They're Going to Need a Bigger Currency: Venezuela's Socialist Meltdown Continues


Latest from the inflationary meltdown in Venezuela, from Bloomberg:

Venezuela is preparing to issue bank notes in higher denominations next year as rampant inflation reduces the value of a 100-bolivar bill to just 14 cents on the black market.

The new notes—of 500 and possibly 1,000 bolivars—are expected to be released sometime after congressional elections are held on Dec. 6…

Many Venezuelans have to carry wads of cash in bags instead of wallets as soaring inflation and a declining currency increase the number of bills needed for everyday purchases. The situation is set to get worse. Inflation, already the fastest in the world, could end the year at 150 percent, said the official.

The government stopped releasing regular economic statistics in December, when it reported inflation had reached 69 percent.

And in a recent PBS Newshour photo essay (where, sadly but predictably, they blame the problems entirely on falling oil prices and not at all on government policy), you can see the current state of attempts to government-manage an inflationary socialist economy.

Artificially low retail gas prices in Venezuela lead, naturally, to black marketeers buying low there and selling high in Colombia.

Reason on Venezuela.

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    So can we hold the people who blew the Charleston shooting completely out of proportion for this?

    1. Forget that! I just want to know which flag we need to ban now.

      1. There aren’t any flags that black people like, so we need to find something else they like. Crack is already illegal so that’s not an option.

        1. There aren’t any flags that black people like

          Oh, is that so?

          1. +1 George Clinton

            I had that album on vinyl my freshman year in college!

            1. Niceee…W.E.F.U.N.K., Wefunk, uncunt funk, da’ bomb!

        2. There aren’t any flags that black people like

          Oh, is that so?

            1. Is that the *LGBT* African-American flag?

              1. It is the whatever Queen Latifah wants it to be flag.

                Don’t call her a bitch, that is all I know.

            2. Their font choice sucks.

      2. The red one with the hammer and sickle.

      3. We need to ban the Nepal flag. I’m not sure people can handle triangular flags.

    2. If Timothy McVeigh could use the Waco siege as an excuse for what he did, you can’t blame this guy for doing the equivalent.

      1. That’s a little rough. Not to justify McVeigh, but he targeted a specific organization that did what he saw as bad things, not random people who just happened to look kinda like a person who did some bad things.

        It’s like the difference between a dude who murders a vocal Al Qaeda supporter for 9/11 and the dude who murders a Sikh for 9/11.

        1. This guy also targeted an organization that did what he saw as bad things.

          They also both targeted customers of said organizations.

    3. I never shied away from calling Roof a racist, and I won’t shy away from saying that either this asshole is an SJW, or basically believes all the same shit and exhibits the same attitudes.

      So, they better figure out what their confederate flag is, because if they left it up to me, I would question why state-funded universities field departments that are essentially state-sponsored hate groups. I’ll see you your General Lee and raise you an intersectional bullshit grievance department. Your move.

      1. intersectional bullshit grievance department

        Nice band name.

    4. Flanagan, who was raised as a Jehova’s witness in California, also said Jehovah made him act.

      So, don’t forget to blame the Jehovah’s Witnesses, too.

      1. Hmm, new analysis will be: “fundamentalist Christian kills two reporters.” Other descriptors will be omitted.

        1. I am pretty sure JWs dont follow The Fundamentals.

          I also question the Christian part.

        2. Or maybe “male gun owner”. I can just hear the SJW mob now:

          “He’s male, and he possessed a gun, and that makes him a male gun owner, just like those who make up the entire NRA!!”

      2. Or the fact that this guy was fucking nuts and thought God was talking to him.

        1. Of course he was nuts.

          Just like Roof is.

          I just hope people who go hysterical on guns finally understand this regardless of race.

          Speaking of which, little mention of his “color” I notice.

          1. No. The only reason that people go on shooting sprees like this is for reasons that prove that all of my political opinions are correct. Can’t we all just agree now that my preferred policies should be implemented immediately because of these tragedies? How many more of these are we going to endure before we finally implement my political agenda?

            1. The only reason that people go on shooting sprees like this is for reasons that prove that all of my political opinions are correct.

              Sums up my Twitter feed pretty nicely.

    5. The night they drove old Dixie down
      And all the bells were ringing,
      The night they drove old Dixie down
      And all the people were singing
      They went, “Na, na, na na … “

      1. Taunting a guy with a watermelon really doesn’t justify murder. But you all know that already. And the watermelon was probably a figment of this guy’s imagination – an imaginary watermelon.

        1. Yes, like that British Muslim guy who thinks Mossad sneaks into his house everyday to hide his shoes in a nefarious Jew plot to drive him mad.

          They video may seem like parody, but he’s dead serious.

          1. That is a truck load of crazy. In a country covered entirely by CCTV cameras, he didn’t consider a recording device, but I’m sure the Zionists would have tampered with that too.

    6. I don’t know about y’all, but I am not going to watch the video. I just can’t.

      1. No way will i do that. I’ve seen people die before (diseases) and I don’t ever want to watch another real death if I don’t have to.

      2. The photo drudge has up is bad enough. I mean, I get it, but what the fuck is wrong with him?

      3. Good idea. It was pretty terrible. I watched it earlier, and I wish I hadn’t.

    7. I’m glad we can use this tragedy for more culture war sniping. JUSTICE FOR THE PRECIOUS BATTLE FLAG!!

  2. Wheelbarrows! I got wheelbarrows! Check out this snazzy little number, it’s perfect for shopping trips.

  3. Venezuela is in the midst of an epic economic meltdown? Who on earth could have foreseen such a run of bad luck?

    / Sean Penn

    1. The fucking Hoarders, Kulaks, and Wreckers.. that’s who.. Dig a slip-trench..

    2. Had only Comrade Chavez not died!


    This is way funnier than it should be. Gavin McGinnis is the second greatest currently active troll behind Milo Yiannopolous.

    1. When did Adam Savage get political?

    2. This takes trolling to the next level.

    3. that was pretty hilarious

  5. Socialism is the sort of idiot solution to an admittedly real problem that a person can only accept when they’ve become so lost to emotion they no longer think rationally about how to better their situation, only how to tear other people down. Angry, frightened people cling to it despite its long track record of self-serving greed, hypocrisy, nasty behavior, open rejection of the basic principles of civil society, and abject economic failure.

    Socialism is the ideological Donald Trump.

    1. But if only the right people were in charge. If you gave Obama absolute power and put all those pesky Rethuglicans up against the wall, I’m sure it would work then.

  6. And in a recent PBS Newshour photo essay (where, sadly but predictably, they blame the problems entirely on falling oil prices and not at all on government policy), you can see the current state of attempts to government-manage an inflationary socialist economy.

    Such authenticity! Such equality!

    /american socialist

    1. Socialism works just fine as long as you’ve got plenty of money. Socialism may be a just way of dividing up the groceries, but it depends rather too heavily on somebody else showing up with some groceries.

      1. Until you run out of other people’s money, which always happens. But the right people will be in charge this time. Right, and next time the Norks will win all the gold medals in the Olympics.

        1. Well, in North Korea they think they won all the gold medals at the Olympics.

        2. “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

          ? Margaret Thatcher

      2. The problem is, somebody has to show up with the groceries, meaning that somebody to has to work.

        1. And at some point, a large enough portion of the people working realizrs that bei.g productive is a sucker’s bet.

      3. Socialism may be a just way of dividing up the groceries,

        What the fuck is just about it?

  7. “The new notes — of 500 and possibly 1,000 bolivars — are expected to be released sometime after congressional elections are held on Dec. 6…”

    They just can’t help themselves, can they? Don’t they realize how insulting that is?

    1. It’s just their little way of sticking it to The Man.

  8. HA. HA. HA.

  9. What’s really ironic is that they name the currency Bolivar, yet Simon Bolivar pretty much predicted this.

    Also also ironic because Marx hated Bolivar


    Video games are racist.

    Video contains the phrase “NPCs of color.”

    1. Palette swapping?

    2. Our tax dollars funded that PBS shit.

        1. The other type of execrable.

          1. Harvard? The “looking off into the distance Christian rock album cover” photo? WHAT

              1. Oh. That is reprehensible. I have a friend with his first name as a last name, so that is how I read it, pronounced Jame-in.

    3. Remember, we’re the racists.

      1. Also remember, no one is trying to shit up video games with social justice!

    4. NPCs had better have color. I’m not spending my hard-earned dollars on video games with black and white NPCs.


  11. Why don’t they just mint some giant platinum coin? I’ve heard proggies say that’ll help, somehow….

    1. That and an Alien invasion. Maybe they could simulate an alien invasion by burning all the cities to the ground. Then they would have the best economy ever. It’s all there in the NYT.

    2. That and an Alien invasion. Maybe they could simulate an alien invasion by burning all the cities to the ground. Then they would have the best economy ever. It’s all there in the NYT.

      1. That’s why I call him Kruggymandias.

  12. Venezuela should just make the exchange rate with the dollar one-to-one.

    1. They may not have to. We might do it for them.

      1. Good point!

  13. Many Venezuelans have to carry wads of cash in bags instead of wallets as soaring inflation and a declining currency increase the number of bills needed for everyday purchases

    What if they instead just attached the bills together into easy-tear-off rolls (like over-sized raffle tickets) that Venezuelans could procure and more easily carry around ?then tear off in the number of bills needed for purchases…

    …or, given the total worthlessness of the Bolivar as anything but paper, they could just hang those same rolls in their bathrooms instead and use the bills in lieu of long-vanished-from-the-market toilet paper!

  14. The Amish love Bolivia. Literally know lots of Amish who relocate to Bolivia mainly because the Amish are hard-working monsters but extremely confused fucks who despise top-down control but practice totalitarian controls on their groups. Don’t even fucking try to educate me on this. I promise you I know the Amish better than any of you.

    1. I love Bolivian.

      1. Mike Tyson went to Bolivian.

        1. You got a cite for that? (Not that I don’t bolivia telling the truth or anything.)

          1. Yes, you think I just make shit up like a leftist?

            Not only a quote:

            I guess I’ll fade into Bolivian

            Any more questions?

    2. There are a lot of them in Sao Paulo state and the two Mato Grosso state, do Sul and do Norte, Brazil.

      Oh wait, they’re not Amish, they’re Mennonite. Well, they look alike! Beards, bonnets, how am I supposed to keep track! I know this because I own a home in Indiana (thank God I don’t live there) and my neighbors there are Mennonite. They were telling me about it.

      1. I also have members of my fucking fam that are Menn’s and Hyp is pegging this shit so goddamn correctly. Mennonites can drive- Amish, never. Abso-fucking-lutely-never….. if they do, question their stations. They ain’t real.

        My life and marriage goes many many years back into old school Amish and Mennonite society…. odd for wealthy hedonists but maybe not…..

        1. And the story of Agile continues to unfold. It’s like he’s growing up before our eyes!

        2. Some Mennonites also don’t drive. You can tell them apart by the color of their buggies.

        3. Yes, and Mennonites do not shun technology, they embrace it. And most of them, like my neighbors out in the midwest are extremely successful, they embrace capitalism as well.

    3. I promise you I know the Amish better than any of you.

      Really? Have you ever had banged an Amish girl after you slathered her in peanut butter?

      1. I remember as a kid going over to my older sisters and seeing all the outhouses at the end of the driveways at the Amish farms. Then I learned those aren’t outhouses, they’re phone booths. The Amish can’t have phones in their houses, but the phone at the end of their driveway is technically on the public right-of-way, so….. Same as going over to my brother-in-law’s uncle’s farm – seems the Amish can’t have electricity in their house but their cows aren’t Amish. So the cows are allowed to have a TV in the barn and if Uncle Al happens to be out there while the cows are watching a good football game, well….All I can think is you guys must think God is really stupid if you think you can fool him with tricks like that.

        1. I used to see Amish people at Dorney Park all the time when I was a kid. I imagine they still go.

        2. Also, the Amish are the horse-and-buggy ones, the Mennonites can drive, but only plain cars, so no whitewalls and no chrome and just basic sedans. First time we went by a store and I saw all the cars I thought holy shit must be some kinda raid with all them undercover cop cars there.

          1. The Mennonites that I know, they drive the best cars, have computers and laptops in every room, and internet, all tech, but they don’t seem to have TVs.

        3. Oh man, so true but my baby ran her papa Amish phone from the end of the fucking drive from a dilapidated leather shop in a full house of rippled old paint shingles that produced EXquisite handcrafted leather. I had to call her Amish ass in the early 90’s when she ran the books. And I don’t think you understand what XQuisite leather is until it is beaten by hand from animals actually collected by real human beings you know… this isn’t native to modern American society.

          No cows were allowed to watch fucking tv tho. No tv was ever found anywhere near any old school Amish, Jskids, I knew.

        4. It’s not about fooling God, it’s about keeping your neighbors from having something to condemn you for. It’s what keeps religiosity going long after religion is gone.

    4. To be fair, the Amish are NOT a fan of pockets. So, a country without any worthwhile currency to put into any secret pockets…


    Dumbest man in the universe blamed today’s shooting on Gamergate.

    This entire two paragraph section is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever read. It’s like living inside Tony’s brain:

    “Women working in the video gaming industry who had the nerve to speak out against the macho culture and over-sexualization of women in the gaming industry were met with threats of rape and murder. The trolls of #gamergate pounced with threats of rape and murder trying to intimidate these women into shutting up.
    When Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America began to speak out against the pointless slaughter, groups like Open Carry Texas menaced them publicly with weapons, threatened more rape, and video taped themselves firing assault rifles at a nude, female mannequin. Even professional moron Alex Jones got some licks in physically bullying both men and women who lost children in yet another one of America’s mass shootings. (America leads the world in mass shootings.) Hell, even one of the most popular shows on television, “Game of Thrones”, contains multiple and savage depictions of rape of female characters.”

    1. I also love that the retard gets basic facts wrong:

      “Women are most often the victims of this needless and absurd violence. Before it crosses your mind to say something stupid like, “Women would be safer if we armed them”, the reality is that they are not. Most women who are murdered are not murdered by strangers. They are murdered by their husbands, boyfriends, and male relatives. Medical studies show that a woman’s chances of being killed by her abuser increase more than 5 times if he has access to a gun. Another study found that women in states with higher gun ownership rates were 4.9 times more likely to be murdered by a gun than in other places.”

      Women are far less likely to be murdered than men are and saying a woman is more likely to be killed if her ABUSER has a gun is not an argument against the idea that a woman having a gun would make her safer. That would be like saying an American soldier on D-Day would be more likely to be killed if a Nazi was holding a rifle, therefore we should have stormed the beaches unarmed.

      He also doesn’t link to any studies supporting this claim, and given his other factual difficulties I’m hesitant to take his word.

      1. He’s taking quite the pasting in the comments.

        1. No he’s not! Go to the original article rather than the archived version, and all those negative comments have magically disappeared.

          1. So price is what he says it is?

          2. Hang on. Those archived ones no longer appear?

            That the assholes erase the comments doesn’t reflect well on them now does it?

    2. Gov. McAuliffe’s response to the shooting was far dumber.

    3. (America leads the world in mass shootings.)

      I’m pretty sure ISIL has got us beat. Syria. Iraq. …

      1. I’m pretty sure China and India have us beat, too.

    4. “Hell, even one of the most popular shows on television, “Game of Thrones”, contains multiple and savage depictions of rape of female characters.”

      Does this moron understand the difference between DEPICTING something in a fictional narrative and ENCOURAGING it? Apparently not.

      I guess Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” should be condemned since it contains scenes of a man acting like a greedy dickhead. Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights” should be banned because it shows us child and spousal abuse. Every copy of Poe’s “The Telltale Heart” should be burned since it depicts murder.

  16. Fiorina Aide Decries CNN Debate Rules: ‘This Is Ridiculous’

    I am glad she is going public with this. At the very least I would like for her to be on that stage and give different answers, and it would be interesting when Our Future Leader Donald Trump and her interact.

    1. “Our Future Leader”

      Our SUPREME Leader, Crusty. And when he’s elected, I’m sure Carly Fiorina will have an opportunity to see the inside of the Oval Office since Herr Donald will have the Constitution amended so that the president can have any woman brought to him at any time should he so choose it.

      1. I guess I see why the Willy wanted him to run. He gets invited to all of the orgies. He just has to hope that his depends don’t give out at the wrong moment.

    2. Wait until Carly gains a little in the polls and watch the leftist viciously attack her like they did Sarah Palin. There’s never been a more shameless bunch of luddites to ever exist as the modern progressive left.

      1. The left isn’t effective against Fiorina in way they were against Palin. Carly is just better at defending herself and putting her opponents on the defensive. I watched her segment on the View with Whoopy and by the end they all wanted to curl up in her lap and give her a kiss. I don’t agree with her substantively, but she’s a warrior princess for sure.

          1. She’s only a countess. Unlike the true warrior princess.

            1. This is the one we need.

            2. I am a straight man, therefore Xena was never on my radar, but Lagertha is…circled…and stuff.

              1. If finding Lucy Lawless hot is gay then I don’t want to be straight.

                1. Gosh, can’t a guy make a reference to how Xena was a gay icon? Gosh.

                  1. Well I didn’t even know that, I only remember Xena through the perspective of a horny pre-teen.

                  2. Xena was a LESBIAN icon, not a gay male icon.

      2. There is kind of a difference…Sarah Palin was a retard. Fiorina is actually capable of stringing coherent thoughts together.

    3. I’m warming to Fiorina and I can’t quite say why. I have a feeling that if she gets into the main event she will give the nominal front-runners all they can handle. Maybe that’s it.

      1. She seems to have balls, which is promising.

        1. Yeah, unlike almost all of the male candidates. Apparently besides the Donald. That’s depressing.

          1. Not that is she good, but she is better than the majority, and I think she could argue with Trump, which I do not think anyone else (on either pathetic, depressing side) can do.

        2. Vote Carly
          For a Republican with Balls

      2. If she can do the government what happened at HP under watch that would be great.

        1. The government is already insolvent.

          HP’s prices were too high.

          I’m not liking the synergy here.

    4. You realize the same rules keeping Carly Fiorina out are keeping Rand Paul in. You want to make that trade?

      1. I’d say she has a better shot at the nomination than he does. That’s not an endorsement, but I think that both the rank and file and establishment of the Republican party detests and distrusts Rand despite his recent pandering. I never thought Rand had a real shot at the nomination, and nothing that’s happened has changed my opinion. I think having Rand in the campaign is good for drawing attention to things that fall outside mainstream Republican thinking (criminal justice reform, for example) but how much impact it will have in the end is anyone’s guess.

      2. “You realize the same rules keeping Carly Fiorina out are keeping Rand Paul in. You want to make that trade?”

        Rand has no chance of coming back this election cycle and I also think the current rules are grossly unfair. I’d like Rand to stay in, but Fiorina is absolutely right that the rules are ridiculous.

      3. Yeah, I’d rather Rand be in. The whole system is a fucking rigged game, so I don’t feel bad that when the rules help someone I like better. It would be nice to sub Fiorina in for either of the fat fascist fucks though.

        1. I think Rand would be better off staying in the Senate and running for pres later. He can do more good there for now. Unless a miracle happens he will face a debilitating uphill climb to get to 2nd or 3rd place in the republican primaries and not even a veep nod. Just a quick thought. I’d love to see him as president, but he’s susceptible to the same criticism of Obama — young Senator with little experience (of course he has taken FAR mor action than O ever took during his Senatorial stint)

          1. He’s going to stay in the Senate either way, and no I’d much rather him be President. I don’t get that perspective. Plus its goddamn early in the campaign, it’s not time for all these hysterics about how its already over yet.

            1. It’s certainly too early to judge that the campaign is over. I agree that Paul likely has hit his peak in the sense that he’s a known *enough* among enough parts of the party and electorate and had had a different narrative around this time last year (before the Iran deal went so…Kerry and ISIS broke out the way that they did, there was serious discussion on many conservative sites about Rand Paul as a plausible frontrunner because of his “different kind of Republican” appeal, but then the Mideast remembered that it’s the Mideast and that tenor changed). There’s no use calling anyone to drop out at this point (especially with functional campaigns), but I think Paul needs to be careful about his messaging, because the type of risky messages that he could chance using for short-term polling gain can hurt his long-term mission in the Senate and the party/wider constitutional movement… [? cont]

              1. …I like Rand Paul a lot. I’d gladly vote for him as the nominee, although he probably would not be my first choice in the primary (on the other hand, he’s exactly the sort of guy I want in Congress, especially the Senate). I had concerns of his running for President this cycle, partly on the Kentucky two-ballot issue (now dealt with), partly actually on how the specter of Ron Paul would weigh more heavily on him if he ran so soon after getting into the public eye. But mostly I was concerned about the distraction from his role in the Senate and in serving as a sort of ombudsmen to part of the Republican party. While he’s been there for about 98% of the votes, his campaigning has cost debate time (the same with Cruz and Rubio; those three voices missing from the floor is a serious loss simply in terms of Senate business). Likewise, his increased visibility has to be balanced with both keeping on message and not having the ‘brand’ be too diluted into RandPaulBrand instead of Constitutional-Conservative Libertarian-RepublicanBrand…. [? cont.]

                1. If I had that magic wand that reporters were trying to offer Jeb Bush a week or so ago, I would have cast a “convince Rand to wait to run next time” spell and have had him serve as one of the kingmakers this time around, especially with all the candidates jockeying about and his own ability to meet people and raise money for honest interests. Having him run a RandPAC that supports candidates like him across the country for Congress and state elections and serves to negotiate with the candidates running for President, while still being able to spend all the time required on the Senate floor would, in my mind, have been a more successful use of his time in 2015 as well as likely a better build to the future (since I doubt that he’ll be the candidate ?as much for the way he’s run a poor campaign in campaign terms ?if he was running a PAC, his events and fundraising would have been excellent, but his messaging and appearances have been sometimes incoherent even to those who has followed his career from an indirect distance). [3/3]

  17. Yes.

    It’s the falling oil prices.

    /Sigh. Roll eyes.

    1. It is the falling oil prices. High oil prices papered over the structural flaws of the Venezuelan economy in the same way that their massive oil production allows the Saudis to maintain a pretty high standard of living despite the fact that the oppression in that country would result in third world poverty if it weren’t for the oil money.

      1. They brought most of this on themselves. Yes, as with Norway they would have felt it no matter what, but it did not need to result in what they are seeing now.

    2. Norway is feeling it too. But I don’t think their grocery shelves are empty or that they’re using their currency as napkins

      1. Canada is feeling the pinch as well.

        My point is stable countries can weather the storm.

        Venezuela’s problem is something, something…you know the rest.

        1. Not to mention the other South American countries without huge oil reserves that are somehow not being thrown into chaos…

    3. They’d be double fucked if our moron government would finally allow us to export crude too. It’s near the top of my issues for this election season.

      1. I sometimes wonder if it’s part of our national security strategy to use up the rest of the world’s crude deposits first.

  18. The problem is that the government doesn’t have enough control over the currency.

  19. From the PBS link:

    “Tens of thousands of Venezuelans with HIV have no access to antiretroviral drugs and condoms are scarce in the country. Venezuela has some of the highest HIV and teen pregnancy rates in South America.”

    I don’t know how that’s possible – they have tons of Cuban doctors living in the country, and I have it on good authority that Cuban doctors are brilliant miracle workers.


    “The economic slowdown has also made a dent in Venezuela President Nicholas Maduro’s popularity, which fell to a new low of 24.3 percent in July, Reuters reported.”

    24.3% popularity rating is a ‘dent.’ It’s only a flesh wound, I swear!

  20. Socialism works!!!…………That is to destroy an economy.

    1. It is almost like a wooden stake wouldn’t you say?

  21. The Dynamo are really punching me in the nuts right now, they better pull a win out here.

    1. Fuckity fuck.

      1. Look at that truck in the muck. The driver is singing fuckety fuck, I’m stuck!!

  22. So I found a copy of The Black Book of Communism in my house and finally got around to reading. Gods, what a cesspool of criminal evil. What’s the deal with Venezuela and prisoners, or enemies of the people and ‘counter revolutionaries’? Is it likely for the govt there to just start sending people to work camps or executing them en masse?

    1. Hi Slammer!

      Do you think calling people a cesspool of criminal evil to be helpful or counter productive? My libertarian ethos tells me it’s the latter!


      American Socialist.

      1. He probably reads that book as an instruction manual. Have you read it? It’s horrific.

        1. No I haven’t.

          But it’s on my ‘to read’ list now.

  23. Worse than Weigel weasel shitstain Conor Friedersdorf whitesplains to Black woman who criticized #BlackLivesMatter:

    Sister, you need to get down with the struggle

    Conor is another in the long list of reasons not to identify as libertarian less somebody thinks you agree with him.

    1. Come on, he’s no where close to as bad as Weigel.

      1. Weigel loves the beheadings of witches like that insipid fuck prosecutor in Colorado.

        I guess humans are awesome but I don’t think so. I think humans are sick and horrible and some of us are humans but not nearly as sick and horrible.

      2. Isn’t Weigel accompanying Rand Paul on the campaign trail right now?

        1. Weigel’s beat is covering the lunatic fringe right and explaining these exotic, dangerous animals to a progressive, civilized readership. He gets his “bring ’em back alive” safari cred from his tenure at reason and that pic of the one time he went trap shooting and posed for a pic with a shotgun afterwards.

    2. Is there a purpose to that editorial besides Friedersdorf preening himself?

      1. Nope. That’s his schtick. Conor’s “best work” is when he plagiarizes cribs something better said by other writers and pretends he’s being strikingly insightfully original. This piece is more typical, although not his worst.

    3. That is some weapons grade derp. I used to check out that rag 20 years ago. I don’t recall it being full blown retard.

    4. I think Conor is generally pretty good. though i’m sure there are some awful exceptions.

      Let’s put it this way = on more than one occasion, he’s taken a far tougher stance than Robby on social justice-type issues.


      which i know isn’t saying much. but i’m just saying. If you hate Conor…well, i feel bad for the Suave.

      also, while i find parts of his appeal icky and pandering… he has some good points. Most of the left has not made reform of “police militarization” a key issue. But BLM has. (or they are starting to)

      e.g. “urging reforms that would reduce police abuses and improve training is eminently defensible, regardless of how many black men are killed by criminals. The young activists of Black Lives Matter can realistically improve policing policy by bringing the public’s attention to a problem and lobbying for known remedies. In contrast, the problem of violent crime is longstanding universally acknowledged; and there’s no reason to think murderers would murder less if these young, black activists loudly demanded it,”

      He’s basically saying there’s no “Either/or” between ‘fixing cops’ and ‘fixing black on black crime’.

      That core point is correct. How he says it is sort of lame, but there you go.

  24. Poll Time.

    This front page a little over the top?

    1. It’s a tabloid, what do you expect? Not something to be outraged over.

    2. The Daily News is 5 or 6 issues from bankruptcy. It’s for the Benjamins.

    3. That is going to be on newsstands. Fuck them. If you want to look at those pictures, go online.

    4. Man.


  25. On a note probably uncured but my fingers are busy beezamos…

    This story is real, man. And JKids above knicked it from my shit while I roll on Queens.

    The babe and I had to rush to Nashville in 2005 because her brother Andy got fucked up riding some shit horse across what the fuck and the lines making this shit up were a blur and shit got less blurry as we drove closer to nashville. As you Nashville fucks know your Baptist Hospital is decent and shit. but we fucking had to run down in a hurry.

    1. Andy evidently a big boy Amish bro with a big peace out clan of boys and girls and business but made a mistake…. Andy was mama’s six bro in a line of 12 kids. But big papa made a mistake that summer day in a tennessee valley because the creek he crossed was where several hogs were cleaned. But Brother Andy had brought his several youngsters to his friend on the creek and Julia his littlest 8 year old blonde was collecting stones on the edge of the creek when Father Andy’s horse went berserk from the hog bleeding in the creek and from many feet up Father Andy’s horse bucked the entire buggy into and onto the bridge of oaken timbers and Father Andy landed on a boulder in front of Julia and his face peeled back while his horse screamed and died.
      A small lovely child I knew saw her father’s broken face fall into a Tennessee creek and she was only fucking 9 bros. FUCKING 9. She pulled her fathers face skins from the river where a boulder had cut his face off and Maria his wife was driven in by deep valley ambulance within minutes and she cried and told me his brain was leaking out… but she STILL did not recognize that a small child
      saved a father from dying and suffocating on his own skin folds killing him….

      Andy can’t smell and Andy looks strange years after. But I can’t forget Julia that not a single story has ever been written about her pulling her dad’s peeled head from a cold creek when she was playing alone in the leaf lights.

  26. Get your hate on, peeps.

    On Friday at 9 pm, I am going to moderate a talk between Walter Block and Sheldon Richman. The topic of discussion is left libertarianism, what that is, and why some people choose that term to describe their political beliefs. If you have a question or an issue you’d like me to bring up, please leave it here. Regardless, you can ? I believe ? watch the talk her on Friday at 9. So, you know, do that.

    1. who is this whore?

      1. agile loves whores. so let us not be deceived.

        1. Whores; only the prohibitionists hate ’em.

      2. First, we can’t tell you, it’s a rule.

        Second, you better mean “whore” in the British sense, where it means “lovely gal.”

        1. Lovely gals are like honest Amish babes in the Juggler communes…. and we know what crusty does to honest babes in the communes… Crusty loves to save the girls from the alleys filled with monsters and bizarro creepers with Juggling tech. And as long as the babe is super 18 Crusty gets his balls massaged to save the homeless girls. Save the Girls Massage… LEARN massage for a new CAREER LOST GIRLS… Juggly wants your above 17 fingers to earn a career into the new future…

      3. She Cannot be Named

    2. Oh I have some questions for Lucy alright.

      1. Lucy Liu

  27. Sounds like it’s time for our celebrities, and other like-minded human trash, to head back to Venezuela to help make certain her people keep suffering under the fist of their socialist masters.

    1. John Galt can jizz all over that fucking place and fixit like a goddamn god, breast feeder.

      1. I had to abandon the breast for a bottle, sadly.

        1. And then the inevitable… a nipple hungry boy called Galt crawled from the angst of decades old shit and slid up the miniskirt of a hot bitch he somehow met at the golden rose and she looked down and said, “John Galt, I think you are cute you fucking gouche fuck. So let’s dance and I want you to lick my lips in my silver BMW afterlongs” and john G followed the babe into her car and licked her lips while she pulled his pants down and jammed a black cock right into his heaving asshole…

          I’m just writing from an experienced positioned baby… this shit happens.. man…

  28. I have a feeling this is not going to be received well

    Women’s Sexuality May Depend on Romantic Options…..ation.html

    1. So the ugly ones become lesbians…. But, Rosie O’Donnell, she’s so beautiful.

      1. You’re not supposed to interpret the results the way they came out. Didn’t you read the nuance you are supposed to interject?

        1. I suck at reading nuances, so I just went ahead and read the damned article for what it actually said.

          1. They went to great lengths but I’m guessing they’re still going to get a world of shit which is why they probably should have just left it at the facts.

        2. Is the nuance the part about the fat girls being more prone to muff-diving because of freedom from being chased by men, or something?

          1. man, I’ve sat on a bed watching muff dives of super thin models…… don’t diminish sexuality with fat or thin girls…..

            How many beds have you rolled on with lovers, TRolls? I have rolled on MANY beds with FAT girls to THIN girls…. and muff diving has NOTHING to do with FAT or thin….

            it’s called being a gang of whores at the local Holiday Inn Express.

    2. I don’t havta read it. i know it. The most moral female you all like to marry and bring home and hide in the suburban boxes… and make your babies and shit… while you all go out and get frisky and make ‘mistakes’ from time to time… while fostering the sacred trust at home…

      Man, fuck men…. I’ve seen it from above and beneath for fucking years and yes women will fall in spite of their fucking rigid resistance when the paths of gigolos lines up right….

      Pretty sure I’m an expert on infidelity, swinging, and being perfectly honest with a wife who makes a quarter million bucks a year and loves cock…..

      Ask me anything… I will fucking break your skills and skulls.

      1. Traffic lights strategically placed on the giggalo paths could do the trick. Not that I’m one for more traffic lights, or anything like that.

        1. This modern fuck shit happens beneath the streets, Mr. Galt.

          1. Like CHUDS?

            1. Cthulhu whould appreciate your Estonia BS, Sir Galt. But if you want to live forever you would check your files for all the things man….

    3. They do a hell of a job trying to dance around the implications…

      1. So do the boys…

  29. My eyes! MY EYES!!

    1. why did you post that?

      1. Because you were fucked up on prozac last week and admitted that you like to eat bowls of man nipples?

          1. I admire your fuck. I have admitted way more in this hellhole, baby.

          2. It was a horrible thing to open Twitter and have that be the first thing I saw.. I just needed to share the pain.

            1. Pain is sniffing lines of pills your boy grinds on a metal desk not a dance with a skeery nasty man living under bridges which I am empatheric of my boy living with trolls under bridgamatics… However, so shit rolls like a forever fuck

    2. I expect way more shit fucking my eyes than that Trolls. Not a biggie. Weak tits.

      1. of course you would, You. are. a. lovely. precious. whore. I like Irish supermuscles and I also bought a ticket one day for a ride on an irish tornado but when I showed up he was a negro speaking british shit and his shorts were super glittery but I still thought his fat black cock was marvelous….

        1. Irish fairs can get a little arseways.

          1. so the ufo of Galt breaks pages sidelongs

            1. Jus’ gettin’ me pandy on as I’m feelin’ a tad knackered. Time to lite out for me rack.

    1. SF’d

        1. The replies contained this little gem.

          UPDATE: The engineer of the ill-fated Metro North train apparently confessed to authorities that he was “in a daze” at the controls. The celltower neuroweapon grid administered by Lockheed Martin under contract to U.S. Cyber Command is capable of “neuromodulation” of the human nervous system and anatomy — including the induction of FORCED SLEEP, as outlined in my article linked below:

        2. It was probably a legit Congrats and flowers for something else at someones desk and no ones had the heart take it down. I think it was a workers last day? Maybe hers? Weird pic with the tweet, though.

          1. I think it was for her. Bargaining/Denial grief, seems like.

        3. It was the murdered cameraman’s girlfriend’s last day (she also works there).

          1. Man. That’s some really tough misfortune.

  30. Speaking of the shooter guy…

    …there will be much generalizing about the guy’s obvious “mental illness”

    Because that’s what every shooter has to be (and most are) = crazy. Because its the easy thing to call it.

    The VA tech guy & Jared Loughner & Holmes were all (in my amateur-but-experienced opinion) case-study ‘schizoids’ who were suffering from serious paranoid delusions over the course of a progressive breakdown.

    Roof, I don’t really think so. I think he was *nuts* in the colloquial sense… but not in the ‘suffering from schizophrenia’ sense. He genuinely really hated black folks. And whether he was crazy or sane, that was probably true either way. His motivation wasn’t driven by his insantity.

    same with this guy. He might be post-facto determined to have been low-grade manic or bi-polar… (In fact i guarantee they’ll rush to diagnose him)… but the fact is, most mentally ill people don’t want to hurt people. They’re too terrified.

    what i’m driving at….is that the guy, and his decision to film the murders (and his choice of people to murder, as opposed to just driving into a crowded place and blasting away), and post his shit on facebook all “look at me”, etc….?

    All that says to me he wasn’t crazy.

    It suggests he was unbelievably vain, and a Grade A douchebag who fucking hated people and wanted to get his 5 minutes of fame, no matter what the cost.

    I don’t think people will accept this, but i think its true.

    1. Probably had a personality disorder. I’m not going to armchair diagnose it, but PD sufferers are a more prone to violence, generally speaking, than people with full-blown mental illness like bi-polar or schizoaffective disorder.

      1. Given most people here have a pretty low-opinion of *clinical* mental illness like Schizophrenia…

        …i find it hard to swallow that a new category of “personality disorder” (and who doesn’t have a little bit of one?) is going to be widely accepted as “a thing”. I’m not familiar with any classification that distinguishes “personality” from the core mental-illness categories (eg. depression, mania, bi-polar, schizoid).

        1. It’s a thing and has been for quite some time. There’s nothing new about it.


          1. Yes, but unlike the “mental illness” categories, where there is at least some minimal understanding of structure/function mechanics (i.e. we treat depression with anti-depressives, psychosis with anti-psychotics)….”personality disorder” (and I read the DSM example) strikes me as a complete “miscellaneous bin” category in which they place anything that is “odd behavior” that has no clear medicate-able source of the ‘problem’.

            I know the same criticism can be made to varying degrees against all mental-health issues…. its just that this one strikes me as the most “made-up” explanation for anti-social/fucked up people out of the lot of them.

            i personally subscribe to the idea that there are some mentally ill people who are genuinely *sick*, and need to be ‘treated’…. (which is more than some will grant)

            …and then you have other people who are just never developed basic “normal” socialization abilities. because shitty parents, or maybe they’re just assholes from birth.

            1. to my point =

              “” [Personality disorders] are distinguished from mental illness by their enduring, potentially lifelong nature and by the assumption that they represent extremes of normal variation rather than a morbid process of some kind…. The contentious issues are whether personality disorders are amenable to treatment, and whether people displaying these habitual abnormalities of behaviour deserve to be accorded the privileges of the ‘invalid role’.””

              I get that they’re a pretty well-defined category for psychiatrists … its just that the definition itself states flat out that its less “something a patient has …. and more just how they are

              1. something a patient has …. and more just how they are”

                I’d say that is very much correct. Personality disorders are even harder to treat than organic mental disorders because they are a set of severe, persistent, maladaptive behaviors, rather than a chemical imbalance and distorted thinking behaviors of a milder sort. (That is not to say a PD cannot co-occur with another mental illness, that happens, too)

            2. and then you have other people who are just never developed basic “normal” socialization abilities. because shitty parents, or maybe they’re just assholes from birth.

              It’s hardly exact or perfect, I’ll grant that right up front. Human behavior is complex. Fast and dirty, to qualify as suffering from a PD one has to exhibit certain pathologies in a persistent and harmful way. There are levels of severity, just as there are with all disorders. This guy seems to me, from what I have read, as an Antisocial Personality of the most extreme kind.

              I think that the confusion comes into play more from the over-application of the labels (recall how big a thing Borderline PD was at one time) by pop-psychologists and laymen both. They get bandied about to the point of meaninglessness, something the new criteria in the DSM V were revised to address.

              1. I think i understand it better now after reading more of that piece from the UK guy (the link above)

                my limited experience has been some intimate familiarity with Schizophrenia, and nothing else.

                (well, i guess i’ve met a dozen kooks of different flavors though association in the “program” my bro is in)

                I think i tend to benchmark everything against that. The thing about Schiz is that its remarkable how it “hits” otherwise normal people at a specific stage in life, and just takes over. its clear that their problem wasn’t there before. They were ‘together’ and then they got ‘broken’.

                PDs on the other hand… seem like they were never put together correctly to begin with.

    2. If he somehow felt insignificant and impotent when he headed out to perform his dastardly deed, he likely felt differently when he clocked himself out.

      Grade A certified douchebag, indeed.

      1. You do realize that the linguistic capabilities of human expression cannot explain a million Jews from babies to teens to middle age and the old burning in governmental ovens and the same horrific vacuum of existence cannot explain our horror at seeing this young woman we immediately love immediately losing her life…..

        today has been difficult for my existence and yet her next to photog man was also killed and the lovely lady being interviewed….

        The sun never rose for me today….

        1. That’s a little like Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter busting out of Rosie’s concentration camp “for good” the moment she turned 18.

        2. Do you say this shit in real life or do you save it up for here?

    3. I think Gilmore is brilliant as always…

      My pretty sister had an awkward and painful sexual experience with a Gil in the late 80’s that I guess is child porn if I ‘recollect’ this shit. Fuck America…. the recollections must go on and so it goes because Prince Gil demands it… so we were young and so very young and so FUCKING awkward because our cult would ruin us and when Gil came from Maine that fateful weekend for a revival my sister visited him and she lost her virginity to a boy I really thought was weird but Gil was the first of many, super men. My sister the blatant religous angel would proceed to fuck many Christian boys after revivals and camp meetings. The Jesus Christ slut expunging cum from all the lost boys…

      well so this things happen… and I once enjoy massaging the toes of a mother of my old girlfriend.

    4. Holmes was totally pretending. Cho and Laughner were off the rails (although aware and responsible for their crimes. Vester was totally functional, his feelings of persecution were consistent with the feelings of a large portion of the population, his crime was planned and deliberate. I’d argue the SOB was as sane as anybody.

      1. Deliberate behavior separates him from those driven by illness to act.

        1. An honest man with delicious integrity and Agile states this with knowledge dredged from decades of research,,,

          1. Indeed.

        2. Not exactly.

          Both Cho and Holmes planned their act over months. Entirely deliberate and pre-meditated.

          Both were also being treated by psychiatrists who had identified them as cases of schizophrenia… but were never able to exactly assess how far down the rabbit hole they’d gone.

          From a legal POV, to get an “insanity defense” you have to prove that the moment of action was in a state of “impulse” and loss of ability to distinguish what you were doing and the consequences. The fact is that an “insanity defense” tends to be more effective when its a sane person claiming “temporary” insanity.

          Actually “insane people”, not so much. An irony, maybe

          Because from a psychiatric POV, you can be completely “driven by illness” to act (particularly when you harbor the belief that the world is out to *get you*) yet still be completely deliberate and methodical in your actions.

          i.e. the crazier (schizophrenic) you are, the less likely a insanity defense probably applies. Because their state of “confusion” isn’t temporary, but actually rationalized and understood as a completely different reality.

    5. “what i’m driving at….is that the guy, and his decision to film the murders (and his choice of people to murder, as opposed to just driving into a crowded place and blasting away), and post his shit on facebook all “look at me”, etc….?

      All that says to me he wasn’t crazy.

      It suggests he was unbelievably vain, and a Grade A douchebag who fucking hated people and wanted to get his 5 minutes of fame, no matter what the cost.”

      Only gonna disagree with ‘hating people’; he was narcissistic and as a result terribly defensive. One of those assholes that seems to populate every office where you need to speak carefully to avoid an explosion of ‘I DIDN’T MEAN THAT! WHY ARE YOU PICKING ON ME!’, etc.
      Some take things so personally that they will respond with violence; like this asshole.

    6. He was obviously *some* kind of crazy, the only question is whether he was crazy enough for the law to recognize him as insane.

      Plenty of people have mental-health issues without going out and killing other people. So what about the few who actually *do* go out and commit crimes? Can they blame their mental problems?

      I’d say that only if their problems were *so bad* they didn’t know what they were doing, or didn’t know right from wrong – eg, they thought the people they were shooting were literally targets in a video game – only then would their mental issues give them a break.

      But just letting people with mental issues off the hook on a broad basis would ignore the fact that most of them know right from wrong and can tell a human being from a video-game boss. We don’t want to send the message to people struggling with mental illness that “ha ha, you’re such saps, you could just go off and kill some people, and we’d give you a pass – we’d even give you free treatment!”

      And such an attitude would also give the government the power to lock up lots of harmless-but-eccentric people – because gosh, they might be the next serial killer!

      1. And I studied a case where a woman was deemed incompetent to make a will because she was an ultra-feminist. It was like something out of the Handmaid’s Tale. And indeed she was eccentric in her views – but so are 99% of the population.

      2. “But just letting people with mental issues off the hook on a broad basis …”

        I point out just above that this isn’t the case in any respect as regards the law…. and no one anywhere was suggesting any of these killers be given a pass merely due to illness.

        In fact, as noted – the temporary insanity defense tends to be more often successful for ‘sane’ defendants.

        The point is not the legal one, but rather the social-understanding of how we describe people who commit senseless crimes like this. My point was that the media will lump them all into the “crazy” box, because its easier than trying to accept that some people are seriously fucked up even if not insane.

    1. Getting blasted used to be fun. Just ask Daffy.

      1. Shoot me now!

  31. Many Venezuelans have to carry wads of cash in bags instead of wallets.

    Why not use debit cards, instead? Enduro should get somebody on that right away… probably losing a lot of revenue, what with all that cash flying around the place.

  32. Note to Krugman and all the Krugtards: If borrowing and spending could improve an economy, Zimbabwe and Venezuela would be the richest countries on earth.


  33. I still honestly do not understand how the progressives could watch something like this and not care, even a little bit. I know the arch-progressives will not, but even the rank-and-file progs even seem to brush it aside. How the fuck does the impoverishment and destruction of an entire country attract less attention than the random stupid culture war bullshit? I know I am being horribly naive, but it is even still upsetting.

    1. But, you see, they do care, and that’s what really matters. More, it’s absolutely imperative that this be seen to be so, because anything less would threaten to reveal the disconnect. Accordingly, concrete failures such as these must be chalked up to botched implementation, malevolent external actors, etc, etc, i.e. “this wouldn’t have happened, if only […],” in order to maintain the illusion that it’s not their own philosophy — the opposite, in fact — that has been to blame. And so, however twisted it may seem, such failures are made into evidence not calling into question, but rather reinforcing, their convictions.

      Of course it is the believers I am referring to; the leaders are a different sort of animal altogether.

      1. I suppose you’re right. And yet they are supposed to be the “reality-based” community?!

    2. Socialism has never been tried.

  34. Falling oil prices no longer cover for socialist inefficiency.

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