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President Obama Nominates Loretta Lynch for Attorney General


Loretta Lynch, the U.S. attorney in Brooklyn, is expected to be President Barack Obama's pick for Attorney General, U.S. officials briefed on the matter told CNN.

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  1. Oh look, a black female democrat. I’m sure she was the most qualified candidate.

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  3. So she’s currently leading an investigation for fraud against a sitting Republican Congressman? By all means, I’m all for prosecuting corrupt politicians, but this could be takes as a reward to a dedicated partisan for going after the other side versus selecting the most competent person for the job.

    Obama Administration: “Well it says right hear that she is actively prosecuting a Republican. I think we have the perfect fit for our new Attorney General.”

    1. Wow, I should have proof read that before Submitting. Sorry for the multiple mistakes.

  4. Great. Another old racist with a chip on their shoulder. Guess it’s business as usual for Obama…

    1. Yeah, you could say that.

      Did you catch any of his press conference on Wednesday? Here’s the short version:

      “The people who didn’t vote yesterday all support me, and they’re the ones who count. All you bitter clingers who went out and voted don’t matter. In conclusion: go fuck yourselves.”

      1. I would actually respect him if he would just say that.

  5. Loretta Lynch. From a Coal Miner’s Daughter to US Attorney General. A true American success story.

    1. Say, wasn’t she also held prisoner by the Iraqis after single-handedly beating an entire division of Republican Guards to death with the butt of her rifle?

      1. That was Jessica Rabbit.

  6. Aside from the prosecution of Grimm (who may actually be guilty), she doesn’t seem like the worst selection for AG. She’s got a good track record otherwise.

    Of course the ones that don’t initially look horrible are usually his worst choices.

    1. And then there’s those who look horrifying at first glance ( Janet Reno ) and fully live up to first impressions.

  7. Never heard of her, nonetheless, I’m not comfortable with her last name in the context at hand. You don’t suppose her potential boss has a little payback on his mind?

  8. She’s being picked because:
    1. She isn’t very well know so it will be tough for Republicans to dig up dirt.
    2. She’s black.
    3. She’s a women.

    If the Republicans attack her too much (which may be tough given #1), the racism accusations will come flying from the progressives fifth column.

    1. Why am I not surprised she’s black. So she was most likely chosen by fearless leader because, like himself, she’s a hardcore racist intent on what she and he perceive to be justifiable revenge.

  9. We’re making so much history my balls ache

    1. Have you tried rubbing some Mentholatum ointment on them?

      1. I hear Icy-Hot works well.

        1. That’s the rumor.

  10. A more intellectual choice would have been Joycelyn Elders.

    She would have represented leftism perfectly.

    1. A more intellectual choice would be my 9 year old kid who is not a brainwashed marxists with a grudge.

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