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'All Hell Broke Loose' After Ferguson Police Chief Joined Protesters

Police Chief Jackson's apology did not go over well.


Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson's video apology did not go over well, and things got even worse on Thursday night when he attempted to make peace with protesters outside the police department. At 11 p.m., Jackson emerged from the station to address the demonstrators, who had hung a "Chief Jackass Resign" sign outside the building. St. Louis Public Radio reports that he apologized again, took questions, and promised changes, saying, "We've gotta increase training and awareness. We've gotta get out in the community, we've gotta change the court system and the ticketing system. No, I'm serious, this is what's causing the mistrust, right?"

He then agreed to march along with the protesters, but they only got about ten yards before, as St. Louis Alderman Antonio French put it, "all hell broke loose.