Eric Garner

Police Union to New York Mayor: You're Not Welcome at Our Funerals

More fallout from the Garner case.


New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's reaction to the death of Eric Garner may seem like weak sauce to advocates of serious police reform, but it still went too far many members of the NYPD. If you go to the website of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association—the largest of the city's police unions—the first thing you'll see is this notice:

The downloadable document looks like this:

I've seen no figures on how many officers have actually submitted such a request, but that's almost beside the point. This is the line the association is taking. Don't expect even the smallest changes to be easy.

Bonus links: Earlier this year, Garner's death led to a war between the police union and the teachers union, which in turn provoked some skirmishes within the teachers union as well.

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  1. When Bill de Blasio’s criticism is going too far, you realize how tall this mountain is we’re going to have to climb.

    1. On the other hand, when a political creature like de Blasio feels confident enough in the the tilt of public opinion to make a statement like he did, it’s a sign that change might be in the wind.

    2. Not a mountain; mountains are reasonably stable. More like a pole, easier to topple the higher it gets. I believe that the more the police distance themselves from the public, the easier their downfall will be. This funeral kind of crap is just more and more, so I say to them, Is That The Best You Can Do?

  2. I don’t know what the union thinks “benevolent” means, but I doubt it’s what the dictionary says it means.

    1. I believe it means benevolent to each other. Seriously.

    2. “Pussy”

  3. What are the odds there being any NYPD cops killed in the line of duty during the remainder of de Blasio time in office?

    1. They lose a couple of guys a year so pretty good chance I’d say.

      1. So far this year I’m seeing none homicided. Does the mayor go to the funeral of every cop who gets into a car accident on the job?

        1. Yes. He has to pretend that their job is super dangerous and they’re heroes. Just go visit the Police Museum and look at the “wall of sacrifice” or whatever they call it where they put the shields of all the pigs who died. It’s vomit-inducing.

  4. “How would he like it if police officers lined up with the activists who oppose his efforts to shield bad teachers and undermine effective charter schools?” Lynch fumed.

    Does he realize how that sounds?

    1. We’re perfectly willing to support teachers undermine the US education system for their own benefit but we in turn expect them to support our undermining of the US justice system.

    2. Um, maybe cops *should* line up for education reform? A kid who learns enough at a decent school to get a decent job is much less likely to be a problem for the cops than a kid who gets churned out of one of the “educational institutions” which double as full-employment programs for retarded teachers.

      The cops are more outraged at the violation of union solidarity than at the schools which mistreat the city’s kids and prepare them for lives of crime.

  5. I can see why the cops are upset. Bill really let them have it:

    These goals ? of bringing police and community closer together and changing the culture of law enforcement — are why we have introduced so many reforms this year. It starts at the top with Commissioner Bratton – a strong, proven change agent. We have dramatically reduced the overuse and abuse of stop-and-frisk. We have initiated a comprehensive plan to retrain the entire NYPD to reduce the use of excessive force and to work with the community. We have changed our marijuana policy to reduce low-level arrests, and we have launched a new pilot program for body cameras for officers to improve transparency and accountability.

    My God. I’m surprised they didn’t revolt and overthrow de Blasio in some sort of military coup for saying something so inflammatory.

    1. That would be the most interesting thing possible. Considering the attitude the NYPD has towards their status in the city, it would be the most honest thing. Man I hated interacting with them, but unfortunately for me it was unavoidable.

  6. To be fair, I wouldn’t want deBlasio at my funeral, either.

    1. No fan of cops either but were I them I’d tell Mayor Cuckold to piss up a rope as well!

  7. Watch gleefully as Salon whines that they might not get the wondrous socialist paradise they dream of.

    Furthermore, even as minorities make up a larger and larger percentage of the electorate, these racial changes will not inevitably benefit Democrats. While Republicans have never won more than 40 percent of the Latino vote ? the claim that Bush won 44 percent in 2004, as widely reported, now appears to have been incorrect ? they could do so in the future. Pew data, for example, show that third generation Hispanics are more socially liberal, but more economically conservative than older Hispanics.

    NOOOOOOO. You mean Hispanics might not be mindless Democratic voters for the next 1000 years? This is terrible news!

    1. It’s hilarious to see true believers still so confident that the Dems will win everything back due to “demographics.” To some of these people, the 2016 election is already decided. Why they think a Republican has no chance to win following Obama’s 8 years is beyond me.

      It will mean another fun meltdown should the GOP nominee win. I may die from schadenfreude if it’s Rand Paul.

      1. Another aspect to the demographics argument: if the Democrats gain Hispanic votes but lose the white working class, as they have been, they’re screwed.

      2. Plus the Democrats only won 52% of the Asian vote in 2014. There’s been a massive shift away from the Democrats over the last 10 years among Asians, probably because they’re the minority group Democrats don’t give a fuck about because they’re smaller.

        I personally am amazed at how racist arguments about demographics are in politics. Basically Republicans and Democrats alike operate under the assumption that something in the genetic code of non-whites means they’ll vote Democrat forever. There’s simply no evidence to support that assumption.

        I also think Republican anti-immigration rhetoric is a bit absurd given that some of the brightest and most free-thinking modern Republicans are first or second generation immigrants. Conservative Republicans love both Mia Love and Ted Cruz, both of whom are children of third-world immigrants. That’s not even getting into immigrant right-wing columnists like Mark Steyn and Charles C.W. Cooke, both of whom are among the best right-wing writers in the country.

        Immigration has had a positive impact on the Republican Party. If it weren’t for an influx of intelligent immigrants, the Republican Party would be nothing but country club Buckleyites getting voted into office entirely on the basis that they aren’t as bad as a the Democrats. It would be a party of nothing but John Boehner clones.

        Republicans should thank God that principled immigrants saved their party from being nothing but upper-class Wall Street cronies.

        1. There’s been a massive shift away from the Democrats over the last 10 years among Asians, probably because they’re the minority group Democrats don’t give a fuck about because they’re smaller.

          I think it has a lot to do with the Democrat’s demands for racial discrimination against asians in university admissions.


          1. Tacit or explicit support for black mobs looting stores to protest the death of a black thug who assaulted an Asian storekeeper can’t be helping, either.

        2. Irish, I think you are being rosy-eyed here. All of that is true to some degree, but on the other side, importing millions of poor Third Worlders helps Democrats, even if they can’t vote (yet). It increases wealth disparity, so they can use it as evidence that capitalism has failed and we need more socialism. It leads to more crime* and social discord, which they can also blame on capitalism. It helps employ legions of social workers, all union members and Democratic voters. It leads to calls for more social spending. It drives down wages, creating “evidence” that the minimum wage should be raised. It’s part of a conscious plan to make the US a non-white majority nation.

          (*Yes, some studies claim that immigrant are more law-abiding than native-born citizens. Often try, but I think the stats show that Hispanics tend to commit crimes less than blacks, but more than whites. And children of immigrants a very much more likely to commit crimes than most other groups.)

          1. Added to the list of what makes you shit your pants: non-whites. Got it. Do you get a bulk discount for Depends?

            1. Aaaand, he deftly extracts the Ace of Race from his sleeve, plops it triumphantly on the table and shouts “I win!”.

              1. Oh, a little butthurt?

                It’s part of a conscious plan to make the US a non-white majority nation.

                Are you so pathetically stupid that you think that I am the one who brought race into it?!? Wait, don’t answer that, I already know the answer. My god you schmucks are predictable.

                1. And he lands another body blow, contumely and name calling! There’s no stopping the champ today!

                  1. Please whine more. It’s absolutely perfect.

                    1. Not whining, just winding you up. You’re not up to full rhetorical gale force yet.

            2. Epi, you really need to grok the difference between someone pointing something out, and “shitting their pants” about it. If you’re read much of the left, they are often quite explicit about this goal. Internal Labour Party memos revealed that it was an explicit plan in the UK, also.

              So what are we supposed to do? Ignore the issue, so we can protect ourselves from bogus charges of “racism”? Pretend that human beings are just little interchangeable units of rights, pretend that culture and language don’t matter, and believe (against all evidence to the contrary), that if a big chunk of Latin America moves here, we won’t become more like Latin America (that beacon of libertarianism)?

              1. I have an idea. If you and Homple both go in for a bulk order of Depends, you can get an even bigger discount. Plus Homple can whine so much that it’ll make you feel less afraid. Sound good?

                1. And now Episiarch, unable to respond rationally to Papaysf’s reasonable observation, resorts to Argumentum Assholum.

                  1. It’s so adorable how you just cannot stop whining.

                    1. Oh, a little butthurt?…My god you schmucks are predictable.

                      Please whine more. It’s absolutely perfect.

                      I have an idea. If you and Homple both go in for a bulk order of Depends, you can get an even bigger discount. Plus Homple can whine so much that it’ll make you feel less afraid. Sound good?

                      It’s so adorable how you just cannot stop whining.

                      episiarch is obviously a nigger bitch. It’s why she cries so much and makes dozens of posts that are nothing but “I know you are” projection, and it’s awesome that she thinks others are predictable when you can set your fucking watch by how predictably episiarch will show up to run her nigger hole and fire off “you are so cute” etc. like it doesn’t make her look like she has extra chromosomes.

                      Take advantage of that WA euthanasia law please? Your constant stupid inevitable screeching about niggers and collectivization is just pathetic and sad.

                    2. So, either Tulpa’s gone full retard, or ‘Merican has hijacked his handle. It’s not like he was using it, I guess.

                    3. Now this is entertainment. Tulpa was too stupid to use another account for his spoof handles, and now it’s been stolen by this subhuman. DELICIOUS.

                    4. “Now this is entertainment”

                      No, what’s entertainment is your compulsion to show up when anyone points out that your fuckbuddy episiarch is a moron.

                      Why is that? It’s like you absolutely cannot stop yourself from defending her, to the point where you look like you’re mentally ill as a result. It’s sad and funny at the same time.

                2. We’ll have to share some with you, because you’re always “shitting your pants” about the killer cops who are coming for you.

                  See, I can be just as silly and stupid as you can. I just choose to be civil and polite (usually). Off to a party, so tah-tah for now!

          2. some studies claim that immigrant are more law-abiding than native-born citizens

            Or you could just look at crime stats. Here in NYC, I know where I would rather live – and it’s not in a neighborhood with only natives.

            1. Luckily my immediate neighborhood doesn’t have a lot of Hispanic gang activity, but many areas nearby do.

          3. Crimes in immigrant communities are more likely to go unreported than in white suburbia also

    2. Another recent Pew poll carries this gun-rights nugget:

      Over the past two years, blacks’ views on this measure have changed dramatically. Currently, 54% of blacks say gun ownership does more to protect people than endanger personal safety, nearly double the percentage saying this in December 2012 (29%).…..oll-finds/

      1. Yeah, things have not been going the Democrat’s way in a number of areas.

      2. Also known as the “Pew Pew Pew Poll”

    3. Reading lefty comments…I try not to but on this one I dived right in and man what a shitstorm’

      The basic gist is that they’re losing because the Republikochs successfully lie to and manipulate various voting blocs.

      Not that, just maybe, people have seen so many left “ideas” that have failed spectacularly to the point of making things worse and that the left keeps pushing more of the same.

      How bad does your suite of ideas have to be that you lose to Republicans?

      Also if your prime blocs are being so easily lied to, and are so stupid to fall for what the ElephantKochs are ejaculating then isn’t that a failure of……public education?

      Since most of the voters will have been processed through a system dominated by Democrats whose fault is it that they cannot defend themselves from being so manipulated?

      But if public education produces capable, critical thinkers doesn’t that mean that the voters have thought out their reasons and thus consciously and overtly rejected left ideas?

      1. ‘False consciousness’ is a required dogma when you believe that your position is the only moral one and no one intelligent could possibly disagree with you. It’s also profoundly dehumanizing and robs people of their agency.

      2. The basic gist is that they’re losing because the Republikochs successfully lie to and manipulate various voting blocs.

        What’s great is that they can’t admit the obvious fact: That Democrats shot their wad on Obamacare, that people hate Obamacare, and that the biggest policy they introduced in the last 6 years has been a gigantic political loser.

        The Democrats blew their political capital that they’d gained from the incompetence of the Bush Administration in under two years by pushing an idiotic, poorly thought out law that none of their congressmen even understood. Obamacare singlehandedly mobilized the Republican base, pissed off many people who had voted for Obama in 2012, and handed the Republicans the landslide in 2010.

        When Obamacare was passed, the Democrats had 56 Senate seats. They now have 44 and have basically made it so that Democrats cannot win statewide elections anywhere in the South. It’s one of the worst political calculations I’ve ever seen.

        1. Also, fun fact, Mark Pryor won his 2008 Senate Election by 59%. It was such a safe D seat that no Republican even ran, so it was a two way race between the Democrats and the Green Party.

          This last election he lost to a political neophyte that no one had ever even heard of prior to 2013, and he got crushed by 17%.

          Anger about Obamacare has made it so that safe Democrat seats in West Virginia and Arkansas probably won’t elect another Democrat for a generation, if not longer.

          1. It’s not because of Obamacare! It’s because the Rethuglicans use kkkorporate money to sway elections! The Kochtopus spent billions to put gays in concentration camps!

            Ok, I can only do that for a few seconds before I either laugh uproariously or puke.

            1. I like how it fits so perfectly with their total rejection of personal responsibility and cause and effect.

              Nothing can ever, ever, ever be the fault of a policy or law they championed. It’s always because A. they didn’t try hard enough B. it was sabotaged by the Kochsucking Teathuglicans C. people are too stupid to know what’s good for them.

              1. Nothing can ever, ever, ever be the fault of a policy or law they championed. It’s always because A. they didn’t try hard enough B. it was sabotaged by the Kochsucking Teathuglicans C. people are too stupid to know what’s good for them.

                Also racism. West Virginia and Arkansas have magically become horribly racist states now that they no longer elect Democrats, at least according to Michael Tomasky.

                You see, when West Virginia elected a former KKK member to Congress, it wasn’t a racist state because the former KKK member was a Democrat. Now that West Virginia replaced an old white senator with a younger white woman, they have magically become racist because the white woman is a Republican.

                Do you see?

                1. @Irish 5:25

                  It’s this kind of thing that is helping folks see the left for what it is. The rampant hypocrisy and double standards and unending whining.

                  They are like tropes used in movies and TV where you now how the story is going to go even when still in the middle of act one.

                  Young people today have seen so much and seen so many things cycle through that they quickly get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. And refuse to reward those responsible.

                  It’s not cynicism or stupidity it’s awareness that’s killing the Dems.

                  1. @ me 5:36 This also explains the shift in gun-control.

                    The left has said so many things that have proven false and offer no good alternatives (rely on the cops?) that people are rightly rejecting gun-control ideas.

              1. Yep, even though the top two spending PACs were pro-Landrieu, it was the fault of the filthy Kochbux poisoning their message from fourth on the spending list.

    4. It never ceases to amaze me how Democrats can sincerely think that that ‘demographics’ is going to come down on their side in the end and bury the GOP giving them the one party system dictatorship they dream of.

      Italians, Irish, and Poles all used to be strongly Democratic demographics. The Republicans were the party of WASPs. Demographic shifts should have annihilated the GOP sixty years ago. Instead, once those groups assimilated, became wealthier, more and more started to vote Republican, and now there are Italians, Irish, and Poles at the forefront of the party.

      As hispanics and Asians assimilate and become wealthier, each generation more than the last, they will gradually turn away from the Democrats just as the groups before them did. In their naive shortsightedness, leftists faile to realize that eventually the distinction between Hispanic and white or Asian and white will mean as little as the distinction between Italian and white does today (Italians, as I understand, were often considered ‘non-white’ when they first started coming over). Race is, after all, a social construct, something the leftists themselves apparently don’t believe anymore.

      1. Hispanic and white

        It’s already happening. I know it was intended to suit a narrative, but calling Zimmerman a “white hispanic” is a good example of what you’re talking about. The “hispanic” population seems to be self-dividing though, into “white” hispanics (who are of course no-good racist Rethuglicans) and darker (though this isn’t openly admitted to) immigranty-types (who are of course Democrats who want to save us all).

        This is a combination of cultural shifts and political narrative, with leftists, including hispanic leftists, attacking what they see as cultural outliers. It’s what might have happened with black subculture if the stigma against dark skin and cultural integration wasn’t as great 40+ years ago. People like Zimmerman are attacked, and defined as “white” because of a combination of integrating more and being lighter-skinned (it wouldn’t surprise me if the two were correlated; greater integration means more kids with non-hispanics which possibly means lighter skin). “Real” blackshispanics (sound familiar?) will (according to the narrative) of course stick with “their own kind”, unlike those teabagging traitors.

        They will be ejected from the leftist herd, while “real” hispanics will only be considered as those with darker skin and radical-lefist political and cultural traits (again, these may correlate since lesser integration means more kids with other hispanics which possibly means darker-skinned kids).

  8. Not that I’m surprised, but cops throw quite the hissy fit when you question their authority and methods. Hmmmm, I wonder why that is?

    1. Bullies never like to be called on their bullshit – especially by someone who can actually put them in their place.

  9. As a NYC resident I have never seen them prevent a crime. The funny part is that everyone likes to ignore the fact that people who pay $2000 for a 1 bedroom (good deal!) tend to not fuck up their own neighborhoods.

    I’m sure a cop lover will reference a place like Brownsville, a place where cops prevent fuckall from happening.

    Luckily my travels keep me between Bay Ridge BK and the Financial District so I don’t have to interact with them much.

    1. By enforcing the immoral WOD, they are helping create more crime than prevent.

      Yeah, Bay Ridge is pretty safe, isn’t it. That’s why cops live here rather than patrol here.

      1. Yep. Bar fights are the worst thing that happen here.

        1. And there wouldn’t even be that but for a bridge that provides easy access from Staten Island.

          1. I dunno, I work in the bar/restaurant industry. There’s plenty of douchebag kids of drinking age in Bay Ridge. SLty Dig is good for a brawl per week too, and that’s an older crowd.

            1. Salty Dog*

            2. Luckily I’m past the age where going out is fun. At least in this neighborhood.

  10. Hey – it’s your funeral…

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  12. REPENT, the end is nigh

    THE police killing unarmed civilians. Horrifying income inequality. Rotting infrastructure and an unsafe “safety net.” An inability to respond to climate, public health and environmental threats. A food system that causes disease. An occasionally dysfunctional and even cruel government. A sizable segment of the population excluded from work and subject to near-random incarceration.

    You get it: This is the United States, which, with the incoming Congress, might actually get worse.


    The progress of the last 40 years has been mostly cultural, culminating, the last couple of years, in the broad legalization of same-sex marriage. But by many other measures, especially economic, things have gotten worse, thanks to the establishment of neo-liberal principles ? anti-unionism, deregulation, market fundamentalism and intensified, unconscionable greed ? that began with Richard Nixon and picked up steam under Ronald Reagan. Too many are suffering now because too few were fighting then.

    Nixon? Seriously?

    Just wait ’til Boehner and McConnell drop repeal of the Civic Rights Act on the Ascended One’s desk.

    1. Bittman is a one-man campaign for peak retard.

      1. Bittman, shut up and go back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich.

        1. sammich. make 2

    2. If things are so horrible why is everyone knocking on the door to get in?

      1. That is a conundrum.

      2. Also, these people never explain why Europeans have a higher unemployment rate, a lower standard of living, and far lower incomes than the average American, despite the fact that America has basically imported 30 million people from the third world in the last 30 years.

        Could it be that the policies the New York Times supports result in lower income, higher poverty rates, and higher rates of unemployment?

        1. Also, given that Latin America is the continent with the greatest and most consistent history of left-wing demagogues, why is Latin America so poor and why does it now have a higher homicide rate than Africa?

          Latin America is basically proof of how idiotic left-wing ideas are. They’ve done everything the left could possibly want, from tons of wealth redistribution, to gun bans, to high levels of government involvement in the economy, up to and including the socialization of energy.

          And Latin America is swiftly becoming the shittiest continent on Earth, even compared to Africa. Africa’s modernizing and becoming wealthier and better educated while Latin America is actually regressing. Except for Chile, which just so happens to be the freest country in South America.

          I feel like Democrats could probably take a hint from these developments.


          2. Unfortunately, it’s not the correct hint.

          3. Continent? Irish is confusing Latin America with South America. And, no, South America is not becoming the shittiest continent on Earth. Irish is probably thinking about – especially in regard to homicide rates – Honduras and Guatemala (and parts Mexico), where things are bad.

            1. You’re right that I should not have used Latin America and South America interchangeably, however I am not just thinking of Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico.

              I’m thinking of Colombia (homicide rate of 30 per 100,000), Venezuela (79 per 100,000 – the second highest rate on Earth behind Honduras) and Brazil (25.2 per 100,000).

              If you count Latin America as a region, which would also allow you to take into account Central America and portions of the Caribbean, then Latin America has the poorest country on Earth (Haiti), the three most violent areas outside of warzones (northern Mexico, Venezuela, and Honduras), and one of the most repressive societies on the planet (Cuba).

              I should not have used Latin America and South America interchangeably, but my point stands pretty well on the merits. This is especially true given that many central and South American countries are actually getting appreciably worse (particularly Venezuela), whereas Africa has been drastically improving for the last decade.

              1. Before Castro, Cuba had the highest per-capita income in Latin America. Now they’re the lowest (IIRC).

                Argentina used to have one of the highest per-capita incomes in the world. I think they were something like #7. Then Peron took over.

              2. It’s amazing that 3 of the 5 BRICS countries (you know, the bloc that purports to counter the US in world affairs) have higher murder rates than the US, despite having much tougher gun laws.

    3. “THE police killing unarmed civilians. Horrifying income inequality. Rotting infrastructure and an unsafe “safety net.” An inability to respond to climate, public health and environmental threats. A food system that causes disease. An occasionally dysfunctional and even cruel government. A sizable segment of the population excluded from work and subject to near-random incarceration.

      You get it: This is the United States*, which, with the incoming Congress, might actually get worse

      …after 6 years of Democrat Rule!!? OUR MODERN NIGHTMARE IS UNFAZED!?!

      I think the whole, ‘the world is far better off than people think’-schtick of The Nick et al is absolutely necesssary to counteract this Perpetual Pampers-Wetting DO SOMETHINGISM of the Left (and Right) that they use to create the impression of ‘existential crises’ that can only be averted by Moar Big Sugardaddy Government Control.

      The fact that they treat everyone like intellectual infants is insulting on its own, but the thing that makes it worse is the insufferable moral superiority that goes along with it

      if anyone dares suggest that, “No = we are not living in a Capitalism-Run-Amok Dystopia” you’re by default a callous monster who fails to FEEL the pains of inequality enough and probably racist to boot.

      Some of the dumbest shit i’ve ever read =- “Everything affects everything.”… his all-purpose rationale for sticking Govt fingers in everyone’s pie

      1. I’m just trying to figure out what the “food system” is and how liberals propose to stop it from spreading disease.

    4. What was the life expectancy 40 years ago again? What percentage of people had access to healthcare compared to now? How about crime and homicide rates in the 70s? Surely, these solipsistic New Yorkers must at least recall the hundreds of Mafia homicides littering the streets of that city during that decade, and be able to compare it with today?

      I’m waiting for one of these leftist millenarians to actually produce a real absolute statistic (not a relative one like ‘income inequality’) by which things have gotten worse.

      Really, somebody needs to ask this dipshit if he would actually like to trade places with someone in the ’60s and ’70s. And if he’s dumb enough to say yes, tell him I have a time machine to sell him.

  13. Until the hero worship of cops subsides in the post 9/11 era, it’ll be very hard to make meaningful changes. I look at a place like Montreal where we’ve had 26 murders in 2014, the lives of cops are hardly in danger. True, we are the capital for mafia activities, car thefts and assaults as well as other racket rings, but I don’t think this means it threatens their lives as much as we think.

    Yet, there they were charging City Hall over a pension dispute with the city.

    I also can’t handle any longer people saying, ‘yeah but they put their lives on the line’ to justify taxpayers essentially open their wallets each time they demand it. Cops retire way too early for my taste and no one asked them to enter this line of work.

    1. Don’t worry – their fat pensions are busy bankrupting every American city. It sounds like the situation is similar up there. It can’t last much longer.

      1. When it goes it’ll go big.

        No gov money, no gov employment. And a bunch of desperate folks who need to put food on the plate.

        Given how they act now I expect cops to turn into actual gangs of bandits.

        1. In some places they already are.

        2. Hmmmm, I fancy a little banditry. Go ahead and pull that shit anywhere south of Richmond…

        3. They’re going to ransack every 401(k) acct in America before they let the public pensions go bankrupt.

  14. if anyone dares suggest that, “No = we are not living in a Capitalism-Run-Amok Dystopia” you’re by default a callous monster who fails to FEEL the pains of inequality enough and probably racist to boot.

    But the Waltons are rich. Richer than that fucking moneybags Croesus guy, whoever he was. Richer than any family has a right to be. This country will not be great again until the Waltons are just as poor as the Mark Bittmans of the world.

    1. even more ridiculous that his “good nutrition requires Class Warfare”-logic…

      “”…to truly change the food system you really have to change just about everything: good nutrition stems from access to good food; access to good food isn’t going to happen without economic justice; that isn’t going to happen without taxing the super-rich;””

      …is the assumption that our current ‘plutocratic oligarchy of the elite”, or whatever he imagines, is somehow NOT currently being taxed up the freaking wazoo already …*along with everyone else*

      Because anyone with a brain knows that the price of the ‘economic justice* he has in mind isn’t just about fucking over the SUPER-RICH… its about sticking it to everyone. Because sooner or later ‘justice’ demands it. They’re always selling you on the utopia over the hill, paid for on the backs of some amporphous ‘rich dudes’ who no one likes anyway… when the price tag is always going to land on your own doorstep, and not only will you not get utopia in return – you’re not even going to be able to keep the shitty place you already have.

      The Julia-Childs-meets-Che-Guevara shtick is just too fucking absurd to believe.

  15. Sounds pretty far fetched to me dude.

  16. The hard-core response would be “I accept your resignation from the NYPD. Turn in your badge, gun, and all city property within the next 36 hours or face charges of theft and diversion.”

  17. “In 2013, out of 900,000 sworn officers, just 100 died from a job-related injury. That’s about 11.1 per 100,000, or a rate of 0.01%.
    Policing doesn’t even make it into the top 10 most dangerous American professions. Logging has a fatality rate 11 times higher, at 127.8 per 100,000. Fishing: 117 per 100,000. Pilot/flight engineer: 53.4 per 100,000. It’s twice as dangerous to be a truck driver as a cop?at 22.1 per 100,000.”…..o-be-a-cop

    1. More dangerous than police work?!? What are you going to tell me next, that public schoolteachers are actually overpaid, not underpaid?! That’s not what the TV tells me!

  18. If the cops don’t want the mayor at their funerals, then they can stop inconveniencing us with massive funeral processions. That’s a tradeoff I’d make. I’d also prefer to see local news not cover cop funerals.

    1. Maybe you should light a candle rather than cursing the darkness, and do a Westboro Baptist Church thing for the cop funerals.

  19. Look, cop-union bosses, if you come to my funeral than I’ll consider coming to yours, otherwise nothing doing.

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