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Restrictionist Trump Fans Revolt Against Pro-Restrictionism National Review

Populist conservatism continues to eat itself in Campaign 2016


Over the weekend there erupted a new front in the fascinating war between Donald Trump's supporters and those in the conservative media who don't share their enthusiasm. It is a Twitter hashtag called #NROrevolt, which began as a VDare-style backlash against the backlash against Trump's immigration policies…

#NRORevolt because they purged Sailer, Derb, Coulter, Buchanan, Steyn and Sobran… You know anyone on the right worth reading

— SOBL1 (@SOBL1) September 6, 2015

…and is now top-heavy with conservatives calling out the white nationalism of Trump's supporters:

Best evidence that the #Trump movement is animated by white welfarism and resentment politics, not conservative principles –> #NRORevolt

— Sohrab Ahmari (@SohrabAhmari) September 7, 2015

The trigger point for this skirmish was a withering Sept. 4 column from National Review's Jonah Goldberg, whose prior criticism of Trump two months ago elicited this classic Donaldian response: "You know, it's interesting. I went to the best school, got great marks, everything else. I went out, I made a fortune, a big fortune, a tremendous fortune…bigger than people even understand….Then I get called by a guy that can't buy a pair of pants, I get called names?"

Goldberg's latest begins:

Well, if this is the conservative movement now, I guess you're going to have to count me out.

And goes on:

But if it's true that politicians can disappoint, I think one has to say that the people can, too. 

And when I say "the people" I don't mean "those people." I mean my people. I mean many of you[.]

And coughs up this one-liner:

Every principle used to defend Trump is subjective, graded on a curve. Trump is like a cat trained to piss in a human toilet. It's amazing! It's remarkable! Yes, yes, it is: for a cat. But we don't judge humans by the same standard.

With this piece of writing, Goldberg is placing himself among a crowded new genre of conservatives (including his NRO colleague Kevin D. Williamson) going apopleptic at Trump—and receiving apoplexy right back, in the face. But it's important to remember in this rollicking political moment that Trump conservatism and National Review conservatism are not, in fact, definitionally antagonistic. Particularly on the issue that has rocketed the billionaire to the front of the GOP field: immigration.

On Aug. 16, Trump released a sharply restrictive white paper on immigration, calling for a "pause" in the issuance of green cards, an "end" to birthright citizenship, mandatory E-Verify for every private employer, a trade war with Mexico should that country fail to pay for a 2,000-mile border wall, and several other dubious proposals. He then topped that nativism with an astonighingly anti-constitutional idea on Meet the Press that same day: deporting American-citizen children if their parents are illegal immigrants.

What was the headline on National Review's editorial response to this noxious package? "Trump's Immigration Plan Is a Good Start—for All GOP Candidates."

Conservatism's flagship magazine described Trump's radical proposal to choke off legal immigration temporarily as "a welcome change," suggested that he adopt a nationwide tax on remittances, and asserted that "the best of Trump's enforcement proposals should be the lowest common denominator in the GOP." The latter was a positive recommendation, but it works even better as a negative prediction.

On Aug. 21, National Review Editor Rich Lowry—who reacted to the candidate's initial factually nonsensical anti-Mexican blatherings this summer with a Politico piece headlined "Sorry, Donald Trump Has a Point"—came out with some post-white paper advice: "Yes, Pander to Trump on Immigration." Sample:

It has occasioned the predictable horror that he might pull the Republican field to the right on immigration, or that the other candidates might pander to him. Both are outcomes to be wished for, rather than avoided.

So it's time to pull rightward from Mitt Romney's proposal of "self-deportation," which Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus in 2013 described as "horrific," and which was also once characterized as "mean-spirited," "crazy," and "maniacal" by—wait for it!—Donald Trump. Time to go further than the party's own 2012 platform, which called for building a double-layered fence, giving the Department of Homeland Security "long-term detention authority to keep dangerous but undeportable aliens off our streets," denying federal funds to "sanctuary cities" and universities that provide in-state tuition to illegal immigrants, and nationalizing E-Verify so that every employer in the country would be forced to run every prospective employee's name through a federal government database before being allowed to sign a contract.

The fact is that the modern GOP has been pulling sharply rightward on immigration rhetoric and policy, particularly during presidential campaigns, since 2006, often at the explicit urging of National Review. In doing so, both organs of Acela-corridor conservatism have been waving off the distinct whiff of authoritarian xenophobia accompanying such proposals, while frequently embracing Trumpian bloviation as a refreshing barstool "blunderbuss" to smash the softness of those nassty elitesses. Here's Lowry again:

It is populist rather than elitist, and nationalist rather than cosmopolitan. It rejects the status quo rather than attempting to codify it. It puts enforcement first and dares to ask whether current high levels of legal immigration serve the country's interest. In short, it takes a needed sledgehammer to the lazy establishment consensus on immigration.

It's always a bitch when those populist sledgehammers come swinging back.

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  1. Scheduled posts, how the fuck do they work?

    1. I mean, I ask that out of love. With two Trump posts published within four minutes, how are we supposed to fight about this properly?

      1. HATE ON BOTH POSTS!!!!

        The first picture is really aimed at the commentariat, ne?

        1. I’m working without a net, today (i.e., Reasonable). Who can manage two posts at once?


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            1. Not to be nosey, but who is bdhr? I assume it’s a regular, but I don’t recognize the handle.

            2. Not to be nosey, but who is bdhr? I assume it’s a regular, but I don’t recognize the handle.

      2. I lwft work early so worked out for me.

      3. This is why Nicole is the worst.

      4. I for one, yearn for the good old days of millineal Mexican butt sex.

  2. You know who else was graded on a curve?

    1. Pikes Peak?

    2. M.C. Escher?

    3. The Half-Pipe at Squaw Valley?

      1. +1 john

        Just sayin

    4. Kim Kardashian?

    5. Sandy Koufax?

    6. Jan and Dean?

    7. The NHTSC? At least when they have funding for those projects.

    8. Laffer?

  3. I’m really starting to hate the word ‘huge’.

    1. What about huge-liner? Because this obviously wasn’t a one-liner:

      “And coughs up this one-liner:

      Every principle used to defend Trump is subjective, graded on a curve. Trump is like a cat trained to piss in a human toilet. It’s amazing! It’s remarkable! Yes, yes, it is: for a cat. But we don’t judge humans by the same standard.”

      1. Trump is like a cat trained to piss in a human toilet. It’s amazing! It’s remarkable! Yes, yes, it is: for a cat. But we don’t judge humans by the same standard.”

        Meanwhile, saying “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” gets you the VP job under the clean articulate negro…

  4. Today’s NR is a wasteland. Cooke is often good, Williamson is occasionally good, and… well, I’ve got nothing else.

    1. Cooke alone makes it less of a wasteland than the average political publication.

    2. NRO used to be a hotbed of division and argument – now it’s pretty quiet over there with only a few select NR posts.

      1. I always feel obligated to troll the comments.

    3. Cooke is one of my favorite political writers and Williamson has flashes of brilliance. Given that most political magazines suck from front to back (I’m looking at you, TNR), they’re still way better than most.

      1. Wait, did ESB leave TNR or something dude?

        1. ESB is the only one who sucks in a way I enjoy.


    4. NR began leaking grey matter the year James Burnham died, and bled out for good with Buckley’s demise.


  5. If Trump were a color, he’d be…

    1. The color of money, which he has and you don’t, because he knows business.

      1. If by “knows business” you mean born with it, sure.

    2. Hang-over black.

      No, wait, that’s for after the election.

    3. still an idiot.

    4. roouuuuuge?

  6. If Trump were a plant, he’d be…

    1. A money tree, which is what he can plant in one of his many golf courses, because he wants to.

      1. Uh, dude, the Money Tree was pimped by Phil Rizzuto.

  7. If Trump were a car, he’d be…

    1. That one that Willie Cicci rides around in in Rocky.

      1. +1 “don’t touch me – I’ll sue”

      2. (I guess the character’s actual name is Gazzo, but he’ll always be Willie Cicci to me)

  8. What do Millennials think? Did anyone poll them?

    1. Does Reason do that sort of thing???

      1. I haven’t seen Emily Eakins in a while.

        1. That’s because she only responds to her actual name.


    3. We could speculate endlessly about that!

    4. Wait, do non-millennials know how to use hashtags now?

      1. I’m Gen X, and I know #getoffmylawn, and #getahaircutyoufuckinghippie. Also, #adollareighyfive4ablacknmildurhigh

  9. I am disappointed my favorite hashtag was not used, Welch.

    Keep those brown people away from our women!

    1. OMG it was used. I did not see the puppy caption. I have shamed myself, and therefore my Lord and Savior, Donald Trump.

      1. The Donald, our Lord and Savior, is not a merciful or forgiving god. He is not like that wussy god Jesus who goes around forgiving sins; Trump demands results!!! And he’s richer than Jesus, too!!!

        Prepare to experience the wrath and scorn of The Donald as he casts you into the fiery abyss!

        1. (In other words, “You’re fired.”)

          1. ***slightly narrows gaze****

            …I’ll allow it

    2. Did you check the alt text?

      1. No surprise it is a mouthy broad pointing out my mistake.

        1. One would think you’d be used to that.

  10. In doing so, both organs of Acela-corridor conservatism have been waving off the distinct whiff of authoritarian xenophobia accompanying such proposals, while frequently embracing Trumpian bloviation as a necessary barstool blunderbuss” to smash the softness of those nassty elitesses.

    I don’t necessarily agree with, or even understand, what you said here but your phrasing is simply wonderful.

    1. That’s Cosmotarian speak. It really just says “I hate Trump, and his little conservatives too.”

      I think. Someone who’s more in the know about the Cosmotarian nonsense will have to chime in.

      1. Maybe a Cosmotarian rebuke to a Cosmoservative traitor to his class? It’s hard to follow without a map….

        1. I’ll say. Who can keep up with all these trendy new insults?

        2. “It’s hard to follow without a map….”

          Koch + Cuck = Kuch

          I believe the word you are looking for is Kuchatarian.

      2. Well, in the first place they are now “Cosmocuckians”. I think you’re right about the meaning, but we could use an official translation.

        1. Cucksmotaritards?

          1. Needs moar tar

    2. Yes, I liked that paragraph as well

  11. MOAR TRUMPZ!!!1!!1111!!!!

  12. Every principle used to defend Trump is subjective, graded on a curve. Trump is like a cat trained to piss in a human toilet. It’s amazing! It’s remarkable! Yes, yes, it is: for a cat. But we don’t judge humans by the same standard.

    I rarely agree with Goldberg, but he nailed it here.

    1. The whole Jonah article is spot on as far as I can tell.

      Trump is a populists wet dream, but conservative he is not.

      1. I love the Coulter quote he dug up from 2011. “If all you want is to lob rhetorical bombs at Obama and then lose, Newt Gingrich — like recent favorite Donald Trump — is your candidate. But if you want to save the country, Newt’s not your guy.”

        Now she’s Trump’s biggest cheerleader. It really is getting stranger than fiction.

        1. I used to kind of like Ann Coulter, but in the last few years she seems to have gone off her rocker

          1. Ann’s job is to sell her books. She’ll go which ever way the populist bomb throwing goes.

  13. Jeebus. A twitter-fight between NRO and the Trumpatarians?

    Kill me now.

    1. As significant as a Daily Beast v Bernieoids fight, yes?

    2. The term du-jour is Trumpen-Proletariat

      1. I’d like to give this my seal of approval.

        1. It was coined in jonah goldberg’s piece, cited in this one =

          :””But Goldberg’s suggestion captures something more fundamental. Karl Marx coined the term “lumpenproletariat” to describe a section of the lower classes that were too uneducated, unthinking, brutish, and “degenerate” to ever embrace the great socialist message, and who would therefore have to be pushed down and suppressed by the Communist revolutionaries. It became the Communists’ way and explaining why educated middle-class revolutionaries who claimed to be in favor of “the working class” were so often hated or ignored by actual workers. But the Trumpenprols embrace the role Marx assigned them, stridently proclaiming their unthinking closed-mindedness.”

  14. This internecine battle shit is pretty entertaining, I have to say. Now if only TEAM BLUE would do it this hard too, I could really sit back with some popcorn and watch the show.

    1. Sanders needs to be taken as a serious threat first.

  15. Restrictionist Trump Fans Revolt Against Pro-Restrictionism National Review

    Hey, Matt, I think you mis-spelled “Racist”. Twice.

    1. I prefer sticking to what I know….

      1. Stitching your own jacket?

      2. mixing drinks on the cocktail circuit?

      3. Being disappointed by the Angels?

        1. You know who ELSE was disappointed by the Angels….

          1. Frank Tanana?

          2. Everybody?

          3. Bosley?

          4. affordable free agents?

          5. Gene Autry?

  16. keep laughing. his moron appeal will cross over to Obama’s highly moronic base too.

      1. I normally criticize the commentariat about peak derp suggestions. However that statement and it’s implication may indicate an inflection point.

    1. That could be…phenomenally entertaining.

      1. If I could watch from a safe distance I might agree. As it stands I don’t see this ending well for anyone.

      2. It could be – ‘UUUUGE!

    2. It already is. He’s currently getting 25% of the black vote.

      We’re on our way to a unified front of urban and rural morons, all united behind one idiot who has bound them together.

      1. One tard to bring them all and in the Trumpness bind them?

          1. ,+3 save against sanity

  17. If you want a really good sense of the damage Donald Trump is doing to conservatism, consider the fact that for the last five years no issue has united the Right more than opposition to Obamacare. Opposition to socialized medicine in general has been a core tenet of American conservatism from Day One. Yet, when Republicans were told that Donald Trump favors single-payer health care, support for single-payer health care jumped from 16 percent to 44 percent.


    1. Ain’t populism grand?

      1. Of course, I wouldn’t argue this was “the damage Donald Trump is doing to conservatism.” More like, the damage when retards are encouraged to rule the night right.

        1. You might be screaming “No, no, no” and all they hear is “Who wants cake?” Let me tell you something: They all do. They all want cake.

          1. I’ll have what he’s having.

          2. Who can we force to bake the retard cakes? We’re going to need a lot of them.

            1. Gays. It’s the only logical choice.

              1. Trump will be the best cake-distributing president God ever created. You’re going to love his cake.


                1. #TRUMPRULESTHENIGHT

          3. “We’re all out of cake.”

        2. He makes some good points about the immigration mess, but when his blanket response to criticism is “he/she is terrible and not very good at all” I have a problem.

    2. And these are supposedly the best allies we have!!!

      1. Have any libertarians ever died of disappointment? I mean, really, it might be possible pretty soon if it hasn’t happened already.

    3. We’re fucked, aren’t we?

      1. Mike Judge really is going to have the last laugh.

        1. I really don’t think he’ll be laughing.

          1. ON THE INSIDE.

      2. Had this changed recently?

    4. A republic, if you can keep it.

      1. We keep it.

        In a mason jar buried under a back porch somewhere in Sudley Springs.

        Not like we were using it…

    5. Conservatives are unprincipled morons. But we already knew that.

      This reminds me of when Obama came out in support of gay marriage and support for gay marriage among blacks jumped 20%. If you’re so stupid that a politician you like can change your opinions like that, then you really shouldn’t be voting. I’m actually surprised they have voting booths in the lobotomy ward.

      1. Most people’s politics begin and end with “I’m for what my team is for, and against what my team is against”. Only a small percentage of the population actually has an ideology to speak of.

  18. I read the Goldberg piece and some of the reaction from Trump fans. They don’t even try to actually defend Trump, they just go off on the establishment GOP for being too soft. There was a piece that called out the GOP on a lot of issues, including the Bush tax cuts and Medicare part D.

    So you are pissed that the GOP has been all talk on fiscal responsibility and alternatives to Obamacare, and your solution is….Trump?

    I can only conclude that Trump’s supporters just want someone who will tell the people they don’t like to fuck off. They don’t care one shit about anything besides pissing off their opponents.

    So hooray. Let’s all enjoy the doubling down on the culture war. I’m sure it will end well.

    1. That is the totality of the Trump appeal. He’ll point at someone they hate and hit him with some catchphrase. It’s really all that the self-pitying idiots who whine about cuckservatives or gamergate or whatever else really wanted.

      1. I think we’re missing the potential for a bloody and violent Trumpelo/SJW war.

        1. +1 Gonna stock up on popcorn.

      2. “Haven’t you read his hat?”


      3. It’s just more KULTUR WAR. Remember that KULTUR WAR is basically based on being opposed to those that you hate. And Trump is reading that and feeding right into it. He’s telling the people that his supporters hate to fuck off, so they love him for it. They don’t really like *him*, they like what he does to the people they hate.

        It’s…not a good way to do things. But oh boy, do people sure like it.

        1. But this is the even more retarded division of the Kulturkampf…can we hope for MAD?

          1. Mutually Assured Derpitude

            1. Almost goes without saying, aye?

          2. It’s merely the next logical step in KULTUR WAR bullshit. This is where it leads. Trump is exploiting it because it was out there waiting to be exploited.

            Don’t think that TEAM BLUE won’t have someone step up to do something very similar. They already do–constantly talking about who they hate, which is “the rich” and “corporations” and the like–but Trump will inspire a new level of it.

            I have a pretty bad feeling that this shit is just going to keep escalating.

            1. Damn…that is depressing. But I cannot argue that it is wrong – its going to be derpescalation in the Kulturkampf.

              Trumpenproletariat vs Sanders Red Guard. Sort of a derptastic version of the Spartacists/Commies vs Freikorps/Brownshirts Berlin in the 1930s

              I want off this planet.

            2. But so what? At this point, it can’t be stopped. The best thing to do is to slash your mouth into a permanent smile and learn to love the bomb.

            3. Wrong.

              All you are seeing here is the fact that not leftists have found Twitter and Facebook which in the past has been dominated by progressives.

              There will be no TEAM BLUE step up as it already happened. #occupywallstreet #killallmen #Kony2012 etc.

              The only real difference is that MSM has largely gotten a pass from the left and in fact has used social media to its own ends. Well no more. Inspired by #gamergate non-leftists or even marginalized leftists have taken to social media and decided that the press is no longer untouchable.

      4. You are an idiot.

        The target is a press outlet and they “hate’ it because they feel it betrayed them.

        Matt in the article tries to make the case that the are abandoning their loyalty to the NRO (cuz the NRO once said nice things to them) but he fails to see is NROs audience who are human beings who have their sense of loyalty and in fact see NRO as abandoning its audience.

        Funny you bring up gamergate as the exact same fucking thing happened a year ago.

        1. Yeah, the response here. again demonstrates that Cosmos are socially retarded aspies.

    2. I can only conclude that Trump’s supporters just want someone who will tell the people they don’t like to fuck off. They don’t care one shit about anything besides pissing off their opponents.

      I’m pretty sure this sums it up. And as the establishment on both sides continues to sit back and deride the supporters of Trump and talk about how Trump will crash and burn any second now, this only serves to reinforce said supporters and their desire to tell the establishment to fuck off.

      1. I’d say the best strategy is for the establishment to embrace him. Do a little reverse psychology.

        But when support for freaking single pay goes up among conservatives because Trump likes it, I’m not really sure reverse psychology would work.

        If Trump hugged Obama, what fraction of Trump fans would start loving Obama?

        1. Well, strictly speaking, Trump is just a white Obama who hates Hispanics.

          1. Well, strictly speaking, Obama is just a half-white Trump who hates Hispanics. And, apparently, Blacks as well. And doesn’t really care for the Whites, neither.

      2. Trump’s support is like the thing you put your fingers in, and the harder you try to pull them out the more they stay stuck. Or like quicksand. Or like being strangled by a boa.

        So the more anti-Trump hysteria gets ratcheted up, the more support he’ll get. Then he’ll win the nomination, and Hillary’s grand plan will all come together when, next October, it comes out that Trump rapes women and uses the N word.

        1. next October, it comes out that Trump rapes women and uses the N word.

          This might just bolster his support with his base.

    3. They do not think the GOP pols have any will to fight for what they want, so they just want to lob a bomb into the edifice.

      They have gone mad.

      1. If a voting constituency feels its been backstabbed and had its support taken for granted time after time, wouldn’t “lobbing a bomb” at the edifice be the final, rational response?

    4. People are sick of republicans being pussies and cowards. Like whoever the token conservative is on Bill Maher’s panel. He always gets some overly polite person who doesn’t want to anger anyone. Or someone like Coulter who is a friend and won’t push too hard on him. Teump hits, and hits back hard. It’s refreshing. Unfortunately he brings some bad baggage too.

      1. Unfortunately he brings some bad baggage too.

        Who doesn’t?

        1. Baggage the size of these: Pro-Single Payer Healthcare, Pro-Hillary, Pro-Kelo decision, Pro-Gun Control, Multiple positions on immigration, and it goes on and on.

          The last candidate who had these many discrepancies between his previous positions and his current positions was a candidate the Republican base hated: Mitt Romney

          Now Trump gets a pass simply because he “fights”? I agree with nearly every criticism that the base has leveled against the establishment. However if they’re gonna accuse the party leadership of being unprincipled hacks wouldn’t it behoove them to back a candidate that isn’t an unprincipled hack? Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, hell even Scott Walker despite his idiotic pandering is a better candidate.

          1. You’re looking at a rank and file that’s fed up, and people in that state of mind typically don’t follow ideologically consistent positions. Cruz might be a better candidate for them from an ideological standpoint, but he’s been pretty effectively marginalized so far by the GOP establishment and can’t do much about it. I suspect that’s why he’s making nice with Trump, in the hopes that if Trump does implode, those supporters will migrate over to him as another person who doesn’t give a fuck.

            Trump just makes All the Right People sooooo mad, though, that they won’t be inclined to support someone else for the time being. And I suspect that if Bush, Rubio, or even Walker are the nominee, they’re going to get their ass handed to them in the general because most of the rank and file will just stay home no matter how much Goldberg and Williamson beg them to come out and vote.

      2. Remember when Gillespie was on Real Time? The black mayor tried to shame him with his city’s poverty statistics, and Nick displayed nothing but utter contempt for his guilt-mongering. The SJWs watching the show had an aneurysm.

        That, in a nutshell, its Trump’s appeal–he’s pissing off the left, and he’s pissing off what the Republican base now views to be a bunch of quislings with no backbone. In other words, he’s doing what the rank and file have been wanting for years, but no one in the Republican establishment had the nerve to execute because it freaked out their big-money donors.

        The rank and file are sick of moderate, compromising candidates because they view “compromise” as “giving the left far more of what they want and nothing of what we want.” Trump comes along and says, “Compromise is for suckers; winning is all that matters!” No wonder they’re eating it up.

      3. This.

        Many people are tired of their Rep Senators and Congressmmen trying to appease the left. Everyone of them is sacred to death to be called racist over the slightest thing like The Tony Troll calls everyne racist who is against unfetered illegal immigration.

        I once emailed the Senator from Texas John Coryn over an issue as to why he was kissing up to a group who would never vote for him no matter his position. I got no response. it is like they think if they can sould just a little bit leftist light then the other side will like them and think good thoughts about them. I got news for such Reps who thik that way. You are foolosh. The leftist progs will never think well of you. They will never like you. They will always think you are Satan’s spawn, even the atheists among them.

  19. Then I get called by a guy that can’t buy a pair of pants, I get called names?

    I’m not a regular reader of Goldberg. Can anyone tell me WTF this is about?

    1. I think he’s calling Goldberg poor?

      1. Goldberg’s such a classless loser he can’t even afford a pair of classy Donald Trump brand pants.

      2. Nah, Goldberg just prefers to spend as much to.e sans culottes as possible.

        1. Like Lance ‘No Pants’ Rentzel?

      3. I’m not so sure, though. He doesn’t say that Goldberg “can’t afford” pants or “doesn’t wear,” he says Goldberg “can’t buy” pants.

        It’s quite baffling, the more I think about it.

        1. “Can’t buy” probably means that the pants he does have are ill-fitting or not well-tailored or just cheap-looking in general.

          1. Maybe he has some inside dirt that Goldberg has a crippling phobia of purchasing pants?

            1. That’s what happens when consumer confidence is down. You’re afraid to purchase anything.

    2. I think it’s a reference to Goldberg’s sartorialism.

      1. He wears only kimonos and kilts?!

      2. Trump is GIMORE???

        1. this is ‘UUUUUUUUUUUUUGE

  20. At this point, I’m just waiting for Donald Trump to tell his supporters to start beating up Mexicans, or mouthy broads, or whoever. That could only increase his poll numbers, right?

    1. Fancy talk from a man who lets negros fuck his wife while he watches.

      1. Pics? Not that I like that approve of that behavior, of course.

    2. Are there any queers in the theater tonight?
      Get them up against the wall!
      There’s one in the spotlight, he don’t look right to me,
      Get him up against the wall!
      That one looks Jewish!
      And that one’s a coon!
      Who let all of this riff-raff into the room?
      There’s one smoking a joint,
      And another with spots!
      If I had my way,
      I’d have all of you shot!

      1. +1 comfortably numb only way to cope with a fascist, socialist and satan as the leading thugs

    3. If Trump’s rhetoric can incite a couple of Southies to act like violent drunken retards, can the rest of the nation be far behind?

      1. “Steve Leader is also charged with malicious destruction of property over $250 after he allegedly punched and kicked a cell door at the State Police barracks in South Boston.”

        Wow. So the guy punched and kicked a cell door in the jail and did $250 dollars worth of damage to it ?

        If you kick and punch a cell door in Texas the only damage done will be to your hand and foot.

        They must build those Boston jails a lot different that they ones I’ve seen in Texas.

  21. Donald Trump is worth billions so he doesn’t need some guy who can’t even not look like a poindexter from NASA and with a foreigner wife calling him names in some hippie magazine.

  22. So, at what point do we start pooling resources to buy our own island? I’ll chip in a few $k, and all I ask in return is amendment in the Libertarian Constitution guaranteeing my right to go pantsless in public.

    1. Next Reason cruise, we’re going to commandeer the ship and start a seasteading nation.

      1. A garage in every car; pot in every chicken!

      2. Better make sure STEVE SMITH‘s not on that one first, or else you could end up with the world’s first floating rapestead.

      3. I’m only partly joking.

        What worries me most about the rise of Trump and Sanders isn’t that they are popular. It’s that if they actually win, there really is no where left to escape to.

      4. Didn’t Scientologists already do something like that?

  23. Tom Brady’s support for Donald Trump will be his downfall. Donald Trump supporters are almost certainly raucous NFL fans, and if you are a raucous NFL fan, you almost certainly do not care much for Tom Brady.

    I am working on a 20,000 word think-piece about this subject. I will alert you all when after its completion.

    1. Or will Trump turn around all the meat-heads and make them Brady fans?

      Are you doubting the power of Donald?

      1. Sounds like someone that can’t even buy pants.

    2. Is Brady actually a fan?

      1. Vox reports you decide.

        1. Imagine what would happen if support for the Patriots were to jump like it did for single-payer because of Trump.

          I…I…don’t want to live on this planet any more.

          1. I honestly don’t think there is anymore room on that bandwagon.

          2. Political debates are going to have the same level of rhetoric as the ESPN comment section on a Patriot’s cheating story.

            1. *quietly mixes hemlock cocktail*

  24. “Then I get called by a guy that can’t buy a pair of pants, I get called names?”

    the new emperor says you have no clothes.

  25. Wow, this is sure throwing the #Cuckmotarians for a loop


  26. Somewhat related – even the Ting Tings know that everybody loves somebody to hate

    1. I have a pet peeve with people who pretend to play the drums over obviously-sequenced tracks.

      And if that chick were ugly you’d hate her jabbering too.

  27. I thought the humor of this election cycle was going to come from the Democrats’ fumbling attempts to find an electable candidate. This Trump-GOP war is far more enjoyable and hilarious than anything involving Clinton or some deodorant-hating socialist. What an absolute clusterfuck.

    But at least we have the glorious new word, cuckservative.

    1. Only a cuckservative would say that.

      1. Says the Cuckmotarian

    2. cuckservative

      I hope to figure out what that actually means before the first primary.

      1. It means you’re a conservative who cares too much about them damned spics and niggers.

        No, that’s not a joke. It was literally invented by a white supremacist and is used almost exclusively by neo Nazis and people who write for Breitbart and are disturbingly okay with hanging out with neo-Nazis.

        1. I really don’t understand the neckbeard nazis’ love affair with Trump. His eldest daughter is an Orthodox Jew. Do they honestly think his inauguration speech is going to start with the hanging of Ivanka for Rassenschande just because he said some things about Mexicans?

          For crying out loud! The man’s stance on Israel is more pro-Zionist than Joe Liberman’s!

          Speaking to, Trump said: “The only [candidate] that’s going to give real support to Israel is me. The rest of them are all talk, no actions. They’re politicians.”

          “I’ve been loyal to Israel from the day I was born,” said the budding politician. “My father, Fred Trump was loyal to Israel before me. The only one that’s going to give Israel the kind of support it needs is Donald Trump.”

          Considering the man’s rhetorical style is barely indistinguishable from Jackie Mason’s (right down to body language), if Bill Clinton was our first “Black” president, Trump is on track to be our first “Jewish” one.

          1. [Quietly deletes image from his cache.]

        2. I have lurked long enough to know you to be one of Reason’s more intelligent posters. The rest of my post is information I assume you must already know, despite the contents of the post to which I am replying.

          Even if “cuckservative” was created by a white supremacist, that doesn’t determine its meaning. What determines a word’s making is what most people mean when they say it. Languages are like that.

          “Cuckservative” has come to mean, broadly, “a conservative so concerned with playing by political and social rules established by leftists that he is willing to compromise or cave on core conservative values and thus become the metaphorical bitch of the political left.”

          For some people, this means socially conservative values. (Among these types you’ll find some “white identity politics” people.) To others, this means economic conservative values. But in all cases, it means a conservative willing to abandon his values to curry favor with the left, to the detriment of his own party. Thus, the “cuckold” metaphor.

          If “cuckold” as a term has racial implications, it has only gained those implications recently through the rise of racist black male-on-white female fetish pornography, often called “cuckold porn.” The term “cuckold” itself simply means a man being made a fool of by a woman who is sleeping around on him, with or without his knowledge.

          1. And if you want to point fingers over the rising popularly of what could be called white identity politics, point them at progressives, who traffic almost exclusively in identity politics.

            Fairness is an innate concept in human beings. It can’t be re-educated or even beaten out of people. And progressives have been pushing the, “identity politics are valid for all people except whites and especially white males, because reasons” for a long time. It is an ugly reality of human nature that tribalism can only be suppressed with great difficulty, and unfortunately it looks like innate ideas of fairness have caught up with progressive politics. The result is what seems to be, at its worst, an explosion in white identity politics.

          2. If “cuckold” as a term has racial implications, it has only gained those implications recently through the rise of racist black male-on-white female fetish pornography

            Note that this interpretation was typically projected by the critics of the “cuckservative” meme in early stories on its saturation, not the people who actually propagated it. It makes one wonder about their porn viewing habits if that was the first thing that sprang to mind.

      2. There are some videos you can watch…

      3. Self-hating conservatives. They’re “cuckolds” that get off on seeing a black man fuck their country… or something.

        1. You know, he is fresh off work from a long day landscaping in the sun. Watching as your pure, virginal, white wife takes off his shirt, exposing his lean, sinewy upper body. Watching as his strong, calloused hands grab her and pull her close. Seeing the look in her eyes as she about to be taken in a way that you have never taken her before, because you do not posses his third-world machismo.

          And you watch, not because you are helpless, but because you like it, because you are not man enough to do anything about it, because you are afraid of being a racist and a misogynist.

          Trump will save you. Let him save you.

    3. Same here. The lesson to take from the Summer of Trump is that it’s important never to underestimate the ineptitude of Republicans.

  28. I’ve never liked Trump but he does crack me up. He’s such a fucking child. It’s almost unbelievable.

    1. *YOU’RE* A TOWEL!

      1. AlmightyJB is terrible. He’s the worst commenter on H&R. Everyone hates AlmightyJB. /Donald Trump

  29. Back in 2003, I read through my first Financial Report of the United States Government. I am a CPA, but it took me several years to take the time to read one. It was eye opening and depressing. It showed in full glory the HUGE problems we have in terms of monetary, fiscal, and economic policies. And WHAT did I expect of our Republicans to do about this, before everything inevitably fell apart? What fiscal conservatism would manifest itself? I got Medicare Part D, and a cool $11,000,000,000,000 added to accrual basis debt, all by REPUBLICANS. AND the libertarian faction of the party booted to the curb. And a main player behind the boot to the curb – Goldberg.

    Was THAT the conservatism he supported?

    And after reading the Financial Report of the USG, and IF nothing was done about it (much less MORE plastique attached to the blasting caps) what was going to happen? Radicalization, particularly of the middle class.

    1. And along came the Tea Party. And what did the standard, rank and file conservatives do? Told them to pipe down and get back into line. And so what now comes next? Demagoguery. That’s what Trump is tossing around. THIS is the consequence of the “conservatives” ADDING to the accrual basis debt like they’re Roosevelt or Johnson. And THEN when people start to resent it, get a deaf ear in response. And now this is what’s passing around – reactionary populism.


      It’s right out of history books, and the inevitable results I could forecast from 2003. THIS IS GOING EXACTLY AS I PREDICTED. I wish I could back to those ESPN message boards that had been converted to political talk, because I hammered all this twelve years ago.

      This isn’t going to end pretty.

      This isn’t amusing, or to be tossed aside. I doubt Trump will ever get into power, but he’s simply another signal that the door to hardline-ism is right before us. And when things DO finally head south in an unmitigable fashion, and people see their savings disappear in a snap, there’s going to be hardline-ism of one kind or another.

      1. Hey, toolkien. Glad you’re back.

        Good analysis, BTW. Disenfranchised people will, eventually, find a way to be heard. And if that requires throwing bricks through windows, welp . . . .

      2. If it was only my savings that were at risk I wouldn’t be so concerned.

        This isn’t amusing, or to be tossed aside. I doubt Trump will ever get into power, but he’s simply another signal that the door to hardline-ism is right before us.

        Well said. That’s really what disturbs me the most about this.

    2. Can you please randomly capitalize more frequently?

    3. It showed in full glory the HUGE problems we have

      I think you mean ‘UUUUUUUGE.

    4. Was THAT the conservatism he supported?

      Goldberg opposed Medicare Part D. As for his being anti-libertarian, that’s because he’s a conservative, not a libertarian. Libertarianism and political conservatism are mutually incompatible.

  30. National Review’s and Trump’s politics are not definitionally incompatible because they mirror less agree on a single issue that Welch strongly disagrees with. That seems a bit of last and somewhat self serving analysis of their dispute. The National Review writers seem terribly frustrated that Trump is not much of an ideological conservative anywhere else.

    1. This and while trump’s limited white paper wasn’t obviously objectionable to Lowry, Trump’s actual statements on the issue are asinine to anyone outside Trump’s head.

      NRO is not a single voice. I like Williamson a lot in general but his writing has gotten rather snarky. Reminds me of Scott Adams since his divorce. Adams divorce that is.

    2. It isn’t that Trump isn’t an ideological conservative “anywhere else”, it is that he isn’t an ideological conservative, period. His only political philosophy is egotism. Goldberg’s most damning observation is that when Trump supporters were told he’s for single-payer health care, their support for it tripled.

      Personally, I’m starting to buy into Scott Adams’ claim that Trump is a master hypnotist.

  31. “It’s always a bitch when those populist sledgehammers come swinging back.”

    Honestly I only really ever see slimy (all) Journalists play with the whole elitist/populist paradigm. politicians don’t talk about it, regular people on social media don’t, academia sort of does but mostly only Journalists as historian scripts.

    I think it comes down to the press just does not want to come to grips that they are just as big of piles of shit as everyone else….and the fact that they use this uninformative self aggrandizing paradigm hints that they are in fact very very sensitive to being outed as regular big piles of shit like everyone else, which sort of makes them bigger pieces of shit then everyone else.

    Matt you are not an “Elite” and everyone else is not a “populist Mob”.

    1. Take your meds. All of them. At once.

    2. The whole “I stand for the people who have been ignored by political insiders” thing is populism, whether you use the word or not. Refusing to name a thing does not make it less what it is.

      More than populism, though, what Trump represents is a personality cult. Normally politicians alter their beliefs to align with their would-be supporters. Trump’s supporters alter their beliefs to align with Trump’s. That’s worrisome for some fairly obvious reasons, the most obvious of which is that voters are supposed to represent a *check* on politicians. Unthinking devotion cannot be a check on power — witness the MSM’s devotion to Obama over the past eight years.

  32. #NRORevolt because they purged Sailer, Derb, Coulter, Buchanan, Steyn and Sobran… You know anyone on the right worth reading

    ? SOBL1 (@SOBL1) September 6, 2015

    Well … he has a point.

    1. Steve Sailer is a race-troll, Coulter is a moron, Buchanan is a dinosaur who’s best work was on the McLaughlin Group.

      I don’t know who Sobran is…. but apparently he was one of these people who thought “holocaust denial” was being given a bad rap, not unlike Sailer’s snotty insistence that he’s a profound intellectual surrounded by reactionary race-prudes unwilling to confront his subtle analyses.

      And Sobran was canned from National Review in *1993*. This guy is *still* bitching?

      1. To be quite honest, I find Sobran’s Shakespeare-denial to be even more horrific.

      2. “race-troll”

        1. Sailer titled his Obama book, “America’s Half-Blood Prince”

          Do you need further evidence that he’s a one-trick-pony for whom Race is only pertinent perma-topic? He’s mellowed since his VADare days, but only because he needs to pay bills.

          1. “because he needs to pay bills.”

            He tapped into the big Taki bucks by mellowing on the race question? Sounds legit.

            1. You misunderstand the euphemism. Meaning, He couldn’t sling the same old bullshit on VA dare forever. Now he pens watered-down stuff for a wider audience.

              Do you have a point to make, or are you planning to sneer-quote me to death?

              1. My point #1: You’re just making shit up. You have some vague narrative you’ve constructed from occasional visits to VDare and Taki’s. You clearly don’t read Sailer’s blog, which generates nearly all his income via donations.

                My point #2: The idea that Sailer needed to water down his racial stuff for Taki’s is as retarded as it his hilarious.

                My point #3: The idea that Sailer would water down his racial stuff for a paycheck, given his past of doing the exact opposite, is merely stupid.

                1. So you’re saying he’s an *uncompromising* race-troll then? Fine. He keeps it real.

                  1. ^ Blank slate fanatic thinks non-believers are trolls.

          2. Do you need further evidence that he’s a one-trick-pony for whom Race is only pertinent perma-topic?

            So, a pale Al Sharpton?

    2. Derb and Steyn I go looking for. Don’t miss the rest.

      1. yeah, basically what i was saying.

    3. Sailer, Derb, Coulter, Buchanan, Steyn and Sobran… You know anyone on the right worth reading

      If you miss Ann Coulter, just take a Ted Rall column and search-and-replace references to conservatives with references to liberals.

  33. WTF?!…

    “My number was so incredible and it was a very high draft number. Anyway so I never had to do that, but I felt that I was in the military in the true sense because I dealt with those people,”

    Sure, Donald …seen a lot of combat, have we? Seen a little on TV?

  34. How do I unsubscribe from this Zionist #cuckservative neocon rag?

    Other than the bizarre #portmanteau, what other things the dog said in the picture above are at all out of place here among you libertarians?

    (file that under sentences I did not expect to write today)

    1. “what other things the dog said’

      Dogs don’t talk dude.

    2. Other than Richman, who here bitches about Zionists?

    3. OK, now the photo is gone. Talk about revisionism.

  35. Poor Rand Paul, even his supporters at Reason pays more attention to Trump than him.

    Trump and Sander’s rise is yet another indication that the “libertarian moment” doesn’t extend beyond one or two issues. Under their leadership, outsourcing will be an act of treason. We won’t send work anywhere, but foreign companies can still create jobs in America. We can politely refuse most imports, because only America can make things for America now.

    “But that’s not fair” – Korean and Japanese automakers

    Welcome to AMERICA, son!

  36. He then topped that nativism with an astonighingly anti-constitutional idea on Meet the Press that same day: deporting American-citizen children if their parents are illegal immigrants.…..gust-feat/

    Hey look Welch, here are some US Citizen children ordered out of the country by a judge to join their father in a foreign land. Is that astonishingly anti-constitutional? Or is it only US citizen children of illegal aliens who are protected from such orders.


  37. Trump’s Deportation Proposal Isn’t Nazism, It’s A Senate Proposal Called ‘Touchback’ Amnesty..

    Marc Thiessen, former speechwriter to George W. Bush, in an appearance on The Kelly File Friday night, said that what Mr. Trump is saying when he talks about sending them back is an actual amnesty proposal called “Touchback” aka “Touchback Amnesty”. It was a Senate proposal that narrowly missed passage in 2007.
    It was endorsed by the New York Times but the National Review was opposed because they called it amnesty. It simply means if illegal immigrants want to stay here, they can go back home and then receive expedited approval to come back in and stay.
    Marc Thiessen explains in the next video and, as he said, Trump’s rhetoric is more fiery than what he’s actually proposing.


  38. Jonah Goldberg really is the best writer NR has. That post of his was brilliant.

    1. Goldberg’s a pathetic neocon who got smacked around so badly that even SadBeard felt like he had to stand up for him.…..servatives

      1. You say that of course, because you either don’t read most of what he wrote or your definition of Neocon is someone slightly north of Ron Paul.

  39. And, what is with the proliferation of “#Share#” in the op-eds at NRO?
    Are Marie and Jen editors there now?

  40. Donald is not a populist so much as he is someone who says “I can win, and so can you.”

    People see problems and no one does anything about them. They don’t even try to. They merely pander. Trump says, “I’m going to solve these problems, and America is going to be #1 again. China is going down. Mexico is going down. No one gets the better of us ever again.”

    They don’t care if the solutions are workable. They think he will get the job done.

    Personally, I think Mitt could have gotten the job done. I don’t think Trump can. But, I get his appeal. People are foolish to ignore that appeal, or merely say ‘God help us, we’re going down the drain’.

    That’s what they like about Bernie too. Bernie has this big class of people who have bought into the lie America only works for 1% of the population, (while two schoolteachers buy powerboats and have swimming pools and have pensions that are awesome). But, a bunch of people think Bernie is right. And, Bernie is determined to kill the golden goose going after the 1%. I wouldn’t ignore Bernie either.

    If Trump wins cosmo Europe will hate America so much. They will sneer at America while they let Islamic immigrants change their society under their noses.

    1. “Donald is not a populist so much as he is someone who says “I can win, and so can you.” ”

      But isn’t that what a populist is? Saying what people want to hear and confirming their biases or beliefs.

      1. Well, it’s been working for the Democratic Party.

  41. Have we hit lunacy critical mass?

  42. We do not have to deport children of illegal immigrants born here. We do not have to forcibly separate the families of said children/citizens. We do have to deport their parents and leave the custody of the child and its welfare totally up to the parents. That envisions a number of options, none of which involve the citizenship of the parents or child nor embroil the United States in custody battles. Just deport the parents and let them fend for the child in a way of their choosing.

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