Got Baseball Playoff Fever? Watch The Top 5 Pointless Congressional Hearings on Baseball

Joe Biden contradicts himself in the same sentence, Jesse Ventura calls team owners' logic "asinine," and more!


It's October and that means the Major League Baseball playoffs are in full swing. Congress has held hearings on baseball throughout the years, which sometimes yield all-time classic moments like:

  1. Joe Biden contradicting himself in the same sentence when he said, "I'm angry that we're even here, having to deal with this is a Congress…but I think we should have hearings on all sports."
  2. Gov. Jesse Ventura (I-MN) calling team owners' claims of poverty "asinine," adding, "These people did not get wealthy by being stupid."
  3. Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA) grilling a witness on the state of Roger Clemens' bloody pants.

To see these classic moments and a few more, watch the Top 5 Pointless Congressional Hearings on Baseball!

Original writeup below:

Congress has no authority over Major League Baseball, but that hasn't stopped them from holding dozens of hearings on the national pastime over the years. Federal legislators have relished the opportunity to show off their populist appeal in front of national TV cameras by talking "inside baseball" jargon, acting as moral scolds, and generally probing in places they don't belong.

To celebrate Opening Day of the 2015 MLB season, Reason TV presents the Top 5 Pointless Congressional Hearings on Baseball!

Featuring Rafael Palmeiro's infamous fingerwagGeorge Will's defense of socialism in baseball, Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) threatening to "hold hearings on all sports," a totally TMI investigation of Roger Clemens' bloody dress pants, Sen. Howell Heflin's (D-AL) concern about the rising costs of "basekaball" tickets, and Gov. Jesse Ventura's (I-MN) shocking star turn as the voice of sober and rational government.  

About 5 minutes.

Produced by Anthony L. Fisher.

Music: "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  1. I read a bit about cricket last night and tried to imagine taking a game with such arbitrary and archaic rules so seriously… then I remembered baseball.

    1. Cricket requires too much patience for Americans.

      1. You’re right. Only Brits can tolerate that sort of boredom and claim to like it.
        I think it comes from stopping the clock and making everyone wait until royalty shows up.

        1. I assume you’re using Brits in a kind of global generic sense.

          1. Subjects of the Commonwealth.

      2. I just saw the other day that your handle is a First Wave reference. It pains me that I didn’t get that before, seeing as I watched every episode of that show. Of course, it *has* been about 15 years since I saw it last.

        Long live Cade Foster.

        1. It really was well done, even if some of the acting was ordinary.

          Raven Nation really was a small part of the entire series and is kind of obscure. It just so happened that I was watching those episodes in re-runs when I first happened upon Reason & the commentariat (2008/09). A small force of resistors who are the only ones who could see what was really going in seemed most appropriate.

          1. I thought the acting was usually better than expected; they were clearly working with a slim budget and did a surprisingly good job with it. The actor who played Joshua is on Continuum now, by the way.

            The Raven Nation was the name of Traci Lords’ resistance group, right? Hell, she did a pretty good job on the show too.

            1. Yep on RN. They were introduced early in S3 but then wiped out a few eps later.

              Yeah I saw Roger Cross on Continuum (although having dumped cable I’m a few seasons behind now). He also co-starred in 2 or 3 seasons of 24. And, on the quirky trivia side, he showed up in bit parts in a few eps of The X-Files.

        2. Huh – I just assume RN was a Baltimore football fan


      3. Jesus… it’s more boring than baseball?

        1. Depends on your perspective. I find baseball to be extremely irritating at times. However, I would try and convince an American to watch cricket with me. There’s just too many cultural differences and backgrounds to make the adjustment.

          However, I suspect some Americans would be somewhat interested in Twenty20 cricket.

          1. I kid, because I have never seen cricket… but I do prefer games with fewer interruptions.

          2. There’s just too many cultural differences and backgrounds to make the adjustment.

            Well, for me, it’s the constant pain and heartache of being a Windies supporter that prevents me from sitting down to watch a match.

            1. That’s kind of ironic because, in the years before I left Oz, the West Indies were THE great power of global cricket: 11 consecutive test wins.

              1. Well, that’s the thing. I grew up when the Windies were strong, 80’s to 90’s. So my image of the team will always be stuck in the days of Brian Lara and the like. So I never have accepted the state of affairs now.

              2. What kind of a sport has “test wins?” What the hell is that?

                1. Well, the British are a very empirical people.

          3. I bet Mr Lizard is a fan of cricket

            1. * considers narrowing gaze – doesn’t bother – applauds*

          4. I love it when all the Indians I work with watch a match all night and come into work the next day all bleary.

        2. Cricket is very boring except for whoever’s bowling & batting at the time.

          Consider all similar ball-bat-&-base games. We think they have a common origin, but evolved to emphasize different aspects. Cricket went very close to 1 extreme, where you have someone throwing the ball, another trying to hit it, & the rest of the players having very little to do, yet staying alert on the odd chance that they might. It’s exceeded only by those versions of stickball where you have no fielding, baserunning, or catcher.

          At the other extreme are the various types of slow-pitch softball & rounders, the design point of which is exactly to have the ball in play frequently. They’re exceeded in ratio of active to inactive participants only by the game of running bases, where you have 2 throwing a Spaldeen back & forth vs. someone running between them.

          1. However, I know a game designer (undergrad at Pitt last I heard) who designed a cutthroat version of cricket that sounded like fun.

            Cutthroat sports, which modify team games into similar ones wherein everyone scores individually, so it’s each vs. all, can be a lot of fun generally. 3-way cutthroat basketball’s fun & treacherous.

      4. TV sports is for people too lazy to actually do something, like play a sport or exercise.

        1. Or even to go & watch. There’s always enough people playing anything within walking distance (unless you’re way out in the sticks) to be a good free show.

          But it’s not always about being lazy. If I were still in condition to play rugby (which I’m not at age 61, obese w heart disease), I’d love to. Some of us are too out of condition to play stuff competitively, & not interested in playing non-competitively, so watching still can involve us. I’ve gone beyond that w.r.t. football, & now coach. The coaches are often more competitive than the kids! It’s very interesting because your “chess pieces” don’t act like chess pieces.

          1. It’s very interesting because your “chess pieces” don’t act like chess pieces.

            On that basis alone you should be running for office rather than yelling at prepubescents.

            1. I’ve been a candidate for public office about 5 times too. I didn’t even draw enough att’n to be yelled at.

      5. It’s astonishing how predictably people will defend boring crap just for the opportunity to shit on Americans.

        1. replace “people” with “hipsters”

          its very fashionable to affect a great interest in international sport in order to poo-poo American ‘Commercial time outs’ and ‘needless violence’

          1. Right now the hipsters are all into rugby. I was in a bar earlier today and some douchebag wanted the bartender to put rugby on. On a football Sunday.

          2. Right now the hipsters are all into rugby. I was in a bar earlier today and some douchebag wanted the bartender to put rugby on. On a football Sunday.

            1. Few hipsters have real jobs, so they probably benefit the most from Obamacare. Obamacare: helping hipsters waste more time on dumb shit.

  2. They should feed baseball bats through woodchippers.

    1. Especially those satanic aluminum ones the chirruns use.

      I remember they were JUST coming into use when I played Little League for all of a season. I refused to use anything other than my trusty Johnny Bench model Louisville Slugger. That was the best bat…right up till I finally broke it after a couple years of use 🙁

  3. All I know is that it was too hot for the Dodgers today. I gave up my tickets.

    It was over 100 last night at the game. So fucking hot that I drank light beer. LIGHT BEER!!!

    Beautiful day, though.

    1. No, there is never a time to drink light beer. You just have to drink a good refreshing lager or pilsner. Light beer is an abomination.

      In the USA, for a summer beer I prefer Heineken, Stella, or Grolsch.

      When I’m in Brazil, I like Devassa, Antarctica, and as a backup, Skol.

      No light beers!

      1. Let’s not forget a good cream ale.

  4. You know you’re in trouble when Joe Biden is your voice of reason.

    I heard Jesse Ventura recently stating he hopes to be the Libertarian party nominee in 2016. It would be interesting for sure, but I think he’s been labeled as a lunatic so he wouldn’t stand a chance to get more votes than Gary Johnson did. I’m not sure I see a better candidate out there for the LP though.

    1. He earned it.

      He was a normal dude when he ran for governor. I wouldn’t trust him to clean my toilets now.

      1. Really? Who cleans them now?

        1. A Honduran named Pilar.

          1. Does she wear the weathergirl dresses while cleaning the toilet or does she work the French maid (Honduran maid?) outfit?

          2. I gotta talk to the wife about our maid, she’s not ‘measuring up’.

            1. Robot sex-slave maids are where it’s at nowadays.

            1. You mean “bla-BLAM!”

  5. Thanks, but I’d rather watch the Mets take it to the Dodgers again tonight. Let’s go Mets!

    1. It’s very heroic of you to jump on the bandwagon this late.

    2. Ya know, Jack, there’s a lot of heavy breathing at sports events; CO^2 exhalations increase drastically.
      Not to mention all the fossil-fuels burned to power those lights. And the people driving to the ball park from miles away?
      The HORROR!

  6. Any space flight game players around tonight? I just picked up Elite Dangerous and X Rebirth. Haven’t launched Elite yet, but X I tried and have no idea just WTF I am doing. Getting ready to order a HOTAS.

    1. X Rebirth takes a while to get started. Just listen to what the crazy Chinese lady tells you until the game hands the reins over to you. After that, it’s pretty much sandbox.

      1. Just launched Elite, holy fucking shit, this game is beautiful (at 1080 getting around 100 FPS on max settings). I just wish I knew how to play, I think I’m going to have lots of fun learning how. Planning on ordering a HOTAS tomorrow.

    2. I got the first elite when I was a kid….

      Still think it is the greatest game I have ever played.

      Been thinking about getting the new one….then i look at my PC specs…and the fact that I have to buy a copy of windows and stop thinking about it.

      1. See my post above. I just launched it. The game is beautiful at 1080. Ok, I have a gaming PC, so mileage may vary, but I’m anxious to see it at 4K.

      2. I also have fond memories of Elite on a C64 as a kid. I’ve been afraid to buy Dangerous because I’m pretty sure I’d forget to do things like sleep and eat.

    3. I hope you bought X-Rebirth on Steam and have less than 2 hours in it. If so, go get a refund for that piece of crap immediately.

    4. If you want something more realistic, Kerbal Space Program is a pretty damn good game. It does have a fairly steep learning curve, though.

      1. I might recommend Orbiter ( ) instead. A little more realistic and immersive but without the RPG nonsense between you and the game. KSP just isn’t very challenging where it should be and frustrating where it shouldn’t.

        Of course, Hyperion could always go for FTL: Faster Than Light if he wants a game game.

        1. Orbiter and KSP are apples and oranges, to be honest. If you enjoy designing rockets, KSP is better. If you enjoy more realistic spaceflight Orbiter is better. And I’m honestly scratching my head about what is “RPG-y” about KSP.

          1. I was thinking of the career modes. Obviously, you don’t have to play them but, as a simulation purist, it still irks me that they’re there.

            1. Really? I think Microsoft’s Flight Simulator is 100 times better with a “career” add-on, like Cargo Pilot.

              1. I guess it’s a matter of personal taste. My favorite MSFS moments were the unscripted ones, like seeing how far planes could really be pushed on fuel efficiency and what not.

  7. Thanks for giving MacLeod credit.

  8. It got ink in the dead-tree issue this morning, but it’s pay-walled here:

    “SOCAP conference teaches doing well by doing good”
    “After decades on the fringes, impact investing is going mainstream.”…..ate-result
    No, after decades on the fringes, it will remain on the fringes for more decades. You see, people like to make MONEY from their investments and that already is a social good.

    More here if you want a heapin’ helpin’ of woo ‘capitalism’;
    Lots of argle-bargle about ‘localism’, ‘since autarky is such a proggy cause!

  9. Top New Hampshire/Iowa Republicans rallying for Chris Christie:…..ction.html

    Last month, six influential Republicans in Iowa announced their support for Christie. In New Hampshire, his campaign is steadily rolling out lists of support from activists. The lists often lack big names, but several Republican leaders are behind him, such as Merrimack County Sheriff Scott Hilliard and Wayne McDonald, a former state party chairman.

    Hilliard, who joined Christie in July, said he’s lobbying other law enforcement members to get behind Christie. Over lunch recently, he handed Christie a list of names and numbers and Christie began calling them.

    1. We’ll make sure the fat-boy fans here get the message.
      Oh, and, your boy gets called on his gun-grabbing:
      “Strong emotions as Obama visits grieving Roseburg”
      “During Obama’s brief visit on Friday, many residents showed anger over the call he made soon after last week’s shootings for more gun restrictions.”…..78891.html

      Waving those bloody shirts gets tiresome; maybe he ought to, oh, read the Constitution…

      1. Well Sevo, many of Team Red are not happy with Trump, Carson, the broad, Bush, or Lil’ Taco.

        They are looking for someone else.

        1. Palin’s Buttplug|10.10.15 @ 10:14PM|#
          “Well Sevo, many of Team Red are not happy with Trump, Carson, the broad, Bush, or Lil’ Taco.”

          Turd, you seem to continually confuse this site with what the voices in your head tell you.

          1. And to think his is the distilled version of the nasty racism/sexism/et al. you would see at a cesspool like DU. *shudder*

          2. Sevo, I know you’re an idiot but I will try anyway.

            I said:

            Well Sevo, many of Team Red are not happy with Trump, Carson, the broad, Bush, or Lil’ Taco.

            They are looking for someone else.

            That is a factual statement as indicated by the link I provided.

            Why are you such a dumbass?

            1. Palin’s Buttplug|10.10.15 @ 11:15PM|#
              “Why are you such a dumbass?

              Turd, do I have to post everything in single syllables so you can understand?
              Go fuck your daddy.

              1. So why can you/others post about Hillary then?

                It is no Democratic website either.

                1. Palin’s Buttplug|10.10.15 @ 11:21PM|#
                  “So why can you/others post about Hillary then?”

                  Because she’s a criminal who should be at least on bail and perhaps in the slammer.

                2. Shriek-

                  Lick them cankles, son!

                  Rememeber the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that wrongly accused Billy Jo Bob Clinton of inappropriate actions w/ Monica? The lying cunt went on the Today Show- after Gennifer Flowers, after Paula Jones, after Kathleen Willey, after Juanita Brodderick- and knowingly lied through her teeth…

                  Why is she relevant?

        2. And many on Team Blue are not happy with the broad, the ancient hippy, creepy Uncle Joe, O’Malley, or Webb. There’s a lot of dissatisfaction going around these days.

          1. There’s a lot of dissatisfaction going around these days.

            I could not agree more.

            The candidates suck.

            Obama/Romney was our high water mark (in my lifetime).

            1. I thought you were like 50?

              No love for Dole/Clinton?


              Vote Libertarian bitches!!!

    2. I believe this new source is more accurate…

  10. Well so this baseball thing. If a huge pile of people at a curve met at this fucking big bang party some fucking galaxy wizard was throwing and this mass of quirky pre-universe things got melted and dispersed across eons in odd genetic weavings here and upon the odd assortments of garbage planets that swing about the odd pull here and tho… I lost track of my shit… I have no fucking idea how space and baseball have a single thing in common and with this salutation I have found my correction. Well so this baseball thing. It is the urinal of super large cities. This is all I have while these fucking space shapes whiz by.

    1. So the title sez fever next to Baseball. I think fever should be mounted next to the Screaming Clocks (Fever) or Jilted Nuanced One-Legged Trail-Blazing (Fever) or The Midget With the Big Dick Made a Ship from Super Thick Steel to Jupitor (Fever)…
      I don’t think fever belongs in the same line as baseball, sir. Fever is too cool for baseball. Maybe… Got Baseball itch? Got baseball balls? Got baseball super dead noodle? Got baseball kill all the mice and cook them in a pan? Got baseball and punch grandma in the motherfucking face because you don’t got baseball? I can rationalize this shit.

      Not ‘FEVER’ next to motherfucking baseball. But, I digress some people like to eat goddamn dogs, which I’m not partial to.

      1. I got a fever. And the only cure, is

        no biesbal.

        1. The fucking cure is eating 50 naked planets, dear.

          1. Hey AC, you watch American Horror?

            1. I saw ads for a new one – something about a hotel? I watched the 1st season but lost interest but a creepy hotel would definitely pull me back in (I worked a ton of shitty hotel jobs in my day).

              1. First episode was totally fucked up. I loved it.

                1. Creepy does not quite start to cover it. Disturbing for sure. Steals shamelessly from classic horror movIes but still has it’s own identity.

                2. Cool – Ima check it out.

                  1. They’re going to reply the first episode Monday after midnight so actually Tuesday morning 12:17 AM on FX.

            2. I want to see it, but I heartily dislike Lady GaGa. I’m afraid of another awkwardly bad special guest appearance like they did with Stevie Nicks.

              1. Gaga, I can’t keep tabs on how to spell pretentious BS names

                1. I don’t get the fascination with her at all but I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt here. The only time I have actually seen her “do” anything was guest judging a couple reality competitions that are a guilty pleasure of mine. And she was good at that.

                  1. She makes formulaic pop, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but then she presents an image as something avant-garde and says stuff like, “I’m not one icon. I’m every icon. I’m an icon that is made out of all the colors on the palette at every time.” and “To make ARTPOP there must be an exchange between two auras: one from the sphere of ART, and the other from the sphere of POP.”
                    She is BS personified. /rant

                    But I’ll probably watch the show anyway

                2. There should be some universal code for such crap
                  Ms. WESTSI? (Who Ever She Thinks She Is)
                  Ms. IDGAC? (I Don’t Give A Crap)
                  Ms. WCs? (Who Cares)

                  1. I don’t think you woukd like it anyways.

              2. She was awesome.

            3. Well, sure, Almight Jibs flapping wildly on a gray sea while scared Boys scramble among the timbers.

              1. Dude, how did you know that? Where are you? Are you on the hill up there?

            4. Hey AC, you watch American Horror?

              Speaking of TV shows “The Last Kingdom” is pretty good.

              If you like Game of Thrones or Vikings you will love it.

              In fact with Vikings it seems to follow fictionalised events in England after the events of Vikings and even has Ragnar’s son in it. It also seems to have a much higher production value then Vikings does.

  11. Buy me some peanuts and cracker Jack’s.

    Then let’s leave and go watch a real sport like football and never come back.

    Cause it’s it wait wait wait for something to happen. If you go take a piss it finally will.

    Then we’ll watch the replay over and over to see what we missed at the most bring game ever invented.

    1. Boring not bring fucking android!

      1. Seriously, I would rather watch curling.

        1. You should see a doctor about your ADHD.

          1. I should see a doctor about all kinds of shit but I hate going to the doctor.

              1. That is exactly why I hate going to the doctor.

    2. Doesn’t flow well, but even if I enjoy it now and then, I get the point.
      At least decent pitcher’s-duels tend to move along.

      1. Several years ago, I was visiting in-laws in AZ. Was pretty much stuck where I was at but sat around drinking beer and watching baseball and shooting the shit. It was fairly enjoyable but I had no other options available. At home, I have several hundred options available that are preferable to sitting around watching nothing interesting happen.

      2. Hey Sevo, I’m going to be attending this event in Oakland next Sunday. I don’t know if it’s your sort of thing, but I thought I’d mention it. If you think you might go, drop me an email at my handle +

    3. Wait? You talk about waiting for something to happen in baseball so instead you want to watch football? (I assume you are referring to American Football rather than real football). That game were after five seconds of play they stop for five minutes to setup the next five seconds of play? Are you kidding me? The only watchable sport is hockey. There you get a pretty decent chunk of action before a stop most of the time. All other sports suck, especially American Football. (Not that real football isn’t also boring as hell).

      1. Its amusing that you think you need to make a distinction between ‘American’ football and ‘real’ football regarding waiting for something to happen.

        ‘Real’ football – where the game ends three hours later, after an hour and a half of actual gameplay, and the score is 0-0.


        But, I think there’s a consensus here on this board – *all* sports suck and are boring to watch. Which is why you go with friends and drink lots of beer.

        1. No, that’s why I do something actually enjoyable like play video games. Also, I don’t drink beer. Like sports, people’s obsession with beer is something I don’t share. Also, the reason I make the distinction between American football and real football is in one game, the players only touch the ball, with their foot. In the other, they only ever touch it with their hands. Makes no sense to call that game football. But both are equally boring to watch.

          1. So what you’re saying is your insight into sports is about as relevant as an Autistic person offering dating-advice?

            1. If that’s the how you want to compare it, the sure. I was really only commenting about how silly it seemed to me to complain about baseball as a sport were you wait and wait for something to happen so he’d rather watch football, when that’s exactly what football is. Seconds of action followed by minutes of nothing. Which is exactly why I never could get into sports beside hockey. Also why I almost never comment on sports itself. Simply read the article because of the stupidity of politicians having hearings over whether or not people were cheating in a damn game. Then saw this comment and couldn’t help myself.

              1. ” it seemed to me to complain about baseball as a sport were you wait and wait for something to happen so he’d rather watch football, when that’s exactly what football is’

                You don’t seem to really understand baseball or football.

                If a baseball game is going *incredibly well*, the only person doing fuck-all is the pitcher. Absence of action (hits) is the goal.

                Football may have lots of stoppages, time-outs, replays, etc….. but 200-300lb people are still smashing into one another every 30 seconds w/ high impulse-energy while executing fairly complex tactical maneuvers. Visually it may do nothing for you, but stuff is still “happening”

                1. Fair enough. Never said baseball was exciting. I was thinking of “something happening” along the lines of the clock is ticking down and gameplay is occurring. Sure, maybe that gameplay is the batter getting strikes and balls, but that’s still gameplay. I never thought of only the batter actually hitting the ball as the only time anything’s happening. Pitcher striking out a batter is something occurring. With football, you have half a minute of one team trying to push the line forward as much as possible before a tackle occurs, resulting in a several minute pause before gameplay resumes. To me anyway, doesn’t seem that different in terms of tiny bits of action followed by lots of nothing.

                  But I guess I’ll stop. Most people love sports, and hey to each their own. I can mildly enjoy a hockey match once in a while, but other than that, as you said and I freely admit I’m not knowledgable about sports, besides hockey. There are more important things to get worked up over than someone else’s view on something as trivial as sports.

                  1. “”There are more important things to get worked up over than someone else’s view on something as trivial as sports“”

                    Oh, sorry, I confused you with the jackass who said, “the only watchable sport is hockey”

                    I wonder where that guy went.

                    1. I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek with that comment, but as I should have learned by now, sarcasm doesn’t come across very well on the Internet.

                  2. It’s a hockey game, not a match.

                    Many who participated in sports realize that playing various sports is about competition, it prepares one for life…..which comes with competition. It’s pretty simple.

                    When I was a kid 50 years ago all we did was compete. Most of the people I used to compete with and against are pretty successful. You learn very quickly that there is no free lunch, hard work and teamwork lead to success. Life lessons, good life lessons. You win some, you lose some, but you still compete.

                    In this day and age when participation ribbons are all the rage young people are losing this prep for life and shielding themselves from losing.

                    I love all sports simply because it allows people to attain excellence, to attempt to be better than anyone before them. In sports settling for 2nd best is not an option. Just like in life innovative people won’t settle for second best.

  12. Yeah – I think the last Tigers game I went to was, maybe…..?? I don’t even remember. I think daughter #1 was still in college, so…6, 7 years ago?

    It’s just…boring.

    Now – MINOR LEAGUE ball. I’ve mentioned the stadium they built in Avon Lake, OH when I was working in Cleveland. I think it was A ball league. 10 mins from my house – actually, more like 5, $7 tickets. Took the whole family and the Spanish exchange student a few times. Superb fun for cheap. Still have the keychain I bought the one time…

    1. Also caught the Cedar Rapids Kernels when we visited my best friend in Iowa – also superb. Lansing Lugnuts are about 45 mins from us – excellent stadium. It was called Oldsmobile stadium – I haven’t been since GM killed that brand, so dunno if they’ve changed the name since.

      1. Going to a game is fun. Watching on TV not so much at least for me. Same with hockey. $11 to go see Buckeyes play Hockey which is a great deal and quite enjoyable. Wouldn’t watch on tv though.

    2. Yeah, I don’t like baseball but I always had a good time seeing the Rochester Red Wings in person when I was a kid. It would probably be even more fun with beer – because who goes to a game to watch it?

      1. +1 hotdog shooter

    3. Minor league baseball’s a phenomenon that’s refreshingly bucked the trend towards everything’s being done by a few performers on TV. I’d like to do the same for football, but with the competition from varsity ball, the failure of women’s football to make $, & the existence of plenty of non-profit men’s teams for many yrs., it doesn’t seem as likely.

    1. They’re more credible than Fox News is.

      Bitch is near death.

      1. In the same dumb fuck spiral as their dumb fuck neighbor CNN.

      2. We can only hope….

    2. Ha I saw that cover in the store the other day and just laughed it off as their usual schtick.

    3. It would be very sad if she died before watching herself lose.

      1. If she died within a week or two the election, her campaign might be able to pull off a Weekend at Hillary’s shtick if they can keep the press cordons far enough away from her embalmed corpse.

        Sounds silly, but it’s not that much different from their present strategy.

        1. That’s true:) lol

        2. Nah, if it happens near the election they’ll trumpet that death all over the world, use it to shut down negative comments about here (look at Paul!!! Doesn’t he know its not good form to talk ill of the dead) and gin up a sympathy vote.

          She’ll be our first dead woman president!!! ITS HER TURN!!!!!.

    4. I think all the tabloids are now under one publisher and they publish dreck, 99.9% of the time. And then they hit a home run. Which one is this?
      Anyhow, re the Brighter Brains, I’ll pass. It’s sort of like reading vs. watching vids; I can scan the written word and see if anything jumps out. Listening to a talk or watching a vid doesn’t allow that sort of filtering.
      I’ve heard certain folks (Sagan, Dawkins) to hear it from the horse’s mouth, but none of those speakers rings that sort of bell. I could be wrong 10 years on; you get to laugh at me.

      1. Oh well, just thought I’d mention it.

  13. I think Hillary is Dracula’s wife and Bill Clinton is their odd toy.

    1. As a fine boy who has loved years on this round perplexing fucking ball of what the fuck this relationship I generally like has held all sorts of amorphous arrangements even up until last saturday when lovers piled in the same bed and pussies clamped dick and assholes clamped fingers, tongues, and found objects and shit so yea… I think the Clintons have played alt-like and shit.

      I still will never understand that Clinton cunt, tho. Never. Ever fucking ever. Hillary seems to bob and weave on the digital space like a fucking dead pixel. Lifeless, boring, irritating, and something my dog wants to punch and send back to Newegg.

      1. Send her back? Can we do that?

  14. I want to eat nuclear waste and drop kick my goddamn motherfucking pc speakers into the mouth of satan’s gaping asshole. I am too fucking high and drunk and motherfucking all else to get this shit to sound right so I will fucking smash this crap all to hell with a swift middle fucking finger. have to fucking grab my motherfucking German Sennheiser crap on my fucking head to hear people scream all their motherfucking songs at me and I guess I’m supposed orgasm and writhe constantly over what these motherfucking plutonium album shits want my fucking ears to like.. frankly, millions of songs are great. food is great. But motherfucking songs aren’t food because you can’t exercise to goddamn food. you can’t fuck to food and you can’t swim, jump, or run to food. No one fucks while eating a hamburger. No one gets her or his fat ass on a bicycle with a huge plate of ribs. However, yea, songs have no calories so fucking let that shit rip… fucking oceans of goddamn calorie empty songs but has any fucking dude or dudette ever measured the mental caloric jimgamabob of songage? I’m pausing and pondering and furthermore thinking prol not… but mental energy is mayhaps floating point calories… fuck if I know.. I just want to kill my goddamn pc speakers is all.

  15. So in this shitty fevered baseball thread I wish I could beat the motherfucking death out of I simply am here to plot a release from my fucking extremities. I don’t need my goddamn fingers and toes anymore because Steve Jobs dick has fucked my entire body so thoroughly I am now a living multifaceted Steve Jobs dick. I am the living culmination of the dick on Steve Jobs body. My arms are Steve Jobs dick. My legs are Steve Jobs dick. My asshole is Steve Jobs dick. I have found I poop Steve Jobs turds and I jizz Steve Jobs. Because Apple is so amazing but I just found out that my body has biomes scattered all over it called Musk and these biomes grow little bushes called elons and I shave them off and hate them because they are shitty like my goddamn Steve Jobs arm and, sure, I’m dead and all but so is Steve Jobs and the fucking little book Musk keeps by his bed called the back of my aqua skull.

  16. Living people are inverted rainbows. Like reverse flowers under the rain of a cold fall.

  17. I fell on a dusty place out there without a goddamn spaceship one night and I fell through the fucking thing. dude, right through. fucking planet was a goddamn holoatomic mist.. so of course my scrambling crap self was screaming through massive lines of lights as I fell into a fucking nowhere and the lights I decided if I was going to die I may as well surf this crap so I fucking punched a star in the face so hard it lost all of its vertical mass and became horizontal and so on so amid the fucking rainbows and lurching skulls and screaming tribes and spears and shimmering horses I fought my ways to the wave of space and surged on that bitch and toed down on my fucking horizental and as the space lights washed over so darkly I fucking diced that fucking spell with its alarming vacuum and shit and lossless down times and crap. So there are no clouds in space. I don’t want to go anywhere they don’t have clouds. Fuck space for not having clouds.

  18. If space talked I would fucking ask that it stopped because these fucking musical geniuses my goddamn whore face listens to loves everything but I don’t really like to hear the wizard behind the curtain bitches when I’m fucking on percoset and whiskey and shit. I kind of just want to kill the person explaining in my head about shit related to Englebert Humberdinck… Well, or at least be physical with like pushing his musical origin crap about the head and shoulders and be lightly dominant. I wouldn’t kill him. I only dream of killing people. I leave the actual killing to communists and their Gawker/Vice staff.

  19. Ok fine so space crickets play little romantic fucking songs on the goddamn hearts of the amazing geek. The geek is lovely creature. Almost antelope like bounding across the digital violent scapes in search of avoiding having his throat ripped out by things with claws and teeth and some of them avoid this marveling as they glance back at their brothers and sisters having their guts cleanly rent and pounced upon while the voices of death cut across the hallowed horizons of their dancing delight and fury.

    Fuck that evolutionary nightmare and shit. I don’t understand the Mars obsession by Nasa and the yearning reaching arms of those crying to live on a very fucking empty deadly place. Does this fucking dude recollect the romance of Mars? the fucking twisting turbulent horrific championing of a new plant Mars? Yea. fuck yea. But Mars doesn’t need humans, bro, until we get this fucking earth we live on entirely figured out. Sorry to fucking say that NASA is likely dead, man. No fucking emotion stirring shit can revive us past the goddamn moon.

    NASA should sing a soft song and make great laboratories that maximize earth. How the FUCK they ever got the right to explore fucking shitty planets is a perfect reason why this country is run by goddamn idiots.

    1. Well AC, you’re not wrong…

  20. what’s everyone drinking tonight?

    1. Holy Cactus Juice.

    2. It’s Sunday morning in civilized parts of the world.

      Which means beer.

  21. Congress has no authority over Major League Baseball

    You sweet, sweet boy.

    MLB has an anti-trust exemption dating from the twenties. Ergo, Congress has absolute authority over MLB.

    1. That begs the question why Congress has the authority to regulate antitrust in the first place.

      But MLB is a pretty obvious example of interstate commerce, so Congress does have authority to regulate it. If you don’t like it, take it up with James Madison.

      1. That’s not question-begging, and I don’t give a damn what Madison thought about anything when he signs off on statism, but we’re in broad agreement that the state has no business “regulating” the mutually advantageous interactions of two parties.

  22. Can anyone really have baseball fever? It would be like someone saying have curling fever. Baseball is boring.

    1. Baseball is life. Go watch some cat videos and stay out of our thread.

      1. You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.

        As long as there is enough beer, baseball is interesting. Take the beer away, and its a bunch of guys getting paid millions of dollars to stand around and scratch their balls between brief moments of activity.

        1. Sounds like someone has a bad case of Yankeefanitis.

          1. Possibly. My family has a long history of devotion to the Mets. My dad was a NY Giants fan back in the day, and by default was religiously required to loathe and despise the Yankees. The Mets functioned as a prosthetic replacement in the 1960s, and were the team we followed as kids in the 1970s and 80s.

            My own interest in baseball – always low – did ebb and flow depending on whether a local team was doing well. I went to a lot of Yankees games in the late 90s/early 2000s because they were doing very well and it was just a thing to do when you lived in the city. But i’m not someone who feels any sense of lack or suffering when NY teams fail to make the playoffs. Baseball just isn’t that important. If there is anything that has caused me psychic trauma and emotional damage over the years it has been the perennial shittiness and gross mismanagement of the Knicks.

            1. I’m not a sports fan, but the one I always followed was baseball. I have a closet full of Bill James books that were collectibles when I bought them years ago, Was raised a Cardinals fan and adopted the Red Sox in college (before they became truly insufferable post-2004), so the NY clubs were always either pond scum or the team of Paul O’Neill.

              It has become much more difficult to hate either of them in the era of David Wright and CC Sabathia.

              1. “NY clubs were always either pond scum or the team of Paul O’Neill.’


                When i did watch the yanks, we had a running joke about how paul o’neill always looked like he was thinking about some horrible shit he’d been talking to his psychiatrist about, and how he was overcome with a sense of self-loathing and inferiority to his various Superstar family members.

                every time he came to bat, we’d narrate what was going through Paul O’Neill’s mind to go along with his anguished facial expressions:

                “Christ. Fucking forgot to feed the cat. now he’s going to piss all over my bed. then my wife will think it was me. say, “oh paul, are you stressed again.” It was never me!! She won’t believe me. Dad never believed me. I should have been a dentist. Dentists don’t lose playoffs.”

                He was always on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and it was like “Imagine what’s eating Paul O’neill today”

                1. Why isn’t GILMORE writing for sitcoms? I’d watch this show.

                  1. Until recently, I couldn’t tell whether GILMORE? was in his 30s or Sevo’s age.

                    If that’s not the mark of lasting comedic appeal, I don’t know what is.

                    1. I am 41 for at least the next few hours

  23. “”I’m angry that we’re even here, having to deal with this is a Congress…but I think we should have hearings on all sports.””


    1. Give ole Uncle Joe a break.

      He was just upset that he didn’t get a chance to subpoena that hottie scioness Wendy Selig-Prieb and then feel her up before cameras, gods, and men.

  24. Speaking of English games, I sat down for a rugby match with a New Zealander who was very excited about getting the whole bar to watch the teams square off and perform their ritual intimidation dances at the start. He was cackling and clapping excitedly through the whole thing.

    1. Rugby is a great game to watch, especially if you’re with people who know/love the game like the Kiwis.

      I once spent a long weekend in Boston watching the “4/5 nations tournament” (can’t remember) with a British girl, where we had to wake up at 6AM, run to the pub, eat a fry up and then start drinking and watching rugby all day. I learned a lot. It was when Jonah Lomu was at his peak. Good times.

      1. Every part of that sounds amazing and I am very envious.

      2. It’s fun to watch, but also to play.

        Unfortunately it suffers from the defect of requiring a large number of players?even 7-a-sides involve getting 14 players together at once?& is one of those games that requires a lot of preparation before it gets really good & interesting. But once you’re organized, it’s great.

        1. There’s a variation involving two players, but the field size has to be concomitantly small: about the size of a king-sized mattress. Also, it’s played indoors and naked and the scrums are very different.

  25. New reason for forelock-tugging:

    “Will Barbie be hackers’ new plaything?”
    “Earlier this year, hackers proved they could take control of the Internet-connected doll My Friend Cayla and make it ignore its “bad words list” ? reportedly causing it to curse.
    “We need to stop blindly assuming that putting software and connectivity into everything is a good idea,” said Josh Corman, co-founder of I Am The Cavalry, an industry group urging carmakers and others to focus on cybersecurity.”…..562963.php

    I’m betting Josh knows exactly who should decide what gets ‘software’ and connected, and it’s not you or me.

    1. SFed your link.

      It’s hard to tell from their website whether they’re vaguely libertarianish or not. That they advertise themselves as “grassroots” gives me the heebie-jeebies, like everything else I’ve witnessed for the past 30 years or so.

      FWIW, his point is a good one from my paranoiac perspective. There are many devices with sensitive information that have no business being online, yet are. All men with significant others (read: women-folk whom they photograph nekkid) need to learn the wisdom of employing the air gap. As does everyone who so much as files a tax return.

        1. $10 sez something from this article is featured in a upcoming episode of Black Mirror.

      1. BTW, my only disagreement is: Who chooses? Me, with my wallet, or him with a gun?

  26. Worth listening to = Kevin Smith’s Review of Mad Max Fury Road

    I don’t know who he’s talking with. But its actually a good take on film-making overall, why so many other modern films suck, and how Fury Road is great cinema even despite the ridiculous feminist plot elements which function almost as a clever-pre-emptive-defense against potential critics*

    (*that’s entirely my view)

    Although towards the end he points out that Beyond Thunderdome had a strong feminist core, so its not like even a new thing at all.

    He also theorizes that George Miller would probably do “Aquaman” by forcing the actors to work 100% underwater, holding their breath. Fuck CGI

    1. The feminism in Fury Road didn’t bother me. It did seem a bit like a pre-emptive measure.

      In other news, Behind chummy persona, Biden terrorizes staff, insider reveals.

      I don’t think I can remember a presidential campaign with so many hugely flawed candidates. Just on the Democrat side, we have the visibly aging badly Hillary, who the National Enquirer says may have only six months to live, with few positive accomplishments and terrible political skills, probably stemming from her terrible personality and terrible marriage. Word is she’s having private meltdowns due to the interruption of her coronation, and they worry it might happen in public.

      Then there’s the geriatric socialist (not even a Democrat!) who somehow hasn’t noticed that the world doesn’t operate the way he imagined when he was a hippy, half a fucking century ago. With economic nostrums from the fucking 1930s. (“Infrastructure spending! Free stuff!”)

      Then there’s creepy Uncle Joe, gaffe-master and asshole. And he’s now their best shot? Because the mood in the country is “Eight years of Obama/Biden wasn’t enough!”? LOL. And I don’t imagine those black activists will be voting 10 times for Biden the way they did for Obama. Live by identity politics, die by identity politics.

      “Tax the Rain” O’Malley? MD now has a GOP governor. Webb? SJW types are going to work hard to get him elected, right.

      1. Ima just leave this here

        AFAIC, anyone who falls for Biden’s transparent hucksterism deserves what s/he gets, especially after decades–fucking decades–of same. The guy isn’t fit to run a carwash, much less be mayor of a small town in the middle of nowhere.

        Problem being that I continue to get the government that other people deserve under this glorious system of democratic elections.

      2. So Biden too is a world-class asshole? Why does that not surprise me.

    2. After watching the movie again night before last I wanted to see what Milo Antifeminist Antichrist Yiannopoulos had to say about it.

      Seriously, guys: What am I missing? Is there some clever subtext my Neanderthal XY brain has failed to tease out of this elegant social satire? Or is it in fact the case that a few over-excited male commentators have seen a female lead and flipped out? Because it seems to me that Fury Road is big-budget confirmation of everything we “misogynists” have known for years: that women can’t even survive, let alone win battles, without the help of men.

      It did seem, walking out of the theater, like the whole feminism empowerment narrative was more wishful thinking than credible critique. Milo points out a number of inconsistencies with that theory, but really the most powerful is just how useless the bunch of old biddies ended up being: if you watched a group of nameless men get picked off and overrun the way the Vulvani were, you’d conclude they were useless henchmen or bodyguards meant to give the hero or his assailants something to do before getting around to fighting the big bad. That’s not feminist empowerment, although it’s surprisingly equitable given how typically that exact scenario features men alone. The whole movie seems like a dirge for any notion of workable matriarchy.

      1. “The whole movie seems like a dirge for any notion of workable matriarchy.’


        over-reading to the extreme.

        its neither a complex super-feminist narrative, nor something intended to stripped to the bare-material-facts, like Milo does (*that the women – other than Charleze- for all their apparent importance, were bloody useless in most cases)

        Its far simpler stuff. The world is a desert, and the important stuff is “Fluid” (gasoline, water, milk). Controlling the fluid makes people powerful. insert some female characters as the protagonists. Cue fight scenes.

        The people are all just props; the feminist symbology is so much window-dressing to give the critics something to self-importantly munch on. Milo’s counter-narrative is “more accurate” than the super-feminist one, but both are trying to make the movie support their respective positions rather than just ask, ‘why were these conventions *useful* (or not) in making the movie work as cinematic entertainment’?

        the co-option of feminist symbols and ideas to sell people the *same old song and dance stories* has been going on for a while, and you’ll just see more and more of it, until that too gets old.

        1. Kinda the point I wanted to make, though. Miller was very even-handed in putting together the film. If anything it’s a meditation on the extremes of masculinity: the autocratic patriarch and his retinue of suicidal devotees on the one hand, and the valiant martyr-hero on the other. The kickass female lead that feminists want to adopt as their own is portrayed at her best when she assumes all the trappings of masculine self-discipline: the blunted sentimentality, the capacity for self-sacrifice, and a penchant for violence when it suits her needs. The redeemed war boy whatshisname exercises the ultimate expression of masculinity in sacrificing himself to vouchsafe the women under his protection. And Max himself is just a Clint Eastwood archetype with a dark past and uncertain future.

          1. yep. For what it is, and for all the ridiculous iconic-extremes Miller takes the characters to… The film is still remarkably sensible, and actually balances itself out. If you took the same characters and put them in a different directors hands… it would be a laughingstock.

            I loved stupid post-apocalyptic movies in the 1980s. I’d sit through things no matter how dumb they were. Miller’s skill with it is similar to Peter Jackson’s approach to the LoTR fantasy world = no matter how absurd the material, he treats it utterly seriously. The subtle difference in attitude is what makes you hear, “The Vulvani” and not immediately piss yourself laughing…

            1. *bookmarked*

              Maybe I should get plastered tonight and rewatch A Boy and His Dog… in honor of Columbus, somehow.

              1. ha! i was going to mention Don Johnson’s greatest film…. but i actually consider that more of an Art-House movie (like Le Dernier Combat), a slight cut above the core-genre of “post-apocalyptic absurdity”, which should necessarily be stupid to the bone. That movie actually makes you think.

              2. A Boy and His Dog

                My mom rented that movie for me when I was like 14…

                I think she thought the title made it family friendly or confused it with the 1946 movie of the same name.

        2. From Milo

          “I liked Fury Road, but that’s because I like anything with explosions, car chases, guns and a bit of eye candy. That’s all the movie is.”

          This. Theron owned the movie which I think speaks to her acting chops more than some “feminist agenda”. Great film.

          1. I left the movie satisfied that my 3.50 was well spent and wanting to see more Charlize Theron with not one single thought about feminist subtext.

            1. It did something pretty rare: left me with no progressive morality hangover like so many summer blockbusters do. Didn’t sacrifice entertaining screen time to preach at me. Avatar, anyone?

              1. Avatar was basically a Star Wars prequel version of Fern Gully. I still enjoyed it but the politics were pretty obvious.

            2. “I left the movie satisfied that my 3.50 was well spent”


              pounds of silver? virgin orphans? that sounds like a deal. And was it in 3-D?

              i just waited for the blue-ray

              1. 3D which is why it was 3.50 and not a dollar. Advantage of waiting months after it first came out

                1. I’m going to see The Martian tonight, and tickets are $13 and change! Un-frikken’-believable. But I now count as a senior to them, so it’ll be $12….

                  1. I’ll go see it in 3 or 4 months for a buck

                    1. Just got back. The Martian is good. I have quibbles, but overall, recommended.

                  2. One theater I sometimes go to is 10.25. So for 2 people it’s 20 50. It’s like come on man I can’t just give you a 20? It’s annoying.

                    1. You pay cash for things? How quaint.

                      BTW, we’re there no posts by Reason whatsoever today? I’ve never seen a postless day before.

                    2. Depends on the place. Places with high employee turnover usually.

                    3. C-
                      They’re all still too hungover from the rusty woodchippers.

        3. Charlize is still hot….slumming with Penn lessens my approval rating…

      2. From what i can tell the whole “Mad Max is feminist propaganda” came from TheReturnofKings.…..inist-road

        And then of course the usual feminist suspects picked that up and screamed bloody hell then placed the movie up as some sort of feminist placard.

        The whole thing is manufactured shitposting between two warring internet clans. The movie itself is great and nothing in the film reflects the claims of the shitpositngs.

  27. So I see Dear Leader will be getting his dick sucked on 60 minutes tonight. The intro I saw says he will be asked hard questions, and there’s a quick clip of him saying some tough guy thing like “What else you got”, like he’s being grilled, and welcomes it.
    A very nauseating 5 seconds, it was.

    1. How many times has Obama used 60 minutes as his bully pulpit, compared to Bush/Clinton?

      I don’t know and dont see any handy resource. This source points out he got 5 separate appearances before he even got elected…

      … then there was a full show devoted to him in may 2011 (covering the killing of OBL), then another in December 2011 (sort of a “How awesome are you?” show)… then another slow-pitch softball session in 2013… and now another….

      …and, most notably – this is the first one where any question has actually been asked about the president’s failing policies.

      Obama actually looked surprised, and steve croft got visibly nervous and shaken when pointing out, “…but Putin is bombing the people you armed”.

      It was obvious no one had ever actually challenged him on anything before, especially in that context.

      1. “How awesome are you?”

        A couple of weeks ago, Putin was actually asked “Why are you so popular?” I lol’d.

        I imagine tonight it will mostly be, “Why are you unable to get the Republicans to go along with your great ideas?”

      2. You think it’s bad now; imagine how insufferable he will be as ex-president. He may beat out Jimmy Carter as the douchiest in history.

        1. I think you may be right.

        2. Good point.

    2. Does anyone still watch 60 Minutes? I suppose we should be happy he’s appearing on a real news show, instead of People or Oprah or ESPN like usual.

      Hopey McChange is only doing this because nobody really cares about him anymore, even in his own party. You know that has to burn him like bubbling oil from a vat of fried chicken.

      1. Feel the Bern….

  28. So there’s not even a decent catch-all thread today? + I forgot about the Morris Park Columbus Day parade today; I haven’t gone to see it in several yrs. despite my being close to the route.

    1. please = “indigenous people’s day”. We don’t officially recognize white-colonial-oppressors anymore.

      1. I make up for it by coaching in the Warriors, where we have Apache, Blackfeet, Cherokee, Mohigans, Shawnee, Sioux, Chiefs, Redskins, & Navajos. I think we also have Seminoles from time to time. But I’m coaching Cardinals.

        We also have Javelins & Ramblers, but no Studebakers.

        1. side note =

          I think the highlight of my childhood football career was somewhere in your hood. We played an 8th grade championship game somewhere in Pelham, just off pelham parkway. It was the only school which seemed to have a proper “stadium” (covered bleachers, night-game-lights, a PA system, etc). It was old even then (the late 80s). From what i remember, anyone who did well enough in the westchester leagues would end up playing teams from the bronx, pelham or iona prep or something.

            1. same reference.

              the NE bronx / Pelham is where the local 6 trains terminate. (upper right corner) I believe there’s a trainyard there.

              1. That’s Pelham Bay Park, where we play, on the field that used to be Rice Stadium. The cement structure on the S side has been replaced by wood stands.

                However, your description of the field above suggests you mean the other Pelham Pkwy., the one that’s actually in Pelham that goes into Boston Post Rd. near the Hutchinson R. Pkwy. Memorial Field is one exit north of there.

                I’m close to the pkwy. by the same name in the Bronx that goes between Bronx & Pelham Bay parks.

                1. Conceivably you mean Glover Field, which is S of Memorial Field, in Pelham Manor, but I think that facility is too new for you to have played there.

          1. I think you mean Memorial Stadium in Mt. Vernon. Unfortunately a few yrs. ago they got rid of the roof over the west stands.

            1. That was the place.

              Its weird that i should have remembered the place, but it was one very cold night in november in the late 80s, and we got our ass kicked by some kids from pelham high. As far as my 13yr old ass was concerned it was the roman coliseum.

  29. “pointless congressional hearing”

    Isn’t that redundant?

  30. Iran = Declares Detained US Journalist Guilty of Espionage

    There is a 20 day window for appeal. Then I assume they shoot him.

    Worth noting is that Iran’s Supreme Leader recently issued a decree “banning” any further negotiation with the US ….on any issue

    “Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday banned any further negotiations between Iran and the United States, putting the brakes on moderates hoping to end Iran’s isolation after reaching a nuclear deal with world powers in July.

    Khamenei, the highest authority in the Islamic Republic, already said last month there would be no more talks with the United States after the nuclear deal, but has not previously declared an outright ban.”

    Seeing how these acts are very much intended as PR to the outside world, its hard to fully appreciate what they’re trying to say other than “FYTW” to the West, seeming to know that they are going to get sanctions lifted no matter what they do…. but its still odd. As though there’s something else they’re trying to influence. US to back out of Syria even faster? Pressure the Saudis to back off Yemen? It must be something.

    1. The Obama years are worse than the Carter years for constant international humiliations of the U.S. Sheesh.

      1. It’s been bad but pretty tough to top the hostage crisis Carter had. This countries mood was shit. Perhaps not as easily distracted back then.

        1. Good point. No Americans taken hostage at embassies during Obama’s reign, only killed.

        2. “Perhaps not as easily distracted back then.”

          TV had only three channels back then

    2. It’s not always about us. It seems likely that showing oneself to be a hardliner is useful in internal Iranian power politics.

      1. Yes.

        but then he already has the job title of “supreme leader”. which is a for-life gig.

        Specifically what i was pointing out was that the conviction of a US citizen for espionage… ostensibly carrying a death sentence… was strangely timed alongside a very-public announcement that there’s no more “negotiation” with the US.

        Normally i’d say the conviction was nothing but blustering bullshit, and they planned to horse-trade the guy away for some piddling concession. Which is normally why they do these things to begin with.

        But… given the context, who knows? Maybe they’re aiming to force the US scuttle the nuclear deal because they dont think its worked out the way they hoped.

    3. “There is a 20 day window for appeal.”

      More like a 20 *story* window.

      I pray the journalist gets out alive.

  31. Feds remove pork from the menu at federal prisons

    Prisoners can still buy pork products at the commissary

    The removal of pork is supposedly the result of a public-opinion survey among inmates

    CAIR drools at the prospect of fighting “Islamophob[es]” based on their “conspiracy theories.”

    1. The pork people suggest they may fight the ban.

      1. “”People are more health conscious these days,” [prison system spokesman Edmond Ross] said. “Some people choose to be vegetarian or vegan. That’s their preference.” As of last week, the prison menu had added an “economically viable” turkey bacon substitute.”

        1. some people choose to be vegetarian or vegan.

          Which is a reason to have those options on the menu, not to remove pork.

          No, this is purely political caving to the Islamic activists.

  32. Jihad Watch is on the case.

    1. No bacon? Man, prison is hell.

      1. No more felonies for this guy

        1. “Oh, you said no more *pork!* That’s fine, I thought for a second you said “no more *port!*”

  33. Should Congress be interested in a private business that is creating a gladiator class that runs on steroids and inbreeding?

    No, but it is interesting, even without the steroids. There seems to be quite a lot of prescient inbreeding among the parents of professional athletes.

    “You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it and work hard.” No, you probably can’t.

  34. Hey, Kaepernick avoided arrest for impersonating an NFL QB!
    Not to worry; the 9ers found a way to lose anyhow.

    1. Sanctuary City!

  35. “And if in fact the only measure is for us to send another 100,000 or 200,000 troops into Syria or back into Iraq, or perhaps into Libya, or perhaps into Yemen, and our goal somehow is that we are now going to be, not just the police, but the governors of this region. That would be a bad strategy Steve. And I think that if we make that mistake again, then shame on us.

    * * *

    And just like that the US foray in Syria is unofficially over.”

    You should have done it 7 years ago and you are still a mendacious dick but thank you thank you thank you Obama.…..60-minutes

    1. Should have done what 7 years ago?

    2. As far as i can tell, reading the transcript, his only defense of his attempt to overthrow Assad is, “NOT BUSH!!”

      i.e. he didnt send large numbers of ground troops to fight a losing campaign, like he did in Afghanistan.

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