Jon Basil Utley: 6 Crucial Areas for EPA Reform


Dr. Oscar Garcia/Florida State University via John Amos/Flickr

Congressional hearings should be used to investigate and shed light on shady science, ties, and practices from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Although many failings of the EPA have already been exposed, proper investigations into these issues could help publicize the agency's looniness and also yield further details about EPA's questionable methods and relationships, John Basil Utley writes. 

Congressional investigations and publicized hearings provide a way for the public to understand the real objectives of extreme environmentalists and the incredible costs these impose upon America, in terms of both lost jobs and wasted resources. Utley suggests six issues—from the EPA's mishandling of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill to "sue and settle" scams and ozone over-regulation—that hearings could address to help bring about reform at the EPA and remind Americans to be skeptical of exaggerated EPA warnings.