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Is Hillary Clinton Right That Women Have Stalled Out in the Workplace?

And that the best way to make them more employable is by adding costly "family-friendly" mandates?


Washington Post

In her long-awaited speech on economic policy, Hillary Clinton claimed that America is fading as a place where women can easily enter the workplace:

The movement of women into the American workforce over the past 40 years was responsible for more than $3.5 trillion in economic growth. But that progress has stalled.

The United States used to rank 7th out of 24 advanced countries in women's labor force participation. By 2013, we had dropped to 19th. That represents a lot of unused potential for our economy and for American families.

Studies show that nearly a third of this decline relative to other countries is because they're expanding family-friendly policies like paid leave and we are not.

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As the image at the top of this post suggests, the reality is far more complicated.

First off, the United States is doing extremely well compared to most of the world when it comes to women participating in  workplace. According to government statistics, about 58 percent of American women are in the labor force (this means they are either working or looking for work). That number has generally been stable over the past several decades, varying a few percentage points. It is also about 4 percentage points higher than the average of other countries with advanced economies.

In general, the United States is ahead of many European countries which, contrary to Clinton's logic, supposedly make it more welcoming for women to work by providing free child care and whatnot. In fact, the Wash Post's Max Fisher noted in 2014, lower female labor participation rates in Europe are partly a function of government policies that attempt to increase fertility rates:

Women's rights are obviously quite good [in Europe], but many of these countries are facing demographic crises as birth rates decline. A number of European governments…are instituting all sorts of policies to encourage women to have more babies. That's a long-term economic strategy, but it also has a short-term downside, which you can see here.

There's another confounding variable as well: Global female labor-force participation rates include women aged 15 years and up. In most developed countries, women (and men) are going to high school and college when people in less-advanced economies are entering the work force. In the United States, for instance, the labor-force participation rate for women between the ages of 16-24 was just 53 percent. For women between the ages of 25 to 54, however, it was 74.5 percent, the same as it was 30 years ago. American women (and men) go to school longer than their counterparts in most of the world. And they start their careers later, too. Both of those are good things.

It's a great thing that women who want to work are able to. And the idea that Hillary Clinton will be able to boost female labor-participation rates is a guaranteed-applause getter among Democratic voters. Exactly how she will do so remains a bit of a mystery, especially since these numbers have stayed stable for a long time. In the end, "family-friendly policies" make employees more expensive and when the price of something rises, consumers (including employers) tend to purchase less of it. It's basic economics that raising the price of something is not the best way to get more of it.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), average employee total compensation—wages plus all benefits—grew from $24.95 per hour in March 2004 to $33.49 in March 2015. At the same time, total benefits (including various government mandates) grew from 28 percent of total compensation to 32 percent. Adding more and more mandatory benefits to employer costs, especially ones that will likely be used more commonly by women, is not exactly a smart way to either boost overall employment—or especially female labor participation.

NEXT: Hillary Clinton Declares War on Worker Choice and Consumer Convenience

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  1. America is fading as a place where ANY PERSON can easily enter the workplace and that isn’t caused by free market capitalism running rampant.

    1. Real,

      True, fading, but not faded out yet. As Nick’s article shows, female workforce participation (Hilary’s term-“getting women into the workforce”) has been steady for many years, during different national circumstances. Repubs – particularly starting with Rand Paul, who presumably reads Nick’s stuff-should be hitting Hillary with tweets and YouTube clips summarizing the points Nick has here, and contrasting them with Hilary’s mistaken boilerplate talking points.

  2. It doesn’t matter if she’s right, because she doesn’t care if she’s right. GENDER WAR works very well as a subset of KULTUR WAR and KULTUR WAR is really all most of these politicians have to work with, because their actual policies are fucking retarded (when they actually have one at all). So GENDER WAR will be 90% of what you hear from Hillary if she continues to stay in the race (which she will because this is her “last chance”, as far as she sees it). And you will be hearing it because it’s all she has.

    1. Well, there will be some CLASS WAR, too.

  3. Uggh, Nick, did you actually watch the entire speech? I made it through about 5 minutes of her baggy, bug-eyed robotic delivery. She’s a terrible speaker.

    As to her point, I believe the college graduation rate is significantly higher among women. How does she reconcile this with “lack of opportunity” for women? Wait. It’s just WAR on WOMEN all the time, right? MOAR free shite.

    1. In addition to beating their European counterparts, American women are also holding ground in labor participation rates better than American men.

      There is no crisis. But that’s no way to win an election, so crisis will be talked about until we believe!

  4. It’s basic economics that raising the price of something is not the best way to get more of it.
    That’s the dead white male way of looking at economics. Once Hillary’s vagina is elected prez we’ll have no more of that. (We’ll all have our free flying cars once she repeals the laws of gravity and of thermodynamics as well. That science stuff is more of that patriarchy bullshit.)

    1. The election will be hard fought between Hillary’s vagina and Rick Perry’s glasses.

      1. It doesn’t speak well for her chances that she has the worst hair in the line-up.

  5. if the women ran my office it would be a 20 hour work week.

  6. It would probably be more intellectually honest for Cankles to announce her new campaign slogan is “Because Vaginas!” Otherwise I’m left to conclude she thinks women are stupid.

    1. Let’s hear more about vaginas. Because. Or did I get that out of order?

      (I’m pretty sure Hillary thinks everyone is stupid, not just women.)

      1. I’m not seeing this as a ploy to rock the male vote.

        It probably is a safe assumption that she sees all the plebes as drooling morons though.

        1. It probably is a safe assumption that she sees all the plebes as drooling morons though.

          She has gotten this far with that mentality, and it seems to be working. Excuse me as I wipe the drool from my mouth.

        2. You know what would dramatically transform the American political landscape for the better? Start allowing pinch hitters for politicians. They get to use an actor or some other stand-in for their campaign, but if the actor wins the election, the politician gets the office. This way we remove that pesky “prove you’re not retarded” thing that so stumps politicians, especially Biden. Plus it removes the “politics is Hollywood for ugly people” angle that makes it so little fun to watch. It’s like the perfect solution.

          Why are you laughing? Oh shit now you’re crying!

          1. That is very similar to the plot of Dave. I am at a loss for words. Dave.

            1. /singing

              Hail to the chief, he’s the one we all say hail to.

              We all cuz he keeps himself so clean!

    2. Perhaps she’s too smart for the likes of you, Doom.

      “Otherwise I’m left to conclude she thinks women are stupid.”

      Perhaps she thinks people/voters are stupid.

      1. CHUCK PWN’D

        1. Tied!

          1. Uh, Chuck, whose comment is first? THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT.

            1. Are you suggesting that some 7:02 comments are “Firster” than other 7:02 comments?

              1. exclusion principle, comment degeneracy pressure, etc

    3. Regarding the cankels: Whenever I see The Hillster, I want to have a heart-to-heart and tell her to STOP EATING FUCKING CARBS, but then I remember she’ll die sooner if she continues on with her current diet. Eat some pasta, Hillary, because you deserve it.

      1. There’s some brilliant Machiavellian potential in paying off a lot of personal trainers in DC to start promoting long term lethal lifestyle choices.

    4. “Because Vaginas” does poll well with the male demographic!

    5. Her supporters know what she and they are about, but women want to be pandered to no less than men. It’s like seduction, it’s only rude if you’re crass enough to come out and say what you’re after. And women receptive to Hillary’s entendres want the flattery and promises dressed up in the garbs of social struggle. They want Hillary’s finger in their pies almost as much as Hillary, but they insist on a modicum of decorum. So Hillary goes through all the motions, courting them with platitudes about their strength for looking to a paternal government for support, offering them the promise of greater welfare benefits and more stringent labor laws, and always condemning the evils of men and their rapacious masculinity. Hillary is like a fairytale husband for unmarried women.

      1. (Except when it comes to the wedding night, it’s everyone else who’s getting fucked.

        Figuratively speaking, of course.)

      1. NO!

  7. Heartwarming moment of the day:

    Baby see parents clearly for first time after getting glasses

    friggin adorable.

    1. Just when I thought I knew who you were….

      *comes hair, lopes off to Chinese restaurant with smartphone in paw – er – well manicured hand*

      1. I like babies.

        If you have a baby I might kidnap it so he/she can join by army of adorable libertarian babies.

        We toddle/crawl across the country demanding people take responsibility for their own decisions and mind their own business.

        1. Still a better platform than Hilary’s.

        2. But where do they stand on monocle polishing? When the Libertarian Moment hits, ability to turn out an acceptable monocle in good time will be worth gold. Or bitcoin.

          1. Well, they really don’t stand at all, mostly they awkwardly tumble about bumping into furniture and crying when they get a boo-boo.

            1. But they do have 24k solid gold potties though. Right?

    2. I always wonder about the people who choose thumbs down for those videos.

    3. I always wonder about the people who choose thumbs down for those videos.

      1. squirrels hate babies, I knew it

  8. Ah – more mandates from the pro-choice Hillary who supports the war on women who smoke weed.

  9. Ugh, first Morning of Trump, now The Clinton Afternoon? I thought this election cycle was gonna be a fun-filled lark!

    1. Goddammit Reason, give us what we want: 24 hour coverage of Joe Biden’s rise to greatness.

      1. God, that would be amazing. Draft Biden!

        1. Biden-Warren: the “why even wear the mask anymore” ticket.

          1. Third party Biden/Trump ticket could change the face of American politics!

            1. Biden/Trump: Why vote for evil when you can vote StupidEvill (TM) instead?

  10. Haha, holy shit, she even pulls out the ‘trickle down economics’ bullshit. How is any of Clinton’s economic positions anything but ‘trickle down’?

    The transcript is also great because it really shows how artificial her support is. The sudden (APPLAUSE) and (LAUGHTER) just makes it seem so hollow.

    I’ll also push for broader business tax reform to spur investment in America, closing those loopholes that reward companies for sending jobs and profits overseas.

    Those goddamn evil foreigners!

    Eighty percent of your brain is physically formed by the age of 3. That’s why families like mine read, talk and sing endlessly to our granddaughter.

    Exposing children to Hilary Clinton at a young age probably constitutes abuse.

    1. Yes, but giving the Clinton babies proper Roman Exposure would make the world a better place.

  11. Is Hillary Clinton Right That Women Have Stalled Out in the Workplace?

    No. She has no credibility on this subject.

  12. So sex trade wasn’t included huh?

  13. Sorry Hillary, you’re not getting this vagina’s vote.

    1. Obviously, your vagina suffers from false consciousness. You probably want to have her re-educated.

      1. I’m beginning to think this whole thing about how TANLW is utter bullshit.

        Reason lied to me!

        1. Listen fella, I know you want me to believe three different women are posting messages to each other, but I know better. The jig is up, bro.

          1. Hey, knock it off. They’re real women and they’re all drop dead gorgeous and wearing garters and cupless corsets.

              1. lol:)

        2. I’m not really a woman because I haven’t posted any hawt pics of myself holding up a libertarian bumper sticker. I think that’s the idea.

          1. Dick pic, please.

                1. Looks exactly like a giant….Willy!

              1. Oh, good Lord!

                1. I, for one (and I’m not alone), know that you are only here for the articles, Mrs. Struthers.

              1. Shall we allow Madeline Kahn to decide?


                1. Madeline Kahn is always the correct choice, yes. Lady of impeccable taste and manner, her decisions are binding.

  14. The United States used to rank 7th out of 24 advanced countries in women’s labor force participation. By 2013, we had dropped to 19th. That represents a lot of unused potential for our economy and for American families.

    I guess it would be too easy to ding political speeches for non-sequiturs, wouldn’t it?

    1. Some people preach a low-carb diet, but I find that as a jogger I need a decent amount of carbs to fuel my bod.

      1. but I find that as a jogger

        I’ve identified your problem right there.

        No, seriously, here’s a great book for athletes on low carb

        I workout on a very low-carb diet. I cross-fitted for two years until I injured a shoulder. I now do yoga, run, and lift. I eat probably 40 carbs a day with no energy issues.

        Of course, you should do what works for you, but If you’re concerned with weight, low-carb is the shizelel.

        1. It’s probably a good book, but I’ve seen better book cover designs in the dinosaur erotica category.

          1. True. The authors are science academics, so a bit uncreative. They’d benefit from a cover like this

            1. Good design implies that the torso is attached to the fish tail somewhere just off the page, because Photoshop is hard and stuff!

              1. I believe your expectations are too high.

                1. Now this is a good cover.

                  If you’re going to blow my mind by putting three of the best erotica subjects in one outrageous story, then you’ve got to keep the illustration simple.

                  1. This review says it all:

                    I gave it a 4 star rating because, if you are going to write erotica about someone who turns into a werewolf and a miniature t-rex, this is about as good as it could get.


        2. I do not “just” jog, just to be clear. I appreciate the link, though. I do need to change something, because I am carrying too much weight in the wrong places for the amount of running that I do.

          1. I hate running and really admire those that can keep at it. It takes a lot of discipline.

            Regarding weight, consider this

            or this

            1. Well if that doesn’t just take the biscuit.

              1. Thanks to both of you. It is just an extra 10lbs or so that haunts me. I lost most of it when I was training for a difficult 10k (I actually had to train to finish the stupid thing), so I figure it has to be diet related.

          2. If I might make a suggestion. There’s also a stripped-down reader’s digest version under the name Why We Get Fat if you, like me, find it difficult to stomach committing the time to a non-fiction tome of that length that isn’t about history.

            This is what turned me on to Taubes in the first place. He also gave a google talk, posted on youtube, in which he summarizes his thesis.

            (Maybe this is all old news to you, but I found it fascinating and worth sharing.)

            1. Great minds, right?

              I love Taubes because it’s not all about just losing weight; it’s about being healthy generally and living a long life.

              Another great talk if you’re interested

              1. Queued it up. It’s shocking that the DGAC reversal on cholesterol didn’t occasion more outrage. Either people are infinitely patient with authority figures, or they gave too little credence in the first place to care now. (Or maybe I waaay overestimate how tapped into this stuff most people are.)

            2. Also, huzzah for EconTalk! It is a Monday morning treat for me as well. Although, the freewheeling commenting spirit here has ill served me over there; Lauren, the EconTalk moderator has a quick hand, a stern demeanor, and very little patience for snark.

  15. Is there some accessible point in that wall of stupid?

    1. Knock and ask for someone named Dave?

      /thanks for the humor earlier, ji

  16. Who the fuck cares what she has to say about the workplace? She gets paid for being married to a successful politician.


  17. Women are realizing how hard it is to be the feminist superwoman, especially with the lack of opprtunity for everyone and increased global competition, you can’t be it all and have kids.
    I have noticed quite a decent number of female coworkers say “if they could (assuming afford) stay home and raise the kids they would”.
    Anyways, one more reason I absolutely despise the Clintons

    1. I too would stay home and raise my kid if I could find a woman willing to work for high pay.

      1. Same, homeschool the crap out of them

  18. Here’s an idea: how about we abolish compulsory child support, alimony, and government assistance specifically geared toward women and single mothers; that way women will have to work in order to survive instead of living off their husbands?

    One of the things feminists never quite seemed to grasp, especially today, is that work, historically, is not something men chose to do to discover the meaning of life and to find fulfillment, but rather something they did to survive because it was necessary. So if women aren’t working enough, simple solution, and the exact opposite of the one Hillary proposes: stop giving them (or making their ex-husbands give them) free stuff and benefits. Women, like men, will only work when they have to.

    1. In my last workplace the men made about 67? on the dollar compared to the female workers. Who were less skilled and worked shorter hours. That always made me smile.

      1. I always found it ironic that the porn industry, which is decried for being “oppressive” towards women, is an industry where females get paid many times more than the males.

        1. The tyranny of the marketplace, I tells ya

    2. Well the child support in theory makes sense, you are compensating their opportunity cost of having had children. Of course it is nowhere near perfect, but it does make sense.

      The divorce part makes little sense with the 50% crap, or when a divorce to a rich partner can net you tens of millions.

      1. Yeah, but the reality is *far* different. In Texas, the only figures that go into calculating child support are the man’s income, and what (if anything) he pays for health insurance for the kids. After that, it’s a straight percentage based on number of kids. Nothing to do with her income, actual cost of raising kids, or anything else. Me? Bitter? Nah….

      2. I would argue compulsory child support does more harm than good. Legally, the child is the mother’s property most of the time; she can abort it at will, put it up for adoption at will. Even in the off chance she’s the non-custodical parent, child support isn’t imposed on mothers to the same degree it is on fathers (and when it is, mothers are actually less compliant, but are less likely to be punished for their non-compliance than fathers, so it’s not really a gender neutral law).

        Give all that, if a woman is pregnant, and the father wants nothing to do with it, and she can’t afford to pay for it herself, she should abort it or put it up for adoption. If she insists on having it anyway, her circumstances are her own doing. And considering what is known about the negative effects of being raised in a single parent household, the world would probably be a better place if more women made better choices when it came to reproduction rather than having kids banking on child support.

        Also there’s the fact that unpaid child support (often due to inability to pay, not unwillingness) is one of the biggest sources of overcriminalization in this country, especially of poor black men incidentally. So I’m not convinced compulsory child support does more good than harm. If the father wants to opt out and forfeit all potential custodial rights during the pregnancy (during the time when the mother can still abort it), he should be able to. We’d end up with a lot fewer unwanted children.

  19. I for one believe that the proper policy is to make everyone stall out in the workplace evenly. This way we remain more competitive.

    A race to the bottom, if you will.

  20. American women (and men) go to school longer than their counterparts in most of the world. And they start their careers later, too. Both of those are good things.

    No. No, they are not good things. More school might be a good thing, but that’s a separate issue.

  21. “In the end, “family-friendly policies” make employees more expensive and when the price of something rises, consumers (including employers) tend to purchase less of it. It’s basic economics that raising the price of something is not the best way to get more of it.”

    If you could achieve the Herculean task of getting progs to understand and accept this, their next big idea would be to create a giant government agency that acts like a federal temp service: all job-seekers must sign up with them only, and all employers must hire through them only, so that the top men can assure that every company in America has a perfect balance of ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations in their workforces.

    I’d bet money that this will be proposed in the next ten years, if it hasn’t been proposed already.

  22. Did she go to glamour shots at the galleria for that photo?

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  24. my buddy’s step-aunt makes $68 /hour on the laptop . She has been without a job for nine months but last month her check was $99350 just working on the laptop for a few hours. check my source

  25. http://genderfairness.com.

    Feminist “facts” cannot be questioned….This matter reminds me of that Japanese proverb, “The nail that sticks up must be hammered down.” Keep your heads down men, lest it be lopped off or hammered down.

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  27. So……it’sd good that women are in the workplace and what would make that better would be policies that let….women……go…..back…..home?

  28. Has anyone here ever been married to a woman who works full time?

    I’d rather work 90 hours a week so I didn’t have to listen to mine constantly and incessantly complain about her job.

    My wife works 3 days a week now, and we are both much happier.

    1. You misogynist!!! I bet you have her chained up in your basement right now.

      1. Only if she’s lucky…

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