Mike Huckabee

Who Is This Mike Huckabee Guy, and Is He Running for President?

He says he'll tell us his plans on May 5.


I'm with him on the grits but I don't like gravy.
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Mike Huckabee didn't confirm tonight that he's running for president, but he told us when he'd let us know. Interviewed by Fox News' Bret Baier, the Republican said he'd make a formal announcement in Hope, Arkansas, on May 5.

Huckabee, who served as governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007, last ran for president in 2008. Here's what you need to know about him:

1. He's a very religious man. That's no surprise—the Republican primaries overflow with religion—but for Huckabee, an ordained Baptist minister, it's an especially important part of his identity. This is a man who once refused to sign a bill because it referred to tornadoes and floods as "acts of God."

Huckabee's religion generally leads him to socially conservative conclusions: He is opposed to gay marriage, to marijuana, to porn, to prayer-free schools, to abortion. But it has also—sometimes—given him a more forgiving approach to criminal justice than is typical among elected Republicans, or for that matter elected Democrats. Though he supports several traditional law-and-order measures, such as the death penalty, he also issued over 1,000 pardons and commutations during his decade as governor. That's much more than Hillary Clinton's husband did when he had the same job.

2. His nannying instincts cross ideological frontiers. Huckabee doesn't just want a government powerful enough to take away a person's pot or pornography. He also favors nanny-state causes that usually find more fans among liberals than conservatives. As governor he pushed public schools to track each student's body mass index, and he signed a bill limiting where people were allowed to smoke. In 2007 he said he'd be willing to sign a national version of the same bill, arguing that "we shouldn't allow people to pour the toxic, noxious fumes of a cigarette into a place where people have to work."

The last time Huckabee ran for president, stances like those led the conservative writer Jonah Goldberg to call the candidate a "right-wing progressive." Strange though that phrase may sound, it captures a real part of Huckabee's thinking. The Protestant pietist tradition was a strong influence on the original Progressive Era, and activists under its spell were often as interested in reforming individuals as they were in reforming institutions. Their secularized, health-focused descendants today represent the more intrusive side of modern liberalism, backing sin taxes, smoking bans, and the like. Imagine someone pushing that agenda in its old religious context, and you've got Huckabee. (Well, not all of that agenda. Modern liberals may love public-health arguments for gun control, but Huckabee's a Second Amendment man. On the flipside, he's capable of claiming that homosexuality "can pose a dangerous public health risk.")

3. His progressive tendencies show up in other places too. Huckabee has condemned President Obama's "big-spending agenda," but spending sharply increased in Arkansas while he was in charge. He still balanced the budget each year, as state law requires, but he accomplished that by raising taxes. (During his 2008 campaign, Huckabee liked to brag that he had cut taxes "almost 94" times. He didn't dwell on the 21—or, if you prefer, almost 22—tax hikes that he also oversaw. The hikes were larger than the cuts.) Huckabee also supports farm subsidies, energy subsidies, and trade barriers.

4. He's framing himself as a man-of-the-people populist. But it's not clear how exactly that will affect the issues he campaigns on this time around. There's a GOP contingent that calls for "libertarian populism," arguing that the defense of the common man requires serious reductions in government power, but Huckabee obviously isn't about to embrace their platform. On the other hand, he's well aware that Republicans aren't going to flock to a candidate calling for more redistribution. And so you get videos like this one, released earlier this month, which tries to align Huckabee both with voters in dire economic straits and with voters who want a more limited government, but which offers absolutely nothing in the way of concrete policy proposals:

Huckabee may be more comfortable discussing entitlement spending, which is popular with voters of both parties. Earlier today he attacked Chris Christie for suggesting that Social Security and Medicare should face further means-testing and that the programs' eligibility ages should be gradually raised.

5. He's a hawk. Huckabee's not-officially-a-campaign-yet has released this video, too:

A foreign policy of snake-whacking. Got it.

The bottom line: Huckabee's an interesting figure, and people like me are not going to get bored writing about him. And he could certainly have an impact on the race, perhaps by getting into another skirmish about entitlements at just the right moment. But he's not a likely nominee.

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  1. Sorry Jesse but already covered in the P.M. links.

    My comment – “Bush. Clinton. Christie. Now Huckabee. Holy crap.

    Every presidential election brings out all of the has-beens who are still narcissistic enough to think they can win. The only people I see this time who are capable of generating any kind of enthusiasm are Paul and Cruz. Everyone else is just more of the same ol’ shit that everyone is past being sick of. It is pathetic, really.”

    1. You could possibly add Walker to the list of semi-exciting newbies. I’m still reserving judgement, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up being Chris Christie lite.

      1. Hey, what part of SoCal? Some of us socialize IRL. This socializing often includes food, and booze.

        1. I’m in the deepest depths, Imperial County. Ten minutes from Mexico, two hours from San Diego, and about four hours from LA. Any socializing in the SD area?

          1. You know, I’ve heard surprisingly little from San Diegans. I think there’s one or two, but I can’t think of who they are. I’ll be in SD the weekend of May 2 for a wedding.

            1. My niece just got married at the Hotel Del on Coranado island, it was a blast! If you’ve got the chance I recommend Stone Brewing at Liberty Station. Nice garden setting with world class beer selection. When I was there last summer they had Korean bbq short ribs, so good I nearly crapped my pants.

              1. Nearly crapped your pants is good? I thought it was food poisoning.

            2. I’m a San Dieguite. Our local libertarian crank is Richard Rider, otherwise known as Dick Rider.

            3. Is it a gay wedding, or are you boycotting those?

              1. Straight wedding. There’s a discussion in the Maggie Gallagher thread of me and taking lady-stripper boob to the face at the bachelor party as I am a groomsman.

                I literally had deviant heterosexual behavior shoved in my face.


                1. Well for one thing that was my idea first.

                  And I thought the whole reason you grew that beard was to discourage women from touching you, and indeed recoil from you in disgust as they do any man with a beard.

                  1. Well for one thing that was my idea first.

                    Oh jeez. I remember that conversation. I can’t believe that was 2 years ago.

                2. I groomsman’ed a hetero wedding recently. The blow in the limo between strip clubs was nice but I could have done without the actual strip clubs.

                  1. Best man: All right, who brought the coke?
                    *prolonged silence*

                    I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that was his job.


              1. I’ve been bamboozled! All anal bets are off!

              2. Way to deny your own agency, Sudden. I didn’t sucker anybody. Playa on the other hand may have manipulated things.

                1. A woman cannot consent to sex while drunk. That’s rape. Therefore I cannot wager my anal virginity while drunk.

                  Besides, between the mudbutt and hemorrhoid flares, you’d probably want me to do a HCl enema prior to any sodomy.

                  1. A woman cannot consent to sex while drunk. That’s rape. Therefore I cannot wager my anal virginity while drunk.

                    I bet there are a lot of people who wish that applied to getting married in Vegas.

                    Besides, between the mudbutt and hemorrhoid flares, you’d probably want me to do a HCl enema prior to any sodomy.

                    Oh just relax. You’ll enjoy it more… A good shower and some Preparation H a day or too before and things’ll be fine. Also you probably need more fiber and water in your diet.

          2. So – near El Centro/Calexico or Winterhaven?

            I’m in Yuma.

            1. I’m in El Centro. Small world!

              1. Give me a yell sometime and let’s get together.

                  1. Will do.

    2. Do not underestimate the impact of Huckabee on the GOP primary. He’s a very effective and personable campaigner. If he announces, he will get virtually all the socon support. That group is probably about 30% of the folks who show up at caucuses and work precincts – maybe more. Those folks are also old enough to not care one whit about whether he’s a has-been or not.

      If Huckabee gets in, Cruz is basically eliminated. And Paul is too if he doesn’t actually get much of his base to join the GOP (which they won’t).

  2. First Christie, now him? Was the GOP field too thin?

    1. I see what you did there.

  3. Someone need to send him the memo about how the ‘Religious Right’ popularity peaked and started heading rapidly downhill right around the time that Tom DeLay resigned as majority leader, and Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed were exposed as royal scumbags as well.

    i.e.. ~2006 or so.

    I get that guys like him were still hot stuff in 2008. But for the love of line-dancing Jesus, someone tell him its over.

    1. But how do you feel about “vertical stripes being slimming” WRT his sons?

      1. And, for that matter, spaniels hiding gunts?

    2. “…someone tell him its over.”


  4. BTW, looking at the cover of that book makes me wonder; has any politician ever written a book that wasn’t a “NYT Bestseller!”? And, given the utter mediocrity I routinely see on that list, why should anyone care?

    1. I can’t see any value whatsoever to reading a book written by a current or prospective presidential candidate. It’s basically a 400-page campaign advertisement that you have to pay $19.95 to read.

      I honestly think that candidates hire some copywriters to embellish every detail of their lives and make them look like this heroic character that readers can empathize with. It’s just a way to solidify that I’d-like-to-have-a-beer-with-him/her dynamic that is the deciding factor for most voters.

      People who are already sure of who they’re voting for read these stupid books to galvanize their emotional commitment to their candidate of choice.

  5. Good God, the selection sans Paul just keeps getting worse and worse. And it seems that all the Dems are gonna have to offer besides Hilary are … Elizabeth Warren? Joe Biden? Bernie Sanders? Some random has-been?

    1. Fluke?

      1. LOL

        God, please. Please let Fluke be on the dais fielding softballs.

        1. Fluke will be in the back of the van with Bill.

          1. Doubtful. She is over 16.

            Speaking of which, does anyone know if VP Touchyfeely is on the list of visitors to Epstein’s to orgy island?

        2. Please let Fluke be on the dais fielding softballs giving snowballs.

      2. I met up with an ex-gf from college days recently. She worked on Hillary’s 2008 campaign. Total women’s issues/abortion voter.

        She met Sandra Fluke earlier that night at some event about crisis pregnancy centers that she had attended before coming over. She did not have anything good to say about Fluke.

        That should be telling.

    2. I still think Jersey the Hutt may run as a democrat.

      1. “Jersey the Hutt” – So stealing that.

        About the only qualification Christie really has is that he’s the only R that’s enough of a ruthless bastard to go toe-to-toe against Hillary. Anyone who gets between her and the Oval Office will be treated like someone between a junkyard dog and a steak.

        1. Hillary is gonna have a challenge on her hands eating Chris Christie for breakfast.

        2. For better or worse, he made his chops taking on the public sector unions in NJ.

          1. I’d say both. But the thing is, to take on the Hildebeast you need someone with a “My way or an oil drum in the Pine Barrens” attitude. I like Rand Paul. I’m not too happy about some of his positions but if he means what he says about the limitations of executive power (and I believe he does) then there’s no problem.

            Paul’s greatest weakness, like Ron before him, is that he can’t take pressure. He can’t just do the Paul Shuffle (crack under questioning, call the interview a big meaniehead and walk out) on the campaign trail. He’ll break like an Eagles’s quarterbacks leg once Hillary starts in.

            1. I get why they refuse to accept the premise of some of the questions but, really, if you’re going to respond like that then just don’t do those interviews. I don’t think you have to do that kind of stuff these days to get noticed.

              1. True, but most of what any candidate has to deal with as Asked-and-Answered BS. And he won’t get to pick and choose who’s asking the questions. It’s refreshing that someone in politics has little patience for nonsense, but that’s the nature of the modern political beast and I don’t see him getting through it.

                1. He needs to be very cautious about challenging the press – don’t swallow their premises whole, but don’t come off as rude (unless absolutely necessary), especially to a woman reporter. We wouldn’t want women voters to say, “he was dismissive of that woman, just like my condescending ex-boyfriend!”

                  1. +1 Rick Lazio

            2. Paul’s greatest weakness, like Ron before him, is that he can’t take pressure.

              That will be an even bigger problem if he ever got elected and conversely is the reason that Walker would probably be the best president of my lifetime. He stuck to limiting public sector union power in WI under pressure that every other politician (of either party) in the country would have caved to.

        3. Errrr…..that’s “Ovary Office” now you misogynist bastard….

    3. Good God, the selection sans Paul just keeps getting worse and worse.

      I don’t have much of a problem with Walker once he declares. Rubio seems like a nice enough guy, but he’s a total mainline Republican so I’d never vote for the guy.

      I am very hesitant about Ted Cruz because he seems like he’s creating a right-wing cult of personality. Whenever he talks it seems like he’s just buying time until the next applause line. That sort of demagoguery concerns me.

      1. I agree on Cruz. A few people I know are fans and they kinda remind me of the Obumbles fans from 2008.

        It would be awful to have to vote for the guy over the Hildebeast.

        I am rooting for Paul. He appears to be the only solidly principled guy of the lot.

        1. It would be awful to have to vote for the guy over the Hildebeast.

          That’s one nice thing about living in CA: there is zero chance that even 1000 of my votes could swing an election so I can vote for absurd candidates because I like them.

          1. THIS^

            It’s extremely easy to vote your conscience when there is a 100% chance your vote makes no difference. I pretty much vote against the candidate that the Republican party of California chooses to run. Perhaps someday they’ll run a libertarian friendly small r republican and get my vote… I’m not holding my breath.

            1. IMO, Deathmarch, you should be voting against California Democrats, even if it means holding your nose and voting for some moronic Republican. The worst thing for liberty in California is an unchallenged Democratic Party.

              1. The worst thing for liberty in CA is a GOP that tacks left in order to ‘challenge the Dems’. What the GOP should do is change their local agenda and undermine the Dems.

                Personally, I think massively ramping up the size of the state legislature (like 5 or 10 times) is probably their best shot. It was set at 80 soon after CA became a state. Now with a population 50x larger and a state govt that is 1000x larger, the legislature is still the same size. That means no representation (ie no republic) cuz districts are too large, no accountability, massive pressure to make every issue national, easy/cheap cronyism. Its the third least representative legislature in the world behind India and the US House.

                That issue would also align the state GOP with all the third parties who want smaller districts where challengers can actually challenge. And force the Dems to defend an out-of-touch corrupted state legislature that doesn’t have the remotest ability to fix CA problems.

                1. The fundamental problem for the republicans in CA is the prohibition of ‘partisanship’ in local elections, which has effectively eliminated a ‘farm system’ for republicans – the democrats still have one in ‘non-profits’ and various advocacy groups.

              2. It might be bad for CA but its the best thing for the rest of the nation. California would be a great exhibit A in why this authoritarian idiocy doesn’t work. Let them run the whole thing right until they trigger a fiscal supernova.

          2. And now that we have this “top two in the primary” nonsense, I get ballots that don’t even include any Libertarians. WTF. But no doubt that was part of the plan.

            1. That was some serious bullshit. The only people I know who were seriously against it were libertarians and greens. It’s a terrible policy.

              1. Would you be against it if the ballots didn’t mention the candidates’ party affiliation? Because except for that one detail, that election system is something a lot of small-party & independent voters have long wanted: a non-partisan election followed by a runoff. You may say that one detail makes all the difference, but I think that’s an exagger’n.

                Besides, if the only people opposing it were members of tiny parties, can you blame the other voters for being in favor of it? Are elections supposed to be a perquisite for the smallest minority, rather than determining who’s the majority?

                1. Would you be against it if the ballots didn’t mention the candidates’ party affiliation?

                  Yes. I don’t want elections predefined as “the top two candidates.” I want the major parties to be defending against minority parties, and trying to appeal to their voters. Compromise is not always ideal, but it helps moderate the political process.

                  Besides, if the only people opposing it were members of tiny parties, can you blame the other voters for being in favor of it?

                  Yes, I do blame them. It amounts to oppression of dissent that in the final election, the one that counts, I am artificially restricted to two choices.

                  1. But all the candidates are in the 1st election. Then there’s a runoff between the top 2. That helps against the wasted vote problem, making people more likely to vote for a less-supported candidate in the 1st election, knowing they still have a shot to vote against someone they dislike in the runoff.

                2. I don’t think many people realized that it was going to end up with two Democrats running against each other in several races, or maybe they did and were just as excited to cut everyone’s choices down to two extremely similar lefty candidates.

                  1. If the district’s so overwhelmingly Democratic, why is that a problem? You knew a Democrat was going to be elected anyway, so why shouldn’t you have another crack at eliminating one of the worse ones of them in the runoff?

          3. Agreed – here in deepest-blue Massachusetts, I can freely for for whomever I like without any nagging concerns about “splitting the vote”. it just doesn’t matter… it just doesn’t matter… (though I was giddy, in a very restrained way, about not-Coakley winning the race for governor. She needs to burn in hell for lobbying against Gerald Amirault’s release).

            1. I still remember what someone said about her Senate campaign: “It wasn’t the Hindenburg or the Titanic, it was the Hindenburg crashing into the Titanic.”

  6. How soul crushing will it be when Huckabee gets more votes than Rand Paul?

    1. I’m not sure that will happen. Huckabee has to compete with Cruz for the SoCon vote, and he’ll have the Bushes and Rubios of the world competing for the more fiscally “moderate” wing of the party.

      But it definitely could, and it would suck. But still be unsurprising.

      1. No polls matter now, but Huckabee seems to have the evangelical following. He was polling relatively high even as he wasn’t being talked about.

        1. Yeah, but really, he’s irrelevant. Cruz has the God Squad locked up, Paul has the kooks, social liberals and the goldbugs and Jeb’s got the FisCons and moderates sewn up already. Huck’s just not needed.

          1. Oh, he’s very popular Susan. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, dickheads – they all adore him. They think he’s a righteous dude.

      2. Huck doesn’t ‘compete with Cruz’ for the socon vote. If he announces, he has that vote and Cruz is left to poach around the edges

  7. I fell asleep after reading the name Huckabee more than once. I think I am awake now.

    This should make everyone who voted for the Chocolate Jesus swell with pride:


  8. The Ur-SoCon

  9. Every gain we had in the mid-east, and we had some, Obumbles has squandered. He truly has the reverse Midas touch. He took a bad situation and turned it into hell on earth and he is actively working on making even that worse. That is one hell of a legacy you have there Obumbles, making Jimmy Carter look like a foreign policy genius. Worst. President. Ever. By. A. Mile. It is really hard to see how anyone in the future will be able to take that title away from him.

    Now his front-man belittles that squandering. Jesus, what a fucking piece of shit.

    I heard his popularity is holding at just under half. Apparently this lady is part of the disapproval half:


    1. Obama sucks, but I really can’t see how you fail much harder than Buchanan did. The nation was literally going to war with each other as the man left office. Wilson stands out here too, and there are a few others in the conversation at the bottom of the list (including O’s predecessor).

      1. OK, maybe not by a mile. Good arguments can be made for all of those but I am sticking to Obumbles.

        His contempt for the country and the values that made us great plus his being cut from the same cloth as you know who puts him over the top. Or under the bottom, I guess.

        1. “plus his being cut from the same cloth as you know who”


          1. I am impressed. You got it on the first guess.

        2. Bush drove us into the ditch. Obama lit a match and set the car on fire during his first term. His second term is all about dropping a deuce on the hood of the burned out wreck.

          1. I think that is a fair evaluation.

            1. It’s incredible to read the comments here that Obama’s foreign policy, in a libertarian sense, matches Bush’s in awfulness. It’s like the crazy people who say ‘well, Bush supported Medicare D so he’s just as guilty as Obama in pushing the ACA.’ They are in order of magnitude different.

              Think about how abysmally crazy the Bush Iraq action was. I don’t trust the government to do basic tasks around this nation, they almost always don’t know what’s going on. Bush essentially said ‘ok we are going to go to this nation in very different and difficult part of the world and build a Western oriented nation there.’ Other than the ACA it’s hard to think of a government project more full of chutzpah and faith in government.

              Obama is an absolute and unqualified liar in that he ran in 08 promising disengangement from Bush’s follies much sooner than he even could be said to have mildly attempted. But at least he didn’t start such a ridiculous enagement.

              1. You are wasting your time if you are trying to bait me into defending Bush.

                Obumbles foreign policy has brought destabilization and unmatched barbarism throughout the middle east, emboldened our enemies and isolated our allies. He has failed at everything. The philosophical underpinnings of his policies are pure falsehoods so it is no surprise that everything he has attempted ended in shit.

                1. “Obumbles foreign policy has brought destabilization and unmatched barbarism throughout the middle east”

                  That’s been the perpetual state of that area for a while. What do you think he should have done differently?

                  1. What should he have done differently? Every fucking thing.

                    What he should have done goes so deep it is impossible to discuss here. His world-view, his approach, his method, his goals…all of it is wrong. It is rotten to the root.

                    Yes, there were atrocities before Obumbles royally fucked things up, but not on the scale as they are now.

                    By the way, what is the latest from Libya? Egypt? Afghanistan? Syria? Iraq? Yemen? Do people still go on vacation to the Crimea?

                    Maybe I should just get down off of my high horse, whatdaya think?

                  2. They are Team Red Faithful, Bo. Give it up.

                    They shit Santorum from their assholes.

                    1. Another day doesn’t like paying attention. That way is ever present.

                  3. The Arab Spring was a disaster. Utter, complete, fucking disaster in every country where it went down.

                    What makes you think the US wasn’t in some way, a major force behind it?
                    It’s not like we haven’t fomented revolutions with CIA help before.

              2. I agree 100%. And Obama is still the worst President of the modern era.

                1. Man, but he had a lot of competition.

                2. I agree 100%. And Obama is still the worst President of the modern era.

                  And you’re as delirious and ignorant a redneck as Suthenboy is.

                  Bush lied us into a disastrous $2 trillion war, turned a budget surplus into a trillion dollar plus deficit, gave $10,000 to any swinging dick who wanted to buy a house, created a “Faith Based” welfare program, expanded Medicare without paying for it, bumbled us into the worst financial disaster since the Great Depression, TARPed the banks $700 billion, and left office disgraced with a 22% approval rating – the worst ever.

                  How can you breath as stupid as you are?

                  1. But Bush!

                    That and lies are all you have shithead.

                    You can’t defend the indefensible so you lie and engage is whataboutism. It is no wonder that no one here has a scintilla of respect for you. Your posts have the same quality and effect as a dog fart.

                    1. But Bush!

                      We’re talking about the worst presidents, you idiot.

                      And you complain when I call out the last one.

                  2. What’s the deficit now retard? We have inflated another housing bubble, not to mention the continued inflation of the student loan bubble. Bush expanded Medicare without paying for it? Chocolate Nixon just gave Medicaid to all of your loser relatives. Go tongue bath Barney Frank’s corrupt housing taint while you finger Hillary Clinton’s dry hole of missing emails you mendaciously retarded fuckwit.

                    1. The deficit is down to $400ish trillion – about 1/3 where Bush left it.

                      Yes, Medicaid was expanded – about the same Medicare was under Bush – both losers.

                      As for your Barney Frank fantasy I have read that a lot of you SoCons are child predators (for the Church of course).

                    2. http://useconomy.about.com/od/…..y-Year.htm

                      The last time the debt rose by only 400 billion was 2001 – 2002. The debt rose by 1.1 trillion between 2013 to 2014. Only under rosy projections in future years is the deficit 400 billion. We have added almost 8 trillion to the debt since Obama took office. When he leaves office the debt will have doubled adding 10 trillion to national debt.

                  3. How can you breath as stupid as you are?

                    How can he breath? Oh, you mean breathe! Science you are a shrieking imbecile. I am surprised that you didn’t call him a “moran”.

    2. “Every gain we had in the mid-east, and we had some, Obumbles has squandered.”

      Yeah, we had such gains when we decided it was a smart idea to invade a country half way around the world, overthrow the ruling party, and just nation build the living sin out of it into a Western type democracy.

      1. See SoCal Deathmarch’s comment above.

        Or you could watch Heroic’s video from earlier showing ISIS guys playing soccer with a severed head.

        1. Yeah, because no atrocities were committed in the ME before Obama…

      2. But Bush! Right?

      3. Yeah, we had such gains when we decided it was a smart idea to invade a country half way around the world, overthrow the ruling party, and just nation build the living sin out of it into a Western type democracy.


        1. I am not surprised that he is attempting to defend, or at least downplay the awfulness of Obumbles failures. If I didn’t already know he was an Obumbles fellator I would probably be stunned that anyone would do such a thing.

          Notice that he didn’t not comment at all on the links I posted.

          1. Because you’re a delusional Bayou redneck who thinks Bush’s $2 trillion Iraq disaster and his $15 trillion financial collapse have somehow been eclipsed by Obama.

            1. A flailing monkey stole the goods. The flow of quizzes is interdependant on the relatedness of motivation, subcultures, and fungus. Oh, and Bush.

              1. You’re too stupid to debate me. I’ll crush you like a fucking grape.

                1. Tomorrow brings both pleasure and pain. Loneliness is not enough. Tranquility wanted the TRUTH!

                2. Lying is generally frowned on in formal debate.

            2. Because you’re a delusional Bayou redneck

              If I actually believed you were a Georgian and not David Weigel, I’d lovingly remind you about the Saints having one more Lombardi than the Falcons will ever have…

              1. I may be a Falcons fan but I certainly don’t defend those losing bastards. I don’t defend the indefensible.

                1. The other side is belief in all things. Significant understanding would die for a grapefruit!

                2. I don’t defend the indefensible.

                  No, no you don’t do that that on this very board every day, not at all…

    3. It’s the sadiM Touch….everything he touches turns to shit.

  10. I wish they could get the old Simon Cowell and crew to host a show for these hopefuls to audition their candidacy on. “Huckabee? Your economic policy is all over the map, whoever told you could win lied to you”. “Yeah, Dawg, you just don’t have the foreign policy chops.” “Honey, thanks for coming today but this competition just isn’t for you.”

    1. That could make a great SNL skit.

  11. The more you know about Huckabee, the more you realize that he’s a populist in conservative’s clothing. He truly embraces the absolute worst aspects of both of the major parties.

    1. Huckabee is like Alabama or Mississippi. He does everything possible to live down to the worst SOCON stereotype he can.(ie. He’s basically a bible thumping democrat)

      1. That sounds true.

        In context, the Democrats should have been able to keep this guy on their team. The fact they didn’t indicates how hard they worked to drive evangelicals out of their party.

        1. There is now only room for worship of the State.

          1. If he supported gun-control and avoided the “G” word, he could be welcomed with open arms by the Dems.

            The Democratic Party used to be full of people like him – today, he’s considered not crazy enough.

            Think about that.

            1. Oh, abortion. He would have to be a choicer.

              1. I totally get the libertarian types opposing him completely, but he’s the kind of person the Dems purport to want – he defuses the SoCon issues so that the Kochs can’t trick the poor evangalicals into “voting against their own interests,” and he advocates the sort of economic agenda Dems claim is the absolutely most important thing voters should support.

                If the Dems believed their own bullshit about “why can’t we get beyond social issues,” they’d have people like Huck on their team. Of course, the Dems are all about social issues, prioritizing them over the economy just like they accuse their opponents of doing. So Huck is unacceptable.

        2. Huckster is a garden variety conservative like George W. Bush and the many entitlement loving Team Red flag-waving Bible-Beating flaks that vote GOP every year.

          Ron Paul is the exception. And he gets 5% of the GOP vote too. The other 95% are Huck/Bush Rick W. Perry types.

          1. The bee the climbed, from thing-noise, thing, he for making time, the does? One does he think. First Friday why his because likes ‘under long to himself under why himself: “And that buzz!

          2. And you’re a garden variety retard he can’t write a simple sentence without lying.

            1. Where is the lie? here:

              “Huckster is a garden variety conservative like George W. Bush and the many entitlement loving Team Red flag-waving Bible-Beating flaks that vote GOP every year.

              Ron Paul is the exception. And he gets 5% of the GOP vote too. The other 95% are Huck/Bush Rick W. Perry types.”

              No lies there.

              1. So it’s purely coincidence that red states tend to be much freer than blue?

                1. I don’t care about Team Red Vs Team Blue, dude.

                  They both suck.

                  The only thing I have said here for eight years is that Obama is better than Dumbya – which is a fact. A LOW BAR for sure but a fact.

                  The rest of Team Blue can go fuck themselves.

                  1. The only thing you’ve said here for 8 years is one lie after another. Given, it is hard to understand what you say with Obama’s cock resting on your tonsils.

                    1. You can’t cite a lie of mine – you idiot.

                      My PREDICTIONS are even on the money. You goldbugs are wrong 28 out of 30 years.

                    2. You have told a number of them here tonight. Show where I have defended Bush, even once.

                      I have not, yet you accuse me of jumping to his defense ever chance I get. That is what is called a lie, you lying shithead.

                      Tell us again how no companies are cutting hours because of Obumblecare. Go on, tell us. I need a laugh.

                    3. No one’s cutting hours because of Obamacare.

                      A majority of people like Obamacare( Jesus, you lied and were actually dumb enough to provide the link that disproved your bullshit)

                      I am a classic liberal( even though you believe in monetary central planning and you’re perfectly fine with chocolate Nixon arbitrarily murdering American citizens)

                    4. I never said “no one” has cut hours. I said employee hours are increasing with/without Obamacare – which they are.

                      I use polls unlike you idiots on Free Republic. I know that Obamacare is in the low 40s in approval which INCLUDES the progs who hate it because they wanted single payer.

                      And Hayek (also a classic liberal) hated conservatives as I do.

                      You’re the liar.

                    5. And this is your general response after being called on your lies multiple times.

                      Oh, and Hayek didn’t hate conservatives. He disagreed with them on some issues, but was actually friends with Russell Kirk. So once again you’ve exposed yourself as a liar.

    2. GroundTruth: Yes, Huckabee is a populist and thus in the opposite corner of the Nolan chart from libertarians.

  12. ‘ This is a man who once refused to sign a bill because it referred to tornadoes and floods as “acts of God.” ‘

    Umm…then, Mr. Theist…who IS responsible for them? Either God is causing them or allowing them or powerless to stop them… none of those solutions really solve your issue.

    1. BTW, on a side note, could someone tell me how you format posts in this thing? Is it html tags or what? I see block quotes and bolded words, strikethroughs, etc, but I don’t know how you are doing that.

      Is it just black magic?

      1. Limited accepted html tags. [i]italics[/i] b for bold, s for strikethrough, blockquote for the indent with a bar down the side and [a href=”url”]link text[/a] for links replace square brackets for less than and greater than as needed.

        Be careful though. I once set an entire thread to bold by accident, or black magic. Nobody survived to tell the tale.

    2. Primaries are like watching retards fight. The Huckster should fit right in.

      I can’t wait to see the Dems get started. If Warren announces it will be delicious watching her and the Canklebeast try to out-commie each other.

  13. Huck = Bible-Beating Hawk Big Gov Entitlement Lover = George W. Bush.


    1. Everything and more revels in authority and Insignificance sat down once more. Also, Sixty-four rains heavily.

      1. Suthenboy does not like to see his fellow conservatives criticized!

        1. Read my posts that are not in response to you, you fucking idiot liar.

          Also, we responsibility, cycle times have recognize they need the markedly.

          1. You jump to the Bushpig’s defense every chance you get. You lie about his sorry ass record and ignore the goddamn disaster he left Obama with back in 2008.

            1. Perhaps you could get a waxwork Bush and drag it with you everywhere you go, arguing vehemently with it, and maybe that will satisfy your Bush-bashing impulses so you won’t post your nonsense here.

              1. Well, the W-Bush years make up the majority of this century. It is kind of hard to ignore the great crater he left in the US economy and the Middle East with his ham-headed idiocy.

                And things are a hell of a lot better on both from a UNITED STATES perspective. Personally I don’t give a shit if the Middle East is burnt to a crisp and eaten by locusts. As long as we keep spending LESS or every year like Obama has done.

                And the economy? 100x better than where the Bushpigs left it.

                Time for Suthenboy to duck out.

                1. More lies.

                2. PB wakes up screaming every night after this nightmare:


            2. Oh, c’mon turdpolisher, that is bad even for you. Show where I have once defended Bush. Ever.

              Also, What hasn’t been going on is unbelievable, and it has been on my mind ever since. Pay attention to the battle for the bullets. Solidarity will save time.

              1. For that matter, show where anyone here has defended Bush, you sniveling little lying shithead.

                1. That is what I thought. You duck out. Tomorrow you will pretend this never happened.

                  My favorite was the time you swore up and down that no one was cutting hours because of Obumblecare the day before the CEO of Staples said they were cutting hours because of Obumblecare punking your idol.

                  Who else? Just google ‘ cutting hours because of Obamacare’ and see the lists of companies.

                  Yep, next day you pretended it never happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if you tried telling that same lie again.

                2. You defend Bush by saying Obama is worse. Even you cannot be that stupid, Suthenboy.

                  1. This maybe the single dumbest thing you’ve ever posted. Pure fucking sophistry,

                  2. He is worse. He’s taken everything bad about Bush and built on it.

                    And you know what – *whoever* is elected president next will likely take very bad thing about Obama and build on it, coming out as an even worse president.

                    Every program that Bush started – Obama took over and kept running.

                    Look, when you take over a job from somebody it legitimate to point out the problems/fuckups that you’re trying to fix. But that only flies for a little while. Eventually you have to take ownership. Those are no longer the previous guy’s fuckups, they’re yours. And you had better be able to show both a plan to fix them *and* progress.

                    Obama’s not had either. All he’s got are two excuses – ‘but Buuuuush!’ and ‘I just read about it in the paper’.

                    1. You’re wrong. One example – TARP. Bush (really Paulson) created it and Obama killed it.

                      I can name more.

                      Medicare Advantage subsidies. Torture.

                      I can do 4-5 more.

                    2. How many times has your TARP bullshit been exposed? And your still pathetic enough to repeat it.

                    3. 1. Obama didn’t ‘end’ TARP – TARP didn’t *start* until the end of 2008 and is not ended. The last of the Treasury’s holdings were sold in December 2014 but the program is still running with a $250 billion spending limit.

                      2. Medicare Advantage Subsidies?

                      Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (or ACA) of 2010 reduced federal payments to Medicare Advantage plans over time, bringing them closer to the average costs of care under the traditional Medicare program. The ACA also provided bonus payments to plans with ratings of 4 (out of 5) stars or more. The Obama administration launched an $8.35 billion demonstration project in 2012 that increased the size of the bonus payments and increased the number of plans receiving bonus payments

                      I mean, that’s just RIGHT ON FUCKING WIKIPEDIA.

                      3. Torture? You mean ‘extradordinary rendition’? Obama not only hasn’t ended that, he has expanded into extra-legal killings and claimed the unilateral authority to execute American citizens without judicial oversight.

                  3. You defend Bush by saying Obama is worse. Even you cannot be that stupid, Suthenboy.

                    That’s just insane partisanship.

                    I’m not defending Hitler if I point out that Stalin was worse. (6ish million killed vs 20+ million).

                    1. Forget it, Agammamon, it’s Buttplugtown.

                    2. Folks, just keep in mind that turds lie. That’s what they do.

  14. OT: The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty and Seventh Day Adventist leaders file a Supreme Court brief asking that if they’re going to impose same-sex marriage on the country, they at least do it in way that doesn’t endanger religious freedom:


    tl;dr version:


  15. Huckabee’s religion generally leads him to socially conservative conclusions: He is opposed to . . . to marijuana, to porn, . . .

    I do not understand how a person’s religion, especially Christianity, can lead them to think its acceptable to use the power of the state, up to and including *murder* (with a side helping of torture given how our penal system works) to prevent someone from committing a relatively minor sin.

    Doubly so when you figure that God’s already said he’s got this and will sort it out in the afterlife.

    1. He doesn’t seek merely to hold the “correct” opinions, but to also exalt himself thereby.

    2. Huckleberry thinks he IS god!

      1. Hmm, I was just thinking that no one has made a ‘I’ll be your huckleberry’ joke this whole thread.

        Val has a sad.

        1. Why? Is there a Frederick Fucking Chopin around?

          1. +2 guns, one for each of ya

        2. He’s no daisy! He’s no daisy at all.

        3. No Fuckenberry jokes either.

  16. There is little difference between conservative Christians and progressives: they both favor intervention in people’s private lives, in other countries, and in financial markets, and they both say they hate profit, greed, and money.

  17. Walker fingers typed these font constructs called words and these fucking letters called an article biked onto the highest cliff in the entire universe and the words base-jumped into the deepest fucking nowhere known to man and I don’t even fuckin know if this it is scientifically possible to type letters that die in an eternal known but Walker just did this thing.

    1. Scott Walker…?

  18. Here’s something for you guys.

    “The main bad guy, what’s he called, Dark Raider. He’s all black. He listens to rap music. He’s just a real bad racial stereotype.”



    1. Morty! It’s these kids and this vadering! That’s what’s hurting the US of A! Morty, are you listening to me? Morty!

    2. Dear men-
      If you’re attitude to sex is “I do it because it feels nice” you shouldn’t be doing it at all.

      sez Demisexual genderqueer Muslim atheist. Literal good guy. Itinerant jongleur. Pronouns are Xir, Xirs Xirself. Filters life through the lens of minority issues.

      1. I can not process the muslim thing here…. I posted all this shit because I am riding a creepy tomb in the farflung reaches of the internet and discovered a case of a brain whacked with a huge hammer until it turned into the most worthless flie ridden sludge…

          1. The female ass is should be penned with as much bull silverback power love as possible… bring on bending the art of that exquisite curvature with all the amazing stars of the universe and the lions, leopards, rhinos, and male dicks enjoying the mystical arts of the math of the female ass…

    3. Godfrey Elfwick is often brilliant!

      I used to identify as #atheist as I don’t believe in God but when I saw how racist the movement has become I converted to moderate Islam.

      Don’t want to be labelled a rapist? Then respect women’s boundaries and remember that consent can be revoked at any time. Even after sex.

      Men will be men. There’s no changing their nature. Thank God I’m a trans woman so it doesn’t apply to me.

      Not surprising that the pseudo-intellectual proponents of #FreeSpeech think the term means you should be allowed to say whatever you want.

      1. Men Jews will be men Jews. There’s no changing their nature. Thank God I’m a trans woman Aryan so it doesn’t apply to me.


        1. You are missing the gag: a trans woman is someone who used to be a man. So the equivalent would be a Jew saying: “Thank God I became an Aryan so it doesn’t apply to me.”

      2. How do you revoke consent after sex? Can a woman still cry ‘rape’ if she revokes consent after sex?

  19. Man, here’s an interesting….

    so this dude watchd a bunch of fucking family this weekend and I just tucked the fuckers in…

    Uncle me drinks a lot and all the kiddos know- I live my life and they live theirs but uncle me does a fucking supra job taking care of the young one over the years… I’ve tripped and made hotdogs and put movies on and tucked in 8 kids… ok… I get it- you hate me, fine. fuck off… all my children across the family want to go to one place in the world all the time… with unca me.

    and I generally really dislike kids… the local school keeps asking me to teach art and design classes but I don’t LIKE shitty walls, kids, rules, and schedules…

    so I tucked all my lovely nephews and nieces and children in a bit ago…

    1. so the boys started into a conversation most of you in the big cities will never experience.. I had three boys complaining about Ohio country pals who hated gays…. these young men from fucking 7 to 11 were complaining to unca me about their frustration with gay hate in the Ohio deep country…

      So all you fucking libertarian college studs who post on here with your fucking energy about the fucking fact that there is no homosexual discrimination in the deep country rest assured there is gay hate all over many counties on bible belt Ohio…. it starts young and the stories these three young strong boys told me about the nastiness would fuck your goddamn mind over… and none of these boys are actually gay… they are open-minded young men raised by libertarian families….

      1. Gay people scare the wheat! That’s been known to science for decades. DECADES! Who are you to argue with science?

        1. The wheats are risen tombs for seeds on the beaches of fiber uprisings you lovely fucking slut of the dirt fields, warrenboyo… take it easy. the fields want their dirty way with your holes, boyman…..

          1. That’s why it’s called cornholing!

            1. Man holes aren’t all bad, War.

      2. I don’t think making bible-belt christians serve cake at gay weddings is going to do anything to resolve that problem.

        1. I drink Meade with cocaine in it, darlin Haz…. and there are no fuckin gays in deep counties in the old areas because the gays shrink into smack named doors in old small towns…

  20. Wouldn’t it be so much more entertaining if all the evangelicals were replaced with satanists?

    I would really like to see an election where there is a hard core of evangelical satanists that everyone has to kiss up to in the primaries.

    1. We already have a black mass in the White House.

    2. Satanists are the deepest believers in the gods, Haz babe.

    3. Has my lovely commenter ever worshipped for hours at an altar?

      1. I worshipped jesus one night at a revival that started at 8 and I fell at the altar and cried for all my nonexistent sins until 4 in the morning… and I came in my Hanes at some point because my broken mind as a young boy witnessed a blonde wearing a tight ass skirt for three hours of worship and I imagined her butthole through that blue wool and my fucking dick spilled a fuckton of semen on the altars of the lord and i… prayed that the lord would cut my fucking dick off…..what seems to be a million years ago

  21. The place of these things should open like a raging Congo river into the explosion of ufo love. We must grow the math of pure and great society where no life is treated with genocidal contempt like the drug wars and the oil exploration corps with their special forces mercenaries….

    is life a tune into the future frequency of great thought… we don’t need ww3…. it might be around the corners of the old school.

  22. There are open rivers in this Libertarian tank of thought.


    Many dams.

    Many unmovables like the tired old socialist sites and new conservative flame sites.

    Libertarians practice the spectrum of constructs like no other political fissure… but often we are exactly like the others… conforming to central planned ideals… we are becoming as predictable as those we battle on the mind vectors… or so we think….

  23. I demand that Reason build an intellectual thought construct on the libertarian paradigm for the upcoming elections.

  24. Democrats seek the will of eutopia and Republicans seek the biceps of eutopia and Libertarians aren’t sure what the fuck IS eutopia no matter what our writers make books about.

  25. I don’t think Reason challenges us enough and I do see a trend of a club where outside thoughts and minds are brutally rejected.

    I buy the only press place ever because my mind demands challenges. Orgies should happen. Period. We should group fuck. But, sex is pleasure and skin adventure- not the future math of coming societies….

    Untie the load but let us compare, test, and analyze….

    All of us on this reason construct will die within like 10-50 years… when we all go what is left?

  26. Can the paradigms be questioned and impressed. what is a paradigm in the right now? paradigms come and go in the music of heart spills.

  27. (Opens door, looks around)
    I see it’s entirely too late to engage anyone here.

    1. No, stay! We can’t let Agile Cyborg just run riot.

      1. I think his clock chip is out of whack.

  28. “That’s much more than Hillary Clinton’s husband did when he had the same job.”

    Bill would have loved to issue more pardons. But not enough prisoners came up with the dough.

  29. Huh. So this is what late-late-H&R looks like.

    1. Sometimes….

      1. *shrugs*

        Nye plokha. Do svidanya, gospodin Papaya.

  30. Huckabee is the kind of person who would be just fine with forcing people to go to church at the point of a gun

  31. Matt Welch|4.17.15 @ 11:09PM

    I’m not butthurt; you’re just wrong.

    Shout out to Welch for proper semi-colon use in the comments last night.

    Seeing this kind of thing is like seeing a perfect condition 1940s Rolls Royce on the road in traffic. There’s a sense of danger and disbelief at the risk, but admiration at the work it took to get it right and that the driver is pulling it off.

    (Also, in retrospect, our dearly departed Lucy clearly stood no chance)

  32. Pietism had nothing to do with the 2nd Great Revival. I get that you are simply repeating a pretty significant mistake made by the linked article, but it is a huge mistake none the less. Notice that the linked article also identifies two types of revivalism- one of which, the Southern revivalism to which Huckabee is committed, had nothing to do with the progressive movement.

  33. that “maximum wage” ad is disgusting

    1. How can an ad that says so little be disgusting? I can’t even recall anything to disagree w in it. Actually I can hardly recall any of it, period.

  34. Like most Evangelicals, Mike Huckabee’s problem isn’t that he’s religious per se?or even that he’s Evangelical (as are the Pauls)?but rather that he badly misunderstands how his religious principles ought to be applied to his ideas about government. Admittedly, he doesn’t apply them quite as badly as many other GOP Evangelical conservatives: his lenient, compassionate stance on criminal justice being one (pretty much the only) example. In general though, Huckabee falls into the same trap as most other Southern Baptists, not understanding the cognitive dissonance between hawkish, neocon foreign policy and Jesus’s declaration that “blessed are the peacemakers”; not comprehending that having the gift of free will/agency implies that government shouldn’t legislate morality or try to force people to follow Christian teachings; and to some extent, also, not comprehending the very important difference between charity and socialism. Huckabee is nice enough to watch on TV or even possibly listen to on the radio, but he doesn’t need to have any real power. He means well, but is terribly misguided, and doesn’t understand the damage his policies would cause.

    Although, I think there’s a libertarian argument in favor of public smoking bans. Carelessly giving others lung cancer while you choose, stupidly, to give it to yourself is, I think, arguably a violation of the non-aggression principle.

    1. Huckabee is a statist to the core. He’s as big a believer in huge government as he is in his religion. Anyone who’s ever listened to the guy very much at all, knows this.

      1. If God told people, “You’ve got me wrong,” they’d just go get themselves another God.

    2. What, you never heard of somebody who kills everybody as a peacemaker? When everyone’s dead, nobody can disturb the peace. Also, belief in freedom of the will isn’t a very common feature of post-Anglican Protestantism.

  35. If the Republicans pick another has been, establishment, rhino, hack, then the Republicans will lose again, because just like what happened with Romney, people wont come out and vote.

    If the Republican party doesn’t embrace it’s Libertarian roots, then the Republican party will fade into insignificance.

    1. Not enough money in it.

    2. Major parties in all countries & at all times are mostly Establishment, employ mostly hacks as their candidates, and mostly win, win, WIN. Why do you think the Establishment is the Establishment?

  36. But he’s not a likely nominee.

    Neither is Rand Paul.

  37. ANY republican candidate who continues the Wars on Women, Gays and Drugs is destined to fail yet again. It is the Evangelical community for the most part who initiated these wars and destroyed the GOP. A Huckabee or Santorum are only wasting their time running for the nomination.

    Actually Huckabee would be a lot better off sticking with that cornball show of his on Fox. Hey, the over 75 crowd needs entertainment too.

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