Police Abuse

Leon Rosby, Whose Dog Was Murdered by Hawthorne Cops, Has Charges Dropped


Back in 2013, Leon Rosby was detained by police and cuffed on a Hawthorne street when they claimed, a claim not really supported by video evidence, that he was interfering with their mission of surrounding a house with suspects inside. When his dog seemed upset about this, Officer Chris Hoffman shot and killed the dog.

Leon Rosby Facebook

I reported on that, along with very disturbing video, then interviewed Rosby later. (The video of the dog killing, at both links, is not safe for sensitive dog lovers.)

Good news for Rosby this week, reported by Fox LA:

A judge today dismissed the last two remaining counts against the owner of a Rottweiler that was shot to death by Hawthorne police after the man took photos of a barricade situation nearly two years ago…

On March 9, jurors acquitted the 53-year-old man of the most serious charge—a felony count of dissuading a witness. But the panel deadlocked on the misdemeanors, with eight favoring acquittal, according to defense attorney Mark Geragos.

In his motion, Geragos wrote that "a retrial is unlikely to result in a conviction," and that it would "constitute harassment, be a burden to the defendant, and a waste of judicial economy."….

Rosby has filed suit against the city and Hawthorne police, alleging civil rights violations and infliction of emotional distress.

More details, including the officers' side of the story from the first part of the trial in February and their insistence that Rosby was interfering with them (though the story says that the barricade situation was already defused before they approached Rosby).

Rosby's comment on his Facebook page:

amazing that I had to go through this for over two years…I believe the criminal justice system need to be overhauled and all corrupt public officials need to be removed and fired. Thanks to God and my Attorney Mark Geragos and all the supporters for believing in me…also the Judge for dismissing those bogus charges. The DA and the Hawthorne Police Detective is ?

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  1. I believe the criminal justice system need to be overhauled and all corrupt public officials need to be removed and fired.

    You want to throw a criminal charge in there while you’re dreaming? The system rewards corruption.

  2. The blood of the dog sacrifice has appeased the gods of law & order, they’ll all make it home safely for now..

    1. The gods of Lawr an Odah require daily sacrifices.

  3. Third nutpunch in a row?

    The flesh is bruised and spongy.

    … Hobbit

    1. News news can kill a man.

  4. “When his dog seemed upset about this, Officer Chris Hoffman shot and killed the dog.”

    Photograph cops, and they retaliate by killing your dog and filing trumped up charges that even the usual rubber stamping “Justice” system balks at.

    So much of what police do is extrajudicial punishment, like abusing your family with no knock raids.

    1. As it’s been pointed out, you might might have the case decided in your favor, you might not, but nothing happens to me (the cop)no matter the decision, so if I hit even when I miss, I’m going to keep lobbing bogus charges any time someone annoys me.

  5. One of those videos where you just wish someone would have walked over and clubbed the SOB in the head with a pipe.

  6. I just read that the Post Office had over 5,700 carriers bitten by dogs last year…and none of the attacks were fatal. So why do cops assume “my life is in danger” as soon as a dog growls or looks cross eyed at them? I’d be o.k. with cops having to wait until they were actually bitten before killing any dog.

    1. Because the cops are pussies?

    2. Man, you just single handily exposed the cops for the cowardly shitheads they are when it comes to dogs.

      Well done.

    3. Because cops think everyone else is like them.

      1. I’d say Bingo! But a cop may turn around and shoot me.

    4. It could be that, while mail carriers will encounter territorial dogs, they are in ‘n out much quicker than cops, and probably have much fewer reasons to get you to the door.

      Cops are going to stay longer, want entry/you to open the door, and already be putting out a nervous vibe because “Literally ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!!1!/i!”

      Dogs can and will pick up on this, and even the less territorial breeds may get protective under those conditions.

      Why there can’t be more training to de escalate, or avoid, or make a good 1st impression on the dogs, I can only guess. Maybe it would never work, ’cause dogs are better judges of character?

      1. Just carry some snacks or mini sausages and those growling dogs will become your best friend.

        1. Just carry some snacks or mini sausages and those growling dogs will become your best friend.

          This doesn’t work with cats.

    5. Because cops carry guns and enjoy lethal authority and know that in nearly every case they won’t be scrutinized. Imagine that sense of liberation from consequence, especially given the hero-worship in which they bask. It’s what the left generally thinks of the military, a bunch of soldiers of fortune with no oversight and a mandate to fill brown folks with bullets. But the military has, as I understand it, an actual oversight process answerable to an actual civilian bureau, namely Congress, while police on a bad day have to contend with bad press. That’s it. And the press can’t be everywhere at once. We hear about the egregious stories that get popular coverage. Imagine the cases that predominate, cases without a racial component or a pregnant woman being tazered or child conflagrating in a crib. All the petty and relatively banal abuses they commit. That’s the cultural milieu of domestic policing. Getting to commit small acts of cruelty and intimidation and answering to nobody and enjoying the minor celebrity of being authoritarian thugs in a nation that aspires to loving law and order. That’s why cops shoot dogs.

    1. Thanks, that was superb. I hope it’s not expanded to “full feature” length, because it’s a gem just as it is, and could be wrecked.

  7. I hate to say this, but it is going to require a dog owner getting shot while shielding his dog before such events even twitch an eyebrow at the halls of justice.

    OT: I am watching a DVD “Yessongs”. Nothing really cures a nutpunch, but it is a soothing balm.

    1. Nope. That has already happened . No eyebrows twitched.

      1. My eyebrows twitched. A little.

        1. You passed the Voight-Kampff test. Unfortunately, many of your family and friends will have to be retired.

          1. Real-life Bladerunner

            Have . . . have you ever retired a human by mistake?

            What? Oh yeah, lot’s of times. Its what we do. Hell, just last week . . .

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      1. Yeah, glad you’re feeling better, AC

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  15. DENVER (CBS4) ? A teacher aide who was found passed out in a bathroom by students at a northwest Denver school allegedly had a syringe sticking out of her arm.

    The paraprofessional, Cassandra Rein, 27, was found Thursday morning in the bathroom at Denver Center for International Studies at Ford Elementary School by four first grade girls who thought she was asleep.

    Police documents state that upon closer inspection by a school employee, it was determined Rein was “passed out in the restroom with a syringe hanging out of her arm, and a piece of metal foil, with an empty clear bag containing a small amount of unknown white powder by her side.”

    When asked about the syringe, Rein allegedly said she has a roommate who is diabetic and she doesn’t know why she had the needle in her arm.

    1. paraprofessional

      This . . . this is a thing now?

      I can understand para-legal, para-medic, even para-military – but not every assistant to a profession needs to be called ‘para-professional’.

      1. Is that link some sort of new-fangled ‘rick-roll’?

  16. I wonder whether today Orville Nix & Abe Zapruder would be wrestled to the ground.

    1. I’d bet a large sum on that hypothesis, and offer 50-to-one odds. Didn’t “our” government confiscate security videos from everywhere within visual range of the Pentagon while 9/11 was still smoking? So… how do we settle the bet?

  17. Fuck the police and everything, but let’s not start saying stupid things about a dog being “murdered.”

    That is not what murder means.

    1. So your parents wouldn’t let you have a puppy, you don’t have to carry that bitterness around forever.

  18. (The video of the dog killing, at both links, is not safe for sensitive dog lovers.)

    Wait, is that a trigger warning in Reason?

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  20. WHAT? THE? FUCK? I had not followed this case before. Thus guy literally did EVERYTHING that you’re told to do by the cop lovers to avoid having anything bad happen to you.

    Of course the cop lovers will likely say “he should have rolled up his windows!” Yeah, and he would have been arrested for animal endangerment if it was a hot day.

    What bullshit. I hope he takes them to the cleaners.

  21. Where I live any type of personal injury case is extremely difficult to prove, juries are extremely wary to award damages. But if a cop shoots your dog you get $80k.


  22. The cop had to shoot the dog. It smelled shithead and alerted. True story.

  23. Call me na?ve, but I expect the whole truth from any hired thug who initiates coercion against a witness and murders his unarmed best friend for trying to intervene. This is why “we” have to invade backward satrapies on the other side of the world. “We” need a ready source of armed killers trained to unquestioningly take government orders, eager to rough up and shoot U.S. citizens for no reason whatsoever. That’ll put those voters in their proper place, an’ give thim the guvmint they deserve.

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