Georgia Drug Warriors Raid Okra Grower, Looking for Marijuana


This is marijuana:

Jacob Sullum

This is okra:

Garden Box

Basically the same, right? If you agree, you may have a bright future as a Georgia drug warrior. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that heavily armed Broward County deputies, accompanied by a helicopter and a K-9 unit, showed up at the home of retiree Dwayne Perry in Cartersville on Wednesday after someone spotted his okra plants from the air. "They were strapped to the gills," Perry told the paper. "Anything could have happened." Fortunately, no humans or dogs were killed.

Georgia State Patrol Capt. Kermit Stokes, whose agency is in charge of the anti-pot task force in which the deputies were serving when they stopped by Perry's place, assured a reporter for WSB-TV, the ABC station in Atlanta, that it was all an honest mistake. "If we disturbed them in any manner, that's not our intent," Stokes said. If we disturbed them? Detracting further from his semi-apology, Stokes suggested that it still was not clear exactly what Perry was growing and that the cops' confusion was readily understandable. "We've not been able to identify it as of yet," he said. "But it did have quite a number of characteristics that were similar to a cannabis plant."

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    1. Or do you mean genuses?

      1. These cops have the IQ of okra, that’s for damn sure.

        What innocent plant is going to be the next excuse for a raid, and is some trigger-happy SWATzi going to kill someone when it happens?

  1. “not fair! I’m not a herpetologist!”

    /drug war hero

  2. “But it did have quite a number of characteristics that were similar to a cannabis plant.”

    1. I was green.

    2. It had leaves.

    3. It grew right in the ground.

    4. It looks almost exactly the same when you look at it from a helicopter.

    1. You son of a bitch.

    2. So does a tomato plant.

    3. You’d think Captain Kermit would be more sympathetic to the difficulties of being green.

  3. “But it did have quite a number of characteristics that were similar to a cannabis plant.”

    “It was green! And had leaves! And grew in the dirt! Dammit, man, what more do you want from us?!”

    1. You are too slow, and you missed an important feature.

      1. apparently that’s one of those jokes that write itself.

  4. They should have fined him and or shot him for growing a plant that caused so much confusion. Next stop for these heroes is a gumbofest.

  5. How the fuck does someone from Georgia not know what okra looks like?

    1. Distracted by their Raid Boners. No blood in the brain.

    2. I grew up in Georgia.

      I’d only seen okra fried or raw in bulk at the store before the last few years. I only learned what it looked like as a plant when I started gardening. Most people buy it from the grocery store.

  6. Stokes suggested that it still was not clear exactly what Perry was growing and that the cops’ confusion was readily understandable.

    Morons gotta moron.

    Roses have green leaves. Certain varities are red. How long before Broward County deputies raid some granny in her bower? She better not have her hoe in her hand and hope they don’t notice her dachshund.

    1. Roses are Red
      and Ready for Plucking
      Your sister is 16
      and ready for High School

  7. Good thing he wasn’t growing any cleome, which has leaves that actually look something like cannabis leaves and smells a bit like it too.

    1. Never heard of it. Just did a GIS. Damn, except for the flowers it looks A LOT like cannabis.

  8. That is not Okra

    This is Okra

  9. To be fair, they were planning on making cannabis-infused gumbo from the shit.



  10. referenced article returns no article.

    1. The proper nomenclature there is “SugarFree’d the Link

  11. Somebody from AM links deserves a Hat Tip …

    1. … or was it Friday Funnies?

  12. Anyone ever smoke okra leaves…?

    1. Hey, do I preach to you when you’re lying stoned in the gutter? … Noooooo!

  13. This sort of thing just drives me crazy. I mean, how hard would it have been to drive by and use a pair of binoculars before investing in a full blown raid? This just shows me that they have no real interest in anything other than justifying their SWAT team (complete with accessories).

  14. The Fighting Okra!…..State2.jpg
    An existential threat?

    1. More proof it wasn’t pot. When’s the last time you saw a pot smoker get into a fight?

  15. Close enough for government work.

  16. Get your hands on every seed you can, it doesn’t matter if it’s bag seed, carry a pencil, poke a hole a 1/4″ deep, and drop a seed. Plant them everywhere by the thousands. On the sides of roads, on the sides of creeks, in flower beds in front of shopping centers. Plant them in locations that WILL ATTRACT ATTENTION ! Let this be a political statement and message. Tie up their resources and manpower ! This will work. If this agenda took off beginning next spring and nationwide in non-legal states, it would speed up legalization because police dept’s would not have the time to dedicate to eradicating tens of thousands of plants planted in every county. Plant them in city parks and everywhere that is frequented by many people. OverGrow the govt to end this oppression. The Founding Fathers would have NEVER been for marijuana laws or any other drug law for that matter. I have a feeling that the southern states will be the last hanger-ons in refusing to change their laws against marijuana. Become Johnny Appleseeds of marijuana. Plant it all over ! Remember, this is not about planting to harvest but planting to send a political message ! One day, it will be legal in all states and eventually make it’s way in being returned to the wild. Up until the 1930’s, cannabis sativa , not hemp, but the hippie’s favorite once grew wild on the sides of Texas roads. It will be that way again within a few years. Make it so people !

    1. I tried that last year, just got a bunch of fucking seed weed.

    2. John Chapman AKA Johnny Appleseed did not plant apple trees willy nilly or at random. He contracted with farmers to start up apple orchards for a fee or a slice of the crop. Neither was he interested in apples for eating. His apples were intended to become hard cider.

      It’s not as if there aren’t huge swaths of feral cannabis in the flyover States. The jack booted thugs don’t differentiate. They simply eradimacate the feral hemp and count it as if it were cannabis drown for enjoyment.

      If they can’t differentiate okra/horse mint/other species from cannabis what in the world would make you think that they can tell the difference between industrial hemp and cannabis for enjoyment? I mean c’mon, they even admit that differentiation is beyond their ken.

      1. Yes, I know the cartoon story of Johnny Appleseed is a myth, but I think everyone born in the 1970’s or earlier , remembers seeing it in elementary school. All the older stoners have used that term in reference to mass sowing of outdoor ganja plants. Anyway, most herb users in states like GA are used to buying seeded schwag or seeded mid-grade and usually trash the seeds.These are the type of seeds that need to be planted by the 10’s of 1000’s in places where it will be seen. Even if the plants only reach knee high, and only 1 out of 10 sprouted, if they are planted by 1000’s of people in every city and county in the places I mentioned above,nationwide it would aggravate police and sheriff dept’s all over and tie their time up.Media outlets would cover this movement and legislators would feel the pressure.Believe me, if enough people done this, it would advance the legalization movement and put an end to this waste of tax dollars.

  17. Damn you’d think the big flowery bloom on the plant might be a giveaway that it wasn’t pot, not that the cops would know the difference I suppose..

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