Drug War

Drug Dogs Sniffing the U.S. Mail at Burning Man, and Armed BLM Agents Becoming Impromptu Mailmen

Disturbing privacy-violating practice at Burning Man finds drug dogs once again striking out.


Burning Man, a one-week festival of attendee-created art and community held every year in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada (subject of my 2004 book This is Burning Man) is an interesting combination of quasi-anarchy (a community that, if left alone, operates in mostly joyous comity even doing dangerous things, with very limited "public services" like portapotties and dust-road grading provided via ticket sales for an audience that is there by choice) and police state (heavily patrolled, not necessarily because they are needed but because they can, by a plethora of local and federal agencies adding up to over 100 nearly 200 agents active through the city, more than one for every 700    350 citizens.)

While the experience encourages a sense of expansive freedom and community, people supplying an interesting service to the 70,000 attendees—delivery of U.S. mail by people who are not actual U.S. postal service employees—are seeing their packages searched by drug dogs by the Bureau of Land Management, who owns manages the government land that Burning Man leases to hold its event.

It will not surprise readers of Reason that these walking Fourth Amendment violating beasts seem to get it wrong a lot of, likely all, the time.

Five attendees who had packages sent to them at Burning Man c/o the post office at Gerlach, the nearest permanent city to the festival, tell me their packages were delivered not by fun-loving fellow Burners playing the role of postman to add to the spirit of civic play that Burning Man (whose encampment is called "Black Rock City") creates, but by armed BLM agents. (There are two different camps at Burning Man who take it upon themselves to deliver mail; Black Rock City Post Office (BRCPO), which by arrangement with Gerlach's postmistress picks up packages mailed to specific people or camps at "Burning Man" or "Black Rock City" with Gerlach's zip code. A breakaway group consisting of BRC3PO and PO9 have a specific post office box address in Gerlach from which they distribute to Burners at the event.)

Those agents strongly encouraged the five attendees I spoke to to open the package in law enforcement presence, because, they were told, drug dogs had "indicated" on the package.

In four of the five cases related to me, the recipient, often with misgivings, gave in and gave consent. In the fifth case, the recipient refused but, before knowing what was going on, basically told the cops how to find the senders, also at Burning Man. The senders (knowing full well what was and wasn't in the package) were tracked down and agreed to open the package.

Some of what was in the packages: pickles, storebought cakes and chocolate espresso beans, nuts, a baseball cap, and a small spinning flower toy whose petals opened.

What was not in any of the packages: illegal drugs.

Mail deliverers for two different (somewhat rival, with the BRC3PO and PO9 arising from people disenchanted with the original BRCPO) both admit that, yes, the BLM leans on them to allow their dogs to sniff at their packages, and yes, fearing what might result if they later could be seen as essentially being part of an illegal drug delivery service, they comply.

A "postie" with BRC's PO9 who wants to be identified only by his playa name "Ender" says that his operation was approached by BLM and told "yeah, we are going to sniff your packages, do you consent? And we said yes," with the perception that "our other option is being charged with drug distribution" later on if they are found to have delivered contraband.

The dog sniffs frequently happen in the very parking lot of the Gerlach post office after they take the mail out, Ender says. The packages are spread out on the ground and the dog circles and sniffs. Ender says BLM sometime runs the dog over the pile more than once if they don't alert at first.

Sometimes the BLM escorts Ender and his mail to where the drug dogs already are on the Black Rock playa at the event itself. He does sign a consent form. He says in past years the BLM gave him a receipt for the packages they seize, which Ender says tends to be 1-3 per day, but this year they did not. Agents told him they would mail him receipts later; it hasn't happened yet.

BLM delivering mail to Camp Electra/photo by Lynn Browne

A woman who prefers to be identified only by her playa name "Bizzi" picks up mail for the BRCPO, and tells a similar story. BLM agents often escort their mail runners out of Burning Man to Gerlach through a quicker playa exit than going through Burning Man's gate.

Usually they accompany them back with the mail to the Burning Man site, lay out the packages near the cops own camp, and have dogs sniff at them. (She recalls an agent telling her that merely having a package with drugs in her van could mean a dog would signal on her van for weeks later.)

This year they pulled so many packages the first day she saw them, Bizzi recalls, about 15, that they skipped inspecting them at least the next day, possibly more. They did leave her with a form with the names of the recipients of packages they took, some of which match the names of the people who told me their stories of BLM mail delivery.

Bizzi's discomfort with this process, the role she feels pressured to play in it, and even talking about it is obvious. One of the people whose package was confiscated and delivered by BLM—one without drugs in it—came to their BRCPO camp "hopping mad, asking questions we had difficulty answering."

Longtime Burner Peter Durand of Boston was certainly surprised when returning to his camp late in the week to hear "The BLM stopped by twice during the day looking for you" without saying why. Not having any idea why, not guessing it could have any law enforcement purpose, and wondering vaguely if it involved some emergency communication from the outside world, he cooperated when they returned and was told they had a package for him a dog had hit upon.

Though Durand couldn't be sure there was no contraband inside, he figured at worst there might be a joint which could lead to a ticket. With vague threats (he can't recall the specifics) of more hassle ahead if he refused, he agreed to open the package in front of them. It contained a spinning flower toy, no drugs.

One camp, Camp Electra, had two separate visits from multiple BLM mail deliverers. (The photos accompanying this article are from those incidents.) They arrived at least once in a non-agency-marked undercover vehicle.

A woman who wants to be identified by her playa name Kiki del Fuego got a package essentially returned to her by the BLM at that camp. She and a friend with playa name Ginger had sent a care package of pickles, nuts, and candy to an old Burning Man pal at another camp, Planet Earth.

A campmate gave the BLM permission to wake in through his camp to find Kramer Davis, the addressee; Kramer was told it started with a normal-looking Burning Man postal dude asking for Kramer, and then "three BLM guys stepped around into his line of sight, saying we really need to talk to Kramer now."

"I didn't think anything of it, I am so straight-laced you wouldn't believe it" says the 13-year Burning Man attendee. "I wasn't even thinking it would be anything bad, I've watched all those YouTube videos on how to respond to police asking questions and all that went out the window."

When they asked him how he knew the senders, Kiki and Ginger, before being aware there was any legal issue, Davis mentioned that he knew them from the Burning Man Camp Electra. "I wasn't under the impression I was being interviewed or there was any law enforcement situation going down, which makes me feel really stupid."

When he was told about drug dogs alerting to the package, he was asked at least twice to consent to opening it for them, and he declined.

That information Davis gave up about the senders led the BLM back to Camp Electra.

Kiki, who is 69 years old, says she thought that "the agents seemed a little surprised coming into camp and seeing that I'm an older woman."

Another similar package from Kiki and Ginger sent to one of their own campmates was also delivered by BLM, and the same request for opening and compliance happened. They were asked to sign a form for the BLM admitting the package was being opened with their consent. Another package sent to that camp from a retired judge containing a baseball cap and pictures rolled up in a tube was also alerted to by a dog and delivered by armed BLM agents.

Gary Taylor of that camp says that he asked one of the agents what might have happened had they refused to open the packages; "he said we'd take the package back and get a warrant and search the entire camp." Taylor mordantly note the absurdity that "in the whole process our rights are being dictated by a dog." And think, Taylor says, of the terrible incentives created by people knowing that if you decide to mail them something illegal to Burning Man, that's a sure way to get them in legal trouble. "Anyone could use that to set someone up."

A different attendee at a different camp had his real name (which he does not want in print associated with drug law enforcement for professional reasons) written in small print on the bottom of a package addressed to "Seymour Butts and Suzi Creamcheese." (It's Burning Man, man.) He also had BLM deliver the package to his camp, and was told they would come back with a warrant if he didn't open it for them, and told him that if it was just something like a couple of joints it would just be a $500 fine, so….?

After 20 minutes of back and forth, he says, they said that postal case law says it's already his responsibility and if you make us go get the District Attorney involved it's between you and him. Deciding there was likely nothing illegal, he consented and signed the form they asked him to sign. "Fortunately, I was right." One of the items were store-bought chocolate covered espresso beans that the whimsical sender had labeled "magic beans." The BLM swabbed the beans in front of him, and that was the end of it.

Beyond the five people I directly spoke to, I've heard second hand reports of at least a few more very similar BLM mail deliveries. The stories were very similar: agents who were polite and professional, cordial and non-confrontational, "chill and not dickish at all."

They also all were eager to offer excuses that weren't even asked for when they found out their dogs had "alerted" to innocent packages. Durand recalls getting an unsolicited "long explanation of how it might have been a package that did have drugs that rubbed up against mine." A woman who goes by the name Halston at Burning Man at Camp Electra recalls them making excuses about how, well, if all the packages were in a bag together, the scent of some other drug filled package likely rubbed off on theirs. The unnamed man above recalls them making excuses for all the reasons why a drug dog would have reacted without drugs actually being inside—like someone smoking a joint nearby while it was being packaged—before he even consented to open the package.

Jola Mott, the postmistress in the actual U.S. post office in Gerlach to which the packages arrive, says she was aware via both the BLM and official U.S.P.S Postal inspectors that this was being done, but that the searching was done after it left her post office and went from U.S. mail to just things in the possession of a citizen.

consent form from BLM/photo by Lynn Browne

Ender of PO9 tells me this has been happening to them since at least 2013; Bizzi of BRCPO was not aware it was happening before this year. (While I had never heard of the practice 'til I saw a Facebook friend mentioning it after the event, Ender had mentioned it last July in a comment thread on Burners.me, a site for commentary and criticism of the Burning Man world.)

As Taylor of Camp Electra, which had two such visits, says, drug dogs on mail may be "common among law enforcement, but for the rest of us it is relatively unknown." Kiki says she has been "going to Burning Man for 15 years and never heard of this happening." (I've been going for 21, and I hadn't either.)

Burning Man's vibe works on an atmosphere of trust, which this practice certainly messes with. The fun and games of "real mail delivery on playa" is sullied by the BLM's apparently fruitless insistence on this drug dog practice.

As part of their often delicate negotiations with the various police agencies involved to get their event legal and permitted, Burning Man as an organization is pretty much paying for all the things law enforcement chooses to do in policing the event, so Burning Man ticket holders are subsidizing these affronts to their privacy and civic trust.

Since all the cases directly discussed with me involve the possessor of the package giving consent to the sniff or the opening, there is no clear 4th Amendment violation involved. But there is certainly poking at the edges of privacy for little law enforcement benefit, even if you do believe that preventing people from mailing or receiving drugs is a vital public safety imperative.

BLM spokesman Rudy Evenson acknowledged the practice existed, and said in an emailed statement that it was part of "an effort to curb the growing problem of illegal narcotics being shipped to event participants via the USPS." How prevalent? How many people have been found doing this? The BLM won't say. Beyond the five people I spoke to, Norm Browne at Camp Electra, who chatted with BLM agents on their mail errand, says they referred to "quite a few" such deliveries they were making.

As Taylor from Camp Electra said, "I was flabbergasted not so much by the fact that dogs were being used on mail but the fact that the dogs were wrong. If they are wrong on ours, and we know they were wrong, how can you actually go to court and have law enforcement officer testify without lying that the dog is reliable?"

In none of the cases I know about were drugs found. While I have not tracked down every Burner who received a mail call from the BLM, I have not heard even third hand rumors of any drugs actually being found in U.S. mail sent to Burning Man. I directly asked Evenson whether any of the announced 41 arrests or over 600 drug citations at Burning Man this year were related to drugs found in U.S. mail sent to Burning Man that drug dogs had "alerted" to.

His emailed response: "We can't provide the level of specificity you are asking for at this point. Additionally, once we have analyzed the data we would still not comment on open cases."

UPDATE: BRCPO9, discussed above, put on their Twitter feed a photo of the drug dogs in action.

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  1. Time to move it off “public” lands. I’m sure some rancher wouldn’t mind making a killing off renting some grazed out land to Burning Man.

    1. I’m curious as to whether he might run into some ‘land use’ regulations, hmmm?

    2. Yea, I would imagine that no matter where you go, you are going to get hassled by the government. Private property doesn’t mean much when everything you do on it is regulated.

      Just look at NY’s crusade against AirBNB.

      Here’s what I don’t get…how the fuck is it the BLM’s job to find drugs? Why do they even have drug sniffing dogs in the first place?

      1. They are obviously not drug dogs, but fake flower sniffing dogs. Apparently there is a conspiracy to replace all the real flowers on BLM land with FAKE ONES! Don’t you care about nature?

      2. I would wager there’s some direct incentive in the form of assets forfeiture and/or indirect incentive like more money from Uncle Sugar for such programs involved.

    3. Time to move it off “public” lands.

      That’s not a viable choice. As soon as Burning Man moves onto private land, the cops will simply seize the land using asset forfeiture as soon as any attendee uses drugs, if not before then.

      1. Maybe…OTOH, it’d 1) take it out of federal jurisdiction, which removes one layer of cops, and 2) The cops would need to actually get a warrant. BLM Agents are (wrongly, but apparently the courts don’t give a shit) given a LOT of leeway on what they can do on BLM land.

    4. Are you kidding me? Sound like a golden opportunity for the government to get them some good ranch land in an asset forfeiture grab. This will make them try thrice as hard.

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  2. Sorry Fist, this one is MINE. I am one of the sources for this article and camp at Radio Electra.

      1. Fucking WW is probably a BLM agent.

        1. Did he shoot your dog? If so, then yes.

    1. Cool. It was my 2nd year this year, and an absolute blast.

      1. Please tell the flashlight story again. I’m still euphoric from the first time.

        1. Dammit. Fleshlight. Apple doesn’t like me typing dirty words.

      2. I’ll be out there again next year no doubt – now you know what camp I’ll be at.

  3. Authority-boner types really, really hate it when people want to do things. Anything, really, it’s just that it’s not feasible–yet–for them to control everything. No, that’s going to take some time. But they’re working on it, tirelessly.

    1. Which is why authority boners should be treated like vampires: stake through the heart, cut off the head, fill mouth with communion wafers and bury it at a crossroads.

      1. Incineration is simpler.

  4. No comments, really?

    There was a lot of libertarian moment irony stuffed into this post. Some snippets which caught my eye:

    Burning Man’s vibe works on an atmosphere of trust, which this practice certainly messes with.


    re seeing their packages searched by drug dogs by the Bureau of Land Management, who owns the land that Burning Man leases to hold its event.


    As part of their often delicate negotiations with the various police agencies involved to get their event legal and permitted


    BLM spokesman Rudy Evenson acknowledged the practice existed, and said in an emailed statement that it was part of “an effort to curb the growing problem of illegal narcotics being shipped to event participants via the USPS

    I had read that Burning Man had become flooded with police and various law enforcement, and was no full of myriad rules, requiring that attendees carry id so their papers could be checked.

    Thanks but no thanks.

    1. You read wrong about the event. ID is being required by people gifting booze because NV authorities have run sting ops and busted camps for serving underage. One option has been to go to a 21+ event (which many in NV govt, state and local, were after), but the BM Org has refused to do so. So the game goes on.

      1. Fwiw, here’s one source describing the slowly morphing police state that is BM:


        1. And what’s interesting, is this person is still Burning Man-positive. It’s more of a “here’s how to avoid getting hammered with thousands in citations.”

        2. You should see the Keystone Cops routines that happen out there – 6, 7 units responding to any LE situation. Many times at high speed, in very dusty conditions with lots of bikers and pedestrians. A small miracle that they haven’t killed/maimed anyone [yet] with that nonsense. There are way more on playa then are actually needed for real public safety; as your source notes – it is all about revenue generation thru citations.

    2. Burning Man has always seemed an assembly of hippie communists, not libertarians, so it’s no surprise to me it is devolving in this way.

      1. There’s a libertarian streak in there somewhere still.

      2. To be fair, it’s NOT the hippie communists who are driving the devolution in most instances.

        There are a few, yes, like fucking up the barter economy, banning burns inside camps, being assholes about people not being sufficiently somber inside the temple, but these are really minor annoyances compared to the local/state regulations the cops try to impose (i.e. food gifting camps have to pass health inspections).

        I’m shocked they don’t have fuel efficiency standards for art cars though. Some of those behemoths burn diesel at 10 mpg, or at least it smells that way.

        1. Just the fact that they force it to be a barter economy. What have they got against good old cash? Commies.

          As far as the 10mpg cars, c’mon, everyone knows that environmentalism is all about the feelz, not actual results. If they actually cared, they wouldn’t be out there tramping up the playa every year.

  5. I’ve read articles about using yeast to synthesize drugs such as morphine, heroin, and THC. Can the dogs smell it?

    1. The better question is whether a dog can be trained to signal an alert is its handler suspects you, which has fuck all to do with what it can detect.

        1. (and the answer in any event is yes)

      1. That is precisely what dogs do – they please their master/handler.

        You know who doesn’t manipulate their dogs – handlers that are using the dogs to sniff out explosives. False positives are no help and false negatives a real bitch there.

        1. You know who else had dogs?

          1. Sorry, that was habit. My mother happens to be married to a very unsavory guy who is in prison, and should be, IMHO.
            But she goes to visit him. Sometimes the dealers, I mean the guards, decide that they haven’t fucked with people enough, so they swab the hands of visitors.
            Since everyone has handled money, and since every bill in circulation has been in proximity to drugs, they get a 100% positive rate, and on those days nobody gets to visit anybody. Basically because the guards want to fuck with people.
            Ah well, whadda ya gonna do, start up your wood chipper, or something?

      1. Are you sure? What components are the dogs smelling?

        1. I’m sure. You can train a dog to detect anything.

  6. LIES! Our Government would ne-vah stoop to such skullduggery in violation of the 4th, 5th, 6th and 10th Amendments (but not prohibitionist postal regs)… right?

  7. LIES! Our Government would ne-vah stoop to such skullduggery in violation of the 4th, 5th, 6th and 10th Amendments (but not prohibitionist postal regs)… right?

  8. Since all the cases directly discussed with me involve the possessor of the package giving consent to the sniff or the opening, there is no clear 4th Amendment violation involved.

    When a package is intercepted by a LE agent, a seizure has already happened. If that isn’t a 4th Amdt violation (not to mention a breach of postal law/regulation) – what is? And they admitted that refusal to consent to a search would be used as the basis (along with the bogus dog alert) to obtain a warrant – what the absolute fuck is that if not a 4th Amdt violation?

    1. As per the story, the BLM got their hands on them via the people who had taken them from the Gerlach Post office with their permission.

      1. When a man with a badge and a gun says he is going to take something, you let him. That of course does not make it right or Constitutional.

        1. No, you say “Fuck off, pig. Get a warrant.”

          And when the warrant is issued and nothing is found, you go after the pig and the dog.

          1. By that, do you mean your grieving next-of-kin pursue a lawsuit?

            1. I’m going to hire some actresses to cry at my funeral.

            2. ^^^ This.

              Just because I was polite and cordial to the officers that came to camp does not mean I have any intent to just ignore this and let them carry on.

    2. Do you know about Mail Covers? If not, I don’t want to be the one to tell you.

  9. Hey, maybe the Tulpa socks from the last thread can explain why this is totally legitimate and a good use of public resources.

    1. Hey, the BLM tried to take down Clive Bundy and failed, so they have to go after a bunch of wealthy hippies* instead.

      I kid, Burning Man attendees.

      1. You kid, but we are talking the very same BLM agent in charge of NV.

        1. I was not kidding about how the BLM uses its resources.

      2. Clive Bundy had a bunch of people with guns at his back.

        What does Burning Man have?

        1. Political imprimatur from lefties who at least have to pay lip service to the notion of liberalism, despite the fact that they probably won’t and the entire edifice of progressives=liberals is coasting on inertia alone because Democrats would box up and ship off these relics who insist on embarrassing the omnipresent and benevolent State.

        2. Burning man has exactly the same number of divisions that the pope has.

          1. minus the Swiss Guards

            1. Oh nice. I forgot about them. I used to know the story. Was it that, at that time, Swiss mercenaries were a large part of any European war, and the pope made them his unique force to try to lessen the amount of war? I think I got the basics right, can’t remember the time frame, am going to guess 13th or 14th century.
              Now gonna see if wiki thinks I’m right.

              1. No. I was very wrong. Please research the history yourself. The only thing I got right is how important the Swiss mercenaries were in the European wars.

    1. The plaque also clearly portrays the human figures as white

      Really? The chick looks kinda Asian to me, based on lack of body hair alone….

      1. Those are Amerindians. My wife never did any hedge trimming, and yet was delightfully low-hair.
        Of course, the prevailing theory is that her people were descendants of Mongoloid peoples.

    2. Don’t look gift horses in the mouth. If the social justice dweebs and the atheism+ dweebs are willing to pick themselves apart over this utter bullshit, cheer it on and find the most voluminous tub of popcorn available.

      1. Yes. Let this one play out.

      2. Indeed, if they want to replace the plaque with something more politically correct, then they should busy themselves with inventing faster modes of space travel, so they can catch up with the offending spacecraft to bolt on the new and improved plaque, lest an alien race is offended by… what the fuck what I talking about, of yeah the cisnormaticity of the Kepler colony.

        1. There is a sci-fi story where 2 aliens that look like a man and a woman flee to earth to escape persecution.

          conga line tune: spoiler, spoiler…spoiler! spoiler, spoiler…spoiler!

          The big twist is it turns out they are a gay couple.

          So, it is possible that similar aliens who view the plaque would think gay people are dominant on earth.

          1. I had not heard of that story – thanks.

    3. The plaque also clearly portrays the human figures as white, and Stuart added: “I would be uncomfortable with sending out any images or messages that include Western-dominated material.”

      Well, you shouldn’t be sending any message at all since the technology used to do it came from the West and was invented by the white man.

    4. I can easily see a $100M plaque, designed by the un-employable BILs of every MP in the country!

    5. “If we got a message from aliens in the 1930s it might have freaked us out a bit, but would it have crushed us? No.”

      “Earthlings, it is not this *message* that will crush you.”

      1. There is an argument floating around that maybe it really wasn’t such a hot idea to tell ‘others’ where we are. For all we know, they could end up seeing us as some sort of exotic food, maybe like we see oysters.

        1. If we can just hang on a few years until The Singularity, we our replacements will kick the aliens’ ass.

          1. Except, of course, that if we are only a thousand years behind the aliens’ technology, them their singularity is ancient past to them, and their self improving AIs would be trillions of subjective yrs ahead of ours.
            “Recursive” is a word I seem to remember.

    6. Someone should tell them what Weyland-Yutani has put out into space.

    7. I think every race and nation should be represented on our interstellar message to Alien life…

      …just as soon as all the others put a flag on the moon as well.

    8. They should depict the women from Portlandia’s feminist bookstore. No alien will want anything to do with us.

    9. At least the female line drawing in the Pioneer Plaque didn’t have a “thigh gap” because that would be fat-shaming.

  10. This is how I know we’re living in paradise: the police have absolutely nothing better to do with their time than bust a bunch of dirty hippies for their pot. Obviously there are no greater problems facing the nation and world, or we’d be focusing on them, right?

    1. I dunno. I imagine busting hippies is fun.

  11. I love how shocked people were that the drugs were wrong. Maybe they are playing it up for the quotes. The only reason these dogs exist is to manufacture probable cause, and you would have to be terribly naive not to realize it. Most of the people who claim they don’t know it are just lying.

    1. This actually isn’t true. I talk to lots of drug culture types (in my reporting) and the govt has done a decent job inculcating in many, many of them a belief in dog magick.

      1. The squirrels ate my comment, so I’ll try again. I don’t doubt a dog can smell drugs, actually. They probably are useful to find a stash. The main issue stems from them being used to generate probable cause instead of as a tool after it is established. Their false positive rate is well attested, and there is the simple fact that they are trained by cops and their handlers can very easily signal them. Or we can go with the gentler answer that the handler’s behavior can influence the dog.

        So, if I were someone who screwed with drugs and had a stash somewhere, I’d be scared of the dog being able to smell it, too. But how could you be surprised that the dog is wrong when the BLM is just using them as an excuse to search?

      2. And there’s no lacvk of fools who still see a ‘lie detector’ test as something other than cold-reading.

        1. The first Stainless Steel Rat book, or at least one of them, told you how to beat the lie detector: Relax, don’t do it. Oh wait,I may have confused two unrelated things.
          OT: Posting is so much more fun with a buzz.

  12. I hope that in future years courts will look back on this period with embarrassment, as if they’d treated the testimony of psychics as reliable evidence. But since it empowers the police, I’m not holding my breath.

    1. Beyond the 4th amendment violations, cops basically get to sick animals on people for violating their authority. They are putting the animal at risk. It’s dangerous for them. Dogs shouldn’t be used by cops period.

      1. Cops shouldn’t be used, period.

  13. I don’t deny that a dog can actually smell drugs. So if I had a stash of weed hidden, I would think a dog may be able to find it.

    The issue is the idea that the dog is ‘wrong.’ In terms of generating probable cause, a dog has no reliability in my book. It’s allowing the cop who trained it (not to mention a fucking dog) basically take control of creating probable cause. On the its a fucking dog point, their false positives are well attested to regardless of the reason why.

  14. Stupid PUNK cops, go find some REAL criminals to harass! Losers.


    1. Hey, Anonbot, you just alienated a whole bunch of potential customers.


      1. Still, so much better than the retard offering “personal freedom audits” or whatever the hell he’s selling.

        1. Libertarian Pirate would be funny if he weren’t also a 9/11-Truther

          That shit is like Scientology. It attracts the highly-narcissistic/highly-stupid like a bug zapper.

          1. Yes. Reason’s comment section does attract people who… Oh wait, that’s not what you said…

  15. Why the fuck is someone getting mail at a festival in the desert.

    1. “Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Sleet, Hail, or Hedonism in the Desert Shall Keep The Postmen From Their Appointed Rounds.”

      You never heard this quote before?

      1. a) duh
        b) except for the part where the postmen arent actually trudging through the desert hedonism
        c) i’m asking why someone is getting mail sent to them, not why is it managing to get there
        d) i just wanted something to gripe about because i think BM is stupid
        e) all of the above

      2. Fun fact: the USPS motto comes from something Herodotus wrote about the Persian pony express, aka The Royal Road.

  16. “While the experience encourages a sense of expansive freedom and community, people supplying an interesting service to the 70,000 attendees?delivery of U.S. mail by people who are not actual U.S. postal service employees?are seeing their packages searched by drug dogs by the Bureau of Land Management, who owns the land that Burning Man leases to hold its event”

    WRONG, the BLM DO NOT own the land that Burning Man is on. They are the management. The state of Nevada and its citizens own that land!!!!!

  17. OT: What’s Welsh Gaelic for “Total Bullshit”?


    A young mum was fined ?75 for littering after a piece a lettuce leaf fell out of her McDonald’s meal.

    Emma Lawrence, 22, was ordered to pay ?75 or face going to court after a council litter warden spotted something drop from her car as she left a McDonald’s drive-thru.

    And she is furious at the salad dressing down – saying: “Lettuce can’t be litter because it is biodegradable.”

    1. After receiving that, Emma should have poured her drink out in the parking lot in front of the “council litter warden”.

    2. I dunno but it probably has a lot of rh’s, y’s, and w’s.

  18. First of all, this is totally retaliation for Burning Man resisting attempts by Pershing County to force them to cough up millions of dollars in extra taxes and fees (aka bribes).

    Secondly, Burning Man needs to seriously consider moving the site to some other county, if only to gain leverage. Pershing County doesn’t really want to love the festival (they would be insane to do so).

    Thirdly, only a few amateurs would use the mail to send drugs to or from Burning Man. The correct way to do it is to put it in a shipping container that’s going to a major theme camp. Early arrival bitches!

    Fourthly, if you want to fuck with the cops just spray everything with cannabis-infused massage oil. That way the drug dogs will trigger on literally everything and they’ll have no idea where to look.

    1. s/love/lose

  19. Move it to CO. I don’t know if you all have heard, but poor is legal here now. I never seriously thought I’d see it in my lifetime. I don’t know whose lifetime I did think I’d see it in…
    Man, somebody oughta make this shit illegal…

    1. Also, poverty is still illegal, but pot is legal.

  20. I find it disturbing that you can be at risk of prosecution for merely having a package addressed to you, which could be completely out of your control. Should the receivers of the Anthrax letters be prosecuted for possession of a deadly substance? What should be done, is every high level official that condones this activity, should have copious amounts of illegal drugs sent to them via the Playa thru this postal channel and let’s see if they are prosecuted for receiving a package of unknown origin.

  21. Remember the Tennessee medical examiner who was going to help clean up the mess in Mississippi? He got busted for packages that were delivered to his hotel room.

  22. Besides the obvious 4A issues, it looks like these dogs are frequently wrong. Someone should send a package to Burning Man with a big juicy, meat-flecked bone inside. All the dogs will “indicate” and go nuts. These government dweebs so desperate to justify their jobs deserve to get punk’d.

  23. “Very limited ‘public services…'” Hey guess what? There’s FREE HEALTH CARE at Burning Man, not just porta potties and roads. Someone at our camp fell off a car and literally broke her neck…x-rays, neck brace and medical care, all free.

  24. BLM came by camp looking for me by playa name on Thursday. A camp mate who spoke with them said they pretended to be nice but were very pushy about having a message for me. He is a Black Rock Ranger for Burning Man so he knows all family emergency new is handled through the BRRs and not BLM. An agent told him to have me go to the BLM camp and speak with a certain woman about my message. Being as this sounded very suspicious, I decided not to go.
    The next morning, Perishing County Sheriff made multiple stops over an hour. Two plain clothes came by with badges necklaces asking about which camp it was. Answered with our camp name they acted like they had the wrong place, refused to say where they were looking for, and declined a map. More arrived shortly and spoke with a neighbor who happened to on the street. They confirmed the camp name and asked if they knew me, which they did not. When our camp started to approach them, they left without saying anything. Another half hour later, a pair came by in their truck fully dressed for police combat action. They were very demanding with multiple camp mates of who I was and what stuff was mine. One finally broke down from intimidation and showed them my quarters. Since I wasn’t there, they proceeded to take pictures of all of my stuff, surrounding vehicles, and face shots of everybody. They told everyone there was a package I needed to pick up. I left the event early with only my clothes instead.

  25. According to this article The US Postal service and the Black Rock City mail carrier people are complicit with tampering and seizing US mail. That is a federal crime. They don’t have the spine or guts to say I DO NOT consent to a search. Studies show that a dog indicating on anything is only 10% likely to find something illegal. Therefore, since the real and burning man post office are cowards, never send anything to Black Rock City NV aka Burning Man.

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