Super Bowl

VID: Top 5 NFL Hits…to Taxpayers

Are you ready for some handouts?


If you don't think that a sports league pulling in upwards of $10 billion per year is a not-for-profit worthy of getting your tax dollars to build stadiums, there may be some good news. Obama's last budget proposal included reduced tax incentives for stadiums and two NFL teams are now aiming to raise private funds for a stadium near Los Angeles. Though the Raiders and the Chargers are still seeking stadium subsidies in their home markets and may just be using the plan to put pressure on their respective cities to pony up more dough, taxpayers may have finally had enough.

Watch below for Reason TV's countdown of the Top 5 NFL Hits…to Taxpayers. 

Produced by Meredith Bragg. About 1 minute. Original release date was January 30, 2015, and original writeup is below. 

Enjoy the football game. You paid for it. 

About 1 minute. 

Produced by Meredith Bragg.

source: Conventions Sports & Leisure (.pdf) 

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  1. (opens door, looks around)
    No vintage comments?!

      1. I was coming here before they had comments.

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            Stone IPA, your choice which one

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              Will look into that. Also.



    1. I have no idea why anyone engages him. Those who do are welcome to, but it’s hard to work up a lot of sympathy when he starts ducking and weaving and people start griping.
      That’s what he does; why do you expect otherwise?

      1. I think Blue Tulpa might be the worse thing since Tulpa. Actually, Blue Tulpa is probably worse than Tulpa. Some might say the second sentence is identical to the first, but I threw it in for the “people who can read” demographic.

        1. I see what you did there.

          He might actually be Tulpa. Everything he does is so… Tulpical.

    2. I read this as “DO YOUR FART!!” at first. Fart on Bo?

    3. Hey, I swiped Right Guard on both pits today. Leave me alone.

    4. Be careful. You’re getting close to making him forbidden fruit.

      1. It’s just a little copy n paste

      2. I doubt any of these are actually forbidden.

      3. Well, he’s still got his cherry.

        1. Shhh. You’re projecting. Somehow.

    5. You are just obsessed with me. It’s a bit scary.

      Did you say you have children and a wife? I bet they wished they got some of that focus.

    6. I think this is a fair point. Before, I think it was amusing thinking Bo was neglecting his 1L classes, and thus his chances of getting on law review, and THUS his only chance to get a job above Starbucks barista, by posting here. Since he’s not a 1L anymore, that ship has sailed. Since he’s melting down here, I’m going to guess his first year grades weren’t up to snuff, so he has plenty of time to post here and nothing really to look forward to in the future.

      So, yeah, it might be time to ignore him.

      1. “So, yeah, it might be time to ignore him.”

        I’m pretty sure that time started somewhere in 2014, regardless of whether his ass gets tossed out of school.
        He’s the 5YO son of that gal you dated, forever trying to inject himself into the adult discussions, an insufferable, egomaniacle twit. No more reason required to ignore him.

        1. You heard it here first: Sevo dates single moms!!!

          But yes, ignore.

          1. Pl?ya Manhattan.|2.21.15 @ 10:33PM|#
            “You heard it here first: Sevo dates single moms!!!”

            Yes. Yes, I did.

            1. Yeah I only had to do that once to learn not to.

    7. I failed. I am a sorry.

  3. I finally looked at the vid; the comments are amusing…
    SF got to pay for Larry Ellison’s rubber-ducky show a couple of years back and after months of lies about how it was going to generate income for the city businesses, the Chron finally published a report that it only cost the taxpayers X-millions and really didn’t add a damn thing.
    None of the politicos involved in the negotiations had a word to say about it; they were all busy with family matters when the report came out.

    1. My best friend is GC for the rubber ducky show. He’s moving to Bermuda this week for the next one. First 100k is tax free!!!

      1. Does Bermuda have a large enough tax base to cover the costs without a revolt?

        1. I mean as an American overseas. The US lets its citizens keep the first 100k they’ve earned living overseas, regardless of the foreign taxes they’ve paid.

          Bermuda has a huge tax base. Virtually every re-insurer in the world is based in Bermuda.

          1. Aren’t they based there since they pay no taxes?

            1. Not none. Less.

              1. I know Ellison selected Bermuda, so Bermuda must have ‘made an offer’.
                Dunno how cozy the gov’t is with the financial bizzes; were they included in the negotiations, such that they’re going to treat it as an ‘invite the clients – big party!’?

                1. We just talked about this last week. My buddy was flying through LAX and stayed at my place on the way out. Problem is, we were drinking out at the pool all day, so I don’t remember the details. But it was very interesting, and the Government of Bermuda definitely cut them a deal. Guaranteed Visas for all of their employees, etc etc

                  1. …”Problem is, we were drinking out at the pool all day, so I don’t remember the details.”…

                    I don’t remember ever doing that, if you catch my drift…

                    1. Cane tip to you, good sir.

  4. Scott Walker Goes for Tau Guy Award

    “Gov. Scott Walker: ‘I don’t know’ whether Obama is a Christian”…

    1. Ray Guy

      1. From the article: “Walker said such questions [about Obama’s faith] from reporters are reflective of a broader problem in the nation’s political-media culture, which he described as fixated on issues that are not relevant to most Americans.”

        1. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish by talking to him, you won’t do it. Just ignore him, or if you must, tell him that he’s the smartest and be done with him.

          1. I don’t think I’ve seen Warty or Playa ever so much on a weekend thread. This is some deep fixation here…

        2. Governor Walker, what’s your name?

          I don’t think the American people care what my name is, so I’m not going to get into that.

          Well, where are you from?

          I’m going to punt on that. The problem with the media is their focus on such irrelevant questions.

          Ok, do you know your rectum from a whole in the ground?

          You’re going to have to ask my rectum and this hole about that. They can speak on that. I’m not going to say one way or the other.

          1. You could stuff the Marianas Trench in the gap between how smart you pretend to be and how smart you actually are.

            1. Cytotoxic|2.21.15 @ 10:55PM|#
              “You could stuff the Marianas Trench in the gap between how smart you pretend to be and how smart you actually are.”
              Clever and appropriate.

    2. Obama is a Kenyan Muslim Communist Atheist Anti-Colonial Anti-American Manchurian President.

      I read it on

      1. Good for you.

    3. “Asked, “Do you think the President loves America?” Walker said the following:

      ‘I assume most people in this country love America. And to me I don’t think it’s worth getting into the battle over whether he does or he doesn’t. He can handle that himself. I know I do. And I know there are great people in this country who love this country and who … feel this country’s exceptional and it doesn’t necessarily align by party. I think there are Republicans and Democrats and plenty of people in between. I’ve never asked the President so I don’t really know what his opinions are on that one way or another.'”

      Impressive hang time on that one!

  5. Scott Walker has an amnesty problem. He was pro Bush amnesty in 2006. This won’t sit well with the base.

    1. I doubt that will hurt him much. His main problem is he’s not ready for prime time, so to speak.

      1. Omg, he’s actually already started spinning that in what seems to be his usual craven way:

        “Spokesman for Scott Walker’s PAC: Obama’s incompetence has changed the governor’s views on immigration”

      2. The above quote you selected indicates he is indeed ready for prime time. What you think ‘ready for prime time’ and what it actually means are separated by a very large gap, as is the usual case with Bo perception vs reality.


      Bush-McCain-Ted Kennedy Amnesty.

      He fucked up and took a position. Not that I care since I am pro-Dream Act.

      1. “He fucked up and took a position. ”

        And he’s running from it like he was doing the 40 at the combine.

  6. Bo and Palin’s Buttplug leading the charge.

    We really have the A Team tonight!!!!!

    1. Completely obsessed.

      Go tuck your kids in guy!

    2. So the typical groupthink is more your style. Where no one strays from the Paleo Dogma.

      1. They want this place to be their combination social club/support group, anyone who breaks that up is just the worst. I guess when your meaningful friendships and social interaction occur via the internet you can be pretty protective of that.

        1. I actually Lol’d at your last sentence. Could hardly be more pathetic.

    3. Holy Jesus. You’re not kidding.

      1. The only guy who will even talk to him is a team blue guy on a coke bender.

        You take what you can get, apparently.

        1. Yet you’re chummy with orthodox Republicans like John.

          GO TEAM RED!! GO GO GO!

        2. You’re such a teenage girl emotionally that you think it’s a big deal who talks to who. I don’t care who talks to me or who I talk to, I post here because I have something to say about things important to me as a libertarian. I could care less about who ‘answers’ me. So you’re neglecting your kids and wife for nothing.

          1. To Playa

        3. The only guy who will even talk to him is a team blue guy on a coke bender.

          Well, when your entire existence is wrapped up in attempting to show the rest of the world how smart you are, you couldn’t pick an easier mark.

          1. Two coked up parrots in the same cage. Great.

        4. “You take what you can get, apparently.”
          And you’ve noticed the problem is always the other parties’, too!

          Recipe thread tonight:
          1) Wipe two Harris NY-cuts with heated olive oil/butter.
          2) Put ’em on the grill over a blazing fire.
          3) Turn ’em after a couple of minutes.
          4) Sit down with a chewy red, a wedge of lettuce and those steaks.

          1. Is that really a recipe, Sevo?

            “Buy really good meat. Cook it with fat, but don’t overcook”.

            I smoked costco USDA Choice short ribs over applewood, mesquite, and hickory today. It’s been about 8 hours, and they’re about ready. Still highly experimental, so I have a backup plan just in case.

            And those go with beer. Bitter, dark beer.

            1. Pl?ya Manhattan.|2.21.15 @ 9:41PM|#
              “Is that really a recipe, Sevo?”

              Yes. Yes, it is. And a good one!

            2. Backup plan is to feed it to the dog/cat?

              1. Robert|2.21.15 @ 11:01PM|#
                “Backup plan is to feed it to the dog/cat?”
                Plan B is pizza joint phone number.

                1. Bingo

          2. I went simple tonight. It’s rainy and cold, so I made a nice thick black bean soup with bacons and onion. Topped it with sour cream and Sriacha chili paste, and served it with some jalapeno cornbread with honey butter.

            1. “bacons”? If you stock more than one kind, you da man.

              1. Haha no that was a typo.

                There is a restaurant here that offers several kinds though.

                House bacon, Churro, Honey Jalape?o, Peanut butter, Chinese 5 spice or Millionaire’s Bacon

                1. I have a few. I rarely eat them together, though.

                  I bought Carne Asada bacon a few months ago. Sounded amazing, tasted like shit. I’ll never make that mistake again. You don’t mess with perfection.

                  1. This place is like that. Concept is an A plus, execution varies from B to B minus. They’ve got pig in various forms, different kinds of oysters (which I don’t care for personally, great selection of beer and whiskey, and cigars.

                2. What’s peanut butter bacon? Is that mashed peanuts formed into a shape that looks like abdominal obliques?

                  1. I don’t know. Never ordered it there.

                    Their Bloody Mary comes with a strip of bacon and three olives. Lots of horseradish in the mix. Good stuff.

            2. I’m working around the pH meter & heating magnetic stirrer on the kitchen table I’ve got set up for work I’m doing for a client.

              Broiling a pork chop in the electric broiler with a sweet potato & a carrot, the latter 2 pre-heated in the microwave. Meanwhile boiling white rice w snap peas, frozen sweet peas, tomato sauce left over in the can, & half a tomato left over. Drinking Coke Classic and/or Wyler’s diet lemonade flavored drink from powder.

              1. It’s ready. I hope not to ingest any ox bile solids.

                1. Good. Now a Sharon fruit for dessert. They’re persimmons that never really ripen, so you eat them crunchy.

            3. Thanks for sharing, George RR Martin.

              1. Does George Martin do lab work in the kitchen too?

          3. We just fried some chicken cutlets for supper. We stock up when our local has them on sale, slice and pound them out, bread them and keep a steady supply in the freezer for quick Chicken Parm. For dessert however, we made a Tres Leches Cake because my 4y.o. is heavily into helping daddy bake.

            1. I don’t bake well. Too precise for me. I work with the TLAR standard.

              1. That’s funny; I love baking because it is, for me, much more of a science than an art. It’s all about precise measurements and proper proportions of ingredients. Knowing why some doughs require oil, while some require soft butter, and others require hard butter. Keeping alive a sourdough that my mother started back in the 1970s. That is the sort of shit I love about baking. YMMV

                1. That’s precisely what I hate about baking. You can cook excellent meat and vegetables by feel once you learn what you’re doing, but baking is all measurement and precision.

                  1. Which is not intended to denigrate baking, mind you.

                  2. That’s why I like baking. It lends itself to my anal-retentive lab-scientist tendencies.

                2. l0b0t|2.21.15 @ 10:29PM|#
                  “That’s funny; I love baking because it is, for me, much more of a science than an art. […]

                  Dear old Mom could bake award-winning stuff and usually did.
                  But for some reason, she presumed peas also went in the oven at 350* for 1-1/2 hours.
                  Until I left home, I did not know that peas were not gray sand-bags.

            2. Your 4y.o. is playing you for sugar.

              1. Indeed she is. Chocolate is more her speed though. She is currently obsessing over those Kinder Eggs with the little toy inside.

                1. those Kinder Eggs with the little toy inside

                  Are you in the USA? I thought you couldn’t get those here because our nanny-state thinks our snowflake kids will stupidly eat the whole egg and choke on the toy.

                  We used to get those when we were traveling for my son, and friends visiting from Europe would often bring them for him — but we’d never seen them available in the states.

                  1. We’re in NYC; out in The Rockaways. Kinder eggs have changed and we have seen 2 different types. The far better tasting version is manufactured in Poland; they have a rather large (perhaps 2″ long X 3/4″ wide) bright yellow, plastic container which houses the toy. The chalky tasting version is manufactured in the UAE and has the chocolate shell molded around a plastic container with a ridge that bisects the chocolate; leaving us with 2 egg halves to peel off. The Polish egg comes with a nice vinyl, 2-part toy or a single action figure while the UAE import comes with these truly awful tiny, multi-part single-color, hard plastic toy. The difference is quite shocking.

                    1. I should have added, we find the UAE version at random bodegas in Brooklyn; we have only come across the Polish version at Polish delis and grocery stores.

                    2. US Customs searches for those at the Canadian border.

            3. Good idea on the cutlets. My wife is a chicken parm fanatic. I’m more inclined to do a white gravy with some MP.

              1. I can’t hear ‘chicken parm’ these days without thinking of that stupid Peyton Manning commercial where he changes the ‘nationwide is on your side’ jingle to sing ‘chicken parm you taste so good’.

                I guess advertising works. Too bad for them because of it I’ll never get insurance through their company now, though.

              2. Wifey, a NYC Jewtalian, introduced me to the subtle delights of the Parm. I’m a genuine Florida Cracker, raised in The Keys, so Italian food meant pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, or lasagne and who wants that when one is surrounded by shrimp, stone crabs, lobster, grouper, dolphin, etc.? Now I know better, also Yankee seafood is weird and best avoided.

                1. Now I know better, also Yankee seafood is weird and best avoided.

                  Good. That means more clam chowder and clam bake for me.

                  1. Ya got me there. A proper cream-based chowder is bloody good. Can’t quite grok the red style. Just have a gumbo, why not?

                    1. Manhattan* clam chowder is an abomination. Gumbo, on the other hand is good. But none of the above are as good as the tom yum goong my wife made tonight, along with basil stir-fried seafood in dark soy sauce, minced chicken with mint, bird chili peppers and other herbs, red chicken curry, and crying tiger steak.

                      We had company over.

                      *It’s actually from Rhode Island and came from the Portuguese immigrant community.

                    2. Now I have to make Crying Tiger Steak because that’s the coolest name ever.

                      I’ve been meaning to ask y’all something. We have here in NYC, a type of restaurant I have never seen anyplace else and I was curious if others were familiar with them. Chinese and Tex-Mex restaurants. They are everywhere around here; one side of the menu is standard Chinese take-away fare, the other is all tacos, sincronizadas, burritos, fajitas and the like. Has anyone seen this outside of NYC?

                    3. Chinese and Tex-Mex restaurants

                      That actually sounds like a fun combo offering for a restaurant, as long as they don’t have a cheesy name like “Jose Wang’s” or something like that.

                    4. It’s such a perfect combination I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it first. We usually go for Chinese appetizers, tacos, loaded nachos, chimichanga or burrito; if one orders over certain amounts one gets free stuff; we almost always qualify for the sesame chicken.
                      Also, not to be missed if ever in the area. Yummy Taco at Flatbush and Bergen in Brooklyn. It’s a Tex-Mex only taco shack owned and staffed by a wonderful Chinese family. All of the tortillas are made fresh for each order in a really cool steam-press. The #27 quesadilla (technically a syncronizada but the terms seem to be interchangeable up here) with chicken, steak, and shrimp is Heaven on a plate.

                    5. I do remember getting a “carne asada” taco at a chinese place on Riverdale Ave. Sub-par, but I was really hungry. I went back for another.

                    6. We have Korean tacos here. Yum

            4. …”slice and pound them out, bread them and keep a steady supply in the freezer for quick Chicken Parm.”

              Or just a bit of dry sherry, some ‘shrooms and rinsed capers in the pan.
              Butter some boiled noodles, plop ’em on top.

              1. I like them best as sandwich material. Topped with sliced cheese and thrown under the broiler until bubbly, a nice remoulade or bleu-cheese dressing, lettuce, onion, tomato, and bacon on a lightly toasted ciabatta… Oh baby!!!

          4. Beef and barley soup. Kept it simple.

          5. Portobello steaks, in onion, garlic and red wine.

            1. Steak. That word does not mean what you think it means.

          6. Foreman-grilled filet mignon – for once I didn’t overcook it.

          7. A chewy red…
            …wine? (Dregs?)
            …Man tobacco?
            …dressing? (Lumpy?)

            1. Robert|2.21.15 @ 10:59PM|#
              “A chewy red…”
    …..&FORM=QBRE for one.
              It pours, but it tastes like you have to slice it to serve it.

            2. It’s wine with chunks of diced tomatoes.

              1. MMMm. Sangria.

          8. Awesome, Sevo — we’re having your first three steps at about the same time as you, only changing the 4th:

            Recipe thread tonight:
            1) Wipe two Harris NY-cuts with heated olive oil/butter.
            2) Put ’em on the grill over a blazing fire.
            3) Turn ’em after a couple of minutes.
            4) Sit down with a chewy spicy, full-throated red, a wedge of lettuce a huge avocado with dipping sauce, and those steaks.
            reply to this

            1. I really need a grill before the summer.

            2. I guess Harris Ranch ships north quite a bit.

              I know a guy. Imperial Valley cattle. So good, but a result of our horrible water policies. Cattle grazed in the desert are so delicious, but shouldn’t be. Highest prime grading rate of any stock in the country, though.

              It’s the secret to my award winning prime rib.

              1. Pl?ya Manhattan.|2.21.15 @ 11:29PM|#
                “I guess Harris Ranch ships north quite a bit.”

                We go to Harris Steak House ( ) now and then and buy some dry-aged steaks on the tab.
                Sometimes, we just sort of treat it as a butcher shop and drop by on an afternoon.

                1. I know Harris. But the Ranch.


                  I drove past it a hundred times in my Berkeley days. Couldn’t afford to eat there back then, though.

                2. On further inspection, they might not be affiliated.

                  1. The steaks we had tonight were from the Ranch, a pal came up on I-5 and snagged them for us on the way.

                    We always stop there if we’re going past on 5; not only is it the perfect halfway point between SF and LA, but I love how you can pick the nice restaurant, the semi-nice restaurant, the luncheonette or the pub — based on how you are dressed and what kind of mood you are in — and still basically have your choice of good steaks.

                    Once before we were parents, my wife and I got a goofy idea on a warm late spring weekend and just hopped in the car and booked a hotel room at the ranch. We spent most of the day sunning in our swimsuits, drinking strong rum-and-cokes we smuggled into the outdoor hotel pool. Then, we had lunch, dinner and breakfast there — great steakburgers for lunch, splitting a Chateaubriand for dinner, and having steak and eggs for breakfast.

                    I miss that me sometimes.

                    1. “I miss that me”

                      Me too. I like having kids, but….

                      I recently went to Hawaii with the Mrs and left the kids behind (left the morning after we hung out, actually-very hung over).

                      Sometimes I forget what that used to be like.

                  2. Pl?ya Manhattan.|2.21.15 @ 11:59PM|#
                    “On further inspection, they might not be affiliated.”
                    They are.
                    If you fly general aviation you’ll know they have a landing strip. It is widely known as the ‘hundred dollar hamburger’ airport.

    4. This is like the emptiest chat room ever – with reasonable on.

      1. Yeah, Bo will do that to a thread.

      2. Your second chastisement has been well received. I don’t plan on doing that again.

  7. OT (as if!)
    Anyone know what time to tune in to catch the start and miss the Daytona jingoism and god-talking?

    1. LOL Just before I checked this thread I set the DVR and wondered the same thing. 1 ET

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  9. Sounds like this dude knows where he is coming from.

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