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Drive-By 'Arrest' of Baltimore Protester Joseph Kent Caught Live on CNN

Arresting someone in America should never look like this.


A lot of disturbing video has come out of Baltimore in the past few days, but this state-sanctioned abduction caught live on CNN is in a league of its own. The video starts with young activist Joseph Kent, a student at Baltimore college Morgan State, as he protests in front of a line of armed National Guard on Tuesday night. Then the camera pans to a black Humvee, slowly cruising onto the scene. 

The CNN commentators continue to yammer on about police "optics" as the Humvee inches closer to Kent. Suddenly, several National Guardsmen break from the line and shove Kent into the still-moving vehicle. "What it appears to me that Baltimore is trying to do is do something a little different here," one anchor chirps, oblivious, as the Humvee continues on with Kent now in tow.

Though the CNN commentators appear entirely unfazed by these events—in all fairness, they probably had no idea what footage was being shown on screen as they spoke— people on social media soon began asking questions about what the hell that was they just saw.

It turns out Kent was picked up for being out protesting after the city's emergency 10 p.m. curfew. USA TODAY attempted to contact the Baltimore Police Department about Kent, but no luck.

Baltimore lawyer Steve Beatty tweeted this morning that Kent is currently being held at Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center. Beatty said Kent has since retained him as his lawyer and they will be holding a press conference Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m. 

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  1. Looked fine to me. He shouldn’t have been out after the curfew.

  2. This is what happens to hipsters who break the rules. Thank God those Heroes In Blue (or camo) didn’t break a fingernail while gently guiding him into the paddywagon.

    I’m assuming everyone got home safe. This guy’s still in jail, so Baltimore’s a safer place.

    Good job, Baltimore cops and MD Nat’l Guard!

    *two enthusiastic thumbs up!*


  3. I mean thats scary and all, police brutality blah blah blah blah


    he was out after curfew and was therefore breaking the law and they arrested him, i don’t really see a huge problem here, the clock in the video clearly shows its after 10PM so the cops were just doing their jobs really

    and obviously they could miranda him after putting him in the car, which happens in arrests all the time

    1. Needs more smoochez.

      1. smoochez?

        1. A cop who used to post here would give us all a big wet authoritarian kiss at the end of his posts.

          1. Oh i see, welllll im not a cop
            obviously cops wrongly arrest people all the time, every day even (if you have the same views on the drug war as I do)

            BUT, this case just seems justified to me

            AND from what i see, they didnt even brutalize him, which is pretty amazing

            1. You type like a cop…

              1. lol ok
                im not even sure what that means

                but i’m sorry

                1. No need to be sorry. I’m just being silly. Yeah this video is a little jarring but not really unexpected.

                2. Relax. These are some tough motherfuckers but intelligent and discerning even if it seems like they want to barbecue your forearms over hickory and eat them on crusty french bread with a hint of mayo mixed with cunt juice procured from their favorite female and topped with a sharp and fresh coleslaw.

                  Big brawn. Tough queens. Amazing hearts.

                  1. barbecue your forearms over hickory and eat them on crusty french bread with a hint of mayo mixed with cunt juice procured from their favorite female and topped with a sharp and fresh coleslaw

                    I live in the Southern nexus of BBQ and hot damn does that recipe sound amazing*, I will give it a try and let you know how it goes.

                    *Using only artisanal mayo, of course.

    2. If you’re saying that it is to be expected that they would do something like this, I agree.

      If you’re saying they shoulddo this, I have to say No, the government should not have the power, let alone the ability, to tell me when I can and can’t leave my house.

      1. I think I am being unclear in my writing

        In no way do I think curfews should be legal, i think its a violation of our rights and should never happen

        All im saying is i dont see whats so shocking about the video, he was out after curfew, which the cops said that they would enforce, and they did enforce it

        Ive seen videos of people arrested much more wrongly and much more violently who were not obviously breaking any laws (as this guy was), this just looks “justified” to me in that the cops are simply enforcing a law as they were told too, and in a relatively non-violent way

        I dont agree with the curfew, but i dont see why i should be shocked when cops do excatly what they said they would, enforce the curfew

        1. That was a felony embarrassment charge. Being on national TV and all.

          1. nah, im pretty sure that’s just a misdemeanor in Maryland

            1. Joseph, I don’t think there exists such a charge. Felony embarrassment is a concoction. A magicked up, keyed-in apparition of a charge.

              1. I hope you are right sir

                if embarrassment were a crime i’d be doin 25 to life

                1. I’d be fucking electrocuted or beheaded. So I beat you, fucka.

        2. I think we’re on the same page.

    3. ah the govt enforced curfew libertarian type

    4. ah the govt enforced curfew libertarian type

  4. How are curfews even legal? I mean, maybe for minors, but adults? Suddenly I’m breaking the law by leaving my house?

    1. Well, YOU leaving the house is – technically – breaking your “restraining order”. But for normal people?

      Yeah – good question, and I agree with your implication.

      Now get back inside before someone tazes you…

      1. The ankle bracelet give me 500 yards, dude.

        1. That still doesn’t allow you to be hanging out by the swings during recess.

        2. How many you go left? A millimeter or two, at best.

    2. They’re not. Neither is abducting non-violent protesters. But you know what?

      Fuck you, that’s why.

      1. And isn’t the National Guard the military? I mean, they are deployed overseas. It’s pretty far beyond what the exception to the Posse Comitatus Act envisioned.

        1. No. They’re militia and are specifically to get around that. Because they are controlled by the state governor, not the feds.

          The fact that they get deployed overseas is just a factor of us being involved in way too much shit and having a gigantic army. They do that to the Coast Guard too, which is absurd as well.

          1. Either way it’s some banana republic bullshit, and I’m not talking about where you buy your gay-ass clothes.

            1. Fuck you! I shop at the Perry Ellis outlet!

              And yes, it is total banana republic bullshit.

          2. “They do that to the Coast Guard too, which is absurd as well.”

            In fairness Epi, they never specify WHAT coast they’re supposed to be guarding. Why shouldn’t they guard the coast of Liberia?

            1. Dude, it’s like sending FBI squads to a war zone. Or do they do that too now?

              1. Or the DEA to Colombia?

                1. That’s what I’d do as President.

                  “Well, all of you executive branch agencies are getting new missions. You wanna play soldier, you’re going to Iraq! Plane leaves in two days. Be on it or turn in your badges.”

                  1. Love it.

                    “Don’t worry brothers in blue. Look at it this way – no more Miranda BS. On the other hand shooting back or even planning and initiating an attack is part of their job description.”

          3. The Coast Guard was actually a part of the Department of Transportation unless in time of war, in which case they became part of the naval command structure. Now they are DHS.

            1. Congress has not approved a declaration of war since 1941.

    3. See, when you signed the social contract (and you did, I assure you), you signed away all of your rights to “reasonable prudence.” It is not reasonable and prudent to be out protesting after 10pm, therefore, your right to leave your home after 10pm has been revoked. Maybe if you hadn’t been so irresponsible with your rights, we wouldn’t have to take them away.

      /Totalitarian Toady

    4. And why are press exempt from the curfew? The reporter in the video said the curfew doesn’t apply to him, referring to the press.

      1. It’s privileges like this that make them so mad bloggers are considered journalists.

      2. Because in the constitution it has a special clause saying the press has free speech rights the rest of us don’t have.

        Therefore, the press is allowed to speak outside after curfew but the proles are not.

        1. Of course, let’s be honest… I bet I’d be just fine walking around after curfew.

          1. I’m willing to bet they wouldn’t hassle many old ladies after curfew either.

            To be frank, this is basically a ‘black men between the ages of 16 and 40’ curfew. Most other people they’re going to let slide.

    5. If I want a Big Mac and fries at 945, normally I’d say “What are they gonna do? Arrest me?”

      Then I watched this video and said shit, they won’t even pretend to do that.

      1. In what way was he not arrested. Honestly they could have clubbed him into submission or tackled him and then had cosmos weep a million crocodile tears. Miranda rights don’t have to be administered before the perp is put into a car. Spell out your objection beyond- big humvee scary wary. Basically you guys are just frustrated that these riots have been handled deftly by the national guard in a way that has supplied must ammunition to the anti-order brigades.

        1. In the sense that a humvee drove up and they just pushed him inside without the damn thing even coming to a stop.

          Whatever you want to say about the curfew (illegal bullshit), you don’t get to just push people into moving vehicles and drive off. That doesn’t even pass the smell test of kosher in a free country.

          1. They didn’t put him in the Hummer they took him back through the police line.

            1. That does change things a bit.

        2. “Honestly they could have clubbed him into submission or tackled him and then had cosmos weep a million crocodile tears.”

          And you would have stroked your throbbing negro bashing erection. Yes, we know Sam.

          “Miranda rights don’t have to be administered before the perp is put into a car.”

          I agree – which is why the people making this objection are idiots.

          “Spell out your objection beyond- big humvee scary wary.”

          Please see all the people objecting to a blanket curfew which impedes upon rights of peaceful assembly.

          “Basically you guys are just frustrated that these riots have been handled deftly by the national guard in a way that has supplied must ammunition to the anti-order brigades.”

          I don’t know what the end of this sentence means since your ability to type coherent sentences seems to have deserted you towards the end there, but if the ‘order brigades’ hadn’t broken a man’s neck these riots wouldn’t be occurring at all. Good point though – they’ve done a cracker jack job arresting shitloads of people in the middle of a riot their own brutality caused.

    6. They’ve been used extensively during riots and never been found to be unconstitutional. Why would they be unconstitutional?

      1. “nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”

        A curfew deprives you of your liberty without due process of law. So, for that matter, does a roadside checkpoint. The courts say it’s “constitutional” because FYTW.

  5. Enacting a blanket curfew and deploying the National Guard is soft martial law and no one should be stunned by what happens next. He was out after curfew, he was not in a crowd, and poof.

    And apologies to E J White there but yes the government can do this because who the fuck is going to stop them?

  6. I need more information. Was he brought promptly before a magistrate, charged with a specific offense? Was he allowed bail?

    Was the National Guard authorized to make arrests? This is a separate, but equally important question which I haven’t researched.

    1. No the important thing is that humvees are scary and banana republics have them too. Also there should be no consequences for breaking the law flagrantly.

      1. Breaking ineffective, unnecessary, and likely unconstitutional laws is a badge of honor and more people should do it.

        1. So the law obviously wasn’t ineffective, it’s not unconstitutional, and unecessary is just another way of expressing mood affiliation. Nice try I guess.

          1. Please explain to me how blanket curfews impacting the peaceful and the violent alike doesn’t violate the constitutional right to peaceably assemble.

      2. Oh and don’t forget it’s “the middle of the night.” Scary.

  7. If the government can’t respect your rights during an emergency, they don’t respect them at any other time either.

    1. Exactly. I mean, none of this shit is surprising, but that doesn’t mean we should shrug and accept it.

    2. If The Palm won’t sell me a steak during a hurricane then the free market is broken.

      1. You are the most sad and impotent troll we have.

        1. I don’t know. All of our trolls are completely impotent. Just ask your mom.

      2. Yes Sam, we know you bow and kneel before the wonder of the state, no need to constantly remind us.

        Clearly arresting a guy just walking around and harming no one is exactly what the founders intended when writing the Constitution. How can you have freedom without state imposed curfews on adults and the rounding up of non-violent protesters?

        1. The founders did not intend for White Americans to become a minority in the country they founded. But only the beliefs of the founders’ that you agree with are important.


          2. Sam, if you want to act like the racist dickhead you are, just come out and do it. What good is hiding behind sockpuppet accounts you created to agree with you?

          3. Well, if the founders had put ‘this country shall never be non-white!’ in the Constitution, maybe that would have the force of law.

            As it stands, the right to peaceable assembly is in the Bill of Rights, so your idiotic racist assertions aside, the founders’ belief that I agree with just so happens to be in the Constitution, as opposed to your opinion about America’s racial makeup.

            I like how the authoritarians on this page invariably show that they’re some sort of fascist or racist.

  8. Then the camera pans to a black Humvee, slowly cruising onto the scene.

    The CNN commentators continue to yammer on about police “optics” as the Humvee inches closer to Kent. Suddenly, several National Guardsmen break from the line and shove Kent into the still-moving vehicle.

    Fuck. We’re rapidly descending into banana republic territory; targetting known agitators for disappearance. Will he be found to have committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head and swimming five miles out into the Atlantic?

    1. No, no! You swim five miles out then shoot yourself!


    “Say, did you hear that fabulously witty thing Obama said to George Takei at dinner the other night? The man is positively godlike.”

  10. You swim five miles out then shoot yourself!

    Ahh. Never mind.

  11. So the jackboots wrote themselves a ticket for having a busted headlight in their humvee, right? Then forcibly searched their own humvee because they made furtive movements and feared for their lives after saying “no” when they asked themselves if they could perform a search?


  12. This is bad. But I have to check my racism here. What would I think if he were some white SJW who got tossed into that police Humvee? “Excellent!” , I have to admit. I’m wrong, I know.

  13. By the way, this is why the people saying ‘oh, the riots are a means of getting back at the man!’ are such idiots. What actually happens during riots like this is that a lot of people get scared by the rioters and fall back on the government to protect them. The government then uses that as justification to enact all sorts of draconian rules regarding curfews, etc.

    These riots actually cause further police militarization.

    1. Rioting pretty much gives every asshole racist cop free rein to kick the shit out of whomever they please

    2. This. I have all the sympathy in the world for peaceful protesters, but I have no sympathy whatsoever for opportunistic looting hoodlums. There’s a vast difference.

    3. “These riots actually cause further police militarization.”

      And that is totally not the point of having the riots. Nope. No way.

      Didn’t the mayor tell the rioters to have at it, then call off the cops when they did?

    4. *Puts on tinfoil hat
      This may sound crazy, but I have a THEORY:
      The federal government allows shit to break out for the first couple of days to scare the rest of us into believing that we need more protection. They also throw in the AG into the mix with the “local cops are racists” routine(they literally did that while exonerating Darren Wilson in Ferguson!). Then rinse and repeat. Voila! A FEDERALIZED POLICE FORCE(tm).
      “This is how democracy dies, to applause”(close enough to the quote)-some chick in Star Wars

  14. You don’t want to be arrested, don’t break the law, regardless of how silly and unconstitutional!

    I’m sure all of the Innocence Project clients say the same thing, amirite?

    1. That humvee had a headlight out, funny that they weren’t arrested.

    2. Needz moar derp!

    3. How’s your dad doing?

  15. A state of emergency was declared, which means they have the legal authority to do this. And Miranda only needs to be read to someone who’s been arrested if the cops intend to question them, usually to try to get them to confess to the crime.

    Since they have all the evidence in the world that he was breaking the law they didn’t need to ask him questions, thus no Miranda.

    I see a lot of unusual anxiety in the comments section here.

    1. Oh my god, didn’t you guys know that all the government has to do is declare a state of emergency and then they are legally allowed to tell you when you can leave your house and if you disobey through you in the back of a car and drive off.

      I can rest a lot easier now, knowing that my rights don’t matter if the government declares a state of emergency.

      1. States of Emergency: they’re magical!

    2. For serious. The government only gives us “rights” when we behave ourselves. Those kids were getting uppity, so citywide bedtime was declared and due process revoked. YOU’LL GET DUE PROCESS WHEN YOU LEARN TO MIND YOUR MANNERS!!!

    3. “A state of emergency was declared, which means they have the legal authority to do this. ”

      No, it does not. See my comment below.

  16. Unless the constitution has been suspended this is a state sponsored kidnapping. Some fuckwit bullshitting his way into the governor’s mansion is not a basis for blanket suspension of liberty of all citizens.

    1. It has been a while since I read about it so I looked again.

      From ex parte Milligan: “If, in foreign invasion or civil war, the courts are actually closed, and it is impossible to administer criminal justice according to law, then, on the theatre of active military operations, where war really prevails, there is a necessity to furnish a substitute for the civil authority, thus overthrown, to preserve the safety of the army and society; and as no power is left but the military, it is allowed to govern by martial rule until the laws can have their free course. As necessity creates the rule, so it limits its duration; for, if this government is continued after the courts are reinstated, it is a gross usurpation of power. Martial rule can never exist where the courts are open, and in the proper and unobstructed exercise of their jurisdiction. It is also confined to the locality of actual war.”

      Those are the conditions for martial law. In this case the civilian authority is intact and functioning. The cops only backed off because they were ordered to, not because they were unable to handle the situation.

      Is this another trial balloon? Foment unrest, call off the cops and declare the civilian authority suspended? Considering the slimy, scheming fucks we are talking about here I don’t think that is an unreasonable question.

  17. I really don’t get this. All arrests are state-sanctioned abductions. That’s literally what a legal arrest is. I’m so confused by this story.

    1. It’s the “libertarians” being disappointed the looters aren’t being given their “space to destroy.”


      2. Hi, I’m an anarchist.

      3. I think looters should not be given the rocket fuel to loot in the first place by local government arrogantly unaffected when its agents severe the spines of those nasty crackhead niggers on the streets of filth.

      4. My lizard overlords want to know, are you…sentient?

    2. We have a contract with government. That contract allows for state sponsored abductions within the terms we allowed. This abduction is not within those terms.

      1. Which part isn’t, though? That’s a serious question.

        1. See my comments regarding martial law.

  18. From what I saw in the video, he wasn’t taken away in the humvee. They used it as a wedge to keep him from running away.

  19. Just once I’d like to see a curfew placed on CNN and FOX during a riot. Just for the fucking fuck of it.

    1. lel
      but who will tell us whether to root for the police (FOX) or the rioters (CNN)?

      1. That smacks of coyness, man.

  20. They didn’t put him in the Hummer they took him through the police line and put him in a paddy wagon (which IS scary). Later in the evening there was a shot of it with the two guys they had arrested visible inside.

    1. Well, that makes a difference. I think.

      Curfew is still stupid illegal bullshit though.

  21. I liked the dumb ass kid who posted, “This kind of arrest should never happen in a democracy”

    Yes, because in a democratic society there are no totalitarian pieces of shit. Gov’t is wonderful and everyone who runs it is just the cream of the crop of liberty loving individuals.

    What a fucking dumbass.

    1. I’ll throw down a cool grand too and bet that this kid will vote for a piece of shit Democrat in every election for his whole life.

  22. I think Reason needs to hand Elizabeth Nolan Brown a pink slip. Here stories are just embarrassing. It wouldn’t hurt if you canned Rob Montz as well. The credibility of your publication is slipping through your fingers. Get it together Gillespie & Welch, we don’t need another “social justice” publication.

  23. There doesn’t appear to be any exception in the curfew order for reporters and cameramen.…..w-20150427

    So why did the NG/police pack this guy away while the reporter and cameramen stood there right in front of them in violation of the curfew?

  24. Meh…whatever. Standard run of the mill bullshit curfew, yeah, would be outragous. The situation being as it has been in Baltimore, fucking pattycake. Not exactly Kent State. Outrage meter may need a little fine tuning.

  25. Napalm, lots of napalm

  26. And the rioters that so many here understood and empathized with had nothing to do with creating an environment where people found this sort of thing necessary. Nope. Whole thing was just some sort of random chance event by National Guard who were just called up randomly because everyone thought it would be fun to play at a police state. Yeah, that’s it.

    The whole thing would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

  27. “nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to know for sure.”

  28. I watched it live, I thought it pretty evil of both CNN and the brown shirts. If the kid was white same ending, no big deal right?

  29. As a libertarian, I value individual freedom very highly.

    As a libertarian I am extremely bothered by the inefficiency of government workers.

    When I see the cops arresting this fellow so expeditiously… well I have mixed feelings.

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