Coming to America?: "The Insane Swedish Plan to Rate Video Games for Sexism"


The Daily Beast

As the shouting match over the role and depiction of gender and sexuality in video games that's part of "Gamergate" fires up the blogosphere, Sweden's "government-funded innovation agency" Vinnova are, along with the country's video game association, developing a ratings system to track "sexist" content in games. Given our own country's history of slapping "voluntary" ratings (read: implemented under threat of government regulation) on everything from movies to comic books to record albums to TV shows to…video games, it probably won't be long before a "Rated S for Sexism" designation starts getting debated or enacted right here in the Land of the Free.

That's from my latest Daily Beast column, which looks at a new Swedish plan to rate video games based on sexist content. I also look at how past crusades against pop culture such as comic books and porn have been waged by left-wing and right-wing critics. Though starting from different places, both sides end up chilling speech and free expression.

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