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Waco Biker Slaughter: $1 Million Dollar Bond Judge Who Wanted to "Send a Message" Removed from One Biker's Trial

Also: Why the police might be suppressing evidence, and speculation on the role of undercovers or informants on the scene


Despite such banana republic absurdities as a local police officer heading the grand jury likely responsible for any indictments related to the slaughter of motorcycle club members at a political meeting at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas in May, one sign of procedural sanity happened this week, as reported in the Waco Tribune:

A local justice of the peace was removed Thursday from an examining trial in the case of a Hewitt biker accused of engaging in organized crime in relation to the shootout at Twin Peaks restaurant.

Joe Carroll, senior judge of the 27th Judicial District Court, granted a motion to recuse Justice of the Peace W.H. "Pete" Peterson from the case involving Matthew Clendennen after Clendennen's attorney, Clinton Broden,filed a complaint against Peterson.

Peterson set the initial $1 million bonds for the 177 bikers arrested in the aftermath of the May 17 shootout….

"I think it is important to send a message," Peterson said at the time. "We had nine people killed in our community. These people just came in, and most of them were from out of town. Very few of them were from in town."

Broden's complaint alleges Peterson's "public comments would cause persons to believe that they could not get a fair examining trial before Peterson."

In the complaint, he alleges it is unlawful to set bonds to "send a message" and that Peterson's quotes "indicate that he sets bonds out of bias against people who visit Waco."

I reported on Clendennen's suing over what he considers a false arrest back in June. Clendennen has since withdrawn that suit, though his lawyer says they intend to add defendants and start over.

As I've been noting here for a while, the government seems very inclined to not let the public (or any of the people it arrested) get any objective information about what actually happened that day. This week, Conor Friedersdorf at the Atlantic sums up the current state of things the cops are keeping under wraps.

  • When one of the arrested bikers, Matthew Clendennen, sued authorities, Waco's assistant city attorney fought to prevent him from getting access to video footage taken at the Twin Peaks restaurant, key evidence in the incident. While a judge ultimately ruled that his attorney must be allowed to see the footage, he barred its release to the public and imposed a gag order in the case.
  • The gag order was requested by McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna, who is named in Clendennen's federal civil-rights suit––and granted by District Court Judge Matt Johnson, Reyna's former law partner, according to press reports.
  • Over two months have passed since the shooting. The dead bodies have long since been examined. Yet the public still hasn't been told how many of the gunshot victims were struck by bullets fired from police weapons. (I strongly suspect that if the answer was "zero" Waco police would've said so a long time ago.)

Friedersdorf floats a very damning but plausible theory as to why, especially given that they can't expect to get away with the stonewalling forever.

If there is video or ballistics evidence suggesting that lots of innocent people were arrested without probable cause, or that police bullets killed some of the dead that day in Waco, it will be a public-relations nightmare and a huge liability for Waco and its police department. Scores of bikers could sue for six- or seven-figure sums. And prosecutors might find it much more difficult to secure indictments in the case.

But if indictments can be filed before evidence inconvenient to Waco authorities is publicly revealed, the leverage changes. A biker might be indicted for conspiracy to murder, then offered a plea deal to accept a much lesser charge, like disturbing the peace, with the understanding that time served would take care of the sentence. That would be a tempting deal to take. And pleading guilty to disturbing the peace would preclude a lawsuit for being arrested without probable cause while saving police and prosecutors from looking like they harassed innocents.

Friedersdorf is also raising the question, ignored by most legit press, about the presence and role of undercovers and confidential informants among the bikers that day.

A blog called Aging Rebel has done a lot of very interesting reporting and speculation about the event, and reports on the mystery of the five people reportedly arrested and then "unarrested" on the scene.

He speculates:

 in ATF biker roundups, confidential informants are arrested with other suspects and then turned loose when nobody is looking…..

Since they were actually arrested, the men released in secret at dawn on May 18, were clearly not undercover agents. The Aging Rebel has been told and has reported that two members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club took off their club insignia and put on police windbreakers and balaclavas shortly after the shooting stopped on May 17. They were probably undercover FBI or ATF agents. The Aging Rebel believes the men released on May 17 were part of an ongoing federal investigation that exploded into violence. Based on interview with numerous sources, The Aging Rebel believes the violence was instigated by federal agents, that it was unnecessary and that the blatant Waco coverup that has ensued is intended to protect federal, state and local policeman from civil and criminal liability and embarrassment.

Despite the official embargoing of video from the Twin Peaks restaurant itself, portions of on-the-scene surveillance footage from the Don Carlos restaurant across the street has been leaked, and Aging Rebel has a great close read analysis of it, which is inconclusive about any of the vital questions of who shot who and why.

Aging Rebel does think he saw a clear example of evidence being planted on the scene though:

Six seconds later one of the operators, a gray haired man wearing a light orange shirt and a machine gun, walks toward the apparent body. He disappears briefly as he talks to a uniformed cop at about 1:21:07 p.m. Then at 1:21:35 he clearly and unmistakably places something on the ground of this crime scene. Then he quickly walks away.

At 1:59:31 p.m. a uniformed officer walks over to the evidence planted by the plain clothes cop and marks it as evidence. Presumably, it is now part of the official case against the 177 men and women who were arrested but not "unarrested."

That Don Carlos video:

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  1. Conor Friedersdorf at the Atlantic sums up the current state of things

    No original reporting and annoying clich?d commentary Conor? No thanks.

  2. We do conspiracies big in Texas.

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  3. But if indictments can be filed before evidence inconvenient to Waco authorities is publicly revealed, the leverage changes.

    Now would be a good time for video and forensic evidence to be leaked.

    Prosecutors sure know how to work the system by overcharging. That needs to be stopped.

  4. Wow, this is confusing. The times Aging Rebel mentions are actually the timestamps on the video, converted from 24 hour format. So the orange shirt guy first shows up around 42 minutes in (according to the YouTube video time), or what shows as 13:21:07 on the timestamp in the video. Thus the "placing" happens at about 42:30 into the video, and the evidence marking at about 1:20:20. All in the upper left of the video.

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  6. Someone in the government finally got around to seeing "Viking Bikers From Hell" and took things a little too far.

    Thanks for keeping up with this, Brian.

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  13. banana republic absurdities

    Libertarian Moment!

    Also I thought this shootout was a sign of how racist cops are too nice to white people? I mean it's not like the Law-And-Order types in the 1960s and 1970s hated hippies and rednecks...

  14. Completely off-topic: Friedersdorf is also raising the question, ignored by most legit press, about the presence and role of undercovers and confidential informants among the bikers that day.
    At this point it ain't gonna surprise me a bit to find out that the reason for the gag order and all the secrecy is because every last "outlaw biker" there was actually working for the cops.

    1. So a corollary to the old adage:
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  15. So Gillespie and Co. keep going on about how libertarianism is "socially tolerant and fiscally responsible". Leaving aside the fact that society is still very intolerant of people who hold socially unacceptable views, just that what is socially acceptable has changed, isn't this a bunch of reactionary horseshit? An appeal to a mythical nonexistent Sixties and Seventies in which the Republicans were fiscally responsible and Democrats were socially liberal? The closest to a fiscally responsible Republican since the 1920s was Eisenhower and if we define "socially liberal" as one who wants the government out of social issues the Democrats certainly weren't then or now?

    1. Christ, you are fucking tiresome.

      1. Your economy of words is far better than mine.

    2. Winston, did you score some of AC's stuff? Is there a point buried in that mess?
      You start with what Reason writers claim of libertarianism, and then wonder off into general social commentary regarding Ds and Rs. "Non-sequitur" comes to mind.

      1. Nick Gillespie (and others) like to use the phrase "socially tolerant and fiscally responsible" which I find, ironically, to be a bunch of reactionary nonsense?

        1. What is Winston lines? How does the Winston clouds paint pictures? If Winston was a social artist how would Winston paint Americna cultures?

        2. Winston|7.25.15 @ 12:11AM|#
          "Nick Gillespie (and others) like to use the phrase "socially tolerant and fiscally responsible" which I find, ironically, to be a bunch of reactionary nonsense?"

          That's nice. The rest of us seem to find your bullshit to be your opinion, or the other way around.

          1. Why is it bullshit? The phrase is clearly implying that Libertarianism involves taking the best of the Republicans (fiscal responsibility/conservatism) and the best of the Democrats (social tolerance) and jettisoning their bad elements as seen in the 1960s and 1970s. Also is this was part of dubious attempt to claim that libertarians are some sort of centrists between the extremes of both parties.

            1. I think you're reading too much into it. Or at least in the wrong context. Considering our short discussion concerning the "U-shaped political spectrum" in an earlier thread, I view Nick's use of the phrase as a way of introducing the libertarianism in a very simplistic way to those who aren't yet able to think outside of the Right-Left paradigm.

              Just like when you first teach chemistry to 6th graders, you use the Rutherford-Bohr model, knowing full well that it's simplistic and not as an accurate description of reality as the electron cloud model...but it's what the 6th graders are able to handle at that time.

              1. Remove the extraneous "the", please.

            2. Winston|7.25.15 @ 12:22AM|#
              "The phrase is clearly implying that Libertarianism involves taking the best of the Republicans (fiscal responsibility/conservatism) and the best of the Democrats (social tolerance) and jettisoning their bad elements as seen in the 1960s and 1970s."
              Uh, you just showed why.
              There is no need to take the best of either party at any time; libertarianism can and does exist outside those constraints.

              "Also is this was part of dubious attempt to claim that libertarians are some sort of centrists between the extremes of both parties."
              See above.
              Your lack of imagination is not my problem.

              1. Why not? Your lack of imagination is somehow our fucking problem.


        3. So it pisses in your cheerios? Tough shit sherlock

    3. What do Democrats and Republicans have to do with anything? The point of claiming that libertarians are "socially tolerant and fiscally responsible" isn't some kind of indication that they're some sort of half-elephant, half-donkey monstrosity. If you want to see something that's part-Democrat and part-Republican, look at our government. Is that what you think libertarians aspire to? The point is that libertarians are tolerant and fiscally responsible, regardless of what stupidity the two branches of the Incumbent Party happen to be up to.

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    it would be a star petal
    weeping drip lights and moons

  31. i lived on a planet far from mama's bikini
    and I saw a billion stars created underneath time
    but I missed mama's bikini so I died of hunger on
    a lonely star hoping the universe would bring me
    back to mama.... here I am.

      1. Jed the lovely spear ghost
        a window hunter
        the humans fled tomorrow but
        jed bets his wallet on
        a song human....

        jed hunts human.
        and I got fucked up on booze and tired pot
        and i fell in the forest and jed hunting humans
        jabbed his spear in my spine.

        Agile died and Jed hauled Agile body to upper ;laska tundra...
        a fucking human Jed the hunter would gain thousands from killing Agile
        and upper store depot saw the swell carousel and gave jed several thousand for
        the dead corpse of agile.... and the wind did not care and brought tons of snow.

        1. Agile, my god!
          How do you do this? This is beautiful poetry!
          100 years after Pound commanded that we "make it new," here you are.
          a song human....
          tired pot
          and the wind did not care and brought tons of snow.
          Honestly, you have my respect and my heart.

  32. if stars travel do they miss their homes?
    why is space so deep, Van?

  33. I wished you didn't die Van.
    A star on this fucking thing is you,Van.

  34. I felled on a floor one night
    with my brother and the world die
    but we clasped arms for hours underneath the midnight
    and mushrooms burned our rivers and my eyes and brains almost die while
    the savage brother tossed and cried
    when deep doorsteps break the human house
    and bricks fall on the minds and legs of the creatures cree[ping
    under lights never invented by no wands

    I screamed and cried and felled into a trillion dimensions with David under many hours we cried and tripped and fell and held visions of angels and lighted pyramids and strange towers and we walked under blue stones and within the doldrums of tons of golds and how we fucked a million pussies and caressd the sweet titties

    in the forest where the little bird flutters and the moist morning cajoles the afternoon.

  35. time has a pace
    when you breathe it 'feels' '
    muscles can relax or tighten
    jealousy is the ripe human

    tons of bros post here and
    jealousy is their 'thing'

    own the wife- ownthe husband- own the gf= own the bf
    normal life supports your vector...when youngish

    and the little flute plays...

    not a single decade old coupling listens to the flute.

    the flute is new dimensions for your first decade, man

  36. you've been married the first time for a serious
    10 years. no previous. the FIRST round of cock and vagina....

    Your decades have just started but you fuckers get credit for not divorcing..

    I can't do divorce... I refused to marry a horrid cunt of a bitch... even early on....
    I live marriage breaking rules and I cannot marry a cunt that that hates offbeat thought and.....
    I am currently living with an amazing hot blonde of 22 years and we fuck lovers for island pleasure....

    best life ever

    1. Offbeat thought and I am currently living
      a life counter to those for whom stricture is king.

  37. Word of cops vs word of outlaw bikers. I'm quite sure everyone is lying. I have to wonder though if this whole fiasco didn't start over cops having asset forfeiture wet dreams when they found out hundreds of Harleys were coming to town.

  38. Man, shit got REAL last night! Agile Cyborg - you are still #1 on my list as Poet Laureate of Murca when I'm elected President.

    1. Absolute Perfection

  39. There's no question some very bad info is buried in all the evidence being withheld.

    I think its a timing question, as speculated above. And I think the lawyers with the civil suits already filed need to get super-aggressive. File ethics complaints against the prosecutors and every lawyer on their staff. Go to federal court and get injunctions to immediately produce all the video and all the autopsy reports. Go to the press and start making accusations that the cops and prosecutors will have to refute. Amend your complaints so that withholding the evidence is a conspiracy to retaliate. Etc. etc.

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