Putin Spanks Obama in New Russian Propaganda Art Gallery


Andrew Makhonin

Vladimir "Putin is a gift to caricaturists," said Barry Blitt, a New Yorker artist, when he designed a Sochi Olympic-themed cover earlier this year, featuring the Russian leader in frilly ice skating attire. The caricature artists of Russia take a very different approach. On Friday a gallery titled "No Filters" with the work of about 100 cartoonists opened in Moscow, and just about all their images show Putin favorably: as a strongman, a political chess master, and a fighter against fascists and terrorists. In one conspicuously large work, Putin is spanking President Barack Obama, who has the body of schoolboy.

"Targeted sanctions," the caption on that caricature reads – a jab at America's economic strategy against Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine. Another image shows Putin tugging on Obama's ear, scolding him not to "touch" Ukraine again. A third shows Obama and Ukraine's president, both dressed as peasant girls working the fields, cowering from Putin who sits atop a tank and asks, "Hey girls, have you seen any fascists here?"

The Interwebz

There is some truth to the first image, at least. Putin has run circles around the U.S. when it comes to the war in Ukraine. The Obama administration has called for an end to Russian aggression since Putin invaded Crimea. The U.S. has tried to put pressure on Russia by initiating first targeted sanctions and then broad ones. That began in March, and yet Russia's military incursion persists to this day, and has grown worse. Obama gave his own policies credit as being "the only reason" a ceasefire was agreed upon in September – some of the bloodiest fighting started shortly thereafter. And, in spite of strong rhetoric one week, like the U.S. "will not accept Russia's occupation and illegal annexation of Crimea or any part of Ukraine," Obama allegedly privately admitted around the same time that Crimea was "gone" for good.

Obama's shortcomings aside, Putin is not the savvy strongman his propagandists present him as. Russia's currency continues to hit record lows, and the nation's economy is at recession levels. And the annexation of Crimea leaves Russia with a 10,000-square mile welfare money pit.

That Putin is fighting against fascism is laughable. The "Young Guards," the youth-wing of his political party, set up the gallery to display the work of "patriotically oriented artists" who want to "restore in the minds of citizens respect and pride in their country."

A poll last month showed about half of Russia ns believes Putin has a cult of personality. Another poll shows about half of Russians fears Soviet-style mass repression will return in their lifetime. Reason has talked to several Russian libertarians about Putin's domestic crackdown on political opposition and the press. 

On Friday, I reported on the return of Cold War-type action, like Russia flying nuclear-capable bombers over Europe

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  1. Now that there is funny, I don’t care who you are.

    1. Yeah, made me chuckle.

    2. I dunno. I bet if you’re Ezra Klein or David Brooks it’s not funny. It’s probably outrageous enough to induce fainting spells.

      1. That alone makes it worthwhile.

    3. I lol’d.

    4. And down will come Bernard…

  2. It’s weird, seeing my fantasies depicted on canvas right there in front of me.

  3. That Reset Button was quite a success, wasn’t it?

    1. Yeah, fortunately their Smart Diplomacy fixed everything BOOSH did and made the world like America again.

      1. Was that sarcasm or were you serious?

        1. You must be new around here.

        2. Incase your new here, Lots of sarcasm here. Unless it’s Tony, he’s the local jackass i’m told.

    2. It was a success. Russia got its way.

  4. Typical Evans piece. Evons calls out Russian aggression in Ukraine, which is closer to Russia geographically and culturally than Mexico or even Canada is to the US. How would the US react if Russia stirred up trouble in Ottawa, including ousting a democratically elected government with street violence it supported? As a libertarian, and supposedly for self determination, seccession, etc., he condemns the votes in Crimea and now eastern Ukraine while Reason supports all kinds of US seccession movements from the State of Jefferson to southern Florida. OF course the sanctions do not work, they never do.That is the libertarian position that Evans disregards with respect to Russia. He ignores the local draft resistance in even Western Ukraine which forced Kiev to stop the bombing of civilian neighborhoods in East Ukraine. He also ignores global strategies that are part of this conflict, like trying to circumvent Russian energy by a new pipeline through Syria. This is neocon, not libertarian!

    1. This is an impenetrable wall of gibberish. Can you explain, in a coherent sentence, what the fuck you are even trying to say?

      1. I believe it is a return of the Russbots who reflexively defend Russia and its leadership against any criticism. Usually accompanied by a statement that Europeans and North Americans don’t understand Russia.

    2. So Ukraine is geographically closer to Russia than Mexico is to the US ?

      Who knew?

      All my 60 years I have lived in Texas and I thought we shared a southern border with Mexico.

      And Canada of course has no
      common border with the US, everyone knows that.

      The rest of your statement is invalidated by you first remarks.

      Should Mexico be justified in invading the US because many Spanish speakers live in the southern border states ?

  5. It’s funny ’cause it’s true!

  6. Remember those columns about how Putin was ‘intimidated’ by Obama from a few years ago? Yeah, I’m sure the ex-KGB autocrat is really scared of the Ivy League graduate who can’t throw a baseball.

  7. This is so inappropriate. Obama should be sitting between Putin’s legs polishing his knob.

    1. We could just go full Roman and have some artwork of him being penetrated by Putin. Unfortunately Russia’s stance on homosexuality probably ruins any chance of our art being shown.

  8. If President Putin is going to pull Obama’s ear or slap his butt he should be wearing rubber gloves to avoid disease.

    1. Shit, Putin is immune to any disease that wouldn’t have incapacitated or killed Obama.

  9. Racists!

  10. As an American I don’t like the disrespect to the office of the president of the US shown, but as an American I think its funny as hades.

    1. As an American I don’t like the disrespect to the office of the president of the US shown…

      That is the whole foundation of the Imperial Presidency, as if a person holding that office is somehow above mockery and should be respected at all times.

      It is one step from the notion of L?se-majest

  11. On Friday, I reported on the return of Cold War-type action, like Russia flying nuclear-equipped bombers over Europe.

    You mean “nuclear-capable” bombers. I doubt even Putin is nuts enough to fly no-kidding nukes over NATO at this point.

    1. Putin has never been nuts. He’s always been a shrewd assessor of his adversaries. In this case, he knows Obama is a zero, so it would be risk-free.

  12. I don’t care for the mishmash of styles. A drawing of Putin but a photo of Obama? Come on.

    1. Everyone’s a critic…

  13. Putin is acting exactly like a Russian leader has always acted, and will continue to act in the future. The chances that Russia will ever become a democracy is slim. However, I doubt Russia will ever become the Soviet Union again. My guess is that it will probably become more like Russia under the Tsars, without an actual Tsar of course. Russia has an authoritarian history and will continue to be an authoritarian state for some time to come. And yes, the U.S. and Russia will probably reenact the Cold War again, at least in some form.

    1. Water wet, sun hot, and sun predicted to rise in the EAST tomorrow. Thanks for your best insights ever.

      1. Yeah, why didn’t anyone else think of that?

  14. Moscow may love mocking Obama but its forbidden to mock Putin:…..story.html

    1. You do realize that this is still America, and not Russia, right? Or should we make it illegal, to criticize the president?

      1. It’s not illegal, but with the IRS watching and acting as a partisan, it’s not exactly risk free, either.

  15. This reminds me of the old Soviet joke.

    An American boasts to a Russian: “I can go to the street corner in Washington, D.C. and say, ‘President Obama is an idiot!'”

    The Russian replies, “so what? I can go to any street corner in Moscow and say, “President Obama is an idiot!”

    1. One of my favorite Russian jokes regarding free speech: “In Russia we have freedom of speech, in America you have freedom after speech.”

      1. And of course there’s always “In America you go looking for the party. In Rasha the party come looking for YOU.”

        1. Accept there is not as much freedom here anymore.

  16. This is a case of Putin-fluffers insulting *my* country, in the person of its head of state. I don’t have to support Obama to say this.

    1. So someone is insulting the monarch?

  17. Obama and Putin are lovers.

  18. I fail to find the humor in praising an autocratic thug, even if it is at the expense of our own autocratic thug.

  19. They can’t make fun of our president like that. Only WE can make fun of our president like that.

  20. Everybody be on your best behavior! This made it to top and center of Drudge so stand by for trolls!

    1. What “trolls”? Oh, you mean liberals.

  21. “…Russia’s military incursion persists to this day, and has grown worse…”
    Not true. There is no hard evidence of significant, military Russian involvement in Ukraine except for volunteers. And for those who don’t believe Russians would ‘volunteer’, I know several retired US military people who would jump at the chance to to to war against ISIS and, unlike the Russians, these guys do not have relatives or friends there they want to protect.
    “…Russia flying nuclear-capable bombers over Europe.”
    Russia is not a threat to US or to Europe. Its population (145m) and economy are tiny fractions of NATO’s, which has four times as many under arms. Russia is just a big land mass with tempting natural resources. Its only defense against NATO are its nukes and, fortunately for all of US, they are letting US know it – because, given their conventional disadvantage, any military conflict between them and NATO would quickly become nuclear.

    1. Pay no attention to those tanks, armored vehicles, and planes overhead. They are merely on parade.

  22. “…annexation of Crimea…”
    The current conflict with Russia was started by USG leaders including Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Senator McCain who encouraged violent demonstrators to oust Ukraine’s legitimate President while Putin was busy hosting the Olympics. And if Yanukovych was so corrupt, as the ‘West’ claims, why did Nuland negotiate with him for two years and then get mad just because he accepted Putin’s better offer? Were it not for Nuland, Crimea would still be part of Ukraine and Ukraine would be in better shape to service its debt to European banks.
    Russia under Putin has a much better record on peace and honesty than the US has under its leadership over the same period.

  23. Putin is a scumbag, but he IS a real leader and he knows Obama isn’t. They should have a “celebrity boxing” type of event, so the whole world can see what a coward and a pansy Obama is.

    1. Putin is a scumbag, but he IS a real leader

      TOP MEN!

  24. Should have had a portrait of Obama fell- ating Putin. You know, more life-like.

  25. The body of a schoolboy? That’s obviously racist!

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  27. Very telling how you conveniently fail to mention a few facts:

    that plane that NATO was sure was Russian turned out to be Latvian
    that Russian submarine Sweden spent 2 million to find turned out to be non existent.
    As for “cult of personality” you mention, well let me give you a free clue: USA also has a cult of personalities: Reagan for one. He is worshiped by the Republicans regardless of what he did exactly. Lincoln is another cult of personality where the man has been made into what he wasn;t. Washington. Adam Smyth.
    Very tellign you are very well aware of the usage of “cult of personality” in Rusia but USA also uses it as MUCH(and more) than Russia.
    The rest of your “article” is just a collection of pure anti-Russian propaganda, half truths and outright lies.
    Russians may fear the return of Soviet Style repression but that already HAS been achieved in USA:
    1 NASA illegally spying on everyone,
    2the Occupy Wall street movement harshly dealt with by the government, huge homeless population, tired of.
    So overall, maybe you should be writing articles on what the real situation in USA is instead of just another anti Russia anti-Putin article that can be easily dis proven wrong.

    1. *Occupy* was dealt with harshly? Lincoln was to lately the same as Stalin? Ok, chief.

      1. Lately should be totally.

    2. I can sort of see the appeal of Putin however, some people like to take their despotism pure.

  28. *adam Smyth* history’s greatest monster!

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