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Why Cinco de Mayo is Every Bit as Great and Fake an AMERICAN Holiday as St. Patrick's Day and Columbus Day


USA Today

Today is Cinco de Mayo, on which Mexican Americans—and increasingly, all Americans—celebrate…something having to do with Mexico.

Anti-immigrationists routinely say the holiday is "Mexican Independence Day" and yet one more sign that Mexican Americans—just like Jews, Irish, Catholics, Italians, Germans, Outer Slobovians, et al.—are the last true "unmeltable ethnics" who simply can't or won't jump into the glorious Melting Pot of the Shining City on a Hill that is the United States of America.

But of course Cinco de Mayo isn't Mexican Independence Day. As USA Today helpfully explains in an article illustrated with a picture of a margarita (pronounced mar-gerrr-REEETA, amigo!), the day commemorates a victory against the French:

Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely victory over the French forces of Napoleon III on May 5, 1862, at the Battle of Puebla.

Mexico had troubles paying back war debts to European countries, and France had come to Mexico to collect that debt.

Not only that, the 150 or so people still living  in Mexico who haven't yet migrated illegally to the United States to simultaneously outcompete us for the last few menial jobs left while mooching off welfare and getting in-state tuition at public colleges (yeah, I know, it's confusing to me too) don't even give a chihuahua's tuches about Cinco de Mayo:

Today Cinco de Mayo has become more of an American holiday than a Mexican one. But most non-Mexican Americans have "no idea" about the day's history, said Carlos Tortolero, president of the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago.

Whatevs, Carlos, whatevs.

This is a roundabout way of saying that, as a holiday celebrated here by people who lay claim to heritage from a foreign country, Cinco de Mayo is about as authentically American as you can get.

Indeed, did you know that the very first St. Patrick's Day parade took place not on Irish soil but in New York City, circa 1762? While the race of kings and queens celebrated the day that St. Patrick chased the snakes off of the Emerald Island for years prior, but what we know and love as St. Patrick's Day is a fully American invention, intended to put a little Hibernian swagger into the grand experiment known as the British colonies in the New World. Everybody's Irish on St. Paddy's Day. Except the Irish, who are stuck being that way all damn year.

St. Patrick's Day is best understood as a display of ethnic pride in a country that all too often shunned the Irish (the original parade was organized by Irish serving in the British army). Which is to say it perfectly anticipates the meaning and function of another well-known ethnic pride celebration, Columbus Day.

Italian Americans organized the first ethnically themed Columbus Day festival in these United States in 1866. There had been earlier celebrations, of course, but they were mostly done by bluebloods and WASPs who would have sworn up and down that the great Italian explorer who sailed for Spain had nothing to do with the garlic-eating spaghetti benders that were draining down the gene pool by flooding lower Manhattan like rats. While Columbus Day has never generated the hype or alcoholism that St. Patrick's Day has, it's the ultimate feel-good festival for Italians who have mostly never set foot back in the old country which, lest we forget, was so horrible that all our ancestors said ciao baby to it the first chance they could.

The cul de sac of identity politics was the subject of a great moment in The Sopranos, when Tony's crew react to a native American protest against Columbus Day. Ethnic pride can only get you so far before it bites you on the ass:

What goes around comes around, eh, Paulie?

If like me you are of Irish and Italian heritage, you not only have my deepest sympathies but I suspect you understand the pride that these stupid holidays provide. Not so much to those of us living in 21st-century America but to our parents and grandparents, who grew up in a very different country in which they still seemed kinda-sorta foreign. They were partly shut from being "real Americans" and would grab at almost anything that gave them a sense of identity, of pride, and possibly, some small measure of cultural power.

In a strange and beautiful way, these cartoonishly tribal celebrations were a statement not of loyalty to or longing for the old country but a way of declaring that you were fully American and that you weren't going anywhere. You just wanted a day or two a year when everyone wanted to be you, at least for a drunken moment. You not only showed that you had numbers that mattered but something to add to the Great American Casserole.

So it is with Cinco de Mayo. By celebrating the old country in the new one, Mexican Americans are participating in a centuries-long tradition of strutting their stuff and inviting everyone else to join in the fun.

And if you don't believe me, then Ask a Mexican already! As Reason did in this excellet interview with OC Weekly columnist Gustavo Arellano:

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  1. We should celebrate all French militart defeats that did NOT come at the hands of the Germans post 19th century.

    1. What day was the battle of Leipzig?

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  2. The obvious thing to do is to get rid of all these divisive holidays like Columbus Day, St. Patricks Day, Chinese New Year, Cinco de Mayo, Arbor Day, etc. and establish one national holiday that unites us all in our disdain for the French.

    1. Wouldn’t it make more sense to create a holidy that unites us in our disdain for Cleveland?

      1. how about disdain for “the man”? Then everyone can celebrate hating a different version of someone that doesn’t exist.

      2. What’s Drew Carey, chopped liver?

      3. That’s called Super Bowl Sunday, you idiot.

        1. No Warty, that’s just the day we all pretend Cleveland doesn’t exist.

      4. Wouldn’t it make more sense to create a holidy that unites us in our disdain for Cleveland?

        Fuck you. Cleveland is the greatest city on Earth.

        1. At least it’s not Detroit.

    2. one national holiday that unites us all in our disdain for the French.

      And besides, 87% of everything on TV was copied from the English, do we have to copy that from the English too?

      1. Didn’t you see that the recent 200 year anniversary of Waterloo played down who the enemy was? Same for Trafalgar 10 years ago. Brits don’t hate the French any more.

        1. This may be true. My most recent reference was my British mother. But she was from a previous generation (obviously). The French were always held in a special kind of disdain by the British.

          1. Eventually, it won’t be Limeys hating Frogs in those parts – but Sunni on Shia action instead.

        2. That anniversary comes on the 18th of next month,

          1. Well then it’s the recent prep for the holiday. The French were all butthurt in the third degree, and the Brits and Prussians agreed to not mention who won.

    3. “and establish one national holiday that unites us all in our disdain for the French.”

      and Canada

  3. I am pleased to report that I am celebrating Cinco de Mayo in my traditional fashion:

    By wearing a tricolor tie, to commemorate the overlooked other side, which is necessary to have any battle, after all.

    1. I can’t tell, is RC ‘punching down’?

      1. Its impossible for me to punch in any other direction.

        From where I sit, its all down.

        1. Pimping, while not easy, is a necessity.

    2. Well, if you want to, April 30th would be a good day to have a counter-celebration

      Supreme French Badassery (non-ironic)

      After all, shouldn’t French-Americans have a day of their own? Unlike goddamn Mexicans, you people never fought against them, but were their ally or co-beligerent four times!

      1. french americans are just called americans, dude. don’t be racist.

      2. Unlike goddamn Mexicans, you people never fought against them

        What’s the Quasi-War, chopped liver pate?

        1. Ooh, I learn something new every day! Thanks for the link, never heard of it and it sounds totally badass. Who doesn’t love French Revolutionary pirates?! (well, merchants, but other than that…)

        2. the conflict was sometimes also referred to as the Undeclared War with France

          If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this administration, it’s that undeclared wars are the best sort of war.

          1. Among my great experiences w Wikipedia in recent yrs. has been learning about the Toledo War (the War Between the States) & the Cortina Wars.

        3. Pretty sure WW2 had the US fighting against the French as well….The French were just wearing Nazi uniforms at the time.

      3. Franco-American Day, celebrated by the eating of SpaghettiOs.

        1. That was an English/European war! I’m sure colonials had nothing against the French, and would rather spend their time killing Indians.

          1. But, arguably, George Washington started what could be considered the first actual world war.

            1. George Washington only fought in the French-Indian War he did not start it

              1. “The Battle of Jumonville Glen, also known as the Jumonville affair, was the opening battle of the French and Indian War[5] fought on May 28, 1754 near what is present-day Uniontown in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. A company of colonial militia from Virginia under the command of Lieutenant Colonel George Washington, and a small number of Mingo warriors led by Tanacharison (also known as “Half King”), ambushed a force of 35 Canadiens under the command of Joseph Coulon de Villiers de Jumonville.”

                “Since Britain and France were not then at war, the event had international repercussions, and was a contributing factor in the start of the Seven Years’ War in 1756.”


      4. Why bother? It’d be a short war.

      5. you people never fought against them, but were their ally or co-beligerent four times!

        You mean post-1774, right?

        1. Yes, that’s when you people become “you people”. Until then you’re English!

      6. “you people never fought against them”

        I don’t recall fighting any French or Mexicans

      7. If the French want a historic figure that Americans would like, I nominate Charles Martel. I could see myself lifting a pint in memory of The Hammer.

        And as a bonus, it would probably drive the PC police nuts.

        1. There is a reason that I post WWCMD in many French/Moslem stories.

          What would Charles Martel do?

      8. So, in other words, the defining moment in French badassery was the performance of non-French troops?

      9. So, in other words, the defining moment in French badassery was the performance of non-French troops?

  4. PROTIP: Cinco de Mayo, Columbus Day, St. Patricks Day all suck.

    1. Although, none of the suck as hard as Halloween after one is past the age of 12.

      1. you must not like to see random women dressed up as slutty versions of other costumes…

        1. Why do we need a holiday for that?

          1. we don’t… but apparently THEY do.

          2. So the pressure can build up into one glorious release.

        2. you must not like to see random women dressed up as slutty versions of other costumes…

          There is nothing more obnoxious using an “excuse” to dress slutty.

          1. What if we’re really ‘loose’ with the excuses?

            1. 3 to 4 days is the minimum. Until that, you don’t have a Carnivale.

          2. There’s a bunch of parades down here for that. Beads are hardly a exchange of value for stripping services, after all.

      2. Oh, Halloween (along w Easter) inaugurates the great Rite Aid Holiday, when we get to feast on clearance-sale candies after the respective “holidays”.

    2. I like tacos and booze. I don’t like “columbuses” as a rule. Also, I like most people I’ve met from Ireland- but dislike most americans who say they’re “irish”… that’s a general disdain for people who care about heritage though.

    3. Well, at least two of them give an excuse to drink. What could be wrong with that?

    4. What about Freaknik?

      1. As someone born and raised in Atlanta, no such thing ever existed.

  5. I think what we need to do is to establish Cinco de Mayo as a federal holiday. The more federal holidays, the better. One less day for bureaucrats to stay home and not harass those that pay for their jobs.

    1. One more day?

      1. yep, that’s what I meant

  6. The hot tamale phone chica here left for a new job today.

    Cinco de Mayo — never forget. 🙁

    1. The karmic balance has been maintained, Mongo.

      I noticed today that our new ED manager is about as cute a latina as one could ever hope for.

      1. ED manager?

        1. Well if you know of a better management for ED than a hot Latina, I’m willing to listen…

        2. Yes. ED (nurse) manager.

          1. Nurse huh? I think the schoolgirl outfit would be better for ED. Or cheerleader.

          2. Wow, you have a whole department.

            Most hospitals just have an emergency *room*


        3. Emergency Dept.

    2. God you make me miss my old job… well, the one clinic front desk person part of my old job.

      1. One thing about working in a hospital – we have some truly good-looking women working here. One or two that I have to make a conscious effort not to stare at or drool on.

        Plus, they are all nice to me. I chalk it up to my carefully cultivated reputation for arbitrary malice and a cheerful willingness to do violence.

        1. I always had a special affection for those who contravened policy and wore open-toed shoes in the patient-care areas. A kind of ‘fuck you, I’m going to look hot’ that I can’t help but respect.

        2. IIRC you’re here in Tucson. If you by chance work at Banner, the staff of 5 east took good care of me in January. A few were very easy on the eyes.

  7. At least Columbus Day is somewhat American. I mean, nobody else celebrates it but Americans. And he allegedly discovered America or at least convinced enough other people to sail this way.

    Unfortunately, Americans don’t get drunk because of Columbus Day. Why are Italians the only mud race we don’t drink to?

    1. Because they’re a bunch of spaghetti bending WOP dagos?

    2. I’m also unaware of it being a tradition for Americans to get hammered on aquavit for Leif Erickson Day.

      1. There is no aquavit in Valhalla.

    3. If you include Latin Americans as Americans then you’re right. Columbus Day or “Dia de la Raza” is celebrated on October 12 all over the Americas.

  8. Huh. I always thought Cinco de Mayo meant “five times the mayonnaise”

    1. Just like “La Quinta” means “right next to Denny’s”.

      1. heh.

    2. The real story of Cinco de Mayo is as follows:

      We all know the Titanic was to make her maiden voyage to New York City on April 14. But what many do not know is that its next port of call was to be Veracruz, Mexico on May 5. In the hold of the Titanic was a large consignment of mayonnaise destined for Mexican markets.

      As a result of the sinking, every May 5th, Mexico laments, Cinco de Mayo.

      1. also heh.

      2. * narrows gaze, to improve sight picture over iron sights *

        1. /begins article suggesting that Irish abused his free speech

          1. er.. GMSM

      3. I thought they were celebrating Mexico finally copying one of Mao’s five-year plans.

        1. That would be Cinco de Siesta.

      4. I stole this.

      5. Yeah, & the General Slocum was going to deliver a load of kraut to the Bronx. Probably to Vera Cruz.

        1. Which reminds me: You’ve probably had sauerkraut, you’ve probably had fried cabbage; but have you ever had fried sauerkraut? Good stuff.

          1. I am intrigued. May I subscribe to your food newsletter?

    3. It means Sex with Mayonnaise. This was all covered this morning.

    4. LOL making me waste a good drag of nicotine vape (Sacre Couer 18 mg% mixed w a little Banana Nut Bread 0-nic).

  9. The USA has a serious lack of Holidays compared to other countries, it seems. So we have to import a few. But unless they are paid Holidays, why bother? Not going to work is the only legit reason to have a holiday.

    1. LMGTFY:…..ays-2015-1

    2. I help celebrate the July 30 anniversary of the end of the Paleozoic Era. Partly by not being an old animal, partly by joining the party. The Raging Grannies often sing on the roof.

  10. I am upset the list of wacky American Ethnic holidays left out Von Steuben Day:

    1. Isn’t he the Love Boat captain?

      1. If it weren’t for Baron von Steuben, we’d all be Canadian.

  11. OT: Think Progress vs. The English Language.

    The Islamic State Seeks To Capitalize On Murders In Texas

  12. St. Patrick wasn’t even Irish. His parents were Italian.

  13. I want melungeon day when we can celebrate my mixed breed heritage that pretended to be white (and literate).

  14. What’s not mentioned is that the French actually won the war and conquered Mexico and installed Archduke Maximilian, nephew of the Emperor of Austria, Ferdinand I, as Emperor of Mexico in 1864. Mexico didn’t regain their independence until 1867.

    1. Even losers of battles have to have their holidays. Especially if they are ultimately the winners.

      Remember the Alamo?

      1. Do we party in celebration? If no, let’s do it… but I don’t want to have to go to San Antonio for it.

        1. If you can remember it, you weren’t there.

        2. Don’t miss the bsmt.

      2. We celebrate the win at San Jacinto on Texas Independence Day in March. And the Alamo was a losing battle for the winning side.

        1. Cinqo de Mayo was a winning battle for the winning side, so there’s that.

  15. I propose a Rodney King Day where we can all just get along…

    …and smoke crack. Gotta have the crack.

    1. I think a “National Illegal Intoxicant Consumption Day” isn’t a bad idea. NIICD.

      1. That would imply that the other days *aren’t* for consuming illegal intoxicants.

  16. A nice article by Nick that shows his good natured and positive spirit. But I’m a well trained Hayekian economist and I still don’t believe in open borders. Nick, we can have open borders when the world all thinks and acts like you and I do. Until then we need some control.

    1. Agreed, but that view will get you a lot of abuse around here.

    2. There isn’t enough leather for a world like that.

      1. That’s why God made pleather.

        1. This google search disappoints me: herding naugas.

          1. Your link makes it look like a googlewhack, but it’s not.

            1. Look man, I really wanted to see video of Naugas running wild over the fruited plain. Google disappointed me in this endeavor. You go on being the supercilious pedant in your corner, I’ll go on drinking too much in mine. Deal?

  17. But of course Cinco de Mayo isn’t Mexican Independence Day.

    It’s actually September 16. Not that anybody cares.

    Mexico had troubles paying back war debts to European countries, and France had come to Mexico to collect that debt.

    That was the excuse then. In fact the French emperor invaded Mexico to install prince Maximilian Hapsburg as emperor of Mexico.

    Besides, Mexico had been invaded many times before 1862 by the French, the English and the Spaniards for different reasons. The most famous invasion was called the “Pastry War” of 1838, after a French baker had his store looted by a bunch of Mexican officers in Mexico City, prompting the French government – for some reason – to blockade the coast along the Gulf of Mexico, asking for an enormous sum of money for reparations. In the end, the British government brokered a truce.

    1. Archduke Maximilian Hapsburg. Sorry. He wasn’t a prince. Only an Archduke. Anyway, he had an awesome beard and a hot wife.

      1. I am indifferent about the beard but I can think of no reason in zod’s green earth to be freaking emperor of MEXICO and not have a hot wife.

    2. for some reason

      You mean “saving Louis-Philipe’s ass?”

    3. This was the battle where Santa Anna lost his leg. Of course he had the leg buried in a formal ceremony.

  18. Speaking of Mexico, what’s up with the death of David Goldberg in Mexico? (He was husband of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.) Exercise equipment sure seems deadly these days, with a rubber band beating up Harry Reid, and now this.

    The puzzling aspects: we are told he fell off a treadmill, cracked his skull, and bled out for three hours before his body was discovered. But don’t posh resorts have attendants (or at least other residents) in the exercise room? And now, the resort named claims that he was not a guest, and did not die on the premises. That’s… odd.

    1. Re: Papaya SF,

      The puzzling aspects: we are told he fell off a treadmill, cracked his skull, and bled out for three hours before his body was discovered.

      I can vouch for the fact that people who visit resorts in Mexico don’t go spend time working out in treadmills – they go to the beaches to see the honeys. The poor guy could’ve been hiking in the Himalayas and expect to see the same amount of people.

    2. I’m going with David Carradine Syndrome until it’s proven otherwise.

      1. One theory is Mexican drug cartel violence.

    3. PapayaSF, Good point. How can a guy who can start a Silicon Valley company and marry a billionaire not finish a workout on a treadmill? In terms of the hotel gym, I could believe no one could come by for several hours. Even in really posh resorts no ones sits in the gym full time. I think maybe people like that push themselves all the time, get super stressed, have huge expectations of themselves, and don’t even really know that they’re on the edge.

      1. I can be convinced that it was a deadly treadmill accident, and that he wasn’t noticed for hours. Although falling backwards off a treadmill seems extra unusual. But then why is the resort claiming it didn’t happen there? Puzzling.

    4. “the resort named claims that he was not a guest, and did not die on the premises.”

      Well, they *would* say that, wouldn’t they?

  19. If anyone’s looking for a good Cinco de Mayo movie, allow me to offer Pinata: Surival Island, starring Jaime Presley, Ensign Harry Kim, and that guy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    It’s a down-to-earth little film with a totally relatable plot about a group of college students who are all clearly in their thirties going to a Cinco de Mayo celebration in the form of a scavenger hunt on a remote island (like you do), where they are attacked and killed by a magic demon pinata.

    Solid riffing material.

    1. Holy shit you weren’t kidding.

      Help! I’m being attacked by 90s Reboot CGI!

    2. AMC used to show that movie 15 times a month back in the days before they switched to reality TV.

    1. I once speculated about the divergence of the light and dark sides of the force. I don’t recall what brought it up, but I got to thinking that there can’t always have been a split, that at some point in the Star Wars universe there existed only force and force users. And so I wrote a little backstory to annoy a friend who’s English and super into Eurozone politics. I had force users originate as a caste of arbiters who sought order and peace, but over time grew overly bureaucratic and inflexible in their application of justice. See, the force is elemental balance, and they had become militant little martinets in thrall to policy and process. They served the bureaucracy. Eventually a group splintered off to form what would become their moral inverse, and the resulting conflict broke the calcified political system and restored balance.

      Then I read the actual origin story of the force in canon and started to hate Star Wars in earnest.

      1. You were overthinking it. The force is a metaphor for gaffers’ tape. It has a light side and a dark side and it holds the universe together.

        1. Honestly, if the extended universe writers had summarized it as being a metaphor for duct tape I’d have been less annoyed than what they actually wrote down.

          1. Gaffers’ tape, Dweebton. It’s duck tape that’s been to Film School.

            1. Yeah, I had to look it up. I’d always heard the light-side/dark-side joke made with duct tape, though.

              1. I’m just being an asshole, D.

                1. Nah, I’d buy you a shot and a beer.

      2. I liked the old Lucas theory, that Force is basically Chi. The so-called “dark side” is an imbalance,blockage or some kind of imperfection in the force (hence, hate, fear etc). Balance is Force in its natural state, flowing and binding the galaxy etc. That’s why “light side” is not mentioned in movies (pretty sure about original trilogy, less sure about new ones), and one of my few disappointments in the Clone War cartoon was having literal representation of Dark Side, Light Side and Balance of Force as people (though it was a cool episode otherwise).

        1. “The so-called “dark side” is an imbalance,blockage or some kind of imperfection in the force”

          And the Jedi Knights are the ex-lax?

        2. Is that why he took those high arcing set shots from the top of the key?

  20. A collection of some of the craziest shit SJWs have ever said.

    Come for Arthur Chu saying he ‘mindkills his badthoughts,’ stay for Anita Sarkeesian’s boyfriend explaining that it’s a scientific consensus that video games cause violence and that anyone who disagrees is a science denier.

    1. I thought Sargon of Akkad was just my guilty pleasure.

        1. @6:20: “[…] you are clearly privileged if you think you have the right to choose one body type over another. […] By choosing one person over another, for whatever reason that may be, you are insulting the oppressed.” Wow.

          1. You can’t rape someone if sex becomes obligatory?

          2. Remonds me of the “sex tickets” they have in “We”.
            In that dystopian community, anyone can just sign up to fuck anyone they want. You get a ticket to tell you what your assignments are and are expected to be okay with pretty much anyone. Even the secret police officer who is spying on you.

        2. What did I just watch? I feel like I lost brain cells.

          1. You just watched a feminist puor poop on herself after opening up a can of Spaghetti Ohs, after which she says lots of pretentious shit, cuts her pants with scissors, and does unspeakable things off camera.

            Then all the hipsters applaud. Oh how they applaud!

            1. I watched that video with the girlfriend. This seems appropriate.

    2. that it’s a scientific consensus that video games cause violence

      Noah Berlatsky?

      Also it’s about time the Progs make the exact same arguments that they ridicule Socons for making.

      1. Arrrgh. Consensus has dick all to do with science. The Scientific Revolution was that consensus means fuck all and models that cannot be falsified by any available data are considered useful but possibly wrong or incomplete. Fuck your consensus right in the ass you innumerate little shit flingers.

        Sorry, Winston. I know you are just quoting and I am not accusing you of being innumerate, little, or a shit flinger.

    3. It was wonderful seeing Arthur Chu fuck up the Final Jeopardy wagering in the Tournament of Champions.

  21. The roots of ?the celebration? are in civil-war California according to David Hayes-Bautista

  22. Sooo, my son (8 yrs) got in trouble at school today for flashing his junk to a couple girls before recess. I guess I’m supposed to be thankful he’s neither suspended nor on a sex offender registry…

    1. Someone didn’t raise him right. You always double check to see if an adult is watching.

      1. …or make sure you don’t expose yourself to chicks that will then run up to the teacher at recess and tell her.
        I think the problem’s solved though since my son and I discussed at length his cis privilege vis-a-vis the rampant rape culture at his Elementary School. He did have to excuse himself and go to his safe space a time or two since he did feel somewhat triggered.

        1. You only expose yourself to the chicks that smoke. They’re into it.

        2. I am glad to be raising my boys – at least through grade school – somewhere besides 21st century USA. I have no concept for the meaning of the second paragraph in that comment

  23. I’m waiting for the Hillary Endorsement.

    1. More like the boxing match from Saturday.

      And I am a Sam Harris fan. I don’t believe in free will and I don’t believe in religion of course. I believe in the ILLUSION of free will and as long as we pair that with secular and economic freedom we all win.

  24. Pamela Geller is, like, totally unworthy to drink Charlie Hebdo’s bathwater – they’re noble secularists, she’s a “white supremacist[]”

    “While Geller pretends to live a real-life version of Independence Day, the families of those killed in Paris are still picking up the pieces; their lives, families, and sense of security utterly shattered. They did not volunteer for this culture war. Geller and the AFDI unquestionably did. An although they were not asking for such violent retribution, they have certainly welcomed it in the aftermath. Ticket-holders reportedly sang “patriotic songs” as they evacuated the event site.

    “The excitement was palpable. They could not believe their luck.”…..lie-hebdo/

    1. James Kirchick (haven’t I heard that name before?) most certainly does *not* want to say “je suis Pam” –

      “Pamela Geller is no hero, and, unlike the staff of Charlie?whose irreverent work has artistic merit?she doesn’t deserve any sort of prize.”

      But Kirchick boldly avers that Geller has free-expression rights…just like the Illinois Nazis!…..eller.html

  25. Now, there’s a shocker – Bosch Fawstin, winner of the draw-Mohammad contest, has gone into hiding.…..ding.html/

  26. Anti-immigrationists routinely say the holiday is “Mexican Independence Day”

    I’ve literally never heard anybody, regardless of their views on immigration, say Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day, although I frequently hear self-congratulatory asswipes lecturing the unwashed masses on how Cinco de Mayo isn’t actually Mexican Independence Day.

    the 150 or so people still living in Mexico who haven’t yet migrated illegally to the United States to simultaneously outcompete us for the last few menial jobs left while mooching off welfare and getting in-state tuition at public colleges (yeah, I know, it’s confusing to me too)

    Probably as confusing as the libertarian philosophy of forcing the poor into sweatshops and taking away police protections so that society devolves into a Mad Max dystopia of competing feudal warlords. I mean, that’s literally – L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y – what “those people” think. Can you even believe it?

    1. Anti-immigrationists don’t call it ‘Mexican Independence Day,’ but many people call if Mexican Independence Day out of ignorance. They just think it’s Mexican Independence Day so some people call it that – there’s no anti-immigration bent to the people who say this.

      Nick’s just constructing a ludicrous strawman because he’s not actually very good at arguing.

      1. For some reason, when ever Nick writes about immigration, I’m reminded of those studies that claimed progressives really suck at understanding the other side of a debate. I get the same feeling when ENB post about abortion, or when Sheldon Richman writes anything. Probably just a coincidence.

      2. Admittedly I may not have a representative sample, but I was being completely serious – I’ve never heard/met anyone who thought Cinco de Mayo was Mexican Independence Day, whether they were strongly pro or anti (or neutral) on the immigration issue. I have, on the other hand, been schooled on the origins of the holiday by some smug smartass who thinks “everybody” thinks the holiday is Mexican Independence Day more times than I count. I hate to see Nick turn into this guy.

        The strawman thing is disappointing, because Nick often (correctly) faults others for doing the same thing with libertarian viewpoints. You can still vehemently disagree with people without caricaturing them. Of course we all do that to some extent.

        1. Really guys? We’re going to pretend that Nick wasn’t joking and take his caricature at face value so we can have a hrumph-fest? Is that what we’re really going to do?

          1. “We’re going to pretend that Nick wasn’t joking and take his caricature at face value so we can have a hrumph-fest?”

            And even if he wasn’t joking, we’ll turn it into a hrumph-fest?
            I had no idea what it supposedly celebrated, nor much interest in finding out, figuring it was (like St Paddy’s day) just an excuse for amateurs to try to catch up.
            And a chance to find some willing company of the opposite sex; Euro, Asian, Hispanic, all fine by me.

          2. I’m sure Nick was joking, in the “haha, those backward troglodytes, amirite?” sense. That was more or less the point though. It’s the same head-patting condescension that pretentious pseudo-intellectuals of the left use to casually dismiss libertarian ideas. “haha, those angsty Randroids, amirite?” Nick coming to libertarianism by way of the left and having spent no shortage of time in academia shares a bit of that persuasion (which is why he’s slimed by the righties on HyR as a “cosmo” and by others as just a general prick sometimes). It’s still not a good way to argue. Especially if you’re interested in persuading rather than lecturing.

            1. Reminds me of Sheldon Richman writing an article complaining that libertarians are more interested in attacking opposing view points than persuasion only to follow that up with his “Chris Kyle is no different from Adam Lanza” article. His Nationalism is Poison (except the Palestinanian Kind) and Draft-dodging articles are more examples of this,

        2. “by some smug smartass who thinks “everybody” thinks the holiday is Mexican Independence Day”

          That’s the same asshole who has to snidely enlighten the whole family about the Indian genocide on Thanksgiving, despite the fact that everyone already knows about it and just wishes he’d shut the fuck up and pass the mashed potatoes, already.

  27. Ignacio Zaragoza, the victor of Puebla, was born in Goliad, Texas. I sometimes wonder if that has anything to do with its popularity.

    1. The popularity of Goliad?

  28. Mountain/molehill. Having worked with a lot of Mexican co workers who I consider friends , i agree.

    Here’s the problem, jacket, as others have stated,you can’t have open borders with a welfare state.

    My Mexican co workers embraced capitalism, worked a lot of hours and disliked people looking for free shit.

    That’s where your arguement dies, when mexicans who work for what they have won’t want to send their earnings for free shit, even if that free shit goes to other countrymen.

    In theory I agree, in reality you should take a look around, jacket. You hang with the movers and shakers, I tend to despise these people and if you get sucked into that shit you are just another talking head. Step it up or you are sort of on my shit list. Libertarians are assholes, guilty as charged. I’ll continue to be an asshlole.

  29. St. Patrick’s Day should really be called Evacuation Day. March 17th was the day the British evacuated Boston after Henry Knox directed the movement of the Ticonderoga cannons onto Dorchester Heights. Evacuation Day is a large reason why St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday in the US. The two celebrations just merged into one.

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