Brooklyn Idiots Claim Gentrification Is a 'Human Rights Violation'



The Atlantic right now has one of the world's great hell-no headlines, by which I mean a headline ending in a question mark whose only proper answer is a four-letter word followed by "no." Ready for it?

Is Gentrification a Human-Rights Violation?

Jesus Christ on a (small-batch, organically hand-crafted) popsicle stick, what the living Fletch is wrong with you people?

The article focuses on a group called Right to the City, a "national alliance of community-based organizations that since 2007 has made it its mission to fight 'gentrification and the displacement of low-income people of color.'" These allies, inspired by French Marxist Henri Lefebvre, reckon that gentrification is

the result of a "systemic" effort to drive up profit margins for real-estate developers. Through rezonings, tax abatements for developers, and the privatization of public spaces, local governments and federal agencies often work to change low-income neighborhoods at the encouragement of developers, they argue.

It is the resulting displacement of people who can't afford increased rents that, in the eyes of these activists, amounts to a human-rights violation.

I mean, why not a war crime? Or perhaps some light genocide?

New York, like a lot of expensive progressive cities, has some of the most "systemic" pro-renter policies (or intended pro-renter policies) in the country, the results of which include artificially suppressed housing stock, sky-high rents wherever markets are allowed to set prices (to compensate for losses where government manages prices), and of course a whole lotta millionaire gentrifiers holding onto cheapo apartments. But forget the policy, can we talk about the language here? And the assumption that those who pay rents for shelter or commerce have an enforceable "right" to have those rents encased in amber? Here's how you arrive at such a fanciful place:


The UN Declaration of Human Rights already asserts that everyone has the right to be protected against "interference with his… home." Lenina Nadal, the communications director for Right to the City, says the group hopes to build on this idea. "It is an ideal time to expand the idea that inhabitants not only have a right to their home, a decent, sustainable home," she said, "but also to the community they created in their city."

Now I'm confused. Isn't rent control "interference with" the owner and sometimes inhabitants of that home? (Example: I rent a floor in a house owned and occupied by my landlords, in a rapidly gentfrifying Brooklyn neighborhood.) Isn't one of the characteristics of gentrifiers that they help "create" community and improvements thereof? Do they have a "right" to that community after a certain amount of time, or will they be shipped off to The Hague?

The best bits in the article, though, are the to-be-sure sentences. Like these:

The organization is up against the fact that there isn't even a consensus that gentrification is bad in the first place, much less bad enough to be classified as a human-rights violation. What some see as gentrification, others see as revitalization.

You don't say.

(Hat tip to Brooklyn human-rights criminal Scott Ross.)


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309 responses to “Brooklyn Idiots Claim Gentrification Is a 'Human Rights Violation'

  1. White people fleeing the inner city for the suburbs is called “White Flight” and it’s bad. White people moving into the inner city is called “Gentrification” and is bad. Bottom line: White people are bad. Any questions?

    1. Are The Asians considered honorary whites for this purpose, sir?

      1. Are The Asians considered honorary whites

        Evidently. Discovered a few weeks back that Asians are ‘basically white’ since they tend to be affluent. Plus, lumping them in with the other minorities skews the statistics and makes it harder to present them all as helpless victims.

        1. Yeah, a while back when diversity in Silicon Valley was in the news, the Asians were pretty much lumped together with the whites.

          1. Who was doing the lumping?

            1. Dunno, but I’d not mind being lumped in with an Asian or three.

            2. The New York Times.

              After years of playing down the problem, technology companies like Google, Facebook and Apple now say they’re serious about improving the gender and ethnic diversity of their work forces and corporate boards. Recent data from those companies and others like them confirm what everyone has long known: Most of their employees are white and Asian men. Among technical employees, few are women, and even fewer are Latino or African-American.

              Tech companies should care about these numbers. Many studies show that companies with gender and ethnic diversity tend to be more creative and more profitable, because varied perspectives help them design products and services that appeal to a diverse, worldwide audience.

              1. Well, as everyone knows, rigidly policing your hiring practices based on arbitrary racial and gender lines as opposed to talent and compatibility is the best way to produce creative and profitable companies. I mean, look at these very companies they mention. I mean, they suck because they hire for talent, and this can only improve them, right?

              2. varied perspectives help them design products and services that appeal to a diverse, worldwide audience

                Wow. That is some happy horseshit there.

                1. How many ways can you reimagine toilet paper?

                  1. The Venezuelans keep imagining it, but it doesn’t appear.

                2. I truly despise the trope that only a native can understand and appeal to the colorful folkways of their fellow aborigines.

                  Seriously, they do not see how condescending and soft-bigotry that is?

              3. Gnawing fear.. somewhere out there, there’s a crayon box with only white colors.. and only 3 shades of white, at that.. Where’s the justice it that!?!!

              4. Many studies show that companies with gender and ethnic diversity tend to be more creative and more profitable

                Let’s not dismiss this out of hand, after all, look at the Times editorial page…

                1. “More creative” – purely subjective. Happy, as the commenter said, horseshit.

                  “More profitable” – assuming everybody keeps their books both well, and the same way, this should be verifiable.

              5. Many studies show that companies with gender and ethnic diversity tend to…

                …catch less flak from SJWs and often-times legal haranguing.

                1. Not really. SJWs can always invent reasons to give someone shit if they’ve got a good reason (like, said person has something they want, or is an obstacle to the Total State, or whatever). “Microaggressions” is basically the application of homeopathy to grievance-mongering.

                  1. “Microaggressions” is basically the application of homeopathy to grievance-mongering.


                  2. That last sentence was wonderfully stated.

              6. “Many studies show”. Hmm. I’m pretty sure Apple is one of the most profitable companies on the damn planet and they don’t seem to have any problem designing products that appeal to a diverse worldwide audience. I thought that measuring customer appeal was why you used market research and focus groups, but I guess the magic of varied skin tones and vaginas have proved superior.

              7. It’s easy to increase the appeal of your company’s products to women and minorities: just add more flashing lights and pink things and big block letters spelling monosyllabic words.

              8. “In a study conducted in 2003, Orlando Richard, a professor of management at the University of Texas at Dallas, and his colleagues surveyed executives at 177 national banks in the U.S., then put together a database comparing financial performance, racial diversity and the emphasis the bank presidents put on innovation. For innovation-focused banks, increases in racial diversity were clearly related to enhanced financial performance.”

                Note “for innovation-focused banks” so presumably not for all banks.

                And the better results of “diversity” were for firms with more female board members, not employees. It also compared only the top and bottom quartile of female board representation. It doesn’t show that there is a general improvement according to female representation, just that there was a difference between the top and bottom.

            3. Basically every news outlet that wrote about it. They would talk about, e.g., Google having “a problem with diversity” and then talk about how white and male it is.

              The thing is, white people are underrepresented at Google relative to their percentage of the general population. So is every other racial group except Asians.

        2. Unless of course they are slaves in nail salons being killed by pollution.

        3. “Evidently. Discovered a few weeks back that Asians are ‘basically white’ since they tend to be affluent. Plus, lumping them in with the other minorities skews the statistics and makes it harder to present them all as helpless victims.”

          Tony once tried to attack Silicon Valley as being filled with evil white people and lacking diversity, so I posted a chart showing that Asians are actually a MAJORITY of workers in Silicon Valley. Asians are 3 percent of America and 50% of Silicon Valley workers while white people are 63% of America and 47% of Silicon Valley workers.

          Tony then actually used the phrase ‘Asians don’t count.’

          1. Well, there’s only one way to right this great injustice. We have to implement a negative quota on Asians for jobs, housing, business loans, etc. We make Asians more poor so that the can join the rest of the downtrodden minority. See, we can fix it, we’re government, we fix things!

          2. That’s cause Tony is a racist twatwaffle who would murder his own mother if Obama told him to.

          3. It’s kind of weird talking about “Asians” as some kind of unified group. It’s not a great way to talk about people in general, but at least blacks or Latinos have many cultural things in common across the grouping. But a Japanese person and an Indian and a Lebanese person are all Asian and have pretty much nothing else in common. In Silicon valley, I imagine there are lots of Chinese and Indians and Japanese people. Which is quite a lot of ethnic and cultural diversity.

            1. You know that “Asian” is the currently acceptable euphemism for “East Asian”, right? Indians and Lebanese are not included.

        4. Yea, it is not like any American government instituted discrimination against Asians, prevented them from intermarriage with whites, and rounded them up into special neighborhoods or anything. Jeesh, people should see they had the same head start as whitie! /sarc

          1. and the sarcasm aside, Asians managed to do okay despite things like those interment camps.

            1. They got the deal that Frederick Douglas was demanding.

      2. White people 2.0

    2. Any questions?

      Yes. I need context to determine the badness of how bad gentrification is.

      Is it Donald Tump bad? Vanilla Ice bad? Snow bad? Rachel Dolezal bad? Matt Welch bad?

      How bad is it?

      1. According to the article, it’s Human Rights Violation bad! Of all the bads in the world, that has to be one of the baddest bads of all.

        1. Ho. Ly. Shit. I failed to understand that it was that bad.

        2. By god, that’s… 911000!!

          1. I … I don’t even know what that is!

            No one does!

        3. The The UN Declaration of Human Rights is one of the most ridiculous and over-arching documents of all time. I remember going to some cause-celebre concert in the 80’s, which had Springsteen and Peter Gabriel, among others, which spent an hour between acts reading the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Maybe it was the party favors we’d had that day, but I remember doubling over, laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face, as we listened to the document’s demands. It pretty much says that everyone deserves such things as a multilayer cake with whip cream frosting and candles every birthday, and plenty of wonderful gifts and kisses from desirable others to boot — and if you don’t get that, it’s a human rights violation and you should start a revolution.

          1. Read this at first as “multiyear cake,” which was even funnier.

          2. Article 22 is where it really starts to go downhill. From there, more and more positive rights are slipped in, never mentioning who must pay for these “rights”. We’re all entitled to social security, free healthcare, free education and paid holidays at the expense of others.

      2. Freedom of Association Bad.

      3. I heard Vanilla Ice interviewed on Chris Jericho’s podcast recently. He really came across as amazingly likable and down to earth, which surprised me, as I had always sort of assumed he was the proto-Bieber. He talked at length about his meteoric rise to fame and what led him to leave that lifestyle, as well as his career of rehabbing houses and seemed to be a very thankful and personable sort. At the end I thought “wow, I actually like this guy”.

        As for Matt, yeah he’s pretty bad.

        1. on Chris Jericho’s podcast

          A Jerichoholic?

          The Ayatollah would seem podcast-worthy, though.

          1. I like his podcast. In addition to wrestlers and heavy metal musicians, he’s had a cryptozoologist, a conspiracy theorist, Jesse Ventura, Ian Ziering, and the aforementioned Vanilla Ice on.

    3. HuffPo had an article up just today pointing out the most segregated cities in America and how terrible it is. And here another one complaining about the opposite…geez my head is spinning.

      1. These most segregated cities in America, which ones would they be? Certainly not proggie strongholds. I know we can mark those off of the list.

  2. Whatever happened to the linguistic construction “bad idea”? I mean, “Is gentrficatin is bad idea?” is a question with two sides. “Is gentrification a Human Rights Violation”? Is simply nonsense intended to distract from the simple fact that Progressive rent policy ensures that there will always be a shortage of cheap housing, by making sure that nobody can afford to build it, or be the landlord of it. Which ensures that the Progressives will always have a jstification for meddling.

    See; delapidated housing maintained by cheap-ass landlords making a marginal living off the poor? Bad bad bad. Delapidated housing maintained by Progressive Top Men to be rented below cost to The Deserving Poor, at the expemse of actually productive people? Good good good.

    Without some justification for Policy meddling, society might actually ask the Progressives to WORK for a living.

  3. Instead of renaming a mountain, maybe Obama should have given Manhattan back to the injuns.

    1. I was assured on facebook that the act of Obama renaming the mountain was the greatest thing any President has ever done for the native american population. It was such an act of self sacrifice. We should all shed a tear. Hes just so great.

      1. No cult of personality there.

      2. Of course, and now native Americans, whether from their canoes or their casinos, can be heard thanking the “Great [BLACK] father” in Washington.

      3. Unfortunately, they’re telling the truth. This is the greatest thing any president has done for the native american population.

        It’s a very, very low bar.

        1. Set by none other than Saint Abe.

        2. And here I thought it was handing out Casino licenses and having a carve out in the smoking ban based on one’s race.

        3. Wait, did they actually change Mt. Rainier’s name or something?

          1. Yes, it shall henceforth be referred to as Mt. Gambol.

            1. DON’T!

          2. McKinley.

            1. The funny thing is they want to rename Mt. Rainier to Mt. Tacoma. I’m sure that’ll be a comfort to the people in Tacoma and the Native Americans when it blows.


      4. I can’t bring myself to muster the necessary level of OUTRAGE!!! at Obama renaming the mountain. Or un-renaming the mountain, I guess.

        1. It’s a sign of incompetence. It’s like a middle manager that keeps attending meetings but not really doing anything else. He can rename a mountain, so he does that.

          1. So what you’re saying is that Obama is the manager from the Dilbert comic strips?

      5. He’s just SUCH and empty suit.

    2. If the Injuns have any sense, they’d turn him down.

  4. This type of hyperbole is completely typical. Being hyperbolic about issues that absolutely do not deserve such status has been done so much at this point that it’s par for the course for anyone bringing a new special interest to public attention. You pretty much can’t get anyone to pay attention to your dumbfuck issue at this point unless you use some kind of (usually progressive) hyperbolic buzzwords, because of all the noise out there from people trying to get you to pay attention to their idiotic pet issues.

    I rent a floor in a house owned and occupied by my landlords, in a rapidly gentfrifying Brooklyn neighborhood.

    Ha ha, Matt lives on the shitty side of Park Slope.

    1. Actually, if the picture is any indication, he doesn’t live in Park Slope. Frankies Spuntino is in Carroll Gardens. I pass it sometimes when I go to visit a girl I’m seeing in Red Hook – a neighborhood that really is gentrifying from being a place you do. not. go. to. to a decent location with some nice restaurants and bars.

      1. Oh, I’m just kidding. I actually haven’t been on the shitty side of Park Slope (if there even is one any more) in years and years (I used to have a coworker who lived there and she threw a bunch of parties at her place), and I have no idea where the current no-go versus gentrified areas in Brooklyn are anymore. I haven’t been in Brooklyn, other than Brooklyn Heights, in a really long time.

        1. It hasn’t changed all that much. Other than Red Hook, most of the old no-go areas are still no-go areas. Bed-Stuy and Bushwick are supposedly gentrifying but I’m dubious.

          1. Really? The last time I was in Bed-Sty was to pick up my car which had been towed because I had over $1000 in parking tickets with the city. It was…unsettling there, even in the daytime. To see that gentrified would be interesting.

            After they towed my car I switched it out with my other car, proceeded to rack up $1200 in parking fines on that one, and never got nabbed. The city must have sent me notices for 10 years after I moved out. Well, fuck them.

            1. Bed-Stuy is…ehhhhh

            2. There are beautiful houses there, so I can see some, uh, daring individuals taking advantage of that.

              1. Yeah, but…it’s Brooklyn. It’s not even the city.


                1. Williamsburg has pushed to Bed-Stuy – still not great but it’s not a gamble. Bushwick is also still sketchy but the Bohemians are moving there too. People are moving into the neighborhoods on the L line.

                  1. My sister-in-law lives in Cobble Hill. It’s about as gentrified as can be. And she hates it, because she’s lived there since the seventies and doesn’t like trendy food. Which is a problem in that neighborhood, because that’s all there is.

          2. I’ve never been to New York, but I have seen maps of the city. If I remember correctly, Bed-Stuy is one of the biggest neighbourhoods by area. So it’s plausible that one corner of it might be gentrifying, even if the rest of it is still pretty crappy.

            1. Behold. I guess it’s pretty big. And it does get worse from left to right.

            2. Lotta truth behind that plausibility. It’s a very hot real estate market, with Europeans showing up with bags of cash, and many neighborhoods smarting up…but I much prefer Carroll Gardens (and its terrific public elementary school).

              1. As I was being priced out of Chelsea around 2008, the landlord graciously had my followers stomping around my apartment to view it while I was there. It was all trust-fund Euros. That was kind of the time I decided than Manhattan wasn’t for me.

      2. “Red Hook”

        Isn’t that where all the racist Asian stereotypes get together and try to engage in evil demonic incantations so as to destroy the white man in service to their despicable Asiatic brood?

        Man, it’s always fun to be reminded of what a crazy racist H.P. Lovecraft was.

        1. Well, I SF’d the link.

          Too lazy to fix it though, so I’ll just let it stand.

        2. Speaking of racist Asian stereotypes, why aren’t people offended by the name “Park Slope”? I thought a ‘Slope’ was a horrible ethnic slur for Asians. And a whole park full of slopes? Where’s the Human Rights brigade about that?

          1. I dunno. I just call my Asian friends ‘you slant eyed fuck’

          2. No, dude, Park is a Korean surname. They’re calling someone (everyone?) named Park a slope.

    2. At least it’s not Bay Ridge.

      1. *narrows gaze*

        1. Keep in mind, I once lived in Queens, Forest Hills Gardens specifically.

        2. Joins in the gaze narrowing.

          I lived there for the better part of ten years.

      2. Or Canarsie.

        1. Yeah, right?

          Bay Ridge is nice enough and one of the last bastions of old-timey Italian middle class.

          1. Yeah. But, the commute is genuinely hellish.

            1. He man, try driving from the Upper East Side to Kings County Hospital and Downstate Medical Center and back every day. That was my commute.

              You can imagine my relief when I started working on 17th Street just off Union Square.

              1. Okay, that truly is one of the lower circles of hell.

                I’m sure Beth Israel was an improvement.

            2. I’ve never worked in Midtown so it’s not so bad. Wall Street for some years – now Jersey City which is just one stop away under the Hudson. Still – the R does blow.

  5. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my forty hmmmmm years on this planet, it’s that evil never, ever sleeps.

    1. I take the occasional nap. That’s how you get rainbows.

      1. So that’s what Karen carpenter meant when she said someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection.

        1. I thought that was Kermit the Frog?

          1. Yes, in 1979, but Karen carpenter’s version is what I like most. She recorded it in 1980 or 1981, not too long before she passed. I like Kermit’s version, too.

        2. Nice singer, better drummer.

          1. It’s certainly close.

            1. Nah, the best version is by IZ. And I actually saw him perform before he became famous (I used to live in HI)

  6. Lenina Nadal, the communications director for Right to the City,

    OK I guess with that name, you either go into total rebellion against your parents or end up a Commie. Guess we know which way she went.

    Seriously, Lenina?

    1. Seriously, Lenina?

      Okay….so Demolition Man sucked but why the hate?

      1. Unless there’s another source, usually that’s a kind of name commies give their kids (Lenin – Lenina, or Lenin – Ninel).

        1. They also tend to be “awfully pneumatic”.

          1. Better….going back to the original source material!

            I bow to your superior knowledge of literature as opposed to my tawdry and trivial reference to a shitty Sylvester Stallone film.

            1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. 3 seashells, dude.

            2. I’m impressed you knew the Sandra Bullock character’s name in that flick was Lenina. I had to IMDb to check that out.

              May you go to dinner at Taco Bell as a reward.

      2. What’s that? DM is 2nd behind Big Trouble in Little China for best bad movies. Well, that and The Last Dragon!

        1. Hey, hey! BTiLC is not a good bad movie, it’s just a good movie, period! Best bad movie is Commando.



          1. “Pain don’t hurt.”

  7. I’m still trying to sort this one out (from Balko’s twitter feed) on the Nashville, TN Mayoral race. Jewish candidate calls Christian candidate an Atheist, she denies it and calls it a smear, Balko condemns both for accusing and denying Atheism.

    I would think being accused of lying about one’s faith IS a smear but Balko seems to think she has some obligation to reply that “it’s OK to be an Atheist”. Does this mean that when Obama’s people deny he is a Muslim they are smearing and denigrating Muslims? Has Balko called out Obama’s anti-Muslim defenders?

    1. Is this one of those clever logic problems where someone ends up with an extra dollar?

      1. This logic says that SIV gets one more dollar than Balko.*

        *This logic did not actually read what Balko wrote.

        1. To be fair to Balko, I’m not following the Nashville Mayor’s race.

          Suppose a happily married family-man politician was accused of being a homosexual. Need he necessarily respond that “it’s OK to be gay and if I’m on the down low it is between me and my wife who I blow in highway rests stops, but for the record, I am a heterosexual but am not implying there is anything morally superior about that sexual orientation”or is it OK to say it is a smear because he is actually a happily married monogamous family person?

          1. Perhaps worse than I originally thought on Balko’s part. The Christian candidates denial and characterization of the charge as a “smear” is, in his eyes, WORSE than the initial attack.
            Balko Twitter feed

            1. You deserve a solid.

              You know that your questions posed above would upset many a proggie and, apparently, Balko.

            2. What would you think if a candidate said allegations they were Christian were a “horrible smear”? Would you think it was shitty that I was implying being Christian was something to be ashamed of? Would it be more normal for me to just say, no, that’s not true?

              1. For a committed atheist, of course it would be a smear.

                Ditto if the candidate was an authentic, devout Scientologist.

              2. “Would it be more normal for me to just say, no, that’s not true?”


                Also, to be fair, being called an atheist in many parts of the country is considered a smear.

                1. I’m sure it is with a segment of Nashville voters. The Jewish candidate made his Atheist charge on Black radio stations. My point is that any accusation of adhering to a faith other than the one you profess is a smear because it is an accusation of profound dishonesty. “She said she is a Christian but she’s really an Atheist” is what she’s being accused of.

      2. “Is this one of those clever logic problems where someone ends up with an extra dollar?”

        Only if you’re willing to put your hand in SIV’s front pocket to look for it.

    2. SIV, are you in Nashville?

      1. No, but I often visit the area.

        1. I used to go there a lot for work.

          1. That’s on our list of places to visit soon.

          2. The aforementioned highway rest stops?

            1. Yeah, sure, that’s where I ran my hookers and blow op, I was pimp master of every highway rest stop from Nashville to Knoxville. Even traded a few orphans now and then.

              1. You must have made a fortune during the Knoxville World’s Fair. Is it true you could go inside the Sunsphere where a hooker would take you “around the world”?

    3. Why should I as an atheist feel anything but indifferent if one non-atheist refers to another non-atheist as an atheist by way of asserting the latter is apostate or a hypocrite? To most non-atheists being atheist is not acceptable, but I’m not a non-atheist and not subject to their value judgements. What does it matter?

      1. Exactly

        1. Wait… is there money in bending a non-atheist to my will? Where do atheists sit in the progressive stack? Can I at least extort a humiliating public apology?

    4. Yes, everything has to be about Obama. Must not talk about anything other than how awful Obama and his supporters are.

      1. Well, it is an inexhaustible source of material.

        1. Every President is an inexhaustible source of material.

  8. This is rampant in Baltimore. More and more neighborhoods are becoming livable. The horror.

  9. It’s also anti-Semetic because those rich, white women are making the Hasidic’s uncomfortable.

    1. You know who else made Semitic people uncomfortable?

      1. Other Semitcs?

      2. Don Rickles?

      3. Al Sharpton?

      4. I’m drawing a blank.

      5. Their tailors?

      6. Ramses II?

      7. Oh! I know, that burning bush thing??

        1. They hate BOOOOOSH!

      8. The Mohel?

        1. *standing ovation*

          (for you, not Plehve)

    2. In my neighborhood it’s mostly rich Jews, including Hasidic. Lots of black clothing here.

      1. And a lot of the women are very pretty. You know who they are because they wear long sleeves and skirts year round and they all have the same haircut, and 5-10 kids.

        1. they all have the same haircut

          You mean, “they all have the same wig“.

          1. NOT THE GUYS! Oh… what? Well, they all have the same shoulder length straight dark hair and it’s always full looking and… OMG it’s a fucking wig! Are the boobs and curvy hips fake too?!

          2. And hear I though I was going to see some hot Jewish girls twearking.

              1. You are the man

              2. Manna from heaven!

                Blasphemous? I hope not!

                1. I’m pretty sure Moses would approve. Thou Shalt Shake That Ass.

              3. Rule 34 strikes again.

  10. But ghettofication is glorious progerss!

    1. That is how the leftoids change the conversation to a new gripe.

  11. This still isn’t the worst take I’ve seen all day. The Guardian had a piece on how the new Taylor Swift video supports colonialism.

    1. That’s actually believable. They weren’t saying that was a bad thing were they?

      1. Ok, so I just watched that video. First: Would. Second: Song sucks. Third: Guardian is retarded.

    2. The Guardian should just shake it off.

      1. They’re so Mean. Always creating Bad Blood.

          1. I had totally forgotten about Neil Sedaka. Man I remember that song. That’s a long time ago.

  12. Jesus Christ on a (small-batch, organically hand-crafted) popsicle stick, what the living Fletch is wrong with you people?

    On top of all the other awful things that hipsters are, they are gentrifiers too.

    1. This neighborhood used to be cool man

  13. Most laws in North America are stacked against the landlord but these loser commies act as if they have no rights.


  14. I have an idea. Since Lenina and her buddies hate all that gentrification stuff, why don’t we send ’em all to East New York and build a Donald Trump size wall around the place. Then they’ll have the “luxury” of living in a location unsullied by the hand of evil gentrification.

    1. I dunno, if something happens to the president in there, who are you gonna send? Snake Pilsken? I heard he was dead.

      1. Send in Congress to search for him.

        Then lock the gate behind them.

  15. OT: In case you missed it, the primary suspect for the Bangkok bomb has been caught, and the rumors from day one that he is Uighur have turned out to be true. This is like a first when it comes to Thai scuttlebutt.

    1. What? You wanna fuckin’ hat tip?

        1. Does ‘Ulghur’ rhyme with ‘vulgar’?

    2. Friggin’ Muslims.

      But Obama….bah. Never mind.

      1. Look, look, could still be the Jews. Have we considered Jews? I mean, who else would have the motivation to make peaceful people look bad, I ask you?
        I mean, Israelis, not Jews!


        1. Whenever I hear ‘Chomsky’ it always makes me think away from Noam, that it’s rather it’s own word.

          And to me ‘chomsky’ is when you get a little piece of cartilage in a piece of meat or beef jerky, and you just keep on chewing it and chewing it, but it won’t get smaller or swallow-able. And eventually you have to spit it out. That’s what a chomsky is.

  16. Is it gentrification when towns and cities raise property taxes so high that people are forced to sell the homestead that has been in the family for generations because the rent they pay to the municipality approaches their annual income? I’ve seen that happen several times. Kennebunkport is especially known for this.

    I blame Bush.

  17. Just heard US AG Lynch say in the aftermath of the officer shot in Illinois ‘it’s a sad fact no one is safe.’

    To borrow Matt’s term…Jesus Christ.

    1. Never thought I’d say it, but… I miss Holder.

      1. Bleach that filth from your mouth..

      2. Whenever you miss Holder just take something heavy and hit yourself squarely in the balls.

    2. What she means is that no one is safe because we haven’t been able to disarm the american people.

      1. Something something woodchipper.

  18. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar writes dumb op-ed comparing Trump to Bernie Sanders, Trump dutifully responds in a way that completely lowers the bar for discourse

    This morning, an essay of mine was published titled, “This is the Difference Between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.” Trump’s response to my piece is the best, though inelegant, support for my claims. Here again, he attacks a journalist who disagrees with him, not by disputing the points made but by hurling schoolyard insults such as “nobody likes you.” Look behind the nasty invective and you find an assault on the Constitution in the effort to silence the press through intimidation. The full text is below.

    Dear Kareem,

    Now I know why the press always treated you so badly ? they couldn’t stand you. The fact is that you don’t have a clue about life and what has to be done to make America great again!

    Best wishes,

    Donald Trump

    No, Kareem, being a dick to reporters isn’t silencing them. But at the same time can we hope that at some point Republicans get sick of Trump’s shtick?

    How do you not feel stupider having read exchanges like this?

    1. When did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar become a journalist?

      1. Kareem is a Renaissance Man, didn’t you know that?

    2. “being a dick to reporters isn’t silencing them”

      For years, the media has equated abuse with love, while carrying the left’s water from one scandal to the next. For years, the media has grown accustomed to the right kissing their asses, in order to get away without being completely villainized on every stunt they pull. They appear absolutely baffled by a candidate that tells them to go fuck themselves, with a candor, and an earnest, heartfelt frankness that they’ve never encountered before… and so richly deserve.. In summary, the Trump-et and the media deserve each other..

      1. TL;DR: The media is pretty much a typical woman, loving the abuser and resenting the nice guy.

      2. They deserve each other and we deserve to be rid of them. Can we make a circular wall and shove them all in there?

    3. I don’t know, right now I sort of hope the next election is Kanye versus Trump, just so I won’t really feel too bad when Iran nukes us. I’ll just think of it as tough love.

  19. Double Dose of Trump:

    First time I’ve seen this interview.

    Trump calls for America to end world policing until financials are straight. Don’t aggress against the Chinese in the South China Sea. Calls on Europeans to handle the Ukraine situation. Can’t say I disagree with him here.

    1. Has Trump disowned his previous drug-legalization stance?

      1. This is Trump’s defense for everything he has given his opinion on in the past: “I am a businessman, and because I am in business I had to say things to get business done so I could keep my business factories running.”

        So, everything he has said in his past is invalid. It is a pretty good strategy because it seems to be working.

        1. It works for the easy 20-30% of so-called primary voters who get hot and bothered where deportation and border-length fences are concerned. Trump merely threw them a wink and these people had themselves lubed up and puckering to take The Donald.

        2. So, everything he has said in his past is invalid.

          Hard to get more Presidential than that.

          1. Presidents usually wait until after they’re elected to reverse their positions. Trump sometimes doesn’t make it out of the same speech.

      2. I’m not sure. This website says in 2011 that he was for legalization. He does strike me as a moderate on religion and social issues. Now will he say he’s against drugs to get elected. I don’t know.

        1. Now will he say he’s against drugs

          He’s already said he’s against legalization.

      3. Yes, 100% disowned.

  20. Mos Def is sad that his Brooklyn residents are no longer known as heavy regiments.

    Talib Kweli is sad that they no longer paint murals of Biggie in Brooklyn, New York City.

    1. It would also unfortunately appear that in some areas, “M.C.” has become short-hand for “misconception”

    1. Z should have been Zero Chance

  21. My remember my favorite NYC rent control story, from Spy magazine in the ’90s. Seems there was some Rothschild offspring living in a nice 3-4 story brownstone, for which he was paying (IIRC) about $80/month, because it had been under continual rent control since WWII.

    1. My wife is a P.I. who does work in this field. And hoo boy, the prices haven’t changed as much as you might think.

  22. I live in Oakland and used to live in San Francisco so I am familiar with the anti-gentrification crowd. They’re the guys who are obsessed with not changing the character of a (what may be an incredibly shitty) neighborhood and then celebrate when that same neighborhood gets its first organic fair-trade coffeehouse. I just want to scream: “YOU’RE THE ONES GENTRIFYING!!! WHY CAN’T YOU SEE THAT?!?!?!”

    Neighborhood change; they just do. The Mission District in SF — the front lines of gentrification a couple years ago — was, yes, Latino for decades and seeing it change into a techie paradise is sad in a way (mostly because techies annoy me and I love Mexican and Salvadoran food). But before that, it was a traditionally Irish enclave for even longer. Someday it’ll undoubtedly change into something else.

    The dearth of affordable housing in SF (and now much of Oakland) is a travesty. But that has far more to do with zoning regulations that make it difficult to impossible to keep up with housing demand than the powers of gentrification.

    1. But, we have to stop everything from ever changing, even the climate, because progress!

      1. “But, we have to stop everything from ever changing, even the climate, because progress!”

        Spot on..


      To be fair, most of the complaints I hear are from people who are priced out of their current neighborhood by hipsters and yuppies. Not that their solutions are valid but I can understand why they’re pissed about it.

    3. Neighborhood change; they just do.

      This is what is so puzzling about the anti-gentrifyers- they are essentially saying that neighborhoods should be frozen at a certain point in time- but what makes them think that we can freeze them when they are getting better if we’ve never been able to freeze them to keep them from getting *worse*.

    4. Do you really think removing regulations would result in affordable SF housing? It’s a very densely populated peninsula with a fixed supply of land. Not a whole lot of undeveloped areas left other than the parks.

      1. Remove the regulation that prevents most new buildings from being more than a couple of stories high. Then you can build on the Z axis you at least somewhat mitigate the lack of land.

  23. I’m willing to take bets that the author of the piece was born somewhere in the midwest

  24. Yeah, we should ban gentrification, that way ghettos will remain ghettos forever and it will be impossible for anyone anywhere to take advantage of rising property values, and no one will ever be able to leave their neighborhoods for other ones. Segregation for ever!

    1. But those weren’t the intentions!


    The Lieutenant Governor of Texas wants you to buy cops lunch when they’re on duty. I believe the term is “bribe”.

    1. Since when do cops buy their own lunch anywhere?

      1. They certainly never paid for pizza when I worked at Domino’s one summer.

        Buy a construction worker lunch instead. It is a more dangerous job, it pays less, the work’s harder, and we need them more.

    2. #BlowACop

      Anyone want to make it trend?

  26. Police union calls for Arby’s boycott after cop allegedly refused service by clerk at franchise

    Leaders of local Police Benevolent Associations, union-like organizations whose leaders are elected directly by officers and are separate from official police leadership, however are not so quick to let the situation go.

    “It is beyond comprehension and deeply troubling that a business would deny service to a law enforcement officer just for being a law enforcement officer,” said John Rivera, president of both the Dade County and Florida PBA associations said in a statement. “In this case, after the clerk refused to serve the officer, the manager came up to the window laughing and said that the clerk had the right to refuse service to the officer. This is yet another example of the hostile treatment of our brave men and women simply because they wear a badge. It is unacceptable and warrants much more than an apology. We support our brothers and sisters who wear the badge in Broward County and across the United States. Until corrective action is taken and the employees involved in this incident are terminated, we are calling for a national boycott of Arby’s.”

    Well this, and I never thought I’d say this, this just makes me want to go to Arby’s.

    1. Trust me…you really, really don’t.

      1. I mean, you can always buy something and give it to a homeless person. You hate homeless people, right Epi?

        1. That’s ’cause he doesn’t season them properly

        2. Giving them Arby’s is just cruel, man. You might as well be giving them Tenafly Viper.

          1. We used to call that Mad Dog 20/20

            1. One used to be able to enjoy a good bottle of MD 20/20 or a good 40oz Steel Reserve or Colt 45 on their front lawn and pass out in a puddle of urine before this gentrification ruined so many neighborhoods. The good old days are gone.

              1. Don’t forget Thunderbird, and some Boone’s Farm for the ladies.

                1. Oh …. Boones Farm Strawberry hill wine… ugh, it was nearly 40 years ago and I feel sort of sick… worst fucking hangover I’ve ever had. You know, the one where you’re praying to the porcelain god to let you live?

                  1. I remember the dry heaves being the absolute worst.

                  2. man, if that sheepy ass whine made you get all fucked over for fuckecades, super baby, hyp… boromamluma… baby you need to bring down your shit to my steeples….
                    because for uno. I love. deus. I love U.

                    4 lines of backward powns so light and fluggy ona sweet asian butt left and right of her crack and in between real crack…. show up… and die.. or live on a trail that escape now and then come back weeks.

    2. We need to strangle to death this Praetorian Guard while it’s still in its crib.

      1. You know who else had the meats?

        1. My character in the Kingdom of Loathing?

    3. Broward’s PBA also called for a boycott while somehow taking a shot at President Barack Obama, who, New Times can confirm, was not involved in the incident.

      This is good stuff.

    4. This wonderful example of freedom of association would warm my heart if I had one

    5. Arby’s: Shirt and Shoes required, badges prohibited.

  27. “Jesus Christ on a (small-batch, organically hand-crafted) popsicle stick, what the living Fletch is wrong with you people?”

    What is wrong with you Matt? They are marxists. They are demoralized. You don’t know useful idiots when you see them? They are called idiots for a reason.

  28. Some forms of gentrification can be equated with stadium billionaires gaming the system. If I had a bleeding cock wand that could magically wave away all the hardcore fucking communism associated with the hard fucking left view on this thang… in some instances a real fucking issue remains that you’ve fucking conveniently and lazily overlooked, Mr. Hookah Welch- namely, gentrification CAN occur very UNnaturally and very UNfree-market-like. Namely the mixage of billionaires who game like a Trump and a city council in love with a fat tax base. Suck on that popsicle, Welch.

    1. bleeding cock wand

      Good band name, that would be.

      All girl. Punk. With mohawks, they must wear.

      Until then, make do with Butcher Babies must I.

      (oookay… that’s enough fucking Yoda for one night)

      1. Nice fucking sound vessels, brother. I actually just did a line. Peace out, love.

      2. Be careful with that stuff, you’ll frighten the snowflakes.

    2. Fair point, my Agile friend. Its not unheard of for developers to conspire with local pols in getting projects (including gentrification projects) done.

      1. A fair point that was right in the excerpt that Welch gave from the article. Yes, the headline was ridiculous, but if you just went by that excerpt it could have been taken off a libertarian website

    3. That’s not how it’s happening in Brooklyn though. Bushwick is gentrifying the old fashioned way, with artists and hipsters moving into crime-ridden cheap-rent areas and turning them into organic-vegan-tattoo-graffiti havens. There is a rather even gradation between the traditional gang-tags and taqueria side and the artistic street art and coffee-house area. None of it looks recently renovated either. It looks like a bunch of hippies moved in and redecorated while high on LSD.

      1. oh this is a thrashing, Hazel. I don’t have enough butter to pile on the guilt so we swim the dark clouds of robotic schiwingo

  29. Dean Jones, 1931-2015

    Jones, the actor most famous for driving Herbie, the Love Bug in a pair of movies (the other being Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo) has died at the age of 84.

    Not that H&R will cover this, of course.

    1. Love. Dean. Jones.

      Apprex Ted, my love to you.

      Dean, please pass into a crossover velvet, my love. Dean Jones the ever brilliant mystical man of super awesome actor shit. I love you, Dean. And you are gone forever because I don’t believe in heaven or returns so my tears on my balls this evening will be my altar of love.

    2. “Not that H&R will cover this, of course.’

      ITS ALL TRUMP AND TRANNIES!! (shakes fist)


      1. Dean Jones wasn’t Mexican, and he was a born-again Christian, which mean he probably didn’t engage in ass-sex.

        1. Dean. Jones. did not have to fuck like I fuck for my facial structure to love him for his fucking acting crack.

          At some point in time religion, gender, race, heathenism, fuckabilitah, or cripplage has nothing to do with anything… if a human of loving endeavor is loved he, she, or it is loved liked the fastest alien out the gate…

          Dean made my fucking little boy happy heart hurpy wappy when I saw him on the lovable bugs and in the old Dizzy piks.

          Dean was a handsome awesome man when I was a boy trying to love a fucked up father who I still love this day, man. Dad’s fuck up. Father’s fail. But when they love you in their late years.. peace out, brother… A father’s love when he is smaller than you is a rainbow after a long thunder boomer, boys.

    3. Was he also in Herbie: Portrait of a Serial Killer?

      1. (slides knife from sheath, sneaks up behind MJ)

        1. (eats popcorn, just watches)

  30. Checked Drudge this morning and his top story is a link and pic fromThe Independent. That pic is about the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Giving my daughter a little extra love today. After she shines my shoes first, of course.

    1. You’re too easy on your kids. No monocle polish with the shoe shine?

      1. I don’t need a monocle. She “donated” one of her eyes to me.

        1. A monocle is a steamy iron thing, Straff. And you need one, Straff. Because you were almost killed by a serial killer next door and his screwdriver in your fly didn’t fix your aliveness and the serial killer slept and Straff pulled out the serial killed screwdriver from his cock and he the Straff burst out of a deep basement in a fucking place people don’t normally burst from but Straff had a monocle and Straff put that soft glass on his eye and he found through the soft glass a light laser pointed to beer and Straff ran down the road following his monocle to the beer and around side a lonely mountain across the divide from the serial killer Straff found beer and a lonely bartender with a massive machine gun and Straff gave his monocle to the awesome bartender and fell into a deep sleep on a bed of goat fur.

    2. Hillary and her jug eared master are responsible for that shit. Drawing red lines, making up videos, arming the ‘good’ terrorists, oh what difference does it make?

  31. Something cannot be merely bad or unfortunate, just as it can’t be simply unfair. It must be a matter of justice. If it’s a matter of justice, then those who disagree are opposing justice, and it is then just to start using force to remedy the situation.

    1. anything. not something…, babe. Something CAN be merely bad. Anything cannot be merely bad.

  32. If it was covered here I missed it.

    Does anyone have any information on the veracity of the reports of Democratic senators taking money from Iranian lobbyists in return for supporting Obumbles Iran deal?

    1. I had just assumed that happened

    2. “Money from Iranian Lobbyists”

      I think its implausible that there would be any direct “iranian” influence…or that any lobbyist could be directly tied to money from the Iranian government. Sure, there were pro-deal lobbyists… but many i’d expect to be connected to businesses expecting to be able to benefit on resumption of quasi-normalized relations.

      There were millions pumped into lobbying both for and against the deal.

      One might just as well accuse those opposing the deal of having accepted “bribes from Israel”…which would be money from groups simply supporting israel’s position against the ‘treaty’

      I glanced at the Frontpage story about it. It sounds like griping about small-potatoes to me, particularly w/ people that were unlikely to have opposed the deal in any case

  33. Just for grins, I will mention that I spent four days in Bushwick this spring enjoying the art scene during their open studios weekend.
    So not only am I a hipster, I’m a hipster tourist. And I spent money – at upscale restaurants. I promoted gentrification.

    1. I FUCKING hate legs and arms that writhe in horror over goddamn hipsters…

      This agile cyborg is SO FUCKING DONE with fucking bitches FUCKING with Hipsters on all the articles across the bows of the ships of the interwebocean…

      I am not a hipster because I wear exactly what I want when I use tons of drugs when i enter a bar BUT I truly love hipsters because they are who they are the fuck that want when and even worse and better if tourism… so fucking love hipster tourists…. I don’t live in a place where tourists cum but I often over the fucking shit years play with hipsters and I love them and their hats…. hats and beards and boots and odd skirts should not force you to hate super cool spaceship people.

    2. I just told a story and deleted it because you fuckers cant handle it.[

      1. Whaaaat? The first post of yours to get a raspberry.

  34. fucking bought a room in a fucking tiny town with 3 girls and me and a that other boy and we got into a fucking slash dance, man. on old ugly lines and curbs. beat can flee man… the mind has to feel wep and oft and draz. ok, maybe it hit. no.

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  37. joselink is pretzo cuolo babes

  38. I think reason bosses want us to die
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  39. all the bubbly boys disapear when I kiss this shit and I d like to wonder why…..

  40. Fucking spotify can’t find Ghetto hair cut.

    1. for real. spotify is so fucking self righteous it can’t give me super amaze deep black culture shit because spotify is a dumb fuck

      1. Agile broke spotify… type in ‘ghetto hair cut’
        dead,,, alas

        1. “No results found for ‘ghetto hair cut'”


          “No results found for ‘ghetto haircut'”

  41. I will pee a god into this shit world.

  42. Detroit avenue in Toledo was super fucking nasty for alway and now.. but when I was a boy of 12 in mid 80’s I was so fucking good at lettering with paint shit that NONE of you fuckers can even begin to understand unless your Crusty.

    Perhaps none of you will understrand Detroit Ave in Toledo and this is cool but as a white shop often called to price art and signs for the black business brothers in that locale was fucking goddamn motherfucking scary because back then the FUCKING niggas hated niggas much less innocent white biz boys…. and
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  43. i dropped a fuckin bottle, brabs

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  45. the result of a “systemic” effort to drive up profit margins for real-estate developers.

    I love the scare quotes around “systemic” because you “know” its “bad” “shit” when its “systemic”.

  46. At the end of the day this is really about class envy. America is a hot zone for immigration and their people are never static. Why these “Americans” are apparently wary of gentrification is beyond me.

    I would pretend to be a bigot and casually mention to the anti gentrification crowd that “I can’t believe the Chinese are are buying up American real estate and consolidating American businesses on the cheap.”

    “They have a right to do that! Look up yellow fever in the history books! You’re being an xenophobe!”

    Then I’ll try to observe if something registers in their mind. A little cognitive dissonance, perhaps.

  47. Is it really that bad if some percentage of a city, say 25%, is under rent control? Rent control provides an alternative way for some people to access affordable housing other than by paying more — by knowing the right people or being willing to wait longer than others for an available unit. Just another way of allocating scarce resources. For densely populated cities that have a really restricted supply of land, like those surrounded by water, I don’t see how market forces would tend to produce cheaper housing over time, so why not encourage some segment to be under rent control to let some of the less wealthy get in on the action?

    1. This is just question-begging since it presumes that “affordable housing” is something that is a right, and that housing shouldn’t be subject to supply and demand.

    2. I think rent control is only a slight drag on availability. Those stories about $80 rents are extremely rare. I have it and the rules are too complex to go into here but the end result is that my rent is no cheaper than the market rate for my area. And it goes up every year way faster than my income, just like any market rent in NYC.

      The real problem is the zoning rules, political bullshit, and NIMBYism that prevent the massive amounts that would be required to meet demand here.

      1. sigh – “massive amounts of construction

  48. “It is an ideal time to expand the idea that inhabitants not only have a right to their home, …but also to the community they created in their city.”

    I don’t get the logic to the last part. At some point the people currently in a neighborhood moved in and changed it. Even if they were born and grew up in that community they probably brought about change (intentionally or not). Did they not usurp the rights of the prior inhabitants to the community that existed before them? So why is it now that the current inhabitants are the only ones who get to keep their community?

  49. This still isn’t the worst take I’ve seen all day. The Guardian had a piece on how the new Taylor Swift video supports colonialism.

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