Miss South Carolina, Daja Dial, Digs Second Amendment

During the Miss America contest, the contestant said no to banning "military-style assault weapons."


Check out Miss South Carolina, Daja Dial, answering a question about the Second Amendment at the Miss America contest.

She didn't win (which was enough to get the right-wing blogosphere claiming she was blackballed due to her pro-gun stance) but this is a pretty odd moment in a contest that probably should have called it quits during the second FDR administration.

When asked if she supports a ban on "military-style assault weapons," Dial replied:

"I don't but I think it's because we need to increase education. We have to go back there to teach people the proper way to use guns. Then we will reduce the risk of having gun-related accidents. It starts with education."


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  1. My sympathies for the upcoming Leftist attacks. She’s Black and a woman, so the assault will likely be especially brutal.

    1. And from South Carolina.

      “She should know better. She’s must not be aware of what happened in her own state. Anyone who knows what happened, while being black, would and should have the right and proper opinion regarding gun control.”

      1. The church that got victimized took it as an opportunity to show forgiveness. She’s refusing to be cowed on arms rights. People are sticking to their principles instead of giving into fear, anger, and hate. It weirds me out, I expect so much less of humanity.

    2. “so the assault will likely be especially brutal.”

      She supports Trump on immigration.

      Forget the left Peter Matt Jesse and Scott of Reason will call her a nativist racist restrictionist sexist xenophobe cunt mouth.

      1. I can’t speak for anyone else, but watching you slide into insanity has been a real treat for me.

        1. Walker is a SJW and Suderman is a racist! Everyone knows that, Hugh.

          1. I don’t think I ever called Suderman a racist.

            If I did I was being ironical about it.

        2. Even better than John, IMO.

          1. Agreed. At least JC is concise about it.

        3. Yes and no. I can’t say that I “enjoyed” it.

          1. I can’t say that I “enjoyed” it.

            Huh, your wife used those exact words when we last parted.

            1. Is that an… uh… humblebrag?

    3. She doesn’t tow the lion therefore she is neither a real black nor a real woman. /typical progtard response.

  2. If only Adam Lanza had been better trained…

    1. ^^^^

      1. I see no difference…

        1. Then your fucktard-glasses need to be smashed.

          1. Somebody jumps into the comments for the first time to chew the arse of someone making a sarcastic reference to old idiocy.

            Nah, that never happens.

          2. No need to lurk before you post anymore. Just show up swinging. Fucking millennials.

            1. Hey, I lurked for a long time before ever posting. I was also born in the 90s. Very EARLY 90s, but that still counts.


        1. You’re my hero, Hugh…so dreamy.

          1. What does it mean when the worst likes you? Does it also make you the worst via the transitive property?

            1. There can be only one, motherfucker.

              1. Right, but instead of Lindsay Lohan, it’s nicole being trained by a drunken Sean Connery. Geez Epi, it’s like you’re retarded or something.

                  1. Who are the retard now?


              2. Will there be a quickening involved?

                1. You’re supposed to abort before that happens, jesse.

                  1. A man has got to know his stroke number.

            2. “What does it mean when the worst likes you? Does it also make you the worst via the transitive property?”

              That the devil envies God says only that God is great…

              But yeah Hugh called me crazy today so he is a piece of shit.

    2. If only the people that knew Lanza was a nutjob would have done their job. FTFY. Still not a gun’s fault. No amount of sarcastic remarks will change that.

  3. …. she was blackballed


    1. I just imagine a case of blue balls so bad that your testicles turn black and rot off.

      1. I believe that the gay community gained this right.

        1. *recently gained

  4. She’s Black and a woman

    Defending the Second Amendment? She’s not a black woman any more. Just ask any leftist.

    1. Women (and especially Black women) should be armed at all times. Guns truly level the playing field for ‘oppressed’ groups.

  5. Sarah Silverman explained in her video that black people can’t be trusted with guns. It’s ok for her to say that, because she’s not racist. Nope, not racist at all.

    1. I had no idea about that story.

      Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, Silverman is really retarded.

      Most pro-2A “hardliners” I’ve talked to really don’t have a problem with black people having guns. In fact, a good many think a lot more black people ought to have them. In fact, I recall it being 2A advocates going to the barricades on the Corey Maye.

      It really does strike me that you hit the nail on the head. Silverman is projecting her own views of blacks as untrustworthy around guns onto the NRA.

      1. There we go.

        It’s really a thing with Silverman and her allies – “we get to traffic in stereotypes of young black men as dangerous thugs who shouldn’t have guns, because we’re doing it to *attack* racism! We have a special exemption from the standards of racial civility because we know we’re pure at heart.”

    2. Colion Noir had a good response to her. Then she actually said he couldn’t take a joke.

  6. I had a little trouble paying attention to what she was talking about, I was distracted. Was it something about education?

      1. I actually like that movie, jesse. And the redhead was my neighbor in NYC for a while. And yes, she is that hot. Not that you care.

        1. It’s a fun bit of fluff as a movie. Bullock is charming and gives few enough shits that she can do a comedy.

          You’re right, I don’t care about the redhead!

  7. I find her intelligence to be very sexy, baby!

  8. …a contest that probably should have called it quits during the second FDR administration.

    You would deny the boys fighting overseas for our freedom their reason to live? If World War II wasn’t fought for Miss America, what was it fought for?


      1. It wasn’t the CONTEST those guys had in mind…

  9. a ban on “military-style assault weapons”

    isn’t the correct answer =

    “no such thing is actually sold to the public, so there is obviously no need for a ban”

    …unless of course you somehow mean ‘everything’ that’s not a bolt-action, internal-magazine rifle?

    1. I was at the rifle range the other day sighting in my .30-06 and making sure my SKS still worked like a charm (it did). The place was packed. I was one of only two people there who had a non-“military-style assault weapon” that I was shooting. Everything else was a scary black rifle.

      They’re not going anywhere no matter what delusions the gun grabbers cling to.

      1. Although, the weekend warriors with no marksmanship trying to hit a target with their brand new, out of the box AR-15s give me the giggles. I took my wife to the range a year or so ago, and she was shooting a .22lr rifle with a nice scope, and getting a 2″ grouping at 200 yards. The weekend warriors couldn’t believe it.

        1. The average person, even gun owners, are not aware of what firearms are capable of.

          I can put 5 match points through the same hole at 100 yards with my 7mm RemMag. I can put 5 through the same hole at 25 yards with my Kimber Gold Match 45 acp, and I consider myself only a moderately good shot. I know guys that make me look like a beginner.

        2. “Shoot like a girl, if you’re good enough.”

          Go to an IHMSA match sometime, and watch the folks knock over the ram targets at 100 meters with an iron-sights handgun, shooting offhand.

      2. I was at the rifle range the other day

        *Suppresses giggle*

        1. Giggle suppressors are banned for sale to the public 😉

        2. How did you know it was the one in Renton?!? Are you a wizard?

          1. We do that shit in the mountains now… where members of our party can suffer a proper case of heat exhaustion.

            1. Yeah, I know, I have friends who were always like “why are you shooting at a range and paying fees? Just drive out on 2 and shoot in the mountains.”


              1. We don’t hike, we drive 4wd.

                However, I’m chamber-of-commercing it up a bit.

                Earlier this summer my friend and I DID hike into the back country with a 25lb steel target for long distance sighting. LIke I said, proper case of heat exhaustion. And he was the young, fit guy, too. There I was, the old, out of shape old guy carrying the millennials out.

                It’s all the baby fucking mozart, I know it.

              2. We drive to the desert and shoot right next to the cars.

              1. Heat exhaustion?

                Here’s a pic of Mammoth Mountain from 20 minutes ago.

                Earlier this summer…

    2. Bolt action internal-magazine rifles were the military-style rifles of the late 19th/early 20th centuries.

      Time to ban them too!

      1. FOILED AGAIN!!

      2. And before that, flintlock muskets were standard issue for the military. Before that, matchlocks. Before that, arquebuses. Where does it end??

        I always want to ask a gun control supporter: “Since military usage is your benchmark for banning a rifle, is the AR-15* going to be hunky-dory for civilian use if the military were to replace it with a newer rifle?” I’ve never had the chance to ask them this, though. I signed up on Democrat Underground planning to make a thread asking this question and many others, but surprise surprise, they have some Kafka-esque approval process before you’ll be allowed to make new threads.

        * Yes, I know that the M16 is what the military uses and that the AR-15 is a civilian look-alike.

    3. But what about those extra-dangerous pistol-style grips??!?

  10. “..which was enough to get the right-wing blogosphere claiming she was blackballed due to her pro-gun stance”..

    I’m more interested in how many SJW twitter comments qualified for the “Stormfront or SJW” game after hearing her response?

  11. And I dig Miss South Carolina!

    1. I’m very confused. And aroused. Confused and aroused.

  12. Well, honestly, it doesn’t particularly surprise me that a southern black person might be a little skeptical of gun control. You really don’t have to go back that far in history to see where it would have proved disastrous for them:

    Well, Larry, I come out of a — my own personal experiences in which in Birmingham, Alabama1, my father and his friends defended our community in 1962 and 1963 against white nightriders by going to the head of the community, the head of the cul-de-sac, and sitting there armed. And so I’m very concerned about any abridgement of the Second Amendment. I’ll tell you that I know that if Bull Connor2 had had lists of registered weapons, I don’t think my father and his friends would have been sitting at the head of the community defending the community.

    Condoleezza Rice

    1. Bull Connor was thinking of the children.

      1. If it saves just one white woman…

  13. She’s black, represents South Carolina, and was asked a question about guns. Her answer was even better because of the context.

  14. Somewhat OT. A local minister is going to be leading a “discussion” on gun violence. One “solution” to be discussed is a law requiring mental therapists and counselors to report disturbed individuals with a view towards creating a database denying them gun purchases. Should I even bother to show up and argue that this is a slippery slope toward requiring ministers to report those who come to them for counseling and will have the “unintended consequence” of driving people away from the counseling they need to straighten out their problems, anger issues, depression or whatever? Given how these things escalate, I can easily see people being reluctant to seek counseling as once you get on the “mental issues list” it will eventually be used to deny admission to university, deny a loan, keep one from getting a job, revoke one’s driving license, etc.

    1. Sounds like the “No Fly No Buy [gun]” idea floated by Rahm Emanuel. Then people realized that it would blatantly violate the 5th amendment. So would this minister’s “idea”.

    2. Should I even bother to show up and argue that this is a slippery slope toward requiring ministers to report those who come to them for counseling and will have the “unintended consequence” of driving people away from the counseling they need to straighten out their problems, anger issues, depression or whatever?

      How about arguing that, if someone came to them in an unstable state and handed them their firearm, it is, pretty clearly, now *their* responsibility to handle/deliver/dispose of it legally/responsibly? Especially for the Dr./Psych who will knowingly proscribe medication that treats or *induces* suicidal/homicidal(?) tendencies.

      The only practicing psychiatrist I know well enough to broach the question to already has a CCW and would probably make them an offer under the right conditions anyway.

    3. If you want to kill yourself never admit this to a therapist which is horrible advice to be given by myself simply because if you want to kill yourself you should seek help but the lists you will end up on without your knowledge are quite extensive and if you are paying with insurance that leviathan has clever ways to concoct an insurance-less future with you.

      People who want to kill themselves have a dreary future much like people who overdose on heroin. Plenty of social violence is available in an infinity of ways to be foisted on the diseased until they off themselves which is really fucking hideous.

      An aside, though my post seems sort of fucking reckless that isn’t the point. You can find help but I’m simply shedding a marginal light on how fucked up the system is.

    4. ” requiring mental therapists and counselors to report disturbed individuals “

      Yeah, there’s no risk of lawsuit there. Or HIPAA problems.

      I’m sure the American Psychiatric Association has no qualms either.

      These fucktards just whip out their “THERE OUGHTTA BE A LAW” bullshit every few years, only to rediscover that there are reasons for these reasons that there “Oughtn’t”.

    5. One “solution” to be discussed is a law requiring mental therapists and counselors to report disturbed individuals with a view towards creating a database denying them gun purchases.

      So you want to make a list of people you suspect might attack your church, but all you want to do is keep them from legally purchasing a firearm?

      Doesn’t that leave them free to stab, set fire to, run over with a car, bomb, or crash a plane into your congregation? (See Happy Land night club, Murrah Building, 9-11.) Or just illegally buy, or steal a gun?

      If a person is really too mentally ill to be trusted with a firearm, he pretty much needs locking up.

  15. a contest that probably should have called it quits during the second FDR administration.

    Why exactly? This sounds like something you’d hear from some campus radical lesbian.

      1. ROFL. Seriously though, Nick is sounding more fruity ever day.

        If he keeps this up, I’m going to start calling him Nicoletta.

        1. The Jackette.

  16. Sort of goddamn astonishing how fucked up the black community is politically but somehow that place manages to squeeze out some brilliance. I’m not racist just merely pragmatic and this is interpretation is drawn from an internal reservoir of collated anecdote and culture osmosis which is limiting I agree but nonetheless useful.

  17. “it cannot be believed that the large slaveholding States regarded [black people] as included in the word citizens, or would have consented to a Constitution which might compel them to receive them in that character from another State. For if they were so received, and entitled to the privileges and immunities of citizens, it would exempt them from the operation of the special laws and from the police regulations which they considered to be necessary for their own safety. It would give to persons of the negro race, who were recognised as citizens in any one State of the Union, the right to enter every other State whenever they pleased, singly or in companies, without pass or passport, and without obstruction, to sojourn there as long as they pleased, to go where they pleased at every hour of the day or night without molestation, unless they committed some violation of law for which a white man would be punished; and it would give them the full liberty of speech in public and in private upon all subjects upon which its own citizens might speak; to hold public meetings upon political affairs, and to keep and carry arms wherever they went.”

    -Dred Scott decision

  18. Person opposes gun control, this is notable why?

    Oh yeah, *that’s* why.

    1. It is bizarre this is notable. She’s a woman from South Carolina (where they love their guns) at a time when gun control is getting less and less popular.

      1. Not on the internet though. Or media.

        Gun control is more and more popular there.

      2. She’s a hell of a lot more conservative than that communist Miss Alabama who whined about Trump crowding out Jeb! and Chris Christie. Alabama should revoke her state citizenship and deport her to New Jersey.

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  19. Hot chicks and guns. Yum.

    1. I hate old memories. I fucking hate this shit. I knew a Mrs.Ms.Miss America or whatever the fuck the etiquette letters are when she was 8. Yea, she was 8, FUCKERS, and I was SEVEN you fucking pedophile hunters. Suck this life. She was black and FUCKING goddamn unforgettable like a few decades later. I would walk with her in the hallways of my fucking elementary prison and she farted once and we thought Jesus and the second coming happened but it didn’t. We just went back to class and I turned my book into a tent and watched my 8 year old ninja queen… never saw her again past the next year but fucking decades later never forgot about her… Probably multiple marriages- 5 kids and shit… and me- a single fucking awesome nasty ass libertine marriage perfectly able to absorb a hot ebony chick on the odd weekend… I make nice meals and my cock is fat and long and mama is petite, svelte and shaved ebony queen… I also have drug habit whereupon I grind up japanese samurai warriors I’ve killed. I grill their flesh into dust and I enjoy sniffing the dust of murdered sumarai on the naked ass of ebonies with my hot wife pussy in her lip festivals…

      1. Never change Agile. Never change.

  20. Ain’t no Vanessa Williams if you ax me.

    1. Let’s wait for the muff diving pics to be sure.

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