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Cops Pepper Spray Teen in Own Home After Neighbor Mistakes Him For an Intruder


DeShawn Currie
ABC 11

18-year-old DeShawn Currie got home from school, and a little while later he was being pepper sprayed by cops who said the teen, a black foster child in a white home, didn't belong there. What happened? ABC 11 in Raleigh reports:

Fuquay-Varina police said when a neighbor saw DeShawn walk in; they called 911 to report a break-in. Soon, three officers were inside the house, all to DeShawn's surprise.

"They was like, 'Put your hands on the door,'" said DeShawn. "I was like, 'For what? This is my house.' I was like, 'Why are y'all in here?'"

DeShawn said he became angry when officers pointed out the pictures of the Tyler's three younger children on the mantle, assuming he didn't belong there. An argument ensued and DeShawn said one of the officers pepper-sprayed him in the face.

By the time Stacy came home, EMS were treating DeShawn in the driveway.

Police claim Currie threatened them and refused to obey orders, and that criminal activity had recently taken place in the neighborhood.

In the police report (PDF), a responding officer says he and two other cops came into the house through an open door in the garage and then "made contact" with Currie in the living room. According to the police report, the first thing cops told Currie was to show them his hands. After asking whether he lived there, they frisked him. According to the report, after that police found Currie's ID (the report doesn't say if they found it while frisking him or asked him for it), which had a different address than the home.

The reporting officer claims Currie told another cop to stop yelling at him or he would beat him up, and that he heard Currie yelling for cops to get off him and when of the cop yelling "spray!" while he was searching the upstairs of the home.

Currie's foster parents reportedly met with the police captain but no charges were filed one way or the other.

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  1. The intertoobz inform me that the F-V po-po don’t have body cameras.

    I guess we know why, now, don’t we?

  2. Apparently, they didn’t watch The Blind Side

  3. Good to know that “criminal activity in the neighborhood” is now a license to enter your house & pepper spray you in the face.

    Question: If the guy was robbing the place, why would the police need immediate entry to the place? Couldn’t they just wait for him to come out?

    1. “Police claim… that criminal activity had recently taken place in the neighborhood.”

      Police fail to mention that they were the ones who committed that criminal activity when they illegally entered the residence and abused its occupant.

  4. Quick, start searching the internet for any shred of evidence that this teenager is a “thug” so we can shrug this off as just another violent darkie getting what he deserved.

    Did he ever listen to rap? Did he steal a pack of gum when he was 8? Did he ever buy Jolly Ranchers? Did he ever throw a gang sign on Facebook while joking around with friends?

    There has to be something!

    1. Uh, he’s Black in NC. That’s basically probable cause right there. Sadly.

      1. Yeah, remember those NC cops who choked a black guy to death because of untaxed cigarettes?

        Or those NC cops who broke a car window and Tasered a guy over a seat-belt infraction?

        Or the NC cops who broke into a guy’s house without a warrant on the pretense that it was a drug den?

        1. Look, I didn’t say NC was better or worse than any other state as far as that’s concerned. I’m just sayin that cops tend to be racist. Or at least prefer murdering black people for apparently no reason.

          1. And also that being black is pretty much Probable Cause in NC.

    2. Come on now, SugarFree! You can clearly see from the picture that Currie is a big scary-looking black guy! How much evidence do you need? And look at the facial hair. This guy bears more than a passing resemblance to Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction. It was clearly a matter of officer safety. Why do you want the police to get killed by Jules Winnfield?

      1. And you can see the waves of uppity coming off him too.

        1. Oh, man! I totally missed the uppity! But, yeah, now that you mention it, this guy is just oozing uppity. That alone should be ample reason to bring out the mace. How many officers wind up down any given year from exposure to uppity? It’s an epidemic that just has to stop.

          1. Uppity is the ebola of the ghetto up scale white neighborhood.

      2. Why do you want the police to get killed by Jules Winnfield?

        Can we invert the question? My list of reasons is far easier to type that way.

      3. “Why do you want the police to get killed by Jules Winnfield?”

        Because they’re cops, duh.

    3. I can’t take any victim with the name “DeShawn” seriously.

      1. Good, good. An excellent first step.

        1. Now I feel compelled to make it clear that this was a callback to a comment made by briannnn / blackblood on these boards a month or two ago. I’m suddenly anxious that Mr. Currie or his family will see this and think I’m more of an asshole than I really am.

      2. Here’s your badge & gun. Go get ’em!


  6. By the time Stacy came home, EMS were treating DeShawn in the driveway.

    I wonder how much the bill will be.

    1. Is it wrong that I’m surprised DeShawn didn’t get shot?

  7. “criminal activity had recently taken place in the neighborhood.”

    Except for Antarctica and some deserts, that pretty much opens up the entire land surface of the earth, doesn’t it?

    1. Don’t forget to exclude North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba.

    2. Mainly DC.

    3. “Land surface?” Don’t forget pirates.

  8. “To protect and to serve” has been replaced by “Shoot first and ask questions later.”

    1. Dead men tell no lies!

  9. Currie’s foster parents reportedly met with the police captain but no charges were filed one way or the other.

    Well, now we can know that the police version of events is a lie.

    Because there’s NO WAY they would have not filed charges against the kid if their version was true.

    1. idk, he had white foster parents. I’d give 50/50.

  10. Is a black guy entering a house now probable cause that justifies cops entering a house without a warrant?

  11. You can rest assured that every word spoken by a cop is a lie.
    It’s the rotten cops that give the other .000001% a bad name.

  12. Am I the only one who thought “Fuquay, that’s why!?”

    1. Actually, I would’ve thought more JoCo.

  13. I would like to know who the neighbor is that doesn’t know the kid lives there – assuming there actually was any such neighbor who called rather than the cops just happened to be driving by and saw a black kid in a white neighborhood.

    1. It may not be 100% true, but there’s a lot of validity to what you bring up.

      I’d have the family lawyer request the 911 call to Police. And, if they didn’t call 911 and google-ed the phone number of the local Police than there’s no emergency.

      I’d ask to see the records of all calls into the station.

      I’d bet about $5k that there’s no call.

  14. This brother had the audacity to get all uppity and non-conformist after the king’s men broke into his house. Obviously what this uppity hoodlum (black = hoodlum, right?) should have done was bend a knee to the kings men as soon as the said uppity hoodlum and the privilege of having the kings men enter his premises and none of this violence would have occurred.

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