School Choice

Ahmed Mohamed's Ordeal *is* The Case for School Choice

Texas teen's awful treatment underscores why more educational options are better for everyone.


The story of Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas 9th-grader who was handcuffed and arrested after bringing a homemade clock to MacArthur High to show a teacher, is enraging. As Reason's Robby Soave has noted, xenophobia and zero-tolerance policies created a stew more toxic than anything ever served in a school cafeteria.

In my new column for The Daily Beast, I toss in some barbs at Texas, especially the insane fears about creeping Sharia law in the Dallas suburb of Irving, where Ahmed lives. (And for the record, I lived two happy years in Huntsville, Texas, and spend half my time living in small-town Ohio, so spare me any carping about coastal elitism.)

From the Beast:

Everything's bigger in Texas, including the irredeemable stupidity of the idiots who run their public schools as if they are minimum-security prisons. Then again, given the gigantic role that penitentiaries play in Texas's state budget, perhaps principals view becoming wardens as aspirational.

How else to explain the handcuffing and suspension of ninth-grader Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old kid so lost to the dark arts of nerd-dom that he "makes his own radios and repairs his own go-kart"?

It doesn't help matters that

the mayor of Irving, Beth Van Duyne, is a nutjob who's convinced that Sharia law is supplanting the Lone Star State's brand of justice…. In support of a law that would bar voluntary mediation practices including Sharia (which is popular among Muslim communities), Van Duyne told Glenn Beck, "I think you need to put your foot down and say this is America, we have laws here already. If you want to consult, if you want to arbitrate, that is well within our law… I've got no problem with it. But setting up a separate court, setting up separate law is not anything" she'd allow.

Regular readers of this site know that I'm generally upbeat about social progress. In virtually all ways, I think things are getting better all the way around (for heaven's sake, even French leftists are buying into "the Libertarian Moment"!). As the parent of two sons, I know that K-12 schooling is generally better than it was when I was a kid, but there are also definite ways in which it is far, far worse.

Attending high school in the late 1970s and early 1980s, my friends and I listened incessantly to Pink Floyd's epic anti-factory-schooling masterpiece The Wall. Over two glorious LPs, Pink Floyd inverted savior-teacher films such as To Sir, With Love and zeroed in on how just stultifying school was to anyone with half a brain and any sense of independence (sure, the Brit school system of The Wall was worse than its U.S. counterpart, but it all rang true to the kids in America).

What we didn't know back then was that we had it easy compared to today's kids. Indeed, as we baby boomers started running the very K-12 schools and colleges and universities we once chafed against, we instituted an endlessly multiplying procession of "zero-tolerance policies" on everything from teeny-tiny toy guns to Midol for girls dealing with their periods (read this and then curse out your local school boards). Piss tests went from being required only of Olympic medalists to being Supreme Court-approved prerequisites for honor students singing in choir and joining academic quiz teams (seriously).

Read the whole piece here.

Having said that, relax Ahmed: It really does get better. Especially now that your parents are putting you in a new school, hopefully one that isn't as lunkheaded as Irving's MacArthur High.

Your story is one more reminder that school choice is a good idea, especially in places that freak out over phantom menaces. Sadly, school choice, especially for low-income kids, has taken a beating in Texas thanks to the influence of billionaire left-wingers. Choice is a growing aspect of virtually every aspect of our lives in contemporary America, so the reactionaries will lose eventually. But how many lives will they make miserable in the meantime?

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    1. Another retard. That being you.


    3. Damn, there’s a boat load of stupid in that article.

      I wonder what the author would make of the high performing charter schools in NYC. They’re 90% black and outperform majority white schools in nearby districts.


      2. But those majority-white public schools are still tainted by “hordes of unruly, low-IQ blacks and mestizos,” and therefore Oh hey next topic, shall we.

    4. So is there any small government position that the anti-cuckservatives hold? Anything predicated on liberty or consumer choice?

      1. Freedom to buy and sell black people as slaves?

        1. Yep. The natservatives believe in property rights even more deeply than libertarians. I guess that makes us cuckertarians.

      2. Well, there’s always abortion.

        1. Retroactive birth control.

    5. Also, this person literally is a 12 year old child, right? Not just because he thinks cuckservative is a clever word, but it’s written like someone who squeaked out a C+ in 6th grade English.

      1. like someone who squeaked out a C+ in 6th grade English.

        So you’re shitting on people who earned C+’s in 6th grade English?

        Is that right smart guy?


        1. ASSHOLE1

          I didn’t know Trump had a space vessel.

          1. I’ve heard Donald is currently designing and building ASSHOLE2. Very exciting!

          2. You’re thinking of Musk. He built it with all his carbon credits from Tesla we paid for with our tax dollars.

            1. And there’s always the hyperloop!

      2. I think i just learned something


        Alfred W. Clark: Interests include politics, HBD, European history, linguistics and classical languages, sociobiology / evolutionary psychology…

        Galton: In medical school. Interests include HBD, game and ethnopolitics….

        Vinteuil: Ph.D. in Philosophy. Interests include aesthetics, classical music, HBD, political philosophy….””

        So, i’m like, “What’s this HBD thing being featured so prominently in this resume of highbrow, back-patting “interests”…?

        a quick google = No, its not “Happy Birthday”

        ” An acronym that stands for human biodiversity. It is the acknowledgement and study of how humans differ from each other on both the individual and group levels because of differences in genotype. Differences include, but are not limited to, personality traits, athletic ability, intelligence, height, health, and physical appearance.
        “What are some things that HBD informs us on?”

        “Why professional sports leagues like the NBA and NFL are dominated by people of West African descent, why blacks and Hispanics consistently perform more poorly on all forms of cognitive testing than whites and Asians do, and why the Amerindian immigrants mowing lawns in the suburbs are so much shorter than the residents of those suburbs, just to name a few.” ‘

        gee, what’s the other word more-commonly-used term….?

        1. They wrote The Bell Curve, right?!!

      3. but it’s written like someone who squeaked out a C+ in 6th grade English.

        So a recent college grad, then?

        1. That’s a little generous to recent college grads, don’t you think? Especially the ones that carry around a mattress like Linus carries a blanket.

    6. It’s one shot troll Friday.

      1. One shot? Slappy! has been with us for more than a decade.

        Still wish he’d settle on one forum handle though…

        1. Is he the same as American, Lone Wacko, 24ahead?

          1. American never indulged in pseudo-intellectualism AFAIK.

    7. So the problem with vouchers is that they’re not racist enough. Got it. Nice talk. I think we’re done here.

    8. So you are not pro-choice? Who’d a thunk it?

  1. Your story is one more reminder that school choice is a good idea, especially in places that freak out over phantom menaces. Sadly, school choice, especially for low-income kids, has taken a beating in Texas thanks to the influence of billionaire left-wingers.

    School Choice’s libertarian moment isn’t just taking a beating in Texas:

    After nearly a year of deliberation, the state Supreme Court ruled 6-3 late Friday afternoon that charter schools are unconstitutional, creating chaos for hundreds of families whose children have already started classes.…..itutional/

    1. Wow.

      I really haven’t been living here long enough to consider myself informed about local/state politics in WA, but is the SC really as brazenly power-grabbing as it comes off here?

      “The Supreme Court has affirmed what we’ve said all along ? charter schools steal money from our existing classrooms, and voters have no say in how these charter schools spend taxpayer funding,” said Kim Mead, president of the Washington Education Association.

      Yeah, as opposed to all that control I have now about how the public schools and teachers’ unions spend taxpayer funding…sheesh…

      1. You got your vote, now shut your pie hole

  2. That picture of Ahmed is disturbing. Kid looks really scared.

    This shit doesn’t make me proud of my government.

    1. Uh, is there anything that makes you proud of the government? Ever?

      By the way they’re putting up what I think are the exhaust vent pipes for the new tunnel exit onto Aurora past the Denny triangle. They’re huge. Taller than the Seattle Pacific Hotel next to them.

      1. Uh, is there anything that makes you proud of the government? Ever?


        By the way they’re putting up what I think are the exhaust vent pipes for the new tunnel exit onto Aurora past the Denny triangle. They’re huge. Taller than the Seattle Pacific Hotel next to them.

        It’s a monument to my penis.

        Oh hey, but seriously, had a fun drive home last night.

        As I was going up my street, I was stopped at one of the usual traffic lights, but I noticed the traffic was way backed up. Like fuck backed up. I didn’t think anything of it at first, then I realized it was so backed up, I’d probably have to sit at the light twice. Which I did.

        Then it hit me. They had finished the lane narrowing while I was at work. This ‘heavy traffic backup’? 7:30 at night. I’ve lived in my ‘hood for over 13 years and I’ve never been stuck at that light two cycles.

        And…AND, the traffic was so backed up, it extended past a side-street entrance to the south, making it impossible for residents to left turn off their street.

        This morning, a school bus was physically unable to turn right on one of the side streets because he was using the dedicated bus late which sits right next to the curb. With perpendicular traffic waiting for the light, he couldn’t negotiate the turn, so there he sat, waiting with a line of cars behind him trying to turn right, unable to move.


        1. Look, it’s only congested until residents are accustomed to the changes, at which point they’ll sell their vehicles en masse and start taking city buses. Give it time!

        2. Ha, I went to the Queen Anne QFC last night around 7:30 and the Taylor/Mercer intersection was still completely backed up, to the point I got trapped in the garage for a few light cycles until an auto carrier truck was able to move enough that I could get out. It was absurd. And the reason I didn’t take 99 back to Belltown was because 99 south was STILL fucking jammed thorough the viaduct. At 7:45PM.

          This isn’t in our heads. This shit is getting ridiculous.

          1. I think we all know the solution to this problem: more giant-ass bike lanes.

            I posed the absurdity we’re reaching to someone the other day thus: have you ever heard of a large city where the street called “Broadway” only has one lane for car traffic?

            1. And where the cars share it with a fucking streetcar?

              I keep wondering when the backlash will start. Knowing Seattle, WAY too fucking late.

            2. ity where the street called “Broadway” only has one lane for car traffic?

              And two for bikes!

              1. That picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe people can understand the level of idiocy now.

                1. That picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe people can understand the level of idiocy now.

                  No, not quite. It’s missing the rainbow crosswalks.

                  1. No, not quite. It’s missing the rainbow crosswalks.

                    Ah yes, the gay crosswalks. I remember when I first saw those. I shot coffee through my nose.

                2. That is fucking incredible. You are right, I didn’t really believe it could be that idiotic until I saw the picture.

                3. Wow. I am happy I took the Seattle area off of my “places to move” to list.

                4. Even in Germany where there are a lot of streetcars they don’t build new lines that are mixed with automobile traffic – that’s just stupid. And the lines they do build aren’t obviously politically-motivated so they tend to be used.

              2. A few years ago, NY state mandated and built HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes on the Long Island Expressway. The LIE is a major commuter road into NYC. The lanes were hugely underutilized and were done away with after only a few years.

                Just another boondoggle.

                1. They’re great for me. Baby in the carseat.

                2. Guys. I work in public transit administration. In CA no less. City planning and community development departments were taken over by stary eyed new urbanist, recent graduates from planning schools long ago. They have partnered with various activist groups to build their utopian dream cities. Part of that plan is to eliminate automobiles, force everyone into high density housing in the urban core and have them walk and bike everywhere unless they take public transit.

                  You think I’m kidding?

                  They continue to make serious inroads this way with things like Plan Bay Area, TOD, PDAs and on and on because no one is minding the store. They are planning to spend billions in federal, state and local funds and all that John Q does is bitch about the roads and not take any action to stop these idealists from imposing thier views on the entire region.

                  So, what are we going to do?

              3. I am so glad I checked this thread again. That picture truly is incredible.

            3. Tucson has advanced metastatic bike lane cancer.

              Our roads are mostly shit. Almost third world bad. But they have spent tens and tens of millions of fucking bike lanes and a trolley to haul drunk college kids around.

              1. Our roads are mostly shit. Almost third world bad. But they have spent tens and tens of millions of fucking bike lanes and a trolley to haul drunk college kids around.

                Would you prefer those drunk college kids be on bikes? Huh, RC, huh?

                Exactly. Money well spent.

                1. Well to be fair, the streetcar isn’t just for lugging drunks around it’s also a way to divert attention from millions of dollars in subsidies to developers so that when a bunch of development happens the city can credit the choo-choo and look cool to the short sleeve shirt and bow tie crowd.

              2. Jesus, I was only last in Tucson in 2008 and I can’t imagine bike lane-ing like that there. And don’t the college kids basically hang out on one or two streets and that’s it? At least at night?

              3. Tucson roads are amazingly bad, especially down by the airport, and east along Valencia. I have no idea how that’s possible. They’re almost as bad as NE Ohio. Except we have a reason for it.

                1. How is that possible? Does the heat fuck up the roads as bad as winter?

                  1. I wish I knew. Phoenix has fabulous roads, so its not like its a big secret how to pave roads here in Arizona. I suspect it comes down to just not spending enough on them because they would rather spend the money on stupid shit like bike lanes and the innumerable social engineering programs that Tucson is infested with.

                    1. the innumerable social engineering programs that Tucson is infested with.

                      You’ve been to Monkey County, MD?

                      Empty, unused bike lanes as far as the eye can see.. My fav is one that they built into a new, non-cloverleaf interchange, that very clearly took away a normal, indented exit lane that cars could have used to get onto the ramp, instead of sitting and idling in traffic, waiting for the light to change, so that they can exit.

                      Never seen a single bike in that lane, ever, going on 7 years.

        3. This idiocy runs rampant in San Diego. Oh, I know what will improve traffic – reduce three lanes to two, and put in a bike lane that nobody uses. Brilliant!

          1. Gotta spend those gas taxes somewhere.

          2. The lane reductions are known as “traffic calming” and are loved by the anti-automobile crowd.

            The bike lanes are dicated by state law. If you want funding for your road project, you have to accomodate all forms of transporation, including bicycles. Not doing so has stalled man a large project. In one case locally I know of, the county was forced to spend $500,000 for a ped bike overcrossing when a freeway was put through, for a “street” that was nothing but a gravel path out in the country and had been that way for more than 50 years.

            You see, the bicycle coalition crowd, all fifty of them, show up for those public hearings and demand “equal” treatment while everyone else stays home to watch the ball game. This is how ridiculously small, minority interests become material policies in government funding schemes, No one will stand up to them. And, most people just don’t care….until they see the result. Then they vent to their freinds, as many have done here, and take no further action.

            Limiting government is the only way we can curb this insanity!

    2. Since it was staged by his father, perhaps we should question who the kid is really scared of?

  3. “Sadly, school choice, especially for low-income kids, has taken a beating in Texas thanks to the influence of billionaire left-wingers.”

    A billionaire named Butt.

    Huh-huh, Butt, huh-huh huh.

    Huh-huh huh huh-huh.


    Anyway, I totally think we need some school reform to make people smarter-er.

    Butt, huh-huh.

    1. If that jerkoff had a pony made of diamonds, I wonder what he would call it…

      I imagine there was a lot of juvenile snickering while writing an article titled “Butt lobbyists quash Texas school competition”

  4. As long as the government is going to tax you for public schools, you might as well send your children there. They deserve it.

    1. That is essentially what people do when they move into a good school district with high property taxes. But the problem is the teachers and administrators are still public sector employees.

      1. I home school in a “good” district. And yes, they are still public sucktor employees.

        What amazes me is how many people think that public school is some kind of return on their property taxes. Sending your children to faux prison doesn’t make the wrong of property taxes right.

        1. “At least we’re not paying double.”


          “Well I’m already paying for this school, why not use it?”

          1. Yes but this amounts to “Since I am being taxed for the local childrens prison I might as well send my children there”!

            1. I didn’t say they were smart or rational.

            2. Or, “since I’m being taxed for the local children’s prison, I can’t afford to pay twice and send them somewhere better!”.

        2. In the real estate blog for the SF Bay area I particpate in, “good schools” are an obsession with the participants. Even at the elementary school level

          They define “good schools” by API scores. They are obsessed with this idea that going to right school at every level will ensure their kids all graduate from Harvard or Standford as doctors and become successful millionaires. They are obsessed with this. No amount of arguing about silk purses and sows ears persuades them that their kids are likely bell curve average and may not want to be doctors or Phds anyway.

          The clincher is, the more I’ve participted over the years, the more these folks have self identified as Asian or Indian tech workers and recent immigrants. Freinds of mine who teach in elemenatry schools on the peninusla have told me corrobating stories about Asian parents who berate them when their 3rd grader doesn’t get an ‘A’ in everything. They tell stories of kids so controlled by overzealous parents that, they are suicidal at nine years old!

          Me? I just keep saying that one reaps what one sows. I went to “good” schools and “bad” schools. I got out of them what I put into them. And, my family was supportive of my putting in.

  5. The sneering at Texas should get Nick at least two free drinks in the beltway cocktail circuit.

    1. What’s the cosmotarian cocktail of choice? Anything with grenadine?

  6. And for the record, I lived two happy years in Huntsville, Texas, and spend half my time living in small-town Ohio, so spare me any carping about coastal elitism.

    You don’t really think that disclaimer is going to stop it, do you?

    1. I dunno…the accounts by some people of leaving their small towns and moving to the Big City makes the small towns sound awful. These memoirs make *up from slavery* seem wistful and nostalgic.

    2. Gillespie was born and went to college in New Jersey.

      What kind of evil fucktard grows up in NJ?


      1. Hey there, Mrs. Struthers.

        I’m Vinny, from the New Jersey Anti-Defamation League.

        I hear you’ve been making some hilarious remarks about my home state.


        You know who else thought he was hilarious?

        Jimmy Hoffa, that’s who.

        So, how’s the family?

        (/sarc, of course)

      2. Well, if it answers your question, I was born in New Jersey and lived there until I was four, and was constantly back there because almost all of my family still lived there.

        1. Yes, and…?

          1. I thought it was self-explanatory.

            1. I just thought it would be fun if you were absolutely explicit.

              1. Epi’s saying he likes to watch his mom have sex with black men.

                1. Nicole knows me too well.

          2. He’s saying Jersey should be nuked

            1. Just give me 24 hour notice, mmmmkay?

              1. Just make sure youre out of the state when Epi has his family reunion gathering.

                1. Wait, you planning a preemptive strike? I’d better warn them!

            2. Has anyone ever seen Epi and Gillespie in the same room? At the same time?

              Didn’t think so.

              1. Like Gillespie wants to spend time in the same room with his mom’s gigolo.

    3. “spend half my time living in small-town Ohio,”

      Oxford, OH is hardly a typical small town. With Miami (super suburban preppy) it’s far more liberal and upscale. It’s the closest one can get to bicoastal Donkeyland in a small town.

  7. “And for the record, I lived two happy years in Huntsville, Texas”

    I’m sorry.

  8. This Incident also makes the case for burning every “teachers’ college” to the ground, preferably with the instructors still inside, and outlawing Teachers’ Unions and hounding them like the KKK.

  9. a nutjob who’s convinced that Sharia law is supplanting the Lone Star State’s brand of justice

    Apparently Beth Van Duyne is fond of leather jackets.

    Sharia Law in the US is akin to having Universities adjudicate rape accusations. The idea that both sides in one of these matters are voluntarily accepting a decision outside the actual law is preposterous.

    1. Voluntary arbitration is hardly Sharia, since as I understand it, a key feature of Sharia is that it’s *not* voluntary.

      When has a *real* Sharia judge ever said, “the defendant hasn’t consented to me exercising jurisdiction – case dismissed!”

  10. Sadly, school choice, especially for low-income kids, has taken a beating in Texas thanks to the influence of billionaire left-wingers.

    They, of course, can already afford to send their kids to private schools.

    1. There’s nothing like the wonderful paternalistic interference of people who have zero skin in the game.

      1. My dad is too leftist not to be in favor of school choice, and boy does he have these people’s number. This is class oppression right here.

        1. But dude, they can preen to their friends and keep dirty poors away from their kids. What’s not to like?

          1. Why should the dirty poors have any choice in where their kids go to school? They’re inferior by virtue of being poor, and need to be taken care of by their betters. Just like those inferior blacks who can’t get ahead without special treatment. Anyone who argues differently hates the poors and the blacks. It’s racist and classist to even imply that those people are capable of living their lives without their compassionate betters holding their hand.

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  12. given the gigantic role that penitentiaries play in Texas’s state budget,

    Penitentiaries and costs that are bloated by illegal aliens, amirite?…..3-murders/

    [ducks, runs]

  13. OT: Not sure if has been posted, it’s been a busy work day. But here it is, an entirely new level of retarded fascism from the left. The mask is nearly all the way off now:

    The inquisition is back, retard style

    1. I must say despot living amongst the Rhodes Scolars that call Florida Man neighbor, and not a single one exhibits even close to the level of stupid of team Climatetwat.

      And we do have some city liberal types. I guess there’s some proggies in there too. I doubt any of them would like to see a scientific inquisition.

      1. These so called ‘scientists’ are begging for a good old fashioned ass kicking.

    2. How surprising that these people want to use an abomination like RICO on their ideological “enemies” – thanks for the nutpunch. Also, Hyp, I couldn’t find you on Steam so email me at my handle link.

      1. Your handle link is a youtube video.

        1. Wtf I updated it. is slow or something

      2. Ok, will do. Also, I’m Hyperion on Steam, the one and only.

    3. No one expects the Climate Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise…and taxpayer funding.

  14. Whenever the subject of school choice comes up I am reminded of an odd conversation I had with someone where I was talking about school choice, and she thought I was talking about abortions in school. She thought it was a great idea until she finally understood that I was talking about parents choosing where their kids go to school instead of government telling parents where their kids must go to school. At that point the conversation broke down because one she had a difficult time thinking about choice in terms of anything other than abortion, and two because I got the impression that abortion is the only choice she felt that people should be able to make on their own.

    1. she thought I was talking about abortions in school

      It’s sometimes surprising that people this stupid exist.

  15. Oh, Paul and android, enjoy this.

    1. In Manhattan, we call this “Tuesday”. But we have subways 😛

  16. “homemade clock”


    1. The more we find out about the “homemade clock,” the less impressive it appears.

      So there you have it folks, Ahmed Mohamad did not invent, nor build a clock. He took apart an existing clock, and transplanted the guts into a pencil box, and claimed it was his own creation. It all seems really fishy to me.

      Not that the school and police didn’t over-react, but given that his dad is an Islamic politician and activist, who periodically runs for president of Sudan, the whole thing is looking rather like a set-up.

      1. Your pathetic conspiracy mongering is hilarious. It’s flat-out pathological. Is the kid an Ebola carrier as well? I WANT TO BELIEVE

        1. Did you actually read the article? He didn’t “build a clock.” He took apart an existing clock, and put it inside a “pencil case” that looks like a small briefcase. He made what looks like a little briefcase bomb. The clock can’t even be seen without opening the case. And his dad is a political activist. And now the media is in another uproar about “Islamophobia.” It’s just all terribly neat, don’t you think? Perhaps it’s all an innocent misunderstanding, but I think it smells a little bit.

          1. I doubt it’s a set-up in the sense that there was any kind of plan. But it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the dad encouraged his half-retard kid with a clock-in-a-box to show off his “invention” at school.

            Also, how pathetic is it that none of the chattering class noticed that the “homemade clock” is fucking obviously just the guts of a digital clock.

            1. I don’t know, the more I find out, the more trollish the whole thing sounds. Dad gets to grandstand about “Islamophobia,” and maybe get a photo-op with Obama, which helps the next time he runs for president of Sudan.

              Plus, it’s not unknown for individuals in groups under suspicion to intentionally provoke attention, either out of a sense of revolt/spite or to degrade the signal/noise ratio.

              And get this: it looks like the kid’s uncle incorporated the Twin Towers Transportation Corporation in 2014. Unless it’s a different “Aldean Mohamed” in north Texas who is also connected with the “Sudanese Association of North Texas.” Seems like trolling runs in the family.

              1. Yea, this is sounding more suspicious.

              2. There’s also a little, almost missed detail that the kid wrapped a cord around the pencil case clock when he took it to school so that in his words it wouldn’t look suspicious.

                Which reeks of bullshit to me. A pencil case will look suspicious unless it’s tied shut with a rope?

                1. That, too.

        2. I’m sure it’s nothing, but t does remind me of a scene from Four Lions…

          Hassan: [Raps] I’m the Mujahideen and I’m making a scene / Now you’s gonna feel what the boom-boom means / It’s like Tupac said, “When I die, I’m not dead”/ We are the martyrs, you’re just smashed tomatoes / Allahu Akbar!

          [Audience screams as Hassan detonate his suicide belt releasing party streams]

          Barry: [Silent from audience] Mashallah, brother

          [Murmurs from the audience]

          Hassan: [Looking at the audiences] Oh, what, man? Come on. What? Just cos I’m Muslim, you thought it was real?


        1. Call me crazy but why is Obama wasting his time on this shit?

          1. His awareness of the news always seems inversely proportional to it’s national importance.

            1. lol exactly.

              He won’t bother mentioning US involvement in the bombing of Yemen, but he desperately wants to signal he’s on the “right side” of some silly culture-war news-of-the-day.

          2. Fighting “Islamophobia” is a high priority for Obama. (Meanwhile, we’re not even supposed to call them “Islamic terrorists.”) His attention to the story whips up cries of “racism,” which is red meat for the BLMs types and the Democratic base. Police abuse, and in Texas! Racist white cops, no doubt!!

            Interesting that the teacher who first felt concern about the clock has been pretty invisible, no? I suspect any statement from her(?) would not advance the correct narrative.

            Plus, it’s a pro-immigration propaganda teaching-story: “All those thousands of Muslim immigrants are great! Look, here’s a new Steve Jobs! All that talk about Muslim terrorists is silly, because that rarely happens! And this proves it!!”

            Libertarians hope it’s a blow to zero-tolerance policies, and may not care about the immigration angle, but you can be sure Obama’s henchmen care.

          3. 1. He sees a chance to play the valiant, anti-racist hero on TV.

            2. He sees a chance to play the enlightened, pro-science president on TV.

          4. “Call me crazy but why is Obama wasting his time on this shit?”

            You are crazy and Obama recognizes genius wherever it exists. Look at his relations with Castro.

  17. This case seems to be a perfect opportunity to press for the elimination of stupid and ineffective zero-tolerance laws in public schools but, as usual, the left and the right have both completely missed the Goddamn boat. They’re equally worthless and absolutely nothing’s going to come of this.

    1. The left has other fish to fry. See my post just above. The right is not interested in relaxing zero tolerance because it caught a teenage Mohamed with an electronics project. They do get interested when it’s a Pop-Tart bitten into a gun shape, or a story about shooting a dinosaur, or a butter knife in a car.

  18. Being handcuffed and suspended probably not the right action, but…

    See something, say something.

    OK, how about you’re a moron.

  19. “Over two glorious LPs, Pink Floyd inverted savior-teacher films such as To Sir, With Love and zeroed in on how just stultifying school was to anyone with half a brain and any sense of independence”

    Back in the day, I think they tolerated more violent behavior from males in school because they expected us to get drafted at some point and fight the Russians.

    There’d been a war for every generation. And no one expected an all volunteer army.

    So when the vice principal or the PE teacher took us out behind the bleachers to finish off a fight and then make us shake hands, I think they thought they were just raising us to be good soldiers.

    1. And the fact that the PE teacher was taking bets on who would win the fight was a total coincidence.


    2. Over 4 minutes of one single song among 25 others on two glorious LPs, Pink Floyd inverted savior-teacher films such as To Sir, With Love and zeroed in on how just stultifying school was to anyone with half a brain and any sense of independence”


  20. So after Soave posted a well written article that showed why ZT policy would have punished students of any color in that situation, Nick blames xenophobia and a politician’s obsession over Sharia? It ALWAYS comes back to immigration for Reason writers.

    Ahmed didn’t tell anyone at the school what the clock was for, and what he intended to do with it. He reserved that story for the media. His recalcitrance earned him a charge of creating a hoax bomb, which is admittedly a bit outlandish. The principal messed up here,, but he or she could always argue that she was following ZT policy orders.

    What’s remarkable about this incident is that the left INSIST that the ENGLISH teacher should have known it wasn’t a bomb. “That’s obviously not a bomb, you can see it’s electronics”

    Now, these people don’t blink when teachers suspend kids who eat a pop tart into the shape of a gun. They agree that principals should prevent students from wearing the American flag at Cinco De Mayo because it MIGHT create tension.

    But when some kid brings a suspicious looking item to school on his own initiative, well, then it’s time to give the kid the benefit of the doubt. Why? Because he’s Muslim?

    1. Both sides are wrong. The lesson isn’t that this kid should not have been arrested. The lesson should be that none of these kids should be arrested for doing things like this. Kids have been suspended and/or arrested for wearing a t-shirt with a gun on it, pointing their fingers in the shape of a gun, and, yes, bringing a clock to school. The zero-tolerance bullshit has completely gotten out of hand.

  21. No half intelligent person would believe that there was anything “homemade” about the clock. But on the plus side, it’s nice to know that taking a hammer to an alarm clock and gluing the pieces into a pencil case can net you a White House invite.

    1. Well, probably not *me*.

    2. No invite to the white house if you are a white male. Because of…muslim privilege.

  22. More here that just a well-intentioned teenage nerd…
    What, exactly, was the point of this “clock”?…..ourselves/

    1. But Episiarch is sure that this is all just “pathetic conspiracy mongering.” Don’t you know? We’re “pathological” because we think there’s more to this than the official and easy narrative.


  23. Because private and charter schools are well known for their tolerant disciplinary policies. *eyeroll*

  24. Thats kinda crazy when you think about it man.

  25. If this young man is as smart as everyone says then he knew exactly what he was doing and what the results would be. I do think our schools have gone overboard on social engineering and small children should be left alone to be themselves. Our government and news media spend everyday trying to scare us about terriost so they should be happy that we are. Now the next time a 14 year old kid walks into school with box full of wires and the teachers are to afraid say anything about it because Obama ridicules them on national TV and it blows up killing your children you can thank the Divider in chief. Ask Obama what would have happened if that same boy had brought that same clock on a field trip to the Whitehouse. He would have been arrested and interrogated for hours. Obama is such a lying hippocrite.

    1. “Obama is such a lying hippocrite”

      Stop the fat shaming, dude.

  26. Looks like the kids father is also someone who does things that can be misunderstood. Such as registering a corporation with the name “Twin Towers Transportation”.…..orporation

    1. That choice of name could be interpreted many different ways, good or bad.

      1. That is why I said, things that can be misunderstood.

        Just like if little Ahmed had gone to Washington, climbed the White House Fence with his pencil box filled with clock parts and ran toward the White House to show Obama his invention.

        1. Well, yeah, because obviously nothing bad would happen to someone who climbed the White House fence and ran toward the White House WITHOUT a pencil box stuffed with clock parts.

          Having said that, don’t you wonder just how thorough of a going over the Secret Service will give Ahmed’s “invention” when he gets to show it to the President? Maybe this is just an ingenious, long con assassination attempt!

          1. [Jots notes for thriller novel “Pencil Case of Jihad”]

            1. I’m disappointed in you RC.

              I thought you, of all people, could see through a truther-like, headache inducing, conspiracy thought pattern.

              Of course, it’s much more likely that a 14 year old kid was part of a world-wide movement to enslave the non-believers, than it is that the simpletons who rule us, now, overreacted and took great joy in doing so.

    2. I believe that is the uncle, and it sure looks like trolling to me. I think it runs in the family.

  27. “Those who can’t …teach.” A lot of public schools are run by f*@#ing idiots, and not the amiable dunce variety.

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  29. Why isn’t there a picture of said clock?

    Perhaps a member of the schools cross country running team can wear a vest that nearly replicates a suicide bombers vest, but really it is full of tubular weights for strength conditioning and all the wiring is for heart rate and respiration monitoring.

    1. There’s pictures of it all over the ‘tubes. Looks like somebody’s PC threw up in a small briefcase.

  30. A few more interesting details.

    The photograph of him in handcuffs that has gone viral, however, was not taken as he was escorted from the high school. Rather, it was staged after his father insisted at the police station that the cuffs remain on so his sister could take the picture.

    In fact, at the very hour the latter meeting was supposed to occur, the Mohameds and their Islamic supremacist handlers were instead holding a press conference. In the course of the presser, the family made clear that their beef wasn’t with the Irving school district or the police. It was with the city’s political leadership, starting with Mayor Van Duyne.

    […] Mayor Van Duyne has been a prime target of the Muslim grievance industry in Texas ? a fixture of the Islamists’ large and aggressive operations in the state and elsewhere ? ever since last spring when she opposed the establishment of an Islamic tribunal in her city.

    So, Epi, it’s looking more and more like you’ve been snookered, and that us “pathetic conspiracy mongers” were correct to be skeptical….

    1. Politician? Check.

      Staged photo? Check.

      Pre-existing grievances? Check.

      Hmm. I’m starting to think the viral outrage machine got snookered, again.

      None of which justifies the idiots who didn’t roll their eyes and refuse to play the game by acting like rational adults. Basically, this politician bet that the local school administrators and cops would act like morons. Pretty good bet, as it turned out.

      1. Another detail I read somewhere: the kid first showed it to one teacher, who told him not to show it to anyone else, but he did, anyway. Maybe that just indicates a naive kid looking for compliments, or maybe it shows he was looking for the sort of response he ultimately got.

        1. That is impossible for a 14 year old genius! He is just a naive immigrant of unknown personal identification from a superior culture being kept down by the cis patriarchy.

    2. [citation needed] Oh sure.

      You OK there, Papaya? You need a juice and a wipe down? That’s a lot of pants shitting you have going on there.

      1. I’m not shitting my pants, I’m beating Episiarch into a pulp. Are you still sticking with the “It’s just Islamophobia!!1!” story? They trolled you, kiddo. Admit it.

        1. Me? Sticking with a story? I’m not the one who needs story-time about the scary mooslims coming to get us before bedtime.

          You go ahead and keep blurring that line between malice and incompetence.

          1. I’m not blurring any lines, dude. To the contrary, I am making careful distinctions, which is much of what I do around here. Maybe you don’t appreciate it. Too bad.

            As for “scary mooslims,” I think that if you are truly interested in liberty, you’d be a tad concerned about a worldwide religion with hundreds of millions of followers who are, to one degree or another, working against liberty.

            1. I am making careful distinctions

              HAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha…haha….eh. Good one.

              hundreds of millions of followers who are, to one degree or another, working against liberty.

              Equivocate much green papaya?

              Only puckering fucks like you could see the murderous mooslim hoard in a middle schooler.

              HE’S COMING RIGHT AT US!

              1. “Only puckering fucks like you could see the murderous mooslim hoard in a middle schooler.”

                And only a naive person like you would believe that 14 year olds are so ‘innocent’ that they would never be used as a weapon by militant groups.

                Google “child soldiers of ISIS” for an example of what’s happening as we speak. Research their use during the Syrian civil war to see examples of what happened in the near past. If you want further proof, check out the use of child soldiers in various African civil wars, or in Viet Nam, etc.

                1. And only a naive person like you would believe that 14 year olds are so ‘innocent’ that they would never be used as a weapon by militant groups.

                  BOOGA BOOGA!!! HE’S EATING FALAFAL!!!

                  Maybe you brave souls ought to organize a preemptive strike against a mooslim pre-school, just to be on the safe side.

                  They shouldn’t be able to muster much of a defense against you then, beyond some halal meats and Duplo blocks. You still might lose a few of your Real Men of Genius to self-inflicted or friendly fire.

      2. Dude, are you being intentionally obtuse?

  31. So given that we now know the kid in question did not build this device in conjunction with a class project or science fair and that he was not forthcoming about the device and it conveniently had an alarm go off in his english class…. then he got rwal talkative with the media as his father the (KEY POINT) anti-islamophobia activist did and of course hot on the heels was non other than CAIR you know the guys that funneled money to terrorist organizations and were all set to stand trial until Jan 20th 2009?

    I guess all that jumping to conclusions that later to be false is an excellent exercise regimen approved but ultra leftwing activist and base supporters alike. and we should point out the cops did not think it was a bomb but the situation appeared that her broke the law in Texas by making a device that appeared to be a bomb and was intended to cause others to be distressed. It should also be noted that the police released him when it was apparent that there was no convincing evidence that he did so intentionally.

    so the whole story stinks to high heaven and the smell is emanating not from the school or the police but rather the activist and his prop er I mean son. it smack of the paliwood films produced by Hamas activists.

  32. I’m just thankful the kid invented a clock. Trying to guess what time it using methods like observing the Sun’s position in the sky, or counting how many beer bottles I’ve emptied since my last my last BM, was getting tiresome.

    1. He didn’t exactly invent the clock, he invented the taking the internals out of an old digital clock and putting it into a pencil case for no apparent reason thingamajig.

      Though he did manage to make it all much more electrically unsafe. Plugging in the 120VAC and having it go into a pencil case where the clock components appear to be only marginally fixed in place would make the whole thing a electrical shock/fire hazard.

      Hopefully someone will tell President Obama to stay 5 feet away from this thing if the kid demonstrates it by plugging it in at the White House.

    2. Apparently he invented time travel too, since the clock he gutted came from the 1980s.

  33. bringing a homemade clock

    No. It was a Radio Shack clock (Catalog number 63 756) partially disassembled and re-arranged to look like a bomb.…..arm-clock/

    SJW suckers.

  34. I thought nclb bill will be helpful, racial discrimination still exist originally.

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  36. “Choice is a growing aspect of virtually every aspect of our lives in contemporary America, so the reactionaries will lose eventually.”

    Really? No one who runs a small business, expands a house, or consumes medical care believes that when engaged in these activities.

  37. Xenophobia? Evidence of this reckless charge? If a white kid showed up with the same “bomb”, would the outcome have been different?

    The answer is…YES! The white kid’s being held would not have enraged the forever outraged. No tweet from the white house. No free goodies from microsoft.

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