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Gun Range Moves in Next Door to School, Boundless Hysteria Ensues


Rancho Cordova
CBS local

Rancho Cordova, California, students are up in arms—so to speak—about a gun range moving in next door to their high school. The range is indoor—no stray bullets will be pelting classroom windows—but students, teachers, and administrators all believe the mere presence of a gun club so close to a school is inherently dangerous.

Why? I have no earthly idea.

The community's explanation is an insistent it just is! From

Students from George Washington Carver High protested what is already on its way.

"Even though it's legal, it's still wrong. you shouldn't mix schools with guns," said student Damon Kalerkorinos.

He helped organized the protest of students against the new shooting range being developed just about 250 feet away from their campus.

"It's just not safe to have a gun club so close to a school," he said.

Principal Allegra Allesandri says a new gun club so close is wrong, citing weapon-free zones designed to keep schools safe.

But weapons-free zones don't make schools any safer than they already are; people who intend to commit violence in schools won't be deterred by felony weapons charges. Instead, Allesandri and Kalerkorinos must have some unfounded belief that mere proximity to a gun causes otherwise healthy people to lose their minds and resort to violence. There isn't any merit to that argument, either.

At least city authorities recognize that since the area is zoned as an industrial district, the gun range has every right to set up shop next to George Washington Carver High. Case closed? Not quite:

While the project goes forward, protesters' concerns haven't fallen on deaf ears as the city announced it will likely review its planning codes.

"We'll be looking at the gun-related uses as well as well as other uses and compatibilities related to schools," he said.

For the students and neighbors against the project, the hope is that planning codes change statewide.

It looks like the city will consider restricting future gun ranges, if not the one next to George Washington Carver High. The local news story spins this as a beneficial lesson in participatory democracy for the high schoolers. True enough, I suppose. If nothing else, they learned that when it comes to politics and governance, think-of-the-children paranoia trumps property rights every single time.

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  1. Why? I have no earthly idea.

    You don’t feel the why!?

    1. The only thing I feel is contempt for the hoplophobic bigots who flipped out at the mere idea of a perfectly safe institution moving in nearby.

      1. I just looked that word (hoplophobic), up. I like it. Thanks for the info.

    2. Awwwww. Appears the little hoplophobes lost their COEXIST bumper stickers.

  2. Is there an aura generated by guns? Like living next to a power line?

    1. More like the aura generated by sentient beings. Guns kill, you know, and that requires deliberate action and forethought by the gun.

    2. You have to understand, guns are just like drugs. All of those people on the way to the range are walking right by a school that they could just go shoot all up – right there!

      It’s only a matter of time before one of them cracks, and we have another Sandy Hook on our hands.

      1. Do they have gun pushers outside of shooting ranges then? “Hey, kid, want to shoot something up?”

        1. They carry maps showing locations of local elementary schools.

      2. Guns are like drugs? Please! The same analogy could be used for fishing rods, SCUBA tanks, hang gliders, or any other participatory sporting activity. On a per capita basis, given the number of hunting licenses issued nation-wide, annually, there are fewer deaths and accidental shootings, than for any other sporting activity. As with ANY sport, hobby, or profession, the level of proficiency can only be maintained through continuous PRACTICE. Compare the number of auto accidents and deaths that are attributed to driver distraction or inattention; refresher training and review could lower these figures. Some of the driver faults are also the result of poor initial training. Hence, the need for a proper facility, and trained staff, to attain and maintain a high level of SAFE weapons handling.

      3. Perhaps a “somebody” with a mindset like yours. Owning and the ability to use a gun does not make a person want to harm anyone, unless the desire is already imbedded in their mind. If that be the case, it doesn’t matter a hill of beans where the gun range is.

    3. GVF Gun Violence Field

      But instead of being divided by distance squared, it is MULTIPLIED by distance cubed!

      1. Do I have to click a link to find the “boundless hysteria” or is it just a bullshit headline? I’m kind of tired right now.

        1. Perhaps “boundless hysteria” was a bit of hyperbole for effect. Would you be OK with “multiple displays of thoughtless, irrational fear”?

    4. I did some research a few years back and found some negative Heath effects evidence to support not wanting to be within about 900 feet of a high voltage transmission line.

  3. Even though it’s legal, it’s still wrong. you shouldn’t mix schools with guns,” said student Damon Kalerkorinos.


    1. you shouldn’t mix schools with guns

      Now, if they were talking about barring some of the most trigger-happy, panic-prone armed members of society from their building unless they turn their guns in at the front desk, I would be fully supportive.

      But, since they seem to have no problem letting guns into their actual school in the hands of some the least reliable people around, I’m gonna say these people are all idiots, and should be disregarded or mocked, as the spirit moves you.

      1. I recently discovered that trap shooting has become an official high school sport here in Sunny Minnesoda and it is growing fast.…..ef790.html

        So I would say in real manly states you can mix schools and weapons.

        1. Manly MN?

          Sen Klobuchar and Franken! Gov Marky Dayton!

          You aren’t really from MN are you?

          1. We are a very wacky state, ie, Jesse Ventura.

        2. Texas as well. We also have a team in our local church-sponsored university.

          I’d love to see the range offer free CHL classes for faculty.

        3. Hey, that’s my newspaper site.

          1. M. Servator, may I suggest that you look into “dismissive mocking”.

            Its one of my faves.

            1. Is there a Handbook of Dismissive Mocking?

              1. There is, but every time I ask for it, the publishers dismissively mock me for needing the handbook to do what comes naturally to them.

                So I haven’t seen it.

              2. Not that I know of, but there are several hand gestures of dismissive mocking.


        1. Mockery is always in order.

    2. you shouldn’t mix schools with guns,

      This person would faint to learn of competitive shooting teams.

    3. The ROTC guys had a .22 range in the basement of my inner city high school. We had a school rifle team that competed and almost won state. Our color guard at football games were ROTC guys with demilled Garrands. Then the libtards took over the schools and reason flew out the window.

  4. “Even though it’s legal, it’s still wrong. you shouldn’t mix schools with guns,” said student Damon Kalerkorinos.

    I dare say having a *police station* next to the school would be *much* more dangerous.

    1. Yeah, cop guns have a way of discharging all on their own.

    2. no worse than having a dog pound next to a police station…except for the dogs that is.

    3. My school parking lot connected to city hall and the city police station.

      1. JESUS CHRIST!!

        Now *THAT’S* scary

        1. Surrounded by authoritahhh!!! My friend got pulled over driving in the police parking lot for speeding. The cop called his mom.

          I lolled.

    4. It’s not like schools ever had rifle clubs, or anything.

    5. It appears the Sacramento PD HQ is right across the street from a high school.

  5. What do private schools do when they get a neighbor that people think of as not kid-friendly? They don’t have the force of government to try and use force to get rid of the neighbor–at least, not usually.

    1. This is why private schools (and home schooling) should be banned, and only government schools should exist.

      For the children.


      1. This logic is truly unassailable.

        1. Do to its insubstantiality?

          1. Can you do nothing but attack this logic with insults?

            1. Well, sure – but he’s not doing anything else right now.

              1. This logic is so perfectly transparent as to be invisible and, therefore, impossible to challenge.

                1. The very best kind!!
                  ~A. Progressivini

          2. Non GMO, Gluten Free, Fair Trade, Sustanable, Free Range and oh yeah too fucking stupid for words

  6. He helped organized the protest of students against the new shooting range being developed just about 250 feet away from their campus.

    The Princeton admissions committee will ejaculate all over this kid’s application.

    1. Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Oberlin, Cal-Berkeley, Stanford, and probably every other state university in in CA are going to run a train one it.

  7. Somewhat related: Check out this attack ad by the Dem MD gubernatorial candidate. It’s so over the top I LOLed when I first saw it.

    1. that ad is red meat to the hysterical grabbers.

    2. Wait, MD banned “assault weapons”? How is it that I can go to a MD gun shop and peruse the many options of scary “assault weapons” like AR-15s and even AK-47s? I see people bringing their own to the gun range. Are they really banned?

  8. Leftists are animists. and guns are a bad totem.

    1. Guns radiate bad JuJu. Very bad.

      1. Placate with rum and cigar?

        1. To quote Dennis Haysbert – “Fuck you Jobu!”

  9. Up until that putz brought PTSD guy to the range and got himself shot last year or earlier this year – and other than giving little kids auto weapons like the other idiot recently – I’ve always said:

    A gun range in the US is absolutely the safest place in the world. The. Safest. Cause everyone there knows exactly what they’re doing.

    I never feel safer about guns than at the range. “Hey, it’s a bunch of other gun nuts!” And, at my range, you don’t follow the rules – you’re out. Period.

    So…yeah. Idiots gonna idiot.

    PS My kids would have loved to have a range next to school…to save time getting there AFTER class.

    PPS Fuck these idiots.

    1. Not for nothing, but every range I’ve ever been to has at least one bullet hole in the ceiling/roof.

      But so did my brother’s bedroom.

      1. So did my friend Leo’s parent’s cabin ceiling. He screwed a hook into it so they wouldn’t notice.

        1. So did the rear quarter panel on my friend Wil’s 55 Chev with 375hp 396. It was from the outside-in though, courtesy of some kids in a Mustang who got beat in a street race.

    2. everyone there knows exactly what they’re doing.

      I, uh, don’t know about that. The vast majority, yes. But sometimes there are inexperienced putzes there giving me the willies. But the people that run the range usually step in when they can tell someone needs help.

    3. “Cause everyone there knows exactly what they’re doing.”

      I think that’s a little optimistic. I mean, yes, they’re generally pretty good, but I’ve definitely been muzzled by people at the range.

    4. Come hang out at the free public range on National Forest land by me. I would feel safer with a cop pointing a pistol at me from 20 feet away than standing next to some of the yahoos I’ve seen at the range.

      1. Mine is a private range. Ya’lls experience is clearly different.

        “Public?” No thanks, not ever.

        I should have clarified.

    5. We live nearby. When my son finds out, he’ll certainly say, “Dad, can you bring the Sig when you pick me up today? I want to go shooting after school.”

  10. The school’s concerns seem perfectly valid to me. With all the police-issued weapons acting of their own accord to shoot unarmed kids in the street, I wouldn’t want to take a chance on having a gun range that close either.

    1. +1 “the gun discharged”

    2. the incendiary grenade leaped into the crib…

      1. “The less than leathal suppressant device found its way into the inadequitely shielded toddler containment unit.”

    3. The peace-officer regulated criminal deterrent device entered a phase of rapid kinetic and chemical metamorphosis, resulting in the criminal being brought to justice.

  11. This argument against the gun range by a school is perfectly normal for high-school level maturity and reasoning. Too bad there doesn’t seem to be anyone with adult-level critical thinking involved in the entire situation.

    1. Re: LessIsMore,

      Too bad there doesn’t seem to be anyone with adult-level critical thinking involved in the entire situation.

      That’s because their own teachers have a Junior High-school level of maturity and reason.

      1. that high? you give the way too much credit.

    2. There are people with “adult-level critical thinking” involved in the situation…

      They’re busy trying to open their gun club.

  12. I think the bigger story here is that a gun range was actually able to open up in California.

    1. East of Sacramento – truck-and-gun-rack country. Separatists.

      1. Not that far east of Sacto, just 12 miles down rte 50. There’s an indoor range in East Sac less than 4 miles from the capitol building too. I guess some pockets still retain their “westness”.

    2. There are really more than one California. California is a may-issue state and what that works out to is that in rural/Republican districts, you ask for a permit, show that you live there and you get a license. In urban/Democratic districts, you apply for a permit and you get one if you’re rich, famous, or connected.

      And there are gun ranges in California. There are even ones in Los Angeles for the rich, famous, and connected.

      1. you apply for a permit and you get one if you’re rich, famous, or and connected.


  13. I’m guessing Mr. Kalerkorinos hasn’t gotten to the year 1821 in his World History class.

    1. Uh, Second Missouri Compromise?

  14. When my dad was in public high school in the early sixties, his school actually had a gun club! And at least as far as I know, none of the students ever shot each other.

    Could you imagine the hysteria if something like that existed now?

    1. My dad brought a shotgun to elementary school with him, and leaned it against his locker. On the walk home he’d shoot birds and squirrels for supper.

  15. “Even though it’s legal, it’s still wrong. you shouldn’t mix schools with guns,” said student Damon Kalerkorinos.

    Indeed, if I put my tequila 250 ft away from my lime juice, I will still have a margarita. They mix together.

  16. Allesandri and Kalerkorinos must have some unfounded belief that mere proximity to a gun causes otherwise healthy people to lose their minds and resort to violence.

    Right now, my guns are over there in the corner, chanting, “SHOOT! SHOOT!” in unison, like hockey fans during a power play.

  17. There’s probably no safer place in that city than right next to to gun range, but I’d be interested in finding out whether this was a city gun range. Usually, a gun range would require a conditional use permit already, and the only reason a gun range wouldn’t need to get one would be because the city doesn’t need to abide by its own rules–they don’t apply to themselves for a CUP.

    They’re usually worried about the noise, though, which is why you often find gun ranges in the industrial part of town (or some shitty part of town from where they’re happy to get any stream of tax revenue at all).

    1. I know the city put at least one gun range into Las Vegas without putting the project through the normal process–so they didn’t bother to do an acoustics report until they’d already broken ground.

    2. There’s probably no safer place in that city than right next to to gun range

      Those were my thoughts as well. I think the last school an armed maniac would choose to shoot up would be the one with armed, disciplined and for the most part, accurate people just a few hundred feet away.

      …”You’d think they’d be saying thank you!”…

    3. Eh, someone shot down a helicopter near a gun range here?

  18. If I was in that high school I’d be demanding that they form a gun club. Fuck.

    1. Maybe that’s the real fear here.

      1. It will ruin Eric Holder’s plans to brainwash students into hoplophobia.

    2. The local high school in my town is one of the last few in the area to still have a rifle team. Though they use airsoft these days because of the whole lead thing.

  19. The most shocking thing about this story is that there is a student named Damon Kalerkorinos and a princpal named Allegra Allesandri at George Washington Carver high.

        1. Apparently, he’s going to inherit the earth.

          1. Did anyone catch his name?

            1. Listen, I’m only telling the truth. You have got a very big nose.

              1. Where are you two from? Nose City?


                Oh! It’s the meek. Blessed are the meek. Oh that’s nice isn’t it? I’m glad they’re gettin’ something because they have an ‘ell of a time.

  20. “Even though it’s legal, it’s still wrong.

    A distinction that he articulates and yet it flies way over his head.

  21. you shouldn’t mix schools with guns

    I think mixing “guns” with schools is the reason we have so many single mothers.

  22. I guess it’s going overboard to expect the reporter to ask the following:

    Reporter: “So exactly what increased risks do you envision?”

    Student: “The guns are so CLOSE!”

    Reporter: “Yes, but how exactly does that make anything riskier?”

    Teacher (interjecting): “My God, he’s just a child! What is the matter with you?!”

    1. Yes. Way overboard.

      I can’t remember the last time a reporter asked “What do you think about…?”

      Nope. It’s always “How do you feel about…?”

      Because thinking is discouraged. You’re supposed to emote.

      1. I can’t remember the last time a reporter asked “What do you think about…?”

        To be fair, I probably don’t give a shit what most people think about most things either.

        1. Then how about, “When did you pee last?”

      2. Emoting lets us get right to the lowest common denominator.

        Because equality.

        I swear to Allah, I think that’s the premise for the Oprahfication of society.

      3. I need a bourbon chaser for that truth.

      4. I heard a foreign correspondent for NOR ask the ambassador to Liberia how she felt about the slow progress in setting up hospitals to treat Ebola. Who cares how she feels? When will they open? What does she know?

        A nation of touchy feelie retards.

        1. Farking auto correct. NPR

        2. Fucking NPR douchenozzle was probably hoping for some nice “They’re dragging their feet because we’re black and poor!11!!!11!!!!’ DERP to stick in their idiotic listener’s earholes..

  23. Perhaps, on some far off day, young Kalerkorinos will come to the startling realization that some things are illegal but not in any meaningful way wrong.

    But he’ll only learn that after he has had time to get the intellectually debilitating stink of George Washington Carver High off him.

    1. The distinction between morality and legality is one legislators around the world would love to make you believe doesn’t exist.

      Sucks for them, cause I couldn’t give a fuck less about what laws are broken so long as they weren’t just laws to begin with.


    1. From the mission statement:
      At Carver, the curriculum is rigorous; academic classes emphasize the development of independent investigation, critical thinking, and applied academic and creative skills that Carver students will later use to contribute to their community.

      Ahahahaha, mission failed.

        1. A cult is just a religion too small or too young to swing its dick around.

          1. And get a tax break.

          2. Show us on the doll where the religion touched you. Did religion give you diabetes?

            1. More like Cancer.

            2. It turned me into a newt!

            3. LMFAO!

        2. The dolls in this kindergarten classroom have no faces


      1. Be careful that “critical thinking” isn’t now just a cover for “critical theory” which is literally nothing but “think about (and revise) everything based upon the dynamics of race, class and gender.”

    2. Waldorf school philosophy:

      “Anthroposophy is a human oriented spiritual philosophy that reflects and speaks to the basic deep spiritual questions of humanity, to our basic artistic needs, to the need to relate to the world out of a scientific attitude of mind, and to the need to develop a relation to the world in complete freedom and based on completely individual judgments and decisions.”

      1. Shorter Waldorf School:
        “Make shit up, yo.”

      2. My preferred Waldorf philosophy:

        1. “Religion or Philosophy? / Critics say Waldorf schools’ unusual methods make them ineligible for public funding”

          I must have missed the part when unusual methods of indoctrination made a school ineligible for public funding.

          1. (meant as a reply to HM above)

      3. “…in complete freedom and based on completely individual judgments and decisions.”

        Except for when we don’t like your freedom, judgments and decisions…then we’ll fucking make them for you, slave.

      4. So, no relation to the salad, then?

      5. The last half sentence would have sufficed.

    3. If only it was a Milford school. Then these panicky students would be neither seen nor heard.

  25. Dude, just had to share that in Commie Raynham, Massachusetts, there is an OUTDOOR gun range a block away from a middle school. Has been for 20 years. No problems.

    Only in California do the hippies run the state. Democracy is not the panacea that we thought it was.

    1. Hippies do not run California.

      Nepotism and rent-seeking runs California.

      1. Hippies just make it smell worse.

  26. Instead, Allesandri and Kalerkorinos must have some unfounded belief that mere proximity to a gun causes otherwise healthy people to lose their minds and resort to violence. There isn’t any merit to that argument, either.

    Bullshit! Guns obviously caused Allesandri and Kalerkorinos to lose their minds!

  27. Q.E.D., bitches.

  28. Those guns could sprout legs and go over to the school and start shooting the place up at any time.

  29. Allesandri and Kalerkorinos must have some unfounded belief that mere proximity to a gun causes otherwise healthy people to lose their minds and resort to violence.

    Actually, yes, that’s exactly what they believe. These people are animists who actually believe tha inanimate objects like guns are supernatural mind controlling totems that will take control of you and make you into a violent sociopath. Unless of course, you work for the government. Government training allows you to resist the totem’s magical powers.



      I’m sorry, I just… I can’t believe that. It would break me.

      1. Don’t worry, they don’t. What they believe is that people who like weapons, or even if they don’t exactly like them, want them, are evil, and deserve to be inconvenienced as much as possible if they can’t be herded into concentration camps. The weapons are either themselves evidence of a love of violence, or conveniently correlate with other factors that make the people evil.

    2. no, working for the government gives one a pass on any unseemly behaviour toward any other citizens. Government training allows one to submit to the totem’s magical powers but do so in a way as to avoid the consequences that would surely be visited upon any of we mere mundanes.

      1. Piles of dead dogs are the price we pay for a free society.

  30. They should feel a whole lot safer, if an idiot shows up to shoot up the school there will be people capable of stopping it right next door.

  31. “Even though it’s legal, it’s still wrong. you shouldn’t mix schools with guns,” said student Damon Kalerkorinos.

    First off STFU.
    Second, how far from the victim zone does a gun range have to be to okay?

  32. Google tells me that this school also has a football team. I would love to make a bet with any of these protestors that there will be more, and more serious, injuries on the football field than there will be as a result of the gun range.

    1. Last study I saw there were 2,557 football injuries/100,000 participants. Hunting? There were 5.

  33. “Even though it’s legal, it’s still wrong. you shouldn’t mix schools with guns,”

    But, some schools do mix with guns, and they are the safer, UT and TX and others. By this logic, you shouldn’t take a flu shot because the flu is bad. I take it that this area doesn’t allow the Eddie Eagle program in their K-3 classrooms because “Guns are bad.” Gun Free zones are simply choice targets for a crazed shooter.

    1. I say little snowflake Damon’s face would mix well with my fist. Someone else said it first, but I echo the sentiment: “STFU”

  34. In my school, bringing your handgun to class was considered part of the dress code. But I was homeschooled…

  35. Personally the safest place I know is my gun club. Almost everybody is carrying.

  36. At first I was like, yeah maybe having a firing range right next to a school isn’t the best idea.

    The range is indoor

    Erp, move along. Nothing to see here.

    1. I attended a junior high school next to the American Trapshoot grounds in Vandalia, Ohio (ATA had to move the facility a few years ago because the nearby airport expanded). Anyhow…the ATA held OUTDOOR state and national meets there and absolutely nothing happened to any of us students. The only change in our schedule was that Phys Ed was held indoors during the meets…but plenty of our parents worked the meets’ concessions, etc. and made sure we all simply new better than to go within range. Of course, the shooters were responsible folks, too…

  37. But…think of the children!!!

    1. the gun range probably is… I’m certain they’ll be offering special discounts and training in safety and marksmanship to students at that school. Children NEED to learn about guns… how to handle them safely and use them well.

  38. With “all” of the school shootings happening, I’m afraid of a school being built in my neighborhood. Keep your schools out of my neighborhood! It’s for my childrunz safety!!!!

  39. The irony of all this is that most cops will be going to the range to practice. Take their practice away and we have a worse police force. Every time I go to the local range there always seams to be a uniformed officer coming or going and not to mention the undercover ones there just to make sure everything and everyone is legal. the school will actually lose some security with out the range.

  40. I hate being late to a party, but… MY high school had its own indoor rifle range. UNDER THE FREAKIN’ CHAPEL. (Archbishop Stepinac, White Plains NY.) Catholic high school, so obviously an indoctrination center for bitter clingers. The English teacher was in charge when I was there (early ’80s), and let me and a couple of other students bring in our own .22s. We could also qualify for marksmanship badges. IIRC, the range was a gift to the school by one of the senior classes in the ’50s; they dug it out themselves. I’ll have to look them up and see if they still operate the range, although it’s probably not something they put on the website.

    The range I go to now is also next to a school, in Issaquah, WA (outside of Seattle). (The religion part, I don’t do anymore.)

  41. We’re talking about people who think “affirmative consent” will stop violent rapists, make sex more sexy, and dry out the BDSM and dominatrix industry.

  42. I wish to have sex with emotional 17 year olds. Legal but wrong?

  43. My question is where is Ken “The White Shadow” Reeves because that’s the first thing I thought when I heard George Washington Carver High:

  44. you shouldn’t mix schools with guns

    The irony is that, since shooting teams are coed, shooting is the perfect Title IX sport.

  45. When one of their millennial over-coddled and over-medicated buddies steals a gun and starts shooting up the cafeteria, bet they will be glad legal, well-trained, armed people happen to be next door.

  46. So parents concerned about the firing of guns close to their kid’s school, and they subsequently begin to ask questions about it rather than just let it be, that amounts to hysteria? Don’t get hysterical, Robby.

    1. – “So parents concerned about the firing of guns close to their kid’s school, and they subsequently begin to ask questions about it rather than just let it be”

      Did you even read the article?

  47. Just have the customers sign a waiver saying they won’t use their firearms to protect the school under any circumstance. Problem solved.

  48. We have a range in walking to distance to my old high school. Really saves time when you want to shoot after school.

  49. “Participatory democracy” is the best way to ensure stupidity always becomes policy.

  50. Awwwwww. Did the little hoplophobes lose their COEXIST bumper stickers?

  51. To close? Shit, they shot 22’s in the basements of a lot of schools back in the day and no one went on shooting rampages! What a bunch of sissies!

    1. There is a high school near Orlando that still has an active shooting program…mostly air rifles, now, but still an active extracurricular program.

  52. If there were a shooter loose in the school, chances are the folks using the gun range would be there to help (and save lives) a lot sooner than the police.

  53. The gun club moving in next door just made that one of the safest schools in California.
    Where has common sense gone?

  54. Oh yeah so hysterical to ask why people should be shooting guns next door to a school where there are children. What if some psycho says he is going to the gun range so everyone is like ‘okay cool go ahead’ and instead he walks next door to the school and starts shooting? that is a real danger if you are a parent. or what if some gun accidentally goes off while the students are on the playground or getting off busses? Those are legitemate concerns and you are acting like they are crazy and want to control every thing just because they don’t want there kids to be in danger.

    1. guns can’t just “go off” on their own. The article describes an INDOOR range. Standard range safety protocols will prevent any kids from getting shot…. unless they bring a gun from home and start shooting thier classmates, a la Columbine. But guess what? With a bunch of customers and staff, armed and skilled, right next door, how long would it take to walk/run next door and put a stop to the bad guy with a gun?

      Do you live your whole iife in the paranoid fear of “what if some wacko did…….”? Do you ever shop at the mall? Ride a bus or train? Barbecue in the city parks? I know, that’s California, where almost no one is rich/famous/influential enough to “qualify” for the Mother May I Card to legally carry a gun….. but guess what? Many are illegally carried, and used for evil in the sorts of places I just mentioned. Grow up and deal with your psychotic paranoia. If any crazy wanted to stop by a school and do a shootemup, he’s sure as heck NOT pick this one… all those armed and skilled gun nuts right next door? Worst school in the county for a shoot em up. Get real. Take your meds. Calm down.

  55. When I was in HS i was on the schools rifle and pistol teams. We had an Indoor range at the School!!!
    The brainwashing of our populace continues.

  56. Well, there’s one school that won’t have a mass shooting incident. The pukes that want to kill kids avoid places where a defense can be organized.

  57. How the times have changed! I attended Chula Vista HS, Chula Vista, CALIFORNIA, in the early 60’s. While there, I was enrolled in the California Cadet Corps, a State-funded entity of the California National Guard (similar to todays’ JROTC). The High School had teachers as advisors, who were commissioned officers in the NG. The classes were part of the school’s curriculum, and were held during school hours. An extracurricular activity of the CCC was its Rifle Team. Shooting was conducted after school, or on weekends. We didn’t have to travel far to shoot, as the school maintained its own Arms Room, and shooting was held at the indoor rifle range, in the BASEMENT OF THE SCHOOL!

  58. Anyone remember when we had shooting teams at school? Their school should be renamed as some student might be allergic to peanuts. Makes the same amount of sense as listening to the mouthings of ignorant children.

  59. Perfect opportunity for the students to learn gun safety and marksmanship, How convenient? My Dad, when he wa 11, 12, and thereabouts, always brought his rifle to school with him on his horse. When he started driving the school bus every day (yes, I said DRIVING) at 14, he still brought his gun, as did a number of the other kids. And guess what? NONE of them ever shot anyone. This hysteria is a perfect example of mob rule by whinge……. make enough noise and someone will bown down and grant you your wishes. Nuts…. this business have jumped the hoops, have a legitimate right to exist, and have the necessary paperwork and compliance. To deny them now would be a grave injustice.

    Besides, think of it this way.. when that mass shooter goes looking around for the school he wants to host his planned shoot-em-up party how likely is the shooter to select the one right next the GUN RANGE? Where there are ALWAYS people with guns, loaded, and USING them, and are likely at least above average in their skills. Tell those whiney bedwetters to settle down, take their Ritalin or Prozac, breathe slowly and deeply, and contemplate their navel. It will reveal more wisdom than their present course of actio.

  60. As it was in my days in high school, gun safety should be taught as a voluntary curriculum. You cannot legislate criminals into becoming law abiding citizens. They will do what they will do, gun-free zones or not.

  61. Thank God a police station didn’t move in next door what with all of those evil firearms the police carry in their cars, on their persons, and in their station.

    1. The City Police and Sheriff substation is a mile away. All high schools have at least one armed sworn P.D. officer on site.

  62. Cool! This is less than 3 miles from my house, and my son attends a school a few hundred yards away – we hope to enroll him at G. W. Carver in a few years. It is a public charter school (Waldorf) built a few years ago in the industrial area.

    The proposed range may be a viable shooting option for our neighborhood. The local parks department range charges a daily fee, too expensive for frequent use. The only other options we have are 30-40 minute drives to two club ranges ($60-$150 per year).

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