Live Today at 12 Noon ET: Edward Snowden Interviewed by Lawrence Lessig


This should be well worth watching. Harvard's Lawrence Lessig does a live-stream Q&A with Edward Snowden.

Institutional corruption and the NSA: Edward Snowden will be interviewed (via videoconference) by Lawrence Lessig about the NSA in a time of war, and whether and how the agency has lost its way….

Watch the live stream of the event here!

More info here.

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  1. Whooaa, Edward Snowden, he’s like pure evil. We can only hope that the Noble Peace Prize winning Saint Obama gets him, like he got that Bin Laden, before he can murder more people with drones and bombs… oh, wait…

    1. I bet Obama sends Snowden secret messages, with pictures of Obama and his Peace Prize attached.

      1. “You’d like to touch it, wouldn’t you? You’d like to touch my Peace Prize. Run your fingers over it….slowly. Lingering. You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Edward….”



      Well, except for the “Obama being good” part.

      Fuck Gutfeld and all the other Snowden haters. May their personal data be stolen by the gummint and used to torment them into perpetuity.

  2. That was fun, hearing the Lessig/Snowden pre-game discussion.

    It was like I was spying on them!

    1. Heh

      We’ll expect a full fashion report, too! Pay attention and get back to us!

  3. History has shown,if your going to expose government lawlessness it’s best to get the hell out of Dodge

  4. I think the mic is on dude

  5. Did Snowden just compare himself favorably to Deep Throat (Mark Felt)?

    heh heh

    1. Mark Felt wasn’t really Deep Throat. The real Deep Throat was Mark Twain.

      1. Hey, he helped ex-President Grant get his memoirs published.

        1. Forget the myths the media’s created about the White House. The truth is, these are not very bright guys, and things got out of hand. Like in my award-winning novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

          1. He tried to Deep Throat the invasion of the Phillipines. That is, to expose it.

    2. He made a good point re: how we should judge “whistleblowers” there.

      Some people blow a whistle because they want to get the boss fired (Deep Throat). They want to engineer a specific result

      he points out that he doesn’t have any specific policy recommendation or necessarily aim to ‘end’ what the NSA does, but that he feels that the public has been cut out of the process of determining what is in their own best interests.

      i’m not so sure how much i take that claim of his at face value, because its clear he does think there are better ways to do things

      He makes a good point just now that – questions of ‘rights’ aside – that Mass Surveillance (vs Targeted) really has no real particular benefit from a National Security standpoint; that Mass Surveillance only works in retrospect, and is mostly useful for the state to persecute and harassing citizens by removing any presumption of privacy (‘pre-criminal investigation’)

      He also points out that stuff (just now) that people ‘intentionally’ encrypt is basically asking to be spied on under the current system.

  6. Dissing the New York Times!

  7. Lessig = seems to think black Turtleneck+Vest looks ‘professional’ outside of serving as an extra on Stargate SG-1

    Snowden: Wearing Sportcoat, makes Lessig look like the ‘guest’.

    Snowden seems to prefer dark shirts, which in my view has an unfortunate pallor-draining effect. Not only that: its certainly not helpful on a meta-visual level, where people think, “black shirt? BAD GUY.”

    I should really offer a National Security Makeover service. I bet if you threw Dick Cheney in a linen blazer and gave him a gold chain necklace? he’d look like your Car-Dealer Uncle that taught you dirty jokes.

    1. Ooh, review the Lincoln-Douglas Debates!


      1. Who do you want to vote for? the tall guy in the white coat? or the short fatty over there who looks like he’s hiding something? (the three-piece suit has a naturally ‘multilayered’ look that suggests ‘complexity’)

        Lincoln is ‘straight and direct and clear’

        Douglas looks like he’s about to pull a rabbit out of his ass

        Who cares what they actually said? It was over before it started. It was like Nixon/Kennedy.

      2. No flattery, but those reviews were awesome!

    2. Clarence Darrow v. William Jennings Bryan


      1. Hair trumps Bald

        Also, the suspenders frame-and-elongate, while Bryan looks like he’s wearing a frilly foreskin. Its ‘unfortunate’ as they say. we know what happened – he came in a really sharp suit, and the heat was too much, so they ended up debating in their shirtsleeves. The fact that Darrow had a necktie left him looking more ‘composed’. PWND

    3. Do the Melian Dialogue!



        CAN YOU DIG IT???!!

        1. Verily, ’tis been sugarfreed

    4. Socrates on The Independents


      1. When all you’ve got is a toga, its best to work on your guns. And Socrates knew that while words are compelling, Biceps close the deal. He was about to say, “I have one reason here” (flexes right arm), “…and another reason here” (flexes left arm), “…and my conclusion?” (draws them together), “Q.E.D., motherfucker

  8. Hoodies or Suits??!


  9. “I hope that we never have suits anymore, forever”



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