Police Abuse

Los Angeles Police Shoot Unarmed Man in Head, Roll Him Over, Handcuff Him

The handcuffing was definitely appropriate, says LAPD.



Los Angeles police shot a man in the head on Friday—supposedly out of concern that he was concealing a weapon under the towel he was holding. They later discovered that the man was unarmed.

But first, the officers rolled the unconscious man—who was bleeding from the head wound—onto his stomach so that they could handcuff him. He was later taken to the hospital and is in critical condition.

It's unclear whether the officers had any reason whatsoever to suspect that the man was dangerous. The incident occurred in broad daylight in the relatively safe neighborhood of Los Feliz. The officers were driving by when the man flagged them down, calling "police, police." According to the Los Angeles Times:

The man flagged down officers about 6:35 p.m. at Los Feliz Boulevard and Tica Drive south of Griffith Park, according to a police account.

"This person extended an arm wrapped in a towel. The officer exited the vehicle and said, 'Drop the gun, drop the gun,'" LAPD Lt. John Jenal said.

At that point at least one officer shot the man, officials say. He was taken to a hospital where he was listed in critical condition.

The aftermath was caught on video by a neighbor. The disturbing footage shows the officers handcuffing the man even though he was in very, very bad condition. Nevertheless, a spokesperson for the LAPD confirmed that proper protocol had been followed:

LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith, a department spokesman, said the officers followed standard LAPD protocol in handcuffing the man when they did. At that point, Smith said, the man had not been searched and was considered a suspect.

"We always do that," Smith said. "That's the policy … to handcuff someone in a situation like that."

Smith cautioned that the investigation into Friday's shooting was still in its early stages. One of the key questions, he said, was why the man flagged down the two uniformed officers.

Smith seems to think "suicide-by-cop"—where a person intent on ending his own life deliberately provokes the police into firing a kill shot—is a possibility here. But maybe the man simply needed some kind of assistance, and didn't realize holding a towel would be interpreted as a threat.

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  1. But what kind of towel was it?

    1. The kind with that “thing that goes up”!

      1. Maybe it was one of these?

    2. Every hitchhiker knows you don’t go anywhere without your towel.

      1. And don’t panic!

  2. I’ve been wondering around on my own for the past few weeks. Ya know, helpin’ people out with towel safety and proper towel use. It’s important!

    You wanna get high?

    1. I’m watching The Wire for the first time (on the last season right now). That it is still so relevant is kinda spooky.

      1. We just binge-watched the whole series. It was spectacular, and as a recovered Baltimorean, I can attest to the reality. The Jay Landsman in-joke is hilarious. And there’s one other hilariously-clever bit of casting which you’ll soon come to.

    2. You wanna get high?

      Yes,yes I do.

  3. No video of the shooting. Any guesses what, besides paid vacation, will be the consequences for shooting an unarmed man?

    1. Nothing Else will continue to Happen?

  4. Towels, dogs, phones…..these just examples of the kind of lethal devices the LAPD combats daily!


  5. Seriously, I’m glad he’s still alive and, though more info might come out later, right now it doesn’t look too good for the cops.

    On a lighter note, maybe he was a space hitchhiker?

    1. The towel trick only works on the ravenous bugblatter beast of Traal, and it goes around the head.

  6. Controversy in Louisville right now, as the Louisville head of FOP is unaware of any police misconduct nationwide. NO INCIDENTS.

    1. Sooooooo not surprised. We do live the ‘ville, after all. Corruption all the way.

  7. “Smith seems to think “suicide-by-cop”?where a person intent on ending his own life deliberately provokes the police into firing a kill shot?is a possibility here.”
    And, still another possibility is that, “suicide-by-cop” is just waaaaayy to fucking easy and reliable these days.. It seems more dependable that pills or car exhaust, which lack the enthusiasm and zeal..

    1. The new “drop gun” used by cops won’t be a weapon at all but a prewritten suicide note.

      1. “The new “drop gun” used by cops won’t be a weapon at all but a prewritten suicide note.”

        Too much effort.. no suspension paid vacation..

    2. What, like you can expect a cop to shoot accurately then?

  8. But maybe the man simply needed some kind of assistance, and didn’t realize holding a towel would be interpreted as a threat.

    Which at this point is like using a claw hammer to fix your eyeglasses.

    1. Yeahr, he needed some assistance making whatever was his original situation EVEN MORE FUCKED UP. What in hell else is the police going to do? The only reason to call them is to make things worse.

  9. Via Twitter: Joe Arpaio ?@RealSheriffJoe Jun 18
    As requested @ReverendMaupin, I will mobilize my deputies & armed posse for security @ churches throughout the county. #CharlestonShooting

    I’m sure that they feel safer already.

  10. “We always do that,” Smith said. “That’s the policy … to handcuff someone in a situation like that.”

    We always handcuff the unarmed people we shoot in the head.

    1. Regardless of whether or not we have reasonable suspicion of a crime.. It’s for their own safety..

      1. Right. For their own safety. As pants-shitting pussies who are fucking so afraid of their own shadows and everyone and everything that they shoot some clueless fucker in the head and ARE STILL AFRAID as they watch him bleed out. What fucking pussy fags.

        Feed em all into a woodchipper, I sez…

        1. Feet first so you can bask in the screams of cowards.

  11. What I’m wondering is if the cop who demanded that this man drop his phantom gun was the same asshole who shot him in the head or if his panicked behavior set off a violent reaction from a different cop.

    1. Sounds like cop #2 heard ‘Gun!’ and went into panic mode. His brain turned off and he got tunnel vision and the guy was shot before he knew what he had done.

      “One of the key questions, he said, was why the man flagged down the two uniformed officers.”

      Either for help or to report a crime, a crime some other cop is not working on because he doesn’t have the info he needs. Of course that is speculation. a video would be helpful. I am guessing the video would show a Tamir Rice-like situation but with a towel instead of an airsoft gun.

      At this point why would anyone have any contact whatsoever with cops? Why would anyone call them for anything at all?

      “Every situation is made infinitely worse by the arrival of a policeman.” – Mark Twain

      It isn’t getting worse. Reporting is just getting better.

      1. I’m about to check the origin of that quote, and if it is found to be from Mr. Twain, you will have changed my Facebook forever.

        1. There is no human situation so miserable that it cannot be made worse by the presence of a policeman.–Brendan Behan (1923–1964), Irish writer

      2. Sounds like cop #2 heard ‘Gun!’ and went into panic mode. His brain turned off

        It’s a cop. He doesn’t have a brain.

  12. Last time my wife got her hand injured (dog bite) she wrapped it in a towel (that she couldn’t drop because I taped it) and we went to the emergency room. I guess we’re lucky she saw a doctor, who stitched her up, instead of a cop, who would have assisted her suicide.

    Don’t. Call. The. Police!

    1. Was it a chow? They always seem to go for the hands.

  13. I hate to agree with the police spokesman there, but suicide-by-cop is the most likely reason this shooting happened. You can tell the guy’s crazy given the fact that he voluntarily approached the police. No sane person would do that.

    1. He sought protection.. and got served..

    2. You have a good point Jerryskids.

      1. Unfortunately, deliberately avoiding meeting the police won’t save you, either. Just ask Freddie Gray. It’s a real Catch 22 (or Catch 357, as the case may be).

  14. So, is there any safe way to talk to a cop with something in your hand? Is a pack of bubblegum safe, or would they worked up about that, as well?

    I was going to say that this proves the only way to approach them is with your hands in the air very slowly while saying don’t shoot…

    1. “What do you mean, ‘don’t shoot’?”
      OMG GUN!


      *snick-clatter* *smack* *click-clack*


      1. Must be a cream duck sauce cause that is rich.

    2. So, is there any safe way to talk to a cop

      On the phone? Preferably long distance.

      1. On a phone you then drop in nearest deep body of water.

  15. “We always do that,” Smith said. “That’s the policy … to handcuff someone in a situation like that.”

    What, haven’t you people seen Halloween? How do the cops know this guy isn’t Michael Myers, or Jason Voorhees? Can you prove he’s not a supernatural killing machine?

    1. And good thing he’s white. Now the progressive media can ignore it.

      1. Bingo.
        But they might use this to get that “assault towel” legislation moving…

        1. Nobody needs a towel like that for hunting.

          1. What if you needed to wind the towel up and deliver a convincing snap!?

        2. If you use an assault towel to dry yourself that is proof that assault towels are fatal to wetness. Now Washington DC can get to work on towel control. If they outlaw towels only outlaws will have towels.

    2. Speaking of people who should have been cuffed from behind, Javier Bardem’s character in No Country. You think he could have strangled that cop with his hands cuffed behind him?

      1. That movie had the worst ending EVER.

        1. That movie had the most perfect ending ever. Listen to what Tommy Lee Jones was telling you the whole movie. The story doesn’t begin and end with you; you came in somewhere in the middle of the story and you’ll go out somewhere in the middle of the story and the story will just keep rolling along, never knowing you’ve even been there.

          1. Maybe the television was broke.

          2. After an hour and a half of chasing the protagonist dies off screen!

            1. Watch “the counselor” for EVEN MORE deplorably nihilistic storytelling from Cormac made into a movie…

  16. So now we can add fabric to the list of things that cause cops to be scared shitless.

    Towels, dogs, unarmed old people, unarmed homeless people, remote controls, phones, tiny knives, unarmed people in beds, unarmed babies in cribs, unarmed people in cars, unarmed people next to cars, unarmed people who can’t hear them, unarmed people who can’t see them, cameras, unarmed teenage girls in cars that are trying to drive past, unarmed men who are just standing there, unarmed men who decline to get involved in a drug deal, unarmed men holding wallets, unarmed teenagers that flash their headlights,….I’m tired now but I’m sure there’s more.

    1. I’m waiting for a story of them shooting someone with no arms at all and say they thought he had a gun or was reaching for one.

      1. *sigh*

    2. So now we can add fabric to the list of things that cause cops to be scared shitless.

      You forgot dogs. Everybody’s dogs. All the time. No exceptions. Killing dogs is like their ‘rule 34’, if there’s a situation where a dog was present, they killed it. Again, no exceptions.

      1. I say to you, sir, that forgetting dogs is not a thing I did! Look to my list and see that dogs are in the second place upon it!

        1. AHHHHH! Don’t drink and comment, kids.

          1. Always drink, commenting is optional.

      2. And if you miss the dog, hit a 4 year-old.

    3. You forgot waistbands. If you want to be safe, never wear pants.

      1. I never wear pants, ever.

    4. Don’t forget water nozels.

    5. Add 4 year-olds


      1. Look up, my friend.

      2. Where did they find some of their commenters? Police One?

  17. I remember the days when someone carrying a towel would be greeted by the words, “there’s a frood who really knows where his towel is.”

  18. OT – So I liked the ALF (Association of Libertarian Feminists) DerpBook page after seeing it mention earlier by ENB… HOLY MACKEREL, that is some high-speed derp; they are reposting SPLC links, crowing about Google caving to demands for censorship, and pimping screeds from Feministing extolling the virtue of that nutcase who carried her bed around college. To be fair, there are also articles about asset forfeiture and police abuse but the mental gymnastics required to maintain that level of cognitive dissonance seems to have left those ladies ideologically addled.

    1. Alf ate cats! They are aligning themselves with a cat-eating monster.

      1. I’m dyin’ over here; I haven’t thought about that show in 20+ years.

        1. RIP buddy.

          1. He’s not your buddy, pendejo.

        2. Alf was on O’Reilly recently.

      2. I have eaten a puss or two, myself.

    2. Here is recent comment that mentions our lovely magazine.

      But Reason is worth reading when Elizabeth Nolan Brown writes or sometimes when Nick Gillespie does. But yeah, they do have aa lot of crackpots writing. Like Robbie Soave and and that other guy who is a marxist.

      1. “But Reason is worth reading when Elizabeth Nolan Brown writes or sometimes when Nick Gillespie does.

        Pretty much says it all right there

      2. hat other guy who is a marxist

        Which one is that?

    3. It’s almost as if ENB is a SJW.

    4. Feminists are no friends of libertarians while MRA’s are. MRA’s believe that the government should not be so oppressive just as libertarians do. I am both a libertarian and an MRA and their is a lot of libertarian activism on my blogs: http://mensrightsboard.blogspot.com/ and http://thoughtsofamascman.blogspot.com/

      1. Not only that but feminism is more similar to Nazism than anything else: http://mensrightsboard.blogspo…..uotes.html

  19. The guy was injured and was looking for help.


    1. It’s Dorner all over again. Large black man, tiny Asian women. Whatever.

      The pants-shitting cowards will see what they want to see.

      The shooting in Los Feliz was one of two Friday in which LAPD officers shot a man who was partially concealed by a blanket or towel. Earlier in the day, LAPD officials said, officers wounded a man in El Monte after he got out of a car covered in a blanket and then brandished a gun. The man, who was critically wounded, had led officers on a two-hour chase that began in South L.A. after he allegedly assaulted a woman.

    2. So the rule is “if I can’t see it, it must be a gun”?

      Does that mean I need to wa;kl around with my dick hanging out of my pants, just in case the cop sees a bulge and, since he can’t see it, deduces that it must be a gun?

      “Based on the video, the officers and the injured man all appear to be white.”
      Phew, at least the people shooting each other look the same.

  20. This is probably the most hands-down perfect example yet of how any encounter with the police, even when you are directly asking for their assistance, can lead to them beating or killing you. They’re just cani arrabbiati at this point, and need to be treated the same way.

    1. Protect ‘n’ Serve!!!

    2. As egregious as this case is, I would still have to place it below the death of Jonathan Ferrell. He was the guy gunned down in Charlotte a couple of years ago when he approached cops for help following a car accident.

  21. OT – Has anyone tried Squeez Bacon? Is it worth checking out?


    1. I’d like to see some pigs stuffed into tubes.

      1. Gotta grind ’em up first.

    2. The label on that thing seems to imply that the “bacon” becomes solid after it… Congeals? I doubt that’s the case. While I’m wildly speculating about a product I do not intend to purchase, I bet this is a great way to get that bacon burger taste without all the trouble of actually using bacon. Thank God! This goes right up there with the mixed PBJ squirt bottles.

    3. Can’t tell if real. But I do prefer my bacon crispy, not “smooth”.

      1. For eating as strips or crumbling into grits and such, I like crispy but for sandwiches I like to go a little softer so it doesn’t all fall away. Have I ever mentioned the best bacon Earth? I’m sure I have but I will again because it is just that delicious. Peter Luger Steakhouse in Brooklyn has the best bacon on Earth. It is very thick cut (a wee bit more than a quarter inch) and cooked in the salamander for 45 seconds at 1300?.

        1. Crispy only for me, in any situation. I happen to live in Brooklyn so I’ll remember that, but 1/4 inch?? Holy crap.

          1. Which is one reason I like Five Guys, FWIW. Their bacon is always crispy.

            1. Been to 5 Guys once. Very good burger but thought it quite overpriced for what it was. Fast food atmosphere for almost double the price. It wasn’t THAT good.

              1. Problem is they nickel and dime you to death. If you don’t add bacon or cheese or fries it’s a good enough deal.

              2. Five Guys used to be better and cheaper.

            2. That’s actually why I *don’t* like their bacon. It’s too crisp. Almost burnt.

              Otherwise, their burgers are like meaty, meaty crack.

          2. Please, please, please go and have the bacon. Actually, get a burger too. Their burgers are the best kept secret in the city. All the steak trimmings get ground up and made into burgers, the burgers are only $11.00. If you go for lunch on Saturdays, there is no dress code, no reservations needed, and if you get there early enough (and don’t want a yummy burger), there is often prime rib still available (it sells out quickly).

  22. Let’s add:
    Kids at a pool. Nope, a different one from the incident in Texas.

    1. This was supposed to follow on to my first post..

  23. Sorry but my story is 4 aces to your dog from every town story:


    1. That is very tragic but that has nothing to do with this story. Being a cop is a dangerous profession but that doesn’t give them any right to abuse their power. If they can’t handle that then they should find other work. There are certainly plenty of cops who can deal with the stress without viewing those they are sworn to serve and protect as the enemy. Too many asshole cops and too little accountability hurts everyone including the good cops who I like to think are in the majority.

      1. And then there are the policies and procedures themselves which seem to never include de-escalation and always including escalation and overreaction. Maybe not everywhere but certainly in too many major metropolitan areas. LA definitely being one of them.

      2. Being a cop is a dangerous profession but that doesn’t give them any right to abuse their power.

        Not even in the top 10.

        I don’t see Damien sucking the dicks of garbage men for their sacrifice.

        1. They don’t make TV shows about garbage men. Not on TV? Then you don’t get a blowjob.

          1. So, you’re saying that I need to get on TV…

          2. They don’t make TV shows about garbage men.

            Actually they do, but only about garbage men in outer space.

            Quark is an American science fiction situation comedy starring Richard Benjamin broadcast on NBC. The pilot first aired on May 7, 1977, and the series followed as a mid-season replacement in February 1978. The series was cancelled in April 1978. Quark was created by Buck Henry, co-creator of the spy spoof Get Smart. The show was set on a United Galaxy Sanitation Patrol Cruiser, an interstellar garbage scow operating out of United Galaxies Space Station Perma One in the year 2226. Adam Quark, the main character, works to clean up trash in space by collecting “space baggies” with his trusted and highly unusual crew.


    2. Damien

      Nice non-sequitor to try and divert attention from some LEOs that need to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon, wrongful imprisonment, and attempted murder.

  24. I’m thinking about what I would do if a policeman said in my direction to drop the gun & I wasn’t carrying one. My 1st thought would probably be, “Somebody’s got a gun out!” So I’d drop to the ground.

  25. Is it also standard LAPD procedure to aim for the head?

    1. That is what bothers me the most about these stories. I am not a gun expert but I am pretty sure there are options other than “always shoot to kill”.

      1. It is standard protocol that if you are going to fire, you shoot to kill. A person hit in the knee or ankle can still pull a trigger. I have no issue with that part.

        The problem is how quickly they escalate to the use of deadly force.

        1. Sure, but headshots are still discouraged. You’re likely to miss and send bullets flying wildly towards whatever ifs behind your target. Shooting center mass is sop.

          1. ^This. But, the police don’t give a shit about collateral damage and emptying their guns increase the odds of hitting their target.

          2. He probably had his fucking eyes closed and was lucky to hit anything.

        2. It is standard protocol that if you are going to fire, you shoot to kill.

          Then they should not be carrying guns on routine patrol.

          1. Yeah probably not. Maybe one thing the Europeans do right. Most London cops don’t carry guns, right?

            Some city should try this: stratify police according to their purpose and only have some portion of them carry guns in cases of violent conflict in the vicinity so they can come as backup; have the ones doing patrol just carry nightsticks and/or tasers.

            One doesn’t need to be a genius to anticipate that the mortality rate of cops (and the crime rate) would most likely not be affected at all; in fact may even decline.

            Oddly enough this may be one purpose for which one of those leftarded metropolises like San Francisco may actually be good for; they might go for it.

      2. There really aren’t. If you are going to shoot someone, you should shoot to kill, period.

        However, you shouldn’t be shooting someone unless your life is in danger. Instead, cops seem to panic and shot at the drop of a hat. Or towel.

        Of course, some of it is that they’ve been told that so and such has a gun and assume anyone they confront is dangerous. That’s part of the problem, people being hysterical and reporting people with objects that aren’t guns (or are actual guns but not being used in a dangerous fashion). But a lot of it is cops just overreacting/panicking.

    2. If they shot the guy in the head it’s a pretty safe bet they weren’t aiming at his head. Even odds they were aiming at someone else entirely.

  26. It would be much less dangerous asking a motorcycle or street gang for help than a cop. Hell, they might even actually help you. Seems like there is a lesson there.

  27. Flag down the cops, get shot. Beautiful.

    “Drop the gun, drop the gun.”

    It’s really hard to drop a gun when you don’t have a gun. I imagine that for a brief moment, the guy felt like that poor sod in ED-209 demo scene in the original Robocop. “Drop your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.” Oh, except unlike the murderous, out-of-control robot, the police didn’t give their victim 20 seconds to comply.

    I hear the victim’s name is Arthur Dent.

    No courthouse steps were involved in the production of this comment.

    1. If the towel was rapped around a cut, it’s likely there was no way to comply by the time they shot. Even discounting any initial confusion.

    2. So, I guess I should always carry a weapon with me then, just in case I get stopped by the police and they ask me to drop my gun, so I have something to drop?

  28. So, never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever call the police.

    1. Correct

    2. EVER

      1. Ok, I’ma tell ya a story. Yesterday,I was coming home from work, and left my knapsack on the train. I thought about trying to chase it, but that wouldn’t work. I could wait, and check all the E trains coming back, yeah good luck. Wait, could I call someone?
        I saw a RTD cop, and, despite my better judgment, asked him for help.
        He got on the radio, found a cop 15 minutes up line, told him the description and what car.
        A passenger had found it, and gave it to the cop, who gave it to the conductor of the next train paying my way, and I had my bag back in about 40 minutes.
        And nothing else happened!
        And,I will add, that I had a container of Mary Jane, lethal in this state now, but still, my pipe, a knife, and various work gadgets that could be interpreted as dangerous.
        Kudos to the RTD police, and proof that every cop is a dick. They just cover for the ones who are.

          1. * also, legal, not lethal, although the potency of this stuff out here is getting close

            1. * and of course, “proof that not every cop is a dick…”

              1. Smoked up before you posted, eh?

  29. “This person extended an arm wrapped in a towel. The officer exited the vehicle and said, ‘Drop the gun, drop the gun,'” LAPD Lt. John Jenal said.

    I always yell that when I’m coaching Jr. Girl’s soccer. You know, to cover my bases.

  30. Smith seems to think “suicide-by-cop”?where a person intent on ending his own life deliberately

    AKA calling 911.

  31. The shootee is now being treated officially as a suspect, because he was shot by police. I mean, he must be, right? A suspect in…they don’t say what was suspected.

    1. Suspected of not being a cop. It’s a death penalty offense seemingly.

    2. He is suspected of being suspicious.

      1. The most suspective of offenses!

        1. suspoffenses*

          1. Suboxone?

    3. Theft of police property: one bullet.

  32. How much longer as a nation will we permit these towels to be owned, carried, and displayed in public? No other developed nation has this towel issue that we in the USA keep dealing with.

    1. Nobody needs two kitchen towels.

    2. What this country is clearly demanding is common-sense towel control laws.

    3. Goddam National Towel Association (NTA) lobby interferes with common sense towel control.

  33. Frankly, this seems to be more evidence that protocol needs to be rehashed than that the cops aren’t following protocol.


    “…in very, very bad.”

    in very, very bad what?

    1. Shape. The Answer we were looking for was, Shape. Thanks for playing, enjoy the home version of the game and this branded towel.

  34. Don’t talk to the police. I guess that now includes waving at them when you need help.

  35. So let me get this straight…A citizen flags down a cop, the cop immediately shoots him, then says he was probably trying to commit suicide by cop. You evil bastards need to hang!

    1. And by “hang”, Daf means to come hang around this thread for awhile and learn what stupid cowardly cunts you are….

    2. #dontsupboenamebro

      1. AAAAAND the typo ruins it…

        edit feature, reason, edit feature

        1. Reason already has an edit feature.

          It’s called proofreading.

      2. Oh my god, I for cereal LOLed.

        1. To the hashtag joke by Vapourwear

    3. Immediately? You reached this conclusion based on what evidence?

  36. People need to be taught the rules of cop safety. Always treat a cop as if it is loaded (with steroids and meth). Never point a cop at anything (that includes yourself) you don’t want to be destroyed.

  37. Because no one ever killed a cop after flagging one down. And no one ever killed a cop so the cops would kill him:


    1. This is exactly why I’m trying to get my hands on some Stinger missiles, to shoot down every plane I see because that one time hijackers flew a plane into some buildings and killed a bunch of people. If I can’t see the plane passengers hands, how do I know they’re not planning on hijacking the plane and flying it into a tall building? Better safe than sorry; the cops taught me that one.

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  39. Police should not be allowed to carry weapons while on duty.

  40. Once again, Reason does not disappoint: always looking to demonize our police. I guess this is one area where Libertarians and the Left find themselves in agreement.

    1. So in your view there is no problem with the constant stream of stories like this. He probably got what he had coming to him?

    2. FloridaProf

      So you are ok with what happened? Really?

    3. Shooting a guy holding a towel?

  41. “One of the key questions, he said, was why the man flagged down the two uniformed officers.”

    Funny the key question to me is why they shot a guy in the head for carrying a towel.

  42. Always do what? Shoot people for no reason? Call it suicide? Call it justified? Handcuff the dead or unconscious victim? All of the above?

  43. “We always do that,” Smith said. “That’s the policy … to handcuff someone in a situation like that.”

    Sounds like a pretty ‘crappy’ policy to me. Considering there was no mention of a weapon made by anyone until the ‘officers’ said ‘drop your gun’. Which in fact there was none.

    The LAPD has been failing miserably in the area of public safety and as such, the public has much to fear from these rouge officers. All I see here is an act of unprovoked police violence on an innocent member of the public who had the misfortune to ‘flag-down’ down the police.

  44. The guy might have posted something online be about a woodchipper.

  45. It’s all Douglas Adam’s fault:

    Another damned dirty towel carrier!

  46. you have got to be kidding me

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  48. Deadeye Dick quickly observed a motel logo on the towel thereby exposing the man as a motel towel thief. Shooting justified. Case closed; however, Dick you can finish out your paid vacation. You earned it.

  49. Its not even Towel Day.

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