.com/2015/1…..g-hillary/

    3. Gun grabbers revisit “getting serious” about their infringements on the Second Amendment periodically. They’re fickle with their righteous indignation. Pro-Second Amendment people care about their rights every single day and view gun control as a make or break issue. The rhetoric may be all fun and games posturing for presidential candidates and senators but there’s no surer way to launch a career change than for a member of the House to vote yea on a gun control bill in most US congressional districts.

  2. Maybe she’s trying to give the nomination to Sanders so she can focus on her upcoming trial for treason?

    1. You beat me to it. I further look forward to her being executed. Along with Bill, as a co-conspirator and serial date rapist.

  3. The mask, it slips.

    1. The mask, it’s been gone for a long time…

      1. I wish she did wear a mask. Anything’s better than that face.

        Being the horn-dog that Bill is, what in the hell was he thinking marrying that butt-ugly bitch?

        1. It’s not it is a real marriage. Count all the women Bill has consummated with!

  4. The mask, it slips.

    1. The skwerlz, they skwerl.

      1. Lol

  5. I want to be clear–I mean this as hyperbolically as possible.

    1. Yeah. Me too. Hyperbolically of course.

      1. They just slightly fucked up that scene. Should have been, “Come and TAKE them”…

        But we are Americans and we do view ourselves as Spartans, for better or worse (eternal conflict and all that), and we do love our weapons… and we will NEVER stop fighting for our rights….

        So there is that…

  6. In Hillary’s defense, she’s a liar. She’s saying what she thinks she needs to say to win the primary.

    1. she doesn’t need to even open her mouth to win “the primary”*, haven’t you been awake at all during the past 8 years?

      *actually a series of primaries and caucuses, what you mean to say is “the nomination”

    2. In Democrats’ defense, they’ll believe anything that comes out of her mouth.

    3. “In Hillary’s defense, she’s a liar.”

      Laughed so hard I blew a snot bubble. What am I, 3 years old?

    4. “In Hillary’s defense, she’s a liar. ”

      I don’t know if she’s even a liar.

      You’d have to have some concept of the truth as correspondence to reality to be a liar. She just makes the talking noises that seem most likely to lead to power.

  7. Hillary Clinton Willing to Look Into a Second Amendment-Less America, Like Australia

    I do look at a Second Amendment-less Australia, which had a dismal failure of a gun conscription plan with only a third of the weapons the Aussies said they had, like 3 million, being destroyed. And I also look at the number of guns owned by Americans – 300 million – and then I laugh at idiots like Jackass Ass and Tony the Marxian who dream of a gun-less America in their wet dreams.

    1. Yeah, it’s a joke. Europe is full of unregistered guns too.

  8. Yo, fuck Hillary Clinton (not literally, of course. Unless you are into that sort of thing).

    1. Hey! References to fucking HillRod are NSFW! Especially because I cannot get those images out of my head!

    2. Not even Slick Willy would slip into the Hildabeast at this point!

  9. In Australia it’s also illegal to not vote, and they have censorship laws that would shame Queen Victoria. Is this really a country on which we want to model our laws?

    Then again…widespread censorship of video games, forced participation in the political process, draconian gun laws…kind of sounds like Progressive paradise.

    1. Yup. They might bring back their retarded carbon tax (because why should you export coal to willing buyers?), so, once their heartless refugee policy of not letting them in until they are granted refugee status confirmed is removed, it will become Next Progtopia.

    2. It truly does, I recall when I read about Trudeau positing the idea of mandatory voting, liberals argued that being against it meant you were for voter suppression. Plus you have your examples of game censorship and gun laws, and it makes one wonder how long until they’re openly okay with this.

    3. How do you know whether or not everyone consents to be governed, if you don’t force everyone to vote for something? Or leave?

      See? Everyone has it coming, especially the parts I never personally bitch about.

    4. If my Facebook feed is any indication, the people who favor gun control strong overlap those who favor mandatory voting and censorship (of course, they don’t use the “C word,” but by any other name, it would smell s sour).

      So, their answer to you would be an emphatic yes.

  10. I wonder if they focus grouped this before she spouted off.

    1. If she finds that her poll numbers start to tank then I’m sure it will be declared an off the cuff remark or something and that she didn’t really mean it.

  11. Cold. Dead. Hands.

    1. Yeah….I got a hand job too for making a sizable contribution to her campaign.

      1. ….Sizable….you say?….

        *shifts nervously

  12. Hmmm, I wonder when they’re going to suggest that registered Republicans must where an R on their chest when out in public…..

    I’m not completely fucking kidding.

    With respect to Hillary, I don’t want to hear one. more. Goddammed thing about Progressives embracing Libertarian ideas.

  13. “You’re just paranoid. No one is out to take your guns.”

    I wonder if they focus grouped this before she spouted off.

    I’m guessing the testing showed that gun owners are already at the barricades, and Hillary badly needs to wake up the anti’s. That and it’s keeping the focus off her servers, the economy, ACA, etc.

  14. *makes personal note to start purchasing gun company stock*

  15. how about a Hillaryless America instead? she can go to Australia if she likes.

    1. Like going to Arkansas and then New York.

    2. You beat me to it.

    3. I’ve had the Clinton’s forced on me my entire adult life (In a literal sense, Bill was the speaker at my high school graduation in 1984). If this finally wakes up enough people to defeat her once and for all, I’ll dance a jig naked on my porch. PS: You may want to take some dramamine if you want to watch it.

      1. The Clintons too (along with the Clinton’s). We need an edit function on the chat room for idgits like myself.

  16. The progressive end game is the confiscation of all weapons from the citizenry.

    1. That is not the end game, that is just a necessary step toward the end game.

      1. 1. Confiscate all means of resistance (guns, printing presses, public protest, private communications).
        2. Assume control.
        3. Neutralize the threats posed by Kulaks, hoarders and wreckers.
        4. ???
        5. UTOPIA!

  17. personal defense is not considered a legitimate reason to be licensed in Australia,

    Self-defense is the paramount human right. Any government that fails to protect our right to self defense has no legitimacy.


    1. ^This.

  18. The Steve Sailer theory on gun control goes thus (my understanding only):

    What the proggies really want is to disarm the black yutes who lower the value of their lofts and the quality of their lives in big American cities. But they cannot come right out and say that. Instead they want to grab the guns from every rural redneck with a Confederate bumper sticker on his pick-up, who they will never encounter, as a wedge to grabbing the guns that really bother them.

    Interesting take on the subject. If true, it’s quite racist on the part of proggies.

    1. The proggies are hard-core racists, they always have been. The eugenics movement was the same as what you just described, an attempt to get rid of blacks and undesirables altogether. Look at all of their ‘issues’ and you will find racism at the core.

      1. Yes, racism is at the core of progressivism. They baldly show this through their position on abortion, as well as the never-ending rhetoric that to be a “good black person” you must display unquestioned loyalty to progressive causes. To be a Republican in and of itself makes somebody “not a real black person”. Essentially, the progressive position on African Americans is to kill off as many as possible in infancy, brainwash the rest, and then shame those who refuse to submit.

        They don’t see individuals who should be empowered to greatness, they only see sub-humans who need to be controlled for political purposes. Sad, sad stuff.

    2. “What the proggies really want is to disarm the black yutes ”

      Exactly wrong.

      They want the violent “yutes” to be armed, and the law abiding citizenry disarmed, thereby helpless against both the yutes and the government, and completely dependent on the government for protection against the yutes.

      Sutler: “I want everyone to remember why they need us! “

    3. Sudderboy:

      I don’t see anything wrong with being racist. It’s part of man’s natural pyramid: self, immediate family, neighbors, extended family, town, state/province, nation. You should be pleased to know that I love my wife more than yours.

      You could nitpick somewhat about the order of those, but “extended family” is your race. It does not belong on the either the top or bottom of the pyramid, but it certainly does belong there. Humans are racist to the core and there is nothing that can be done about it.

      Even handedness in governance is about we can hope for.


      That’s a bit much. I think you’ve been listening to Louis Farrakhan sermons.

      1. Your description of man’s “Natural pyramid” includes things that are so recent in evolutionary history that they can’t possibly be part of our natural mental model. We’ve not had anything bigger than city-states for more that 3-5k years.

        1. Indeed, he completely sidesteps the fact that racism isn’t really consistent throughout human history. You can’t find an overwhelming amount of racism in the works of Greek or Roman historians, for example. Culturally xenophobic as hell, sure (which probably fits in a hell of a lot better in the ‘natural pyramid’ than race). But the Greeks and Romans didn’t bitch about, say, the ‘Ethiopians’ (the Greeks’ catch-all word for blacks) due to the nature of their skin colour. They bitched about the Germans, who they saw as backward savages due to their mostly military interactions and limited, mostly negative cultural exposure.

          1. They probably didn’t run into anyone of a different race nearly as much as today. People move around much more and news travels much faster now. At that time, you could live your life in one valley without know about anything outside of it.

      2. Racism, in and of itself is not necessarily bad. We recognize that there are different races. So what?

        Using race to categorize someone, that is judging them or placing them above or below others, based solely on skin color is not only faulty reasoning but also morally wrong.

        It is an important distinction. Usually when the word ‘racism’ is used it is meant to signify the latter and that is how I meant it. Progressives are morally abhorrent.

      3. You could nitpick somewhat about the order of those, but “extended family” is your race.

        I don’t even know what that is supposed to mean. The average African American is more closely related to white US slave owners than I am, yet I’m supposed to be the same race as that white slave owner?

        People are “natural racists” in that they easily fall into an “us vs them” mentality and act accordingly, but the criteria for in-group and out-group status are arbitrary and inconsistent between people.

      4. I used to listen to Farrakhan every now and again. I find televangelists every entertaining, and the more batshit crazy, the better. Farrakhan doesn’t really hold a candle to Jimmy Swaggart, by the way.

        I note that “that’s a bit much” really isn’t an argument, in case you’d never noticed.

  19. She should definitely move to Australia.

  20. “the anti-gun pundit class,…is for whatever reason more and more willing to boldly suggest a nation without guns for the peasants.”

    Fixed that for ya. You’re welcome.

    1. Most of you are entirely missing the boat.

      Nobody dreams of a gun free America.

      Proggies dream of a government with guns, and disarmed citizens helpless before them.

      1. My usual counterpoint to grabbers as well. They don’t want to ban weapons, just grant exclusive access to a group of people self-selected for sociopathy and filtered to keep any IQ above 110 out.

      2. ^^^^THIS

  21. Australia bought back tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions…no, wait! Billions! Billions of guns!

  22. I was born in the USA but had nothing to say about the constitution, therefore I should have the right to declare my independence. If I don’t, then I am a slave to those who would prevent me from declaring my independence. Since slavery is no longer an issue, should not a state be allowed to declare its independence?

  23. Hillary says where she thinks her constituents want to hear. Regardless whether she can actually achieve any of it at all. She knows that she can’t get any confiscation or “mandatory buyback” through Congress,nor any amendment to the Constitution to nullify the Second.

    1. correction; …..says WHATEVER……

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    1. This Progressive revolution, how many millions will be required to die in order to usher in this new Utopia? I am just curious.

      1. Only 30 or 40. There would still be many people left, but they would have the correct opinions.

      2. How many millions?

        More. The answer will always be “more”.

        “Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.”

        ? George Orwell, 1984

    2. Bernie Sanders, a national socialist for the 21st century!

  25. Jim Webb excepted, looks like Sanders has provoked the rest of the Rat candidates into racing each other down the EXTREME leftist rabbit hole, each trying to out-Commie the other. This started in earnest in the first Rat debate and looks to be what’s going to happen during the remaining Rat primary. The Pubs couldn’t have scripted a better scenario even if they were trying to. Still, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

  26. Notice everything coming from the Democrats is “common sense legislation”, be it gun control, immigration, funding, etc…and they get away with it because GOP and other opposition groups messaging sucks, and have a sympathetic and supportive main stream media to advance their agenda/propaganda.

    1. Democrats have sympathetic and supportive media because they pay them political favors and invite them to all the right parties.

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  29. whaYs great about the gun control debate is we really just don’t really have to have it. They argue whatever point they want, pass whatever law they want, but what these people forget in there self righteous arrogance, is that political power still comes from a gun. and no matter what point is made or law is passed, they’re not gonna get the guns…. unless they try and take them (and I don’t think they have the nerve and courage to carry that part out)

  30. Why do I never any national-level Democratic figures proposing a repeal of the 2nd Amendment?

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