Too Much, Magic Bus


Mug shot

In Minnesota, Metro Transit bus driver Mahmud Dabshir Aden has been charged with soliciting prostitution from a 16-year-old rider. The girl claims Aden refused to let her off at her stop, drove his bus to his next layover, turned off the light, exposed himself and offered her money and a cellphone if she performed a sex act on him. 

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  1. I didn’t realize Uber had buses now.

  2. wait till you see the new Uber urban assault vehicle…

  3. Eh, also not that much of a brick-bat. A public employee who is committing a crime while on the job is arrested and charged for committing that crime. Brick-bats are usually reserved for government actions that impinge on individuals – usually combining incompetence with malicious indifference.

    In this case the government did their job and arrested a criminal who worked as a low-level government employee. The fact that the transit system is government run really doesn’t factor into the equation in this case… a private bus company could have a sexual predator in that position just as easily. They canned him as soon as the allegations were made, just as a private company would.

  4. Muslim men think all non-Muslim girls are whores and that they have the right to rape them, so you reap what you sow, letting them into the country.

  5. Love them muzzie immigrants. I’m sure 4th generation Minnesotans love ’em too. Hey Shikha, round up some more of them for us, thanks.

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