Coming to America?: "The Insane Swedish Plan to Rate Video Games for Sexism"


The Daily Beast

As the shouting match over the role and depiction of gender and sexuality in video games that's part of "Gamergate" fires up the blogosphere, Sweden's "government-funded innovation agency" Vinnova are, along with the country's video game association, developing a ratings system to track "sexist" content in games. Given our own country's history of slapping "voluntary" ratings (read: implemented under threat of government regulation) on everything from movies to comic books to record albums to TV shows to…video games, it probably won't be long before a "Rated S for Sexism" designation starts getting debated or enacted right here in the Land of the Free.

That's from my latest Daily Beast column, which looks at a new Swedish plan to rate video games based on sexist content. I also look at how past crusades against pop culture such as comic books and porn have been waged by left-wing and right-wing critics. Though starting from different places, both sides end up chilling speech and free expression.

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  1. They aren't fooling me. This is a marketing plan hatched by the video game companies and promises to be a very successful one.

    Also; "government-funded innovation agency". Beyond funny. How old is this agency? I am sure we will be swamped with Swedish innovation any day now.

    1. "This is a marketing plan hatched by the video game companies"

      That's the first thing that popped into my head. GTA now with 50% more hookers.

      1. If you think about it, GTA IV was extremely sexist =

        it suggested that no women ever fuck on the first date (except whores), and the main things that influence them are the car you drive, the meal you pay for, and the clothes you wear. They are cast as entirely-superficial beings without any particular aspirations of their own who use sex simply as a means to attain power.

        I mean, the nerve!

        1. I've never played GTA.

    2. Yep, that's exactly what will happen. I can see it now, a 12 year old boy at Best Buy with his grandparents, shopping for a video game:

      12 yr old: Looking at games, spots game with a label 'Waning Explicit Sexist Conent!' "Grandma, that's the game I want!

      Grandma: "Ok, honey, grandma will buy that for you"

      SJWs: EPIC FAIL!

      1. spell correct: warning

  2. My great-grandmother's ex-lover made $3000 working on her laptop reviewing video games for sexist content. She only worked 285 hours last month and gave bad ratings to every game that paid her for the publicity.


    1. That has to be a parody or are the bots that good now. I shudder to think of what they will be saying ten years down the line.

  3. Wow what happens when you write a gamergate article and no SJWs show up? Me thinks there's something nefarious afoot with the search engines.

    1. What the narcissist is unable to work out through fantasy is simply repressed, put out of mind and kept from awareness. Beyond these, narcissists invent alibis, excuses, and "proofs" that seem [to themselves] plausible and consistent, and convince them of their continued stature and perfection. These flimsily substantiated rationalizations are offered with an air of confidence and authority. As noted earlier, however, narcissists may never have learned to be skillful at public deception; they usually said and did what they liked without a care for what others thought. Their poorly conceived rationalizations may, therefore, fail to bring relief and, more seriously, may evoke scrutiny and deprecating comments from others. At these times narcissists may be pushed to the point of employing projection as a defense. Unable to disentangle themselves from lies and inconsistencies, and driven by their need to maintain their illusion of superiority, they may begin to turn against others, accusing the latter of their own deceptions, their own selfishness, and their own irrationalities.

      1. "Their poorly conceived rationalizations may, therefore, fail to bring relief and, more seriously, may evoke scrutiny and deprecating comments from others. At these times narcissists may be pushed to the point of employing projection as a defense."

        Too funny!

    2. They're all at church this morning.

  4. I'm still not clear on how sexism is defined. Apparently anyone attracted to women is sexist and any acknowledgement of femininity is sexist.

    1. I think you're pretty clear on it

    2. anyone attracted to women

      is also a bonafide rapist.

    3. Nope. Anyone attracted to attractive women who like men and aren't sociopaths is sexist.

      For the SJWs, the fact that men are not attracted to them, is the issue. Yet, they continue to act in a way that will never attract men, only make them run away faster.

    4. "Apparently anyone attracted to women is sexist"

      No, I am sure lesbians aren't considered sexist.

      The is question is still out whether or not gay men male gazing other men is sexist or not. If I had to guess it probably is sexist. Gay men have penises and therefore also sexist.

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    1. That's my schtick. It's not funny when you do it.

      1. If only you would have lurnt to run the laptop.

        1. In America the laptop runs me!

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    1. Damn you, unfunny-bot!

  7. "The Insane Swedish Plan to Rate Video Games for Sexism""

    I thought we already had that? = 'M for Mature'

    Let them treat children like children, and leave adults with the freedom to choose the fuck alone.

    1. There are no adults. Only adult children and TOP MEN.

  8. "Warning: May contain scantily clad, big breasted, sexually submissive females that don't talk a lot."

    I'm sure that will accomplish just what SJWs are looking for.

  9. What the hell kind of faggotry is this?

    Maybe they would like to start rating shirts for sexist content, too.

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