Tonight on The Independents: DON'T PANIC, S.S. Follies, Libertarian Spoilers, Peter Suderman on Obamacare, Why Are We Still in Afghanistan, Intel vs. Obama, Plastic Bans, Are Hot Dogs Sandwiches, and Aftershow!


Ron Bailey, doing his level best. |||

Because your cable news right now is filled with PANIC PANIC PANIC about Ebola coming to the U.S. and A., tonight's live episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, with re-airs three hours later) is here to tell you to KNOCK IT OFF ALREADY. Non-hysterical Party Panelists Mollie Hemingway (senior editor of The Federalist) and Angela McGlowan (Fox News contributor) will purr you through the latest disease-news, then turn their attentions to the boiling-over conflict between President Barack Obama and his intelligence apparatus.

The co-hosts will discuss the ongoing clusterfudges surrounding the Secret Service's botched protection of the president, including this breaking bit about how, well, POTUS's praetorians let him take an elevator ride with a weird-acting armed convict a couple weeks back. The great Yahoo! News political reporter Chris Moody will come on to handicap close Senate races where Libertarians and other third-party types are threatening to be (alleged!) spoilers. Beloved Reason Senior Editor Peter Suderman arrives to explain how up to 300,000 Americans may soon lose their Obamacare as they know it. The Party Panel will be recalled to talk about California's spanking new plastic-bag ban, and hopefully also the critical debate as to whether hot dogs are or are not sandwiches. And Kmele Foster will wrap a bow on things by trying to unpack just why the hell the U.S. is keeping 10,000 troops in Afghanistan forever.

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