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Walter Scott Dashcam Video Released, Hillary Announces Announcement, Americans Lean Libertarian-ish: A.M. Links


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  1. Today's GOP is the party of Jefferson Davis, not of Lincoln

    Even today, one of America's most fundamental problems is that the alliance between the current form of Southern labor and the current form of New York finance is with us still. The five states that have no minimum wage laws of their own are in the South: Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee. Southern-based corporations such as Wal-Mart are among the leading opponents of workers' right to organize, and as Wal-Mart has expanded into the North and West, so have the "right-to-work" statutes of Southern states been enacted by Republican governments in the Midwest.

    The Southernization of the Republican Party and the increasing domination of Wall Street's brand of shareholder capitalism over the nation's economic life have combined to erode both the income and the power of U.S. workers. Unions are anathema to Wall Street and the GOP. Federal regulations empowering consumers and employees are opposed by both.

    1. Hello.

      "There may be few Americans who self-label as libertarian but many Americans have libertarian views, notes data-journalism darling Nate Silver."

      Well, at some point everyone learns to connect dots, no?

      You're looking smashing today, Elizabeth. Yeah baby.

      /Austin Powers hop.

    2. Uhh... not being forced into a union is slavery?

      1. Don't you get it? CAN'T YOU SEE?

    3. Lord Humungus, what's up with you and derpy articles?

      I have to find some ibuprofen now.

      1. He is horning in on Derpetologist's action.

      2. The world is full of derp. Just sit back and take it like a man (or tranny, or woman, or other, or unknown).

      3. See? See? The Humungus rules the derpland! Nothing can escape him!

        1. Will Derptologist take this sitting down in his cis-normal throne?

    4. I love that people are still promoting this myth that Nate Silver is some kind of genius.

      1. In a country of partisans Silver is data driven. Which makes him smarter than any fucking TV/radio pundit you can think of.


      2. I like to point out how far wrong he was on Obamas vote share in KY.

    5. Interestingly, the states with the largest unfunded pension liabilities are all in the south too....oh wait.

    6. Democrat in Texas: I hate it down here. I hate right-to-work. We need unions to protect our jobs, like we had in California.

      Texan: Why didn't you stay in California?

      Democrat in Texas: I couldn't find a job.

      1. Take Oil & Gas out of Texas and you have another Tennessee.

        1. Take your buttplug out and you're just another run of the mill moron

          1. I don't get all this fawning over Texas. They elect morons and statists and other than natural resources they have little to offer the world. I live in Georgia and we have a lot more character than Texas.

            1. No, you don't live in Georgia, you lying scumbag.


            3. I don't get the fawning over Texas, either, and I live here. However, you other assertions are nonsense.

              Sure, many of its politicians are moronic statists, but that's generally true of politicians.

              You're an idiot if you think that Texas offers only natural resources. For example, its universities have graduated or employed dozens of Nobel laureates. One of them, Jack Kilby, invented the integrated circuit -- the essential circuitry that allow you to use a computer at all -- while he worked at ... Texas Instruments.

              The best distinctive about Texas is that it has no income tax. Sure, its inhabitants don't have to file a return every year, but its other taxes are pretty steep. The regulatory environment for small business isn't too bad either.

              Its enthusiasm for the WoD is the pits.

            4. I live in texas, therefore texas wins! QED bitch!

              1. I concur with trshmnster, since I live in Texas too.

                Texas FTW!

            5. You live in Georgia, where they elect morons and statists and have no natural resources so they have even less to offer the world than Texas.

        2. They are taking oil and gas out of Texas. Still Texas.

        3. Take the Universities out of Massachusetts and you have...?

          1. Pretty fall colors and John effin Kerry


        5. what are you, living in the 80's? Texas' economy is more diverse today than ever. Tech, manufacturing, agriculture- you name it. The reason everyone fawns over Texas is that the model fucking WORKS.

          Yes, we elect people obsessed with butt sex and birth control but overall, we create more jobs than the rest of the country combined. THAT, my Buttplug, is opportunity.

          1. Sure, you've got tech. Put Austin and Texas Instruments together and it is still 1/20 the size of Silicon Valley. And job growth in Texas is tied to Oil & Gas. 2015 will be lousy for TX and excellent for CA in terms of private sector jobs added.


          2. And better BBQ than in GA.

              1. I'll raise you one Salt Lick and two Pappas BBQ.

        6. I hear the exact same line in Arizona all the time from refugee Californians who couldn't find work there and they're not coming here for oil and gas-related work.

        7. Tennessee? You mean a really nice place to live with no state income tax and a low cost of living?

        8. Well, California has some pretty enormous oil and gas reserves that they won't tap.

          So, its kinda like they've taken the oil and gas out of CA. How's that working for them?

      2. Take the water out of California, and you have a state a shitload of people will be leaving soon.

    7. Okay, so if a Southerner asks me to bake him a cake, I should refuse, right?

      1. I think that you've got it!

        1. Everything is satisfactual!

  2. Call of beauty: Kazakhstan military unveils its 123 'prettiest soldiers' in bid to attract more people to sign up (but would anyone be tempted by these troops?)
    Military posts photos online so viewers can vote for Miss Army competition
    Voter: 'Kazakh women are as beautiful as any others. I voted for all of them'
    Another said it would also improve country's image worldwide after Borat

    John would.

    1. There are a few, um, contenders.

      1. A very few, yes. Otherwise...Yikes!

      2. The German Shepard was kinda cute.

      3. Only the one in the light blue all the way down and to the left.

    2. to attract more people to sign up

      "Come to the military, we have hot chicks!"
      Sexual Assault in the Military SJW's heads collectively explode.

    3. Call of booty: Kazakhstan military unveils its 123 'prettiestfemale soldiers'...

    4. good lord, there must be a whole bunch of drinking going on in Kazakhstan

      1. I don't know. When I was in the suck, there were lots of dudes married to some real uggos.

        Our CO even went off on a rant at the Friday afternoon formation about guys getting their wives into the gym because he was disgusted by them. That was pretty funny.

        Also maybe Khazakhstan is one of those countries that doesn't have a rich history of there always being food. Maybe stacking on the pounds when there is food has been the winning strategy there in the past.

        1. +1 to your CO

        2. Speaking of fat ass dependents...

          BOLO for the "Military Mistress"

      2. The Kazahks I was with during Peaceshield '03 drank the Ukrainians under the table...

    5. "Another said it would also improve country's image worldwide after Borat"

      Kazakhs appear to have a pretty bad grasp of what will 'improve their country's image.'

      1. The Running of the Jews sounds like fun though.

  3. show Slager had Scott's driver's license and car but decided to chase him anyway.

    Chase him with bullets

    1. Predator response: Prey flees, catch and kill it.

      1. Don't run from cops; hold out your hand and yell "NO!" really loud. If you have a branch or something, hit them with it. On the nose.

  4. How good is YOUR colour vision? KukuKube app tests your ability to see subtle differences in shade - but it might leave you cross-eyed
    Free app is available on Facebook, Android, iOS and on desktop browsers
    It starts with four squares and asks you to identify the different shade
    Board grows to up to 81 squares and differentiation is subtle each time
    And a score of 31 or above is a considered a sign of 'great eyesight'

    I got 21, and now my eyes hurt.

    1. My eyes hurt just thinking about the test.

    2. This is only a test of how bad my monitor is here at work.

      Everything is gray.

      1. Smoke some weed. Could be cataracts.

        1. This monitor is probably as old as some of the posters on this site.

    3. I also got 21. I spent way too long on one particular green option.

      1. I tried again and got 23. My eyes hurt. Not doing it again.

        1. Tried 2 more times and maxed out at 25. Same issue again, so apparently my perception of green is not very good.

          1. I got hung up on the same one.

    4. 27

    5. 37 bitches, 37

      1. Damn fast clicking.

        1. Speed counts? I'll have to redo it since the phone was ringing.

          1. Yeah, it's how many you can get right in 60 seconds.

      2. 37?! Don't go sucking any dick on the way to the parking lot.

    6. 30.


    7. Apparently I have the vision of a deer. Did not know that.

    8. 32.

    9. 35

      I got a better score doing it at http://www.kuku-kube.com/ versus the daily mail embedded version.

  5. A Japanese court has ordered Google to remove negative business reviews for a medical clinic from both local and global search results.

    Mars colonizers are going to be much more informed consumers than the rest of us.

    1. This doesn't even sound like a right "to be forgotten", if they're only removing negative views.

      1. It's a right to forget painful memories.

      2. Yeah, if I were Google, I would respond by completely erasing this business from the search engine forever. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

        1. It's exactly what I'd do.

          1. Yes, good solution.

            Of course Google sounds like they will soon be in on this if they start ranking results by truthiness.

    2. Google should just block Japan. That court order will be thrown out quick.

  6. A really interesting (but longish) article on how the Russian state fucks with our minds

  7. Ta-da! Magician Penn Jillette loses 105lbs in just four months thanks to 'extreme low-calorie' diet

    Where did he go?

      1. now he needs to get the neck skin removed and make Teller a Penn suit.

    1. He put it under a trap door, along with his credibility.

      1. You're not being forced to have gay sex!

    2. Jillette is one of those classically ugly people who makes it work. Maybe because of the couture, or because he makes up in uncouth bravado, or because he's imposingly big, but ugly is his forte. It's almost a shame to think of him as thinner. Unless he goes the other direction entirely and pulls a Carrot Top.

      1. pulls a Carrot Top

        By turning himself into an alien? Barf.

        1. Carrot Top is disturbingly ripped. He's got that bigass vein across his biceps and everything.

          1. Whatever he did to his face is far more disturbing.

      2. Don't worry too much about it: he's still pretty repulsive.

        1. He looked better fatter.

    3. Yeah, but the weight loss was just the result of random molecular shifts, it wasn't intelligently designed or anything.

      1. it wasn't intelligently designed or anything.

        Nor were you, apparently.

        1. I was invented in a lab by Dr. Yacub. Don't you know *any* science?

          1. But who invented Dr. Yacub!

  8. Hillary Clinton has announced that she will announce her presidential candidacy on Sunday.

    Via e-mail?

    1. What difference, at this point, does it make?

  9. The failed bids to beat the Berlin Wall: Haunting pictures of people caught by the Stasi trying to flee East Germany
    Discovered in the Stasi Archive in Berlin by photographer Arwed Messmer
    Show how secret police forced people trying to escape to re-enact method
    Include pictures of primitive floats, children concealed in cars and tunnels
    Secret police used the pictures for training and for use at trials as evidence
    Have now been compiled in a book called Reenactment MfS


    1. And there are still assholes who think Communism was well-intentioned.

      1. That's because it was. Seriously. Communism means everyone works together and everyone is equal. So what if it's done with violence? That's better than allowing capitalists to get rich by ripping off their workers and their customers. Equality!

        1. Road-to-Hell Paving Company.

          1. Workers Cooperative, not company. Who cares if it's actually controlled by the local soviet?

      2. Come on, who doesn't like an omelet?

  10. The Republican Congress Votes for Dynasty Over Democracy

    Next week as Congress returns, House Republicans will address what they consider one of the nation's most pressing problems: relieving the tax burdens on multimillionaires -- not the 1 percent but the wealthiest 0.2 percent, two of 1000 -- by eliminating the estate tax. Its repeal will cost $269 billion over 10 years, but Republicans find the cause so compelling that they would add that sum to our deficits rather than struggle with "paying" for it.


    Of course, they don't actually put it that way. Instead they offer much hokum about small business owners and family farmers. But these yarns have long ago been exposed as fraudulent. No one has ever been able to point to a family farm that was sacrificed to the estate tax (although hopefully, the country estates of Wall Street lawyers who keep a few cows for tax write offs and decoration do get touched).

    1. Its repeal will cost $269 billion over 10 years

      again with the 'tax cuts are spending' mentality

      1. No kidding. Why not be more accurate and say "Its repeal will save taxpayers $269 billion over 10 years".

      2. The writer is considerate enough to use quotation marks about "paying" for it.

    2. So the rest of us don't have to pay the estate tax now for relatively successful parents? My lawyer may be totally misinformed.

    3. The left claims moral superiority and compassion, but a lot of f***ing policies of theirs are grounded in envy, hatred, and divisiveness. The compassion rhetoric is just a mask for the brutish governmental force that they are perfectly comfortable with.

      1. The real motivation for this is the insurance gambit. A major portion of the life insurance appeal is for estate planning. If you own a 2,000 acre farm in Georgia, you'll need to pony up for life insurance until the day you depart this earth, if you'd like to pass that farm along to your kids.

        Coincidentally, the major billionaire financiers of the democrat party over the last 20 years have large stakes in the insurance industry.

        1. Warren Buffet is the greatest capitalist to ever live!


    4. No examples? Virtually every family business Buffett buys is for that reason.

  11. Serial bride had 8 husbands at same time

    The fingernails, the cigarette, the empty hangers in the closet, the open bathroom door, the crazed expression. What an amazing selfie.

    1. She looks like, er, she can handle herself...if you get my drift.

    2. Sounds more like a parallel port than serial.

    3. I'd hate to have her as a client. Cash up front.

  12. 'If they'd listened to me Walter Scott might not be dead': Man who filed excessive force complaint after being tasered by 'killer cop' in 2013 speaks out - and announces he's suing
    Mario Givens, of North Charleston, said Officer Slager burst into his home and tasered him in the stomach, even though he was not resisting in 2013
    Slager was looking for a burglary suspect at the address - who turned out to be Givens' brother - but the description did not match Mario Givens
    Though initially accused of resisting the officers, Givens was later released without charge. He filed a police complaint but Slager was exonerated
    Givens also suggested that if police had listened to him, Walter Scott, a U.S. Coast Guard veteran and father-of-four, may still be alive

    Will anything else happen?

  13. but many Americans have libertarian views, notes data-journalism darling Nate Silver.

    Are you sure that wasn't "views on libertarians?"

    1. Everyone agrees with libertarians about something. I'm not sure if that necessarily means that they have libertarian views.

      1. Remember according to our local "Libertarian"....

        The Libertarian label is rejected by 91% of libertarians and 59% of the population has been libertarian for over 30 years.

        1. Yeah, he went nucking futs in last night's Rand Paul thread.

      2. Sure. They all want to be left alone while other people pay high taxes and are kept in line by the police.

      3. Any conversation I have with my friends usually goes something like:

        'Yes, Rufus. I agree with you and I can't really refute your facts but you know..."

        And then they pathetically go off on a paternalist path without knowing it.

        1. I usually hear, "Yes. Your principles are the moral position, and you're right, but that's not how the real world works."

          1. I have to admit that position is fairly realistic, if discouraging.

          2. 'Yeah, taxes are too high but I'm not complaining. At least we're not American.'

            /grinds teeth.

            1. Poor Canadians. Nothing to identify with besides not being American. And moose cock.

              1. What abote hockey, eh?

          3. Everybody knows the world revolves around the magical incantations of lawmakers.

  14. Black teen shot in the back by cops because his friend was holding a toy gun sues LAPD for $20million
    Jamar Nicholson, 15, was shot in the back by officer Miguel Gutierrez on February 10 because his friend was holding a toy gun
    Nicholson and his friend Jason Huerta, 17, are suing the city of Los Angeles for $20m
    Officer Miguel Gutierrez who shot Nicholson has returned to duty but the incident is under investigation

    Will anything else happen?

    1. Yes. LA taxpayers will get soaked.

    2. Keep suing until the idiots realize they're part of the problem.

      1. 'The idiots' in this phrase being the tax-payers?

        1. Good point. Meant for the cops but it applies to us as well.

      2. "Keep suing until the idiots realize they're part of the problem"

        I'm not optimistic. Even with all the recent kerfluffle in Ferguson, I understand that only 30% of the voters turned out to elect new officials. Where were the others? Still exhausted from hauling home the new tv or just don't give a crap?

        1. In fairness to the voters, we were having heavy storms that morning--there were epic hail accumulations in some areas. And I heard that the apartment complex where Brown was killed has emptied out, which made that turnout look even worse. The Ferguson turnout was almost three times the usual even so.

  15. Barry Manilow's husband is called Garry. I can't decide if rhyming spouse names are cute or creepy

    1. WHAT?! Barry Manilow is gay? Was "Mandy" about Mandy *Patinkin*?

    2. I vote for funny.

      Speaking of gay couples with funny names. I actually met a gay couple once whose names were Neil and Bob.

      1. Speaking of gay couples with funny names

        Ben Dover and Phil McAvity.

        1. The Irish boys, Patrick Fitzgerald and Gerald Fitzpatrick.

        2. Gerald Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzgerald. Ha Ha.

          I still like Neil and Bob the best.

        3. I don't get it. He'd become Phil Dover. With what?

          1. Or "Ben D. McAvity". Which sounds uncomfortable.

      2. I know a couple surnamed Furr and Long. They met in the Navy. Good guys.

    3. I had no idea. Next thing you know, we'll hear that George Takei is gay or something crazy like that.

  16. The porn star next door: Dudes crowdsource their crush's X-rated look-alikes with DoppelBangHer

    It stands to reason that as revenge porn is cracked down upon, certain men will have to find other ingenious avenues for non-consensually sexualizing women. Well, meet DoppelBangHer, one of the most creative approaches I can possibly imagine. It's a Reddit community where dudes go to crowdsource a very important question: How do I find a porn star that looks just like this chick I know? They post a photo of a typically very young-looking woman and then call on the hive mind to determine her closest look-alike in the adult industry. It's better than hacking into her iCloud or sharing sexts from an ex, so I guess we women should be thankful!

    1. Who is ENB's look alike. I'm asking for a friend.

    2. Call me old fashioned, but what happened to people just banging the girl next store?

      1. It doesn't work for everyone. Or does "girl next store" mean prostitute?

        1. I think people just need to be a little more liberal with how they define their neighborhood.

        2. Idle Hands is secretly John?

          1. Well I've never seen him in the same place and time I've been somewhere, so it remains a distinct possibility.

    3. A properly researched article would have included Tracy Clark-Flory's doppelbanger.

      If you squint... Jenna Haze?

  17. Helicopter footage captures brutal police beating of HORSE THIEF as eight deputies surround him, Taser him, then kick and punch him as he lies on the ground
    Film crew was following deputies chase horse thief in California desert
    Man falls off his horse, two deputies stun him with their Tasers
    They then kick him in groin and head repeatedly before others join them
    In total, eight deputies surround the man kicking him for two minutes
    San Bernardino County sheriff has called for investigation into the incident

    There is only one question that matters with regards to this incident (other than if the officers went home safely to their families). Was the guy black? If not, then why is anyone reporting it? It only follows the narrative if the guy is black.

    1. He should consider himself lucky. They used to just shoot horse thieves.

      1. No. They hanged them after a mock trial.

      2. I like the way they start out with "fine work, procedures were followed" until video surfaces that contradicts that version. Then if there is enough of a kerfuffle, they go with "We're gonna have ourselves an investigation!"

        I mean, it's great they're going to investigate and everything, but exactly what level of investigation is required here? Walk over and watch the video, exclaim "holy crap" and then arrest everyone involved, right?

        What possible mitigation could the officers offer? "Well, we really had to run pretty far, and we were pretty pissed. Plus, he called Frank a 'fat-ass pig'!"

        Somehow I doubt that they'd take the "we need to investigate" line if we had a similar video of a bunch of known teens beating some homeless dude.

        1. Yep, think of how many incidents like this and the N. Charleston one occurred before ubiquitous smart phones with cameras.

          Popo response is still the thin (really thick) blue line.

    2. That horse must have belonged to someone important - or a cop's relative.

  18. Covered California on Yelp.

    One star:


    That's a lot of people who don't understand that The Lightbringer improved on their bad plans.

    1. i cant wait to see how progtards explain this away

      1. Something about underprivileged folks being tricked by Republicans into supporting policies that run contrary to their best interests. Of course, the less fortunate need progressive guidance as to where those best interests lie, since they can't figure it out on their own.

        Seriously. I know progressives who believe this.

        1. Same here. And they don't see how ridiculous they sound.

        2. False conciousness, Plato's gift to modernity's totalitarians.

          1. I think it is a real phenomenon. But as usual, there is a whole lot of projection going on.

            No one's beliefs are as rationally or factually grounded as they like to believe.

            1. I agree, however the proper goal is to be as rational as possible. Their goal is to expound on the emotional as much as possible.

              1. Yeah. Seems to me that Marxists and their ilk exploit false consciousness a whole lot more than they combat it.

              2. I've known some very smart people who nevertheless hold progressive views - they tend to use their intellect to rationalize their emotional reaction to a thing, rather than engaging reason from the beginning.

                1. It goes beyond rationalizing the emotional reaction anymore. Now the emotional reaction is a goal because it carries benefits in the progressive social order.

                  Emotional reaction = victimhood = higher standing in the stack

                  1. And when you refuse to engage in emotional hectoring, they tell you to come back when you want to have a rational discussion.

                2. To be fair, a lot of libertarians start with the emotional reaction of "fuck you, don't tell me what to do" and rationalize from there.
                  I happen to think our rationalizations are much better founded. But I think most of us are where we are because of an innate distaste for authority and having our shit taken by force, and not because we sat down and decided to reason out the way things should be.

                  1. To be fair, a lot of libertarians start with the emotional reaction of "fuck you, don't tell me what to do" and rationalize from there.
                    I happen to think our rationalizations are much better founded. But I think most of us are where we are because of an innate distaste for authority and having our shit taken by force, and not because we sat down and decided to reason out the way things should be.

                    If I'm being honest with myself, this is what I did.

        3. That has been kicking around for quite a while now. It is particularly condescending and offensive, assuming that 1) poor people are stupid sheep and 2) they should only vote based on their immediate personal self interest and not on principle or political philosophy.

          I want to ask people who say that if they also tell rich people they are stupid for not voting for Republicans because that would be in their interest (at least according to most progressives).

          1. I've done it. They say those guys are making a principled stand even though it hurts their bottom line. I then say, Oh, so the poor are stupid and immoral? Which gets me uninvited to the next family gathering.

            1. *furiously takes notes*

  19. Does Rand Paul run the risk "of fulfilling that 'Republican who likes pot' stereotype"?

    Ooooo, that coveted Gary Johnson demographic.

    1. Don't forget:

      Illegal immigrant
      A$$ sex

  20. GE to sell real estate holdings, sets $50 billion share buyback

    General Electric Co said it plans to sell the bulk of its $30 billion real estate portfolio over the next two years as it returns to its industrial roots, and has set a share buyback plan of up to $50 billion - the second-largest ever.

    GE's shares jumped about 7 percent in premarket trading on Friday after the company said there was potential to return more than $90 billion to investors through 2018.

    Blackstone Group LP and Wells Fargo & Co are buying most of the assets of GE Capital Real Estate in a deal valued at about $23 billion.

    1. zerohedge always harps on the stock buybacks -- corps are borrowing fed dollars at zirp and using it to buy back stock, pumping up the market.

      ZH are a bunch of sad sacks, but they had some good data to correlate with that accusation.

  21. Alleged racist beating of cuffed prisoner gets cop arrested in Massachusetts

    A Massachusetts police officer allegedly said something about a prisoner's "black" skin, shoved him against the wall of his cell, punched him, threw him down and kicked him.

    Michael Motyka of Worcester was arrested on Thursday and will be arraigned Friday on a civil rights violation, assault and battery, and assault and battery with a deadly weapon -- his shoed foot, police said in a statement.

    "The majority of the incident was caught on security cameras that are in a fixed position down in the holding cell room," Worcester police Sgt. Kerry Hazelhurst told CNN affiliate WCVB.

    1. Anytime a cop is arrested today for assault it comes with an implied "caught on tape".

  22. Ezra Klein loves the baking analogy for Common Core math!


    Got that parents? You don't understand and are too lazy to get it so get out of the way!

    The comments.


    1. Rufus please, no more baking cakes discussions.

    2. Oh no, not more subtracting by adding nonsense.

    3. "Borrowing doesn't really show you what you're doing."


      1. If you know what borrowing is it does.

      2. A fairly large fraction of the elementary school teachers do not really know why the standard algorithms for arithmetic calculation work. They just teach the rote mechanics of the algorithm.

        Of course, the same teachers are to be charged with teaching new Common Core methods, and most will do so with even greater incompetence.

        A clever student will figure it out despite his teacher's incompetence or the absurdity of pedagogical technique. Many students, however, are not so clever.

        Don't ask for a cite; the foregoing is based entirely on my anecdotal experience and the simple fact that the US indeed has the poor rankings in mathematics education noted in the video.

    1. "The law is also meant to show that city officials in Berlin are taking the fight against gentrification seriously."


      1. I do love the double standard when it comes to housing. Every large housing project these days seems to be required to have an affordable housing portion, but god forbid the wrong kind of people move into poorer neighborhoods.

  23. Spot the Not: Fatwas

    All but 1 of the following are real fatwas.

    1. against all-you-can-eat buffets

    2. for adult women suckling unrelated adult men so they can work in the same office

    3. against women touching bananas

    4. against writing stories about time travel

    5. against Mickey Mouse

    6. against emoticons

    1. I'll guess 3. 1 sounds fantastic but it falls under gluttonous I reckon so it may in fact be a fatwa.

    2. I going to say 2 - because that one is covered elsewhere in the text, I would guess.

    3. I agree with Rufus.

    4. 4 (I cheated)

        1. Sarcasmic gets a Reason TIME-OUT. You can't play for one day!

          1. Cheating is a Romper Room No-No!

            1. Oh man, is this the first reference to Romper-Room at Reason?


              1. there was one yesterday.

    5. "Suckling unrelated adult men"? Is that a thing?

      1. You've never suckled an unrelated adult woman? It's a pretty good thing.

        The "so they can work in the same office" sounds like a bad HR department.

        1. I have not.

          Theory is the lady is acting like the office dudes mom, so no problem that they are working together (except for Abdul who has an incest fetish).

          1. Man, I have to read faster, DT already answered 2.

        2. Is it suckling if they aren't lactating? If so, then yes I have.

          I may also be confused about who suckles and who is suckled.

    6. And the Not is...#4!

      That is actually a rule put forth by China's Communist Party.

      #2 is a work-around for the fact that Muslim women are only allowed to be in the same room as close male relatives. However, since they may suckle unrelated male babies, by suckling unrelated men, those men become relatives. The cleric ruled that unrelated men must be suckled 5 times in order to qualify as relatives.

      #3 was forth by the so-called Cucumber Cleric who worried that any penis-shaped foods would tempt women. He said that foods like bananas and carrots should be cut into small pieces by a male relative before being served to women.

      1. So writing a time-travel story is not verboten?! My relief, can you feel it.

  24. Man unwittingly attends Obama roundtable

    Marvin Lance Futch, who works for Lehi, Utah-based Vivint Solar Inc., volunteered last week to attend an event that Vivint believed would be a news conference during which Futch would sit in the audience, he told The Associated Press.

    Instead, Futch ended up wearing a white polo shirt to a small meeting with Obama, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R), Rep. Rob Bishop (R) and Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker (D), among others.

    1. "It's almost as if you have no business training at all!"

      1. Well, I'm, uh, just tryin to get ahead.

        1. I'm sorry, but there's just no way we can keep you on...

          1. I don't even really work here.

            1. Well done everybody; have a cookie

    2. I'm hoping he really did this on purpose and the "Oh gee if I woulda known I woulda dressed up for my masters" line is BS.

  25. Hillary may have once clocked Bill Clinton in the head with a book.

    Hillary: "what do you have to say for yourself now?"
    Bill [mentally dazed]: "that depends on what the definition of a book books"

    1. I bet it was the Unabridged Oxford English Dictionary.

      Or a hardcover edition of a James Michener novel.

  26. Student gets her rep to introduce gun education bill:

    Oregon children would be safer if they had "the opportunity to handle an unloaded firearm" in school, starting in kindergarten.

    McKinley said safety education could help reduce the dangerous fascination associated with guns and teach students the correct way to respond to an emergency involving firearms.

    "Eliminating the fear and giving them a good foundation of just the basic safety is really important all the way through school," she said.

    After trolling the animists (thanks Epi!), she jujitsus the post-shooting bloody shirt wavers:

    Rebekah McKinley of Newberg, said she was "shocked and saddened" by the Dec. 2012 fatal shooting at Clackamas Town Center and responded by developing her gun-safety proposal

    1. That guy is the best troll ever.

  27. Spot the Not: US Military Operations

    All but 1 of the following are the names of real US military operations.

    1. Operation Phibriglex

    2. Operation In God We Trust

    3. Operation Frequent Wind

    4. Operation Uphold Democracy

    5. Operation Stalemate II

    6. Operation Power Pack

    1. 6? Sounds like bear porn.

    2. 3, definitely 3. Just sounds like somebody had gas.

    3. Number 3 occurs every after Thursday chili night.

    4. #2 is the Not. Operation Tawakalna Ala Allah was an Iraqi campaign during the Iran-Iraq War.
      Wiki says the translation is "Our Trust in God" but I've also seen it as "In God We Trust".

      #3 was the name of the helicopter evacuation of Saigon.

      #5 was the campaign to capture Peleliu.

      #1 was a proposed invasion plan of Castro's Cuba.

  28. Implode or Explode?

    White America's racial illiteracy: Why our national conversation is poisoned from the start
    The author of "What Does It Mean to Be White?" examines the ways white people implode when they talk about race

    Social scientists understand racism as a multidimensional and highly adaptive system?a system that ensures an unequal distribution of resources between racial groups. Because whites built and dominate all significant institutions, (often at the expense of and on the uncompensated labor of other groups), their interests are embedded in the foundation of U.S. society.

    While individual whites may be against racism, they still benefit from the distribution of resources controlled by their group. Yes, an individual person of color can sit at the tables of power, but the overwhelming majority of decision-makers will be white. Yes, white people can have problems and face barriers, but systematic racism won't be one of them. This distinction?between individual prejudice and a system of unequal institutionalized racial power?is fundamental. One cannot understand how racism functions in the U.S. today if one ignores group power relations.

    1. Yes, an individual cockatoo can sit at the tables of power, but the overwhelming majority of decision-makers will be human.

      1. No - and I'd prefer to keep it that way.

    2. buuuut I'm sure all that black homeschooling will fix it. There's going to certainly be no echo chamber effect there whatsoever.

    3. So when The Daily Show mocks the owners of a Mom and Pop pizza place located in a run down small town in front of a few million viewers, we're ignoring the group power relations where Comedy Central, owned by Viacom, has the power and the pizza shop owners don't?

      1. It's ok to punch down if you hold the Right Views and your target does not!

    4. the nation was founded by white people, it is still majority white, whites have been the majority of the power structure since inception though minority representation keeps going up. All of these are true, none is indicative of racism. This is about to surpass abortion as the most tiresome issue ever.

      1. Exactly. Blacks will always be a minority and it may be uncomfortable for them at times, they are probably the least disadvantaged black population in the world. Doesn't change an individuals experience, but this constant drum roll of these race baiters is the most counter-productive shit to come down the pike.

        Keep shouting privilege and power structure while average people (black, white, brown) go about their lives trying to build their lives and wealth without much thought to this.

    5. White people can't and never will be able to understand racism. Sounds like the perfect reason to just stop talking about it then.

    6. It means nothing to be white. And the sooner people of all races stop basing their identities on race, the faster racism will diminish as a social problem.

      "White privilege" isn't the problem. White people don't get special treatment. The problem is that certain racial minorities have historically, and still do to some extent, had their rights shit upon and disparaged.
      We don't need to curtail the rights of white dudes. We need to respect everyone as an individual.

      1. The only correct answer

        1. Actually, I think this was covered in the biography of Harrison Bergeron. Clearly it is preferable to bring everyone down to an equally oppressed level.

      2. You clearly don't understand the problem, because you're a white male. I have been informed on many occasions that minorities want to be identified according to their minority group. So many of white SJWs can't be wrong.

        1. White privilege -- particularly white male heteronormative privilege -- has been thoroughly documented. See, for example, this brief documentary from the 1980s.

          Only a committed racist could deny the pervasive societal effects of systematic white privilege after they are confronted the facts presented in this documentary.

          All white people are racist. And since white people have constructed the world's institutions, they have instituted a structure of white power and privilege. It is as simple as that.

      3. The problem is that certain racial minorities have historically, and still do to some extent, had their rights shit upon and disparaged.

        Certain racial minorities have historically never found such enormous prosperity and respectful treatment as they receive from societies built and filled with white dudes.

        1. That may be true, but it isn't terribly relevant to my point. I'm not calling for reparations or something. They were still treated very poorly by white dudes for a long, long time.

          1. Arguably better than their peers in the old country treat(ed) each other. Lest we forget that the reason African slaves were so commonly the slave class in the 17 and 1800's is because African societies were virtually the only societies on Earth selling their own people into slavery.

  29. Dana Perino explains why guys in Washington are undateable

    I had many friends that I hung out with a lot, but the dating scene in D.C. was pathetic. (It still is, right, ladies?) I remember thinking that there just weren't that many men I was interested in around Washington. Most of the guys didn't look like they'd ever worked outside a day in their lives ? soft hands, limp handshakes, pale skin, and pudgy middles. The good-looking ones were either already hitched or married to their political ambition with little senses of humor. It was slim pickings for a single woman.

    Sounds like an Reason boat cruise

    1. I'm tempted to go on one. But I fear the impulse to jump off on the high seas half a day in may overwhelm me.

      Unless Matt would talk sense into me.

      1. I don't think Matt goes that way, Rufus.
        And by that way I mean Canadian.

      2. I'd think the odds of anyone talking sense into you (as opposed to drunken cries to do a belly flop) would be very low, given this crowd.

        1. I can see someone saying 'Jump to see if you can catch back up to the ship. We'll totally be there to help you back on.'

          So I jump only to realize I'm sunk while noticing the tribe are laughing as they head back in.

          YOU ASSHOLES!

        2. +1 Do a Flip!

    2. I guessing she's not into fedoras.

      1. Shady lobbyist or Shady veep?

    3. I would have gladly helped her out of her unfortunate situation.

    4. Sounds like every single woman I've ever talked to about the dating scene in whatever town she lives in.

    5. The dating scene, and really the whole social scene, in DC is totally pathetic. It's so hard to make friends here and when you do it's hard to actually do things with them. I don't know what it is about this place, but socializing outside of work or related to work is quite difficult.

      1. Had a girlfriend in college who worked there. Said everybody introduced themselves as a lawyer and what school they went to. Engineers were looked down upon -- which makes sense. DC makes paper and rules and not much else.

  30. Florida House Approves Bill To Let Adoption Agencies Refuse Gay Parents

    Florida lawmakers approved a measure on Thursday that would allow private adoption agencies refuse to let gay couples adopt children.

    The bill, which passed the Florida House 75-38, would prevent the state from revoking the license or refusing funding to an adoption agency that refused to let a gay couple adopt a child on religious or moral grounds, ThinkProgress reported.

    Supporters of the bill say that the measure is necessary in order to keep faith-based adoption agencies open. Earlier this week, the state Senate passed a different bill eliminating a ban on gay adoption from state law. The Senate measure was seen as largely symbolic because the 3rd District Court of Appeal ruled that Florida's ban on gay adoption was unconstitutional in 2010.

    1. They still get pizzas, right?

    2. They don't understand - better to shut down some faith-based adoption agencies, thus screwing all children equally, rather than let those agencies set their own standards.

  31. A millennial libertarian's advice for Rand Paul

    The article wasn't half bad and raised some valid points.

    And I'm really glad to finally get a millennial's perspective on things! Why, the media hardly ever pays any attention to what they have to say.

  32. The GOP has scores of racists: A former Bush official condemns modern Republican orthodoxy
    Colin Powell's former chief of staff, Lawrence Wilkerson, warns of the militarism & racism of Republican lawmakers

    You have been very critical of the Republican Party. Why do you stay?

    There are sane and sober people in the Republican Party. The public persona of the Republican Party has changed since the days of Abraham Lincoln and Dwight Eisenhower.

    In the past you have said the Republican Party is full of racists. Do you stand by that and aren't you afraid of a backlash?

    I'm not afraid of a backlash. The GOP has scores of racists. Under Richard Nixon's blessing, the GOP took advantage of disgruntled Democrats in the South. They are still there and their children are there. This is very much known in our party. This was a conscious strategy.

    1. And here is Nate Silver's reply to that:

      Are White Republicans More Racist Than White Democrats?

      As of 2012, this index stood at 27 percent for white Republicans and 19 percent for white Democrats. So there's a partisan gap, although not as large of one as some political commentators might assert. There are white racists in both parties. By most questions, they represent a minority of white voters in both parties. They probably represent a slightly larger minority of white Republicans than white Democrats.

      1. And this doesn't take into account racism among various other Democratic constituencies. There are a whole lot of racist black Democrats and you haven't lived until you've seen a Haitian immigrant talking shit about the Cubans.

        1. Since they are minorities they could never be racists.


          1. I've always wondered how they explain all the ethnic violence in parts of Africa. I guess they probably just blame colonialism. Damn even in all black nations it's still the white man's fault.

            1. I've always wondered how they explain all the ethnic violence in parts of Africa. I guess they probably just blame colonialism. Damn even in all black nations it's still the white man's fault.

              Right. Sitting on his running water toilet, Robert Mugabe texts his cousin who is driving on a paved road on his way to get a Malaria vaccination and complains about how the Europeans have ruined Africa and the world.

              1. Don't forget black Christian opposition to Gay Marriage.

        2. until you've seen a Haitian immigrant talking shit about the Cubans.

          or a puerto rican about dominicans...or a german about greeks...or...engineers about english majors...or [insert human looking down on human here]

          1. Or Cubans against other Cubans who came to the US more recently than they did.

            (the Cuban/Haitan thing is interesting, living in South Florida. There really is animosity. Partially due to the bullshit double standard of the legal status of Cuban immigrants versus other immigrants)

        3. Or Joooos talking about themselves.

    2. The Democrats have millions of racists.

    3. "The public persona of the Republican Party has changed since the days of Abraham Lincoln"

      You mean Republicans no longer want to ship black people out of the country?

  33. There may be few Americans who self-label as libertarian but many Americans have libertarian views, notes data-journalism darling Nate Silver.

    Great. ENB has lit the Hihn signal.

    *opens umbrella, waits for shitstorm to materialize*

    1. The AM links usually go up while he's out at dinner for the early bird special, so the risk is minimal.

      1. He will corpse fuck the thread in about 8 hours.

        1. Meh. I like it when the trolls (Hihn, Dunphy, and Tulpa are all masters of it) corpse-fuck threads. At least then they're not annoying anybody and only arguing with the voices in their heads.

          1. Your just asking for a spontaneous and witty reply from these guys in about 7 hours.

  34. Hillary Clinton has announced that she will announce her presidential candidacy on Sunday. Unrelatedly, Hillary may have once clocked Bill Clinton in the head with a book.

    I, for one, call for a FULL AND THOROUGH application of the Violence Against Men Act.

    Hillary must be put on a domestic abusers list, and her right to arms must be taken away....

    ....lest her usage of an assault book progresses into the usage of an assault rifle!

    1. I'll bet the book held more than seven pages!

      1. Yes, but pages 8 and above were fully redacted per the NY SAFE BOOK Act.

    2. I really hate the idea of announcing that you "will" announce something in the future. You just made that announcement.

      1. Yeah, me too. She's pre-engaged to the Presidential bid

        1. Pre-boarding Air Force One.

      2. It's a meta-announcement to get as many "journalists" to show up to the announcement.

      3. Naw, she's trolling. The announcement will be "I'm going to Disney World" before she prances off the stage with a briefcase full of $100 bills.

      4. I think it has to do with the campaign finance laws. The longer you're officially un-announced, you have more leeway in conducting your non-campaign.

    1. I despotic regime, on the verge of losing it's power, doesn't suddenly become less dangerous.

      1. I should add before I get accused of advocating war with Iran that I am not. I think Iran is a complicated issue, the last thing America needs right now is another goddamned mideast war, but a nuclear arms race in the mideast isn't a very good prospect either, unfortunately I'm not sure a nuclear Iran is something we can prevent. I also don't think a bunch of heroin addicted youths in Iran can prevent that either.

        1. it's not just preventing Iran, it's figuring out what the fallout will be. How many other Arab states will want to go nuclear, too, and what would that world be like. This is a bit different from the mutually assured destruction mentality that governed the Cold War. I agree war is not the answer but this "deal" sure as hell isn't, either.

          1. How many other Arab states will want to go nuclear, too, and what would that world be like.

            They're not Arabs. But I digress...

          2. I think the deal (framework) is pretty good. It greatly decreases breakout capability (if that was actually a valid concern) and allows Iran to keep its domestic nuclear power program going, which they deserve and are entitled to.

      2. Saudi Arabia?

        1. They already bought IRBMs from China a few years ago. Just have to get the Paki's to sell them bombs.

  35. Obese 'have lower dementia risk'

    "researchers might be able to use these insights to develop new treatments for dementia."

    Like AYCE buffets?

    1. Fat keeps your brain working good, it's a great conductor.

    2. Seems like there more and more research showing being "plus sized" is healthier. Maybe instead of getting after them to lose weight we need to start telling skinny people to eat a cheese burger.

      1. It's all part of a global advertising conspiracy. Just watch Branded and you'll understand.

      2. Welp, i feel better about that donut i just polished off.

      3. Being a little chubby is healthy. Obese is not.

  36. NO!



    1. I liked reading yesterday about how the US just up and left the whole shit show. Plenty of military forces in the area (Djibouti) and if you are an American, tough shit, evac yourself or go order Chinese.

  37. Going to Providence tonight for a surprise romantic getaway. Hopefully I can find some decent alt-text there.

    1. I thought you were going to say you're going there to celebrate going to the NCAA finals.

      1. I did have tickets to last night's games (and to this weekend's championship) but I just flipped them.

        1. I watched parts of the BU/ND game.

  38. $70K In Bull Semen Stolen From Minnesota Farm

    That act took real spunk, but the perp is still just a vial criminal.

    1. What do you do for a living, Joe?
      I price bull semen.

      1. What do you do for a living, Joe?

        "I jerk off bulls."

    2. How much bull semen does it take to come to $70K, anyway?

      1. Bull semen is usually sold to breeders in .25 mL straws. Assuming a cost of $10 per straw, $70,000 of bull semen would be enough to fill a little less than four pint glasses.

        Not sure if that's the "street value".

        1. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole straws and pint glasses deal.

            1. No thanks, I just had breakfast.

        2. "four pint glasses"

          They could sell it to the Budweiser company and improve the taste of their beer.

        3. More than a mouthful...

          However, I believe bull semen, like racing horse, can be valued at wildly different rates based on the pedigree of the issuer.

    3. It was for a bukkake party, but nobody came

    4. This post is missing a narrow gaze, from someone who speaks a strange dialect of German.

      1. *narrows gaze*

    5. Well we do have a lot of "We Do Cows" billboards in the state.


    6. They'll just keep the stolen goods on ice until the heat dies down.

  39. many Americans have libertarian views

    People want the government to leave them alone? Now ask them what they think about government rules applying to other people. I suspect you'll find they aren't so libertarianish as you initially thought.

    1. Everyone is a capitalist with regard to their own wallet. Everyone is an anarchist with regard to their own life.

      1. Everyone is a capitalist with regard to their own wallet. Everyone is an anarchist with regard to their own life.

        Nice. I like it.

    2. Now ask them what they think about government rules applying to other people.

      Exactly. If you don't have principles, I don't care how "fiscally conservative and socially liberal" you claim to be, you don't have libertarian views.

  40. According to Slate, it's time to ban "indie".

    he comebacks of many flagship 2000s bands show it's time to eliminate this outdated, insular, and implicitly racist term.
    But this decade has also seen a more widespread suspicion and critique of the workings of social privilege, and "indie" has a problem there?because its creators and listeners seem so disproportionately white, male, and upper-middle-class.

    In late March, Pitchfork itself published a passionate critique called "The Unbearable Whiteness of Indie" by Sarah Sahim, which jumps off from a "blindingly white" film by Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian into problems of exclusion and appropriation on indie stages and in indie audiences. I have a lot of quibbles with the piece (chiefly her historically short-sighted dismissal of riot grrrl and other white feminist interventions as "feel-good"?go ask Russia's Pussy Riot). But her central point is undeniable.

    1. The referenced p4k article is even better:

      The Unbearable Whiteness of Indie

      In indie rock, white is the norm. While indie rock and the DIY underground, historically, have been proud to disassociate themselves from popular culture, there is no divorcing a predominantly white scene from systemic ideals ingrained in white Western culture. That status quo creates a barrier in terms of both the sanctioned participation of artists of color and the amount of respect afforded them, all of which sets people of color up to forever be seen as interlopers and outsiders. Whiteness is the very ideal for which art is made in Western culture, be it the cinema of Wes Anderson or, say, the artists on Merge Records.

      1. Where is the "Unbearable Blackness of Gangsta Rap" article?

        1. I find black culture in general pretty unbearable. People can call me racist, I'm cool with that.

          1. It's a free country.....outside of Slate, NSA, IRS, local police, etc.

      2. Kudos to the non-whites for not trying to appropriate indie culture.

    2. Hipsters are mostly slightly well-off white people? You don't say!

    3. uh... indie/alternative has always been pretty damn white. Of course there is a long history of independent soul/reggae/jazz/etc labels. I collect "Southern" soul music, stuff not put out by Motown or Atlantic.


    4. In a multi-cultural society different groups will always do different things. This is the case in literally every multi-cultural society in the history of the human species.

      In America, culture sometimes is linked to race for various historical reasons. Therefore, you will naturally end up with different racial makeups for different groups of people. It doesn't somehow make a group morally suspect because most of the people in that group are white.

      1. I don't get it. People have started assuming that a disparity like that IS racist. Not that it might or might not indicate racism or bigotry.

        What they fuck do they want? To force black people to listen to indie rock?

    5. WHO





      What a bunch of navel gazing horseshit.

    6. Can we ban "urban" too since it's pretty much more of a euphemism than indie.

      1. If you try to ban that word, you'll be urbanballed at all the best clubs.

    7. This is why I prefer the diversity of metal. There are Swedes, Norwegians, Germans, Finnish, etc. Many different cultures. Hell those Finnish people don't even speak Indo-european language.

      1. I guess what I'm saying is why is a black guy, and a white guy both from America considered diverse, but people of the same skin color from different countries, with different languages, histories, and cultures not considered diverse?

        Liberal diversity really is only skin deep.

        1. Why is a guy with a black dad and a white mom, considered black? But more importantly, why do any of us give a shit about this anymore in the post-racial era.

          1. Because the over-culture demands it.

            Hale Berry just said the one drop rule applies to her kids (1/4 black I think) in her divorce from a white guy.

  41. China is still an awful place:
    Chinese TV host suspended after privately mocking Mao

    One of China's leading TV presenters and talent show hosts has been suspended after a video showing him cursing Mao Zedong at a private dinner went viral, local media reported.

    The episode is a reminder of the shrinking space for free speech and even humor in modern China, and the way that Mao's standing has been revived under President Xi Jinping.

    A one-minute-18-second clip shows Bi Fujian, who hosts a Saturday night show called "Star Boulevard," singing a Cultural Revolution-era Peking opera song at a dinner table while throwing in mocking comments. At one point he called Mao a "son of a bitch" who has "really brought us great misery."

    1. So, he was fired for being too kind to Mao?

  42. China is still an awful place:
    Chinese TV host suspended after privately mocking Mao

    One of China's leading TV presenters and talent show hosts has been suspended after a video showing him cursing Mao Zedong at a private dinner went viral, local media reported.

    The episode is a reminder of the shrinking space for free speech and even humor in modern China, and the way that Mao's standing has been revived under President Xi Jinping.

    A one-minute-18-second clip shows Bi Fujian, who hosts a Saturday night show called "Star Boulevard," singing a Cultural Revolution-era Peking opera song at a dinner table while throwing in mocking comments. At one point he called Mao a "son of a bitch" who has "really brought us great misery."

    1. That oughta hold the little SOBs.

    2. At least China re-educates its server squirrels.

    3. Cao Ni Ma.

  43. Racism in public schools

    "Eurocentric curriculum" and "overly critical" teachers - my god when will the scourge of vile racism ever end.

  44. Black conservatives given the cold shoulder at NAACP convention:


    1. Black conservatives are masochists?

  45. Petition aims to rename Lake Michigan 'Lake Wisconsin'

    The tongue-and-cheek petition and website, http://www.visitlakewisconsin.com claims The Badger State has been overshadowed by its neighbors to the east and west.

    "For too long Michiganders have gloated over Lake Michigan and their pretty sunsets. From now on, we will exclusively refer to it as Lake Wisconsin until every American joins us," the petition states. To our west we have the Land of 10,000 Lakes. To our east the so-claimed Great Lakes State. And here we are, left in the middle with nothing but a bunch of farmland, cows, and cheeseheads. It's time to make a change, this is Lake Wisconsin."

    The website says a Milwaukee resident, J. Val Klump was the first person in history to reach the bottom of "Lake Wisconsin" in 1985 via a small submarine.

    1. The tongue-and-cheek petition...

      Dropping English as a requirement for journalism grads may have been a bad idea.

  46. Hillary Clinton plans on raising an "insane" amount of money in her first week running

    "They are going to raise in one week what some Republican presidential candidates are going to raise the entire cycle," said one Clinton aide.

    On Saturday afternoon, Ready for Hillary will host what is likely a final fundraising push at SouthwestNY, a sleek Tex-Mex restaurant steps from the rebuilt World Trade Center.

    From then on, Ready for Hillary will encourage its 3.6 million supporters to give to Clinton's real campaign while the super PAC quietly dissolves.

    Ready for Hillary has raised close to $15 million from nearly 150,000 donors, and Clintonistas believe that those same donors alone could give as much as 10 times that amount to a Clinton campaign.

    They are expected to be joined in this fundraising by Clinton allies like EMILY's List, the organization dedicated to electing pro-choice women to office that is viewed as central to Clinton's 2016 chances

    Regardless of when she announces, the plan, one Clinton insider told The Daily Beast, was to do a massive fundraising push through her website and with allied organizations to raise "an insane amount of money" right out of the starting gate.

    I don't think there's ever been a candidate that contradicts her party's talking points as much as Hillary. Money in politics is evil!

    1. She had jolly well better be running her website on her private server.

    2. Nothing new. Obama raised more cash from Wall Street than any candidate in the last 20 years all while his fan base kept sending in 50's and 100's whilst frothing at the mouth about the filthy lucre flowing into the Republican coffers from KKKORPORASHUNS!!!!

    3. She's gonna do live porn?

      1. aw c'mon man, not cool, not cool at all

      2. Petition to ban all Canadians from ever sullying the shores of H&R again.

      3. In which we have to pay to not watch? Pretty genius.

      4. Free live pr0n! It will feature the taboo of Hillary getting it on not only with Chelsea but also Amy Carter!

        You pay to have your remote unjammed so you can change the channel.

        1. And they say 'I'm' coo-coo.

      5. She does a mean ping pong ball trick.

        1. She does a mean ping pong baseball trick.

      6. I have my doubts as to how 'live' it would be.

    4. Why can't you see that she has to so she can counteract the flood of Koch money?

  47. Racism in public schools is a big reason more black Americans are homeschooling.

    You "forgot" to mention that it's black racism.

    The author and the kids in question live in a European-based society, with a European language(s), yet they want to be educated in African-something-or-other because they're black.

    1. The author and the kids in question live in a European-based society, with a European language(s), yet they want to be educated in African-something-or-other because they're black.

      Talk of racism is cheap, literally anyone can do it. Yet if blacks face such awful racism in public schools and if most blacks are in attendance at predominantly black schools, I have to think that it is to some extent a problem of their own making. We do live in a European society and teaching kids that ebonics, or any "dialect" that is predicated entirely on race, is worthy of academic discourse.... well....that's racist.

  48. Fuck this shit. I'm off to make deposits and go start my shopping for a shot gun for skeet shooting.

      1. Actually, the gentleman at the store reminded me my side-by-side 12 gauge St. Etienne is fine for skeet shooting. So I shifted and decided to look into buying a rifle for target shooting.

        Of course, being a lefty, I have limited choice.

        1. If you are talking bolt action, just have to get used to losing your position by taking it off your shoulder. Annoying, but not a big deal for target shooting.

          Also, I've seen a lot of Ruger left hand rifles lately.

        2. How old is your St. Etienne?

  49. There may be few Americans who self-label as libertarian but many Americans have libertarian views, notes data-journalism darling Nate Silver.

    Simply not the case. I don't care how many people describe their views as "fiscally conservative and socially liberal", almost all of those people have views that are diametrically opposed to essential libertarian principles.

    Libertarianism comes with very specific principles not ensconced in that grossly oversimplified quip about fiscal and social policies. Those same people may more or less accurately describe their beliefs with that quip while still supporting the NSA spying programs, the Iraq War et cetera.

    1. "Socially liberal" so rarely means "socially libertarian". Sometimes it does mean "not jailing gays" or "not outlawing birth control", but it more often seems to mean "requiring businesses to serve pizza at gay weddings" or "taxpayer funded birth control".

      1. Don't forget "common sense gun regulation."

      2. Without knowing more about the individual's actual views, I always assume that "socially liberal" means "culture war fascist".

      3. "Fiscally conservative" is an even worse characterization of libertarianism.

        In practice, it means reducing the deficit by a negligible amount by raising taxes and trimming the growth rate of the frivolous social programs favored by non-conservatives. (Well, except when it means exploding the deficit by cutting taxes, guaranteeing sketchy loans destined to default, and getting involved in foreign adventures.)

        Self-identified fiscal conservatives never cut anything in absolute terms. In fact, with the Presidency and solid majorities in Congress, so-called conservative Republicans couldn't eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts, to say nothing of the useless bureaucracies of the Energy, Education, Interior, and Labor departments. And perish the thought of scaling back an entitlement program.

    2. people have libertarian views when it comes to things they like, things they think govt should be out of. Not so much regarding things they don't like. This is one of those talk the talk but not walk the walk equations; that's my estimation of Silver's findings. People talk a good game on a limited number of issues but they're not willing to put that talk into practice if it involves tolerating things they don't like. Which, curiously, is pretty much what tolerance means.


    Disclaimer: I attend Maryland Deathfest every year.

    1. Live Aid. What do I win, Alex?

      1. You get a happy birthday announcement from Willard Scott on the Today show!

    2. Deathfest every year

      How could you be so lucky as to survive a Deathfest so many times?

    3. Bayreuth's Wagner Fest.


  51. Puerto Ricans who can't speak English qualify as "disabled" for Social Security.

    Hundreds of Puerto Rico's residents qualified for federal disability benefits in recent years because they lacked fluency in English, according to government auditors.

    The Social Security Administration's inspector general questioned the policy this month in light of the fact that Spanish is the predominant language in the U.S. territory.


    1. I'm starting to think 'abled' is the new minority...

    2. Yep, the disability scam spreads. How many people on disability are not really disabled? It's got to be a majority now if not worse. Gotta buy those votes.

    3. When I was in San Juan in February I could barely get around some places because I didn't speak enough Spanish. Seems not knowing Spanish would be far more of a "disability" there.

      1. Interesting point. If an English-only speaker moves to Puerto Rico, can they file for disability?

        If not, what happened to "equal protection"?

  52. Good morning, folks. So here is how my Friday morning started out: I was walking to my condo complex's parking lot to get into my suv, but before I got there, I saw a boy and his dog just standing in the grass by the sidewalk, over on the side of the parking lot. The boy was facing away from me, towards the woods, and I didn't think anything of it until: he started peeing on a small electrical box right by the sidewalk. All out in the open and shit. Now mind you, there are about 25 cars in the parking lot, and condo units all around it, so this kid is pretty fucking bold. Anyway, I just stood there for a couple seconds, not quite fathoming what I was witnessing, but then I got ahold of myself and thought: I should not be here, seeing this. I need to get the fuck outta here. So I bolted to my suv and tore out of the parking lot ASAP. So that was the start of my morning. How about yours?

    1. Sometimes you just have to go.

      1. Gotta let your dog know that you own that territory.

        When my two boys were much smaller they would laugh at my dog spending the first hour at the summer cabin pissing everywhere to let the local dogs know he was around and the yard belonged to him.

        I explained how that was the way my dog let others know that he owned the yard. So they decided it would be funny to do the same. So I had two small boys running around the yard pissing on things and shouting that now they owned it. The wife was not amused.

    2. So what you're saying is that you're a pedophile?

      1. BOMBSHELL TONIGHT. A man who frequents a site called "Reason", which ARGUES FOR LESSER PUNISHMENT FOR PEDOPHILES, THE ONES CONSTANTLY STALKING AND TRYING TO KIDNAP AND MOLEST OUR CHILDREN, watches, from the shadows, a nude young boy. Our panelists tonight will try to answer this question. WHY IS THIS MAN NOT YET IN JAIL?

        1. You talking about plugger?

          1. I was going for a Nancy Grace parody.

            1. Needs more CAPS and hair.

      2. That's why I got the hell out of there. It was such an odd situation and I had no idea why the hell the kid was doing that. And I did not want to be put in a compromising situation whatsoever, so I got the fuck outta there.

        1. Boy, those words did not type out right. For the record, I'm not a pederass. I was just really concerned that the kid could label me as one for witnessing him pissing on a goddamn electrical box by a parking lot in the middle of suburbia.

          1. Don't worry, I'm sure the condo security cams caught it all. Just be ready for anything when you go home.

        2. You are way over-thinking this. Ignore it and get on with your day.

          He was doing that because he had to pee.

          1. He left out the part where he was masturbating through all this.

    3. You missed an opportunity: "Peeing on an electrical box, with a small chance of blowing your penis clean off, you've gotta ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?"

    4. TwB witnesses golden showers, gets excited, has to leave quickly before he is busted. /News at 11

    5. Q: Why is a trip to bathroom like a trip to the cemetery?
      A: When you gotta go, you gotta go!

  53. this kid is pretty fucking bold

    Really? A kid peeing outside is bold and scary to you? Sounds like all it would take is a nudge down the scale and you'd be thinking it's time to call the cops or CPS on him.

    1. The kid was pissing outside in an urban area, right next to a parking lot. In broad daylight. I mean, why the hell did he do that? I grew up in the country and pissed outside all the time, but there wasn't anyone around at all. It was the middle of nowhere, not a parking lot in the middle of suburbia.

      1. why the hell did he do that?

        uh, cause he's a kid, no further explanation necessary. The fact that you're from the country surprises me even more that this was so shocking to you. To me there's two responses: shrug/ignore or correct him. But to run away like you just witnessed a gangland murder is ...curious.

        1. It's sad but I don't trust many people. That's why I got out of there. I had no idea what the kid would say or do if I tried to talk with him. So I decided that getting out of that situation was for the best.

          1. Rog.. to be honest the most I'd muster would be to holler, "go find a bathroom!" or "you're going to electrocute your crank!" depending on whether he's old enough to grasp the concept of electricity...

            1. .. and when he goes and complains to his mom that you made a comment about his dick, and then the cops show up to talk to you...

              In this current day and age, only the insanely brave interact with strange children.

      2. You made the right move to get out of there. If a cop shows up, after shooting the kid's dog, he'll be all "Show me where the bad man touched you" and you'd be seriously screwed.

        1. I dunno. I hear what you're saying about caution in these eff'd up times, however by caving to the fear we just keep moving this trend in the wrong direction. Now instead of leaving kids alone who are in no danger, we're calling the cops. And instead of helping kids in distress, we're either leaving them along or again, worse yet, calling the cops/CPS. Where's Lenore when I need her...

          1. I think the protocol for kids in distress would be to have a woman - your wife, gf, another passer-by - make the call while you get out of there. I'm sure not going to approach a crying kid in the park and help him or her find the mom.

            1. Thx for proving my point 😉

  54. "Part of that is because the hard-core partisans who vote in presidential primaries are much more likely to take consistently liberal or conservative positions than the broader American population, as Krugman's colleague Nate Cohn points out.

    And the parties themselves ? who have disproportionate influence in the primaries ? have highly partisan views by definition. Almost all voting in the U.S. Congress, on social issues and economic issues alike, can be reduced to a single, left-right dimension."


    ----Nate Silver article about Rand Paul.

    I'd add that the reason politicians are consistently liberal or conservative (can be reduced to a single, left-right dimension) is because "the hard-core partisans who vote in presidential primaries are much more likely to take consistently liberal or conservative positions".

    It's all driven by donors and true believer primary voters. If the establishment rejects Rand Paul, it's because those primary voters and donors reject Rand Paul.

    I still say the surest bet is for Rand Paul to accept being the Vice-President/running mate of an establishment candidate. He will become the presumptive nominee eight years from now, and if the establishment candidate fails to win, Rand Paul will have a lot more credibility four years from now with primary voting Republicans and their donors.

    I'm just sayin'.

    1. Screw that. He's got some popularity that might build into a successful campaign right now. It's not like the Democrats are posting any competition or that the Republicans have any great opponents for him.

      1. the Dems keep pretending that the inevitability of Hillary is a real thing.

        1. It's a dumb move by them. What they should be doing is trying to get a field of candidates going so that next time, they'll have the experience and the name-recognition to run. As it stands, it's highly unlikely that a Democrat is going to be in the White House, come 2017, unless Obama refuses to leave and has to be dragged out.

      2. "Screw that. He's got some popularity that might build into a successful campaign right now."

        Oh, I hope Rand Paul blasts through New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, and steamrolls everybody.

        But if that doesn't work out? If the establishment Republican primary voters and donors are too big of a barrier to get over?

        Then there's a way around that--and it goes through the Vice President's office.

        Rand Paul brings swing voting libertarians to the ticket like no one else can.

        Certainly not Cruz. I'd vote for Jeb Bush if Rand Paul were his running mate.

        I wouldn't vote for Jeb Bush just because Cruz was his running mate.

        1. If Paul goes deep, I think he should stay in the Senate.

      3. I gotta say, at this early stage I think Walker has to be a serious contender for the Repub nom.

        Cruz, I dunno, I'm having a hard time seeing him win the general for some reason. Too much of an edge on him, maybe?

  55. A new fucking low in policing. The fucking police actually took the time to set up a photo shoot of the "contraband" just like they had nabbed kilos and kilos of coke.

    The Sheriff's Office stopped a 2013 Ford F-150 on I-10 for an expired tag. After asking to search the trailer, deputies found nearly 2,000 beers, eight bottles of liquor and five liters of boxed wine, Myles said. The students were reportedly heading to Gulf Shores for spring break.


    1. "And we confiscated 1,000 beers-"

      "Sir, at first you said it was 2,000."

      "Well, we must have miscounted the first time. Like I said, we confiscated 500 beers..."

      1. "You said something about liquor bottles."

        "There were no liquor bottles. Go to the evidence room and see for yourself!"

        1. "But you *did* confiscate five liters of boxed wine?"

          "It turns out all the boxes were empty. [hic]"

      2. In my experience as an underage drinker the cops only "confiscate" your beer when you had decent stuff.

        Natural Light? No, they would have made you pour that shit out on the side of the road to teach you a lesson.

        1. Yeah, not as bad as the dickheads confiscating guns for any reason and then destroying them before you get a chance to get them back:

          Hmm, can't find the link. Thought it was on Instapundit. Basically people are having to sue to get money since some police forces were automatically destroying weapons they seized, even if it was illegal.

    1. I'm sure it's pretty derpy, but you can tell the Republican party is using their time in control of Congress to do what they stand for - shrink government and balance the budget, right?

    2. The funny part of that is, in the article, it's mentioned that the "sell off" is to state governments, but the author calls that privatization. W.T.F.???

  56. Why would Latin America like us if we get all snuggly with Cuba, again?

    I mean, aside from the Cuban proxies in Venezuela, that is.

    1. Why would we want to be liked by the Socialists currently screwing up Argentina and Brazil?

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