VID: Campbell Brown on Her Fight To Get Lousy Teachers Fired

The former CNN journalist has a new career as an ed reformer.


"Campbell Brown on Her Fight To Get Lousy Teachers Fired" was edited and produced by Jim Epstein. Katherine Mangu-Ward conducted the interview. About 6 minutes. Original release date was January 13, 2015 and original writeup is below.

Oral arguments are scheduled to begin on Wednesday in Wright v. New York, a lawsuit filed in New York State Supreme Court last July that seeks to overturn certain teacher tenure protections on the grounds that they deny public school students their constitutional right to an adequate education.

Former CNN anchor Campbell Brown, whose organization, the Partnership for Educational Justice, is providing support for the plaintiffs in the case, says that the lawsuit was inspired by the outcome of Vergara v. California. In that lawsuit, a superior court judge struck down five statutes that provide tenure protections to teachers in the Golden State. (The decision is under appeal.)

"Judge [Rolf Treu], in how he wrote his decision, was quite extraordinary," Brown told Reason magazine Managing Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward in an interview for Reason TV. "[He wrote] that the evidence presented of how these kids were being denied a quality education shocks the conscience," said Brown, "and it

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gave these parents…hope that a judge in New York might understand these arguments and find the same thing."

In her interview with Mangu-Ward, which took place at the National Summit on Educational Excellence in Wasington, D.C., Brown also discussed her decision to leave journalism for the "glamorous world" of ed reform, her response to critics who object to her tactic of turning to the courts to shape policy, and the personal attacks she's endured since entering a field in which ad hominem attacks are the norm.

"I don't particularly care because, you know, sticks and stones."

Shot by Todd Krainin and Joshua Swain. Produced and edited by Jim Epstein.

About 6 minutes.

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  1. Sounds like some pretty serious business to me dude.

  2. Former CNN anchor Campbell Brown

    somehow gets more viewers these days.


    Some feminist internet troll of the tech industry turns out to be a former neo Nazi.

    1. Uh, an ex-boyfriend who happens to be a white supremacist criminal says she’s a racist. I would like another source for that charge.

      “Out of the mouths of two or three witnesses shall every matter be established.”

      1. Except that the ex boyfriend is a well known neo Nazi. If she wasn’t a neo Nazi, what was she doing dating one?

        1. Bad-boy syndrome?

          1. No woman ever fantasizes about being tied to the bed and raped by someone dressed as a liberal.

            /paraphrase of PJ O’Rourke

          2. No. Sorry, that doesn’t cut it. When you date a Neo Nazi and he later says you were one too, you have a lot of explaining to do.

            1. Of course she should explain the accusation. After all, it may be true.

              I’m just saying I’m so far not satisfied with the evidence.

              1. I’m not saying, “OMG that’s impossible,” I’m saying “this isn’t the most credible guy in the universe so I’d like some supporting evidence.

                1. Oh, and he has emails showing that they were probably lovers, but apparently she didn’t email anything racist, because the article would have mentioned it.

                  1. PS – I don’t even know who this woman is, but situations like the lacrosse case have made me cautious about believing just one person’s accusation without backup information.

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    1. There should also be labeling for food that contains dihydrogen monoxide.

  5. Oh, Lord, Prairie Home Companion, which is probably played over the Muzak speakers in Hell.

  6. “…their constitutional right to an adequate education.”


    1. So, the notion f positive rights is going to be used to bludgeon the left. I see great opportunity here. I will begin drawing up my list of things I have a right to, all of which will kneecap the free shit crowd.

    2. Sadly, my State Constitution creates such a right.

    3. their constitutional right to an adequate education be marinated in propaganda before even reaching voting age

    4. Read your state’s constitution, it’s almost certainly in there, as it is in NY’s.

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