Civil Asset Forfeiture

How Uncle Sam Became a Bank Robber

Civil forfeiture and money laundering laws let the IRS seize the accounts of legitimate businesses.


During her confirmation hearings last week, Loretta Lynch, President Obama's choice to succeed Eric Holder as attorney general, called civil forfeiture, a form of legalized theft in which the government takes people's property without accusing them of a crime, "a wonderful tool." Lynch, currently the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, suggested that innocent owners need not worry about getting hammered by this tool, because forfeiture "is done pursuant to supervision by a court," and "the protections are there."

In light of a forfeiture case that Lynch's office had abruptly dropped the previous week, her assurances rang hollow. The case, involving $447,000 that the government stole from a Long Island business and sat on for nearly three years, illustrates the injustice inflicted by seizures in which a "crime" that harms no one becomes an excuse for bank heists that enrich the agencies perpetrating them.

Since 1970 the humorously named Bank Secrecy Act has required financial institutions to report deposits of $10,000 or more to the Treasury Department, because such large sums of cash are obviously suspicious. You know what else is suspicious? Deposits of less than $10,000, because they suggest an attempt to evade the government's reporting requirement, which has been a federal crime, known as "structuring," since 1986.

In 2012 a Nassau County, New York, detective decided the banking records of Bi-County Distributors, a family-owned business that sells cigarettes and candy to convenience stores, were "consistent with structuring." That judgment was enough to trigger an IRS seizure of all the money in the account, which caused an immediate financial crisis for Bi-County's owners, brothers Jeffrey, Richard, and Mitch Hirsch. 

For the next 32 months, the Hirsches struggled to keep their business afloat, relying on credit extended by longtime vendors. In all that time, the brothers never got a hearing before a judge. Instead they received a series of offers from Lynch's office, which refused to give the money back but said the Hirsches could have part of it if they surrendered the rest.

In the end, with her confirmation hearings looming and the case generating negative publicity, Lynch agreed to return all the money. "Nobody in America should have to live through the nightmare we've experienced," says Jeffrey Hirsch. "Civil forfeiture nearly destroyed our business, even though we did nothing wrong."

The Bi-County case is by no means unique. The Institute for Justice, which represented the Hirsches, has lent its pro bono assistance to several other owners of cash-intensive businesses who inadvertently aroused the government's suspicion by making insufficiently large deposits, including an Iowa restaurateur and a Michigan grocer.

In all of these cases, there was no evidence that the money came from illegal activity, that the business owners were deliberately trying to hide their deposits, or that they knew doing so was illegal. Yet under civil forfeiture rules, their frequent deposits below the $10,000 threshold supplied "probable cause" to seize their hard-earned money.

From 2005 to 2012, according to a new report from the Institute for Justice, the IRS seized $242 million based on suspected structuring in more than 2,500 cases. During that period, the number of cases rose fivefold and revenue increased by 166 percent, but the gap between the amount seized and the amount ultimately forfeited also grew, suggesting the IRS has becoming increasingly reckless with the rights of innocent owners.

After The New York Times started asking questions about these money grabs last October, the IRS said it "will no longer pursue the seizure and forfeiture of funds associated solely with 'legal source' structuring cases unless there are exceptional circumstances." Legislation introduced last week by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) offers a more reliable solution, requiring prompt probable-cause hearings for people whose money is seized and allowing forfeiture only when they "knowingly" sought to avoid bank reports of "funds not derived from a legitimate source."

Contrary to Lynch's assurances, the protections are not there. But they could be.

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  2. Legislation introduced last week by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) offers a more reliable solution, requiring prompt probable-cause hearings for people whose money is seized and allowing forfeiture only when they "knowingly" sought to avoid bank reports of "funds not derived from a legitimate source."

    But he said something stupid about vaccines! Doesn't that totally invalidate everything else he says?

    1. I know! Plus I think he might be related to that racist Ron Paul guy.


      As others here before have commented, if only we had some document that spelled out what powers the government had. They could even put add-ons, amendments if you will, to further clarify that document.

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  3. the IRS said it "will no longer pursue the seizure and forfeiture of funds associated solely with 'legal source' structuring cases"


    "unless there are exceptional circumstances."

    *Damn* it!

    1. I've noticed we are frequently living in "exceptional" times.

    2. They're all "exceptional" circumstances, aren't they?

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  7. My dad was a judge and waaaaaay back in the 1970's when I was a punk teenager we used to argue politics. My position hasn't changed in 40 years. Policing for profit creates bad incentives, and taking away people's property absent conviction of a crime cannot possibly be constitutional.

    His position: Anything to fight the drug war was OK...i.e. drugs are bad mmm'kay.

    1. What of drug less situations, such as are/were the subject of the article, and a number of other situations.

  8. Last October, the IRS said it "will no longer pursue the seizure and forfeiture of funds associated solely with 'legal source' structuring cases unless there are exceptional circumstances."

    So, you're NOT going to pursue money-grabs from legit businesses who aren't doing ANYTHING illegal???

    Wow, how benevolent Your Grace!
    Thank you, Your Grace.

    1. We're keepin' ya safe, providin' protection. Be a real shame if something were to happen to yer business.

    2. And who pray tell is willing to entrust what of value to the judgmental generosity and honesty of the good old IRS? Talk of Noblese Oblige.

  9. Tyranny: Banking Style

    What sort of political systems promote citizens, including those in businesses, spying on each other in behalf of their governments? Authoritarian despotisms. In the past, think of Mao in China, Hitler in Germany, and Stalin in Russia. In the present, think of The United States of America . . . even before 2008.

    In a democratic society fostering freedom, banks exist for one reason . . . to make a profit for their owners. They are not governmental entities. They do not exist to provide a "social good".

    In the current context of insatiable, governmental demands to confiscate the money of the productive to buy the votes of the unproductive, politicians and bureaucrats now have forced banks to become unpaid policemen of their customers. In typical government-speak, the Banking Secrecy Act really is the Banking Non-Secrecy Act.

    Admittedly, few people harbor sympathy for bankers. Yet, their plight represents a wider problem prevalent in many arenas outside finance. It's a reflection of The New American Tyranny.

    The consequences are inescapable. Prediction. They will be unpleasant ( In fact, they already are.

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  11. Apparently Barack Obama has never associated himself with an honest person.

  12. We can modify the 5th Amendment's "Takings Clause" to stop corrupt forfeiture laws, as well as reverse Kelo vs New London ('05)

    "No person shall be deprived property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation, or on behalf of private use, nor shall it be subject to arrest"

  13. Reading the above article, there is no way that Ms. Lynch should be confirmed to anything, though she likely will be our next Attorney General, heaven help us all. In passing,I wonder as to how long it might take the nation to recover from 8 years of Obama et al, assuming that it does recover.

    That having been said, Civil Asset Forfeiture was, and continues to be nothing other than THEFT UNDER COLOR OF LAW. Shame on government.

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  15. What are the odds that these victims now accept bitcoin with their business?

    In 1933 THE DAY he was first inaugurated, FDR signed an order confiscating all the gold in the country (at the going rate per ounce) after a bank holiday of a few days HE REVALUED HIS NEW GOLD at about 50% MORE to finance his new socialist programs !
    NOW THAT WAS A BANK THEFT !! democrats are really good at that.

  17. How about just repealing 18 U.S. Code ? 1956 - Laundering of monetary instruments?

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