U. of Maryland Smartly Combats Binge Drinking By Selling Beer at Football Games

Incentives matter



People who don't understand how incentives work will probably think my headline is pure snark. It's not. Selling beer at football games is a smart way to reduce binge drinking, and I'm glad the University of Maryland wants to give it a try.

When the college football season resumes next fall, students will be allowed to buy beer at the stadium. In theory, this will give them less incentive to continue the dangerous ritual of aggressively "pregaming," i.e. getting trashed on mystery drinks at house parties.

Results of similar experiments at other campuses were encouraging, according to Student Government President Patrick Ronk:

Student leaders looked at 32 other universities that sell alcohol at football games. "No school had seen a rise in problematic behavior," Ronk said. "Some had seen decreases. They had also seen a decent amount of revenue coming in," which would be used for responsible-drinking initiatives, mental health counseling and sexual assault prevention programs.

The school will be checking IDs carefully and pushing people to use designated drivers and cabs.

In a campus survey, faculty and staff had mixed feelings about the idea, but students overwhelmingly supported it. The Diamondback, the student newspaper, endorsed it in an editorial recently. 

Other campuses are moving in the opposite direction. Dartmouth University, for instance, has plans to ban drinking on campus completely as a method of reducing alcohol abuse.

Policymakers would be wise to keep in mind that Prohibition simply doesn't work; it's impossible to stop people from drinking, and the very attempt actually encourages reckless drinking. That's why the federal drinking age of 21 is bad policy, and it's why activists should fight for repeal if they want to make campuses safer environments for everybody.

It's nice to see the University of Maryland take that first step.

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  1. So the Terrapins move to the Big 10 and then they start drinking heavily?

  2. What’s the athletes’ cut of the concessions revenue?

    1. Maybe “mental health counseling” includes concussion treatments?

    2. By athletes, you mean professional beer drinkers such as myself?

    3. Free college. Something very few other people get.

  3. Policymakers would be wise to keep in mind that Prohibition simply doesn’t work; it’s impossible to stop people from drinking, and the very attempt actually encourages reckless drinking. That’s why the federal drinking age of 21 is bad policy, and it’s why activists should fight for repeal if they want to make campuses safer environments for everybody.

    They don’t care about that. At all. They care about getting sued because they sold beer and someone manged to use a fake ID and then gets hammered and falls off the stands. They care about what their socio-political circle thinks about the subject. They care about how they’ll be written about in the Journal of Higher Education, etc. They just don’t give a shit about anything reasonable, because that’s not where the incentives are.

    1. The Age of Reason is sooo 18th-19th Century. C’mon, we’re living in the Age of Concern. Get with the program already.

  4. I call bullshit. They should sell beer at games because there’s no harm in it, but this will have no impact on binge drinking. I pre-game professional sports too, and those games sell beer already. Why do I do that? Because beer at games costs $7.00 a pop and I can take shots at home for the cost of $1.00 a drink or can drink a high quality beer which will still cost 1/3rd of whatever swill they’re selling at the game.

    College students don’t pre-game because there’s no beer at the stadium, they pre-game because they’re college students and drinking is fun.

    1. We never drank before games. Ever.

      I’ll plead the Fifth on heavy drug use.

      1. I’ll plead the Fifth on heavy drug use.

        “Hm, we weren’t actually going to ask you anything about drug use…. but since you brought it up, please bend over.”

        1. With pot decriminalized in DC, it seems like a better alternative.

    2. Yeah I didn’t care at all when I was an undergraduate, I was getting sloshed at the tailgates and again at half-time, and there is no way I would pay the prices.

      But it is nice as an alumni get beers when I got to football and baseball games.

        1. Yeah, college baseball.

          1. Ohhh, um yeah…. Don’t call me. I’ll call you.

    3. True. If they don’t want people to get sloshed pre-game, they shouldn’t make alcohol atrociously expensive at the games. But I’m sure somebody once calculated how $7-10 beers maximized revenue. Right before he was hired by Congress.

      1. Well, there’s also the issue that for most schools around 2/3rds of the undergraduate student body is under 21.

      2. Have you ever heard the story of cheap beers? I did a comm paper on one such incident. Ten cent beer at the cleveland indians. The crowd got black out drunk altogether, rioted, stormed the field and the other team, The indians players in the end had to defend the rangers from their own fans with bats.

        Here is a wiki copy/paste

        The Rangers quickly took a 5?1 lead. Meanwhile, throughout the game, the inebriated crowd grew more and more unruly. Early in the game, Cleveland’s Leron Lee hit a line drive into the stomach of Rangers pitcher Ferguson Jenkins, after which Jenkins dropped to the ground. Fans in the upper deck of the stadium cheered, then chanted “Hit ’em again! Hit ’em again! Harder! Harder!” A woman ran out to the Indians’ on-deck circle and flashed her breasts, and a naked man sprinted to second base as Grieve hit his second home run of the game. One inning later, a father-and-son pair ran onto the outfield and mooned the fans in the bleachers.

        The problem is people drink beer fast when its cheap, cold, and one is just sitting there watching something.

        1. Except that sounds like a fantastic time.

          1. This may be the solution to getting millennials into the sport of baseball again.

        2. And this is why the various sports gods won’t let Cleveland win a championship. The riots would make Rodney King look like a quiet day on the golf course.

        3. D battery night at the Philadelphia Eagles game was the same debacle.

          1. There was some sort of frisbee night too, IIRC, but they weren’t actually frisbees.

        4. D battery night at the Philadelphia Eagles game was the same debacle.

    4. The southern thing to do was smuggle flasks of Beam in, and mix it w. yer coca cola.

      1. Hey, that’s just what I do in movie theaters that don’t sell booze. And now I can take along my hash oil vaper too. And my nicotine vaper too. So many options!

        1. Hash oil?

          That was always like the white-whale within THC consuming-circles. Oft mentioned, never actually seen in the flesh.

          I never seen any. Even in hash-everywhere Europe. Do cannabis-legal states now deal in that stuff?

          And how bad is it if you get some on your shirt? Fucked for life, basically? (unless you don’t mind stinking like a hippy)

          1. It’s a little complicated (and dangerous, I think, like a still is “dangerous”) to make and so wasn’t very common when it was so much easier to just get/sell bud. But now that it’s legal, it’s taking off. I get either shatter (butane hash oil) or hash oil wax from my (legal) delivery service, and it’s available in a lot of places now. Because it’s awesome. Different, cleaner high than just smoking the weed. No munchies (at least not for me). Doesn’t get you to that “oh man I’m so high dude, that was my skull because I’m Spicoli” place that people so commonly associate THC use with. I highly recommend it.

            It actually smells very little like weed and much more like pine, obviously because the process removes whatever organics cause the weed smell. The wax is quite waxy and the butane oil/shatter is very thick too. That’s why you can vape it even in public; it just doesn’t really smell like weed; more like a weird flavored nicotine vaper liquid.

            I’m certainly enjoying it.

            1. Check out juju joints.They are disposable and loaded with co2 extracted oil. No light hydrocarbons for me!

            2. Doesn’t get you to that “oh man I’m so high dude, that was my skull because I’m Spicoli” place that people so commonly associate THC use with.

              But that’s the best part!

          2. My buddy was able to buy it at the dispensary in california and made it himself when he moved back here to Texas but stopped because it was too much of a pain in the ass and made his place stink pretty badly while making it.

            He would vape it everywhere, there was no way to tell.

    5. College students don’t pre-game because there’s no beer at the stadium, they pre-game because they’re college students and drinking is fun.

      This is exactly what Hayek (and Popper) were getting at with their critiques of “scientism”. Sure, in the cold, hard quantitative model, rational actor homo economicus adolescens is going to weigh the cost of beer inside and outside of the stadium, blah, blah, blah….but anyone who has had any sort of authentic interaction with another human being knows that what Irish claims is the root cause.

      1. The root cause is being Irish? Of course!

  5. Blame/praise Under Armour.

  6. U of Texas is doing this, too. No word on whether freshmen will still give their flasks to their female companions at the gate.

    1. Thank God. ‘Horns fans may need to drink hard for the next few seasons.

      1. I hope so. FUCK those people. I hope they and their children DIAF.

        WRECK’EM TECH!

        1. Living in Lubbock long enough to take a degree is its own punishment. I can’t wven get fired up to care, little brother. Too bad ESPN ran off tour coach who was worth a shit because whatshisnames son was a crybaby.

          1. If I’m ever driving a car and see Craig James on the sidewalk, I’ll run him over, and damn the consequences.

            1. Not a Texas Tech fan, but I am a fan of good coaching. I’ll give you an alibi.

    2. It’s still a dry-campus except for tailgating though right? Even for people over 21 (I know most people aren’t living on campus by that point at UT).

      It’s nice to know I’ll be able to buy beer when we beat them for the second time in 50 years on Sept. 12.

      1. I don’t think UT was ever (recently at least) a dry campus. I remember buying a beer in the student union.

        1. It’s an alcohol free campus with a few limited exceptions. A damp campus maybe? I always thought the policy looked really strict comparatively.

          1. I think that’s more a function of having almost nobody older than freshman living on campus than a concentrated effort.

          2. In the 90s you could buy drinks at the Union. Hell, I lived in the closest dorm to the stadium my freshman year. The first game if Macovic’s last year, we bagged it at halftime as UCLA was beating the tar out of us and got drunk in our dorm. If anyone got discuplined for drinking, they must have been puking in the hallway. Of course, I saw my RA for move in and move out. Others may have had different experiences.

            1. I thought you were a Florida State jerk. Do we have a new Brett?

              1. I dropped out if UT first. I’m a football whore.

  7. N-word please. This is clearly to distract people from their regoddamndiculous uniforms.

    1. I see dazzle camouflage is back in style.

    2. I can’t believe the Terps are in the Big Ten now. Not as bad as Rutgers though.

    3. I saw something similar at Medieval Times

  8. Would someone please explain what any of this has to do with Donald Trump?

    1. Drinking at college football games promotes strong hair growth.

      1. So… nothing to do with Trump.

  9. They might decrease binge drinking even more if they didn’t suck.

  10. Just as defending Free Association does not first require you to denounce and express your vehement disgust of people who want to actually exercise that right…. I really don’t think its totally necessary to describe college student behavior that’s gone on for the entirety of living memory as “dangerous ritual”

    Regardless of how different the libertarian solution is supposed to be to that of the Social Justice Warrior, for some reason the conclusion is reached via the same exact bullshit social-pathologizing they engage in. “Its a problem!”

    However, where the fuck did anyone get the idea that libertarianism is supposed to be ‘social-engineering’… just by slightly different means?

    Also, what Irish said. Selling beer at games, lowering the drinking age, and encouraging kids to be more responsible, are all just reasonable things *by themselves*. They don’t need to be ‘solutions’ to some ‘problem’ which we should feel compelled to address via social policy.

    1. I hate to be the one to break this to you, but libertarians have almost no political power. So if we want to see the people who wield power over us let up on the leash a little, we have to begin by appealing to them on their level, including proposing solutions to problems caused by their policies.

      1. maybe.

        even if politically we need to pander to people, it still doesn’t require first agreeing that the things they call “problems” (e.g. the non-existent “Rape Epidemic” on college campuses) are *actually* problems that need ‘fixing’.

        I’m generally very suspicious of the whole “inventing problems where none exist”-habit that seems to be in vogue…regardless of whether the ‘solution’ is acceptably-libertarian or not.

        1. I’m generally very suspicious of the whole “inventing problems where none exist”-habit that seems to be in vogue…

          There’s actually a term for that…

  11. Also, I fail to see what this has to do with Donald Trump.

    1. I’m sure there is some connection between binge drinking and the Donald.

      1. Well, he is of both German and Scottish heritage.

    1. Sure, why not, there are people who support Walker around here for some reason, why not Rubio?

      1. I think walker is a reasonable #2 to support behind Rand.

        After that, my level of interest drops off precipitously, and I plan to vote Vermin Supreme

      2. Walker has been one of the most successful union fighters in modern history. That makes him a top 5 choice for president by itself.

        My top picks: Rand. Walker…um. Uh. Cruz?

        If the Republicans pick anyone other than those three, I’m just staying home on election day. Unless it’s like Jim Webb vs. Jeb Bush, in which case I’m voting for Jim Webb because he’s one of the rare sane Democrats and I’d kill myself if another Bush got into the White House.

        1. Except he exempted the worst union of them all, the police union, and fighting unions is a pretty narrow reason to vote for him.

          I suppose my order is the same buy my stay-at-home/vote 3rd party line is somewhere in the middle of Rand.

          1. “Except he exempted the worst union of them all, the police union,”

            Yes, but he got the teachers union, which is the most powerful.

            If cops get exempted, its because they are both comparatively small, cost-wise, and have relatively equal pull with all political parties. Its like the Pentagon to congress. Cuts rarely happen.

            ” fighting unions is a pretty narrow reason to vote for him.”

            Narrow but probably more significant than any other thing a politician can do. Its proof the guy will take risks to Un-fuck a corrupt system. He’s a proven do-er.

            1. Well I don’t think that is an acceptable excuse for my vote, especially because it is the most evil of unions.

              Maybe at the state level it is important, if you happen to be a politician in a state with strong unions in the first place.

              And of course he’s still a traditional so-con, economic issues aren’t the only issues. He doesn’t even support marijuana decriminalization which is like the bottom of the barrel standard for the war on drugs.

              1. “”He doesn’t even support marijuana decriminalization “

                And who is running on that platform?

              2. And re: his “so-con” tendencies…

                What So-Con laws did he pass in Wisc., exactly?

                I don’t care what a president personally *believes*. I care what they’re going to do.

                Yeah, there’s sometimes some overlap – but I tend to discount their personal opinions when i know that there’s not an icicle’s chance in hell of them passing any laws in that direction. Like Abortion. he can think whatever the fuck he wants.

                1. And who is running on that platform?

                  Well Paul supports getting the feds out and letting state legalizing and has actively worked to do so along with a number of other drug war reforms. He is far and away better than anyone else in the primary. This is the bare minimum position for me to even consider voting. And of course the LP candidate will almost certainly support full marijuana legalization. I support legalizing all drugs so this already an extreme compromise position.

                  How about his retarded proposal to drugtest welfare applicants that manages to be both retarded culture war politicing and fiscally unsound?

                  His commentary on gay marriage is they typical retardation, but at least will be a non-issue distraction like abortion is at the federal level now.

                  As a compromise see the article I just found and will post at the bottom with Santorum criticizing him on gay marriage in the most hilarious way.

                  1. Hell, Donald Trump supported full drug legalization.

                  2. “How about his retarded proposal to drugtest welfare applicants that manages to be both retarded culture war politicing and fiscally unsound?”

                    Well, i think drug testing people is bullshit and should only ever be voluntary… but as for its fiscal ‘sanity’ – has it ever actually been put into place anywhere?

                    Any candidate is bundle of compromises – which is another word for politics. I’ve seen nothing about Walker that suggests he’d be worse than Hillary Clinton on almost anything. Perhaps weed, but I think anyone unilaterally changing federal law on marijuana is unlikely under any scenario, rather than just a gradual accession to individual state changes on enforcement.

                    1. Well, i think drug testing people is bullshit and should only ever be voluntary… but as for its fiscal ‘sanity’ – has it ever actually been put into place anywhere?

                      Can you imagine the ginormous new bureaucracy, complete with new government employees, this would require? Not to mention the all the legal costs because the government is so incompetent that the results will routinely be challenged. The alternative of course is some kind of crony capitalist bullshit with the contract handed out to favored testing centers, also expensive.

                      Any candidate is bundle of compromises – which is another word for politics. I’ve seen nothing about Walker that suggests he’d be worse than Hillary Clinton on almost anything. Perhaps weed, but I think anyone unilaterally changing federal law on marijuana is unlikely under any scenario, rather than just a gradual accession to individual state changes on enforcement.

                      And I don’t see anything about Walker that suggests that he would be worth voting for instead of the LP or staying home. Being better than Hillary Clinton is a shitty standard.

                    2. “Can you imagine the ginormous new bureaucracy”

                      So that’s a no.

                      I’m not disputing that its a terrible idea. I’m disputing that you have any real idea about the relative ‘costs’ versus its impact on reducing welfare. That aside, I think its just a bullshit proposal to throw red-meat at his conservative constituents. Liberals do the same shit all the time.

                      “Being better than Hillary Clinton is a shitty standard.”

                      Sure, but being even worse than obama is what Hillary is. I get no personal joy out of maintaining ideological purity while the country turns into Chomskytopia.

                2. Walker is an excellent retail politician. I wouldn’t underestimate his ability to connect with people. I know that’s an over valued characteristic, but Postrel has it right when she talks about charisma. Walker has the right kind of charisma to be a successful national politician.

                  1. Yeah, but what about his Strength, Dexterity and Wisdom?

                    1. And his hit points? Can he take on a LVL12 Troll?

                    2. As a LVL 12 troll, I say bring him on!

                    3. I’m assuming, even if Charisma is his primary stat, he has brains enough to put next best value into Con. If not, he deserves whatever he gets.

                      Actually, Live-Action Tomb of Horrors would be much better way to clear up GOP primaries. Or at least, more entertaining.

          2. fighting unions is a pretty narrow reason to vote for him.

            Walker is fighting government by going after public employee unions. I’d love to see that applied at the federal level.

  12. How can you binge drink at ANY stadium or arena in North America?

    Have you seen the friggin prices for a beer? Heck, food in general?

    1. I still end up buying them.

      Hell, I had a couple beers on the Acela the other day, at ~$8 a pop for a 12oz bud.

      Its criminal, but its beer. And beer should be sold everywhere. (i’m looking at you, movie theaters)

      1. Same here. Bought a couple of them at Wrigley just last week.

        But we can afford it!

        I think.

        1. Your crippling balloon payment isn’t due for a while.

      2. “And beer should be sold everywhere. (i’m looking at you, movie theaters)”

        THIS 100%. I’ve been in a few small movie theaters that sold beer, and it’s a revelatory experience.

        1. There are several chains that are moving towards selling alcohol in theater. Muvico and Arclight out here.

        2. There’s a theater in Seattle called The Big Picture. They have a full bar and you can schedule drinks to be delivered to you on your specified schedule during the movie. Their martini olives are stuffed with blue cheese, and their white cheddar popcorn is fantastic (you can also order menu food as well). Unfortunately it’s only one screen and for the last few years they have been playing mostly crap. But before that I saw Zombieland, Kick Ass, Inception, Scott Pilgrim, and a bunch of other movies there. Great stuff. I wish they’d play good, or at least fun, movies there again. I did see Guardians of the Galaxy there too.

          1. Inception was crap.

            1. Don’t get your 70’s panties in a bunch.

        3. Alamo Drafthouse is the only theater I’ll go to any more so I can have pitchers of craft beer served to me.

          And no one under 18 allowed.

          1. Sign me up. I seriously doubt Albuquerque will ever have one, unless one of the chains converts (unlikely). The closest we have is a tiny little one-screen venue that does mostly subtitle flicks and b-movies, but only because it’s surrounded by bars.

          2. Alamo Draft House franchising was awesome.

            1. I agree since I’m no longer in Austin but disagree because franchising has definitely lowered the quality of the food quite a bit at both the original and new franchise places as they’ve standardized and corporatized everything.

              Still waiting on them to finally open a location inside the loop in Houston which has been “coming soon” for 3 years now.

              1. Are you one of those inner loop “I need a passport to go past 610” snobs? I wish there was a better food/drinks & movie place down here – the Star Cinema Grill is a bit shabby to say the least, and their food is…blah.

    2. I went to a Dodgers game on Saturday night. I had four beers, a dodger dog, and garlic fries. Total cost: $61.50. Thank god the tickets and parking were free.

      1. Sounds like you had the Burpfest special.

        1. More like the fartfest special. I went to the bar next to my apt after the game and there were many a dodger fans there. I had a conversation with a group of them about how Mattingly needs to be fired, then I unleashed a quite rank cloud of gas and, noticing I was standing next to an attractive woman, I walked away.

          I came back ten minutes later and apologized to the guys I was interacting with for cropdusting them.

            1. Was more of a brag than anything.

              1. GOOD. Nothing wrong with a little Farmer John fumes.

  13. So Al Jazeera has a youtube channel called AJ + which is totes trying to get at those hep cat Millennials, homedog (slang courtesy of the random Qatari slang generator that seems to be used to write AJ+ scripts). Imagine left-wing, Islamist propaganda inter-mixed with ludicrous Buzzfeed style Millennial baiting and you’re not within a thousand miles of how terrible this youtube channel is.

    Here they are explaining Chris Christie’s political views with Jersey Shore GIFS because clearly Jersey Shore is still relevant in 2015.

    And here’s the least funny woman in the universe blaming the victim by attacking Pamela Geller about a week after she got shot at.

      1. Seriously though, that Italian girl in the second video? If she could avoid making shitty jokes, yes please.

        I thought she was Arabic at first, but it turns out her name is Francesca Fiorentini.

        She’s incredibly annoying and appears to be wearing a bath mat in this video, but when she stops talking and is dressed like a human being rather than a towel rack, she is very attractive.

        1. she is very attractive.

          Irish, at this point, you may want to drop the ‘theoretical’ part of your name and go full homo.

          Either that or visit the Moonlight Bunny Ranch and get your rocks off because that girl is beyond annoying and if you’re contemplating tolerating her then something needs to change for you fast.

          1. I said she’s good looking and explicitly said she’s massively annoying.

            Plus, if I’m willing to overlook how irritating a woman is on the grounds that I find her hot, I don’t know how that makes me gay. If anything, it makes me even straighter since, like all great straight men throughout history, I don’t actually care what women think.

            /sarc (or is it?)

            1. I didn’t say it made you gay, just that you may want to put some thought into the alternative considering your taste in women.

              Fella, do something about that back-up; it’s clouding your judgment and making you irrational.

            2. She’s clearly a post op tranny.

              You need to think about things.

              1. I maintain that Kristen Tate is immensely good looking and I don’t like that I was judged for that or for my Argentinian/Italian wonder girl, Francesca Fiorentini.

                Leave me alone – i like what I like and I will not be judged.

        2. I thought she was Arabic at first, but it turns out her name is Francesca Fiorentini.

          She looks Sicilian to me?

          1. It’s all the same.

            23andme will back me up on this.

    1. One of my many grievances against the Islamists is that they made me into an ally of Pamela Geller.

      Guys, if you try and kill her, you’re kind of forcing the issue an obliging people who otherwise wouldn’t give the time of day to support her.

      Geller is at least trying to resist the imposition of Sharia rules in this country – specifically, the rule against portraying Mohammad, PB&J.

      1. Geller has a lot of weird, dumbass ideas about Islam, but her overall point regarding the fact that Islamists are attempting to force Western countries into the adoption of Islamic law is 100% accurate.

        A lot of progressives (being that they are morons) will argue that there’s not real danger of this because Muslims are a minority, but they completely miss the fact that modern Western countries actually grant minorities *privileges* which are not granted to any other group. They can get hate speech laws enacted in their favor, for example, and that’s the obvious point – through hate speech legislation, Muslims can effectively outlaw harsh criticism of their religion. It’s a back door blasphemy law and Islamists have the ability to enact such things without being a majority.

    2. And of course, once they get their way, we will have prohibition enforced by a lot more than Elliot Ness…

  14. Interesting fact about University of Maryland: it is the only college in the nation that offers a degree in Fire Safety Engineering. I recently met a girl in my building who was a Maryland graduate in this very program. We discussed her career choice for some time, as well as comparing our personal lives and the handful of overlaps we have in that regard. And nothing else happened.

    1. I have a friend who majored in it. For awhile, his job was to build things, set whatever on fire, and watch it burn (might be more to it than that, but I don’t want to spoil the narrative).

      And then I majored in accounting. The end.

    2. It’s called Fire Sciences at most junior colleges.

      I have a lot of friends who went down that road, and they all make 6 figures rescuing cats 4 times a year

      1. This is apparently about building fire protection system designs, primarily for industrial applications.

        1. Oh… I know a guy involved in that. He’s a complete fucking pervert.

  15. The first drunk driving incident, or the first alleged grope between two inebriated spectators, will soundly put the kibosh on this little experiment.

    Never mind how often that occurred before they started selling beer at games, mind you. Numbers are for apologists and deniers.

    1. The first kid to go full Joe Namath will become a national story.

  16. Rick Santorum tells Scott Walker to get his bitch in line on gay marriage:

    “Spouses matter,” Santorum said in an interview with the Daily Caller Monday. “When your spouse is not in-sync with you ? particularly on cultural issues, moral issues ? [you] tend not to be as active on those issues.”

    1. I love the headline at Politico: Rick Santorum:

      Scott Walker’s wife could make him soft on gay marriage

      Way to be subtle there boys.

      1. I also love them spending almost of a third of article reminding people how big of a hypocrite Santorum is. He criticizes Walker because his wife is conflicted over gay marriage because of gay family members while Santorum’s wife lived in sin with an abortion doctor. But family is off limits man!

        He always wants to make sure that people are sure he’s the biggest piece of shit in the race.

        1. That’s not an easy task when O’Malley’s involved.

        2. “Tom Allen, the doctor with whom Karen Santorum cohabitated, was 40 years older than her and, in fact, helped deliver her in 1960.”

          Yeah, not creepy *at all.*

          If Santorum rescued her from that, good for him.

          1. Yeah, not creepy *at all.*

            If Santorum rescued her from that, good for him.


            through much of her twenties

            She was a fully grown adult women? What, do you think women are incapable of making their own decisions and need the guiding hand of their husbands to survive in this world?

            1. Look, with all due respect…those voices in your head, saying women can’t etc. etc.? That’s not me, that’s you.

              You want to know what’s creepy? I’ll tell you. An obstetrician delivering a baby girl and saying, “man, in 20 years of so I’d love tap that.”

              And for some reason, Karen Santorum *made her own decision* and chose to leave her creepy boyfriend and marry Rick Santorum.

              1. 20 years *or* so

              2. Whatever you say Eddie, your the one who said he “rescued” her from herself.

                1. Who’s denying her agency? For some reason she *chose* Santorum over Dr. Creepy.

                  Why do think that is? Did she roll some dice? Or did she realize that living as the wife of some guy who was actually willing to marry her was better than shacking up with some abortion-happy quack?

              3. “You want to know what’s creepy? I’ll tell you. An obstetrician delivering a baby girl and saying, “man, in 20 years of so I’d love tap that.””

                In fairness, I do have a slight feeling he wasn’t planning this since birth.

                1. I should mention, for the benefit of his estate’s lawyers, that I was simply making a tasteless joke.

    2. Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt that Walker and his wife actually disagree.

      My guess is that Mrs. Walker is simply testing the waters for her husband, in order to see if support for SSM is politically viable.

      Walker is probably looking for an “out” by which he can get the SoCons off his back, already.

      So long as he keeps up his attacks on reckless spending and union power, that’s all fine and dandy.

      But precedent suggests that a politicians who sells out on “cultural” issues generally sells out on other issues, too.

      Look for Walker’s joint appearance, as President, with a union leader as they pledge to “work together to solve the nation’s problems” yada yada.

      1. He already flip flopped on farm subsidies.

      2. Walker is probably looking for an “out”

        You know who else wanted an “out”?…

        1. Tom Cruise?

        2. The 1951 Brooklyn Dodgers?

      3. Walker knee-capped PUBLIC EMPLOYEE UNIONS. He’s not “anti-union” he’s anti-government. At least at the state level. The establishment hasn’t warmed to him for some reason. I suspect they fear he might have some principles.

    3. And then Mrs. Santorum beat a gay dolphin to death while her husband nodded approvingly.

  17. OT: Found this Al Shabaab song in Swahili. I really hope they don’t go ISIS in East Africa.

    My translation

    We have a little Swahili song, god willing, which says:

    Holy warriors, we are in the forests
    It is proper(?) we are defending [our] religion


    The voice which calls for war
    Soars up from the fields
    And not only in life
    And it is a testament that we will be in heaven X2

    Chorus X2

    Night and day we are on the path
    Food and bullets are on our shoulders
    We move with speed so that we may reach the coast
    We bring war X2

    Chorus X2

    Bullets fly, we attack
    The bombs we placed explode
    We are full of anger, we ambush
    The Kenyan infidels are defeated X2

    Chorus X2

    The blood of the sheikhs and the martyrs
    Will spread the faith with zeal
    Those of conscience and piety
    We will die on jihad X2

    Chorus X2

    1. Hey, Al Shabaab, I got a song for you:

      1. Sheeeitt, Eddie’s stone cold tonight!

    2. Not bad, but come on guys, get with the Millenials. Maybe something about your badass Toyota truck with Dushka on the back, or about how bitches love a jihadi, and if they don’t, too bad for them. This is like something out of Soviet WW2 songbook, pep it up a bit.

      1. ISIS is much more with it.

        They go in for rap, motherfucker.

        1. Yeah! Now you`re on the trolley!

      2. If it weren’t for the whole ban on alcohol, I would seriously consider ISIS if only to participate in the market of Yazidi sex slaves.

        1. Muslims can drink wine, they just have to die as martyrs first:

          47:15 A similitude of the Garden which those who keep their duty (to Allah) are promised: Therein are rivers of water unpolluted, and rivers of milk whereof the flavour changeth not, and rivers of wine delicious to the drinkers, and rivers of clear- run honey; therein for them is every kind of fruit, with pardon from their Lord.


          When I was in Egypt, I drank some touristy brew called Mummy beer or Pyramid beer or something. But that is only for kuffar.

        2. The Ottoman branch of Islamic tradition is less picky about alcohol, particularly in the Balkans. Basically, you can`t expect Slavs to convert if you even mention the no-booze policy, so it was more of a DADT approach to it.

          1. I was born to be Albanian I guess.

    3. By “going ISIS” do you mean ideology or military success?

      1. Either, but I’m more worried about the second one.

        1. Al Shabab has their own thing going. They’ve run a country before, and hope to do so again.

          Also, i’m not sure the caliphate is really all that crazy about the subsaharan franchise opportunities. while Malcolm X may have impressed by the meccan ideal of the integrated islamic umma, I have heard through the grapevine that the Sunni Jihadis are not the most racially-cool dudes on the planet

          1. Ah, they accepted Boko Haram as an affiliate in March.


          2. Keep in mind also that black Muslims in Sudan were quite happy to host bin Laden.

            1. If the reports are to be believed, Bin Laden had a taste for “dark chocolate” though.

              Nevertheless, while ISIS propaganda makes a lot of noise about the multiracial composition of its membership as part of their religiously motivated antiracism, I suspect the overwhelmingly Saudi theologians who make up the Islamic State’s elite class hold the same dim view of Black Africans (and pretty much of all non-Gulf Arab 3rd Worlders) as most of their countrymen do. Here’s a fun fact, did you know that Black Saudis are barred from serving in the kingdom’s diplomatic corps by royal proclamation?

              1. The next thing you’ll be telling me is that they only outlawed slavery in the 1960s…

              2. I did not know that. There appears to be no such restriction on Saudi executioners:


                1. “no such restriction on Saudi executioners:”

                  It makes sense. its “unclean” – you farm that kind of work out to the less-pure

            2. I never said that African muslims were snooty about the company they keep. its the hardcore sunni arabs who consider themselves both racially superior as the OG Muhammedans, and also theocratically more legit than converted peoples.

              Al Q was far more interested in linking up with Somalis, Sudanese, etc. and any other crews of jihad-makers in a genuine way. ISIS by contrast seems very much Arab-centric, politically, and Arab-superior in their outlook. If Boko Haram wants to ‘pledge allegiance’ to their Caliphate, well naturally they’ll let them. I just don’t think its an actively pursued strategic relationship aside from being generally-good jihadi PR.

              members of the taliban complained about Al Q people being sort of “elitist pretty boys” who sneered at the Afghans ‘old time religion’, low-literacy levels, and some of their legacy cultural traits (like their burial rituals, food habits, etc).

  18. OT Complaint about Government:

    I received a parking ticket here in the City of Los AngelesIncompetence about two weeks ago for being parked in a loading zone for ten minutes. Of course there’s a big sign, clear as all day, that permits parking within said zone for up to an hour on Saturdays (the day I was ticketed). I sent my correspondence to the city explaining this thinking they’d cancel the ticket. Instead they send me a letter saying they did not approve the preliminary review and that I may pursue either a court date or an administrative review. Of course, in order to qualify for the by mail admin hearing, you have to send your check for the $58 to the city and then trust that they’re not a completely corrupt pile of dogshit that will just cash your check and act like they don’t have the fucking sign posted clear as day immediately in front of where I parked permitting said parking. Or you roll your dice on a court date that will cost you more than $58 in lost wages.

    When the time to hoist the black flag arrives, the blades on my woodchipper will be greased with the blood of City of Los Angeles Parking Enforcement Officer (this field deliberately left blank so as to avoid DoJ investigations).

    1. I got a parking ticket the first day I lived in Chicago. I wrote a letter to appeal in which I explained I had just moved in and there was nowhere else to park. I included a copy of my lease with the date I signed it. It worked! Ticket gone!

      I did end up paying 1 parking ticket because I forgot to move my car for street sweeping. Damn useless things just swirl the trash around. Someone should tell the city that a car can in fact drive over a leaf or a cigarette butt with no ill effects.

      1. This same city that was so quick to issue a parking ticket within ten minutes (even though the zone permitted parking for an hour) is the same city that, when I called their bulk item trash pickup and was informed to leave my couch on a Wednesday morning (I put it out the night before) didn’t bother showing up for another 8 days after that. I had to call the city four damn times to get them to finally pick the couch up because it was becoming a colony for the local vagrants. Fucking incompetent municipal employees.

        1. When I bought my newer car in TX, it took me 4 months to get a title. Some govt bozo transcribed digits on the VIN, and ended up pestering some other guy for weeks. I had to get the dealer to mail them a special letter to get them to realize the mistake.

            1. Yeah, that’s what I meant.

        2. Do you not know the right way to get rid of a couch? It’s actually fun.

          1. At Bovine University, my Alma Mater, couches are set ablaze.

            WVU: Where greatness is learned and couches are burned.

          2. The one time I tried setting a couch ablaze, I was quickly apprehended by the Isla Vista Foot Patrol and spent the remainder of that evening and the early morning in a drunk tank.

            I may be borderline retarded at times, but I’ll never be the rat that touches the electrified cheese twice.

          3. I just assumed you would leave it on the sidewalk. Where I live, it would be gone within an hour.

            1. I did leave it on the sidewalk. But I live in a city that is plagued by homelessness and so one night out overnight and it is officially sullied by the homeless and then no longer something people will take a chance on.

            2. That’s what I was getting at.

              Put it in a pickup, merge into traffic on the closest interstate, and gently nudge it off the back. You’ll never see it again. It works for more than just couches.

    1. I’ve noticed that the swastika is nowhere to be seen in many movies and TV shows with Nazis.

      If you can’t show the symbol of a defeated enemy, are they really defeated?

      1. “If you can’t show the symbol of a defeated enemy, are they really defeated?”


        I think Mao or someone said something about this, although i can’t remember what.

        Perhaps something along the lines of “you must never completely destroy your enemy, but keep them alive in the minds of the people so that hate never turns to pity”

  19. “Prohibition simply doesn’t work”

    That depends on what your actual goals are. If your goals are to increase the opportunities for graft, corruption, and the raw abuse of power while striking a holier-than-thou pose, then Prohibition is a simply wonderful policy.

  20. (a little experiment)


    1. Pierre and Marie Curie?

  21. ISIS puts bomb on, blows up baby in training class:…..ittee.html

  22. Israeli woman returns after joining Kurds to fight ISIS:…..03,00.html

  23. Iran launches video game entitled Missile Strike in which the player destroys Israeli cities with missiles.…..l-deadline

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  25. Probably the number 1 reason Maryland never considered joining the SEC.

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