DHS to Start Collecting Iris and Facial Recognition Images at Border

It's Philip K. Dick's world. We just live here.


Blade Runner

Here we go, inching ever closer to the world of science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick. From National Journal's Nextgov site comes word that

The Department of Homeland Security this summer plans to roll out iris and facial recognition services to the U.S. Border Patrol, according to DHS officials.  

The service will be able to share images with the FBI's massive multibiometric system, officials said. 

The test is part of a coming overhaul of the department's "IDENT" biometric system, which currently contains more than 170 million foreigner fingerprints and facial images, as well as 600,000 iris templates. DHS last November released two sets of system specifications as part of market research for the new project. 

"It's the Border Patrol stations that are doing the actual collections" of iris and face images from individuals processed through Customs and Border Patrol stations, Ken Fritzsche,director of the identity technology division at the DHS Office of Biometric Identity Management, toldNextgov. He spoke Tuesday at the 2015 Biometrics for Government and Law Enforcement conference.

"They've been collecting irises and storing the data with us," Fritzsche said. "Now, we're going to provide matching capability in a limited production pilot to CBP."

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Blade Runner

More food for thought: In 2011, the FBI

embarked on a multiyear, $1 billion dollar overhaul of the FBI's existing fingerprint database to more quickly and accurately identify suspects, partly through applying other biometric markers, such as iris scans and voice recordings.

And facial recognition too, of course. But don't worry, because they are very serious about regulating the use of such information in strict compliance with civil liberties and yadda yadda yadda.

In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, various goverment agencies started pushing facial recognition systems that were clearly not ready for prime time (by that, I mean they didn't even do what their supporters claimed they did). It's not fully clear whether those bugs have been worked out, meaning that even a 1 percent error rate could have massive repercussions on day to day life for millions of people. That same sort of error rate has already been deemed OK for things such as worker-verification systems that anti-immigrationists are pushing to use.

One question I've yet to see fully addressed: Does this sort of super-science stuff actually lead to more meaningful interactions between law enforcement and people? Or does it simply generate more data that can be stored and warehoused somewhere, to be pulled out whenever an agency thinks it needs to track somebody? One of the most pressing debates over massive, dragnet-style collection of both metadata and specific communications (including reports on bank transactions over $10,000) is whether this stuff leads to more prevention of crime or not. Indeed, when the NSA's total surveillance programs came to light, supporters such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) were quick to say that such techniques were responsible for stopping terror attacks. Yet the two specific cases they cited, the 2009 arrests of Najibullah Zazi and David Headley, actually proved the exact opposite. Each was the result of using "'old tools' such as searching computers of suspects in custody and sharing information among agencies," not some sort of big data investigation.

Whether the technology even does what it claims to, we know that all sorts of slippage will take place. In 2013, for instance, it came to light that 30,000 Ohio cops could access that state's facial recognition database without oversight.

But here's the deal: As with most technology that satisfies human desires (whether good or bad, private or public), the question is never if a certain technology will be deployed but how and when. The feds and various state and local agencies will try to slip this sort of tech into our lives in a casual way. The only way to push back is to question whether this will actually address real problems, follow its deployment every step of the way, design workable restraints on its misuse, and come up with the next iteration of technology that will render this sort of prone-to-abuse stuff obsolete.

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  2. “Contact lenses banned as National Security risk”

    1. “…Mister Magoo, Burgess Meredith on ‘Twilight Zone’ hardest hit…”

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    1. a gorgeous Honda

      Not exactly reaching for the stars there.

      1. What, you don’t like Hondas? I figured their reliability and good gas mileage would appeal to a Wastes overlord.

        1. It could be a Honda jet ski. That’s living the good life.

          1. He said “gorgeous.” Is Honda’s robotics division putting out sexbots already?

        2. What’s the point of being a wastes overlord if you have to worry about fuel economy.

          Hondas are for the smegma-crazies and gay-boy berzerkers.

          1. Well. I’m neither of those things, and I like Hondas. My thirds will call on yours.

  4. good, then we can record all these illegals who bring measles and don’t vaccinate.

    1. You’d think. Unfortunately, do to oversights in immigration legislation, many illegals don’t enter through official border crossings.

      1. due to oversights…

    2. It’s getting tougher every day for me to tell when commenters on this blog are being serious.

      1. Did you miss the threadsplosion just a short while ago?

        1. The vaccination thread? Yeah I thought it best to avoid that noise.

          1. I like to imagine John foaming at the mouth and yelling in his office as he tells everybody how evil and/or stupid they are on vac threads. Makes it even more entertaining.

      2. I’m never serious. I hope mike wasn’t either…

      3. It was a hat tip to Papaya, who claims that the measles outbreak was caused by americans adopting filthy Chinese babies.

        1. Filthy Chinese Babies would be an excellent band name.

          1. No band name will ever top Scraping Foetus off the Wheel

            1. Tries too hard. “Penis Fractures” is better.

              1. penile fracture.

                1. Oops.

          2. It’s Guns n Roses next album.

    3. It used to be that immigrants had to present their immunization booklet when crossing borders.

      I still have my old yellow WHO shot card somewhere.

      1. show us your paperz.

      2. What year was that? Does it say WHO shot JR?

  5. And dystopian scifi gets just a little harder to write. Drip drip.

    1. You misspelled prudent journalism

  6. The fucked up thing about this is not just the creepy Big Brother aspect, but it’s also the knowledge that the government is utterly incompetent at everything it does, and that its incompetence grows exponentially as the size of whatever project it’s undertaking grows. So this will be no different, except this isn’t a health care website that doesn’t work. It’s the thug enforcers’ tool to identify people, and they’re going to make mistakes, and probably a shitton of them.

    So not only do we have to worry that any potential encounter with a LEO could be fatal if they happen to be jumpy and scared, we’ll have to worry that any potential identification attempt could false positive and you could find yourself in a cage. And we know how incompetent government employees deal with false identifications and screw ups: usually by ignoring them.

    Buttle, Tuttle, it doesn’t matter to them.

    1. and that its incompetence grows exponentially as the size of whatever project it’s undertaking grows.

      What are you talking about? They’re six feet from finishing the repair tunnel to the main tunnel to get to the boring machine which will allow them to start the repair which will then allow them to begin boring again and then finish the rest of the 99% of the first tunnel!

      This operation is running like clockwork!

    2. Epis I. Arch? Isn’t that some arch criminal? Better empty our weapons in his direction, just in case.

      1. They’re on to me!

        1. Brazil. You shouldn’t have gone there.

    3. The potential for malice and pettiness is equally disturbing. How easy will it be for someone inside the total security state to use these tracking tools to stalk someone? Or flag someone they don’t like for enhanced scrutiny?

      1. Not to mention things like blackmail.

        1. Penaltax?

          1. Sure. Just paid directly to the official who uncovers your embarrassing information.

            1. I was referring to the conspiracy theory that Roberts was blackmailed.

      2. How easy will it be for someone inside the total security state to use these tracking tools to stalk someone? Or flag someone they don’t like for enhanced scrutiny?

        They do that already.

        1. Multiple people have been fired from the NSA for stalking ex-girlfriends. Thankfully they were fired, but the fact that things like that are even going on is frightening.

      3. I guarantee you that already happens right the fuck now. I mean, they busted NSA workers for looking up shit on dates/partners/spouses and stuff like that already. So yeah, such abuse would also increase exponentially.

        1. Well if they busted them, then the system’s working!

          1. I’m pretty sure that ‘busted’ means ‘included a temporary note in their personnel file that the employee was sternly warned not to do it again, then was given a long, slow, wink.’

            1. I’m pretty sure that ‘busted’ means ‘got caught looking up dirt on their superiors in the NSA’.

              These folks actually had a hammer drop on them.

        2. I like how both you and sarc felt the need to point that out to me like I was some retarded child. Now I know what it feels like to be Episiarch.

          1. Epi is a child?

            1. We’re all somebody’s children. Mostly the state’s I suppose.

              1. Only until age 26…

            2. Epi is a child?

              It feels like there is a fill-in-the-blank contest ripe in that expression.

              1. Soft winter rain falls
                Collectivism bites deep
                Epi is a child

            3. Fry: All this time we thought he was a powerful super-being, yet he was just a child…
              Melllvar’s Mother: He’s not a child. He’s 34!

          2. Je suis Episiarch! Oh wait…

            1. There is no “I” in Jesus.

              1. But there is in first, winner and Champion.

              2. But in Latin, “Jehovah” starts with an “I”…

        3. Oh yes they diiid! They have no self-control about any of this! They are not your moral superior, lets put it that way.

  7. When they say “processed through border patrol stations” do they mean, passed through, or do they mean that you’ve been arrested on some immigration violation, and you’re essentially under arrest?

    1. It may begin just being applied to detainees/deportees. But inevitably it will prove so successful that it will apply to anyone who ventures within 200 miles of a national border.

      1. that it will apply to anyone who ventures within 200 miles of a national border.

        I see. So then the clear answer is to expand our borders outward.

      2. Guessing that when it’s practical (maybe slightly before) it will become mandatory for all persons entering (or leaving) the country. Cross-referenced with a national id database and criminal database.

  8. OT: Jonathan Chait is getting a lot of credit from conservatives and libertarians for his attack on the idiotic PC police, but not enough people seem to be pointing out what a hypocrite this makes him. For example: Here is Jonathan Chaitcomparing a writer at National Review to a slave overseer because he called Obama arrogant.

    “One answer is that, by the evidence of this column, Hillyer believes all sorts of factually bizarre things. But most African-Americans, and many liberal whites, would read Hillyer’s rant as the cultural heir to Northup’s overseer: a southern white reactionary enraged that a calm, dignified, educated black man has failed to prostrate himself.

    Before plunging further into a poisonously defensive racial debate, I should note that I feel certain Hillyer opposes slavery and legal segregation, and highly confident he abhors racial discrimination, and believes in his heart full economic and social equality for African-Americans would be a blessing. (More than two decades ago, Hillyer worked against the candidacy of David Duke.)”

    This guy kind of sounds like a slave overseer. I mean, I don’t think he’s racist. Just saying he’s like a slaver.

    There’s also the article where he said ‘I don’t hate Republicans, but don’t want them to marry my kids.’

    Chait loves engaging in fascist thought policing, he just hates when it happens to white liberals like him.

    1. Chait on totes racist conservatives:

      “Instead, the racial battlegrounds of the Obama era have settled on a series of more ambiguous controversies. Conservatives have made endless jokes based on the strange premise that Obama is unable to express coherent thoughts unless reading from a teleprompter, defined health-care reform as “reparations,” imagined a Reagan-era program to subsidize telephone use for the indigent is actually “Obamaphones,” or complained when black entertainers or athletes socialize with the First Family. The accusations of racism that follow merely confirm to conservatives that black-on-white racism is a canard, that the balance of oppression has turned against them.”

      First of all, I have never even heard health-care reform referred to as reperations and mocking Obama for the teleprompter is not racist unless any criticism of a black man is now defined as racist.

      I also think making fun of Obama for all the celebrities he entertains is used as evidence that he is unserious and has nothing to do with race. Republicans make fun of him for this when he does the same thing with white celebrities.

      This is the man who whined about PC thought policing yesterday. He’s a gargantuan hypocrite who has no problem engaging in such tactics when it suits him.

      1. Yeah, which is why it was so useful to have him strike back against it and get attacked for it. The more the people who engage in PC thought policing eat each other over it, the better, because it bites everyone in the ass. That’s the only way to dismantle it.

      2. The guy’s self-righteousness outshines his self-awareness.

        He observes the mote of microaggression sensitivity in his Progressive brother’s eye, and pays no attention to the log of race-baiting argumentation in his own.

    2. Chait on global warming heretics:

      The Republican Party confidently and forthrightly rejects the firm conclusions of science on a major public-policy question. Isn’t that a completely disqualifying position? If a candidate for a managerial job at your office insists that two plus three equals seven, it wouldn’t matter how well-qualified this candidate may be at any other aspect of the job. Even if you agreed with everything else the Republicans stood for, how could a party so obviously unhinged be entrusted with power?

      There are a lot of reasons to vote against any given Republican candidate. But this line of reasoning is as addled as a pro-lifer’s single issue reasoning. It is, however, quite politically correct.

    3. Chait is the guy who wrote in 2003 in the New Republic how much he hated Bush. This diatribe has still not been surpassed by right-wing anti-Obama publications like National Review, the Weekly Standard or Reason.

      “I hate President George W. Bush. There, I said it. I think his policies rank him among the worst presidents in U.S. history. And, while I’m tempted to leave it at that, the truth is that I hate him for less substantive reasons, too?.He reminds me of a certain type I knew in high school?the kid who was given a fancy sports car for his sixteenth birthday and believed that he had somehow earned it. I hate the way he walks?shoulders flexed, elbows splayed out from his sides like a teenage boy feigning machismo. I hate the way he talks?blustery self-assurance masked by a pseudo-populist twang. I even hate the things that everybody seems to like about him?.And, while most people who meet Bush claim to like him, I suspect that, if I got to know him personally, I would hate him even more.”

      1. What an amazing tidbit of mask slippage that is. He actually admitted that envy, hatred, and basically what we would think of as high school emotions, are what drive him. And most of his fellow travelers are the exact same. Completely unsurprising, of course.

        1. Nailed it. As usual.

          All of the hardcore progs I know were not the popular kids in HS. They are still carrying chips on their shoulders over this. It’s just pathetic.

          1. No shit. But man they are careful to obscure this hatred and envy in noble-sounding rhetoric. Pretty much everything they do, say, and philosophize is basically an attempt to cover up the base, repulsive motives they have for everything they do and feel. And the rare times when they do let the mask slip, it’s even worse pettiness and jealousy and hatred than you thought it was going to be.

            1. Why do more people not realize this? I guess they just really, really want to believe that everyone can have a free pony.

            2. Sometimes, when I’m really sick of hearing them talk, during session hearings, I will do my own overdubb of the voice of the Teacher in a Charlie Brown Special. It’s fun. You should try it sometime. WAAHT WOT WAHH WAAH WOT.. See?

          2. OH LOOK WHO PEAKED IN HS!

      2. I don’t know how Obama walks, because I am not obsessively unhinged, but the rest of it is a spot-on description of him if you ask me.

      3. Chait’s New Republic days were psychopathic.

        He claimed that fucking Tim Pawlenty was basically engaging in incitement to violence.

        Tim Pawlenty. The most whitebread, boring human being this side of Mitt Romney.

        Here’s what Pawlenty said:

        “”This is our guide, this is our constitution, ” he said, waving a pocket-size edition. “We the people of the United States will rise up again. We will take back our government. This is our country. Our founding fathers created it. Americans embraced it. Ronald Reagan personified it. And Lincoln stood courageously to protect it.””

        Here’s Chait’s response:

        “Obviously, political rhetoric gets heated. It’s always possible to follow a politician’s excited claim through enough steps to some wild conclusion. But the shocking thing about contemporary Republican rhetoric is how short the space is between mainstream political speech and incitement to violence.”

        That’s right – name checking Lincoln and Reagan is an incitement to violence.

        1. It’s always projection with the left. They would love to get their brown shirts on if they could actually get away with it.

        2. Fuck that is bad. T-Paw was a horrible RHINO governor. He loved him some AGW, he tried to pretend that his cigarette tax hike didn’t break his no new taxes pledge because it was a “health impact fee”.


    4. “Chait loves engaging in fascist thought policing, he just hates when it happens to white liberals like him.”

      RIGHT! Allowing the state institutional heavies to take another mans eyes or freedom because he’s NOT YOU is setting yourself up to be that guy. It’s a gamble that statists lose every single day. I wonder what it must be like to go through life with an ingrained mentality that you are a prison-bitch. I imagine that’s what it’s like to be Chait. Man I feel bad for him.

  9. It seems that the only right to privacy that the Supreme Court will continue to maintain is the one that was discovered in Griswold. Under ObamaCare, of course, the privacy part of that peculiar right to privacy is gone, but it’s pretty much unimaginable that the state would ever outlaw contraceptives (unless the state had an interest in increasing fertility rates, of course.)

    1. So since genitals still seem to have some constitutional protections, I don’t have to worry about the Border Patrol guys injecting my crank so they can compare it to the dick picks I sent to Janet Reno (sadly they were unrequitted)?

      1. Why would you want to look at pictures of Janet Reno’s dick.

  10. This is really, super great news. I am SO happy this is happening. Can’t come soon enough. I feel safer already.

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  12. At US customs at Edmonton airport you now go to a kiosk, scan your own passport, answer the question “is this really you?”, get your photo taken by camera at kiosk. THen you get a receipt and then go talk to the DHS guy, where he scans your passport and takes declaration form and asks you where you are from and where you are going. Before the kiosk was there last year, you just went to the DHS guy and he did the same thing he’s doing now. Only thing the new kiosk is doing is gathering data, it doesn’t do anything I can see other than take more of your time and piss people off.

    1. Question… who would ever want to sneak into Edmonton?

      1. Stupid(er) question – why is there a US customs in Canada? Last I checked Canada was their own country.

        1. Been there for a long time, same as Vancouver airport, you go through customs here before boarding aircraft bound for states.

          1. Toronto too. Saves you from having to go through Customs when you arrive in Detroit or LA. Just merge with the other inbound domestic traffic.

            The kiosks are at most international arrival lounges, and, for those of us who are trusted travelers, saves about half an hour when returning from overseas.

            I figure it’s worth the loss of privacy, especially since the Gubmint tracks my international travel anyway by collecting data from the airline when I buy my ticket.

  13. But don’t worry, because they are very serious about regulating the use of such information in strict compliance with civil liberties and yadda yadda yadda.


  14. OT:

    Apple rich enough to pay everyone $556


    Consumers. Maybe you can ask for a piece of your money back ? since you’ve helped create the pile. Don’t count on it.

    That number is cash and investiments. As in wealth. And wealth is not money. Additionally, people received goods for that money. They didn’t just give it to Apple for free. They gave it in exchange for electronic gadgets that make their lives better. Holy cow the economic ignorance is staggaring.

    1. I may have a product now, but Apple has all the money. It doesn’t matter that I got something in return, all that money shouldn’t be concentrated in one place. But, at least it’s Apple and not some greedy corporation.

    2. What the fuck is wrong with people? I’m not an Apple fanboy, but they certainly haven’t taken anything from me by selling me products like the iPad. I got value and am generally satisfied. Beats the heck out of the exchanges I have with the government, which I do not get much value from.

    3. “Apple’s printing money hand over fist.”

      Yes, that is literally what they are doing.

      1. I do know of an organization that is doing that, however.

    4. Maybe you can ask for a piece of your money back.

      Right. Because buying a product is exactly the same thing as investing.

      1. They do have that whole refund thingee. Send the product you can’t afford back. Or, if that’s no longer an option, sell it on the open market.

    5. That number is cash and investiments. As in wealth. And wealth is not money.

      A lot of them simply do not understand that. They think it’s cash that sits in a bank. I recall back in 2008 arguing with this guy who insisted that we could raid the bank accounts of the rich and pay off the US debt. I repeatedly pointed out that that is impossible, that the govt would need to seize a huge amount of assets from the rich to get the 12 trillion or whatever it was back then. The US debt is several times greater than M1, for crying out loud.

      I think I eventually got through to him, but he of course moved on to some other argument at that point.

      1. And then find a buyer for those assets, but since all of the people who can afford those assets are having their funds appropriated to pay off the US debt nobody is left to buy it.

        I’ve had this exact same retarded argument at least a dozen times over the last 15 years. It’s usually something along the lines of, “If Republicans really cared about the debt they’d…”

        One of the guys who made this argument was an English professor who succeeded in turning an English Comp for Engineers into a daily class in politics of leftist stupidity. I reveled in pointing out what an ignorant dipshit he was and usually got lots of laughs from the other students in the process.

        That argument ended with me saying, “Now that I’ve completely destroyed that idiotic little flight of fancy, would you mind telling your paying students what the fuck this topic has to do with composition?” I got to the point that I ended every correction of his fucktardery with that question.

        I also succeeded in getting him fired. It was beautiful.

        I did really love having an adjunct MA with at least $80,000 in debt making maybe $25,000/year tell me, a business owner who usually clears quintuple that after taxes, that he was “middle class” and I’m a working class loser who “votes against his interests” because I lacked a sheepskin. College-educated leftists are really beyond parody.

  15. What makes it worse, and I’d put money on this, is that the younger generation is either gung-ho for this or completely ambivalent. Won’t be long before there isn’t anyone left to question things like this.

  16. OT via Twitter: Robby Soave ?@robbysoave 1m1 minute ago
    Sad to hear that @sullydish is closing shop. He’s been a reliable friend to libertarians–I’m grateful for him citing me on college issues

    Anyone want the first shot at this?

    1. Sure, I’ll bite.

      I know that Sullivan gets a lot of grief on here, but Soave is right in that he’s a friend to libertarianism, though not the perfect friend. When I was reading him regularly he would frequently link to Reason articles which was good, free publicity.

      1. He’s a pretty effing imperfect friend. He lost his mind during the Bush years, there’s no other way of putting it.

        1. Meanwhile Ms Postrel spikes the football: Virginia Postrel ?@vpostrel 8m8 minutes ago
          Andrew Sullivan quits blogging. Fantastic news for writers & readers who want more thoughtful work.

          1. Postrel has never understood that whole biting the hand that feeds her thing. Keep classy, Ginny, and don’t bitch about the commentariat here turning on you.

            1. In Soviate Russia, Ginny turns on the commentariat.

            2. Keep classy, Ginny

              You never fail to fail Tonyo.

        2. No, he really lost his mind during the “What’s going on with Palin’s womb” incident.

        3. Is he still obsessed with Sarah Palin’s kids? That whole thing was creepy.

          1. Speaking of which: Further Twittering:
            Robby Soave ?@robbysoave 3m3 minutes ago
            What I like most about @sullydish is its lack of hate. He responds to arguments with other arguments, not extended personal attacks

            1. What I like most about @sullydish is its lack of hate. He responds to arguments with other arguments, not extended personal attacks

              Jesus. Tap-dancing. Titty-fucking. CHRIST.

              Anybody who could write such a thing has clearly never read a single fucking thing Sullivan wrote in his entire “career” as a blogger.

              Such a claim is even dishonest, it’s manically delusional.

              1. *isn’t even

          2. Not kids, just with the provenance of Trig.

      2. My recollection is that Sullivan provided occasional and shifting support to some libertarian ideas.

    2. He was one of the few writers at sites I used to frequent (like Salon) that wasn’t toeing the party line. Thus he was one of those at the time who got me started in looking for ideas elsewhere.

      1. I didn’t really hear about him before he lost his ever-loving mind so I admit my perceptions may be a bit colored.

        1. “HAVE YOU HEARD MY THEORIES ABOUT PALIN’S RETARDED CHILD?!?!” /Andrew Sullivan, post psychological collapse


          The fact that Salon ran an article mocking Sullivan for being a Trig Truther shows how insane that episode was.

          1. I suspect that Salon turning on him was as much about his libertarian apostasy (from their perspective he’s a hardcore libertarian and therefore an apostate) as anything else. Salon is not known as a bastion of rationalism.

          2. Crikey – I forget all about that stuff. Deranged. Then again, I had stopped reading Sullivan almost 10 years earlier.

        2. Yeah, that was a bad move on his part. But we give our other imperfect friends (*cough* Ron Paul Newsletters *cough*) a pass, so why not Sully?

          1. Because he’s much more imperfect. Paul, for instance, is an off-the-rails libertarian. I’m not sure Sullivan really can claim the libertarian label, given some of the crap he’s written over the last decade.

            1. This really isn’t about Sully’s bona fides, PL. He consistently linked to Reason and always engaged the ideas in a thoughtful fashion. And he took a lot of crap for that from his proggie friends.

              1. I’ve seen too many articles of his that aren’t libertarian-friendly to embrace him as an ally. Will you be satisfied with frienemy?

                1. I’m not invested in people embracing him as an ally. What would be nice is for people to acknowledge the free publicity he gave to Reason, which brought new readers and allies. Also, that by considering libertarian ideas thoughtfully that he legitimized us in the eyes of the more reachable moderates.

                  That doesn’t mean he is our BFF. It doesn’t mean he’s a perfect libertarian.

          2. Sullivan also embraced and championed Obama, after backpedaling on supporting Ron Paul because of the newsletters. Given that Obama has a similar history of being indirectly connected to race-based nuttiness, that is highly hypocritical.

            Moreover, even the fictional Obama that the media created had little to offer from a libertarian perspective.

            I don’t know if he changed his mind about that though, because I haven’t read his blog since the Palin craziness.

  17. As I left the Kenya Beanstalk capsule he was right on my heels. He followed me through the door leading to Customs, Health and Immigration. As the door contracted behind him I killed him.

    1. Uhhh..?

      Did I miss something?

    2. Did you just go all SugarFree on us, or get into Marvin’s stash?

  18. DHS to Start Collecting Iris and Facial Recognition Images at Border

    Pretty fucking sick of them if you ask me.


  19. …but they still won’t deport anyone.

    1. NO! Because they gotta fill the prisons somehow!

  20. “Now, we’re going to provide matching capability in a limited production pilot to CBP.” –
    Oh. Well. It’s a pilot. Let’s make sure the ratings suck and no one sees a future in commercializing government driven bids for iris grabs and then you can go back to sleep.

    The biometrics people don’t sleep though. They’re cattle-logging Afghanis and foreign brown people around the globe with your tax money right now. They keep that stuff in an American made database. So they can look at it later when the policy makers decide you are today’s terrorist because the Big Man say so.

    I will tell you this. No one suffers more from government tyranny than the people who work in that system. They can never escape the man they work for because they have DNA, fingerprints, iris, piss, hair and their porn tapes. It’s not right, everyone should just walk out right now and get a new career tomorrow. JUSTICIA!!

    Uh, you can feel bad for them, but that’s no excuse to let them decide to run you into an electronic pen for the rest of your functional urban existence and take your eyes. So you better go put a big bag of crap on their doorstep as soon as time and travel allows. Seriously.

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