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Watch Thomas Massie on Gruber, Penn Jillette on Garner/Ferguson, Julian Sanchez on Torture Report


There have been some quality interviews on The Independents this week. Here's three of 'em, starting with the great entertainer and thinker Penn Jillette talking about crime and punishment in the news:

Next up, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) talks about Obamacare Dr. Evil Jonathan Gruber. Make sure to watch through to the end!

Finally, on the day the Torture Report dropped, Kennedy referred reactions from former Reasoner Julian Sanchez and ex-CIA guy Mike Baker:

Go to this page for other past video segments.

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17 responses to “Watch Thomas Massie on Gruber, Penn Jillette on Garner/Ferguson, Julian Sanchez on Torture Report

  1. That is a whole lot of man on man.

    1. Who doesn’t like a little yaoi, especially if Penn is involved?

  2.…..brication/ – Sabrina Erdely was once disciplined by Stephen Glass for fabrication.

    This is hilarious.

    1. You’d also think she might have learned something from Glass’ example.

    2. There is a poster, GABUCKEYE, whining about the lack of tougher defamation laws in the US.

      The Federalist is not exactly a haven for liberty lovers.

    3. Jesus, lol.

      Rubin describes how Glass threw a righteous fit when she and a colleague concocted a funny and obviously made-up travel story for 34th Street?going so far as to call an emergency session of the [Daily Pennsylvanian’s] Alumni Association board to apprise them of the transgression.

      she sure liked to create a stir with campus groups.

    4. This is just too much of coincidence.
      I remember commenting on this story a week ago, and saying that this was just Stephen Glass at the New Republic.
      And here we come full circle, there was zero degree separation after all.

  3. I like Massie. Although Kennedy annoys me to my core I don’t think I could watch an hour long program that predominantly featured her.

    1. She is hair on soap level of annoying.

    2. Every time I see her there is something about her that is a total turn on. But then she starts in with the interrupting and the facetiousness and I just don’t want to watch anymore.

      1. Even as a teenager ready to fuck anything with a hole and a heartbeat, she never did anything for me.

        1. I wasn’t into her back in her vj days either.

  4. Progressives patronizing? Who knew.

  5. On Penn Jillette:

    If I were the officer that choked Garner to death, I’d also not be into punishment.

  6. I have a good deal of respect for Penn. He is a wiser and more thoughtful man than I am.

    That said, he’s dead wrong on this issue. It has been the complete lack of punishment that has led to the culture of an arrogant presumption of deadly use of force in the police forces across the country.

    They needlessly escalate situations with a hair trigger, a bully swagger and an obnoxious sense of superiority over everyone else. It also doesn’t help that they’ve scraped the bottom of the sociopathic barrel to fill the ranks, with all of that generous Homeland Security money to spend.

    It’s amazing that more people haven’t been killed.

    1. I think you’re basically missing his entire point.

      Penalties meant to deter, not “punishment” to “atone”.

      He’s saying to some people that’s the same thing. But he’s making a differentiation between the two.

  7. The Independents Torture Jonathan Gruber Obamacare

    Much better without that nasty punctuation

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