Tonight on "Red Eye": Anthony L. Fisher Talks Catcalls, Ebola Panic and Intolerant Berkeley Students Teach Tolerance to Bill Maher


Your humble correspondent will be on tonight's panel of "Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld" alongside regulars Joanne Nosuchinsky and TV's Andy Levy, as well as comedian Joe DeVito.

The catcall heard round the world

Stay up super-late or set your DVRs for 3am ET/12am PT on Fox News Channel to watch us kick around that controversial video of a woman walking around NYC enduring 10 hours of catcalls, Chris Christie defending an Ebola quarantine because they brought the person take-out dinner, and Berkeley students teaching Bill Maher the meaning of tolerance by attempting to cancel his scheduled appearance at their school.

My favorite topic of the night involves that noted predictor of calamaties that fail to come true, Paul Ehrlich, editing a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that considers a global "one child" policy because "Population Bomb"!

NEXT: Kurdish Reinforcements Reach Kobani

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  1. Well, surely of all the issues, difficulties, and challengers facing humanking today, catcalls are near the top. Right up there with allowing transgendered kindergartners to use whichever bathroom they want and college students signing permission documents before having sex.

    1. In the coming episodes, she strolls the streets of Cairo, Islamabad, and Riyadh — you won’t believe the catcalls she gets!

      1. Wow, I just noticed how fucked up my spelling is in that post. Geez. Oh well, I worked 8 hours today and spent 2 hours in traffic. Also, no edit feature, damn you Reason.

        Ok, back on topic. Maybe she should put on her burqua like a good girl before visiting those neighborhoods.

    2. Just don’t forget, Yes means YES!

    3. I’m wondering if she’s a “ringer”. On the Fox News they showed her walking down the street ‘causing a reaction like Jayne Mansfield in The Girl Can’t Help It. I expected to see the milkman’s glasses crack while a milk bottle ejaculates. They never showed her from behind. I suppose in our prudish 21st Century we’re not supposed to speculate on what her ass looks like.

      1. I suppose in our prudish 21st Century we’re not supposed to speculate on what her ass looks like.

        Huh? Considering we live in a Kardashian Minaj Middleton age, I find that comment puzzling.

        1. She’s a feminist non-celebrity.

        2. And here I thought Beyonc? was a feminist

      2. It was acknowledged as coordinated I thought

  2. Why won’t they have Moynihan on? Where’s Moynihan?

    Is Fisher going to talk about his dustup with that DA who had sex with the mother of the woman he prosecuted or whatever?

  3. Over at Slate there’s lots of concern and hand-wringing that the so-called ‘catcalling video’ features so few white guys. Apparently this doesn’t fit into their narrative that it’s only white guys who are doing all the harassing and raping. Many are suggesting the white guys were edited out for reasons that defy logic. But as a typical white guy, I can state for a fact I’ve never ogled or called out to a woman on the street. And I can’t comprehend the rational that makes other guys do it.

    1. Sorry feminists, the race baiters win this privilege pissing match.

    2. I’ve never done it either. I mean quietly, sort of to myself, I’ve said ‘Holy motherf’ing mother of Jeebus, that should be illegal!’. But I mean, you know, we all do that, unless we’re gay or something.

      But I can verify that sometimes white dudes do this. I was driving through Hampden a couple of weeks ago, very nice day. I stopped at a traffic light and there was this lady walking across the crosswalk in a nice tight white skirt and jacket, I assume she just got off work and was walking home or to her car or whatever. Anyway, she was very attractive. I’m guessing she was mid 40s. Then I hear some yelling, look across the street and see these 2 young guys standing outside a bar. I couldn’t hear every word they were saying, just some stuff like ‘hey baby, come here, and whistling’. They were obviously drunken rednecks, not totally unheard of in Hampden.

      See, that would fit the narratives of the anti-catcall clan, I’m sure.

      1. Hampden Baltimore or Massachusetts?

        1. Baltimore.

    3. I bet this is dependent on city even moreso than race. Because no offense New Yorkers, but you’re a bunch of assholes. Try this in say, Houston, Philadelphia or Phoenix (going high population density obviously) and I guarantee you’d get less catcalls per capita. Equally applicable up here for say, Toronto compared to Calgary.

      1. Yeah, it’s more culture than race. I knew a white guy who grew up in a black neighborhood who had no qualms about yelling “HEY! YOU LOOK GOOD! WHAT’S YOUR NAME?” to some random girl across the street.

      2. New Yorkers by percentage of their own population, are the biggest assholes in the country, next to people from New Jersey.

      3. Ha, REGION WAR is so hilarious because it’s so dumb and so uninformed. If you think it’s somehow okey-dokey to be catcalling girls in Manhattan, you are fucking delusional.

        1. Of course, the worst are Northeastern Millennials. Stupid jerks.

        2. I need more catcalling data before I publish any papers on the subject. Working title: The Mating Habits of Fucking New Yorkers

    4. I thought a catcall was that funky whistle. “Damn girl”…that’s a cat call? “Hey, how you doing?”….that’s a cat call? So I take it that according to pinkshirts that any verbal acknowledgment of her existence is a cat call?

      The guys following her, that is indeed creepy.

      1. “Hey, how you doing?”….that’s a cat call?

        Yes, because he looked at her ass! And I mean she totally was not trying to get him to look at her ass!

        1. When an ass is as big as hers, you can’t help it. Gravity compels the water in your eyeballs to point in that direction.

      2. Wait, I was under the same impression. Is saying “Hi” a catcall?

        Fuck, I didn’t know I was one of those catcalling assholes.

        1. Any unwanted communication is a catcall.

          So it all depends on who does it. If she finds you to be attractive, then it’s OK. But if she doesn’t, then it’s not.

          Similar to if she wakes up next to you after a night of rowdy sex, and doesn’t find you as attractive now compared to when she was had been drinking, then you raped her. But if she still finds you appealing you didn’t.

          1. Well, yes at some point it’s the unwanted nature of it that increases it’s annoyingness and ultimately into creepy and perhaps scary.

            1. You missed the point.

              1. I don’t think so.

                Part of what makes behaviors jerk behaviors is doing them knowing they’re unwanted. Nothing strange about that

                  1. Thanks robc.

            2. Said without any irony.

          2. There is a reasonable and objective definition of catcalling. You don’t have to go full Nietzsche here just because some nutcases on Tumblr do.

      3. You’re thinking of a wolf whistle

      4. Some of that was hypersensitive. I don’t quite understand why saying “hi” or even “smile, girl!” is that terrible, but I can accept that maybe she has a reason for feeling that way, and if you’re trying to figure out how to be polite, maybe that’s the only takeaway. Well, other than “don’t date a feminist blogger.”

        But there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with suggesting that you take a good hard look at the situation and asking if it could make the girl uncomfortable before you show interest.

    5. Here’s the thing: Poor parts of the country are going to be VASTLY more likely to engage in that sort of behavior. As a result, if a prog is going to film a video in an area where they live, the poor people who will engage in that sort of behavior are going to be disproportionately black and Hispanic.

      If you wanted to find an area where white dudes would catcall you, you’d have to go to Appalachia or something…which no prog would ever actually do.

      Progressives have so romanticized the poor that they’ll never admit that most of the terrible things progressives hate are far more common among poor people than the rich, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s demonstrably true.

      1. They’re too hopped up on meth to catcall in Appalachia

        1. I think you need roads to walk down first.

          1. They’ve got plenty of roads. The government sees to that as it is a surefire way to get votes there.

            1. They had roads before that too, they just werent paved.

          2. Plus, even if you catcall someone in Appalachia, the sound of your catcall will be drowned out by the noise of banjos and local bumpkins raping Jon Voight.

            1. You’re thinking Ned Beatty I think

              1. I don’t know why they can’t rape the other one for a change.

                1. I saw Deliverance after having seen the Superman movies and at that scene all I could think of was ‘they’re raping Lex Luthor’s henchman!’

              2. Hey man, It’s his fantasy. If he said Jon Voight, he meant Jon Fucking Voight.

      2. What are you going to do in Appalachia? Walk the mountain roads for ten hours past two houses set 500 feet off the highway? Catcalls abound.

    6. Long while back I had this neighbor who was from Sweden or Finland or something, and boy did she look it. Light blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect skin, perfect ass, perfect everything. Looked like the blonde in ABBA in her prime. One day, I don’t remember why, we were walking together in the city. Boulder, CO. Anyway, more than once guys yelled “compliments” in her direction as they were driving past or as we walked by intersections with stopped vehicles. I’d never seen anything like it. She said it happened all the time.

      The guys were all white.

      1. I bet that brunette in ABBA hated that blonde something powerful.

        1. I’ve got to say she was a really nice person. No snobbery at all. I knew I was way out of her league, but she didn’t treat me like shit. We went out several times for food and/or drink (no expectations), and it would have been more fun except that she drew all kinds of unwanted attention. It was water off her back, but it bothered me a bit. Then again, had I been in her league I may have thought differently.

          I had a male roommate around the same time who could have been a male model. No, he wasn’t gay. Every time we went to the mall or whatever it was the same deal, only in reverse. Women would walk up to him and basically offer to fuck him right then and there. Some were pretty hot, but most were not.

          Beautiful people problems.

          1. Beautiful people problems.

            And there’s our privilege angle. “Check your pretty person privilege! Some of us try our damnedest to attract men/women/both and can’t!”

      2. I’ve seen the white boys carry on in Vegas a few times.

        1. Hate to say it, but I think it has to do with inhibitions. White boys need a little booze to loosen up. All the guys in this video didn’t seem to have that problem.

          1. Wha? Most of ’em looked high to me.

  4. You know, I would probably look at cat call girl if she walked past me on the street, providing that I didn’t have to turn my head to do so. But from what I see there, I think I could definitely resist the urge to yell out ‘damn, I’d smack dat ass!’.

  5. What? No angry denunciations/outrage that H&R fails to provide a Stossell thread every thursday?

    As far as Red Eye goes…

    I’d like to see them do a ‘call in’ show, where we learn just who it is watching the program, and how ungodly coked out they are.

    1. A call in show, except pre-taped.

      1. A call in show, except pre-taped.


        1. First time I saw that and they got to “and that concludes our first show… I can’t help but think it would’ve gone a little better if someone had actually called in” I stood up and applauded the TV.

    2. Why do I get the feeling that will end up like one of the weirder episodes of Coast to Coast AM?

    3. Everyone’s too busy doing coke to call in.

    4. That would be the strangest episode of anything in the history of the human race. Red Eye has a very weird audience given that it airs at like 2 A.M.

  6. OT: Hillsborough county transit commission asks cops to bust ride share programs. The Tampa PD and the sherifs tell them to kick rocks so they go undercover on their own to issue “citations”


    Bonus: the lead investigator’s last name is Cockream.

    Shitith you not I do

    1. Just imagine if the guys first name is Dick. Dick Cockream, lol.

      1. My *name* IS RICHARD!

      2. I once knew a Richard Dickens

        1. I worked with a guy who told me that the company he previously worked for had a guy high up in the company named Dick Balls. I’m not making this up. It was a manufacturing company and apparently they would call this guy’s name over the intercom system, ‘Dick Balls, please come to department 32, Dick Balls’. He said that people would be laughing their asses off. I can just imagine.

          1. That’s a name to be proud of. Should have joined the army.

            Major Balls, Sir Yes Sir!

        2. I’ll just leave this here.

          1. *snort*

  7. I just looked at that Reason article of Mother Jones basically falsifying data in order to lie about an increase in mass shootings, and that guy Brian kicked the fucking shit out of mtrueman in the comment section.

    This is part of what I’m a libertarian. You’re a great example of someone who has some marginal intelligence, enough to consider themselves up to the task of analyzing data and forming a conclusion. But, clearly, at best, you can’t communicate your conclusions effectively, and, worse, you can’t make good conclusions based on the data. Further, you’re incapable of seeing your error and correcting yourself, even when it’s been explained multiple times, further implying that you can’t digest new information and adapt your worldview.

    Yet, you, and people like you, are voting on the ruling class membership that ostensibly organizes society.

    Brian only shows up in the comments once in a blue moon, but every time he comes here he beats the holy hell out of someone. I only recall seeing him in one or two other comment sections, and each time he neutered some progressive and left them to bleed out by the side of a road.

    Godspeed, Brian. I appreciate your work.

    1. I see that Jackass Hole also made an appearance in the thread for Brian to swat at.

    2. I just read that. The guy guts him like a trout.

    3. Trueman needs a warning label; he admits quite openly he will lie to promote his POV.

  8. This catcall epidemic has me so down that I’m totally going to the fridge to get another beer. Maybe that will dull reality enough that I am able to sleep tonight despite the horrors of cat calls going on all around us.

    1. Maybe we should teach men to just not catcall.

      1. Hmm… No, fuck it. I’m going with the beer.

      2. Yeah, changing the entire world sounds doable.

  9. Speaking of unlawful punishment due to t shirt text, we have seen a couple of incidents of cops bring unjustifiably suspended and disciplined for tshirt messages displayed by cops

    Fortunately, because of good Union lawyers, etc Justice was served and the discipline was overturned and pay reinstated

    Wear a pro death penalty tshirt to training class?

    Get suspended

    Thank Calibre Press for reporting on these important free speech and due process issues

    Calibre press training is so good, I paid for it out of my own pocket as did most attendees

    BOOYA free speech!!!

    1. You can wear T-shirts to work and you’re complaining.

      1. T shirts go with jackboots I guess.

        1. Brown T-shirts?

        2. Tshirts were allowed to certain training classes, like self defense tactics

          Past precedent and policy established no restriction on ‘message t shirts’ for example in the past officers had worn pro choicest shirt and pro troops shirts etc

          An officer showed up with a pro death penalty shirt in one case and since the shirt depicted a man bring hung, the shirt was ‘racist’ and he was disciplined and embarrassed in front of the class

          It depicted an execution where the defendant happened to be black, hence it was ‘racist’

          I’m surprised it wasn’t viewed as sexist since the defendant was male :l

          1. You don’t think that if that officer was part of a capital case later the fact he sported a message shirt of someone being hung might look bad?

            1. No, and no court has ever supported such a concept that I am aware of

              An officer can express a pro death penalty position via his t shirt IF other officers had been allowed to advocate positions on their t shirts during training classes

              It’s a ‘content based restriction’ that is almost never justifiable under the first

              1. So if he wore a Klan tshirt no problem? You might want to look into that more.

                1. That argument was made by the defense
                  It didn’t fly

                  A klan t shirt could create a hostile workplace environment among other things

                  Case law

                  How does that work?

              2. It work. You’re employment in many places can be conditional on your dress. But, I suppose since you get to vote for your employer, I’m wasting my breath.

                1. But when your employer is the government they cannot make ad hoc content-based restrictions on those messages

                  They cannot allow some message T-shirts such as pro-choice etc. and then punish an officer for wearing a death penalty T-shirt
                  They are entirely within their rights to ban message T-shirts altogether which is a stance that many departments take

                  This is a good example of the difference between here and Volokh.com

                  Prof Volokh understands first amendment casela

                  1. From a VC Conspirator


          2. It’s work. Be an adult and wear a benign T-shirt to work. Get one with a Glock logo or something.

            1. Unlike you, I believe in free speech

              SINCE the agency allowed OTHER message based t shirts they could not make a content based discrimination and especially not punish for it

              They would be entirely within their right to ban ANY type of message t shirt as MANY agencies do

              Content based restriction is odious

              You can’t say (if the govt) ‘ you can wear a pro choice shirt, but not a pro death penalty shirt’

              Unless you are a high school student in which case statist assholes. Can do whatever they want: see ‘bonghits for Jesus’

              1. I understand your point. What I don’t understand is how anyone could be stupid enough to make a political statement at work in the first place — Unless he feels like he’s entitled to his job, that is.

                1. Again, people had been doing so WITHOUT DEPT SANCTION for years

                  At certain venues like in house training classes

                  (When attending classes at the academy or other agencies, different rules applied)

                  Past precedent is extremely important concept in labour law as is content based restrictions under the first Amendment and remember again that the government is the employer in this case

                  Imagine you are the officer

                  You and others have been allowed to wear such tshirts for years

                  You show up to a class wearing a pro death penalty shirt

                  The instructor singles you out and orders you out of the class and tells you not to come back until you have changed your T-shirt

                  Your department disciplines you which includes suspension without pay

                  Hell yes your First Amendment rights have been violated and thankfully the courts agreed

                  1. You’re missing my point.

                    The past precedent that’s important here s the one that made the first idiot cop feel so entitled to his job that he felt comfortable wearing a political T-shirt to work. That’s the only precedent that I care about. The one that says that cops can’t get fired.

                    Cry more about your T-shirts.

                  2. How about the 2nd amendment righta of someone to have a firearm in their hand in their own home? We already know your answer to that one. If 2 guys knock on your door at 2am and happen to be cops in plain clothes and dont say they are cops, they are justified in killing you just for holding a gun in your own home. Please tell us more about your version of believing in the Constitution slaver. Lets end qualified immunity for you and your thugs and then maybe I’ll give a shit about your ability to wear a t shirt

    2. So player, but everything you do is admissible when my lawyer is on the clock, and when you are on the taxpayer clock. There was a reason for the policy was in place and that was to cover both the departments ass and it’s officers. Not too mention it lessens any bias and integrity issues that the DA may be presented with.

      Now if you are at a training class that is not tax payer funded then you would have a case.

      1. You beat me to it and said it better

        1. Claw bump

    3. Dunphy, you are the dumbest cop on the force.
      The DUMBEST.

  10. Hey! does that catcalling thing work?

    1. Sure.

      I knew a guy who would stand on the street and ask every woman who walked by “Hey, wanna fuck?”

      I asked him why he did that. ” I get slapped a lot, but eventually one says yes.”

      (old joke)

    2. Depending on what you mean, by work.

      When I was in high school, we had this sub teacher… I can’t even remember the subject. But my gawd she was hot. Every guy in school, that was all anyone was talking about.

      Occasionally after school, we would walk downtown to this little diner that was owned by the parents of a friend of mine. They had the best cheeseburgers ever, I mean fucking ever.

      So one day we went down there and gorged on cheeseburgers like teenage boys do and when we were walking back to the school, we were walking past this little pharmacy. It was summer and a small town, most of the businesses kept their doors open.

      One of my friends nudged me and said ‘hey, look, it’s her!’. So I turned my head and sure enough, there’s milf teacher at the counter paying for something. So he says ‘I dare you to whistle, come on, do it chicken!’ So I did, and just as I did she turned and walked right towards us and looked right at me and smiled. I literally froze. Holy fuck, she walked past us still smiling and I can guarantee my face was bright red. But then my friends were like, ‘hey dude, she smiled at you!’. So I started feeling stupid and proud at the same time.

      Oh, and just then a pack of ravenous hybrid wolves riding on bears attacked us… to be continued….

      1. Needs more Wendigo abduction

        1. Ha!

          Were you around when I finally managed to post the photo?


        2. I haven’t got to that part yet and I can’t please everyone. I still have to work in Milfs being nailed and the rapist bears.

          1. Look, Wendigo abduction has kind of raised the bar around here. Try to keep up

            1. If it’s anything like all the alien abduction stories and bigfoot or whatever, no thanks, I’ve already heard enough stupid to do me a lifetime.

              1. If anyone wants to tell a fantastic personal story here and it doesn’t include the claim of a Native American mythological monster now they’re wasting everyone’s time.

                1. Geez, first it was no milfs were nailed and then rapist bear attacks were required. I give up…

  11. So after just reading the Ebola Maine governor thread I was struck by how many of those defending the forced state quarantine were saying nearly exactly what Rush has been saying about the subject the past few days.

      1. I love that ablum. I think I’ve listened to it a thousand times. We are the priest of the temples of Syrinx, our great computers fill the hallowed halls…

        Caress of Steel is equally great.

    1. I think I will start listening to Rush just so I can quote him to you.

      1. “I think I will start listening to Rush just so I can quote him to you.”

        Well, Rush used the words “Ebola” and “disease” and “Africa”, so to someone like Bo, it sounds exactly alike!
        To someone like Bo…

        1. No, Rush had gone about how the nurse is plainly looking for attention, that anyone who would volunteer to go to Africa and work with sick people should of course not mind being quarantined for the public good, etc,. All expressed in that thread (and pretty predictable as to who)

          1. To someone like Bo…

            1. Since everyone imagines I have a libertarian purity test I may as well offer one, along with a nod to Jeff Foxworthy:
              If, where Reason and Rush Limbaugh disagree, you tend to side with and found like Rush, you just might not be a libertarian.*

              *you can also replace ‘Rush Limbaugh’ with ‘John’

              1. I’ll second that.

                Although I’m more the type to say that EVERYONE is really a libertarian somehow and wonder why we still have roadz than use purity tests.

              2. Well, the Vicar of Rand has spoken so that’s all there is to it.

                By the bye, how the fuck do you even know what Rush has or hasn’t been on about? I don’t listen to Rush nor do I care what he thinks; I can’t imagine why you would care any more than I do so why are you consorting with the debbil like that?

  12. I can’t believe these are real:

    Slate has a post saying creators edited out a lot of the white guys because they said things that were less discernible as they walked by or street noise made them hard to hear. Which totally corroborates my theory that white guys say things under their breath as they pass by and thus make creepier comments than those who holler from the sidewalk corner stuff anyone can hear.


    bigbags500 3 hours ago
    Why the emphasis on blacks and Hispanics? Did she walk through white neighborhoods at all?


    But I can’t help but feel that with other comments, the offense is that the attention comes from the wrong people- minorities who look like they don’t make a lot of money. If a white guy in a suit approached this woman at a restaurant and said, how are you, would there be the same reaction that this is harassment? I don’t know. Perhaps a restaurant is a more social environment.

    1. But I can’t help but feel that with other comments, the offense is that the attention comes from the wrong people- minorities who look like they don’t make a lot of money. If a white guy in a suit approached this woman at a restaurant and said, how are you, would there be the same reaction that this is harassment? I don’t know. Perhaps a restaurant is a more social environment.

      That’s probably because walking up to someone and saying ‘how are you?’ cannot be considered harassment under any rational definition of the term. Otherwise I’ve been harassed by like 300 waiters, my boss, and my mother.

      1. We had a case in Maui, where approaching a possible suspect sitting in a carport and saying ‘howzit brah’ was viewed as interrogation that should have been preceded by Miranda

        There was no PC, no use of force, no questioning, but hawaii has extended Miranda to focus not custodial IBTERROGATION and viewed a friendly hello as ‘interrogation’

        It is a VERY VERY liberal state

        1. no questioning

          and viewed a friendly hello as ‘interrogation’

          Hello is not a question. ‘howzit brah’ is slang for a question. Yes it is a greeting, as is hello. But hello isn’t an invitation to speak. It is a recognition. ‘howzit brah’ could be interpreted as an invitation to speak. A question. An interrogative. Hence interrogation.

          Yeah, it’s silly. But I can see their point of view.

          1. The definition of interrogation under the law is a question ‘designed or likely to elicit an incriminating response’

            I grok your point but no other jurisdiction I have worked in has made this type of decision

            Hawaii is awesome that way

            It is so liberal on this issue that our department policy was to precede any questioning of any driver in any injury related accident with Miranda because it could ‘possibly’ turn into a criminal investigation

            Having to mirandize an 80 yr old lady in a fender bender was special

            ‘Why are you reading me my rights am I under arrest?’


            ‘Do you suspect me of committing any crime?’



            Department policy, ma’am

            And Hawaii caselaw it was so ridiculous that we had to mirandize suspects that we were interrogating on the phone. in any other state since the person clearly is not in custody since you’re not even within their view you never have to mirandize in these cases except in very limited circumstances like when they have already retained a lawyer and or expressly stated they wanted to speak to a lawyer first.

            Hawaii has super liberal and bizarre case law

            The justification for Miranda was the alleged oppressiveness of police interrogation

            Clearly calling a suspect on the phone should not be an issue, but Hawaii is special

            Obviously person you were speaking to you on the phone does not feel limited in their ability to simply walk away hang up the phone or refuse to answer your questions

      2. That’s probably because walking up to someone and saying ‘how are you?’ cannot be considered harassment under any rational definition of the term.

        Look, man, when something does not fit the proggies narrative, they will damn well MAKE it fit! Truth is unimportant, results are what matters.

        1. “Look, man, when something does not fit the proggies narrative, they will damn well MAKE it fit!”

          ^This. If most white guys don’t cat call they simply redefine ‘cat call’ to mean speaking to her in any manner at all no matter how polite. If that didn’t work they would include looking….the male gaze crap.

          Y’all are probably tired of me saying it, so I will say it again. Proggies are indoctrinated with a limited number of responses and only one course of action. No matter the situation or issue at hand they respond the same way every time.

          Discuss ice cream flavors and ‘racism’ or ‘sexism’ will come up. Car design…same thing. Ebola, air travel, flea markets, vitamins, dog training…it doesn’t matter. The words ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, ‘the patriarchy’, etc. will come out of their mouth.

          1. As Epi points out below it will invariably be aimed at white males.

            I forgot the term ‘privilege’.

          2. Discuss ice cream flavors and ‘racism’ or ‘sexism’ will come up.

            Well, Suthenboy, how do you explain Cookies & Cream? A sea of white overpowering little flecks of blackness? I rest my case.

      3. When I was a single dude, two very attractive chicks stayed at my house during jazz fest. The three of us went out for a walk on a main drag during the day for exercise. I was amazed at how literally every guy driving a truck with a ladder rack on it that passed by yelled out catcalls to them.

        I was kind of impressed by the attention they got. I don’t see how it would hurt your self image although I guess it could also be annoying.

        1. When I was a single dude, two very attractive chicks stayed at my house during jazz fest. The three of us went out for a walk on a main drag during the day for exercise. I was amazed at how literally every guy driving a truck with a ladder rack on it that passed by yelled out catcalls to them.

          That’s probably because they were all a bunch of filthy Jazz musicians hopped up on the demon weed and the sexual intonations of the well-played saxophone.

        2. It wouldn’t hurt your image. Look, the only women complaining about this are a bunch of ugly and insufferable bitches that couldn’t get anyone to catcall them, let alone sleep with them if their life depended on it. So, the most attractive woman that they could pay to do this stupid video is the one you see in the video. Women who have all the prospects they want with men, do not waste time on such derptastic endeavors as this. They don’t have to, or see any reason to do so.

      4. The whole issue is that these people want to take something relatively amorphous, like the distinction between being insensitive and kind of a dick, and being genuinely sexist, and amp it up enough to base legislation on it.

        If you’re not trying to base legislation on it or figure out a Rosetta stone psychology trick to get into girls’ pants, don’t worry about it. Be kind, be polite, apologize when you get it wrong, and be ready to learn. It won’t be enough for militant Tumblr quasi-feminists, but I consider that a feature, not a bug.

    2. Mumble mumble whatever… she sounds fat

    3. When a person views everything through ideological lenses, they do not see reality. These people–and I didn’t actually realize they had gone this FULL RETARD, which I’m going to have to watch out for–weren’t just on an anti-male jaunt, many of them actually expected it to be an anti-white male jaunt almost exclusively. And when it wasn’t, they had to make things up to fit their ideology.

      I just didn’t realize it wouldn’t be enough for them if the catcallers weren’t white. That was my mistake, and I need to not make it again, but man it’s hard keeping up with the depravity, racism, sexism, and hatred of these people.

      1. Good observation.

      2. That was my mistake, and I need to not make it again, but man it’s hard keeping up with the depravity, racism, sexism, and hatred of these people.

        I’d love to know just how empathetic these white progs really are. Do they have black friends? Do they live in mixed neighborhoods? Do they donate to causes that help black people, etc? My guess is largely “no” because you really have to be extremely insular to be this foolish about the world.

        1. In my experience–and I’ve encountered a fair number of them of varying degrees of how deep in they were–the answer is usually no. One of the hallmarks of progressives is that one of the reasons they want the government to force people to redistribute wealth and the like is that they would never, in a million years, give to a charity, and they project that onto everyone else, and because they need to be forced to “give”, you need to be forced to “give”. The reason they think you hate and fear black people is because they do for the most part. And so on.

          Projection is such a fundamental part of their existence that you need to factor it in to everything they do, and then things start making sense (as much as they can).

          1. In their defense, they’re pretty much as tolerant and empathetic as you can get towards minorities without actually interacting with them in a context that doesn’t involve sociology classes or ethnic restaurants.

            1. This right here. Going on a two-week resume’-building trip to Africa counts the same as adopting a family of ten black children and putting them all through private college.

            2. These people like to think tolerance is the same as virtue. It isn’t.

              And they have no empathy, otherwise they’d re-examine the unproductive policies they endorse.

          2. I once met a guy, well I knew him for quite some time, who was basically what you would call a snake oil salesman, a conman. I learned that he had inherited this from his father, who was a long time conman.

            The guy ran a sort of trading post/antique shop/oddity store, a few of them actually. One Saturday I was hanging out with him in one of his shops when an item that he had caught my eye and I was thinking, I like that, it would look good in my man cave at home. I started asking him about it and soon realized, with some dismay, that the guy was trying to con me. I probably should not have been surprised, but I was, because this was supposed to be my friend. But he continued lying to me, just straight out with no shame.

            I think this was one of the defining moments of my life when I realized that this guy seemed to be incapable of understanding that anyone else might not think the same way he did. That everyone was not out to get him and that he had to get them first.

            I believe that a lot of progs are like this, they cannot even imagine that anyone can have ideas that are different than theirs, and if they do, that they must only have those ideas because they want to use those ideas to subjugate their own enemies.

          3. One of the hallmarks of progressives is that one of the reasons they want the government to force people to redistribute wealth and the like is that they would never, in a million years, give to a charity

            This reminds me of Pat Quinn’s recent campaign ad in Illinois. He says he supports “the little guy” and then proudly demonstrates that he only actually supports the little guy with someone else’s money, usually the money of a slightly less-little guy.

      3. White men are the root of all evils. All minorities and other sexes are noble victims of divine purity.

        This is what progs want people to believe right now, because for whatever reason, they truly must believe that if they can just get every other person on the planet to align with their loony leftist views by using white males as the one common enemy, that they will win. Of course, even thought this has went spectacularly right for them so far, it’s going to go spectacularly bad eventually.

      4. You obviously can’t reason with them, mocking and ridicule is the only appropriate response.

        1. You obviously can’t reason with them, mocking and ridicule is the only appropriate response.

          Absolutely. They don’t understand reason or logic, only raw emotion. But I think the right thing to do is patiently point out to them the logic and reason of the truth. And then when it’s obvious that they are incapable of sentient thought, just mock them and laugh them to scorn.

        2. Condescension actually works exceedingly well. If they say something stupid, and you patiently but condescendingly (not too much, just enough to sting) point it out in an irrefutable matter, they will remember looking stupid. They may not get your point, and you probably won’t change their mind, but their blurting out of sheep talking points just got them PWN’D heavily in front of others (which helps a lot), but pityingly instead of angrily (thus the beauty of the condescension). They’re going to remember that embarrassment, and be more careful in the future.

          By doing this, you may not have gotten them to think, but you may have started them down a road that might lead there eventually, just through not wanting to constantly look like an idiot. Of course, there will always be the incredibly stupid ones who don’t care, and they should be mocked mercilessly.

          1. Please train every Sanctioned Aggrieved Class Member that you know in how to do this, thx

      5. Can I take this opportunity to say that the Slate Star Codex piece on language in social justice circles is 1) brilliant, 2) required reading for discussing what’s wrong with Tumblr quasi-feminism and progressives in general, and 3) extremely relevant to this comment.

        1. Ok. Haven’t got all the way through that yet, but it’s insightful and brilliant.

    4. Did she walk through white neighborhoods at all?

      Yes, but that footage would invalidate the point they were trying to make.

  13. The fun thing to do in Manhattan is cat call a woman and if she turns around say, “Not YOU, that other chick!”

    1. Like Bill Murray on Kingpin.

      “Hey you. No, not you. Her.”

    2. Sounds like a riot. I bet it gets you laid every time you do it.

  14. This video would be much more interesting if Warty had made an appearance.

  15. Bigdaws on YouTube has some awesome videos including some funny ‘no not you’ videos

    His ‘want to beef’ video is awesome and ditto his ‘giving to the givers’

    Some guys in my fraternity got our fraternity into trouble because we had an off-campus fraternity house and one day two of them sat on the porch and held up numbers signs ranking women as they walk or bicycle by


    We also had a major incident when one member got into an argument with a female who was standing in front of the fraternity house and one woman responded to him angrily and he said ‘no not you the fat one’

    She heard ‘no not you, the BLACK one’ and thus it became outrage du jour for the small cadre of influential extremist wimmins

  16. I’m filling for Derpetologist today. Some comments from the petition to ban Bill Maher from Berkeley:

    I am a UC Berkeley Alumini. And UC Berkeley should not associate with people who shallowly oversimplify and deride the complex religious practices and values.


    Intolerance in any form should be unacceptable.


    As the Student Regent for the University of California, I cannot stand for any action that makes our students feel unsafe. Bill Maher should not be honored for his bigotry and sexism by being invited to be a speaker on our campus. If Berkeley values campus climate and the way its students feel, it will stop Maher from being present at the Fall Commencement.

    1. As for the second one, I believe that it was not intended to be 1) ironic, 2) sarcasm, or 3) a paradox.

      1. Same shit different day

        I was on the program board at my university of California campus and our board which was comprised mostly of hard-core leftists approved Angela Davis to come to the school despite the fact that she said things like ‘ kill all rich people’ and stuff like that

        Intolerant hard-core Communists were perfectly acceptable to spend student dues on as campus speakers

        The board member who dealt with event with security and I were the only ones who could be described as remotely close to the center and or libertarian and we tried to get the program board to approve Sam Kinison

        They trotted out all the arguments about intolerance etc. and it was quickly denied by the overwhelmingly leftist and progressive board members

        I actually liked and/or loved most of them they were really fun good people to hang out with they just had a ridiculous far left politics

        Plus ca change and stuff

    2. I fully support these universities in hating everyone else on the planet until no one else except for a few extremely insecure people will even step foot on the campus. That should make them extremely safe. Problem solved.

      Who said that libertarians don’t have solutions that work?

      1. Yes, safety of the audience should always be the primary concern in selecting a commencement speaker.

        The truth is, I wouldn’t want Maher to speak at my school either, the reason being I don’t think he’s interesting or insightful. But I don’t think I would cite intolerance or safety as the reason I don’t want to hear someone speak. I think their reasons are what really irk us.

  17. I’ll admit to being a pussy and that I have wanted to stroll across the University of Washington campus or the Evergreen State College campus openly carry a handgun on my side which is entirely legal in my state and clearly constitutionally protected

    There are some university administrative code’s against weapon carry but they generally only apply to students or staff and according to all my legal research and conversations with University of Washington police have actually never been enforced since they know they would be instantly overturned

    Based on how some other officers in my department have been treated and yes they generally won their cases after either arbitration etc. but I’d rather not go through that, I’ll pass for now

    Also the more minority you look the better in terms of doing stuff like this since you can then get to play a lot of the same cards at the liberals like to play

    I don’t discuss my race but I will admit to being a minority but not a super obvious one as far as how I look

    I’d like to do it with one of my fellow officers and film the whole thing

    1. Dunphy admits to being a furry. You saw it here first.

      1. Oh. Damn. Racial minority. Thanks for being specific enough to ruin my cheap joke.

        1. I used to be furry as fuck but years of waxing have addressed that

          WimmIns like muscles but not hairy shoulders

          After a few years, it is totally gone

          Enough follicle damage and the hair growth stops

          1. If you can get rid of your hair permanently by waxing, you are very lucky.

            1. I feel lucky and pretty oh so pretty

              According to my waxing chick, the amount of time and waxing a it takes to kill or come close to killing the hair follicles varies from individual to individual and on a given individual the thicker the hair the longer it takes

              So some blonde dude with fine hair which is not me would require less waxings set of asparagus than a darker complected thicker hair individual

              Since pubic hair is so thick chicks that get Brazilians have to get them for a really really long time in most cases before the need to get them is eliminated

              When I first started I got them every two weeks and over a period of about five years it went from that time frame to every month to every couple of months to the point where it was almost never needed

              I don’t care if it’s a wee bit narcissistic. I watch my diet and spend thousands of hours training; I at least want my muscles not to be covered by a thick pelt

              1. Teehee.

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