3 of the Most F*cked-Up College Campus Stories of the Year!


From the story of Emma Sulkowicz (Columbia University's "Mattress Girl") to attempts to censor viewings of American Sniper at campus theaters to proceedings against feminist professor Laura Kipnis under federal anti-discrimination laws, there has been no shortage of odd and disconcerting controversies at the nation's colleges and universities.

Robby Soave covers the higher education beat for Reason.com and is credited with being one of the first journalists to question the retracted Rolling Stone story about a purported gang rape at the University of Virginia. He also reported extensively on the Sulkowicz case, protests against American Sniper, and how Title IX, a law designed to equalize opportunities for women in educational settings, is being used to chill speech on campus.

"3 of the Most F*cked-Up College Campus Stories of the Year!" is the latest offering by Reason TV.

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