Bill Repealing Federal Pot Prohibition Has Bipartisan Backing

A Republican reintroduces legislation that lets states choose their own marijuana policies.



Today Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) reintroduced his Respect State Marijuana Laws Act, a very short bill that makes the federal ban on cannabis inapplicable to people acting in compliance with state law. That simple approach essentially repeals marijuana prohibition at the national level, limiting the federal government's role to assisting states that continue to ban the drug. In that respect, Rohrabacher's bill goes further than the CARERS Act, which is limited to medical use of marijuana (except for the banking provisions).

The 2013 version of Rohrabacher's bill attracted 28 cosponsors, including six Republicans. This year the bill's 12 initial sponsors are evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats are Steve Cohen (Tenn.), Earl Blumenauer (Ore.), Dina Titus (Nev.), Janice Schakowsky (Ill.), Jared Polis (Colo.), and Mark Pocan (Wis.). The Republicans are Rohrabacher, Duncan Hunter (Calif.), Don Young (Alaska), Tom McClintock (Calif.), Thomas Massie (Ky.), and Justin Amash (Mich.). Judging from their support for a federalist approach to marijuana policy, at least four Republican presidential contenders—Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, and Rick Perry—should favor Rohrabacher's bill as well. Chris Christie, not so much.

"Unlike other bills that address only some aspects of the conflict between state and federal marijuana laws," says the Marijuana Policy Project's Dan Riffle, "this bill resolves the issue entirely by letting states determine their own policies. It's the strongest federal legislation introduced to date, and it's the bill most likely to pass in a Republican-controlled Congress. Nearly every GOP presidential contender has said marijuana policy should be a state issue, not a federal one, essentially endorsing this bill."

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  1. It’s like it’s some kind of libertarian moment or something, man.

    Don’t worry, the president will veto- i or it will have some amendment with PATRIOT act for eternity provisions in it.

    1. Nothing like a good logroll.

    2. Judging by past history, another New Deal?

    3. Maybe they figure once everyones high they can get away with more stealing:)

      1. There’s probably truth to that.

  2. After a day of nut punches Reason brings this. Time to pack it in before the next impact…

    1. It will be a big one. Testicular Rupture on the horizon.

  3. That simple approach essentially repeals marijuana prohibition at the national level, limiting the federal government’s role to assisting states that continue to ban the drug.

    It’s better than the status quo but it is a far cry from repealing prohibition at the national level. And does it actually limit the feds to assisting or can they continue to go after people on their own so long as it is in a state where it is illegal?

    A true repeal would leave the states to have to enforce on their own and more importantly solely rely on their own funding. I imagine state level legalization would skyrocket after that.

    1. Great point. Governments aren’t swayed by moral imperatives, but financial constraints are the best medicine for liberty compliant policy.

  4. Take the 10%. Seriously, this is where people should contact their congress critter and ask them to support this, and be persistent. It’s not perfect, it’s a start and first chink in the armor. If it goes through, you set a new baseline, then try for another 10%.

    1. THIS

    2. Its a system that’s worked so well for the left.

      1. bingo

        1. Fabian libertarianism. Been saying this for years.

          Also, this is a perfect example of the sort of carefully-targeted, libertarian plank the GOP should be creating for their 2016 platform:

          – a libertarian solution (#1)
          – specific, limited, not expensive
          – can be sold to conservatives, centrists, and even liberals as not too scary
          – counter the perception of the GOP as stodgy, unimaginative, controlling. Innovation! Technology! Entrepreneurship!
          – put the Democrats on the defensive
          – insert a wedge between the “do your own thing” leftists and the authoritarian statists

          Other areas for this: food freedom, small business regulations, medical research and testing, education.

          1. Chipping away for liberty. I like it. Anything to try and curtail the total state.

    3. “Seriously, this is where people should contact their congress critter and ask them to support this, and be persistent.”

      I’d like to think there would be some effect from such an effort on my part, but that slimy hag Pelosi is ‘my’ rep, and I am publicly registered as a “libertarian” voter.
      I am acquainted with someone who worked in her local office; any com was compared to donor lists. No paga, no response.
      I can assure you that whatever I sent to that hag would never get past the first ring of staffers.

      1. This is unfortunate. I used to have the execrable Mike Rogers as my Rep till he retired. As much of a piece of this as he is, I’d take him over Pelosi all day.

        1. “piece of this”? my fingers have dyslexia – please rearrange those letters to spell “shit”


          1. A piece of this. Sections of that thing. cut portions of found flesh. appropriate amounts of vaginas and dicks. or not. .. confluent dissections of the things the A! this response finds my radar of strange and the virulent strains of the living arrive seeking festivals… the absurd and disturbed arrive and sentences mistaken call for the crowded god plains… I have no fucking idea what the FUCKING fuck is wrong with my FUCKING fingers … the bitch attached to this shit is fucking rollin on some snappy threads in the alien general masses… fuck

            1. “[…]appropriate amounts of vaginas and dicks. or not.[…]”
              AC, this is Pelosi we’re discussing. Definitely “or not”.

              1. Oh God I laughed.

      2. Once again I rode by the street sign in GG Park that said “Nancy peel oh see way”. I cannot stand to see that. We need to get a Calfornia ballot measure to rescind the naming of any public structure, street, building, etc. after a living person or someone who has died fewere than two decades past. Don’t get me started on the Willie L Brown Jr. Bridge.

    4. Just a few nights ago I was reexamining Reefer Madness era propaganda and was reminded how practically the very exact same things they were saying about marijuana back then they’re saying about their new “most horrifying” drugs of today.

      Sad thing is until the whole drug war is ended the horrifying civil rights trampling by the authorities is bound to carry on.

      1. Just a few nights ago I was reexamining Reefer Madness era propaganda and was reminded how practically the very exact same things they were saying about marijuana back then they’re saying about their new “most horrifying” drugs of today.

        Dude, the stuff they were saying about weed then has now just been transferred to what they’re saying about rape culture, guns, and terrorists now.

        You could make an amazing parody of Reefer Madness set on a college campus about feminists freaking out about rape culture, but I’m pretty sure those psychopaths would send you death threats.

        1. Misogyny Madness (2015)

          Young, innocent college student Haven Monahan (Justin Beiber) joins a fraternity at Faber State University. Soon he falls under the sway of shady upperclassmen who are secret figures in the Ivory Patriarchy, a group of men’s rights activists. He takes the “red pill” and begins a plot to trick Jackie (Taylor Swift), an innocent student with a crush on him, into becoming the unwitting star of their next ritual of oppression….

          Casting suggestions etc. are welcomed.

      2. What they say about ‘hard drugs’ now, they used to say about marijuana, which they used to say about alcohol, which the used to say about *tobacco*.

        1. Hell, in some parts of the world its been said about *caffeine*.

          1. Like Utah

          2. Like Utah

        2. You didn’t mention jazz or rock n roll.

    5. Thissity this.

  5. . . . essentially repeals marijuana prohibition at the national level, limiting the federal government’s role to assisting states that continue to ban the drug.

    The hell it does.

    The Feds will do the exact same thing they’ve done already – claim that the people they arrest aren’t in compliance with state law *as the feds understand that law*.

    1. Yep. My thought as well.

  6. REPENT!

    1. The nigh is end.

    2. The high is nigh!

        1. You’re right. I just kinda liked it.

  7. Rand Paul’s son busted for DUI in Kentucky

    William Hilton Paul, the 22-year-old son of Republican presidential contender Rand Paul, was cited for driving under the influence of alcohol just before noon Sunday after he hit the back of a parked vehicle on Woodland Avenue.

    This is the third time William Paul has had a run-in with the law because of alcohol use.

    According to the citation, Lexington police found Paul at 11:24 a.m. sitting in the driver’s seat of a maroon 2006 Honda Ridgeline that had collided with a parked vehicle at 147 Woodland Avenue. The report said Paul was “belligerent” and had “a strong odor of alcohol,” bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

    A witness told police that just before the collision, Paul had been “revving his engine” while sitting alone in the truck, which was perpendicular in the intersection of Old Vine and Woodland.

    Paul failed a field sobriety test and refused to take a blood test, according to the citation

    He was taken to University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital to be treated for minor facial injuries that occurred during the wreck, Lexington police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts said.

    Paul was charged at the hospital with DUI and failure to maintain required auto insurance, Roberts said. Paul was not taken to jail because he was being treated for his injuries, she said.

    Talk about a walking stereotype.

    1. The man who wants to run the country cannot even run his own family. He has no business being president!

      His son, obviously a spoiled rich kid (no surprise he was white), was probably high the entire time, too! LOL! Just like Ayn would have wanted!

      1. Dude’s driving around a 9-year old Honda pickup. That just screams privilege.

        1. Dude, he was driving it ironically. Total onepercenter move.

          1. Hmm, I don’t know. I think we need a poll to determine just how ironic the Honda Ridgeline is.

            1. A Honda Ridgeline isn’t a “pickup” – it’s a puss wagon. Like a Suburu Brat’s older brother, except not a cool.

              Damned kid could at least drive a ‘murcan pickup! Ford Super Duties are made in Kentucky, even…

      2. When I was 22 what my parents thought was irrelevant legally and otherwise. I hope you don’t consider it your responsibility to “run” your adult children’s lives. Let me guess mouth breather proggie?

        1. Or, you know, sarcasm.

          1. If it is parody it is too realistic although in fairness it is getting harder to satirize proggie positions as they are increasingly becoming self satire. Eventually we will hit the singularity.

            1. If it is parody it is too realistic although in fairness it is getting harder to satirize proggie positions as they are increasingly becoming self satire. Eventually we will hit the singularity.

              The reason it’s too realistic is because even though this is a joke (it comes from a regular poster) I’ve seen Salon posters make almost identical arguments.

        2. rudehost|4.22.15 @ 8:52PM|#
          “When I was 22 what my parents thought was irrelevant legally and otherwise.”

          When I was 22, I was several thousand miles away from my folks.

    2. Talk about a walking stereotype.


    3. Ugh, come on William…

    4. That’s a classic case of “fuck you dad”

      1. Aren’t kids great?

        1. William, I know things are tough for you. To make up for it, I bought you a two year trip touring Asia, you leave tomorrow!

        2. I’m certain mine will never do anything like that to me, because they love me so much.

          *cries in anticipation of future*

    5. OK, how many *other* children does Rand have?

      1. Apparently two, Robert and Duncan.

        He and his wife should get to work making some spares.

      2. And does he ‘other’ children at all?

    6. I was just thinking what we need is a modern Billy Carter.

      1. Oooh, maybe we can get some Willie Beer!

        1. I’m thinking Willie Beer should be a Scotch Ale.

        2. Malik Abongo Beer?

    7. the truck, which was perpendicular in the intersection

      I don’t know what that meant, but it couldn’t be the cartoonish scene I’m imagining. I mean, there’s drunk driving, and then there’s…huh?!

      Anyway, think William has to take one for the team?

  8. “That simple approach essentially repeals marijuana prohibition at the national level”

    No, it doesn’t.

    It leaves it up to the Feds to decide if you’re complying with state pot laws. You are not, according to them. Ever.

    This only works if the law explicitly identifies the States where federal pot laws no longer apply.

  9. Rohrabacher really has been excellent on this issue for quite a while. I wish him success.

  10. Is it impossible to just remove Marijuana from Sched 1? Why is another law necessary? Fucking government.

    I would take this as a step in the right direction, but fuck.

    1. Yes. Way too many careers and budgets depend on that classification at this point. They will never relent.

    2. Obama could do that with one signature. It’s completely within his powers, unlike 99% of his executive orders. But he’d rather have the issue as one to whine about “Well, I want to do it, but that damned obstructionist Congress won’t let me!”

      1. No, actually it has to be the AG, with input from the sec’y of HHS.

        1. No, actually it has to be the AG, with input from the sec’y of HHS.

          The first part is true, not sure about the second. The law says the AG requires some sort of sciency BS to make his determination upon; nevertheless, compared to the things Obama has done with executive orders before, and how little regard Holder has for his own reputation, the legal requirement is hardly an obstacle for this administration.

    3. Repeal or reclassification would be too much like “We fucked up.” A law is more like “We are correcting an anomalous situation.”

  11. Scott Walker, ‘Tough on Crime’ Anomaly in GOP Field?

    Writing in the Nation in February, Scott Keyes ran through Walker’s record on the issue and concluded that, over the course of his political career in Wisconsin, Walker had passed one law after another that resulted in more people being sent to prison for longer. “In just the 1997?98 legislative session, Walker authored or co-sponsored twenty-seven different bills that either expanded the definition of crimes, increased mandatory minimums for offenders, or curbed the possibility of parole,” Keyes reported.

    Michael Tanner of the National Review, a magazine that has a solid claim on being the Nation’s exact ideological opposite, came to the same conclusion last month. “Most of the Republican presidential candidates are touting their positions in favor of reducing prison time, allowing some felons to expunge or seal their criminal records, and even reforming federal drug laws,” Tanner wrote. But, he added, “One big exception to this trend is Scott Walker.”…..ernor.html

    The article has an unintended hilarious ‘Koch Brothers’ take throughout it, be sure to scroll down for the hilarious correction [900 BILLION dollars!!!]

    1. Other than standing up to public sector unions I’m really not Walker fan.

      1. That’s a huge plus, though. I am not thrilled with the story, but I’d want to see just what the tough-on-crime bills were before I pass judgment.

      2. Overall, I’m a Walker hater. Knowing the GOP, he’ll probably get the nod and fatass Christie will be his VP choice. We’ll end up with the first “woman” president. I would definitely vote L.

    2. a magazine that has a solid claim on being the Nation’s exact ideological opposite

      Isn’t that The Weekly Standard? I know they all look alike to Slate, but NR historically takes some heterodox positions.

      1. And they seem to have a penchant for hiring more right-Libertarians of late (Cooke, Tanner, and Cavanaugh come to mind).

        1. I’d also include Katherine Timpf who doesn’t really write about much other than campus bullshit and cultural issues (so I don’t really know what her opinions are on foreign policy), but I saw an interview with her where she was talking about various gay family members she has and how she doesn’t really have any issues with gay or trans people.

          At the very least she seems much more laissez faire on cultural issues than most conservatives. She also had an interview where she talked about sex with Gavin McGinnis, and I don’t know how many actual conservatives would willingly discuss boning with that degenerate.

          I think we might have confirmation!

          It’s terrifying how few people actually understand how the market works, and how government intervention can often hurt instead of help. If you’re a young person and you do understand these things, you need to share your knowledge with others. There are a lot of people out there who are libertarians but just don’t know it yet.

          The best freedom movement is one that’s devoted to all kinds of freedom ? both economic and personal. I would like to see the movement keep its focus on keeping the government small.

          Looks like my read on her was pretty accurate.

        2. I’d add Kevin Williamson.

  12. Totally OT: Did this get talked about yet?

    I especially like their second point. Talk about all that experience Hildog has!

    It really seems as though these women just love being dominated. They apparently have yet to meet a government command they won’t lay down for.

    1. I’m not sure those are all women.

      1. I’m not sure they’re all human…

      2. Ladyboys?

    2. Make this the top of the news.

      1. Let them take out ads in all the major women’s magazines, on The View, and on the Lifetime Network.

        Make Hillary squirm.

        1. Make Hillary squirm.


          /couldn’t resist

  13. Hold still citizen massoclastic while your government slowly tries to remove the screwdriver it jammed into your 50 year-old stomach… hold still now, you squirming fuck, while we hope our fucking Republican/Democrat rape gang-bang in the dirty alleys of social con/justice on your tied-up ass hasn’t gone too wrong too far…

    1. Thank the jesus fucking christ and buddha balls some of these totalitarians have decided decades after ruining and killing thousands of lives over weed that maybe they can ever so slightly pen some gushy moosh that sorta tries to stem the bodies and lives piling up on the freedom dam… fucking catfish in the American political rivers love feasting on the lives and brains of the ruined while the fat fucking pols of all the stripes eat steaks at their favorite restaurants in the various DC’s and then afterwards dp the hot strippers with their lobbying filth wards in the various industries.

      Fuck America. And fuck all the other places way fucking worse. At least this amazing hellhole hasn’t been ruined yet by the goddamned divinity text worshippers and slovenly marxists….

      Number one hellhole on this fucking round galactic orgasm… America.

    2. How is the cat? I hope firearms were not necessary.

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        ALL leave my old lady on the front porch alone… except for that SINGLE FUCKING measly asshole goddamn brown tinypunk ass cat…. I won’t let the old sweet lady on my front porch be tortured this spring. that is all Quin12d

        1. My siamese expired at 19. She was witness to most of my adult life, even as she was deaf and blind at the end. The new guy, the big fluffy idiot who is right now gnawing my hand, he thinks everything is awesome. I side with him.

          1. Glorious tale floated on the yacht of planets, Q

  14. “The More Sex You Have, The More Money You Earn”

    Likewise, the more Van Goghs you own, the richer you are.…..-earn.html

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      1. That’s very…interesting…please, go on…

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          1. Dear Penthouse Forum,

            I’m a student at a small, midwestern college. I never believed all those stories till this happened to me….

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            2. Penthouse Forum kept the average pornographer from losing the ability to read text.

              1. And a few writers made a living writing.

      2. Dear Reason:

        If you give Agile Cyborg a daily column I will donate $500 the next time you all start asking for donations.



        1. *searches furiously for “Like” button*

          1. Simultaneously appealing and frightening

  15. Story #1: Religion of Cutting People Into Pieces –

    “ISIS operatives have executed two groups of prisoners, believed to be Ethiopian Christians, in Libya, according to a video released Sunday by the terror network’s media arm.”…..hristians/

    Story #2: Pathetic small-dicked bishop countermands pistol-packing padre, rolls out welcome mat for criminals, terrorists:

    “he Ann Arbor Catholic priest under criticism for urging parishioners to arm themselves has posted on Facebook that his parish will no longer hold any classes to learn about earning a license to carry a concealed pistol.

    “The Rev. Edward Fride said he’ll abide by the directive of Lansing Bishop Earl Boyea, who oversees the parish, and who said Monday such classes are not appropriate for church property.”…../26125335/

    1. On the diocesan Web site, the bishop shows the same care for his flock as did those bishops who retained sex abusers in the priesthood:

      “Bishop Boyea has never given permission for anyone to carry a concealed weapon in a church or school of the Diocese of Lansing.

      “This ban on weapons has now been extended to “open carry” in our churches and our schools, thus making them gun-free zones.

      “Additionally, Bishop Boyea further states that Concealed Pistol License classes are inappropriate activities to be held on Church property.

      “As always we rely on the public or professional security forces to provide for public safety on Church property.”


      1. “As always we rely on the public or professional security forces to provide for public safety on Church property.”

        Yeah…um, about that

        1. Let’s wash out that unpleasant memory, let’s look an incident in the life of the young monk St. Gabriel Possenti (ignore the hoplophobic editorial comments):

          “…it was reported one day that a company of soldiers was coming to pillage the town. Most of the townsfolk fled to the mountains. The soldiers arrived, got drunk, and went about robbing buildings and burning houses.

          “Brother Gabriel got permission to go into town to see if he could help in any way. He encountered there a soldier who had seized a young girl. The soldier mocked the monk; but Gabriel quickly seized the man’s pistol, pointed it at him and ordered him to release the frightened girl. Another soldier then came up. Gabriel ordered him to hand over his pistol, and this he took in his other hand. More soldiers drew near, loaded down with booty. They seemed to think that an ordinary monk would not know how to use a gun on them. To prove the contrary, Gabriel shot at a lizard running nearby and made a direct hit. Eventually, the Passionist Brother forced the whole company to put down their booty, extinguish the fires they had set, and troop out of the village.”


          1. I traveled that story… No one believes you can do this but I did because that is what I do… I travel history and I can do this because I am nothing in no place or plain or in any brain… so I traveled your story and I deemed that travel fucking … very fucking jarring and mind-swerving and educational and wow…

      2. Oh, well, a “gun-free zone”! Of course, the obvious solution. What could possibly go wrong?

      1. It doesn’t count because it reflects badly on the Church. You yourself could have posted it.


          1. I know you are, but what am I?

    2. Well, to be fair to the good Bishop – Christianity preaches both to turn the other cheek *and* that God will punish the sinners. Killing is a sin and there’s no self-defense, uh, defense in the bible.

      1. On the other hand, being Catholic bishop should mean making use of some 18+ centuries of supplemental material, lots of which deals with resolving issue of self-defense vs turning the other cheek etc. You aren’t supposed to just pull the rulings out of your miter.

        Now, CoE Bishop? They can be meek, but I prefer them badass


    If my lovely brothers and tiny slice of sisters feel the urge… a manual on screamage.

    1. If you are not silnging an axe, your scream is invalid.

      1. I sling these little bags called big bangs. loverly quinc

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          1. I smelled those petal of Quin and my face scrammed like a cube of volatile ferns.. so these steps drive a mine shaft into quin the 12’s.

            1. Eight years old, Cosmos on the PBS. This could have made me a priest. If the cult was not just a never ending amplication of a cosmic loneliness.

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    Life is meant to rise. Liberty is the purest mixture of mind-bending and mind-releasing….

    1. Good evening, A C! How do you like this little ditty?

      1. A certain ‘rich’ness glistens on the notes o’ le visuals and tones.. I’ m actualizing a hammered world right so I shall play this madness into the vortex tunnels of this brain cage….

    2. Philosophy keeps us earthborne. Last thing the Martians need is human philosophy. The noble savage is an asphyxiation upon the dust

      1. Lovely boyking, I been reading Karl Popper and my brain machines whurr with a logitical lust for a sweet cunt with tight lips made from all the Bertrand musings…

        1. Karman limit is the edge, not because it is high but because it is fast. The last the thing we need up there is philosophy. What we need is practice.

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            1. I want to hear mewling on Mars. I want the striving classes Oort bound. I want to see the notion of a tax form, a mockable thing, burning upon reentry, glittering in the night.

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    1. I repeat my argument that you could string together Agile Cyborg posts and have the greatest Lovecraftian horror story in history.

      the entire beyond is a connected IK an animated inverste cosmic program banging on the strings of old deep stars


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    1. In a perfect universe, could we get Rand Paul to select Agile Cyborg as his inaugural poet?

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  21. Cab sleepbag on tires in tho murder alleys from alien dimes..

    1. The last things, the last things, the worst is what we have.

      1. We are the have of our lost feelings the strains of deep pains the slight slivers of powers the scream with uprisings and the muscles against fail… and my eys blur all these words and I am so fucking hammered on booze and coke that i dont really know what to do but find a boat hitched on these threads and I really fukin wish… what is weird is I actually saw the box I typed in turn into a dimensiolnlal cave and my typing actually become reality and these wordes penetrated time and space and 3d logarithms but I have an amazing story to tell but I’m fuking typing on the top of a ball that is about to drop and my keys t…..

        1. Better now than ever, I am disgusted the next generation thinks complaint is valid. Ever chasing utopia, never curious how things work, never curious how they can wreck it all. They’ll keep at it until we’re eating weeds.

  22. Keep your health, Agile, I’d hate to miss your, ah, unique insights.

    1. dont intervene my shit, you lovely mountain of love.

      1. What is my lovey GKC? I am solid muscles………….. big dude with verit lttle fat on my body and I do work everday to eat right and I do eat sev vits and I get fucked up a lot on booze and drugs but I am a chef of awasoms foods…………….

        I love you

  23. weird I got trapped somewhere… I got like smashed in the lion lights and kinda lost my breath and I saw lights with claws and horns and I ran into the rainbows of creature kings and queens but I actually was worried for the organ pulls and piano plucks….

  24. So the gleam of labs erected by the nasa were found by the reason wolf hordes rips…

    space crickets trophy given to Notorious fucking B.I.G.

    Ready to die

  25. Universe gods and sweet queenage and odd kingdicks, give my sweet and amazing fucking loving thread monsters tons of luck, love, sex, and cash….

    1. Practice. Love, cash, love and sex is a contrail of altitude. We are orbital when orbital is boring.

      1. What a lovely superthreadboy!!!

  26. “President Rohrabacher”

  27. the math of isis dust?

    1. A splattering. That is all that that equates.

      1. splatter isthe math of atoms by friedman… the splashes of jabs of living auras captured in the funk of skins..

        1. I stared at the lions of Babylon in Berlin. I am am glad they’re there

  28. The planet treats isis like a tired closet… old man pants on tired dust egos.

    the eye notches can’t be made into logarithsm cuz isis ain’t a fucking betta spring….
    what the fuck is up with this negativ stream on the works of isis this and that?

  29. The planet treats isis like a tired closet… old man pants on tired dust egos.

    the eye notches can’t be made into logarithsm cuz isis ain’t a fucking betta spring….
    what the fuck is up with this negativ stream on the works of isis this and that?

    1. Needz more AC florid descriptions.

  30. so i sat in the dust of history and cried
    and magnets of dimensions smashed on my bones
    and i lived resisting science until it rose above

    faith…. faith is a pill for the broken.. and I took this
    pill for several weeks called klonopin and it worked
    and I hit button two on the elevator for cocaine cuz
    klonopin was far for addicitive and I smashed coke in
    my fuckng nose and laid back while my fingers floated

    a stream of blood and philosophy… thorns of screams injected into
    my coke yacht and I insist on some fucking beer and books cuz
    this rocket flies with best beer and best mind bacteria…

  31. rock- and rolls and hundreds of philosophers made me love life more than all those things called politicians, sherrifs, mayors, and pastors….

    FUCK the jello of all the tradition miles… from the top to bottom .. it has culled and killed… fuck it from the top and bottom of times….

    All men and women should love and live as free as possible because we don’t fucking love goddamn long in the first place…

  32. the thread tires like a light hum…
    and also tire becuase I am planning on embarking on a trip into the lost
    all of the juxtapostions have cabled their certain momas cuz they fear the
    invension of dimension points … don’t get caught with us, thread, cuz

    you get caught travel and those roads are difficult to come home to.
    so I can ty[pe this and in all those various songs but the lines and points have
    to be traveled… if not by one, by all….

    I just discovered a buz full of hot small women…midgets… small………… but cute and titty licious
    and at least a dozen of small lovely women pulled up to my reality at this moment and they
    well…are a mix of small asians, blondes, brunettes, and one swede but that bus is full of
    tiny vaginas and we are about to smash a galaxy man…

    1. The last thing, the last thing, is easy.

  33. I opened a door on the wall of notes and screams and I will drag my tired limbs into that hinged path of cries and I noted I cannot actually walk so I imagine I ca but this doesnt really work even tho it does because even tho I imagine I can walk I actually can’t beyound the dreams of brains because my limbs are fucked up but my brain kind of isnt but everything else is…. so hmmm.

  34. The morning is mist of energy.
    First light owns human brains.
    the old sun goes blackmarket
    for human machines.

    And the stars are all dead but
    their lights care cuz energy fills
    us all from the beginning and end
    we live and die but we grow and care
    while killing and murdering…

    for wars and battles to smooth
    the tired clouds of animosity..
    the middle planet isnt the midwest
    is it the middle east..

    you process the tunnels of military
    schemes and tho all those pointed lasers
    and steel-winged rockets protect us…
    if supra powers unleash most die.

    very few of us will live…

  35. vibrations of greek impact my shift quant… I am in the dungeon of deep binary octopusi and I feel all my muscles into into a deep ocean castle with all the awesome blue rupples…

  36. Probably won’t do anything, but whatever:
    Mr. Dent, please co-sponsor and support the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act, introduced by Rep. Rohrabacher. Federal enforcement of marijuana laws in states whose residents have rejected prohibition is contrary to federalism, wasteful, and perpetuates the black-market violence the residence of these states look to avoid.

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