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Watch Cops Tackle a Woman Whose Son Was Just Kidnapped

Family friends help locate missing boy while local police pin down and handcuff mom.


Screenshot/Fox News

A disturbing story out of Sacramento: Paul and Suzanne Guzman's car was stolen out of their Fairfield home's driveway—with their 8-year-old son Brock in the backseat. So the Guzmans did what most people would do and called the local police. The boy and car were eventually found, abandoned unharmed, with the help of a family friend who posted about the matter on social media. The cops, meanwhile, were busy pinning Suzanne Guzman to the ground in front of her house. 

"The cop grabbed her and and they dragged her … around the corner, where they slammed her to the ground and handcuffed her," Paul Guzman told CBS Sacramento. "As soon as they got here we felt like we were being treated like we had done something to our son."

Guzman says he doesn't believe it was the cops who helped find his son. "It wasn't the Fairfield PD that we give credit to for finding him, it was my buddy putting it on social media," he said.

Both Paul and police body-cams caught the interaction on video, which you can watch below. Paul told Fox News his wife was concerned about their dogs when officers wanted to search the house and said they should wait until he returned. 

"Then when I pulled up, there was a cop next to the door, antagonizing the dogs, and so when my wife walked over there and asked him not to antagonize the dogs, and that her husband was here, and put her hand on the screendoor to make sure the screendoor was secure because the dogs will jump up on it and it will open, they manhandled her," Paul Guzman said.

In a statement, the Fairfield Police Department said that "in order to account for every possible scenario, including Brock escaping as the vehicle" and going back inside without his parents noticing, officers requested to search the home. "Suzanne Guzman refused to consent to officers checking her home for Brock … at one point demanding we get a search warrant," it said ."Officers became so concerned they had dispatchers log the fact we were being denied entry into the home." 

The search warrant comment comes after cops repeatedly ask Guzman why she doesn't want them to search her house if her son could be hiding in there. She responds that if her son was inside, he would come running into her arms. The cops suggest maybe there is a dead body inside."Based on the growing concern for Brock, and the exigent need to check the home, officers approached the front door. As they did, one officer saw a 'reddish substance smeared in the carpet' that at first look appeared to be blood," the statement continues. 

Suzanne Guzman got up and pushed past officers toward the front door attempting to enter the residence. Suzanne Guzman refused to move away from the door and struggled with officers as they attempted to move her away from the door. After a short struggle, she was detained in handcuffs. Paul Guzman was also later detained in handcuffs for trying to interfere with officers searching the home.

Both parents were later released with no charges.

"The safety of Brock Guzman was of the utmost concern to us," the police statement concluded. "It was the actions of the family during the investigation that caused us concern and ultimately led to their arrest."

Here's police body-cam video of the altercation: 

And the video from Paul's phone: