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Hey Hillary, You Do Realize that Obama Endorsed Biden?

In his 60 Minutes interview, the president stumped for his vice president, not his former secretary of state.


Pete Souza

Among the many tidbits tossed out in Sunday night's 60 Minutes interview with Barack Obama was the president's fairly strong endorsement of Vice President Joe Biden over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Here are two exchanges featuring Steve Kroft.

Steve Kroft: Do you agree with what President Clinton has said and Secretary Clinton has said, that this is not—not that big a deal. Do you agree with that?

President Barack Obama: Well, I'm not going to comment on–

Steve Kroft: You think it's not that big a deal–

President Barack Obama: What I think is that it is important for her to answer these questions to the satisfaction of the American public. And they can make their own judgment. I can tell you that this is not a situation in which America's national security was endangered.

Steve Kroft: This administration has prosecuted people for having classified material on their private computers.

President Barack Obama: Well, I—there's no doubt that there had been breaches, and these are all a matter of degree. We don't get an impression that here there was purposely efforts—on— in—to hide something or to squirrel away information. But again, I'm gonna leave it to—

Steve Kroft: If she had come to you.

President Barack Obama: I'm going to leave it to Hillary when she has an interview with you to address all these questions.

The term of art for Obama's verbiage is throwing her under the bus. Obama isn't gonna get involved, it's up to Hillary to "answers these questions to the satisfaction of the American public," don't you know. Or maybe to 60 Minutes, when they choose to grill her on the whole email scandal brouhaha.

Compare that sort of distancing gesture to when Kroft starts yapping about Joe Biden.

Do you want Joe Biden to get in the race and do it?

President Barack Obama: You know, I am going to let Joe make that decision. And I mean what I say. I think Joe will go down as one of the finest vice presidents in history, and one of the more consequential. I think he has done great work. I don't think there's any politician at a national level that has not thought about being the president. And if you're sitting right next to the president in every meeting and, you know wrestling with these issues, I'm sure that for him he's saying to himself, "I could do a really good job."

Well, what do you know? Biden is "one of the finest vice presidents in history" and when Obama challenges Weird Uncle Joe, he's "sure" that he believes, "I could do a really good job."

Of course, Biden has yet to decide (and I'll be back later today with some reasons why Biden would be a truly awful president). But there's no doubt on whose side Obama is lining up.

Full transcript, video.

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  1. And if you’re sitting right next to the president in every meeting and, you know wrestling with these issues, I’m sure that for him he’s saying to himself, “I could do a really good job.”

    Yep, I heard this bit last night and immediately said, “So Obama is talking up Biden.” Not just endorsing him, but making it seem like he’s in all of Obama’s meetings and helping make decisions? Ha.

    1. Somebody has to get coffee and answer the door. And donuts vs danish is an important decision, Nicole, sheesh.

      1. True, true. And will the danish be cheese?

      2. Besides, think of all the times the prospect of Biden becoming president probably kept Obozo from getting his ass shot off.

  2. I think Joe will go down as one of the finest vice presidents in history, and one of the more consequential.

    Teddy Roosevelt? Harry Truman? LBJ? They all take a back seat to Crazy Uncle Joe!

    1. Replace “finest” with “least intelligent” and he’s dead on. Biden makes Gerald Ford look like a damn genius.

      1. Biden is the Dan Quayle of the Democratic Party.

        1. THIS! ^^ lmao

        2. Because he is a Democratic office holder it is completely impossible for him to be viewed as dim. This is one of the benefits that Democrats have. #theMediaSetTheNarrative

    2. He might be the first VP to give Americans advice that is guaranteed to land them in prison (“just fire a double-barreled shot gun in the air to scare off burglars!”).

      1. I dunno, America has a long history of VP’s giving bad advice. Burr may or may not have been fomenting insurrection while preparing to conquer Mexico.

    3. C’mon man, Obama’s just paying back the compliment Biden gave him – you know, the whole “African-American who is articulate and bright and clean” thing.

      1. Gawd! How politicians do lie!

    4. VPs more consequential than Biden (off the top of my head):
      Jefferson – beginning of political parties
      Burr – killed Alexander Hamilton while in office
      Tyler – became president
      Fillmore – became president
      Andrew Johnson – became president, oversaw Reconstruction, impeached
      Theodore Roosevelt – became highly influential president
      Coolidge – became president, Roaring 20’s, etc.
      Truman – became president, dropped the bomb, ended WW2, etc.
      LBJ – became president, Civil Rights, “Great” Society welfare state nonsense
      Agnew – Watergate, etc.
      Cheney – first Sith lord VP

      1. But, we don’t yet know whether Biden will join the list of VPs who became president. So it’s not fair to compare his achievements at this point with those of Johnson, Truman, et als.

        1. The “became president” refers to becoming president from the vice presidency because the president died in office/resigned. I guess Biden still has about 14 months for that to happen, but I doubt he’d do anything of consequence during that period.

          1. Well, if Biden does kill Obama or reveal something that forces Obama’s resignation, that would be pretty consequential.

        2. Plus, killing Alexander Hamilton will be hard to top. Maybe Biden engage Hank Paulson and David Patreus in a duel at the same time?

        3. The record of sitting VPs getting elected President indicates Biden has a very slim chance. Most voters don’t want to tack another 4 years onto the last 8. They want a change.

  3. Funny he endorses him while Biden is badmouthing the “summer of recovery”.

  4. Related:
    “SECURITY: Clinton server’s software had hacking risk”
    “Clinton’s server, which handled her personal and State Department correspondence, appeared to allow users to connect openly over the Internet to control it remotely, according to detailed records compiled in 2012. Experts said the Microsoft remote desktop service wasn’t intended for such use without additional protective measures, and was the subject of U.S. government and industry warnings at the time over attacks from even low-skilled intruders.

    Records show that Clinton additionally operated two more devices on her home network in Chappaqua, New York, that also were directly accessible from the Internet.”

    Yep, she was REAL careful with…….
    Hey, where did I leave that briefcase?!

    1. Do I even want to know what the password for the admin account on that server is? MonicaSux?

      How the fuck do you not close the remote desktop service port on your firewall?

      My kids know more about setting up firewalls than that.

      1. Pope Jimbo|10.13.15 @ 11:22AM|#
        “Do I even want to know what the password for the admin account on that server is?”

        She tried 1–2-3-4-5, but it was taken. Wanna look up her birth date?

      2. RDP isn’t even enabled by default, is it? I didn’t maintain a lot of Microshit servers back when I was at a defense contractor, but of the ones that were there (AND were behind a wall and air-gapped to boot), RDP was NEVER EVER on. Security always checked to make sure, but it wasn’t on in the first place.

    2. Yawn. Politicians access their email on cellphones? It was probably to direct those Libyans to attack Doc and Marty McFly.

      1. So you are as ignorant of IT as economics – noted!

      2. american socialist|10.13.15 @ 11:22AM|#

        Commies and criminals; who can tell ’em apart?

        1. “Criminal”

          Ahahahahaha… Hahahaha… Yeah, good luck with that one. Even a bush league DA could pick apart this Republican phishing expedition.

          Relax, dude, there’s no need to spit at me regarding my mortgage. I’m not planning on voting for her. But good luck trying to get HRC behind bars. That’ll be awesome to watch.




          2. american socialist|10.13.15 @ 11:59AM|#


            Criminal, shitbag. That’s c-r-i-m-i-n-a-l, just to make it EZ on such an ignoramus.

  5. See that Picture of Joe staring out the window? You know rubbing one out watching Bo taking a crap on the Whitehouse lawn.

  6. I can tell you that this is not a situation in which America’s national security was endangered.

    Top Secret: “Such material would cause “exceptionally grave damage” to national security if made publicly available.”

    Confidential: “Confidential material would cause damage or be prejudicial to national security if publicly available.”

    So yes, by the very definition of the material on Hillary’s server, having that information on an unencrypted medium endangered national security. I guess Obama doesn’t have any idea about how classified information works, either.

    1. I can tell you that this is not a situation in which America’s national security was endangered.

      Given that nobody but Hillary knows what all was on the server (and she lies so much she probably doesn’t even really know any more what’s true and what’s imaginary so maybe nobody knows) there’s simply no way Obama can know whether or not there was anything there endangering national security. But that doesn’t stop him from saying he can say it – he can just as easily and truthfully say ” I can tell you that I’m the Queen of Rumania” or “I can tell you that I invented the number 3”.

  7. It couldn’t be more obvious now that Biden wants to run, but doesn’t want to expose himself to the ruthless Clinta Nostra.

    Honestly, I had no idea that he was such a pussy. If he can’t even take on the Pervert and the Pantsuit, how the hell is he going to take on ISIS?

    1. Just waiting for the FBI to clear the field for him?

      1. Clearly, Blocko has been trying to weaken het and would love nothing more than for Hillary drop out on her own, but it ain’t gonna happen. He probably dreams many nights of just taking her out, but he doesn’t have the heart to go through with it. He knows in his heart that most of the people who love him love her also.

        1. Blocko is not a thing, nor will it ever be a thing. You’re among anonymous “friends” here, be yourself, you already fit in here because this is square peg/round hole land.

    2. the Pervert and the Pantsuit

      I like that, but it sounds like you’re talking about Sanders, not Biden.

      1. The Pervertsuit and The Pants, Erotica for Confused Individuals

    3. the Pervert and the Pantsuit

      Sounds like an outtake from Beach Blanket Babylon.

  8. I guess Republican concern (and they really care so much, those guys) for the people that died in Benghazi have shifted over to concern that Clinton failed to upgrade the iOS on her IPhone to Someone should spend 50 million dollars to investigate.




    2. american socialist|10.13.15 @ 12:09PM|#
      “…Someone should spend 50 million dollars to investigate.”

      Oh, LOOK! Commie shitbag is now worried about government spending!
      I seem to recall similar non-vintage whines when Nixon as equally guilty; how appropriate that commie-lid reprises it.

  9. “President Barack Obama: …I can tell you that this is not a situation in which America’s national security was endangered.”

    Imaginary Competent Journalist: How can you say that with certainty when you said earlier in this interview that you didn’t know she had her own private server/separate e-mail account?

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