California Trying to Destroy Uber Over Data on Handicapped Access


When I was researching my November 2014 Reason feature on the political battles of Uber and other companies in its app-enabled ride-summoning space, many of their political opponents thought that California's Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)—which was the first statewide agency to create a normalized regulatory space for such services on a statewide level—was going to function toothlessly as a veritable pawn of the e-hailing services.

Everyone in politics likes to sell themselves as the underdog. But events this week show that the CPUC is rather acting like a mad dog out to kill and maim senselessly when it comes to its regulation of those services. The problem arises over handicapped access to the services.

Today in the Los Angeles Times we get the terrible news:

Ride-hailing giant Uber should be fined $7.3 million and suspended from operating in California because its parent company did not comply with state laws, a state administrative judge said Wednesday….

Uber's license to operate in California will be suspended in 30 days, unless the company files an appeal or a CPUC commissioner requests a review. The ban will remain in effect until Uber "complies fully with the outstanding requirements," chief administrative law judge Karen V. Clopton wrote.

Those requirements include reporting how many requests for rides the company has received from people with service animals or wheelchairs; how many of those rides were completed; and other ride-logging information such as date, time and zipcode of each request, plus the fare paid.

Details about accidents the state insists it should have are also missing, according to this SFist report. ABC News reports Uber is the only company in the regulated space CPUC is accusing of not providing required data.

Uber reacted, reports the Times:

"We will appeal the decision as Uber has already provided substantial amounts of data to the California Public Utilities Commission, information we have provided elsewhere with no complaints," spokeswoman Eva Behrend said. "Going further risks compromising the privacy of individual riders as well as driver-partners." 

Uber has 30 days to appeal the decision. That appeal would prompt a review by Clopton, who can choose to modify the fine, the suspension or both. After a month of public comment, the CPUC's five-member board will vote on the recommendations.

The suspension will not take effect until the appeal has been decided.

Do note this is not because of any specific accusation of having committed some sort of civil rights law violation against the disabled; the enormous fine and threatened destruction is merely for a failure to send reports to the state in a manner it finds sufficient. This is the regulatory state, protecting the consumer. Allegedly. Except for the many thousands of drivers and passengers who will find their lives made very much worse because of the CPUC.

Sounds like the CPUC is pre-emptively doing Hillary Clinton's work for her, as the would-be Democratic presidential candidate herself vowed to curb such services, in her case through the classification of their contractors as far-more-expensive employeees.

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  1. It baffles and boggles the minds how these statist parasites look to destroy free enterprise. If the market doesn’t want Uber they will reject it. That’s acceptable and healthy.

    But when business is destroyed by the hand of bureaucrats this is not acceptable nor healthy.

    “vowed to curb such services”?

    What exactly have you ever contributed Hillary?

    I truly hope Uber survives and grows to the point where it can give them all hell.

    1. What’s crazy here is that Uber is a creative idea hatched by a proggie and carried out by none other. Furthermore it creates a more green environment for the world. WTF.

  2. I suspect government bureaucrats in California may finally be in serious danger of overplaying their hand.

    It isn’t just the drivers. There are a tremendous number of users–that the bureaucrats are about to leave stranded? Who are they going to blame for leaving those Uber users stranded?

    The confederate flag lovers?

    Donald Trump?

    There are gonna be a whole lot of pissed off voters in California sittin’ on the cities’ buses.

    1. They are and will be shamed. If they kick back? Unions could never be bullies. Bullying is illegal afterall.

    2. I’ve been seeing a lot prog hate towards uber lately. The problem they say is Uber refuses to follow the regulations, and they think it deserves to go out of business because of it. I don’t think there will be as much kickback as you think in California.

  3. “Administrative Judge”

    The entire concept of which is unconstitutional and belongs in the wood chipper.

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        But tonight, I’m having Dogfish Head’s Indian Brown Ale. Which, strangely enough, is endorsed by Wine Enthusiast.

        1. Sculpin is great. Have you tried Ale Smith IPA? Definitely my favorite. Also, Lagunitas Lil Sumpin’ Sumpin’ is a winner.

          1. Haven’t tried Ale Smith. But Lil Sumpin is one of my regulars, and they actually sell it at the Chevron down the street.

            I like the seasonals from Lagunitas even more. Brown Shugga and Hairy Eyeball.

            1. Lagunitas Sucks … Very tasty

            2. You are fortunate to live in the Beermuda Triangle. My mother lives in Carlsbad and I have to say that with Stone, Lost Abbey, Port Brewing, Green Flash, Ballast Point, AleSmith and a host of others such as neophyte Modern Times selling their hoppy wares, it’s a truly amazing area given that water is scarce.

            3. Brown Shugga is my favorite Lagunitas.

        2. “The regular, not the grapefruit bullshit.”

          Putting fruit flavoring in beer is one of the great travesties of our time. There’s a great brewery in Chicago called Revolution which makes an inexplicable beer called Blue Gene which is blueberry beer and is one of the worst things I have ever tasted.

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            1. Different beers for different tastes. Sometimes I like coffee flavored, sometimes a bit of citrus. Southern Tier Live is my fav this summer.

              1. Just went to their website. Nothing available here within 100 miles.

                Same as Heady Topper. I won’t ever be able to taste that unless I go back east.

                1. My brother has a friend who engages in something called ‘beer trading’ where apparently there are websites that let you trade beer with people on the other side of the country, so you can get beer that isn’t available in your area.


                  Here’s a beer advocate page you can do that at. I’m considering signing up myself so I can get some of the great beer they brew up in Portland but which isn’t available in the mid-west.

                2. My brother has a friend who engages in something called ‘beer trading’ where apparently there are websites that let you trade beer with people on the other side of the country, so you can get beer that isn’t available in your area.


                  Here’s a beer advocate page you can do that at. I’m considering signing up myself so I can get some of the great beer they brew up in Portland but which isn’t available in the mid-west.

                  1. And the beer gets delivered how?

                3. Bullshit. Worst case scenario: go to a specialty beer store (try ratebeer.com or beeradvocate.com) and you will find bottle shops and bars that feature ever amaking arrays of beer. Southern California, despite its innate retardedness exceeds in its alcohol awesomeness over my hometown of Houston, Texas, a. Wasteland of great beer but somehow improving (ps has to do with county and state law).

                  1. How can you call it a Wasteland when it has Spec’s? Makes Total Wine in NoVa look like a 7-11.

          2. Grapefruit from IPAs isnt from grapefruits, its from the hops. Just like the banana esters in Hefes are from the yeast.

            Not all fruit flavors in beer come from adding fruit.

            1. If anybody would know, it’s you.

              So they put a picture of grapefruit on the package when there’s none in the product? I’m outraged!

            2. Thanks for clearing that up. Hops are awesome fruits.

            3. Thank you.

            4. But there are some IPAs where grapefruit juice is an added ingredient.

      2. Beer updates:

        I have one more inspection and I should be open on Friday.

        Soft opening friday and saturday with guest taps only, none of my beer. It will slowly roll out over the next few weeks.

        I have nothing good to say about the construction process.

  4. These uber drivers are providing a service individuals want. They engage in voluntary transactions with one another. The uber drivers provide a service, and make a living.

    The state wants to send their violent a to lock up individuals, and escalate free transactions between individuals, into something that could result in an uber driver and their passengers dying for disobeying the state’s ludicrous demands.

    Maybe it’s time folks started defending uber drivers like they did with the Bundy ranch.

    Private security outnumbers the arm of the state. Maybe folks should start hiring them to protect themselves and their families from what has been a violent state that goes around extorting people, violating their liberty, debauching currency, and taking the land of individuals who fall on bad times and can’t pay their property extortion rate after they busted their asses paying off the bank loan.

    Folks call anarchy chaos? Look at all the chaos that surrounds you before you judge individuals that want to be free. Be a slave yourself, but don’t drag anyone down with you.

    I do hope there is a peaceful revolution. Folks need to secure themselves, and tell these politicians to go home as their services are no longer wanted, or needed.

    1. If people start doing things for themselves, there’s even less of an excuse to pay bureaucrats.

      It was one thing when Uber started making cab companies irrelevant–quite another to start making bureaucrats and regulators so obviously irrelevant.

      Anybody else remember when Microsoft, as a policy, didn’t donate money to politicians? They found themselves on the ugly end of an anti-trust suit because of it. Gates learned his lesson (from Buffet). Bought himself a ton of influence and then doubled down on a Microsoft news network of his own.

      Uber didn’t even exist four years ago. They’ll learn. They aren’t paying off the right people. They aren’t projecting the right image. They need to get some politicians on the payroll, invest more heavily in advertising so the media is sensitive to offending them, and then build themselves some kind of Ronald McDonald house. Create a ‘save the mud rat’ campaign or something. For every ride you take, they’ll make a donation to fight breast cancer.

      Start The Human Fund.

      It’s money for people.

      1. So cynical…so almost certainly accurate.

  5. The taxi business in this country is rotten to the core.

    The WaPo has characterized taxi medallions as the best investment in America. They can run as high as a quarter million bucks per year and can return multiple times that. San Francisco had banned medallion sales but is now going to reintroduce them to shore up their budget. Uber and Lyft are causing medallion prices to drop. Taxi fares to drop.

    Of course our fine civil servants and the taxi cartels are going to fight tooth and nail to kill Uber and Lyft.

    1. A few years back in San Francisco you could just not get a cab at certain times, especially on Friday or Saturday nights. You would be stuck waiting for more than an hour just to get through the phone lines for the main cab companies, just to be told it would be another hour, and then they’d often never show. Many times I walked long ways trying to get home, through sketchy neighborhoods, in bad weather late at night, after finally giving up on ever seeing a cab. It was so bad that you’d risk driving while drinking and paying outrageous parking just because there was really no alternative.

      Meanwhile the cab companies would fight any increase in cab medallions tooth and nail, insisting there were ‘plenty’ of cabs.

      Then Uber came along and suddenly you could always get a ride from anywhere to anywhere at any time, within a few minutes. It has been heaven ever since.

      So of course they’ve got to destroy that. Can’t have something that works well and everyone, including the service provider, is in favor of.

  6. I used Uber for the first time in Chicago this weekend. What an awesome service! Tap in your address and watch the driver pick up your request in seconds and a car get to you in a couple of minutes. Safe, friendly drivers, nice clean cars, efficient and relatively inexpensive. I know a lot of people who use Uber rather than drive home from dinner out after a couple of drinks and I probably will now too. Because it is that easy. I suspect this service is making the roads significantly safer. Nice job, judge, for fucking up a great service that probably saves lives. I hope you get hit by a drunk driver, you stupid shit.

    *no disclaimer needed or offered as a wish is not a threat or any evidence of intent, just like that fucking pony I never got for my birthday.

    1. That’s because the pony you were supposed to get was given to me instead. I’m better looking, and even though we are not brothers, I got special treatment, like I was the favorite. That’s right bitch, the only pony you got to ride was the pink one.

        1. You pollute my youtube profile, you know that? I compulsively click everything you post. And the symptoms are… lasting.

          1. “Pollute” is such a negative term. I’d like to think of it as “enrichment”.

            1. Spreading your essence, one might say.

        2. Usually, knowing more information elevates and enlightens me. Not so much in this case.

    2. as a wish is not a threat or any evidence of intent

      Unless you back it up through sorcery.

    3. “Nice job, judge, for fucking up a great service that probably saves lives. I hope you get hit by a drunk driver, you stupid shit.”
      That would mean someone would have to repair a fender. Economically it’s better if he falls into a woodchipper.

  7. CPUC uber alles.

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    I love the woman who says “ONLY TEN PERCENT OF RAPES ARE REPORTED” and when asked “where does that stat come from” says “you can find it with all the women’s organizations or online.”

    Wait – you’re telling me feminist propaganda outlets AND random internet sites say something is true? Fuck, how could I have been so blind!

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    1. And the male feminist in this video is goddamn priceless. He’s everything you expect a male feminist to be, right down to the ridiculous bun hairdo.

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              2. I think she’s very good looking and I love how ballsy she is in this video. She looks like she’d be fun to hang around with.

    3. She’s hot. Lauren is the woman the Kanadian Kosmotarian Klan-leaders kicked out of the CLP for violating the SJW-fusion platform.

    4. She’s cute with a great voice. I only wish she was catcalled during her address to the camera.

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  9. Hey, you know what’s probably not the best gambit for ensuring handicapped patrons are served? Killing all incentive to work for Uber.

    But it’s not about handicapped passengers, is it? It’s just about killing Uber.

    You dumb motherfuckers. Woodchippers, all o’ yeh.

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    1. Cali is goddamn beautiful. As a lifelong resident of the southwest who has hoped, since day numero uno, to make his escape elsewhere, I idolize California. But if I were starting a business or looking to make any appreciable sum of money, California would be near to last on my list. I’ll freeze my huevos off in North Dakota before I make seriously lifelong plans in California.

    1. Holy fucking shit, the last one they list is to a Thom Hartmann article and I am laughing my ass off.

      “How Libertarian-Style Capitalism Killed My Father and My Best Friends”

      It’s about asbestos and he thinks people in America having problems with asbestos is the fault of libertarians, even though they’ve never had political power.

      “When a nation, like the United States, uses the libertarian way, it allows corporations to send whatever products they want into the marketplace, regardless of how dangerous those products are. The theory is that once people notice how deadly something is, they will stop buying it and the “free-market” will magically correct itself.

      Nations that use the regulated European way, however, force manufacturers to prove that products are safe to use before they’re available for purchase. This is called the “precautionary principle” and it requires manufacturers to prove to government, and thus to society, us that the new product is safe before it’s let it in the marketplace.”

      This is hilarious. His examples of people dying from asbestos occurred DECADES AGO which were, ding ding ding!, before Europe banned asbestos! He tells a story about a guy who used asbestos gloves *in the ’70s* and got sick from it! But asbestos bans didn’t become widespread until the ’90s! So he’s claiming his friend would have survived due to European regulations that wouldn’t exist for another 30 years.

      1. And then there’s this:

        “And we’re only just beginning to look at GMOs.”

        The European opposition to GMOs is anti-science. It damages the well-being of Europeans by denying them cheap and better food.

        “Europe and Japan use the precautionary principle. They make corporations prove that their products are safe before they let them into the marketplace.”

        Except that’s impossible because you can’t prove a negative. You can’t prove something is safe, you can only prove something is dangerous. It’s possible any number of things we use now could be very dangerous and we don’t know it due to the lack of current evidence. Claiming that people have to ‘prove their product is safe’ is an outright lie, since it’s just as impossible as proving God doesn’t exist. No one can prove something doesn’t exist, so Hartmann doesn’t know what the shit he is talking about.

      2. “…force manufacturers to prove that products are safe to use before they’re available for purchase. This is called the “precautionary principle” and it requires manufacturers to prove to government, and thus to society, us that the new product is safe before it’s let it in the marketplace.”

        Uh, someone needs to mention that water has never been *proven* safe.

        1. Why is it that the “precautionary principle” advocates never have to prove that their laws, regulations, bureaucracies, and taxes are safe before we implement them? Haven’t those things caused far more death and destruction than any corporate “product”?

          1. How much unnecessary unemployment in black communities has caused murders?

            Progressives bizarrely never have to answer for that.

        2. Hey my great great grandfather died of dihydrogen monoxide inhalation at work. It should be carefully regulation.

      3. It gets worse. You know who has an absolutely atrocious record on asbestos? I’ll give you a hint, it was an institution not known to be incredibly libertarian, in spite of it’s claim to defend your liberties.

        Naval yards in WWII used a LOT of asbestos, and not a lot of safety inspectors to make sure that everyone knew what they were doing. Zero in fact.

    2. “Grow up, Libertarians!” was used twice.

      1. Read the Hartmann article: just google “How Libertarian-Style Capitalism Killed My Father and My Best Friends.” It is amazing. He argues libertarian capitalism killed his dad even though the item in question wasn’t banned in EUROPE until the last decade.

        He mentions Japan specifically. Unfortunately, here’s something regarding Japan’s banning of asbestos:

        “Revelations that hundreds of workers had died in Japan over the previous few decades from diseases related to asbestos sparked a scandal in mid-2005.[152] Tokyo had, in 1971, ordered companies handling asbestos to install ventilators and check health on a regular basis; however, the Japanese government did not ban crocidolite and amosite until 1995, and a near complete ban with a few exceptions on asbestos was implemented in 2006, with the remaining exceptions being removed in March 2012 for a full-fledged ban.[153]”

        So Hartmann had a friend handle asbestos in the ’60s and die from it and thinks this is the fault of libertarianism, even though the glorious regulatory states he praises didn’t ban asbestos until the ’90s and 2000’s. At no point does he mention when various bans went into effect, because if he did it would prove his arguments wrong.

        He is a fucking idiot in addition to being an obvious liar.

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  15. See, this isn’t a regulation requiring them to really do anything or spend any money! How hard can it be to just tell the authorities this stuff?
    If you can’t run a company and do this, why you should go out of business! It’s for the poor and the disabled and probably for the wymenz and chillens.
    (I’m sure we’ve all heard this line of ignorant whining before)

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    Regardless, the IMF is still constrained from loaning to those who owe it money, the EU is sworn not to offer more to Greece without the IMF’s involvement, and Euclid still needs to find a jacket he hasn’t slept in for the last two weeks: http://www.bing.com/images/sea…..ajaxhist=0
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  22. Sorry to interrupt the poetry again, but this got tossed at me most every click:
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    Like you, I’m sure the women, children, widows, orphans and minorities in N.J. have been emptying their piggy banks (ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaa, ha, cough, sorry) to make sure this upstanding (sniggle, snuffle) fighter (HAA, HAAAA, SNOZRT)………….
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    1. That’s a lot of money to spend pre trial. He’s probably doing even more of what he got indicted for.

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        I’m guessing he has a book with names and those names are suddenly very generous.

        1. And I’ll bet they are even more generous, since ol’ Bob has locked up the best defense help anyone can find, east of Chicago.

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    God, I must have lived an indulgent past life to be stuck in these times

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      I’m not.

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    and i love voices from dead worlds and i RESPECT only tired boOOOOOOZe r
    from DEEP SPopiociocioiosaurlt;

  32. i lost my entire body.
    my heart winked at my have and
    my have ran off and my have took my arms and leg but…… shitfuck

  33. the summer is ending under pianos

  34. the poster who pauses and thjinks he looks on this disasterour shitfuk world and I pull a toke and mabe snort a line because the government is full of brain dead fucks….


  36. PS I was wondering if Cyborg were still with us.

    He’s hitting new peaks. This makes me happy. God bless Agile Cyborg, and thanks be to Him who made Him.

  37. It’s shocking that the state where these services are based, along with their very rich investors, is the one leading the charge…

    Uber and all the other cutting edge technology companies is an enormous reason people want to come to live/work in the state.

  38. The action from the Labor Commission in CA was not surprising — it’s a bunch of anti-employer pricks. CPUC is a surprise but admin judges are quasi-independent so hopefully this doesn’t reflect the view of the commission as a whole.

  39. Sorry, off topic.

    Maybe a opensource and encrypted uber should be created. Every 2 hours the data could be deleted. So when a big brother asks for data it will be gone forever. Also only accept bitcoin, further frustrating any inquiry.

    The government needs to FO!

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