Drug War

Maryland Governor Vetoes Asset Forfeiture Reform, Marijuana Decriminalization Bills

Spurious drug war reasoning invoked


This is your governor on drug wars.

Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has capitulated to the war on drugs in a pack of vetoes today. The governor has vetoed two bills that would restore voting rights to felons who have been released from prison, a bill turning public smoking of marijuana into a civil offense and decriminalizing possession of marijuana paraphernalia, and a bill that would significantly reform civil asset forfeiture reform to reduce police abuse.

For the voting rights bill, Maryland has previously restored voting rights for felons who have completed their sentences, including any terms of probation or parole. These new bills would have restored their voting rights after release from prison, even while they were still serving parole. Hogan's justification for his veto is that parole or probation violations could land the ex-felon back in prison. They are technically still serving their sentence.

Hogan's reason for his marijuana veto is explained entirely because he's worried that police won't be able to do anything about people smoking marijuana behind the wheel. That is literally his only explanation for his veto and his capitulation to law enforcement and prosecutors who opposed it. Jacob Sullum has analyzed the challenges in claiming that marijuana use creates a driving hazard here.

Finally, Maryland's proposed civil asset forfeiture reform bill would have established a minimum amount of money ($300) to trigger police seizure, required police to establish evidence that the property owner knew said property was connected to a crime, required police to provide better information to property owners about the seizures, and most importantly, forbid law enforcement agencies from transferring seized property to federal authorities. This has been the mechanism by which state and local law enforcement agencies have been bypassing state-level restrictions on asset forfeiture by passing seizures through the Department of Justice's "equitable sharing" program, which has much looser rules of evidence and often allows law enforcement agencies to keep a greater percentage of what they've seized than their own states.

Hogan's explanation for this veto is remarkably absurd. Heroin!

"Maryland is currently facing a heroin epidemic. The individuals involved in the manufacture and sale of drugs are profiting from the deaths and ruined lives they are creating. The asset forfeiture law helps to ensure that these criminals do not reap any economic benefits from their crimes."

None of that would actually change. Police and prosecutors would just have to prove the relationship.

On the bright side, Hogan did also acknowledge in his veto letter that civil asset forfeiture laws are abused. His response is to create a "working group" full of the law enforcement people who are responsible for this abuse to analyze forfeiture laws to recommend changes "if warranted." So, there's that. 

NEXT: Missouri's Governor Commutes a Marijuana Offender's Life Sentence

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    1. This is the kind of guy guillotines were invented for

  1. Did marijuana steal his neck?

    1. Some kind of munchies, it looks like.

  2. Damn the Usurper Hogan.
    I’m coming for you Larry.

      1. +1 I know nothing

    1. Fun fact: When my dad was in prison camp they actually had a guard they affectionately called “Schultz”

      Even traded cigarettes and joked around with him.

        1. I don’t get it, Big Dan?

        2. People named Ken often end up in prison camps

          1. With good reason (drink).

      1. And this one time, in prison camp

        1. I stuck a [noun] in my [noun]

          prison camp mad libs!

  3. I’m sure the police unions weren’t behind any of these vetoes. Nosiree. Unpossible.

    1. In this photo-op, the governor is pictured surrounded by law enforcement, signing the veto for asset forfeiture!

      1. The question is: Does the photo-op show him with a gun to his head or a cop’s dick in his mouth?

        1. Yes.

        2. It’s sort of like a Fifty Shades of Blue kind of thing.

    2. “‘I’m sure the police unions weren’t behind any of these vetoes. “

      ding ding ding

      When i try to explain to liberals why public sector unions are an unholy guarantee of a police-state, they sort of gawp like fish on dry land, and go, “but but…. profits?….” Because they think the system always “exploits” employees, and cannot understand how ’employees’ exploit the system against “the customer” (aka, you and me)

      1. Just tell them that their god FDR was also opposed to public sector unions.

  4. Finally, Maryland’s proposed civil asset forfeiture reform bill would have established a minimum amount of money ($300) to trigger police seizure

    $300 would be grounds for seizure, and this is called “improvement”?

    1. “Oh look, he’s only got $290 in his wallet. I guess we can’t just steal it. Damn rules!”

      Uh huh.

      1. Yeah, seriously. Get the rookie to pony up a Hamilton to make the seizure legit.

    2. worse is what this implies about current practices. if you’re seizing less than $300, which they obviously are, how can you possibly tie that money to any illegal activity? $100 or $200 is normal walking around money for most people.

      if you stop someone for drugs and they have $10K in cash on them, you can at least make a logical inference that the cash was the illicit gains of a drug trade (i’m saying this in context of the law as it is, not as it should be). but if you stop someone and they have $100 on them? basically, you just get to take whatever they have, without any effort to tie the cash to the underlying offense.

      1. It’s even worser. Civil asses forfeiture doesn’t even require an underlying charge.

  5. His response is to create a “working group” full of the law enforcement people who are responsible for this abuse to analyze forfeiture laws to recommend changes “if warranted.” So, there’s that.

    So we can set the fox up with a cubicle in… this corner of the henhouse over here. Oh, and make sure he has full badge access to the whole henhouse, I don’t want any calls in the middle of the night because he needs to get in somewhere.

    1. I am sure that the working group will be as unbiased as the Police ‘internal investigations.’

  6. And there’s the nut punch! Odds of any of these having veto overriden?

    1. In fucking Maryland? Negative.

  7. So, not just a tool of the Total State.

    A particularly stupid tool of the Total State.

    Sucks to be you, Maryland.

    1. And from the picture, I would guess a total tool.

    2. Sucks to be you, Maryland.

      You have no idea.

      I hate this fucking state and look forward to showing it my ass.

      1. I showed it my ass almost 40 years ago. Never again.

  8. Well. What a surprise.
    One of the most pernicious aspects of asset forfeiture is that it helps conceal the full cost of the Total Control State apparat.

  9. Is this guy a former prosecutor, perchance?

    1. No – politics and real estate.

    2. His father was an FBI agent before going into politics.

  10. None of that would actually change. Police and prosecutors would just have to prove the relationship.

    There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt.

  11. Another example of Republican suckage and why I can’t vote team red.

    1. Yep. Fuck ’em.

      The only silver lining is that the Dem candidate, the incumbent Lt. Gov, would have been much, much worse. The fact that that empty suit lost in this virtual one-party state only shows how much of a bigger piece of shit he is.

      1. Back off. We just broke up.

        1. With the Lt. Governor?

      2. “the Dem candidate, the incumbent Lt. Gov, would have been much, much worse”


    2. But John says Republicans are champions of the Bill of Rights.

      1. John is just a don’t-throw-your-vote-away strategist.

        1. Is it possible to win every battle but lose the war? Sure. But the GOP’s strategy seems to be losing every battle and praying to win the war.

      2. Tallest Midget?

      3. Democrats don’t give a shit about the 1st and 2nd Amendments and Republicans don’t care about the 4th and 5th. There are obvious exceptions (Bernie Sanders surprisingly isn’t awful on the 2nd Amendment and Rand Paul and Amash are obviously good on all of them) but normally that’s a pretty accurate way of looking at it.

        1. Bernie isn’t awful?

          That is suprising for a socialist. How will he take people’s property if they can shoot back?

        2. I’m not that surprised Sanders is relatively good for a left-wing Democrat on guns. He’s from Vermont, which despite being very liberal and solidly Democratic has some of the least restrictive gun laws in the country.

          1. a left-wing Democrat

            Has he officially become a Dem? I would think so if he wants to contest their presidential primaries.

            1. I saw an interview where he basically said no.

    3. I try to explain this to my Team Red family and they just don’t get it. Statist of a different color are still statists.

      1. One of the mpre interesting things learned from my poli sci major: the more educated someone is, the more partisan. Hence why all the advanced degree assholes writing for TEAM RED or TEAM BLUE sites are so crazily TEAM

  12. It’s not like Maryland has any problems right now.

    1. Isn’t Ferguson in Maryland?

      1. No, you’re thinking of Trayvon.

  13. If you’re going stick your dick in GOP-style big government, do it on a Friday before a holiday weekend.

    1. Never stick it in crazy politics.

  14. His response is to create a “working group” full of the law enforcement people who are responsible for this abuse to analyze forfeiture laws to recommend changes “if warranted.”

    Oh, look. He won’t come in our mouth.

      1. So he says. I’m not falling for that again.

    1. he’s also on the lookout for ways to “provide protections for innocent persons”. maybe a solution to that is to only take the property in question after the perp has been convicted of the underlying crime and it’s been shown the property was the ill-gotten gain of that crime. i think that makes more sense than just confiscating the property as your first step and then forcing the innocent person to prove his innocence. we can call this solution the “due process of law”.

  15. I agree with him on 1 in 3. The felon bill seems reasonable to me. Finish serving your time first.

    1. Why shouldn’t people currently in prison or under sentence not have a vote?

      Just asking.

      1. Because that way representatives of districts that have large prison populations may have to actually win the votes of people convicted of crimes to stay in power… and those districts may actually elect a prisoner. And we can’t have that.

  16. Police and prosecutors would just have to prove the relationship.

    Pshaw. That takes work.

  17. Holy fuck, this almost makes me wish O’Malley had won reelection.

    Then again, O’Malley’s a thug idiot who ruined Baltimore’s police department, so it’s entirely possible he would have done the same thing.

    1. O’Malley was term limited out of office. His handpicked successor lost; and, like you said, it’s not at all guaranteed a Team Blue guy would have signed these bills into law.

      1. Ah, I thought he was running against O’Malley himself. My mistake.

      2. No, but now Hogan gets to wear the scarlet lett?aw, who am I kidding. Whoever said before dumping these vetos on a Friday was the way to do it. Nobody will know or care come Tuesday.

    2. “O’Malley’s a thug idiot”



      1. Don’t summon him. Although I think he’s in his basement for the weekend.

  18. This is a pretty great formulation of everything wrong with modern feminism.

    Ace compares what feminist websites are talking about regarding sexual assault with what actual news sites are talking about. The feminist sites are all bitching about Game of Thrones, while actual news sites are discussing stories like:

    Hundreds of kidnapped Nigerian school girls reportedly sold as brides to militants for $12, relatives say


    Stripped naked and sold to the highest bidder: How ISIS is sending the ‘prettiest Yazidi virgins’ it abducts to slave markets in Syria

    ISIS committing horrific sex crimes against girls, United Nations has found

    ‘They are sold naked to Islamic State leaders and soldiers at slave markets’

    Terror group is targeting young girls from Iraq’s minority Yazidi community

    It has previously abducted hundreds of Yazidis from across northern Iraq

    Remember though: The real rape crisis is among upper middle class, privileged white girls at elite American universities.

    1. Speaking of Game of Thrones, do Will Hays and Joe Breen deserve an apology? They didn’t want rape to be depicted either.

    2. This is just a blatant “appeal to worse problems” fallacy. It would be like arguing that libertarians can’t criticize presidential overreach in the US because things are far worse in North Korea.

      1. I believe you are incorrect. It would be a fallacy relative privation to say that their concerns about the depiction of rape in fictional stories should be dismissed because in the real world ISIS slavers are trading in 12 year old Yazidi sex slaves. What the author of Irish’s link is actually doing is making the argument that certain feminists seems to be more outraged by fictional accounts of rape than real ones. Which is a qualitatively different argument.

        1. fallacy “of” relative privation

        2. I would say that it’s possible to have more than just one complaint about the goings-on in a certain topical milieu, such as rape as it’s practiced in media as in reality, and it’s not completely beside the point since the rape depicted occurred during one of those cultural milestones of entertainment, against a popular central character of a very popular HBO show.

          But that doesn’t absolve these feminists for having ridiculous priorities or for being aesthetic know-nothings on the subject. That whooshing noise they heard the night of the GoT episode was the point rushing over the heads of rape-obsessive feminists all over the country: OF COURSE IT’S BLOODY AWFUL, it’s a show about bloody awful things happening, and of course it made you feel ill, as should essentially everything about the series. Goddamn.

          1. In fact, leaving rape out of bounds would probably be more dishonest about the power of rape as an assertion of dominion. It’s like suggesting that even the worst possible subhuman miscreant assholes you can imagine, the sort of barbarians who cut off heads and limbs like they would wings off a housefly and who engage in torture and lying and who murder pregnant women would still, even given their many transgressions, stop just short of rape because Christ, man. That’s a bridge too far.

            1. A fate worse than death!

      2. “This is just a blatant “appeal to worse problems” fallacy.”

        No, because the other thing has to actually be a problem first

        In this case, the point was to compare actual problems to fictitious ones.

    3. You don’t need a formulation or a summary to realize that these people only care about whining as a form of power, complaining about anything (damned if you do, damned if you don’t), and things that they can perceive as possibly affecting them. They’re toxically narcissistic, utterly self-absorbed, myopic as fuck, completely humorless, and totally un-self-aware.

      You can point out these contradictions until you’re blue in the face. Arguing with these people, logically or not, is absolutely pointless. You can’t pierce their egotanium armor. There are only three possible reactions to them that won’t be useless: mockery; total refusal to capitulate to them in any way; and completely ignoring them.

  19. On the bright side, Hogan did also acknowledge in his veto letter that civil asset forfeiture laws are abused. His response is to create a “working group”…

    Humphrey: To that end, I recommend that we set up an interdepartmental committee with fairly broad terms of reference so that at the end of the day we will be in a position to think through the various implications and arrive at a decision based on long term considerations rather than rush prematurely into precipitate and possibly ill-conceived action which might well have unforeseen repercussions.

    Hacker: You mean, no?

    1. That one cracks me up.

      1. Best sitcom ever made.

    2. Humphrey: With respect, Prime Minister, I think the DES will react with some caution to your rather novel proposal.

      Hacker: You mean they will block it?

      Humphrey: I mean they will give it the most serious and urgent consideration, and insist on a thorough and rigorous examination of all the proposals allied to a detailed feasibility study and budget analysis before producing a consultative document for consideration by all interested bodies, and seeking comments and recommendations to be included in a brief, for a series of working parties who will produce individual studies which will provide the background for a more wide-ranging document considering whether or not the proposal should be taken forward to the next stage.

      Hacker: You mean they will block it?

      Humphrey: Yeah.

  20. Professor accused of racism has a spine, doesn’t fold like a bitch, defends his views –

    “He pointed to [name of Polish person omitted] and Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski as examples of men who he felt rose above stereotypes of “stupidity” and “drunkenness” to find worldwide acclaim.

    “”His experience provides lessons for blacks, too,” he said of Krzyzewski.”


  21. [name of Polish person omitted]

    Stanislaus Zbyszko?

    1. Frederic Chopin?

  22. Hmmm, it looks like I’m going to have to make adjustments to the appetizer menu

    1. I’m pretty sure you ate his neck a while back.

  23. Larry Hogan can suck my balls. Fuck him and all the rest of jackasses who rule us.

    1. Larry Hogan is too busy sucking the balls of those cops.

  24. “On the bright side, Hogan did also acknowledge in his veto letter that civil asset forfeiture laws are abused. His response is to create a “working group” full of the law enforcement people who are responsible for this abuse to analyze forfeiture laws to recommend changes “if warranted.” So, there’s that.”

    This is both pathetic and insulting.
    Does he actually think we proles are dumb enough to find comfort in this bit of theater?

    1. civil asset forfeiture laws are abused

      I’m gonna go ahead and fix that right up, here.

      civil asset forfeiture laws are abuse d

      1. I’m sure you done more positive action than that twit’s ‘working group’ will accomplish.

  25. Politicians – turning more folks into libertarian anarchists day by day.

      1. You mentioned these a long time ago when we were talking BBC productions like “Connections”

        I have all the DVDs from that one as well. I liked The World At War better, but just because the WWI politics give me a headache. (also, Olivier-as-Narrator FTW)

    1. I have been interested in checking those out. The Warty stamp of approval is helpful.

      1. He has the whole collection down in his basement. Go help yourself.

    2. Really good, indeed.

      I love him for mentioning that breakthrough at Salonika made the whole question of war going into 1919 or 1920 for invasion of Germany pointless. He should have expanded on how huge it was – 3 out of 3 German allies were knocked out. By Nov 11 French were in Budapest, and there was literally no one to stop them marching all the way to Berlin. This, BTW, is why whole “we though it was a truce” and “we were not beaten in the field” were bullshit excuses of German military, and why Weimar politicians, who didn’t stand up to the lies, share in responsibility for WW2.

      I’m curious what’s he preparing for Extra. May have to pay up if it’s more East Front, Balkans or Africa.

      1. To be fair, plenty of German officers, starting with von Seeckt, knew perfectly well that they had lost in the field. One of the first things the Reichswehr did after it was set up was conduct a massive analysis of the war – a pretty fair fraction of the officer corps was involved (and the Reichswehr officer corps was exceptional, perhaps especially right at the beginning.) As I recall, the major conclusions were : Ludendorff was a dick weasel, and the high command paid insufficient attention to mechanisation.

        It is perhaps not a total coincidence that Feld Marschall von Dick Weasel was a major proponent of the dolchstoss theory.

        1. Oh, the sons of bitches knew they were beaten in the field. They just never wanted to admit it, and, with approval of the entire political spectrum (bar Communists) lied to the people about what actually happened (same reason they lied about not wanting the war). Hitler or no Hitler, those assholes wanted a war to correct the “mistakes” of the first one, they just wanted to wait until they were ready.
          This is also why I can’t get worked up over “unconditional surrender.” They were treated as reasonable last time, didn’t work, this time they were to be ground into dust so they can’t deny they were beaten.

  26. So another braindfrozen fuckmarble rapes the constitution into a crying pile of fonts with his meat laser. Average American politician sandwich worth absofuckinglutely goddamn nothing.

  27. So, basically, the lesson to be learned from this story, is that there is a REALLY DAMN GOOD reason why the GOP is still called the Stupid Party.

    In America we have two choices. Vote in Democrats who will rape you economically, or vote in Republicans who will rape your civil rights, or I should say your choice of ever regaining any of them since most of them are already lost.

    1. My view: money will protect your civil rights better than your civil rights will protect your money.

  28. Fuck this rotten asshole disease but I have workings to cautiously offer opinions on:

    So we have this fucking article on mental health which is from the DailyMail which is largely a British conservative rag and much of the shit they make on the typewriters is excellent Drudge fodder and ordinarily like making this bitch middle-fingerin the screen and I like Drudge kinda but this article interests me in particular.

    First off, I have an opinion that everyone should disregard from the start. Don’t listen to my fucking post at all. maybe read it if you’re bored. But I claim nothing in terms of knowing jackshit about the brain aside from personal anecdote and personal anecdotes are like the living… dead in a matter of time.

    So this shit isn’t about my ass pretending to know anything about the brain beyond that which the life-knife slashes into trip maps. That’s all.

    1. Normal horizon grade meditation or prayer or relaxation will never fuck you up in that odd sort of way. It won’t bring on the tick-tocks and the panic weird world. You can pray as a muslim on your rugs and as bible fanatic at the altars all you want like very normal churches or temples or dicks in the sky muslim places of worship. Nothing here will come close to fucking you up.

      But, this article hits home on a note. If you get below normal cognition into the deep mental space where things swirl magnificently at the altars or prayer lines or certain long term buddha sounds you can unleash rare demons, brah. I’ve live brain trips since a boy and strange worlds have been unlocked and then my face got lost behind openings closed to the suns. Man, but I live and love most perfectly and normally but I have experienced several times the loss of my body because it lied trapped in the far meditations of brain beyonds, man.

      I actually lost my mind for a single week. And I sat and analyzed the loss of my mind because I had a traumatic trip on far too many mushrooms one night and I could have went into a space of mind loss forever but as I checked my progress aside from my condition I discovered I analyzed my death spiral…and my doctor of 25 years helped me massively… Along with my wife and doctor I recovered from severe mental murder from an accidental mushroom overdose in three months…

      1. If you are reading this and you have overdosed on cocaine or shrooms or pills or ectasy or meth…

        you WILL recover. you CAN recover. you WILL be normal before you fucked up like a motherfucking dummy.

        Give it time. You will be prescribed drugs like Klonopin. Take it. But do half pills. If you are recovering from a trip into mental duress… NEVER overdo your pills and fucking don’t get fucked up on booze.

        If you’ve meditated into a world without drugs you must understand that the mind is a drug. You don’t have to do pharmaceuticals or cocaine or pot or booze to get high and fucked up… I know… I lived on the altars of the evangelical altar calls where You can get so high on Jesus cocaine matches the fucking trails…

        1. So hope for the brain benders…. you will never get help in the emergency room. Never. Ever. They don’t give a shit. Why? The DEA under your favorite president has made sure you can NEVER receive help unless you are literally dying… like fucking real dead dying… you will get help then. Otherwise, wait until the morning and find a real doctor that can help. A family doctor is literally your best bet to get help. I know this from experience. This is a dude that has done fucking everything. GET a family physician!

          So after this you get your pills. Fine. As I said above. Don’t overdo it. Pills are my specialty and pills can make your life worse unless taken properly and the pharmaceutical world is actually a world of genius. For real. But most take this wrong and far too much because genius is ego and billions of dollars of egos tend to not give a fuck. Give a fuck about your mind. Go easy.

          1. So you’ve taken your Klonopin or various benzodiazepines… Never drink on this shit but get off shit as soon as possible if you want to get back to cocaine, booze, and really good fucking pot… Here’s how for people who don’t want to die in a bathtub on benzo mixed with vodka. Please don’t do it…. Heroine is better than benzo mixed with booze and heroine is iffy in this part of Ohio. All drugs off and no booze. Period.

            No prayers. No kneels. No booze. No drugs. Live empty and loving. Love super extra. Your drug is love, bro and sis. Your night is movie that brings your mind laughter. Morning brings cheese and eggs. So what happens is if you get fucked up by the monster of anxiety is after the drugs and booze is STOP the fidgeting. Relax and smile. Give your mind peace and comedy. Feel your body. When it twitches and jerks… find a way to relax… Observe your doorway process into panic. Your mind is changeable. Your mind is literally the battleship that will crush your anxiety into a bygone.

            1. Over time you can find the signals of generalized anxiety without a doctor holding your hand. Self-soothe. Self-regulate. Self-pilot. You must learn to not open doors that challenge your anxiety to where it plucks your life streams. I do it. NO ONE who have never experienced REAL loss of brain and muscle to fear can understand panic disorders….
              BUT. there is help. And relief. You will be normal.

              1. And bloody fucking hell make acting calm priority number one. F you put anything higher up, you’ll lose it, every time. The other problem is the crasy ideas that modern folk have got about meditation. Almost universally practiced as a means to focus and discipline the imagination by nigh every culture under the sun, it’s come totally confused in recent circles. Traditionally, it’s the means whereby one sharpens and disciplines the imagination so it ceases to be fancy gin and becomes a reliable tool for the investigation of things otherwise beyond the scope of observation. The purpose and focus of such investigations varies widely from one tradition to another, but it’s all pretty much along them lines. What folks is passing off as “meditation” nowadays, though, I can’t say for sure what in tarnation they are playing at. One thing is for sure, however, and that’s that discipline has somehow got itself left by the wayside along the way. Shooting off into the psychotosphere is the last thing that ought to happen if a person is practising some kind of traditional meditation. Instead, he ought to be more firmly anhangyd to reality than anybody else.

            2. I’ve had a few unintentional drug reactions that sent me out there for a couple days, but thing is I didn’t fucking agonise about it; I didn’t try to understand; once I caught on that psychoses were in the making, I just bode my time and did my best to avoid doing anything or making any important decisions till it passed. In one case it was an accidental ergotine ingestion, and I didn’t figure it out till days later. Another time it was a real heavy calcium blocker trip that sent me into Atlantis for a couple days. Either way, the thing I’ve found with folks who get all psychopathic and crasy after a bit of weirdness is that they are the sort who can’t let it go, insist on seeing meaning in everything, obsess over understanding, and can’t ever just let it go and say, “I don’t know what the dickens is going on. I’ll wait till things make sense or some more datums roll around before coming to any convictions. And maybe I never will make any sense of anything going on right now.” I think a stanch absurdist will probably be immune to catching any kind of psychotic disorder for this reason: he knows that most things don’t mean dick and even if they do they may be totally incomprehensible in face of available datums. But don’t listen to me. I don’t know what in hell I’m talking about. +++Jerkoff MicSt?pid.

    2. This has been known to Buddhists for around 2500 years. I forget the exact term, but it translates as “meditation sickness”. Any responsible meditation teacher is going to insist that someone who suffers depression or any sort of mental imbalance seek treatment before beginning serious study of meditation. A traditional form of meditation for Buddhist monks is to focus on their own mortality, which is known as maranassati. If someone is depressed or suicidal, well asking them to single-mindedly focus on images of their own death isn’t very helpful. This is why any serious study of meditation should be done under the supervision of someone more experienced until a certain level of maturity in the practice is reached.

    3. Maybe meditation reveals for some people that, unlike the complicated internal mechanisms they thought they had, clever mechanisms blocked up with psychic encrustations and needing to be purged before they can realize their ultimate potential, they’re actually quite shallow creatures after all. And they had and have nothing particularly worthwhile to offer the world. And that humbling realization is simply too much for manically self-involved meditators. So they snap.

  29. One of the ISIS women writes in their official propaganda magazine:

    “‘I write this while the letters drip of pride… We have indeed raided and captured the kafirah [infidel] women, and drove them like sheep by the edge of the sword.’

    “Sumayyah Al-Muhajirah expresses deep disappointment to Islamic State fanatics who refuted the mass kidnappings of Yazidi girls, saying: ‘So the supporters started denying the matter as if the soldiers of the Khilafah [Caliphate] had committed a mistake or evil.’

    “The maniacal jihadi bride claims in Dabiq that slave girls were ‘turned into hard-working, diligent seekers of knowledge after she found in Islam what she couldn’t in Kuffar [non-believer], despite the slogans of “freedom” and “equality”.

    “‘Indeed it is our pure Islam, which upraises every lowly-one and puts an end to every deficiency. I and those with me at home prostrated to Allah in gratitude on the day the first slave-girl entered our home.'”


    1. I used to think that if I could travel back in time and kill one person, it would be Hitler. Then I changed my mind, and decided on Karl Marx. Now, though, it’s Muhammed.

      1. “I used to think that if I could travel back in time and kill one person, it would be Hitler. Then I changed my mind, and decided on Karl Marx. Now, though, it’s Muhammed.”

        Not sure.
        Several recent reads suggest that ‘it’s something in the water’; that if Muhammad hadn’t existed, a similacron of him would. Whether there actually was an historical Muhammad or not, he or the gestalt ‘he’ represented simply filled a need, much as the claimed Jesus did.
        Not sure how the cycle of ignorance/poverty/cruelty/ignorance/etc can be broken now and I don’t know how it could have be stopped at the git-go.

      2. You realize you just wiped out every Arab cultural achievement, right? Algebra, chemistry, astronomy, tons of poetry, architecture, and philosophy, etc.

        1. Grand Moff Serious Man|5.22.15 @ 11:22PM|#
          “You realize you just wiped out every Arab cultural achievement, right? Algebra, chemistry, astronomy, tons of poetry, architecture, and philosophy, etc.”

          If that was directed at me, I did nothing of the sort, unless you presume I did the same for Xianity. There is nothing in either cultural ‘fulfillment’ that *precludes* advances, but there certainly is something which *limits* them.
          A repeat: Xianity developed where a somewhat functional government existed. It yielded ‘unto Caesar, etc’. Islam was adopted as both governmental and moral requirements; as such, it has never allowed any seam by which a reformer could (as did Luther), break the hold. Nor any refuge if such reformer was denounced.
          So intellectual (and economic) progress under both regimes progressed to the limit allowed by archaic rules, which rules changed under Xianity, but not yet, and likely never under Islam.

        2. The Pax Arabica, so to speak, which enabled such cultural development could just as well have been a second Pax Romana (a la Byzantium) or Pax Persica, sans Islam.

        3. Bullshit.

          The perceived cultural vibrancy of the “Islamic World” was actually the dying light of the various cultures they absorbed. The Islamic World was never culturally vibrant and was on the path of cultural entropy from the very beginning.

        4. fair trade

      3. Islam is not a product of Muhammed. It is a product of the culture there. Kill Muhammed and someone else would have done the same. The words would be different, the flavor slightly different, but functionally the religion would be the same.

        In spite of that I encourage you to do just that Papaya. I will take Marx.

        1. Did you read my comments?

          1. Oh, and I’ll take Lenin; Marx goes nowhere without him

      4. Now, though, it’s Muhammed.

        How would you kill a fictional character?

    2. Does she show her tits? Oh wait, that’s the Sun. Never mind.

  30. Did the Duggar kid use pebbles? Because that gives you a free pass on molestation and you get to keep your TV show.

    1. I am going to guess the Duggar kid looks better with his shirt off.

  31. I once punched a billion stairs into a future of steps with my fucking dick and then my mouth realizes a genius of notes called Queen Karen Carpenter committed suicide in my mouth.

    1. Karen Carpenter was heavy for my liking.

      1. Too heavy! Blame the ale!

      2. Keran loved the crass jiggs- you lovey motherfucking broken pile of spaceships.

        1. wait,.. man, is that right? calling a swell bithc a pile of broken spaceships? I sinceriously aopoligocze

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      1. Good Evening, A C! Sometimes I think you are a reincarnation of John Donne.

        1. Rich is jesus

  33. reason is filled with sailors and lovers and great minds.. I am humbld to live among the brothers and sistras of this windswept knoll, man. reason is the ocean of great minds, man. The best comments and scribes live in the reason ship bashedon ocean vortex.

  34. I have watermotions of brain steps and I lick the stampsof letter breaks
    and tones slice like bear claws into my old boy world, man.

    I HATED SHERRY JOHNSON as a little boy. She stuck me in a closet in a very tired and old building when i broke your fucking rule you fucking horrible shitstabbing fuck of a female. I HATE SHERRY JOHNSON. She abused me and david. We were both abused by this horrible human being of a mother. FUCK YOU SHERRY. you fuckin horrible monster of a fuck… denise was adorable and I wanted to marry her becus she has curly hair and amazing lips and I also loved her sister christina but all their mom was a horribly abusive monster. I HATE SHERRY JOHNSON and you are problably dead you fuckin disgustin horrible person,, but your children were also abuses and quit e special… lovely even… broken but mindful and in that dark apartment in toledo we all as little kids cried but I left with mom and dad while watching you cry ever more… man

    1. I watched joseph get punched and beaten until he was bruised and broken and I was 8. And Joseph jumped off the roof and broke his leg.

  35. Joe’s mom beat me with a huge branch for a reason I’ve since forgotten. She was a Lebanese horribley attractive mother who hated children and she was a horrible fucking abuser of children. A relative of the rap pack in Las Vegas and my fucking mom sent me to be watched by her violent ass for years in branham culture. FUCK YOU MOM. Seriously

  36. As a 10 year boy I watched Noreen’s girls get beat with a switch on couch in the early 80’s until they bled and I cried, man. Man I have see tons of horrible shit… I raise my two children on love. Love. With compassion. discipline with ethics. love with ethics. NO MOTHERFUCKING 70’s violence.

    I was raised in a church as a little boy where the pastor beat his children with 2×4’s. He broke the bones of his sons, man. He broke his children to obey laws. He destroyed the lives of his children to////obey? Broken and lost…. man. He is dead now. He abused me also. He was a pastor of a church my dad believed in. FUCK… I need to break my face. bro.

    1. “I was raised in a church as a little boy where the pastor beat his children with 2×4’s. He broke the bones of his sons, man. He broke his children to obey laws. He destroyed the lives of his children to////obey? Broken and lost…. man. He is dead now. He abused me also. He was a pastor of a church my dad believed in. FUCK… I need to break my face. bro.”

      AC, we got a problem here.
      You tend toward fantasy, sorta like the time I did some blotter and enjoyed the night on the swings in the town square of Sonoma while the city fathers were grilling an entire ox on a spit; I’ll leave the rest of that story to your imagination.
      And then you post something like this.
      What are we to accept as reality and what as fantasy? You were beaten with a 2X4?

      1. As a young boy my forced pastor in the late 70’s and 80’s beat his boys with 2×4’s love. Broke their bones, man. Fucking shit is real, bro. I was however not broken boned but suffered slashed legs and ass from bushes for reasons I am not fucking really sure about., man. Fuck fantasy. Sevo.

        Did your little ass get beat with branches or hands?

        1. A little hand is sweet.. a switch is brutal. So this mother fucking snake of a bitch Lebanase fuck who abused her children also had a math for babysitting our asses and she broke us by beating the motherfuckin shit out of rachel, naomi, and joe.

          and when she wasn’t beating them she made my pull my pants down and beat my naked ass with strong twigs… I cannot fucking remember why. my balls hurts like a fuck

          1. I love sevo but this shit is real.,man.

            1. All these fuking horrible humans are dead. Man. dead . I have see shit no thread can tell man…… holy strains…..
              People have long died who abused and ruined, man…. I was in this world, bro

              And this is one story among fuckng many…. I fucking expound… most don’t and die forever into lost grey time. where voices gripe but get lost in the living who are all dancing to die like the late 70’s. and then thud. storm clouds sweep in and those tired dead lives don’t matter and winds force tunebrains….

  37. Fuck poems. man.
    FUCK time.
    FUCK pain.
    I am in recollections of times punched on actual keys, bro
    like life is a click clack on these motherfucking taps and tips

    but living into the deserted towns of lost minds…
    no explorers.
    time is now.
    explorers seek blooms not death or lost or really fucking tired stories told by little boys

    and that girl singing the songs on this light blue frame with that scroll bar on the fucking right man. I I think she is dead but her voice is moving me.

  38. Oh man, i am fucking feeling the broken stars bro
    my hear is struck with the demanding atoms of
    streams outside the fields where players in the labs
    pretend that shit is deeper than it really is and
    their IQ creates shit that is nice? for average fucking
    people? they write books like that pretend shit
    that pissed my off published by motherfucking dead and living shits
    who write about quantum mechanics.

    OK,,, man… fuck your goddamn quantum bullshit you dummy.

    Space is not important you motherfucking brainspangles festivals.

    If space is traveled by broken motherfucking humans is space worth traveling?

  39. the 70’s were an age of pretty fucked child ass kicking. Why is this surprising? Am I the only 70’s dude here?

    Nothing about me is weak or disingenuous. the adults I was raised with in the 70’s and early 80’s were sortof horrible? FUCK it. They were horrible in Toledo, Ohio circa 1982.

  40. Fine fuckit… I watched Dad lie on the carpet in Toledo, Ohio in late 70 and he spun the big chrome knob of tunes and I was 5. And I enjoyed watching Dad’s muscular young arms find my ear salve. And he did, man. In 1978 my dad was a dad unbroken by Branham cult. After that, he was never normal and to this day he cannot relate to me. He is pure Branham brain. man, this shit is way to deep but I love my reason friends.

    Reason has the greatest minds on the internet and much is shared in this world, bro.

  41. the wrinkled brains
    steeped in future
    and past shock
    so petals thread the waves like sea threads and lord I am drowning jesus deep in the dark revolvers of human indifference cuz the white boy lives for taps and tips and the black boy lives for trips and traps and this boy lost his zebra under the whistle of a million miles and I am going to smash the world to get my little zebra.

  42. Is life wonderful?
    Is life pretty?
    Why not?
    Why not love zebras?
    Why not love death?
    Why not embrace the loving living loves?
    Why not love the fucking fingers of lovers?
    Why not love the goddamn loving licks from aliens?

  43. why type letters? my face has ate all the song meat and I sit ere suurrounded ny tones and
    a slow body and a tired arms and face and yet dude, I smash here and it’s ike old 80’s sign shop work it until shit gets done and motherfuck me, whittaker kicked ass., man.

  44. Larry Hogan has the most punchable face I’ve seen since George Snuffleupagus.


  45. Agile Cyborg –

    If you ever need a brother to converse with, to ride these beautiful missives with you, drop me an email, my man. We all have a story to tell.

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