Is Venezuela a Dictatorship Yet?

The answer, if you need a hint, is "yes."


Valter Campanato/ABr

The not-so-comic-opera authoritarian regime in Venezuela has long enjoyed support on the political left. Even when the late President Hugo Chávez occupied himself with closing opposition media, controlling private school curriculum, and crushing independent economic effort, progressives lauded him, basically, because he did it all for the right cause. And after all, his authoritarian regime was popular and won democratic-ish reelection. We all agree that it's bad to attempt a coup like his opponents did (oh, wait). So, what's not to like?

Even an "enabling act" allowing the (very sad) clownish Chávez to rule unilaterally was A-OK, wrote The Nation's Mark Weisbrot, because "Chávez has hardly used the enabling legislation at all–only to extract more concessions from foreign oil companies." It's good extortion, not authoritarianism!

But now Chávez's vice president and chosen successor Nicolas Maduro is casting off whatever remaining democratic trappings his country possesses. The "liberal" part of liberal democracy went long ago, since it requires some tolerance for critical voices, independent institutions, and private enterprise. The "democracy" part has staggered along, sort of, if you squint hard. Of course, it's easier to pull off democratic wins when you arrest opposition leaders who show promise of building support and restrict dissenting voices in the media. As Freedom House puts it, "While the act of voting in Venezuela is relatively free and the count is generally considered fair, the political playing field favors government-backed candidates, and the distinction between state institutions and the ruling party is virtually nonexistent." Even so, Chavismo remained popular among the country's poor so long as the regime had oil money with which to buy support and paper over failure.

Freedom House

But that money ran out as oil prices dropped and Venezuelan officials drove their one-time cash cow into ruin.

So even illiberal democracy has become a tough sell in Venezuela, since the people who once supported the authoritarian regime (that did it all for the right cause) are growing unlikely to vote in ways that further the regime's interests. Hence yet another enabling act handed to President Nicolas Maduro by his allies in the National Assembly. It allows him to rule by decree for the rest of the year.

What do you call a government that allows one person to rule according to unilateral whim? I guess we'll find out. Again.

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  1. Nuh uh!! Sean Penn says its a socialist paradise!

    1. It is if you’re the 1%.

    2. Is Sean Penn living there yet? Surely a successful actor like him can afford to move to paradise.

      1. He’ll get right on that, once he’s achieved a double-digit IQ.

        1. IOW, he’s not going anywhere.

        2. Like that’s possible.

        3. “He’ll get right on that, once he’s achieved a double-digit IQ.”

          That’s really not fair. I’m sure he’s very nearly a triple-digit IQ.

    3. Is anyone else really confused by his new movie? He uses a *gun* in it. From the previews, quite a few guns. Maybe he did learn something from Venezuela.

  2. What do you call a government that allows one person to rule according to unilateral whim?

    That’s easy.

    A *people’s democratic republic*.

    1. Naw, a “person’s democratic republic”.

      1. That would be a place I want to live.

    2. Democratic-ocracy?

      1. Democroidiocracy.

  3. Imagine a world where you could make up the rules as you go and do anything you want to anybody.

    Why, I’ve heard that described as a Libertarian paradise!

    1. The body count would be much higher if that were true.

      We watched The Purge with very thoughtful expressions.

  4. Mr Maduro said he needed the special powers to deal with the threat posed by the United States, which he accuses of meddling in Venezuela’s affairs.

    Admit it Maduro, you’re just mad because Cotton didn’t write YOU a letter too.

  5. What do you call a government that allows one person to rule according to unilateral whim?

    Depends. What are you allowed to call it?

    1. Friedman calls it paradise

      1. Tom not Milty.

  6. Progressives are psychological and moral degenerates, surrendering their humanity, along with the functions and obligations that it entails, upon a platter to ambitious, slavemaking busybodies, usually in the earnest belief that it’s productive and just. They’re fucktarded infants. It’s sad.

    Third-world strongmen relish and bathe in the self-inflicted, blindness-induced, ignorant affirmation and praise they receive from shitheads in the prosperous, capitalistic first-world United States — history’s hyperpower, whose wealth and ascendancy throughout its history are resultant of exactly the opposite of everything those same third-world strongmen and shitheads advocate.

    It’s easy to be an ignorant leftist prick when you’ve known nothing but the comfort, riches, freedom, and security afforded to you by a nation built upon ideals you despise, and by infinitely better men than you or your retarded offspring could ever even hope to imitate.

    1. This is the problem with “everybody gets a trophy” culture. If you assume that you will always succeed, you will always be able to come up with better ideas than the stuff that actually has to work in the real world.

      1. Shits love to tell others how to do things. The less the shits have accomplished the easier it is.

        Spend your money THIS way, run your company THIS way, and on and on.

      2. Like I said, being insulated from the harshness of the rest of the world by having been born and living in a place like America means your shit doesn’t have to work in the real world. You can afford to be a self-deluded, self-entitled cunt.

        1. They need to see real 3rd world poverty up close and personal and then they’ll know where they are headed with their lefist policies.

          1. No. They always blame it on others.

    2. I wouldn’t say it’s easy to be an ignorant leftist prick. It takes years of dedicated self denial.

  7. It’s not their fault, it’s the el-kulakos and outside counter-revolutionary forces of capitalist dog-men that ruined everything.


  8. It’s rather disheartening to remember that honest no-shit caudillos can still exist in the world today.

  9. Ah, look, the Saddam Hussein of the Americas. What a punchable face, I’d pay a lot for the opportunity.

    1. Democratically. Elected.

      Man I wish I had links to some of those threads, joe was priceless in them.

      1. Here’s one. And MNG gets super butthurt when I call him a troll.

        1. Am I arguing with joe or was this after I finally incifed him?

        2. Wow, I hadn’t realized MNG had started in with what we could essentially call “Tractor-Pulling” so early. “I’m better read than you on your own philosophy” is classic him.

          And I love how joe and others love to argue with rana…who lived in Venezuela at the time. How they just dismiss her actual lived experience because it doesn’t jive with what they want to believe. Amazing stuff.

          1. Who are you going to believe, Chavez’ propaganda ministry or her lying eyes?

            1. I’ll admit that implicit mistrust of women is generally a good policy.

              Obligatory TISTANLW

          2. Ugh, I’ve seen that elsewhere, too–Marxists and other fellow travelers who have never been to Venezuela dismissing entirely the experiences of those who live or lived there, because if they can speak English, they’re obviously bourgeois class enemies and thus not to be trusted.


          If, for the sake of argument, we were to take Castenda’s story that Chavez wanted to commit election fraud during the referendum and was rebuffed by the military at face value, wouldn’t that count as evidence that Venezuela is a functioning democracy?


          “Hey, if Chavez tried to commit election fraud and was only stopped by threats of a military coup, clearly that’s a functioning democracy we can expect to last long into the future.”

          Good God.

        4. joe|1.25.08 @ 12:38AM|#

          I’ve never “tried to explain” Chavez’s actions before. Why would I start now?

          I guess the actual arguments I make are too tough for you. I don’t think anyone’s too surpirsed by that.

          reply to this

          And we think Bo is irritating. Threading is irritating, but man is this place better off without joe.

        5. And MNG was at least as bad as joe. Remember what a hardon he got for me before he left?

          1. Just go back to your tractor pull, Warty. I’m pretty sure I make way more money than you anyway.

        6. Wow even a Jsub note. I’m going to go pour a drink now.

          1. RIP JsubD

        7. SugarFree|3.16.15 @ 7:46PM|#
          “Here’s one. And MNG gets super butthurt when I call him a troll.”

          Interesting. When I got here, there was MNG, not Mr. Nice Guy. And I don’t recall him ever being ‘nice’; he was at least as dishonest as turd in his comments.

        8. I recall seeing some stuff from MNG when I started hanging around here, but nothing like that.

          What an asshole.

  10. Are you telling me that he didn’t really win 100% of the vote?

    1. It counts as 115% because of all the love from foreign supporters. That’s Electoral Science!

  11. In line with their article about how libertarians ruined Honduras, how long until there’s a Salon post declaring that Venezuela’s failings are the fault of libertarian wreckers or Ayn Rand?

    1. Irish|3.16.15 @ 7:25PM|#
      “In line with their article about how libertarians ruined Honduras,”

      Ya know, it’s true.
      Just a couple of weeks ago, me and a couple of buddies went down there and laid waste to the entire country one morning.
      It was quick and easy!

      1. To you it was the day that M Bison destroyed your entire village and killed your whole family. To me it was Tuesday.

        1. Maduro Bison!

          1. Hell ya, just add a mustache

        2. Actually Tuesday morning; we spent the afternoon getting drunk.

    2. That’s one of the dumbest things I have ever read. For decades, lefist governments totally destroyed the economy of the country and then there was a military coup and massive corruption and violence ensued. And that’s all the fault of libertarians. You have to be incredibly stupid to come to such irrational conclusions as that.

      1. They are which is why I never waste my time. I used to argue with them when I first got on the innernets but now I just hang with my own side.

        I used to think they were arguing in good faith but a decade of dealing with gun control asswipes proved that lefties aren’t arguing, they’re ordering. They are acting as they would if they had the power to make their desires real. You will do X or face the consequences. Therefore the merits of their arguments are immaterial, you will obey. Or die.

        Give up the guns or die.
        Pay these exorbitant taxes or die.
        If you move to a seastead, we’ll kill you.

        1. Yep. I used to be willing to argue but my breaking point was being around people who for two terms of GW Bush who were able to keep up on an hourly basis on his transgressions, who then proceeded to ignore or not care Obama continuing or doubling down on those same transgressions while continuing to cry nonstop about the evil Republicans.

          I was already pretty familiar with the gun control stuff and historical parallels like the left in the US at the onset of WW2 going from vociferously pacifist to rabidly pro-war when the Hitler-Stalin pact didn’t work out, but for some reason I thought that a lot of the people that I personally knew were different and more intellectually honest.

          It’s not like I didn’t expect people to be hacks about that shit, but, eh, I just did not realize just how many simply did not actually care about being antiwar or whatever unless it served as a wedge issue against their hated enemies.

  12. Wow, the entire protest situation in Brazil has reignited the political debate between my wife and I. I’ve had to steer clear of that for the last couple of years for the most part, but this has given me new opportunity. With the population growing weary of the corruption and economy ruining policies of the leftist PT, It’s given me yet another chance to educate her on the evils of the left. It’s still a daunting task. I have 2 libertarian comrades in Brazil who have joined in to help me, but man that woman is stubborn, like all of them I guess. Well, it’s that I have her converted one minute, and then the next day it’s back to first base. I’ll never give up!

    1. Maybe read passages aloud from Atlas Shrugged when you’re fucking. The endorphins being released may make her more susceptible to the arguments.

      1. Well, I forced her to watch the first 2 parts of the movie. Maybe the 3rd part will do the trick.

        1. No wonder she’s resisting.

          /JK, I haven’t seen it

        2. You’re doing your cause irreparable damage, then.

          So I hear, anyway.

          1. CURSES, Rhywun!

      2. Or Iron Man 2. Same premise, more explosions and robot fights.

    2. It takes years to change the tune of a woman from the strange pasts- baptist, amish, feminism, ultra-orthodox jew, islam… But, when it changes you will face the vortex and your brain will finally be challenged to its extent. Rational women are literally living orgasms of exploding flowers.

      1. My wife is wonderful, but it’s so hard to convince her of the evils of big government. She understands that government created these problems, but she doesn’t understand that reducing the size of the government is the only way to keep them from fucking stuff up even more. She agrees with me a lot, but she doesn’t quite get some of the fundamental reasoning of what my ideas are based on. She’s a capitalist, no doubt, but libertarianism is still like some alien concept to her for the most part. She’s sort of a SoCon also in ways. Gays are ok, but legalized weed is bad. Like I said, I’m never giving up. We’ve only been married 3 years, dating for 2 before that. It keeps getting better, so I am playing he long game.

        1. Three years?! You two are micro-maritals… the long game is way more important than the short shelf. Plus, you are an adorable spaceship captain and women love spaceship captains. And, if you think she’s wunnerful she’ll get itchy about what her spaceship captain can do to her vagina and maybe you should insert some historical philosophy into her sweet cranium… Like maybe read some of Bertrand Russel’s History of Western Philosophy…? Some would say play with strict Libertarian writing… not me… approach it from an outside intelligent logarithm… introduce existentialism… William Barrett’s the Irrational Man is swell… Crowds and Power by Elias Caneti… some Descarte mayhaps… My library makes me want to swim the dimensions… I have actually and will later tonight when all you motherfuckers have gon e to the beds…

            1. Upgrayedd slept.

            2. Jesus fuckin Christ that’s goddamn pimpalicious!

          1. Well, trying to swim the dimensions here late at nite is a lesson in frustration. There are only a few left coast insomniacs who inhabit these parts at those periods of space time.

            1. i remember lately taking a true gram of some really fuckin great magic shrooms and no matter what all the places say you do have to be careful with these things… psilocybin is not addictive in the least it is however disturbing on the neurotransmitters if shit goes bad which is why your doctors don’t understand it well….

              1. However, I have tripped badly and goodly and I recently took a travel into the underground space and I remember deciding to take a bunch of reason caricatures with me… all the great scribes including the infinitely sexy enb and all sorts of random thread gods and we did travel into some very strange uplifting but disturbing smash lights. I can only call these place smashy because my journey involved flying into a plethora of comets and I can recall a blizzard of stereoscopic leds lights on all surfaces while our flying bus pissed gargantuan lizards who hated being pissed. Lizards hate being hallucanations… It also seems that time hates hallucainations…. but when you fucking travel all these spaces you do find that maybe the dictionary starts to get uppity and then you wonder why and fuck! the spaceship glides onto home base and then the dreams start….

                I remember landing the spaceship one night after an awesome party and I was sleeping next to my naked hot blonde tight ass yummalicious fucking goddamn wife and my body was turned into a black puma… I stalked some jungles yither and hon… and well.. I was hunting prey and then I jumped and landed on my fucking face on the goddamn carpet at the end of our bed… and my fucking wife woke and said NOW WHAT you FUCKIN sleep WALKER!!!

                I crept back into the spaceship and went back to sleep for a while…

                1. You are a treasure, AG!

    3. Ha! Is there such a thing as a Brazilian who hates big government.

      My wife, who is from the northeast, HATES the PT and thinks the protestors are a bunch of dirty hippies. If she was really honest, she’d say she longs for a military dictatorship. It’s statistics and authorities all the way down here in Brazil.

      1. Damn autocorrect! Statists.

        1. statistics worked, too. Just look at how these charts say we should steal more of your shit.

      2. Yes, there are. What state in nordeste is she from? Farther north than Pernambuco, I think Dilma is a lot more popular. There were a lot of protesters in Recife.

        1. Piaui, where IIRC Dilma won the most votes as a percentage, though she has a ton of family I the Bahia.

          In terms of libertarians, I work with a guy who could probably be described as libertarian here in SP, but other than that I’ve met very few who could even be described “libertarian-leaning”.

      3. True story. I tried taking to my girlfriend about politics once, since it was election season. It didn’t go so well. Here in salvador they are very pro Dilma. And of course they are, Dilma gives them free shit and let’s the unions run rampant. Yet everyone bitch about the high cost of everything and can’t figure it why taxes are so high. Then once a guy runs opposing Dilma, saying he wants to lower import tariffs and reduce taxes, they fly at him and call him a corrupt liar. As if dilmas party (whos had been in power since the military left) isn’t incredibly corrupt and, imo, already entrenched to the point of no return, just look at the petrobras scandal. Even if they get rid of her no lessons well be learned and no one will really be punished. I dint understand these people, so I stopped talking politics with them. Instead I’ve got the girlfriend reading 1984, its a start.

        1. So this Cowboy visceral is turning a tune on the WHY and HOW and Cowboy is riding a sweet tune on a real world… May this Cowboy break that punk ass Salvador mesh from not being wonderful…

        2. …”And of course they are, Dilma gives them free shit and let’s the unions run rampant. Yet everyone bitch about the high cost of everything and can’t figure it why taxes are so high.”…

          Yep, the eternal mystery!

        3. I lived in Salvador for a couple years at the turn of the 2000’s. Wild times. Brasil can truly be a madhouse. Very fucking hard to run a business there though.

  13. Also, as a result of this thread I have chosen to change my name to more thoroughly reflect current Reason naming guidelines.

    I had to suck up to a few Eastern European kings in order to gain my new title, but I feel it was worth it.

    1. Ahhh, who were you before?

      1. Goddamit, just read your handle again. MUST. PAY. CLOSER. ATTENTION.

        1. *whispers*

          I think it’s Bo. So sad.

          1. You are always crying like a boom bitch…. weep… sigh… gettin on all sorts of ass and then cumz playa… cryin like gourmet tears… wazzup baby poopee?

    2. Jumped-up nouveau riche trash! Do you even have a family crest? Mine is a golden Kraken on a black background…oh wait.

        1. Mine is three passant gaurdant doomcocks argent on an azure field.

          1. Ah, so you’re one of Warty’s vassals. That must hurt.

            1. He’s a vessel and a vassal?

              1. Hawkins: But did you put the pellet with the poison in the vessel with the pestle?

                Griselda: No! The pellet with the poison’s in the flagon with the dragon! The vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true!

                Hawkins: The pellet with the poison’s in the flagon with the dragon; the vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true.

                Griselda: Just remember that.


    Here’s joe and MNG defending Chavez. (With bonus: But…but… Pinochet! butthurt.)

    1. Did the threading not work that day?

      1. There was a time before threading. A glorious time, when we could cavort through 1,000s of handles in one post and The Bukkainator sat on top of his throne watching us all as we reveled in the Dionysia.

        1. I was here for the handle switching and the gambollocksing of the threads. But I’m post-pre-threading.

        2. With all due respect to P. Brooks, I much prefer having threading. The registration has also proven to be worth it I think.

          1. Registration became necessary partly because of threading. Before threading, it was so, so much harder for some griefer douchebag to disrupt a comment thread, because you had to post to the bottom, quote who you were responding to, and couldn’t “nest” a comment under every single other comment in the whole thread.

            Threading very much changed the nature of how we comment here.

            1. I agree with the chain of events but I also think that Mary and co would have fucked up the comments section either way. I mean threading lasted a good while before they showed up. I guess we’ll never know.

              I just prefer threading and no registration in a vacuum without griefers. But those fucks showed up.

              1. I suppose the question, for which we will never get an answer, boils down to: would they have stuck around without threaded comments and the increased power to disrupt that threaded comments provide?

                I mean, it may be a coincidence, but insane griefing only started after the implementation of threaded comments. And not that long after.

                1. I suppose it is good that we don’t have the technology to peer into their dark dark minds.

            2. I thought that crayon was the single reason for registration.

        3. I arrived soon before threading so I’m not quite sure how things worked, but looking at the Joe thread makes me realize how things used to suck. I guess threading and non threading is what seperates the libertarians from the anarchists.

          1. This place was Somalia before threading.

            Threading is like digital roads.

            1. Then I need an agency to be formed to start the planning commission for my EDIT BUTTON any day now, please.

              1. You can have a budget of 20,000,000 but try not to spend it all or we’ll have to give you more.

    2. joe|12.3.07 @ 7:11PM|#

      Tip o’ the cap, Shannon Love. Just so.

      I’ve been trying to make that point for years, and I’ve never been able to put it quite that eloquently.

      Trust Democracy.

      Wow. What a fucking idiot.

    3. Wow, MNG also wrote this steaming pile of idiocy:

      “My understanding of libertarianism is that democracy is neither good or bad in itself – if it secures the rights of people to amass private property, it’s good; on the other hand, if a dictatorship like Pinochet secures the rights of private property owners, then yay dictatorship, boo democracy.”
      e-I understand this is how many libertarians see things, and this is what I would call a fetishism of property rights that borders on insane. Under this kind of mad scheme a dictator is ok as long as he only kills, tortures and rapes those who wish to impinge on property rights and an elected democratic leader who allows basic civil liberties to all, even his opponents, but who impinges on property rights, is evil incarnate. Thus Free Minds and Free Markets becomes simply Free Markets.

      LOL what? If you’re murdering, torturing, and raping, then you’re violating the rights of the people you’re murdering, torturing and raping and therefore libertarians would oppose you.

      Apparently he doesn’t realize that libertarians see rape as a rights violation and therefore oppose it.

      1. You have to understand, people like MNG really cannot comprehend that there are people in this world who don’t think like them. He is ideological and can be down with a dictator who kills, tortures, and rapes for the “right” reasons, and so he just assumes we are all like that, it’s just that (in his mind) libertarians consider “property rights” to be the “right reason” to do these terrible things. It doesn’t occur to him that someone could be against killing, torture, and rape on anyone.

        1. So, pretty much like Tony then?

      2. Remember the daily battles between John and MNG? Those were epic.

    4. None of the opinions expressed in that thread could possibly be put forth in good faith. I mean, one of the posters claimed to like Heroes, how gullible do you think I am?

      1. Hey! I liked Heroes! You take that back!


        1. Jesus, you are consistently horrible.

          1. Thank you.

            Though not as horrible as Nicole, right? RIGHT?!?

            1. Right! Of course!

        2. I liked that show as well, though maybe not for the same reason.

          1. Yes, Ali Larter is a hottie. Also Hayden Panettiere, Kristen Bell, Missy Peregrym, Jaime Ray Newman, Dawn Olivieri, and more. The casting directors had taste.

            1. I only had eyes for her.


              Same with Olivia Wilde on House.

              1. I thought Cameron was hot when I started watching House, but then Olivia Wilde happened and made me forget all about what’s her name.

                1. This will be in tomorrow’s Daily Fails if it’s still there tomorrow morning.


                  Her politics are stupid but damn she’s good on the eyes.

              2. Wilde is gorgeous, but dude…Odette Annable. Jennifer Morrison wasn’t bad either. Or Lisa Edelstein.

                1. ^this-

                  Cuddy in the schoolgirl outfit in the bus crash episode…

                  /in my bunk

            2. FWIW, the dudes were all hot too. The casting really was quite exceptional.

      2. I made it through three episodes of that crap-heap. Apparently it’s coming back.

        1. Apparently it’s coming back.


          1. Maybe you and Epi can get together in a two-man snuggie and watch and live-tweet the episodes for us.

            1. No thanks. I’m trying to quit.

            2. I’m in!

        2. GTFO. I liked season one. Unfortunately they ruined it by keeping the same damn villain around forever because he was supposedly “popular”.

          1. Well I actually kind of liked Sylar, but the main reason they had to keep him was that he was pretty much the only plausible antagonist. I mean, who can go up against a bunch of people with superpowers? A guy whose superpower is stealing the superpowers of others (and killing them in the process). Ventimiglia had a similar power but he could only mimic the ability of the last “hero” he touched, and he didn’t have to kill them to do it.

            1. he was pretty much the only plausible antagonist

              Hm… good point I guess. I mainly just enjoyed the sense of “discovery” at the beginning, the mysteries and such. By season two it was like the writers gave up.

          2. Epi has space in his snuggie since sarcasmic pussed out.

    5. The Pinochet stuff in that thread is idiotic. Conservatives and libertarians never traveled on pilgrimages to genuflect before the wonder of Pinochet the way Sean Penn or Oliver Stone did with Chavez. Moreover, the fact that Pinochet was more brutal than Chavez doesn’t mean Chavez is a democrat, it means Pinochet was even less of a democrat than he was.

      1. Also, anyone notice how if a libertarian or conservative even goes to talk to a right-wing dictator (even if they go specifically to tell them to democratize) they are immediately tarred as complicit in the dictator’s crimes, yet when you have widespread left-wing sympathy for left-wing dictators, the left refuses to take responsibility even when they’re collectively at fault?

        Milton Friedman gave some speeches at a Chilean college about economics and the left still acts like he was running Pinochet’s torture chambers. Meanwhile, you’ve got people like Max Blumenthal, Jeb Lund, and several different writers for Glenn Greenwald’s Intercept actively declaring their support for the Cuban dictatorship and they never suffer any consequences, professionally or socially.

        This is even true of literary figures. Jorge Luis Borges supported Pinochet and the Argentinian dictatorship (largely because Borges was a weirdo who was incapable of understanding what was going on in the world outside his head) and is still consistently critiqued for this support. Meanwhile, Pablo Neruda wrote a fucking poem to Stalin and except for right-wing and libertarian journals (as well as the periodic heterodox main stream journalist) this is very seldom mentioned.

        1. If they didn’t have double-standards they wouldn’t have standards at all.

        2. Principals, not principles.

    6. I’d forgotten this shit.

      It’s hurting my ideas.

  15. The Venezuelans will be saved by smugglers… smugglers seem to be indifferent to tyranny. Matter of fact, smugglers are likely the Libertarians making money in spite of rogue government…

    1. Tony Judt points out that the black market in food-stuffs is what allowed the USSR to survive the last ten years or so of its life. That source was well over half of the total food supply.

      1. Much of that came from US food aide to Africa. Where it was sold by the local warlords to the soviets and a discount. The grain sacks were carried from a us merchant ship to a Russian one right in the harbor.

        1. I’m sure someone on the US side was getting a slice of that money as well.

        2. mr lizard|3.16.15 @ 8:14PM|#
          “Much of that came from US food aide to Africa. Where it was sold by the local warlords to the soviets and a discount. The grain sacks were carried from a us merchant ship to a Russian one right in the harbor.”

          But we spend so little on foreign aid! Why do you want to end it?

        3. So our food aid wasn’t just helping to destroy the livelihoods of African farmers, it was also supporting the USSR? Wonderful.

          1. But it was doing so for all the right reasons!

          2. And enriching crony agri-business here in the States. That’s called win-win-win!

        4. Piles of food aid went directly to the Soviets from American ports. We even reimbursed them for the cost of using their ships to give them grain.

          The food shipments started in ’41 and apparently didn’t end when the war ended. Supposedly the allotments increased during the ’60s, part the of the bargaining around the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    2. Capital ‘L’ Libertarians are members of a political party.

      Lower case ‘l’ libertarians are adherents to a certain political/economic philosophy.

      /semantic officer friendly

  16. Q)Waddaya get when you put a penis and a potato on an ocean liner?

    A) A dictatorship!

    1. You have been given a ration of one ‘badum-tish’ use it wisely prole.

      1. A baby seal walks into a club.


        I’ll be here all week.

        1. So that’s how Seal got those scars.



      And thus, Joseph Smith laid with the frog and his AIDS was no more.

    2. Thanks, needed that. I have leftist athiest friends who love that, too. Man, do they luv taking the piss out of institutions that demand loyalty based on faith and faulty science. They say, hey, you’re an athiest, why are you laughing at us laughing at them?

    3. You know, I didn’t find it nearly as funny as I thought I would. I love South Park but Book of Mormon was meh.

      1. Same here. I love South Park, I have enjoyed pretty much every other thing Matt and Trey have done, but I couldn’t wait for Book of Mormon to end. The fact that I intensely hate almost all musicals (I was hoping this one was different, and thought it might be because of how much I love the South Park movie) is a factor, of course.

        1. There is something deeply broken inside both of you.

          You are to entertainment as ESB is to politics, Adolf Hitler is to Jews, or Warty is to good taste and hope for the future.

          1. Just keep watching your Glee reruns you tasteless buffoon!

            Seriously, I tried. But I fucking HATE musicals. There are a few unusual exceptions, but it’s a format that is like jamming bamboo shards under my fingernails. Even musical episodes of TV shows that I like set me on edge. And Community did at least two if not more. And don’t even get me started on the Buffy and Supernatural musical episodes.

          2. Hey, I’ve never known anything to be worse after an Extra Special Bitter.

  17. OT:…..index.html

    As the U.S. and several Eastern European NATO countries conduct a series of military exercises near Russia’s border, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his Northern Fleet “to full alert in a snap combat readiness exercise” in the Arctic, state-run media reported Monday.

    At least one Russian leader described the drill as routine and unrelated to the “international situation.”

    The fleet got its orders at 8 a.m. Monday, according to Sputnik, launching a land, sea and air drill that will involve 38,000 troops, 41 ships, 15 submarines and 110 aircraft.

    “The main task of the (combat readiness drill) is to assess the armed forces from the Northern Fleet’s capabilities in fulfilling tasks in providing military security of the Russian Federation in the Arctic region,” Russian Defense Minister Gen. Sergey Shoigu told the media outlet. “New challenges and threats of military security demand the further heightening of military capabilities of the armed forces and special attention will be paid to the state of the newly formed strategic merging (of forces) in the North.”


    This would be a second Cold War, if Obama had the balls to match up and cause a stalemate.

    1. Obama’s weak and he can be pushed around but he also makes poor decisions so you risk a lot playing a high-stakes game like that if you do something that sets him off. Bam! Now we’re in a stupid war with Russia.

      1. Yes. Everyone associates Obama with stupid, pointless, protracted wars.

        I can’t believe the idiotic shit I read here.

        1. Palin’s Buttplug|3.16.15 @ 9:55PM|#
          “Yes. Everyone associates Obama with stupid, pointless, protracted wars.”

          Turd is surprised people don’t lick Obo ass like turd does!

  18. Off-topic:

    You aren’t a true libertarian unless you’re carrying one of these around. Pony up, pussies.

    1. Kizone Kaprow hates that joke. You’re apt to find yourself in a video now.

      1. Kizone Kaprow is also one of the most broken and emotionally disturbed people on the planet.

        I know you’re reading.

        1. KK made up a fraudulent quote for me in my one and only appearance. It was oddly flattering.

          1. What was it? You’d think they wouldn’t have to do that, you’re plenty enough of a jerkoff to say something quotable.

            1. I know, right? Something along the lines of, “Let’s kill the pigs!” Something stupid like that.

          2. It spelled my forum handle incorrectly.

            1. Like you know how to spell, Mullato.

              1. I don’t have hockey hair!

            2. Ooh hoo hoo, you continue to piss him(?) off.

              Kizone Kaprow13 hours ago (edited)

              Some psychopaths just can’t help themselves. See libertarian fascist “Heroic Mulatto” (featured in my video Libertarian Stalkers) exercise his freedom of speech by doxing two ideological enemies who exercised theirs. When you’re a libertarian, some pigs are more equal than others!

              1. Wow, Kizone is even more retarded than I recall. I don’t know how you go about ‘doxxing’ someone who uses their real names in a public news article and who are public employees and therefore easy to find.

                Furthermore, they weren’t ‘exercising their freedom of speech’ given that they called the cops on a guy.

                Got that, HM? Sending emails to someone is worse than calling the cops on them, you fascist!

              2. How does one “dox” through information gleaned from the person’s own website? Calzone Craphole doesn’t know the meaning of words.

                How unsurprising.

                1. Well, if you’re right, he’s a history grad student pushing 40. And he thinks that advancement to PhD candidacy is some sort of accomplishment. So, yes, I’d be willing to believe that he doesn’t know what words mean.

              3. piss him(?) off

                Him. His Google+ page used to have a picture of a shitty brand of cigar he likes to smoke clutched between his chubby fingers. (Oh yes, he’s fat). The same chubby fingers were also in a picture he posted of the ghost peppers he grew. (Growing ghost peppers is one of the nerdiest hobbies out there. You need a fedora before they will even mail you the seeds.) This same picture was in a video posted to the channel he maintains for his shitty Devo-wannabe band.

      2. KK is just some dude who makes YouTube videos about libertarians? But is somehow not Mary?

        1. HM believes it’s not Mary. If it’s not, then we have more deranged stalkers than we ought to have.

    2. Zach Weinersmith said that if he got this project funded, the world is broken.

      It’s around 150% funded now.

  19. OT: Elizabeth Stoker Breunig is literally a Communist.

    She tweeted the following quote:

    Dr Tabash said that all of this is important simply because ‘the poorest deserve the best’ …’The poorest deserve the best’: when you hear that, I wonder if you can take in just how revolutionary it is. They do not deserve what’s left over when the more prosperous have had their fill, or what can be patched together on a minimal budget as some sort of damage limitation. And they don’t ‘deserve’ the best because they’ve worked for it and everyone agrees they’ve earned it. They deserve it simply because their need is what it is and because where human dignity is least obvious it’s most important to make a fuss about it.

    That’s a wonderful way to end up with fucking Cuba, you narcissistic, slobbering idiot. Good Lord, every time I think this woman has reached the absolute lowest conceivable bound of idiocy she drops ever lower.

    1. Speaking of broken people who read this place.

      1. But she’s so cute!

        1. She totally is. I want to throw mud at her and pull her pigtails and rim her.

          1. You and your mousy, dead-toothed, brunette ingenues.

            I’ll keep my women like Flo Jo.

            1. It’s funny how tame 2 Live Crew seems 25 years later, isn’t it?

              1. More like 2 Lame Crew, amirite?

                POP THAT COOCHIE

              2. Indeed. Still, they got on Donahue.

                1. I’ve never seen cooning quite like that before. All those forced smiles on those crackers. Amazing. And the oh-so-disappointed respectable negro? Spectacular.

                  1. I’ve never seen cooning quite like that before.

                    Well, Donahue was a progs’ prog. And we all know that ‘Progressive’ is “just another word for a creepy liberal racist.”

                2. O. M. G. that is hilarious.

                  I lived through the 80s but I don’t remember it being THAT square. It’s like watching Elvis swing his hips on American Bandstand or something.

              3. God I remember me and my very-white homies playing & laughing at that shit in the dorms.

                Me love you long time!

          2. That wasn’t precisely what I was thinking of, but I can appreciate your position.

          3. First hardon and now rim.

            One day the horror will end.

    2. Also, let’s discuss this:

      They deserve it simply because their need is what it is and because where human dignity is least obvious it’s most important to make a fuss about it.

      Hey, you want to know what’s immensely undignified? Someone being put in a position where it’s more rational for them to never work because they actually have a better life through not working. In that case, you end up with immense amounts of human capital wasted, with people who basically live lives of the utmost meaninglessness, and with children who grow up in slowly decaying hovels surrounded by adults who have never worked and have no intention to.

      This is ‘human dignity’ only if you’re an utter gibbering lunatic too grotesquely incompetent to follow your own chain of logic to its inevitable conclusion.

      1. Jason L. Riley needs to take his fist and launch it at high speed towards her face, over and over again, until it is nothing more than a pulpy blob of flesh, blood, and shards of bone.

    3. Gee, I should just stop working and let someone give me “the best” of everything. Wouldn’t that be swell.

      1. All sorts or people could get “poor” almost overnight!
        But personally, I’d be satisfied with a used car; I’m easy to please. A decent Miura would do just fine.

      2. No, these Commie idiots of the Breunig variety imagine that no one is ever poor through their own decision making and that no one on Earth is lazy. As a result, if you just give people as much money as they want, for some reason you don’t have to worry about people not working and just taking advantage of the state’s beneficence.

        Only a meanspirited right-wing monster would say that anyone on Earth might take advantage of a bloated welfare state.

        1. So what you’re saying is I have to be *inherently* stupid and/or lazy, with no hope of self-improvement, in order get mine.

          I think I can play that.

    4. Yet another Ayn Rand villain manifests before our eyes.

    5. Why the fuck is she known to anyone? She’s 24 and has zero accomplishments other than writing retarded articles. Ezra Klein at least has a long history of spewing derp.

      1. Some of us don’t know who she is and would prefer to keep it that way, thank you very much.

      2. She’s a dough eyed white female Christian who thinks we should love/take care of our fellow man via more government spending/taxation/intervention.

        What’s not to love for the prog crowd?

        Her smile kills some of the look, her analyses are skin deep at their best, and her suggestions come from a world view that I would ascribe to a naive 6th grader.

        1. …”and her suggestions come from a world view that I would ascribe to a naive 6th grader.”

          Yes, the dim-bulb during recess, ‘explaining’ that all people are just wonderful and we should all…

        2. dough eyed

          RC’z law?

          1. I know ignorance of the law is no excuse, but officer, I don’t know that particular law.

            Someone else pointed out my misuse of “dough” for “doe”; it’s that or she’s not ‘doe eyed’

            I don’t know how else to describe the look…

            1. Brendan-

              RC’z Law – a typo/misspelling/homophone is often more accurate/funny than the correct word.

              1. Ahhh, OK. 🙂

        3. She’s a dough [sic] eyed white female Christian who thinks we should love/take care of our fellow man via more government spending/taxation/intervention.

          So, can I assume there’s Libertarian Jesus posted in response to everything she puts up?

          1. I can’t quite pin down what it is.

            She just seems to have a ‘look’ that a lot of other empty headed college age twits who are adored by some circles for their supposedly incisive and groundbreaking politics.

            It’s a lot of I-know-it-when-I-see-it, but when she started getting attention and I read her bullshit, I knew that there was a distinct group that would just eat it up.

    6. I really want to leave a comment on that post asking what her plan is when people stop working to take advantage of her welfare state, but apparently she blocks anyone who questions her. I’d prefer being able to see her idiocy every day to having myself get blocked for some fleeting trolling.

      1. That’s how you know she’s a good leftist.

        I’ve followed the ‘gamergate’ (I despise this -gate suffix bullshit) issue since the beginning and adore how many anti-gamergate twitter users and tumblrinas block people who criticize or question anything.

        This is my favorite example, and it happened today:
        twitter link

    7. That reminds me, it’s weird how ESB is like the anti-ENB.

      1. Converting an ESB to an ENB would be a fun and engaging project.

        1. No. No, it wouldn’t. Which is why such things are not attempted by mortal men.

          1. Sorry, sarc tag implied. Well, or a ball gag maybe, Which might in fact be apropos.

            1. Ah. Well. Quite so.

          2. If ESB looked like ENB and had her same…tastes, I’d totally take up that challenge.

            1. Er, and if I wasn’t married. Thank God my wife doesn’t see the allure of internet comment boards.

            2. Eh, ESB isn’t bad looking. I personally don’t find her attractive because she looks WAY too young and her worldview frightens and perturbs me, but it’s not like she’s unattractive. I mean, she is neither as good looking nor as fun as ENB, but if your goal is conversion that shouldn’t much matter.

              Incidentally, I just found an article on some blog whining about Elizabeth Nolan Brown and sweet Christ it is hilarious.

              ADDLED MINDS: Writer ashamed to be an American because she can’t live like a sheeple


              He says this because ENB wrote the following:

              A new survey from Chapman University finds that the most common American fear is ? walking alone at night, followed by becoming the victim of identity theft, safety on the Internet, being the victim of a mass shooting, and public speaking. I have never been so ashamed to be an American.

              The rest of the post is so insane, that I’ll quote it in its entirety in the next post.

              1. Bless her little heart. Is Elizabeth so ashamed because she can’t blissfully go about her life in Condition White ? oblivious to what’s going on around her ? as an American? She’s perhaps unhappy that she might have to take a little personal responsibility to look out for herself and that the world isn’t an liberal utopia.

                We aren’t sure, but we think she might be better off tackling issues like hair care.

                Maybe if she felt more self-confident and empowered after taking a firearm training class or two and getting her own gun (or two), she could be a smidgen less ashamed to be an American.

                And for the record, my situational awareness coupled with a concealed carry piece on my hip gives me great peace of mind when I encounter situations that a great many Americans would fear. Fears of walking alone? Nope. Not here (okay, I admit, thanks to my flashlight). Fears of becoming a victim of a mass public attack? Never. I’ll do my best to put an end to any that unfold around me. I might die, but it’ll be on my feet not cowering and pleading for my life with a mad man.

                This is the most insane overreaction I’ve ever seen.

                Elizabeth Nolan Brown: You know, Americans seem frightened of things that aren’t really that scary. *jokes about being ashamed*

                Crazy Conservative: You fucking bitch, I bet you’re scared of guns.

                I also love Mr. Tough Guy being all “I’m not scared of mass shooting because I’ll end that shit MYSELF!!!”

                1. There are three things that it is acceptable to be scared of:
                  1. Clowns
                  2. Ghosts
                  3. Catheters
                  4. Loss of internet connection
                  5. Scrotal tears

                  Five. Five things.

                  1. My scrotum never cries!

                  2. “Five. Five things.”

                    6. Mimes
                    Six things

              2. Huh, that’s a nice picture of her. She has a nice neck.

                1. ENB is more adorable than a basket of kittens.

                  Condition White

                  Oh ho ho, someone has read Jeff Cooper. That means he’s tough, right?

                  1. Oh ho ho, someone has read Jeff Cooper. That means he’s tough, right?

                    There are not enough words in the English language to describe just how much I fucking despise Jeff Cooper and his sycophants. What little he did accomplish is really the work of other people and the rest was fucking Fudd bullshit.

                    His commentary on actual, no-shit research into wound ballistics was fucktarded nonsense.

                    He also coined the term “poodle shooter” and actively hated on ComBloc weapons as ineffective junk.

        2. ESB gives off major repressed freak vibes. And ENB, well, is not repressed. I don’t think they’d get along.

          1. He wasn’t talking about having them get along. He was talking about manmakeovering her entire personality. I just made that up, by the way.

            1. That takes a burlap sack, a chair, a car battery, jumper cables, and an artist’s touch. It’s beyond me. Maybe Agile Cyborg can handle an operation this delicate.

            2. “manmakeovering”? Is that like a chick makeover but with…um… thingy?

              1. It’s when you turn a chick, both personality-wise and possibly looks-wise, into someone her family and friends wouldn’t even recognize. I call it (though I just made it up) the Allison Reynolds Effect.

              2. The proper term is kathoey, hamilton.

                1. Well that was… clinically informative. I do believe I’ll go grab another drink.

        3. I believe Warty has all the requisite equipment.

          1. See, Dark Lord gets me.

          2. The requisite equipment for converting ordinary flesh to something squamous and rugose. I assumed we were discussing something more conceptual in nature.

            1. squamous and rugose

              At first I thought those were just cool ways to say swole and jacked. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

            2. Look, you apply the right mental pressure during the physical stuff, and that bitch’ll be seeing 5 lights in no time.


    8. “I wish everyone were poor! Then I could love them all, and my heart would swell with gladness and pity and I would be morally elevated”

      1. But then they wouldn’t be POOR!

    9. Twitter delenda est.

  20. BTW, s/he seems to have ‘hit and run’, but over in the Medicare thread we had:

    RodgerMitchell|3.16.15 @ 5:20PM|#
    “When Peter Suderman says, “I’d like to see it paid for,” what is he really saying?
    He’s saying he believes the United States federal government, the sole entity that initially created the dollar from thin air, somehow now can run short of its own sovereign currency, so it needs to ask you for dollars.”

    1. I wonder if he thought he was making a point about us not believing fiat currency is “real”. Otherwise, that’s some profound retardation.

      1. “How can the US run out of money? They can always just print more.”

        Technically, it’s true…

      2. Other post suggest it’s not sarc.

    2. So why should we have taxes?

      1. ^ This. I always ask this question. If the government can spend as much as it wants sans consequences, why not just do that an have no taxation?

        1. “If the government can spend as much as it wants sans consequences, why not just do that an have no taxation?”Modern Monetary Theory (*aka = the new leftist explanation for their old idiotic ideas) already?

          This guy does it with pictures.

          1. “This guy does it with pictures.”
            And private economic output is that little rectangle down there on the right. I think I see where Roger Mitchel got his assholery.

        2. In 08 Obama said taxes were for the purposes of fairness. Maybe that’s their excuse.

          1. “… [Under MMT] = “Well, why not just eliminate taxes altogether?” …several reasons.
            1? it is the tax that “drives” the currency. If we eliminated the tax, people probably would not immediately abandon use of the currency, but the main driver for its use would be gone….
            2? to have taxes is to reduce aggregate demand…..The net injection coming from the federal government is thus about 3% of GDP….If we eliminated taxes (and held all else constant) the net injection might rise toward 20% of GDP….that could cause inflation.
            3? is to discourage bad behavior: pollution of air and water, use of tobacco and alcohol, or to make imports more expensive through tariffs (essentially a tax to raise import costs and thereby encourage purchase of domestic output)
            4? is to allocate the costs of specific public programs to the beneficiaries. …Government does not need the gasoline tax to “pay for” highways. That tax is designed to make those who will use highways think twice about their support for building them. Government does not need the revenue from a cigarette tax, but rather wants to raise the cost to those who will commit the “sin” of smoking.”

            Dude here points out = ideal MMT taxes would be regressive

            1. Worstall’s article is also dead on when he points out that politicians in such a situation would have an incentive to use the extra money for tons of pet projects while also having an incentive to avoid raising taxes when needed to take money out of circulation.

              MMT therefore appears to have a baked in guarantee of high inflation, unless you divorce all monetary and fiscal policy from the politicians (including taxation) and just give that power to some cabal of unelected experts. In which case, of course, you’re talking about the outright elimination of democracy.

              MMT doesn’t seem very well thought out.

              1. “MMT doesn’t seem very well thought out.”

                Not surprised, I’m sure. Free shit schemes don’t take long to run into reality.

          2. I was going to say that, but then I realized you can just give the printed money to the poor. Everyone else’s wealth is then effectively reduced through inflation. That’s “fair”.

  21. Anybody else remember what Hugo Chavez said when Barack Obama nationalized General Motors?

    “Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right”…..GX20090603

    Yeah, Chavez used Obama nationalizing industries to help justify his own nationalization program, and I’d expect to see more of the same kind of rationalization for their own dictatorial behavior coming from the current regime in Venezuela.

  22. “What do you call a government that allows one person to rule according to unilateral whim?”

    Look at Obama!

    What do you think subverting the immigration and naturalization law with executive orders is all about? That’s an enumerated power of Congress.

    He considers the Senate weighing in on treaty negotiations an “embarrassment”.

    And this:

    “The Obama administration is working to forge a sweeping international climate change agreement to compel nations to cut their planet-warming fossil fuel emissions, but without ratification from Congress.

    In preparation for this agreement, to be signed at a United Nations summit meeting in 2015 in Paris, the negotiators are meeting with diplomats from other countries to broker a deal to commit some of the world’s largest economies to enact laws to reduce their carbon pollution. But under the Constitution, a president may enter into a legally binding treaty only if it is approved by a two-thirds majority of the Senate.”…..reaty.html

    If ruling on personal whim is the definition? I bet the regime in Venezuela is pointing to Obama’s dictatorial behavior and calling us out for our hypocrisy.

    I’d bet dollars to empanadas that they justify tracking dissidents and their “friends” on Bookface by citing Obama’s abuse of the Fourth Amendment by way of the NSA.

    1. It’s tempting to take you up on that bet purely for the chance at muchos empanadas.

  23. Venezuela has been a dictatorship since Chavez stole his first election.


    1. Well, it certainly isn’t just about popularity.

      You know else won an election?

      1. Actually, Lenin did!
        After he ran off various factions, scheduled it to preclude the arrival of others, threatened some with violence (and by that time, everyone knew those were not idle threats), and finally, just packed the ballot box.
        Works like a dream and some ‘saw the future working’ right there!

        1. Al Gore!

          /Butt hurt prog

          1. Meant as a reply to Ken.

            1. I was just thinkin’ about Gore in the post below, too.

        2. It’s just like in this country…

          When Rand Paul isn’t running…

          It still seems to me that the main purpose of elections isn’t to reflect the will of the people. The main purpose of elections is to legitimize the horrible shit our executives want to do to us.

          People supported Bush Jr. because they wanted an end to Clintonian sliminess, and I supported him against Gore becasue I thought he had some great ideas about privatizing Social Security.

          Somehow my vote was used to legitimize invading Iraq, torture, and all kinds of other horrible shit.

          People voted for Obama because they wanted an end to the Iraq War and because they were sick of the abuses in the War on Terror.

          Somehow their votes turned into a legitimization for bailing out investment banks and saddling us with ObamaCare.

          The main purpose of elections is to legitimize dictatorial behavior in people’s minds. In a libertarian world, winning an election wouldn’t legitimize anything in the minds of average people. To this libertarian, you get legitimacy by defending our rights.

          Tyranny is tyranny even when it’s popular. If this new jackass in Venezuela is no longer popular, that doesn’t really change anything.

          1. Investment banks were bailed out in 2008, young foolish one.

            1. Palin’s Buttplug|3.16.15 @ 10:09PM|#
              “Investment banks were bailed out in 2008, young foolish one.”

              Turd tries pedantry, since no one buys his rank lies.

            2. PB has already been called out on this shit so many times it isn’t even funny.

              “TARP Vote: Obama Wins, Senate Effectively Approves $350 Billion
              Posted: 02/15/2009”

              Six Republicans joined with 45 Democrats and one Joe Lieberman to defeat a resolution that would have blocked the release of $350 billion in financial-industry bailout funds Thursday. The Senate action — or lack of it — paves the way for the dispersal of the money regardless of any action taken by the House of Representatives.

              The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) is structured so that the president has access to the money unless Congress actively prevents its release. Only 42 senators — seven Democrats, 34 Republicans and one Bernie Sanders — voted to block the money.

              In practical terms, Obama only needed enough votes to sustain a veto of the resolution, which he had promised when he met with Democrats on Tuesday. The vote today frees Obama of the politically costly task of vetoing a disapproval resolution, allowing him to spend that political capital elsewhere


              1. It isn’t even that PB is an ignoramus. He keeps getting called out for the same stupid shit over and over.

                Bush spent $350 billion, and Obama spent the other $350 billion.

                Obama made it so the investment banks couldn’t give the money back, too. He used it as a pretext to regulate the shit out of them–but then you’ve been called out on that a million times already, too.

                It’s been six years. Aren’t you tired of getting your face rubbed in the same shit over and over? Is having the same shit on your face six years later something you’re proud of?

                1. Ken Shultz|3.16.15 @ 10:45PM|#
                  “It isn’t even that PB is an ignoramus.”

                  You’re right. Turd is not either a fool or a knave; he is actively and purposely both. But that may arise from his abysmal stupidity, thinking that others won’t notice!

          2. Democracy is only as good as the people casting the votes, and even that’s sort of idealistic.

            Of course, other systems are only as good as a smaller group of people that benefit even more directly from having power, so, yeah…

            1. The best thing about democracy is that you get to throw the bums out periodically.

              But the rest of it?

              Our rights certainly aren’t a popularity contest–but everybody except the libertarians seems to confused about that.

              And Barack Obama having won an election doesn’t legitimize anything with me.

            2. Certainly, the reason I don’t violate the rights of the people around me has nothing to do with our leaders having been popularly elected, and Barack Obama seems to require an awful lot of law enforcement to make people do what he says.

              That used to be the standard way legitimacy was measured in comparative politics. You want to know how legitimate a country’s political leaders are? Don’t look at their system of government. Look at the number of police per capita. If they’re a society that isn’t at war, and they need more police per capita than another country at peace to keep the peace, then their government is less legitimate than whomever you’re comparing them to.

              I think the Drug War in the U.S. really screwed that calculation up. We started throwing people in jail left and right, but leftist academics just didn’t want to think of the U.S. government or Democrat filled local government in our major cities as being illegitimate. South Central LA circa ’92, though, and Ferguson today…

              No justice, no peace? That’s a classic break down in legitimacy.

              This stuff used to be the province of liberal sociologists, political scientists, etc. I suspect they just can’t bring themselves to call Obama’s government illegitimate in minority communities–even if that’s what it is. And they can’t bring themselves to bad mouth Democrats at the local level either. That wouldn’t be kayfabe.

  24. There is ignore on this thing called the fine planet and these lame worlds should be naturally emptied of humans… let us open to the oppressed… let us break the oppressor … let us learn the ways of space… is this thing called america a fucking silly matrix or a real fucking goddamn power for the fuckin force o good?

  25. Big time taxi man hits hard times due to Uber.

    He’s so far in debt that he’s losing 90% of his medallions to foreclosure.

    Now, that’s disruption!

  26. It’s times like this that I miss Joe defending how Democratic the process of slaver is.

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