[Updated at 2:35 P.M.] WDBJ7 Killer Wanted Revenge for Charleston Massacre, Idolized Columbine Killers, Claimed Racial Discrimination

Had HR dispute with murdered former colleagues.


Fox News

An unidentified man opened fire on a WDBJ7 news crew, killing a TV reporter and a cameraman.

The attack happened during a live broadcast from Moneta in central Virginia, and was caught on tape. To watch a recording of the shooting, follow this link. (Warning: The video is extremely disturbing.)

The victims were 24-year-old reporter Alison Parker and 27-year-old cameraman Adam Ward. Parker lived with her boyfriend, who called her "the most radiant woman I ever met" in a statement on Twitter. Ward was recently engaged.

According to Fox News:

The incident occurred at 6:45 a.m. at Bridgewater Plaza in Moneta, Va., according to Franklin County Sheriff Department spokesperson Phillip Young. Earlier, police had reported there were three victims, according to WSLS.

WSLS said police are still looking for the shooter and hope to have a description out to the public shortly.

The shooting occurred live on television while Parker was conducting an interview outdoors about a planned anniversary celebration at Smith Mountain Lake, with Ward filming. As the camera panned to Parker and her subject, multiple shots rang out and several screams could be heard. As the camera fell to the ground, an blurry image suspected to be of the gunman came into view on the screen.

Here is a screenshot of the alleged shooter, who is still at large.

[Updated at 10:25 a.m.] The killer is thought to be a disgruntled employee of WDBJ7.

The third victim was Vicki Gardner, head of the local Chamber of Commerce, who was being interviewed by Parker at the time of the attack. She was shot in the back and is currently in surgery.

Parker's boyfriend, Chris Hurst, was her evening co-anchor. They had kept their relationship relatively private. Ward's fiancee also worked at the news station, though today was supposed to be her last day. The couple had plans to move away in the near future, according to

[Updated at 11:35 a.m.] The alleged killer posted a Vine he made shortly before (and during) the shooting. That Vine was posted to the Twitter account of Bryce Williams, a former reporter for WDBJ. He reported under that name, but his real name is Vester Lee Flanagan, according to NBC. He is presumed to be responsible for the murders.

[Updated at 12:15 p.m.] Even though Williams' Twitter account was suspended, it's still possible to view his horrifying video of the murders. It's impossible to overstate how deeply disturbing the video is, so please take that under advisement before you go looking for it. Some news sites, including (warning: very graphic content) The Daily Caller, embedded versions of it in their stories. Proceed at your own risk.

[Updated at 12:20 p.m.] WDBJ7 is now reporting that Williams was injured from a self-inflicted gunshot wound during a confrontation with police, but is not dead. He is in critical condition.

The third victim, Vicki Gardner, is in stable condition.

[Updated at 12:50 p.m.] Jeffrey Marks, general manager of WDBJ, provided some additional details on Williams (real name Vester Lee Flanigan), during a live broadcast. Here's my transcription of his remarks:

Vester was an unhappy man. We employed him as a reporter and he had some talent in that respect… He quickly gathered a reputation as someone who was difficult to work with. He was sort of looking out for people to say things he could take offense to. Eventually after many incidents of his anger coming forward, we dismissed him. He did not take that well. [Police had to be called.] He filed a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission… about members of the staff making racial comments. He was African American. None of them could be corroborated by anyone. We think they were fabricated. We talked to all our employees… we got nothing about that. The EEOC dismissed the claim out of hand.

[Updated at 2:05 p.m.] The shooter succumbed to his self-inflicted injuries and is now dead, according to The Washington Post. Police are scheduled to begin a live press conference at any moment.

[Updated at 2:35 p.m.] Before he died, Vester Lee Flanagan faxed ABC News a copy of his 23-page manifesto in which he cited revenge for the Charleston church massacre as the motivation for his attack:

In the 23-page document faxed to ABC News, the writer says "MY NAME IS BRYCE WILLIAMS" and his legal name is Vester Lee Flanagan II" He writes what triggered today's carnage was his reaction to the racism of the Charleston :

"Why did I do it? I put down a deposit for a gun on 6/19/15. The Church shooting in Charleston happened on 6/17/15…"

"What sent me over the top was the church shooting. And my hollow point bullets have the victims' initials on them."

It is unclear whose initials he is referring to. He continues, "As for Dylann Roof? You (deleted)! You want a race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …(deleted)!!!" He said Jehovah spoke to him, telling him to act.

Later in the manifesto, the writer quotes the Virginia Tech mass killer, Seung Hui Cho, and calls him "his boy," and expresses admiration for the Columbine High School killers. "Also, I was influenced by Seung–Hui Cho. That's my boy right there. He got NEARLY double the amount that  and Dylann Klebold got…just sayin'.

In an often rambling letter to the authorities, and family and friends, he writes of a long list of grievances. In one part of the document, Williams calls it a "Suicide Note for Friends and Family".

–He says has suffered racial discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying at work. –He says he has been attacked by black men and white females. –He talks about how he was attacked for being a gay, black man

"Yes, it will sound like I am angry…I am. And I have every right to be. But when I leave this Earth, the only emotion I want to feel is peace…."

"The church shooting was the tipping point…but my anger has been building steadily…I've been a human powder keg for a while…just waiting to go BOOM!!!!".

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  1. Let the wild ideological speculations begin!

    1. Let the exploitation of the incident begin.

      1. Didn’t take more than 30 minutes for Terry Mcaullife to jump on that horse.

        1. Yep – that’s my governor!!!

          Obviously, he’s found some hidden way to profit from gun control laws. Terry McAuliffe don’t take a dump, son, unless there’s graft to be had.

        2. Is everybody happy they elected Obama so he could bring the country together?

          Dumbest president since W Bush.

    2. Over at Huffpo, they’re blaming the NRA. They’re going completely apeshit.

      1. Whenever something bad happens, everyone does more of whatever they did before.

        1. Needz moar harder!

        2. Which means we should be… snarkier?

          1. Not enough woodchipper!

          2. nice

          3. I’m trying, i’m trying!

            1. I blame the news media… News person did this? NEWS MEDIA is to be blamed, obviously!

              “Killing the messengers” has been a human problem for a long, long time. Now the messengers are killing US!

              “Dog bites man”, “Man bites dog”, now, “Doggedly persistent NEWS HOUND kills!”

        3. Whenever something bad happens, everyone does more of whatever they did before.

          There is genius in this comment.

          1. There is comfort in routine…

        4. Hillary said THIS MUST STOP. So, I guess she’s gong to pass a law prohibiting black, gay guys from owning guns.

          1. It’s much more likely that what’s going to stop, is Hillary. I can’t wait.

            1. I take it you’re no HRC fan, Mr. Drudge. . . .

          2. It takes a village reporter to kill a village reporter.

      2. they’re blaming the NRA

        Why? For not advocating harder for open carry?



          1. This is the reason I joined the NRA. /sarc

        2. Isn’t the NRA public relations spokeman a gay Chinese guy from the SF Bay Area? I believe his name is Chris Leong or Jeong or something like that . . .

          I guess Hillary doesn’t want minorities to own guns. They might be uppity and unmanageable the next time she opens an internment camp or something.

          1. Don’t forget one of their other spokes people, Colion Noir, a black lawyer from Texas.

            He got a lot of hate for stepping off the ideological plantation. So much that he had to buy his poor mother a gun to keep herself safe, when her address was leaked by one of his critics.

      3. Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with people? Can’t “crazy asshole” even be enough of an explanation?

        1. No, because it’s only guns that make people crazy assholes, not that people can be crazy assholes on their own.

        2. “Can’t “crazy asshole” even be enough of an explanation?”

          You’re talking about the posters at The Huffington Post. Clearly they are firmly in the set of “crazy assholes”. They aren’t likely to blame themselves, are they?

          1. I think “crazy assholes” is a personal goal for regressives.

        3. Of course not, because if a crazy asshole never finds a gun he just sits in a corner next to a knife, a baseball bat, and a 5’4, 125 lb. anchorwoman helplessly wondering what to do.

        4. C’mon what the hell is wrong with you? You already know it’s NEVER enough of an answer.

      4. Also, if you look closely at the picture, he is clearly not of European descent. So they have to, quickly, blame an approved evil doer before too many questions are asked.

      5. Over at Huffpo, they’re blaming the NRA. They’re going completely apeshit.

        Doesn’t everyone hear the dulcet tones of Charleton Heston in their heads over and over, telling them to pull the trigger?

        1. the dulcet tones of Charleton Heston

          Now, there’s an album for the collection play list!

      6. Black reporter goes berserk, murders two white media workers, HuffPo leftards grasp at straws to blame the patriarchy, white privilege, and all responsible, trained gun owners who could have stopped the perp had any of them been present.

        Fuck the HuffPo, fuck Arianna for starting that cesspool of idiocy, fuck every last leftard who frequents that site, but above all: fuck that narcissistic nutjob who considered himself entitled to murder two people and wound a third just because he was all butthurt over losing a job.


        1. You had me at, “Fuck Arianna”, and I’m not picky about the context.

    3. Williams was injured from a self-inflicted gunshot wound during a confrontation with police, but is not dead.

      Well that’s too bad.

      It would be a real shame if the cleaning crew for his room accidentally unplugged something.

      1. He died later.

    4. Thankfully the piece-of-shit took the cowards way out and saved the taxpayer the millions of dollars it would cost to prosecute and house him. Good riddance.

  2. Fox News commenters are hilarious lunatics:

    Why has all this gotten substantially worse under this administration? Hmmmmm

    Goddamn Obama, mind controlling psychopaths into murdering reporters.

    And this folks is why Illegal Immigrants have got to go…

    Trump wins again…


    1. What would the “jump to conclusions mat” for the internets look like? Obama, Mexicans, NAZI, terrorists?

      Or, would that all be in one square?

      1. Right wing: Obama, Muslims, Mexicans, Libruls, Hollywood corruption of our children’s morals, the notorious lesbian pornographic comic Fun Home.

        Left Wing: BUUUUUUSH, white men, neo-confederate, Republicans, Reagan, tax-cuts


        2. You left out “Teabagger”, “Teanderthal” and “losertarian”.

        3. For the right-wing there has to be something in there about “pretty women on the tv who disagree with me” and “the gay menace.”

          1. In Britain left-wing would have to include something along the lines of “IT’S THATCHER WUT DONE IT!”

            1. In Soviet Union, left wing flaps YOU

            2. The British say “wot,” not “wut.”

              1. What?

          2. “pretty women on the tv who disagree with me”

            I think you mean “whores.”

            1. John and Irish covered that topic with regard to Megyn “of course there is no connection between my short dresses exposing my gorgeous gams and my qualifications” Kelly.

              1. Nobody is denying that Megyn Kelly’s very shapely gams are a strategic asset. John took the odd leap of faith and insists that she must have slept her way to the top, while readily admitting he had no evidence. It’s pure sexism/speculation on his part.

                1. That’s utterly retarded. She’s a TV anchor. She’s hired to be attractive, have a pleasant speaking voice, be able to read convincingly from a teleprompter, and do a little bit of improv from time to time. None of these qualifications preclude her being an intelligent person, but I’m just saying that you could be the smartest overweight hare-lip in the world and you’re never getting a job in front of a camera.

                  1. ……and that makesh shme really shad….

                  2. Explain Rosie O’Donnell, then.

                    1. Satan is real?

                2. Plus, she used to be one chunky monkey. And men don’t like fat women.


        5. I’m no fan of Reagan, but… I’ve observed this leftie hatred of him, and it’s downright bizarre. It’s like it’s a religion and Reagan is their Satan figure.

          Here’s what I don’t understand: he was president WAY the fuck back in the ’80s. Since then, there have been plenty of occasions when there was a Democrat president and Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress. So why is Reagan still to blame for so many of the nations ills? What did he do that they couldn’t have undone when they had the chance?

          1. Hell, Obama is still blaming “policies left over from the Bush administration” for his fuck ups, but he didn’t change them which leaves him an intact excuse the media will parrot.

          2. “So why is Reagan still to blame for so many of the nations ills?”

            It’s a token of faith with a certain mentality that the US was a Garden of Eden before the great corrupter Reagan brought upon the downfall. To present facts to the contrary is about as useful as showing dinosaur fossils to a hard core Creationist.

    2. Mahem2015 6 minutes ago
      The Reporters probably voted for the Liberal Democrat Governor who is extremely against the Right to Carry. “What Goes Around, Comes Around’

      1. There are decent arguments for right to carry, but arguing that armed victims would have prevented ambush murders like this one isn’t one of them.

        P.S. haven’t watched the video, doubt I will.

        1. The shooting was over in a couple of seconds. Even if the victims had been carrying, it most likely wouldn’t have changed a thing.

          1. I laugh every time I see that handle, btw. That farce will never not be funny to me.

          2. I watched the video. It’s clear that the victims went from completely unaware to lying on the floor. There was never a chance to defend themselves.

            1. Unaware to the extreme! He approached with gun in hand, pointed at the reporter, for quite sometime before he started shooting and all three were totally oblivious.

          3. It’s beginning to look like news crews will need another member, not just interviewer, cameraman and soundman, but also trigger man…

            (or woman, you haters)…

            1. In my neck of the woods they need a police escort. It’s become the fashionable thing to rob them:



              And, we all know, how CA goes, so goes the nation:

        2. True, but I’d make the argument that existing regulations precluding open carry and restricting concealed carry (assuming the shooter didn’t have a CCW permit) didn’t prevent the ambush murder. There might have been a 1% chance one of the victims could’ve gotten a shot off if they were all carrying, but there was no chance at all if they were unarmed, which I’m also assuming.

          1. Exactly this. Much better take on it.

          2. Additionally, shooters might be a little less tempted to even attempt this sort of thing if they knew there might be someone shooting back.

            1. Although if they’re going to kill themselves anyway probably not. There are circumstances where more guns can deter murder, but this is on the extremely unlikely end of the scale.

              1. I think the deterrent effect still applies to many of these cases. My reasoning is that most such perps want a body count and then to off themselves or suicide by cop. If they were facing the very real prospect that their tirade could be embarrassingly be cut short by one or more armed bystanders, then i think many would hesitate, and/or go elsewhere – like a confirmed “gun free zone”, perhaps a theater, school or gov’t building.

              2. Actually, it is because suicide is usually the perp’s escape route that more guns is a deterrent. What the perp does not want is to be shot and incapacitated, therefore being denied the opportunity to escape via suicide.

    3. Why has all this gotten substantially worse under this administration? Hmmmmm

      So just as stupid and paranoid as the gun control freaks, but for different stupid reasons.

  3. Fuck, she wasn’t even reporting on anything dangerous. That makes it so much worse. The reporter in the warzone or the hurricane has accepted they might get killed. Freaking anniversary plans are supposed to be boring and unglamorous.

    I hope they take this guy alive.

    1. Why, so they can kill him later?

      1. So he can spend years fearing his eminent demise on death row, or spend the rest of his life without being able to take a piss without permission.

      2. Hopefully he’ll die real soon now, and save us all a lot of money and bother.

  4. Fuck, she was only 24 and he was only 27. Unbelievably shitty.

    Here is a screenshot of the alleged shooter

    Since he’s holding the gun in the pic, shouldn’t it be legally safe to drop the “alleged” there?

      1. Lawyer: “My client used to work for the station. He was taking a jog in the area and decided he’ head over to see his former associates. When he arrived he saw a smoking gun on the ground and picked it up. That’s clearly what the video shows”

    1. Fuck, she was only 24 and he was only 27.

      Come on, Warty. What goes around comes around. They were members of the liberal media!

      1. Where’s John to claim, with no evidence, that the reporter slept her way to her position?

        1. She was pretty, wasn’t she?

          1. Therefore…..a witch!! BURN HER!

            1. Who are you, who is so wise in the ways of science?

            2. No ducks were weighed in the making of this opinion.


        2. She was shacking with her co-anchor…career advancement?

          1. John?

            1. John?

              She turned him into a John!

              (He got better…)

          2. Or maybe it sometimes happens that two people who spend a lot of time together hit it off and form a relationship? Nah, let’s just assume the cynical one!

            1. Do you think an attractive woman could get a job on television if she was not humping people? Who would want to see an attractive woman on television?

              1. All I know is the women on my local stations keep getting bustier.

                1. push-up bras with more padding.

                  1. Of course, after this, they’ll likely all be wearing bullet-proof bras with more padding instead and so look that much bustier…

              2. I’ve put in my application to be a recruiter for spanish language weather stations.

                1. I’ve put in my application to be a recruiter for spanish language weather stations.

                  Even if it paid peanuts, that would be the best gig in television, hands down.

              3. See “To Die for” Nicole Kidman shows how it’s done!

        3. Where’s John to claim, with no evidence, that the reporter slept her way to her position?

          Isn’t there some sort of moment of silence or 24 hour rule before that’s observed capitalizing on multiple homicide to, out of the blue, assert that John is a dick?

          1. The waiting period is waived in the event of a “liberal media” reference.

    2. Nope. He *appears* to be holding *a* gun.

      Which he will turn on himself as soon as he know the jig is up.

      1. The “jig” – was he black!?? RACIST MUCH!!!

        /another griefer’s struggle

        1. Obviously an Hispanic who was bullied and slurred too far!

    3. My girlfriend knew the girl pretty well apparently it couldn’t have happened to a better person, which while irrelevant makes it even more senseless.

      1. Wait, what? The first part seems to indicate that the woman was terrible “it couldn’t have happened to a better person”… but then “even more senseless” seems contradictory.

        I dunno. Just clarification is what I’m looking for.

        1. Sorry was stating she was a great person.

          1. Thanks. Usually when I hear something tragic like this and someone says, “couldn’t have happened to a better person”, they are usually being sarcastic and saying that the person had it coming or deserved it or something along those lines.

        2. He means that she was a nice person.

        3. I think he means better as in the girl was a good person.

        4. I assume he meant happen to better person in the opposite way of it’s typical usage.

  5. I can’t even muster a snarky comment because that would be too shitty even for me. Ugh. RIP, people. And catch this motherfucker and….put him away forever. Fuck.

  6. Why the f*** did he shoot them? Was there even any f***ing reason at all?

    1. Psychopaths gonna… do psycho shit, i guess.

        1. No, no, ban whatever tools the psychopath used!!11!!! BAN THEM!!1!!!!

      1. you call him a psychopath

        but the station describes him much like a typical SJW, quick to look for offense in anything

    2. His breakfast smelled of Friday, perhaps?

      1. I blame Bok and Payne then.

    3. When they discover the motive, it won’t make any sense to normal people. He did it because he’s crazy.

      1. He did it because he’s crazy.

        While you are most assuredly correct, the “I heard he once voted for Obama, but you won’t hear the libs talk about that!” narrative is more important.

      2. This is the wrong way to look at it. “Everyone believes they are justified.” This is step #1 in understanding why people do things. “They are crazy” is just not helpful. People with mental illness simple believe things that aren’t true (eg, this guy is out to get me, this person is a robot), but their motivation is very clear.

    4. Normally these guys go somewhere specific a building that can be locked down. This is the first one I’ve heard of just running down the street killing people. God I hope this doesn’t inspire others. Their death tolls could get so much higher if they can keep on the move ahead of the cops.

    5. Via Twitter:

      Per @WTOP – @GovernorVA says police suspect gunman of WDBJ reporter & photographer was disgruntled former station employee

      1. Makes sense. You don’t murder someone on TV unless you’re trying to make a point.

        1. That’s really creepy, and I’m sure you’re right. Ugh

          1. Paging R. Budd Dwyer.

            That was the single most awful thing I’ve seen on TV.

          2. Paging Christine Chubbuck. She’s a reporter who killed herself during alive broadcast back in 1974.

            1. during alive broadcast

              For the first part, anyway.

            2. Was she overweight – as in kind of a chubby fuck?

      2. “Disgruntled” is how we say “insane with anger” now, apparently

        1. Random thought, why is gruntled (chrome thinks it is misspelled) such an unpopular word?

          1. Right? Why do we diss gruntle?

            1. Nobody likes Gruntle’s mother. Not even Beowulf.

          2. It is similar to “grundle.”

          3. Gruntle is a verb that means to grunt or grumble a lot.

            Milton in Office Space is someone who gruntles throughout the movie.

            The prefix ‘dis’ means utterly or completely given away to doing something.

            Thus someone who is disgruntled is someone who is devoted to grumbling and bitching.

          4. It is from a form of dis that doesn’t mean “the opposite of” but rather a usage that means “even more so.” And gruntle means issue a series of small grunts.

            1. Should have refreshed. [gruntle]

            2. This is why I come to H&R, for all the learning.

              1. Today I learned about a new class of word modifiers, the frequentative.


              to put in a good humor

              Who do I believe!?

    6. It’s being reported that he was a former station employee who got fired or some such.

      You know, a perfectly good reason to snuff out two lives.

      What. A. Dick.

      1. Goddammit refresh fail.

    7. Of course there was. It was because of the ridiculously easy access to handguns that we have in this country. And white racism, which drove Vester Lee Flanagan to desperation.

      1. I take it you’re being sarcastic. But in case you’re not, The perp went through the background check and waiting period. How much more difficult are we going to make owning a firearm?

        It sounds a lot more like black racism than anything else. Search terms: FBI UCR homicides by race.

  7. Tweet from Governor McAuliffe:

    McAuliffe: I believe we’re in pursuit of the suspect. We know who it is. We believe it’s a disgruntled employee at the station. What a tragedy.

    1. McAuliffe is participating in the pursuit himself?

      1. Like when “we” (“my” team) wins a game. “Oh, I didn’t know YOU played…”

        1. I hate the unjustified plural. WHO IS “WE,” KEMOSABE?

          1. Exactly. We agree on this….

            *stares at CX*

            1. Nothing else, though.

            2. We prefer the “royal ‘we’.”

              As opposed to the Brooksian “Royal wee”…

  8. Now I don’t much feel like having lunch. Thanks, murderer.

  9. “Let the wild ideological speculations begin!”
    Here goes:
    Every person who knew this guy will say that he recently started acting strangely and saying violent things. They all ignored it and did nothing.

    1. Fail. Not ideological.

      1. Actually it demonstrates his extreme right-wing bias since he’s blaming mental illness rather than the accessibility of the gun.

        1. ^^this

    2. If you SEE something, SAY something!

      “He was a pretty quiet person. Mostly kept to himself.”

      It’s always the quiet ones.

      Except when it isn’t.

  10. It’s shit like this that make me want to risk conceal carry.

    1. Yeah, this. I don’t CC for a variety of reasons. Then stuff like this happens…GAAAAAH! It’s infuriating. People suck.

      1. Yeah, this. I don’t CC for a variety of reasons

        I don’t carry either. I keep a readied weapon at home, to be sure, but I’ve never felt the need to go about armed in public. It’s easy enough where I live, and owing to my military background, I’m even exempted from the otherwise mandatory class. Most of my friends carry, and who knows, I may one day too. It’s just low on my list of priorities.

        Why don’t you carry?

    2. Concealed carry is fine as long as you’re not the first one targeted. These poor people didn’t have a chance to react.

      1. Very true.

    3. The chances that I’d get caught are almost zero. However, the penalty is excessive if I were to get caught. Still, sitting defenseless on a train and in an office can be unnerving.

    1. SOILER: The dog supposedly sniffs out electronic media, regardless of the content.

      1. SPOILER… maybe.

        1. You know digital content of an illegal nature has a different aroma to the bits.

          1. Or maybe the dog just smells… residue…

      2. That’s a John-level misspell. Well done.

        1. We call that a “johno.”

        2. I’ll admit to a certain amount of pride when I saw it.

          1. I assumed that “Soiler” was a tag equating to “You gonna shit yoself!”

  11. Over at the FluffPo, now that they’ve tired of blaming the NRA, they’re having a mass group orgasm because the shooter appears to be white.


    2. From the pic of the shooter, I can’t tell what race he is. I suspected he would be white, but he almost looks hispanic.

      1. White hispanic?

        1. maybe a white islamist

          1. perish the thought!

      2. Given that the station already knows exactly who the guy is, if they don’t reveal his identity pretty damn soon, it virtually guarantees that he’s not a white guy.

        1. Sad, but true. They’re probably popping champagne corks right now if the guy was any sort of right winger.

          1. They probably knew who it was within minutes of analyzing the footage, and tried contacting him immediately and of course failed.

            So there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever for them to withhold this information from us. Come on WDBJ7, you may as well just go ahead and tell us who the fuck this guy is already. We’re going to find out eventually anyway.

            1. If he’s a deranged leftist or a Muslim, they’re going to hold off as long as possible.

              1. Even if he is a leftist he will be called a right wing lunatic. The Arizona shooter, hard left, called by everyone a right wing lunatic.

            2. “So there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever for them to withhold this information from us. Come on WDBJ7…”

              Oh yes there is. They fired a disgruntled employee. Someone gets shot a few days later. So now they assume it’s him (and it probably is). But the image is pretty damn blurry, so they could be wrong. And they open themselves up to a massive law suit if they’re wrong. Plus it’s easy to jump to conclusions and really shitty to the person you publically accused if you are wrong.

              On the other hand, you’ve got a murderer running around with nothing to lose.

        2. I’ve read where they identify the guy and identify him as an African American who was angry and always confronting people over microaggressions because he is black. We’ll see if that is true.

      3. When I first saw it, I mean it’s pretty distorted, but it appears he has the sort of beard Muslims sometimes have, or Amish. But it’s just too difficult to tell. It’s so distorted looking, the guy might be wearing a mask. Maybe it was an Amish Muslim wearing a mask?

        1. Maybe he put on his Billy The Kid Holdup? outfit from last halloween and that’s a handkerchief.

    3. Scanner traffic indicates police are looking for a black male.


      1. Rascists! How dare they look for someone who matches the description and pictures!

  12. The guy coldly walks up to the victims and fires 6-7 shots. A complete sociopath. I really hope he doesn’t get to take the coward’s way out.

    1. Yes I hope not. But forgive me for hoping he gets severely injured resisting arrest.

    2. Personally, I don’t want to waste $10 million of tax payer’s money on a trial, 3 mandatory appeals, 20 years on death row and an execution. Better to spend $5K on a quick burial.

  13. The killer is thought to be a disgruntled employee of WDBJ7

    In order words, they already know exactly who it is. So why the fuck don’t they just tell us?

    1. Because it might not be? They catch up to the employee and he has evidence that proves he wasn’t the one, it’s pretty hard to undo splashing his face all over everywhere.

      1. Oh bullshit. They know exactly who the fuck it is. It’s a guy they just recently fired and they recognize him from the fucking footage.

        1. Still best to be sure.

          But I guess someone has to engage in wild speculation and pretend they know everything.

        2. I rarely can recognize anyone from footage. I might recognize someone because of a distinctive hat or sweatshirt, coupled with some physical characteristics that resemble someone, but positively identifying someone from grainy footage….not all that easy.

  14. It’s fascinating how life is always coming up with new and interesting ways to terrorize the living.

    1. Flesh-eating bacteria! Face-eating meth addicts! Ebola! The dude you just fired!

      Life is dangerous, and always, always fatal.

      1. Don’t forget Flakka, it’s sweeping the country and it’s really scary!

      2. Life is a fatal STD.

  15. Whatever happens to him, we can rest soundly knowing his family members will issue a public apology.

  16. Ugh gov. Mcauliffe is already using this to pass more stringent gun laws.

    1. Needz moar “the right does it too”

    2. I can only hope it costs that piece of shit his career in VA. Would it be better if the guy had used a sword or axe?

  17. They need to catch this guy alive and make him watch from a jail cell as every embarrassing piece of dirty laundry he ever had is aired on national television. Seriously, humiliate this bastard. If he wet his bed at eight years old make sure people in Canada know about it. The dorky outfit he failed to get laid in for prom, show it in primetime with a voice over from his date about what a absolute loser he was. When a guest want to talk about his motivations talk about the time he thought England was a state. Make the S.O.B. a laughing stock.

    1. Cruel and unusual.

      1. Only applies to the government. His victims’ coworkers with the media megaphone don’t have to follow that standard.

    2. I hope they kill him.

      1. Too quick. No suffering or realization that he’s being punished.

        1. It can take a long time to bleed out from a gut shot.

          1. Not with the way police shoot.

            1. If they aim at his head, the closest they’ll get is his gut…

    3. Not a bad strategy. It might stop other losers from thinking they can come off looking heroic and dangerous. Which is what I think they must believe.

      1. That’s the other thing. People are curious and want to learn more. It our nature. So if we are going to give this guy coverage the least that can be done is make sure that the next psycho views him as a loser not someone to be imitated.

  18. Now I have this strange urge to go to the range this afternoon. I truly am a horrible person….although I only shoot paper, and refuse to use targets shaped like people.

    Thank God someone from the government will use this opportunity to try to ensure that people like me have a harder time getting, keeping and using guns.


  19. The gun the guy used looks weird. Maybe it’s distorted in the photo?

    1. Pretty sure it’s an automatic assault rifle with an eleventy-round clip and a thingy on it with cop-killer bullets . All of which should be banned.

      1. Don’t forget the shoulder thing that goes up.

        1. and a compass in the stock

    2. The entire photo appears very distorted. Look at his face. It look surreal.

  20. Wow, the guys fiancee was filming this when he was shot. Very sad. There’s not really much that can be done, though. Psychos will get weapons whether they are legal or not, and how do you protect against that? You can’t. It’s not a perfect world, bad things happen.

    1. They just happen a lot more in the US than any other civilized country. I’m sure the vast difference in the number of guns has absolutely nothing to do with it.

      It is nice to have an issue we can just chalk up to the cruelty of nature, though, then wash our hands and move on.

      1. It’s nice that you and your ilk politicize every tragedy. Where would we be without you all?

        1. Define politicize, idiot. Should we only talk about issues when they aren’t relevant to anything happening?

          1. Meaning you use every bad thing that happens to advance your agenda, asshole.

            1. I only have an agenda for the purpose of addressing the problems in the world. What do you do?

              1. I only have an agenda for the purpose of addressing the problems in the world

                Problems according to whom?

              2. I only have an agenda for the purpose of addressing the problems in the world. What do you do?


                You’re such a narcissist. Everyone thinks their ideas will address ‘the problems of the world.’ If your only evidence of your righteousness are your own narcissistic delusions, then you’re basically just a Donald Trump level egoist bumbling around idiotically while pretending you’re doing good work.

                1. I may be a narcissist but I was under the impression that everybody here was always talking about their ideas for fixing the world’s problems.

                  1. I may be a narcissist but I was under the impression that everybody here was always talking about their ideas for fixing the world’s problems.

                    No, actually, you have that almost exactly wrong. Most people here talk about their ideas for letting people figure out the answers to their problems, on their own.

                    But, I understand that you are reading comprehension challenged and not likely to see the difference.

              3. The very first post you made in this thread was a bitchy piece of snark with reference to inadequate gun laws, which you speculate would have prevented this tragedy. Sure, Tony, that’s in no way political. It’s just happenstance that it’s a major tenant of the left, it’s only leftists bringing it up, and it’s brought up after every incident before the bodies are even off the pavement. We excoriated idiots above who jumped on the concealed carry issue, but when you push for gun control it’s just an icebreaker.

                If you’re not going to exercise any decorum at least be honest about it.

          2. Tony, did you know that the homicide rate in America heavily correlates with how many Democrats there are in a given area? In fact, it’s a much higher correlation than the number of guns.

            What lessons can we draw from this, and do you think every time there is a shooting I should politicize it by posting this graph and noting the odd correlation?

            In California, every 3% increase in Republican voters results in a 50% lower homicide rate.

            That’s how you politicize an issue, Tony. I hate that you made me do this.

            1. Oh, and before you try and pull the “BUT REPUBLICAN STATES HAVE MORE MURDERS” card, the murders in those states overwhelmingly occur in urbanized areas with large African American populations, which generally vote like 90% Democrat. That’s why Louisiana has a high murder rate, despite the fact that most of the state is pretty safe. New Orleans has a murder rate approximately 4 times higher than the state average, which heavily skews the numbers.

              So Tonester, why can’t people who are part of your political party stop committing so many murders? If this country only had Republicans and libertarians, our homicide rate would be lower than Norway’s.

              1. The correlation, in high-income countries, between the prevalence of guns and the prevalence of gun violence is well-established in literature, not to say obvious fucking common sense.

                1. So, you only care about rich people?

                2. The correlation, in high-income countries, between the prevalence of guns and the prevalence of gun violence is well-established in literature, not to say obvious fucking common sense.

                  Except that’s not true.

                  More fundamentally, Dr. Kates and Dr. Mauser demonstrate that other developed nations such as Norway, Finland, Germany, France and Denmark maintain high rates of gun ownership, yet possess murder rates lower than other developed nations in which gun ownership is much more restricted.
                  For example, handguns are outlawed in Luxembourg, and gun ownership extremely rare, yet its murder rate is nine times greater than in Germany, which has one of the highest gun ownership rates in Europe. As another example, Hungary’s murder rate is nearly three times higher than nearby Austria’s, but Austria’s gun ownership rate is over eight times higher than Hungary’s. “Norway,” they note, “has far and away Western Europe’s highest household gun ownership rate (32%), but also its lowest murder rate. The Netherlands,” in contrast, “has the lowest gun ownership rate in Western Europe (1.9%) ? yet the Dutch gun murder rate is higher than the Norwegian.”

                  1. Dr. Kates and Dr. Mauser proceed to dispel the mainstream misconception that lower rates of violence in Europe are somehow attributable to gun control laws. Instead, they reveal, “murder in Europe was at an all-time low before the gun controls were introduced.” As the authors note, “strict controls did not stem the general trend of ever-growing violent crime throughout the post-WWII industrialized world.”

                    1. This is money.

                      The reason that gun ownership doesn’t correlate with murder rates, the authors show, is that violent crime rates are determined instead by underlying cultural factors. “Ordinary people,” they note, “simply do not murder.” Rather, “the murderers are a small minority of extreme antisocial aberrants who manage to obtain guns whatever the level of gun ownership” in their society.

                      Therefore, “banning guns cannot alleviate the socio-cultural and economic factors that are the real determinants of violence and crime rates.” According to Dr. Kates and Dr. Mauser, “there is no reason for laws prohibiting gun possession by ordinary, law-abiding, responsible adults because such people virtually never commit murder. If one accepts that such adults are far more likely to be victims of violent crime than to commit it, disarming them becomes not just unproductive but counter-productive.”

                  2. thanks for the info I just downloaded their study. this is why I come here there is often something new to learn

                3. You really are a dishonest little shit, aren’t you ‘Tony’?

            2. So, we just need to eliminate Democrats to seriously reduce the homicide rate. Off you go, Tony!

              1. It seems that what we need to eliminate are European countries that don’t fit into his narrative.

            3. I love you.

        2. C’mon… “tony” is probably 5’6″- he needs the dead bodies to stand on.

      2. In Switzerland, every adult male owns a gun.

        Serbia is also third in the world in gun ownership with a homicide rate of only 1.2 per 100,000.

        So…facts, Tony.

        1. France has a gun ownership rate 1/3 that of the US, but a firearms death rate something like 1/100 the US. Meanwhile Mexico has much fewer guns and more deaths. Tony doesn’t even have correlation on his side in this one.

          It’s almost as if the US is a cultural outlier compared to the rest of the world and gun ownership rates are irrelevant…

          1. Mexico has fewer legal guns.

      3. Care to guess how many gun laws the murderer broke? Why didn’t your laws work, Tony? Why did you let these people die?

        1. We need to outlaw guns, which will eliminate them and keep murderers from getting any, just like outlawing drugs has eliminated drugs and prevented addicts from getting them.
          /Tony derp

      4. Switzerland isn’t a civilized country?

        1. Quite–the gun toters are thoroughly trained by the government. I guess America is just relatively morally corrupt, or something.

          1. Explain France, Tony. Explain Mexico. Explain why there’s no significant correlation between gun ownership rates and gun death rates. I keep bringing this up and you spouting rhetoric that is not supported by any facts.

          2. I’ve been to the shooting range this year 10X more than my BiL who is an armed government agent.

            Who’s more dangerous?

      5. Were you born a fat, slimy, scumbag puke piece o’ shit, or did you have to work on it?

      6. It is nice to have an issue we can just chalk up to the cruelty of nature, though, then wash our hands and move on.

        What else would you chalk it up to?

      7. Yes, the number of guns has something to do with it. Happy?

        It is still fucking insane to clamor to give up your right to armed self defense.

      8. He should’ve ambushed them with a knife, like the civilized Chinese do.

        1. Or a meat cleaver, AK-47, or vest full of high explosives like any civilized, self-respecting cultural crusader.

      9. As soon as you show up I stop reading. Nothing good comes fro your posts. Ever. Usually you are only 50% the problem, but still, whenever you show up everything turns into a bitchfest.

        You ruin everything and your ought to be embarassed of your reputation.

      10. Bullshit again, Tony. It’s all you know. Brazil has some of the strictest gun laws on the planet, it’s nearly impossible to legally own a gun there unless you’re in law enforcement. Yet their murder rate by guns is way higher than in the USA. Perhaps you can explain that, Einstein?

        1. Not developed!

          One thing you see them do is arbitrarily determine what is and isn’t developed so they can claim America has a high homicide rate compared to ‘developed’ countries.

          I’ve been to Russia and most of Russia is pretty developed. But they arbitrarily determine it isn’t developed (despite its PPP per capita GDP being similar to Greece and other Eastern Eastern European countries like Estonia) so that they can avoid factoring in a country with strict gun control that has a murder rate 4 times higher than America.

          1. Those Cherry’s won’t pick themselves. You’ve got to slice that data with a razor blade to bring the “true” data out, don’t you know.

      11. Tony, I’m asking you this honestly. With approximately 300 million firearms in private hands in this country, what exactly is your “solution” to this “problem?”

        1. He won’t answer you honestly, so I’ll answer for him.


          1. the question to the answer is who will be brave enough to do the confiscating?

      12. Tony, would feel great if Williams had stabbed them…

      13. You don’t think Mexico and South Africa are civilized countries? RAAAAACISSSSSTTTTT!!!!

    2. It is interesting that the left has such an obsession with gun control. If they were consistent, they would be calling for more “car control” every time someone dies in an auto accident.

      1. I call for car control. Massive investment in self-driving technology and high-speed rail.

        Of course if you were consistent you’d call every seat belt and air bag and drivers license and crash safety technology an affront to god-given liberties.

        1. No. The correct comparison is to ban cars altogether or to at least severely restrict their availability.

          But you and the control freaks like your cars, so you don’t want them banned.

          1. Notice, though. that his favored transportation technologies are only of use to the ultra-wealthy? I guess the poor can walk.

          2. When have I called for a ban on guns?

            1. You’ve called for effective gun control laws in the past. Limiting gun ownership to government officials is pretty ineffective, so I assumed you wanted to disarm everyone.

              If I am wrong, and you are only a supporter of *ineffective* gun control, the kind that allows the deputy who is in the KKK to sell guns to his buddies while disarming poor black people, then I apologize.

              1. I think the NRA has won for now. I just think they, and you who support their radical liberty position, should own up to the consequences. But asking libertarians to own up to consequences is like asking toddlers to do so.

                1. But asking libertarians to own up to consequences is like asking toddlers to do so.

                  Oh my God! If I were a psych professor, and I wanted to demonstrate projection in action, Tony’s comments would be my go-to exhibit.

                  1. You have to remember, in Tonyworld individuals are not responsible for their own actions. Bad outcomes are the result of bad policies, bad laws, or bad Top. Men.

                    This is why they are obsessed with government control of everything.

                2. I just think they, and you who support their radical liberty position, should own up to the consequences.

                  Just as soon as you fess up to your collective sins in helping create murder capital fiefdoms of lefty social policy. But asking socialists to own up to the consequences, toddlers, and all that.

                  1. Just as soon as you fess up to your collective sins in helping create murder capital fiefdoms of lefty social policy

                    No. We shouldn’t wait.

                    The consequences of our radical liberty position is that on the whole people will be safer and happier, but occasionally some nut job or criminal will commit a horrible crime.

                    Leave the denial of tradeoffs or costs to the emotionally stunted like Tony or Cytotoxic.

                3. The NRA is anything but radical. They are very conservative and very cautious.

                4. Only Tony would think “individuals should be responsible for the consequences of their own actions” constitutes a “radical liberty position.”

                5. “Radical liberty position” aka, morality

                6. I’ll take their “consequences” any day over being disarmed and at the mercy of the Gov.

              2. You just explained the genesis of gun control!

            2. Oh, this is how you leftists work. You get beaten up on an issue and don’t get your way, so you back off some and say you didn’t say things that you said before. Then you’re more reasonable because you can’t get it all. So you just go back towards inching your way back in the same direction. You want for ALL guns to be confiscated from citizens. You’d love to see it, but you would sound even more foolish and impotent than usual, so you just talk pure bullshit. You sound exactly like every poster on HuffPo, unable to think outside of the group, and totally insincere. If you said what you actually believe, like you sometimes do, you’d sound like a raving lunatic. You know, threatening your fellow citizens with cruise missiles and other such insane drivel.

        2. In Tonyland, a person who calls for abortion to be legalized is someone who thinks abortions should be mandatory.

          1. Gay marriage too.

        3. Tony|8.26.15 @ 10:56AM|#

          Define politicize, idiot. Should we only talk about issues when they aren’t relevant to anything happening?

          Here’s your definition, idiot: piling up the corpses to mewl about your useless pet projects. You’re no better than Trump.

        4. Massive investment in self-driving technology and high-speed rail

          Because why? Because you don’t like people making their own decisions about where to go and when, and how fast and with whom?

          Progtards like you are obsessed with control. It’s pathological.

          1. Because driving cars is one of the most dangerous things people do, and it results in an unacceptable number of deaths and injuries, all preventable by available technology requiring only some shifting of resources. People will still be able to go wherever they want, and faster than before.

            1. You actually believe that technology will eliminate all deaths by car accidents? Isn’t it more likely that you will just switch the type of human error that causes human deaths?

              1. Eliminate, no. But reduce.

                But unlike Tony, I don’t see improvements or innovations as ends in and of themselves, just sensible trade-offs when and where they makes sense. The trade-off of relatively cheap and fast travel more than offsets the potential loss of life due to accidents. Gun ownership is a more nebulous benefit redounding to a free liberal people and maintaining some semblance of sovereignty which cretins like Tony trim and hedge at every opportunity. Yes, there is a trade-off. Murders occur. We are not always a harmonious species. But America would be a much less liberal society if we attempted to stomp out every potential source of danger or abuse. We could eliminate murder by guns just as easily as eliminating illicit substances if we bent the whole of American society to that end, in the process eliminating the fourth first and fourth amendments along with the second and suspending any constraints on police. And the Tonies of the nation would be jubilant watching doors kicked in and offenders pulled out into the streets and shot.

                1. Meant to work in the obvious parallel between gun control and drug prohibition: it doesn’t work halfway. Prohibition fails. Either it’s houses ransacked and offenders shipped off to the gulags, or criminals will always have access.

        5. Of course if you were consistent you’d call every seat belt and air bag and drivers license and crash safety technology an affront to god-given liberties.

          Government mandated? I do.

          Otherwise, you want to keep your gun locked away in a safe where no one can get at it ever and drive around without a seatbelt or airbags? Have at it.

      2. Guns are a check on their plans of enslaving us. We all know it. We shouldn’t refrain from saying whenever they bring up gun control.

    3. This particular murder would have been just as easy to do with a machete or an axe or something. These poor fucks didn’t have a chance.

  21. Why does it so often seem like the importance of a story is driven by whether the action was caught on camera?

    Talk about perverse incentives.

    1. Actually seeing (or hearing) a person die is very emotional: it reminds us of our fragile existence.

      1. There’s certainly a cognitive bias at the heart of it somewhere.

        Hot Cognition is what you’re talking about, but there’s probably also Framing and Attentional bias at work, too.

        Condolences to the victims, but if someone caught a celebrity torturing a dog to death on camera, people would be paying attention to that instead.

        It isn’t just these kinds of terroristic perverse incentives that we continue to suffer from either. Michael Bay keeps getting his films funded because the way people think continues to fail in predictable ways.

        1. You mean Hot Cognition isn’t the name of a strip club for nerds?

          1. If you wanted to start a strip club in Silicon Valley, you could do a lot worse than naming it “Hot Cognition”.

  22. Gawker solutions:

    citizendefarge bay_estrian
    8/26/15 10:30am

    Now seems like the perfect time to talk about gun control, before people forget (which is exactly what the NRA and gun manufacturers hope for).

    We need gun control. We need fewer people with guns. “MORE GUNS” is clearly not the answer. Since “bad guys” aren’t getting their guns from “the bad guy gun store”, limiting guns will help solve this ridiculous fucking problem.

    1. Yeah. Limiting the availability of guns will stop senseless killings. Only guns kill people. Nothing else.

    2. Can people wait even a day before turning this into politics?

      1. We should ask Mike M that question.

    3. Oddly enough in Mexico, there is a ‘bad guys’ gun store.

      Two of them in fact: the national police and the army. Naturally to get a gun to protect one’s self, one has to deal with the bad guys gun store.

      1. A third: the U.S. government.

        1. Well, the U.S. government does approve every arms sale to the Mexican government by American gun makers, so the we can say that the AR-15’s slaughtering innocents in Juarez do come with Obama’s seal of approval. 😉

          1. Oh, I was thinking of Operation Fast ‘n Furious, or whatever it was called.

    4. Yeah, the only reason most Americans don’t want massively more gun control is because they are distractable idiots and forget that sometimes people commit horrible murders. Couldn’t possibly be that most people don’t agree with the more extreme gun control agenda.

    5. We need gun control. We need fewer people with guns. “MORE GUNS” is clearly not the answer. Since “bad guys” aren’t getting their guns from “the bad guy gun store”, limiting guns will help solve this ridiculous fucking problem.

      That’s why there are more guns than ever and less violent crime than ever. Reasoned arguments don’t work on these people. They feel that they are right.

  23. Where’s that yard sign about respecting your neighbor’s personal beliefs and not using your gun to stop their home’s robbery?

  24. “arrest imminent”

    McAuliffe said the incident is a reminder that Virginia needs to more strictly control firearms.

    “There are too many guns in the hands of people who should not have guns,” said McAuliffe, who supports universal background checks.

    Fuck you, McAuliffe. Classless fuck.

    1. It’s ok, only a matter of time until we find out the shooter stole the gun or already passed a background check.

      1. So you’re saying we need stricter background checks and laws that hold people responsible for not locking up their guns?


    2. What a shameless asshole.

      1. It’s hard to imagine someone being more of a political hack than McAuliffe. I don’t think it’s possible. He didn’t invent political hackery, but he certainly embraced it. It is the essence of his being.

    3. At 5 AM this morning, who knew that this guy should not have had a gun?

    4. Did McAuliffe have information which indicated that the shooter obtained his gun because of some “flaw” in the law? Are “universal background checks” even relevant here?

      Oh, who am I kidding. Fuck you, McAuliffe.

      1. Since when does a Liberal have to have information before running his mouth

  25. WHSVnewsVerified account
    The #WDBJ shooting suspect’s name is Vester Lee Flanagan, not Lester as reported by other outlets:

      1. I never would’ve guessed the Negro did it. Seriously. I had this pegged as white-on-white crime.

      1. That second dude doesn’t match the descrip:

        “He was described as a light skinned black male, with brown eyes and black hair, 6 foot 3 inches tall and approximately 250 pounds.

  26. Wonder if it was the guy that drove the news van and finally had enough of their shit.

  27. Yep, and Flanagan is apparently driving a tan or cream Charger.

  28. Holy shit he’s tweeting. Posted a video of the shooting.

    I filmed the shooting see Facebook

    1. holy fucking shit

      1. Fuck that guy.

      2. Jesus Christ.

    2. Holy fuck.

    3. Jesus. He just stood there.

      You could see the reporter was uncomfortably aware of him standing there while she did the interview.

    4. Twitter’s already suspended the account

    5. I didn’t even want to watch the first video and then I clicked on this one.

    6. Suspended. Fucking hell, though. Disgusting piece of shit.

    7. She ran after getting shot 2-3 times. He must’ve chased her down after killing the cameraman and shooting the interviewee. Twisted.

  29. Light-skinned black male, with brown eyes and black hair, 6 foot 3 inches tall and approximately 250 pounds. Armed and dangerous (needless to say).

  30. Bryce Williams ?@bryce_williams7 7m7 minutes ago
    I filmed the shooting see Facebook
    358 retweets 26 favorites
    Reply Retweet 358 Favorite 26
    Bryce Williams ?@bryce_williams7 7m7 minutes ago
    Adam went to hr on me after working with me one time!!!
    223 retweets 12 favorites
    Reply Retweet 223 Favorite 12
    Bryce Williams ?@bryce_williams7 8m8 minutes ago
    They hired her after that???
    186 retweets 8 favorites
    Reply Retweet 186 Favorite 8
    Bryce Williams ?@bryce_williams7 8m8 minutes ago
    EEOC report filed
    199 retweets 14 favorites
    Reply Retweet 199 Favorite 14
    Bryce Williams ?@bryce_williams7 9m9 minutes ago
    Alison made racist comments

    And then his cell phone videos of him shooting. Fucking fuck.

    1. Christ.

      I hope that’s a really terrible troll. But it doesn’t look like it from the history.

      Twitter just suspended the account, unsurprisingly.

      1. Pretty sure he’s the real deal.

        HLN has posted the guys face, finally, although they keep calling him Vester Flanagan when it is likely this Bryce Williams guy.

        1. Bryce Williams was apparently his on-air name.

          1. You’re right. I though local news reporters simply used their real names.

            1. Unless your first name is “Vester”. Bad handle. Bad human.

    2. Well this media shit storm is going to ‘fun’. God damn insane fuck.

      1. Dorner all over again.

        Remember the “angry white man” epidemic of the early 90s personified by Michael Douglas’ character in Falling Down? With Dorner and now this combined with everything else, is is possible that we have the angry black man epidemic now?

        1. The Dorner name sounds familiar, but I don’t remember the story. One sentence summary?

          1. disgruntled ex-cop. manhunt with drones throughout CA. couple old hispanic ladies shot to shit for driving a similar vehicle.

            1. Oh wow, I didn’t know he was black. I didn’t follow that story very closely.

            2. ‘Similar vehicle’ meaning a truck, iirc. Completely different make and color.

            3. Except the vehicle they were driving was nothing like the Dorner’s.

              The cops basically just panicked with a car drove by slowly (delivering newspapers).

        2. What? A disgruntled black ex-employee shoots multiple white co-workers before turning gun on himself?

          Google “Hartford Distributors Shooting”.

          The media can’t ignore this one.

    3. He sounds seriously mentally ill. It’ll probably get him a lighter sentence, unfortunately.

      1. Might get him life in max security rather than the death penalty, but I wouldn’t call that “light”.

        I just hope he’s taken alive.

        1. Why do you want him taken alive?

          1. Decades of cruel existence in a federal max security is worth something.

            1. Federal?

              The killer forfeited his right to live.

              1. Of course he did, he forfeited all of his rights. But it’s not like max security is a happy existence. I for one would rather die than be condemned to a life sentence in such a place. Albeit, I don’t know that this killer feels the same. A rational justice system would let the family of the murdered determine the appropriate punishment, if it ever gets to trial that is.

    4. “This person said something racist. I therefore am allowed to kill them.”

      You gotta admit, visiting violence on purported racists gets a lot of ethical legitimacy these days.

      1. They othered him and oppressed him with their white privilege, so it’s understandable he struck back at them.

      2. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this guy was just bugfuck crazy and determined she was a racist based on non-existent evidence, just like he determined the man was evil because he reported him to HR.

        1. Well yeah, I think that’s a pretty good bet. Of course, no one can ever just be bugfuck crazy, there has to be a political narrative to advance, after all.

        2. Probably. Not to say that racial offendedness will garner this killer any leeway in a potential trial, but that sort of thing does happen more generally. A cousin of mine lived in the inner city of Nashville when he was in high school. He was relentlessly bullied because he was just about the only white kid at his school. One day he called one of his bullies a nigger.

          The bullies followed him home from school, now empowered by some sense of racial justice their numbers swelled, and they beat him unconscious in his own front yard in front of his mother. My aunt and uncle filed a police report and spoke to the school about the incident. Both the police and the school administration basically told the parents that their son got what he deserved for calling someone a nigger. Social justice.

        3. I’m guessing her racism involved her unwillingness to fuck him.

          1. Or her boyfriend’s unwillingness.

  31. Facebook

    Apparently this dude was an anchor.

    1. I saw the cell phone video before the killer’s account was suspended. My God, that was chilling.

      1. Any links elsewhere on the web?

        1. Mirror

          (Although it may not be complete)


    2. Which presumably means he was clean enough to pass a strict background check.

  32. And now his twitter account is gone. You don’t want to see the video, trust me.

    1. It’s not gory.

      Just malevolent.

      1. He’s holding the Glock at her for 20 seconds while he decides whether he’s going to go through with it. And then the look on her face after the first shot…

        1. Was he? I didn’t observe the gun until just before he fired the first shot.

          1. The first video on his twitter feed started with him pointing the gun at her.

          2. There were two videos on Twitter. I think the Facebook one shows the whole thing.

            1. I only watched the one with the shooting. I think I came late to the party – as twitter was disabling the account.

              1. Well, liveleak has it. I actually don’t recommend watching it, for the record.

                1. They’ve taken it down too.

                  I sorta still wanna see it even with the warnings.

                  Because it is important to see what evil lives in this world.

                  1. It looks like it’s still up. I think their server is just getting crushed.

                  2. NM it is up. The initial loading issue may have been something different.

                    That video is surreal. How did no one stop when the gun was first pointed at them?

                    1. Tunnel vision. I imagine doing a live interview takes a lot of concentration. And why would she expect anything bad to happen?

                    2. How did no one stop when the gun was first pointed at them?

                      Yeah, that part was really strange, but I’m guessing they’re used to looking focused while on camera even while crew are doing stuff in their periphery.

          3. It looks like he accidentally stopped recording and then started recording again. there are (were) two video the earlier (shorter) video shows the gun pointing at various people then it stops, then the second one starts and it’s some waving, but nobody notices. Then the shooting starts.

            1. I think the video was split because of a twitter max length restriction.

              1. That’d be a good explanation too.

      2. One of the most disturbing parts to me (besides the fact that it’s a murder of two human beings) was the expression on the other anchor’s face when they cut back to the studio… She was just shocked, and you could tell that she knew that two of her co-workers, who she probably say every day, just got killed. Then she nervously spewed out this line that was something like “well I’m not sure what happened there, but we’ll let you know as soon as we find out what those sounds were.”

        She knew what those sounds were.

    2. Hopefully twitter kept a copy of the video before deleting the account. That will be brilliant evidence during his trial.

      1. I’m sure lots of people made copies. The facebook account is gone now too.

      2. evidence for the insanity plea

        1. Insanity plea means you didn’t know you were committing a crime due to mental illness. For example, you shot your wife because you thought she was an alien here to suck out your brains. Being a sick mother fucker who shoots someone out of revenge for petty ‘grievances’ doesn’t fall under the insanity plea. He knew it was a crime and he knew it wasn’t self defense.

          1. “Being a sick mother fucker who shoots someone out of revenge for petty ‘grievances’ doesn’t fall under the insanity plea.”

            No, but filming it and acting like nothing is wrong could qualify

            1. No, it won’t.

            2. I would argue the opposite.

    3. Does it make me a bad person that I sort of do?

      Don’t get me wrong. I certainly don’t get any thrill particular pleasure from it. It leaves me feeling a bit queasy. But i find things like that compelling in a strange way and hard to look away from. I’m kind of the same way with 911 video.
      I think it has to do with the fact that I haven’t personally experienced anything as horrible as that and I am fascinated by things like that that happen often enough but are completely outside of my personal experience.

      1. Does it make me a bad person that I sort of do?

        Jesus Fucking Christ, NO.

        I’m debating whether asking that question makes you a bad person. Wanting to see the video doesn’t.

        1. I wasn’t actually seriously questioning my own moral character.

          1. WELL YOU SHOULD.

  33. And his news alias was Bryce Williams because apparently Vester Lee Flanagan too country for Roanoke?

    1. No, it sounds like a crazy person name. Sane people go by two names, not three.

  34. Well, since it was a black guy and he killed white people, it goes without saying that this event will get flushed down the memory hole within the next 24-48 hours, including by the oh-so-politically-correct Reason of course.

    1. Fuck you.

      1. Fuck you.

    2. Shut the fuck up you fucking idiot. Do you ever stop and think and realize what a whiny pussy fucking moron you are? Do you get embarrassed? Fuck you.

      1. You said this better than I did. I just tried to go shorter.

        1. Sometimes brevity is the soul of wit. Sometimes not.

    3. Well, you are consistent and predictable, anyway.

      1. Well there’s been no, “If Block Insane Yomamma had a son,” comment yet. But maybe I’m jinxing it.

        1. “If Obama had a son he’d look like Vester”

            1. Maybe he takes after the wookie?

      2. He sorta has a point. I brought up Dorner earlier and half forgot about it and the other half didn’t know Dorner was black. Dorner’s allegations of racism within his employer (LAPD) were of the same nature as Flanagan’s here. Dylann Roof becomes a story so big that a longstanding icon of southern culture becomes thoughtcrime. This story may disappear down the memory hole like Dorner before it apparantly has.

        1. Dorner’s story was of him being disgusted with police brutality, reporting it and then being ostracized for doing so.

        2. I think there is a distinction to be made between “not getting blown out of proportion like some other story was” and being memory holed.

    4. There was multiple videos and an anchor got shot. It also can be tied into the leading topic of the day because the shooter cited ‘racism’ as his motivation.

      This isn’t going anywhere soon.

      1. Remember what I said about people doing more of whatever they did before after a tragedy? That goes for self-pitying pencildick peckerwood morons too.

        1. Huh? Are you calling me names or Mike?

          1. Mike. I’m definitely not trying to insult you. Mike, on the other hand, deserves every insult that can be heaped on him.

            1. Oh carry on then. He hasn’t shown an ounce of decency in this thread.

              1. He’d have to have some to show any.

        2. “peckerwood” is now my favorite racial epithet.

      2. A sociopath and narcissist that’s fascinated with SJW topics and the RaseWarz? I wonder why!

      3. Black on white crime and racism is pretty much the biggest no-discussion zone in the American liberal media today. No subject in the world is more utterly terrifying to them, not even Islamic terrorism.

        I predict that by this time tomorrow it’ll be like this never even happened. We’ll see.

        1. The difference is that this lunatic was brazen enough to put all of his motives right in social media. To me everyone in the media has no choice but to discuss it, there’s nothing unknown about his motivations, and no narrative to create. He stated them to the world right before he put the bullet in his own head.

          1. And he shot an anchor during a live broadcast. Everyone watching the show saw it happen giving it immediate exposure. The anchor means that there is one news org that considers this a big freaking deal they won’t forget soon, and all the other anchors on tv empathize with the victim, increasing the importance of the story in their minds.

          2. Motives which I promise you are being wiped off that social media right now as we speak, if they haven’t been already.

          3. Same with Dorner. But how many people remember even remote details of that, even while it lasted for weeks?

          4. Trump will do say something stupid today or tomorrow and that will be the focus of media attention for a week. This one will be completely forgotten by friday.

        2. Hey peckerwood, were you born stupid or did you have to work at it? Is your mother still alive? If so, how can she stand the shame of having produced something as stupid and self-pitying as you? Fuck off, moron.

          1. Stupidity this brazen takes time and effort. Nobody is born that big a moron.

      4. Ok, I’m very confused. I’m hearing the guy was black and he shot white people. So how can it be racism. Surely you must mean those two very white looking people were actually black and the shooter was white?

        1. At least in the shooter’s mind, the motivation seems to have had something to do with other people’s racism. Which is the only possible reason his news reading career wasn’t more successful.

        2. Their white privilege forced him to do it.

      5. “This isn’t going anywhere soon.”

        No, I doubt it. Donald Trump has probably already made a public comment. Whatever The Trump comment, it will get 24/7 coverage for at least a week.

  35. So. Is this the first selfie murder?

    1. Maybe we’ll finally get some much-needed legislation to ban selfies

      1. All I’m asking for is some sensible selfie regulation here.

        1. If selfies are outlawed, only outlaws will have selfies.

  36. They identified the shooter as Vester Lee Flanagan, a former reporter at that station who was fired and went by the on-air name of Bryce Williams

      1. So, he faxed a 23 page document to the News Station.

        “ABC News said it received a 23-page fax from someone named Bryce Williams prior to the shooting. The content has not been revealed, and ABC said it has shared the fax with police.”

        So, he created a manifesto of some kind.

    1. Apparently he had a history of accusing his colleagues and coworkers of racism. Including the ones he killed today

      1. If only they had recognized and admitted their racism, instead of using their white privilege to deny it.

          1. #CheckYourPrivilege

      2. Except apparently this woman was never his “coworker.” He was shitcanned in 2013, she was hired in 2014.

        So fuck you, Vester. Fuck you in the ass.

        1. Being gay, he might have enjoyed that actually.

        2. from his tweet “and then they hired her?” I think she may have been his replacement

  37. Hey, maybe this asshat can be cellmates with Dylann Roof.


      1. Naaah, 10 minutes of footage before Roof is swirlied to death.

        1. I dunno about that. Roof got taken in custody alive. I’d put my money on that level of crazy over the guy that offs himself in the end.

  38. Scanner just said to stop looking for suspect and vehicle… so either dead or in custody.

    1. WHSVnews ?@WHSVnews 5m5 minutes ago
      #BREAKING Reports: Alleged #WDBJ shooter Vester Flanagan has shot himself:

  39. WHSVnewsVerified account
    #BREAKING Reports: Alleged #WDBJ shooter Vester Flanagan has shot himself:

    That’s the end of that.

    1. God damnit. Still think they should go on a smear campaign against him. Not as satisfying as if he was watching from a jail cell, but pissing on his grave is the next best thing.

      1. Is there really much worse to smear him with than that he was a crazy fuck who murdered some innocent people for no good reason?

        1. He wouldn’t be embarrassed by that. It makes him sound important and like a badass. He needs to be smeared like a kid with home haircut and a stutter asking the feminist club president for a dance. Humiliate him publicly and on primetime until he’s the butt of every second rate comic’s jokes.

          1. Yeah, sure. I don’t care. But I don’t think that will do any more good than banning guns or apologizing for my white privilege.

    2. Not surprising. And I’m fine with that. So long as he’s no longer a threat to others.

    3. Vester Flanagan

      The Irish menace strikes again.

    4. We can still ban Kwanzaa and MLK Day. Change a bunch of street names to Nathan Bedford Forrest Avenue and Robert E. Lee Drive.

      1. Fuck off, idiot.

    5. Hell. I clicked in the faint hope that he had survived the self-inflicted wound, but no.

    6. Coward. May he be reembered as a coward now and forward.

    7. Good. Revenge and torture fantasies are great and all, but a clean, quick end to it all seems better.

      1. The news is now saying he’s in critical condition, not dead.

        1. Oh well. I gotta go be productive for a while now.

  40. The problem, of course, is that the cameraman and reporter weren’t carrying loaded bazookas while they were interviewing their interviewee. Next time I see Anderson cooper on the screen he better have an assault rifle slung over his shoulder. You know– for his protection.

    1. “The problem, of course, is that the cameraman and reporter weren’t carrying loaded bazookas while they were interviewing their interviewee.”

      That would have been awesome and their families would probably prefer the outcome. Oh, right you’re being sarcastic because you’d rather they die so you’d have an excuse to take people’s guns away.

      1. *claps*

    2. Another classy, predictable idiot. Bravo.

    3. Exactly, comrade! One day soon all gun lunatics will be packed off to glorious reeducation camps to work off their debt to glorious socialist America.

    4. No, the problem is that they forgot to report from a gun-free zone, obviously.

      1. And they should have been nicer to their black colleague. More sensitivity training needed.

    5. You people are hopeless. You have it set in your naive mind that what would make us safer would be to confiscate all guns. But even that will not stop a deranged killer bent on destruction. The person is already on a suicide mission at that point, so they’re going to get a weapon no matter what.

      Maybe as soon as your socialist utopia arrives and everyone gets a free pony, people will stop getting killed, by other citizens. Instead they’ll be killed by government goon squads like has happened in every other socialist paradise. I’ll take a few random shootings over 20 million people being summarily executed. But you, you think it won’t happen to you. You guys always think that way until it’s too late.

      1. But, those 20 million would have deserved it! They were counterrevolutionaries!

        1. Exactly

    6. “Next time I see Anderson cooper on the screen he better have an assault rifle slung over his shoulder. You know– for his protection.”

      Cooper is a card carrying member of the leftist intelligista.

      He has armed bodyguards like Bloomberg and Pelosi as they telll hoi polloi to disarm.

    7. At first we thought it was an ambush, but then the shooters own video showed that he held the gun on the victims for at least 20 seconds before opening fire and killing them.

      If a third person came upon the scene and saw the murderer holding his gun on the intended victims, there would have been an opportunity to intervene and save two lives.

  41. He must have ran her down after killing the cameraman since she took off after getting shot. If she had a gun on her, maybe she could have pulled it out and used it in self defense while he was shooting the cameraman and interviewee.

  42. The evil in this world suffocates me. Seeing shit like this.. being able to do nothing but watch as a passive waste. It’s sapped my will to live.

    1. Yes, what happened was horrible. But you need to keep things in perspective. While many perceive an increase in violence (due mostly to the ubiquity and instantaneousness of social media), the reality is that violence is at its lowest levels since ancient times.

      1. Lowest levels ever, most likely.

    2. I sometimes find that small pleasures help. For example, it’s National Dog Day, so here’s a gif of a puppy playing with a bone

  43. Looks like Tony, Mike M, and american socialist have all dropped some derp in this thread. Just need shriek and Jackand Ace to check in to complete the dipshit collection.

    1. Someone sounded the NRA signal. It’s like the global warming and Koch brothers signals. They all summon the same morons.

    2. The Dipshit Collection, presented by the Franklin Mint. Every month, you’ll recieve a new dipshit for the low, low price of just $9.99 plus shipping and handling. Collect them all today! Trade them with friends, or display them for your family. The Dipshit Collection from the Franklin Mint. Order yours today!

      1. The Shreek coin is sure to be a favorite.

        1. The Shriek coin is actually a greenback.

        2. The shriek coin has 8% gold- which only cost $600/oz

    3. I’m stating nothing but facts. An angry black guy got fired from his job for some reason, blamed all his problems in the world on whitey, and decided to take out some whiteys as his last final act on the big stage. Anyone take issue with any of these facts?

      He was the same exact same kind of piece of shit as Dylann Roof, except with the races reversed. The only difference is that we’re all supposed to pretend that this only goes in one direction. Fuck that. I’m not playing that game, and anyone who doesn’t like it can go fly a kite.

      1. “blamed all his problems in the world on whitey”

        Not a known fact.

        “decided to take out some whiteys as his last final act on the big stage”

        Not “some” whiteys. Two people he knew that he thought wronged him. Roof shot up strangers for being black and meant for it to be a political act, not a personal one.

        So there are two problems. Idiot.

        1. Not a known fact.

          Bull fucking shit. The details on this guy are coming out now. He has been a royal pain in the ass and has been crying racism at all his jobs going back to at least 2000.

          Not “some” whiteys. Two people he knew that he thought wronged him.

          Uhhhh, he shot THREE people, moron. What about Vicki Gardner from the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce?

  44. How long before we finally pass common sense gun control to keep guns out of the hands of journalists?

  45. All I know is twitchy is gonna find some interesting tweets in relation to this story.

  46. The last few Tweets sent from Williams’ account suggest a racial motivation for the attack.

    Report to re-education camp, Robby.

  47. You know, I’m beginning to wonder. Why hasn’t CNN given a description of the shooter? You can’t tell much of anything from that photo. I mean, shouldn’t part of their job be giving a description so that people who see the guy would be warned and maybe make a phone call?

    I’m almost starting to think that the shooter wasn’t a white teabagger.

    1. Shooters dead.

      1. Dead-American isn’t a race, though.

      2. Fucking CNN, so damn predictable. They didn’t even release a description of the guy because they found out that he’s black. Fuck CNN, they are not journalists, they’re a bunch of politically biased hacks, just like all the other networks.

        1. I suspect the focus on identity issues and gun control is all connected. It’s not important to them whether or not gun control works, the goal is to take guns from certain people.

    2. They’ve identified him, he was a former newscaster…..hooter-id/

      1. Holy fucking shit is that ever going to ruin the proglotards afternoon.

        1. Apparently not, they’re spinning it as a story of male on female violence.

          1. Well that’s fucking shameless.

  48. He took the coward’s way out. Which further suggests he very well knew what he did was wrong.

    1. Wait, now HLN is saying he’s not dead…

      1. WHOA. My hopes are revived, along with him?

        1. IDK. The asshole is in critical condition, which means there’s a high chance he won’t make it.

          1. Critical is better than grave.

            1. Better than Lou Reed.

            2. Nah. Just die already.

        2. Hopes for what? Just wait, the media will soft defend this guy and say that it happened because of racial injustice and that it’s all whitey’s fault. They know no shame, absolutely none.

          1. He doesn’t get to crawl out on it. Media can say what they like, it won’t help when he drops the soap.

            1. Oh, I know he’s not going to get away it. I’m just saying that the leftist networks will soft defend him. They’ll talk about the tragedy and say we need a conversation about more gun control and racial injustice. Whereas had the guy been white, they would have just screamed for more gun control and how bad the NRA and right wingers are, blahblahblah on and on, forever.

              1. Something about civil society, we hate it when crazed mofos cheat human justice by committing suicide.

              2. They’ll not bring race up at all. They won’t go near racial injustice because stories like this need to be completely removed from race lest people realize things go both ways.

                The Dorner motive was entirely rooted in race but the conversation quickly got scrubbed.

  49. Vester wrote a manifesto but the dumb motherfucker sent it to ABC News where it almost certainly willbe suppressed. I hope he posted it elsewhere.

    1. Download, my pretties, like you’ve never downloaded before!

    2. They turned it over to the police, which is the right thing to do here. Fuck giving this coward more publicity than he already has.

      1. We should probably burn every copy of Mein Kampf then right? Because understanding what drives a man to horrific acts has no utility whatsoever.

        1. JB has a lot of faith in Top. Men.

  50. History:

    Heather Myers ?@HeatherMyersSD6 12m12 minutes ago
    #Correction: Our ND hired and fired VA shooting suspect in FL in 2000. Fired for bizarre behavior and threatening employees. @SanDiego6

  51. WHSVnews ?@WHSVnews 5m5 minutes ago
    CORRECTION: State police say that #WDBJ suspected shooter Vester Flanagan is not dead, but in critical condition:

    1. Let’s hope he wakes up retarded, but not full retard, just retarded enough to sense his suffering and loss of his humanity.

  52. The ThinkProgress take:

    This is often because while women can escape abusive partners by moving to a shelter or other save living location, they often can’t change jobs as quickly, and this means their partners know where they can find them. It can lead to women feeling they cannot reject men’s romantic advances for fear of becoming victims of violence.

    1. The only evidence I’ve seen suggests he was a paranoid sociopath. Perhaps he was rejected by Parker, but that’s pure speculation at this point.

      1. She had a finacee. Unlikely he made a romantic move.

        1. And he’s gay, so definitely no rejection.

          1. Damn, he’s gay, black, and worked for thinkprogress? The left are having a totally shitty day I think.

            1. No, I don’t think he worked for thinkprogress. He was just a reporter.

              1. Ok, well, that probably came early on like a few other things that were likely misinformation.

                Just the fact that he’s not a right wing gun nut whitey is enough make the left really depressed. They were ready to pounce all over it this morning. Right away saying that the NRA is to blame for arming another gun nut and that from the picture, it was obvious what his race is, meaning white.

        2. So he and Parker wanted the same guy?

    2. “Woman, man murdered on-air; woman hardest hit.”

      1. Sweet.

        In a bitter kind of way.

    3. Just how, how is this the take they see from this. I’d understand if they went full gun grabber or this is why we need more government funds for mental illness. But this is so fucking off topic it’s not even funny. The man stated his damn motivation and it had nothing to do with her gender or a romance between them.

      1. Especially considering he’s gay.

        1. So has anyone seen this alleged 32 page fax that he sent?

        2. Yep, that pretty much nixes the romantic rejection motivation.

  53. I guess Reason will jump on this one soon. Looks like we’d better all wear body cams at all times.

    Sheriff’s deputies fired after body cam shows false profanity accusation against Seattle bus driver…

  54. Watched the video at live leaks. My heart started pumping when the cameraman turned to his right and started his pan to the left because I knew this was coming.

    This wasn’t insanity. The fucker raises the weapon and lowers it at least once. So he thought about what he was doing.

    1. It wasn’t the kind of insanity that makes you not legally culpable, but it’s still fucking crazy.

    2. There’s crazy as in talk-to-dogs-hear-voices crazy, and there’s crazy like being so obsessed with yourself that you kill people for stupid, selfish reasons. Narcissism, for instance, is the latter. Being a pathetic man-child who murders people because your feelings are hurt is another example.

    3. i was saying this is 1st degree murder.

  55. Gawker’s reasoned and clarifying take on the matter:

    RIP to the victims even though they may have been racist.

    1. Stay classy, Gawker!

    2. Oh my god. I would take a Taco Bell shit on everybody who works for or comments at Gawker, but i’m pretty sure they already have people for that.

    3. Like I said after the Dylann Root thing: in the phrase “racist murderer”, we know which word is the curse.

      1. Though in this case, Gawker is so adamant about the evil of the word racist that it carries enough weight to make the victim of murder almost deserving.

    4. Is that for real? I don’t travel to Gawker, so I need help knowing if this is a headline, a comment, what.

      1. I got it from a screencap at Ace of Spades. Not going to give Gawker my traffic.

    5. I like limegreensalads trolling over at Gawker.

      1. I like Ken M trolling everywhere.

    6. They probably tweeted that through gritted teeth

    7. Much as it pains me to be fair to Gawker, not everything on Kinja is Gawker, and this one doesn’t appear to be related. Just some random asshole.

  56. This story particularly grips me because the female reporter was in a similar spot in her life as I am now: relatively young (she was two years younger than I am) and just starting her career. She (as well as the cameraman) was engaged; I’ve been married for only a short time.

    This event is very depressing.

    1. Maybe take a break from the internet today? Go have a picnic lunch with your spouse or friend. Just put your headphones on, close your eyes and listen to the entire Kinks catalog.

      This is a sad episode, but don’t let it get you down. There is so much beauty and good in this world. Today is a good day to go and experience that.

      1. Yep. I’m taking the rest of the week off and visiting Tucson with my girlfriend. Leaving my laptop at home.

        Do not let your life be ruled by brutality.

        1. Being aware of brutality, being incensed by brutality, and trying to understand brutality does not make one ruled by brutality. It only makes one fascinated with a fundamental part of the human condition, as fundamental a part as love and compassion.

  57. I… nothing.

    I am already feeling poorly, as I have been pushing too hard. I am going to go home, hug my wife and stay away from the intarwebz for the rest of the day.

    See all of you tomorrow.

    1. You should have been practicing your kagels.

  58. White lives matter?

    1. This one does.

  59. Turned my office TV to Headline News (the company won’t pay for expanded cable, so no Fox or CNN). Right now, Nancy Grace is explaining to us that this was a premeditated act, and that his driving to the crew’s location demonstrates intent. I take great comfort knowing we have Nancy’s steady leadership and quiet wisdom to guide us through these dark times.

  60. Let this asshole die in the hospital! He is not worth saving. He clearly didn’t even value his own life or the lives of others.

    No sense in saving someone like this…

    Sad day for a lot of people that knew these victims.

    1. Disagree.

      Save him.
      Kill him again.
      But botch the execution for maximum suffering.
      And post it on social media.

      1. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

        1. I cliche for a cliche leaves the whole world covered in derp

        2. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

          Only true if everyone had two good eyes. Unfortunately some have only one. So after any monumental eye poke out there would be people who still had one good eye.

          1. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed derpterd still pretends to be a pirate.

        3. because we’re all murderous psychopaths…it must’ve been a prog that came up with that one

        4. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

          Only if you do it twice…

      2. I could be down with this with one adjustment.

        Sell it on PPV and donate the money to the victims families.

    2. Nope, I want him to recover from his injuries and go on to live a long, long life, every minute of it spent in a cage.

      1. I’d like him to only half recover from what I assume is a traumatic brain injury.

      2. I see no need to pay for the cage, the meals, the reading materials, the lawyers or anything else.

        Fuck him!

        I can go with the solution from Sudden above though. At least for a short while.

  61. White lives matter?


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  63. Before he died, Vester Lee Flanagan faxed ABC News a copy of his 23-page manifesto in which he cited revenge for the Charleston church massacre as the motivation for his attack

    So, what’s the left wing equivalent of the Confederate flag?



    2. I think it’s red with a hammer and sickle.

      1. The Che Guevara teeshirt.

    3. Martin Luther King Day?

      Or at least anything official named after Malcolm X?

    4. Rainbow flag:….._r.png#GAY flag 3563×2378

      Black Power flag:…..00×300.png

      If it’s our turn to go on a silly crusade against symbols, why not those? The murderer was a gay black man. He was know to file false racial harrassment claims. In his suicide note he calls it revenge for the Charleston shooting.

      This is right at the feet of Obama, Sharpton and the rest of the racial grievance mongers.

      1. No, I vote for the word “microaggression”. It’s clear that an obsession with microaggressions killed these people, so now all SJWs have to repudiate the term and censor all references to it. Make it so.

        1. I will now forever be “triggered” by the term micro-aggression because of the trigger man that pulled the trigger after claiming to be micro-aggressed.

      2. I agree. An entire generation of blacks, browns, gays, you name it have become class of people who might properly be called The Aggrieved. Real or not, rational or not, the sense of justice in these people is real, as perverted as it is.

        I think the first news station that settled this guy’s EEOC suit out of court dodged a bullet, because the station who got his suit dismissed out of hand was subjected to some “social justice” in the truest sense of that bullshit term.

        1. Just watch, their will be a plethora of SJW shitbags on the interwebz defending and sympathizing with this guy like they defended the jihadists in Garland, TX.

      3. This is right at the feet of Obama, Sharpton and the rest of the racial grievance mongers.


        Way to sink to their level, guys.

        1. We have to ban something that symbolizes the left. What about Salon? That would be a good start.

          1. I vote yes. Can we ban Clintons from public office, as well? Since, you know, we are just doing random shit.

        2. It feels nice. Like sinking into a soothing hot tub.

        3. The confederate flag is a symbol of a defunct institution. Obama, Sharpton and the rest are actively planting seeds of fruitless racial conflict and false narratives, for personal and political gain, that almost certainly leads to bad things. To take another example, the cultural Marxists are ethically culpable for their spread of lies and much of the results of those lies, are they not?

          I’ll grant you that it’s problematic to directly correlate any one event directly to Sharpton or Obama or whoever, but I think the effects of their policies, words and deeds all contribute to the widely believed false narratives that actually fuels this violence. This shit doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

          1. You must forgive our millenia commenters. They’re a little slow.

            1. I’m not ageist or anything… I have lots of millennial friends I swear!

            2. Progs would argue that the flag is ‘actively planting seeds of fruitless racial conflict and false narratives’ and ‘that almost certainly leads to bad things.’

              They’d argue that flying the Confederate flag is evidence that you have bought into a fraudulent Lost Cause narrative that serves to justify continued black oppression.

              They’d be wrong, but their argument would be identical to Free Society’s.

              1. Progs would argue that the flag is ‘actively planting seeds of fruitless racial conflict and false narratives’ and ‘that almost certainly leads to bad things.’

                Talk about animism. Again the flag is an object, it’s not a set of ideas or person promoting those ideas to other people. Is it really fair to criticize the Ku Klux Klan’s role in lynchings because a very small proportion of it’s members have been found to be murderers?

                Can we really assign any blame to neocon columnists, pundits and voters for the murdery foreign policy of the US? Of course not, we can only blame Boooooosh because of course he came to power in a complete vacuum of support and enacted his policies without any social or institutional backing whatsoever. Makes sense, thanks Irish.

      4. I believe the word is collectivist, for advocates of collectivized rights and hatreds.

  64. Oh noes! It’s back!

  65. So, is it a hate crime? I keedz, I keedz!

    1. This is the only reason I wish he had survived: to see if the DOJ would charge him with a hate crime. That would have been interesting.

  66. Whelp, he was gay. There goes Huffington Post’s angle that this was inspired by the female reporter rejecting him romantically. Maybe we can finally join hands and agree that these sick mother fuckers don’t say anything about broader culture.

    1. Sorry, ThinkProgress not HuffPo

    2. There is so much meat in this for the left wing and right wing collectivists to dine on. The carcasses could feed them for months!

      1. Like their attention span is that long.


    3. Doesn’t it? What about this population of people inculcated with the notion that racism is everywhere they look? Or that these purported racists (basically all white people are solid candidates) deserve whatever kind of aggression is meted out to them because of their supposed beliefs or comments? I think that’s certainly reflected here, albeit filtered through the mind of a lunatic, but this is a species of intolerance that this particular lunatic almost certainly used to justify his actions.

      1. And if he didn’t have that excuse he would have found another. Lone nuts who act on their own, will always find a reason that they were persecuted.

        This isn’t terrorism. No one gave him a gun and training to murder others. He doesn’t reflect on the wider ideology anymore than the church guy reflects on people tired of being called racists for no reason.

        1. And if he didn’t have that excuse he would have found another. Lone nuts who act on their own, will always find a reason that they were persecuted.

          Correct, because he’s a lunatic. But this is the one he settled and he isn’t the first. Like after Ferguson Part 1, a gang of blacks murdered some white guy with hammers and tried to do the same to his pregnant girlfriend. They blacks involved were very open about their motivations; hating racist white people. But do you know why the authorities decided not to rule it a hate crime? Because they argued that the perpetrators had no way of knowing that he was of Bosnian stock, so it can’t be an ethnic hate crime. That’s like saying some random 1960’s lynching couldn’t have been motivated by ethnic hatred because the perpetrators had no way of knowing which part of Africa their victims ancestors hailed from.

          This isn’t terrorism. No one gave him a gun and training to murder others. He doesn’t reflect on the wider ideology anymore than the church guy reflects on people tired of being called racists for no reason.

          I didn’t say it was terrorism and I personally haven’t even come across that argument yet. But his motivation is what it is: a paranoid racial grievance cooked up and served by the media and lefty academia.

          1. I was using terrorism as an example of when the wider ideology can be held accountable for its members actions. I wasn’t suggesting that anyone thought this act was a case of it.

      2. Hate crime?

        1. No – the other kind of cold-blooded double-murder.

    4. I dunno, one could make the argument that his tendency to look for reasons to be offended and use them to justify his own hostility was reminiscent of social justice culture in general, and that they have some responsibility for this.

      I mean, I personally wouldn’t argue that, because he seems to have had a severe personality disorder and probably would have hurt somebody anyway eventually, but I can’t exactly blame people who have been on the receiving of that sort of bullshit from taking the opportunity to turn the tables.

      1. Trump can cause people to beat and piss on homeless people. There’s a cause for everything.

      2. I mean, I personally wouldn’t argue that, because he seems to have had a severe personality disorder and probably would have hurt somebody anyway eventually

        Hell maybe if the perpetual racial grievance thing hadn’t resonated so well with him, he would have instead been a murdering environmentalist but we can’t know that. We can call it Schrodinger’s Psychopath.

      3. Is this about downtrodden-complex Germany in the 1930s?

      4. maybe most SJWs have a severe personality disorder.

        Ask Gov. McAwful to ban SJWs, or liberals in general, from owning guns.

  67. I’d like to see the unedited manifesto.

    1. Where’s the edited manifesto? Do you have a link?

      1. It’s in the post

    2. It sounds like a whole shitpile of stupid.

    3. Good luck. I predict that thing never sees the light of day.

  68. Motherfuckin’ piece of shit pussy motherfucker!!!!!!!!!! Fucking rotten pussy douchebag scum!!!!!!!!!!

    OMFG!!! WTF!!!!!! The families should do what they want to that scumbags lifeless pussy body.

    Those poor people and their families. What a tragedy.

  69. There’s a big chunk of the thread on Gawker speculating who the shooter is: white redneck teabagger, ex-boyfriend etc.

    I didn’t see anyone voting for “Gay, black racial agitator claiming revenge for the Charleston shootings.” Damn. That’s awful inconvenient for them.

    And an odd omission, considering what a disproportionate percentage of murders are committed by black men.

    1. The’ll just blame the guns, and Reagan for closing mental hospitals.

      1. They never blame any of these police guns that keep shooting people in the back. Somebody alert anti-choice whatzername, Stephanie, to this inconsistency on “the left.” She’ll shame them into changing their story, just you watch!

    2. Fuck we had a thread arguing muslim vs black when they didn’t release his picture immediately, and even our regulars didn’t guess that. No one actually expects the perfect progressive murdering pyscho to drop out of the freaking sky.

      1. I made a joke about it being a masked Amish Muslim, because that picture was so distorted you couldn’t tell anything. But 10,000 rabid lunatics at HuffPo could tell for sure that it was a white NRA gun nut.

      2. Nobody expect hot big titted women to fall out of the sky.

    3. Very similar on HuffPo. Most of the posts were either some variation of ‘Thanks, NRA for arming another gun nut!’, or ‘Well, it’s obvious from that picture the race is known, WHITE!’.

      And these raving, foaming at the mouth lunatics never admit they are wrong, they just dissipate until the next time and then start doing the same thing again.

  70. I can’t read 600 comments.

    I propose we have a contest for “worst Proggy editorial trying to ‘explain’ this shooting”

    It may take a week or more, but its got to cover all the bases = race, sexual orientation, institutional oppression (news orgs silencing minority voices), the failure of our mental health system, and how capitalism is probably to blame in some way.

    Did anyone find any immediate good examples starting to go down that road?

    1. oh, yeah, sorry – must also include “this is why we need Gun Control”.

    2. I expect an absolutely bonkers article from Brittany Cooper. I look forward to it with an eagerness I’ve never known before.

      1. You’re a sick American, Irish.

    3. It’s going to be fun. But in the end, it’s all the fault of whitey NRA gun nuts, and we demand sensible gun control now!

      1. Just how well do you expect “Let’s completely ignore gun violence and any possible solution” to sell?

        Not only should this guy’s race be of such great relief to you, but you should be praising the Sandy Hook killer daily for his role in firmly establishing that nothing will probably be done about it for a generation–just as you want.

        1. Pretty well given that support for gun rights has actually increased since Newtown, which was a much worse shooting, and has been steadily going up since the early 1990s. Even black people support more gun rights today, and they’ve historically had a lower opinion of the right to bear arms. Plus, increasing female gun ownership means there’s no longer a gap between male and female positions on fire arm ownership, which has also caused a major increase in support for gun rights.

          It’s cute that you’re wondering how well that’s going to sell given that it’s sold 100% perfectly for the last decade and support for gun rights are now at an all-time high. You really never know what you’re talking about, do you?

        2. Tony, the only solution that works to end human violence is to exterminate all humans.

          Murder existed with rocks.

          The Aztecs built a murderous totalitarian empire that practiced genocide despite only having access to stone age weapons (literally – their soldiers wielded wooden clubs with obsidian blades embedded in them).

          Shockingly guns reduce violence, because it levels the playing field between criminals and oppressors and their victims.

          But they don’t eliminate violence because some portion of humanity is predisposed to commit violence. Even your messiah, Barack Obama, has been known to crow how he is really good at killing people.

          So, I suggest you grow up and lose this infantile notion that your sky-mommy and daddy can prevent bad things from happening.

          1. I’m starting to think Tony is a masochist who can only get off when he’s being abused. He splashes some retardism into a thread and then sits in front of his computer in a gimp mask and assless chaps, quivering, just waiting for someone to tell him what an idiot he is.

            1. Think of it as martyrdom for cowards.

          2. Such a psychopathic copout, and you know it too. “Guns reduce violence” is a lie. Guns aren’t the only correlation that explains the US’s high gun death stats, but the other factors are ones libertarians are in favor of completely ignoring as well (socioeconomic inequality).

            Vote for me, I’ll do nothing about anything! At least I can take solace in being proved right that you all think that the status quo is the best available alternative–unless we can cut billionaires’ taxes some more, perhaps.

            1. “Somebody call me on my bullshit! Tell me i’m an idiot! Hurry, goddammit, it’s about to *happen*!”

            2. If poverty is the answer, then why don’t my people up in the hills butcher one another?

              Inner city poverty ain’t got shit on the poverty in the really rural places.

              1. If poverty is the answer, then why don’t my people up in the hills butcher one another?

                If poverty is the answer then the left should be exocriating supporters of the welfare state which halted the 1% per year decline in poverty since it’s inception.

                1. Well to Tony, if everybody just had a million dollars nothing bad would ever happen.

                  I mean this guy obviously killed these people because the reporter made more money than he did.

                  Dylan Roof obviously killed all those people because they made more money.

                  Adam Lanza was just jealous because some teacher had just bought a new Chevy and he couldn’t.

                  The Boston Bombing fuckers wanted lollipops and couldn’t afford them.

                  The gang bangers aren’t competing for drug selling rights. No they are just mad because they’d rather make 15 bucks an hour but since they can’t they’ll just settle for a bout $5,000 a day, slinging dope on the street corner.

                  I mean, come on guys, the obvious answer is just give everyone free shit because everything is motivated by that.

            3. Tony, a member of my ex wife’s family used a gun to protect herself from a rapist. And I don’t mean “someone she knew” rapist but the “ambushed and tried to drag her off to a darkened alley” type. The knowledge that my dad had a handgun and knew how to use it caused the Grey Wolves to stop their attempts to kill him and/or kidnap me and my brother.

              Both of those are examples of how guns reduce violence.

              You would prefer that my ex’s relative be raped rather than have the means to defend herself. You would have preferred that my mom be widower or I and my brother be orphaned, or even perhaps murdered by a militia.

              Keep telling yourself that I am the psychopath you fucking quisling.

              1. Or hell, I’m a crippled female. If I carry pepper spray the guy will be back up and extremely pissed off before I’ve limped a quarter of a block. The biggest advantage of a gun goes to people like me who are weaker than everybody else. Criminal tend to be young males in good shape, they’ve already got a massive advantage over everyone else.

                1. If I carry pepper spray the guy will be back up and extremely pissed off before I’ve limped a quarter of a block.

                  I exptect that Tony that will blame the Republicans for insufficiently funding light rail so you have to walk more than 20 feet to get to a light rail station.

            4. I love the poverty argument because “poor” Americans who kill each other are actually richer per capita than the country of Poland.

              I actually did the math once and African Americans have a combined GDP per capita $2000 higher than Poland and a homicide rate 19 times higher than the Polish homicide rate.

              So tell me, if poverty causes violence, why do African Americans have a murder rate almost 20 times higher than a country where the average person is poorer than they are.

              1. They’ll tell you that it’s “relative” poverty. I’ve had this exact argument before.

                When I was 16 and working at Long John Silver’s there was this website where you could put your annual salary in and it would tell you where you rank in the world.

                I was in the top 10% of earners.

                Now, I figure I’m probably one those awful 1%’ers that they cry incessantly about.

                1. What I love about the left is that all of their idiotic arguments are an exercise in circular thinking and unfalsifiability. Example: Leftists will tell you black people in America have high homicide rates because they are poor. If you then point out that on a global scale they’re way richer than groups of people with much lower homicide rates, they’ll call you a racist because that means you must be saying they kill people because they’re black.

                  It doesn’t matter if you never said that and were just pointing out that the leftist argument is nonsense. They go straight to accusations of racism the minute their argument on the subject of black violence in America is refuted.

            5. Vote for me, I’ll do nothing about anything!

              Why is it that you so desire for someone else to tell you what to do?

              1. Crap! Is Pat Paulsen back? What next? Ross Perot? Angela Davis? Wavy Gravy?

        3. With all that is currently known about the shooter and how he acquired his firearm, maybe you can enlighten all us non-precog-types exactly what law would have prevented this particular multiple homicide?

          1. Seriously.

            Why did I do it? I put down a deposit for a gun on 6/19/15.

            More information needed of course, but sounds like he purchased it with some sort of waiting period/background check already in place.

            Unless he bought it on layaway or something.

            1. So now common sense means getting a psyche eval and giving a written essay on why you need it. This essay with reviewed by the right top men of course.

              1. Exactly, the rules and procedures will be written by gun control activist types in governments (state and fed).

                Then what % of people will have their guns confiscated or have purchase denied?

                Plenty of killings have occurred in history without the use of guns. This guy was a victim status claiming, angry, non-getting along with the world asshole who wanted an excuse to exact revenge for what twisted patterns he obsessed over that ultimately took over his weak little mind.

                It would appear that his live was more focused on anger than happiness. When he was devoid of happiness to such a drastic level, he snapped.

                But this is a lot of what we see in society now days… People wanting to be activists and professional grievers. They yell, scream, violate property and lives without concern. They don’t care about the happiness of others. They probably don’t even know how to admire anything positive. They care about power over others in order to fill the vacuum in them.

                The problem is a lack of optimism and appreciation for life. The weapon is largely inconsequential. They can use anything as long as the end result is them getting their way.

              2. “So now common sense means getting a psyche eval and giving a written essay on why you need it. This essay with reviewed by the right top men of course.”

                Nonsense. Common sense means passing as many laws as possible to make as many prohibited persons as possible.

            2. Unless he bought it on layaway or something.

              That occurred to me, as well. The Layaway murderer.

              Dear Lord….

        4. Explain the correlation you’re claiming when gun ownership rates have never been higher and violent crime is near an all time low (in recorded history). That may not necessarily mean guns=less crime, but it almost certainly means guns=/=more crime. And yet you persist.

      2. In terms of the Gun Control angle, one thing that Charlie Cooke pointed out from reading through the parts of the manifesto released to the press was that the killer discussed the when and how of his legal purchase* (and thus presumable background check) of the non-automatic handgun used. Oops!

        (writing about how he went to buy the gun two days after the Charleston shooting)

    4. They’ve edited it now, but ThinkProgress was saying that he did it because the female reporter rejected him romantically. Making it a case of male on female violence. They kept with this narrative ignoring his own statements right up until it was revealed he was gay.…..hooter-id/

      1. I glanced at the Gawker comments and its a hilarious back and forth debate about “OMG WHAT IS THE NARRATIVE HERE”

        there’s a few people freaking out about how that its a black guy, and how its going to “unleash the racists” and they’re weeping into their kambucha.

        All they care about is their little oppression stories. The “problem” with the jackie story was how it would give airtime to Rape Culture critics…. not that the media was completely complicit in pumping a fake narrative because they eat it up double fisted.

        1. “there’s a few people freaking out about how that its a black guy, and how its going to “unleash the racists” and they’re weeping into their kambucha.”

          I love how they refuse to accept that their behavior basically empowers racists, because they have proof that the anti-racists shamelessly lie and obfuscate to serve their narrative, so nothing they say has any credibility.

      2. Yeah, I nominate that one because they tried to shoehorn it into an issue that wasn’t even close.

        1. To progressives, journalism is a series of cookie-cutters used to organize facts into pre-packaged narratives. anything inconsistent with the narrative is ignored, brushed aside, or excused as “complicating factors” which nevertheless highlight the importance of their original bullshit point.

          (e.g. “jackie’s” real story was about how we need more funding for rape-support so fake-rape claimers get the treatment they need before they fuck everything up by making it a National news item)

      3. Damn! Another looter-exploitable stereotypical generalization brutally murdered by an inconvenient fact! There oughtta be a law!

  71. So ummmm….. Wonder how they will dispose of his body…..

    something chipper…. yada yada

  72. It is unclear whose initials he is referring to. He continues, “As for Dylann Roof? You (deleted)! You want a race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE ?(deleted)!!!” He said Jehovah spoke to him, telling him to act.

    I guess Jehova neglected to tell him what the likely outcome of a race war would be between a less-than-fifteen-percent minority and the rest of the population. Sounds a lot like a certain dipshit activist in Houston who goes by the name Quannel X.

    1. If he felt like black people treated him like shit for being gay (which, considering his mental state, may have been purely imagined), maybe he knew exactly what the result would be.

  73. Does this even things up enough so they can put the battle flag back up again?

    1. No. That flag of gay oppression of bakery owners, the rainbow colored flag, must go.

    1. It’s actually not that bad, and gives a good timeline on how everything unfolded.

      1. Yeah I realize now that this is the same blog post from this morning, just updated. I thought it was a separate post that already had nearly 700 comments. Usually that many comments = total shitstorm of derp.

  74. Howcum no Manchurian Candidates are ever produced performing shenanigans exploitable to weaken or nullify the Sixteenth Amendment?

  75. Nothing says “reconciliation” like killing some “others” who might have dissed you.
    At least we won’t have to worry about a disruption of his trial by the Black Lives Matter loonies.

  76. In short, if this has to be lumped in with another killing spree, it should be lumped in with that kid who stabbed all those people because all the hot chicks were rejecting him. Velcro Lee Blam-Blam was a narcissist just like the kid was – manifesto and all.

    It would nice if these people could just keep it short and sweet – “Good-bye cruel world” and a rag in the tail pipe or in a closed garage.

    I can only hope ABC sent a reply to his e-mail – TL,DR….

  77. According to Flanagan’s suicide note, he saw himself as a victim of white man oppression and violence directed at black men, exemplified by the Dylan Roof shooting over the summer targeting black parishioners. Yet one wonders was today’s killing a revenge for perceived sleights against his ‘white’ colleagues or the moral failings of a man who confused his own personal failings to that of a system purportedly stacked against the black man …?…..-shooting/

  78. White news media stirs and inflames racial tensions amongst blacks, black guy kills white news media…poetic justice if you ask me

  79. “Vester was an unhappy man.? He quickly gathered a reputation as someone who was difficult to work with. He was sort of looking out for people to say things he could take offense to. Eventually after many incidents of his anger coming forward, we dismissed him. He did not take that well…He filed a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission? about members of the staff making racial comments…None of them could be corroborated by anyone. We think they were fabricated.”

    sounds like a typical SJW

    1. Well, that and the fact that he was a gay, black paranoid social media narcissist. Between that and the grievance-wallowing, he’s the perfect SJW. All those people so secretly happy to finally have a bona fide white supremacist neoconfederate killer in Roof are probably not seeing, much less appreciating, the irony.

  80. Mr Soave:

    Thanks for all your usual good pieces.

    Just a note. I am appalled at the constant censoring of murders/beheadings and the like on TV and other media.

    Violence and death are horrific. So is the process. The consequences need to be seen in real life. I already have. So many others have not. SHOW IT!

    It ain’t like in the movies or on TV. At least not usually. Ordinary people need to see it. Stop catering to the wussy crowd. I realize there are other considerations. I realize Reason didn’t censor it. But those who do, and did here, should be called to account and labelled for what they are.

    When it comes to those who don’t much care about others’ privacy, media folks make fine choices for displaying real consequences of real violence. JUST DO IT. If the news victims really respected their profession, and I assume they did, I’d guess they would want it displayed, whether their families and loved ones would or would not. And I’ll say nothing about their wimpy bosses — local or not, they are an nationwide blight.

    As usual, society will be better for KNOWING, rather than being “protected” by Big Nanny — public or private.

    I really DO feel for the victims. It is awful! But stop the censorship. Actually honor the dead!

  81. I call bullshit. He knew them, he worked with them. This is workplace violence, however he wanted to dress it up.

  82. According to the Washington Post, 645 were killed by police guns so far this year, and this is August. It makes you wonder what fraction of “gun homicides” are committed by cops hired to enforce victimless crime laws instead of protect individual rights. LEAP believes prohibition makes cops and civilians adversaries for no good reason. Reason could do an article on whether it is cops, guns or prohibition and tax laws that weigh most heavily in these body counts.

  83. Remember the Unabomber? His manifesto was the typical looter collectivist message of wounded altruism and insufficient government coercion. Not only did it serve to expose the problem with most of these um… “disturbed persons,” but also gave insights into the nature of the sort of thinking and beliefs that justify the initiation of force.
    Recall that when the Unabomber’s message endorsing sacrifice and “suitable restraints” against technology hit the stands, his brother recognized the ravings and promptly identified the perpetrator. The Unabomber believes in: “More fundamentally, the duty of the individual to serve society and the duty of society to take care of the individual.” This is clearly a social insect mentality with the political State and its drones as ruler and provider.

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