Minimum Wage

3 Ways a High Minimum Wage Hurts People


3 ways a high minimum wage hurts people
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  1. I’ve got my popcorn and am eagerly awaiting the consequences of all these minimum wage hikes. Luckily, I’ve already got my college degree and salaried job. I also got into the work force when $7.25/hour was still legal so I could build up my skills to get to where I am. I might be saddled with (student) debt slavery, but it was ultimately a voluntary and correct choice.

    If my Facebook feed is any indication, not finishing college and waiting for the government to make my life better clearly leads to poor circumstances including living paycheck to paycheck, constantly looking for more affordable housing and having to deal with multiple roommates.

  2. There are two other ways a minimum wage hurts people that gets way too little play:

    1. it reduces the freedom for people to contract for services in whatever way they deem appropriate
    2. it gets people increasingly used to the idea that it’s OK for government to take away freedom

  3. People who make infographics should be crucified.

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