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Rand Paul's Early Fundraising: Small Town Appeal, More Than 10 Percent of His Givers Gave to Ron Paul


Some number crunching from The New York Times regarding the first wave of Rand Paul online fundraising:

After starting his campaign on April 7 with a "Stand With Rand" online appeal, his campaign brought in its first $1 million in less than 30 hours, from more than 15,500 donations….. The initial flurry for Rand Paul faded quickly. It took an additional 16 days for the figure to double.

….a disproportionate number [of Rand donors] have come from donors in smaller cities and towns. More than a quarter of Rand Paul's online donors list addresses in communities with populations of less than 10,000….

Only 4.7 percent of Rand's April online money came from people from cities with more than a million population, the Times analysis says.

He's drawing a lot, though by no means a majority, of donors from Ron Paul's fan base:

At least 2,000 of the donors to Rand Paul in April gave money to his father's 2012 campaign, an analysis of Federal Election Commission data shows; the number is very likely higher because many small-dollar contributors do not appear on F.E.C. filings.

The Times also mentions how Rand's father Ron really blew the roof off the sucker back in 2007 with what his fans organized and dubbed "moneybombs" seeking one-day fundraising records—and achieving them, with a then-record one-day haul of $6 million on Tea Party day, December 16, 2007. (Yes, the first big modern-era small-government "Tea Party" event was for Ron Paul, students of recent political history.) For some reason, the Times story mentions only an earlier, smaller $4 million day in November 2007.

Those big days for Ron were much later in the campaign process than April 2007 would have been, so I don't see a lot of percentage in comparing that moneybomb with Rand's take so far. The biggest Paul moneybombs were very much a grassroots fan process, not something led or managed by the campaign itself. Rand has many months to see if he can gin up a comparable amount of giving from an excited grassroots. He's certainly already way ahead of Ron in 2007/08 in the polls.

The story of Ron Paul's fundraising record, and much more, is told in my 2012 book Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired.

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  1. Does not look promising….

    1. He seems to be doing really well in the polls. He polls best vs Hillary in most national polls and leads in 3 or 4 swing states. And he is top 4 in every Republican primary poll in a tough field. It is kind of hard for me to imagine it going better at this point in the game.

      1. I see the polls and fundraising as irrelevant at this point. It’s too early.

  2. Long time Ron donor, no time Rand donor. I gave money to Ron after almost every debate because he took it to the hawks. Rand doesn’t do that to put it mildly. I understand that Rand is trying to be more legitimate than his father, but right now I’m not seeing it with the organization he’s put together.

    I went to a kickoff event for Rand that involved karaoke. It was really disorganized. There was a suggested donation. I declined the suggestion. He’ll probably get my vote, but not any money at this rate.

    1. “he took it to the hawks”

      Yeah, *he really showed them*
      (shakes fist at cloud)

  3. Ron Paul supporters are a double edged sword. They’re dedicated, passionate, generous with time and money. But some of them have lost their cotton picking minds. The trick for Rand is to attract the sane Ron Paul supporters, or at least somehow keep the crazies away from all forms of mass communication.

    1. Yes, the Alex Jones types pretty much drove me away from participating in the 2012 campaign after the distasteful experience in 2008.

      1. Funny thing happened last week. I was on my way to work, about to get on the freeway when I see this SUV in the lane next to me.

        It had a Ron Paul 2012 bumper sticker and beneath it a Infowars.com sticker. Disappointed I couldn’t get a picture and caption it “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

    2. You Know Else tried to hide the crazy views of his supporters?

      1. No.

  4. So no news on PEI’s gay PM who as University Prez banned Mohammed cartoons?


    MacLauchlan has been criticized for a 2006 decision as president of the University of PEI when he banned from campus an edition of the student newspaper, The Cadre, which reprinted controversial Danish cartoons of Muhammad. In a statement, MacLauchlan said that the newspaper’s edition, which had re-published political cartoons depicting a prophet of Islam, was “a reckless invitation to disorder.”[6] The Canadian Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship issued a statement describing MacLauchlan’s actions as “contrary to the duty of all university presidents to maintain their campuses as places where debate of controversial issues may take place.”[6]

  5. I wish Garry Johnson would try for the Rep nomination.

    1. Why? He polled at less than 1% in a really weak field last time around.

      1. I would much rather see Johnson run as a Libertarian. The Bob Barr spectacle was just embarrassing.

        1. Why? He polled at less than 1% in a really weak field last time around.

          1. hi-yoooo

  6. So any predictions for Rachel Notley? An Inexperienced band of tax and spend socialists running an oil rich area experiencing low oil prices, what could go wrong? On the other hand the UFA and SC lasted a while too despite inexperience and odd ideas…

    1. Alberta is gonna get reamed. They are gonna go on spending binge, jack the royalties and hit the oil industry with all kinds of anti-carbon measures. Probably can kiss pipelines goodbye, too. Hopefully Albertans will turf them out and shut them out next time around.
      Only problem is that federal election is coming too quickly, so we are probably gonna get Commie-Socialist coalition (NDP-Lib) running the country, too. Gonna be good times for liquor distributors in Canada!

      I lie, it’s always good time for those fuckers, what with state-run cartels making sure they get to fuck us over.

  7. So any news on the UK Election? What is expected to happen to the UKIP, Greens and SNP?

    I saw a Globe and Mail article that despite Miliband’s ridiculed stone he can make up for it with an endorsement of Russell Brand (calling for “revolution” since nothing says “revolution” than a former Blair Cabinet Minister). Hard hitting journalism!

  8. I just donated $100. Who’s with me? Apathy bomb! Apathy Bomb! APATHY BOMB!

    1. Bomb apathy! Bomb Apathy! BOMB APATHY!

  9. Well, he obviously needs to be able to sell some ‘consideration’ to an outfit that wants to buy a strategic industry!
    You expect someone who has no connections to sell to get bribes (cross-out) donations?! How naive!

  10. If I was going to give Dandy Randy Paul a campaign donation I would have to insist that he finish his meal before he leaves the table.
    I don’t want to be throwing my campaign donations at a loser who wastes food and dodges the Dream Weavers!

    1. OH! OH! LOOK!
      A totally unbiased report from Huffpo!
      erniey, are you stupid enough to think anyone is fooled?


                1. Come on, be cool, man. This is one of those Mexican libertarians we’ve heard so much about.


                  1. Si!
                    Dandy Randy Pandering Paul was leaving his hamburger behind so he could check on the Jade Helm 15 affair!

                    With that in mind, what did Rand Paul say when Mickelson asked what he knew about the operation?
                    “You know I’ve gotten a few questions on it on the road, and I really don’t?I’m not sure about exactly what is going on with that.”
                    And what about the conspiracy theories making people nervous?
                    “We’ll look at that also.”

        1. New troll .com. Fuck off, interesting that these retards are being out their via pimps like media

          There is stupid and really stupid, this retard for the win.

          1. Troll has been here before. Same narrative. See’s imaginary groups and think people take this seriously.

    2. The Dream Weavers. I lol’d. Are you the official spokesperson for this imaginary group?

  11. “my 2012 book Ron Paul’s Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired.”

    Frequently mentioned in the pages of the New York Times as, “A book this guy wrote”

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