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VID: Silk Road, Online Freedom, and Why the Prosecution (and Conviction) of Ross Ulbricht Should Worry Us All

The mother of the alleged "Dread Pirate Roberts" spoke out prior to her son's recent conviction.


The trial of Ross Ulbricht, the accused mastermind behind the online marketplace Silk Road, ended earlier this month with his conviction on all 7 counts related to running the website. 

Prior to this  judgment, Reason TV spoke with his mother, Lyn Ulbricht, about the prosecution of her son. Watch below for the full interview.

Interview by Nick Gillespie. Shot and edited by Jim Epstein. Additional camera by Anthony L. Fisher. About 22 minutes. Original release date was November 26, 2014, and original writeup is below. 

"I am fighting for my son," says Lyn Ulbricht, the mother of 30-year-old Ross Ulbricht, who faces life in prison as the alleged creator and operator of "Silk Road," an illicit online marketplace that was shut down by the feds last year. "But [this fight] is bigger than Ross, and I think one website is far less dangerous than the government trampling on our rule of law and the consitution."

Ulbricht sat down with Reason TV's Nick Gillespie to talk about why she believes the government's case against Ross broadly violates his constitutional rights and threatens online freedom.

For more on Ross Ulbricht and the government's case against Silk Road, read Brian Doherty's feature story in the December 2014 issue of Reason magazine, "How Buying Drugs Online Became Safe, Easy, and Boring."

Shot and edited by Jim Epstein; additional camera Anthony L. Fisher.

About 22 minutes.

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