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Massage Parlor Workers 'Sexually Assault' Honolulu Cops

Not-so-happy ending for sex workers in Honolulu massage parlors


Around this time last year, Hawaii police officers were fighting for their right to have intercourse with sex workers before arresting them. It's a battle they ultimately lost, though cops retained the ability to receive pay-for-play handjobs and blowjobs with impunity. Still, police don't take well to limits on their power, as evidenced by Honolulu's escalating criminalization of commercial sex These days, offering to engage in prostitution may get you charged with sexual assault.

In a sting over the weekend, the Honolulu Police Department arrested 16 women working at area massage parlors. But rather than charge them with prostitution—a petty misdemeanor with a max 30 days jail time—per usual, the women were booked for sexual assault in the fourth degree.

Sexual assault in the fourth degree is defined as forced sexual contact, "knowingly expos(ing) the … genitals to another person under circumstances in which the actor's conduct is likely to alarm the other person or put the other person in fear of bodily injury," or trespassing on property for "the purpose of subjecting another person to surreptitious surveillance for the sexual gratification of the actor." It's a misdemeanor, still, but one that comes with up to a year in jail and possible placement on the sex offender registry.

See, now that Hawaii cops can't sleep with sex workers in order to make prostitution cases, they must rely on explicit conversation about the transaction. But most massage parlor workers know not to be explicit in this way. Instead, they may simply gauge the situation and then start in on sexual action without hashing out the details first—aka, without getting consent. That's what allows these enterprising cops to charge sex workers with sexual assault.

Nevermind that the cops wanted it—what are you, some kind of police-rape denialist?

HPD spokeswoman Michelle Yu said the undercover operation was a joint effort of her department, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security. "Details of the cases will come out in court," said Yu in a statement.

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  1. “Not-so-happy ending”

    well played.

    1. Stupid cops once again proving why no one trusts stupid cops.
      Going to be hilarious when some crazy tiny Asian rips his stuff off.

  2. Nevermind that the cops wanted it?what are you, some kind of police-rape denialist?

    *applause* Well done, ENB. Well done.

    1. I suppose by that token, then, the 15 yo chick in Iowa sexually assaulted the cop by sucking his dick when he told her to…

      Jesus crimony, like I mentioned in the grieving bobcat, this is exactly the shit that caused the Romans to rise up and depose the Tarquins. When’s enough gonna be enough here?

      1. I suppose by that token, then, the 15 yo chick in Iowa sexually assaulted the cop by sucking his dick when he told her to…

        Of course she did. Cripes, do you not want that cop to go home safely or something?

        1. Well yeah, how dare she attempt to get out of the drug charge that she deserved by doing what the cop told her?

          /Tulpa logic

        2. Heh, heh, you said cum home, heh, heh…

      2. Up is Down. Black is White.

      3. Why should Normals care? It’s just hookers, right?

        1. Because that could be your wife, daughter, mother, sister, etc? is that what you want to happen to someone you love? (and if you say that you don’t want them to be a ‘hooker’ in the first place, then you would rather that they clean toilets for a living for minimum wage, and YOU will make up the difference in pay???)

          Is this how ‘Normals’ want their money spent? Cops getting their rocks off? Putting women behind bars for selling something they can otherwise legally give away?

  3. Who was it that said “No one ever said ‘STOP SUCKING MY DICK!”

    1. Here’s something you never hear a guy say: “Stop sucking my dick, or I’ll call the police!”

      -George Carlin

      1. ty I should have known that!

      2. if i woke out of a dead sleep to find a crusty homeless guy had broken into my home and attached himself to my junk that is exactly what i would say

        1. jk i would say finish up before i call the police

  4. So the difference between taking a woman on a very expensive date, sleeping with her afterwards, then going our separate ways and paying her, fucking her, and then going our separate ways is……………………?

    1. I guess I should have said

      what is the difference between paying a woman to rub my leg and make me feel good and paying a woman to rub my junk and make me feel good is…………………..?

      1. Hot towel afterward.

      2. A cigarette and a nap.

  5. ‘Ae means ‘Ae

    1. ^^ Now I need to report for reeducation after laughing at this.

    2. Mahalo nui loa.

  6. Hawaii police officers were fighting for their right to have intercourse with sex workers before arresting them

    The fact that this was even attempted tells you all you need to know about modern policing and police attitudes about themselves and their station.

  7. And of course those poor officers were powerless to stop those rapists, why they just lay there and let them finish the sexual assault before they ashamedly got dressed and arrested the criminals on the spot.

    1. There’s no wrong way to be a victim!
      ~Lena Dunham

  8. Next police union contract demand: Droit du seigneur.

  9. Bunch of jackoffs

  10. And yet one more reason I don’t duck jury duty; just hoping to get picked for a case like this where I can burst out laughing at the prosecution’ case.

    1. I, too, would love to serve on a jury.

      I’ve never been called. I think I might be on some “suspcted libertarian” list. 🙁

  11. I really need to get in to one of these police unions.

  12. Are you ready to stomp on peoples liberty, along with their faces? Then there is a job for you in “law enforcement”.

  13. There is is nothing slimier than a vice cop.

    1. Said your mom.

    2. Literally.

  14. Book ‘er, Dano. Handjob One.

    1. I think you mean: “Hooker Dano!”

  15. Goddamn, what a bunch of evil shitlords.

  16. It’s the HPD. Getting away with rape on the job is considered a job perk by many cops in Honolulu.

    1. It’s obviously the GOP’s fault.

  17. Fuck the police!

  18. It must take a special kinda dumbass to be married to one these cretins, “I had to fuck the prostitute honey… for the children”

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